Dying to Get Credit But Can’t? Maybe It Is Because You Are Dead.

Many FlyerTalk members apply for credit cards to take advantage of the promotions and offers for bonus frequent traveler loyalty program miles or points, instant elite status, or cash back. Some even engage in the process of credit card “churning” to maximize their benefits.

However, not all FlyerTalk members are approved for credit. For example, the application by FlyerTalk member trueblu for an American Airlines credit card issued by Citi was rejected because there were apparently not enough satisfactory credit references on the file of trueblu, who arrived in the United States 18 months prior. Meanwhile, the application by FlyerTalk member benflyertalk for a Continental Airlines credit card issued by Chase was rejected because he had no credit history after moving to the United States one month prior to applying for the credit card. There are a plethora of other reasons as to why applications for credit cards are rejected — especially in the current global economic climate, which has been tough for the past several years.

Imagine, then, having your application for credit rejected because you are already dead — and did not know it. I personally would not feel comfortable being the last person to know that I was dead, even though I have already been killed in three movies, including this award-winning short film.

According to United States government estimates, approximately 1,000 people per month are mistakenly declared dead by the Social Security Administration every year. Furthermore — according to an article by Kelly Dilworth of CreditCards.com — “many more get falsely reported as deceased by their bank, credit card issuer or by one of the big three credit bureaus — Experian, Equifax or TransUnion.” Worse, proving that you are indeed alive can be a lot more difficult than you think, but Dilworth thankfully explains how to undead yourself to credit agencies and lenders. Of course, this will prove far more difficult if you really are dead.

Then again, there is the tale of a woman who was able to transport her deceased father in a sleeper car approximately 1,000 miles on an Amtrak train by not telling authorities about his death on board the train until nearly 23 hours later to save money on shipping the body. Perhaps his credit card application was denied?

Anyway, I am sure that you are dying — to read discussions on FlyerTalk, that is. What did you think I was talking about?!?

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