Why I Recommend Transferring Delta Air Lines SkyMiles Into Your Account — Now

I just received an e-mail message from Delta Air Lines with an offer to transfer SkyMiles from one account to another where the transaction fee has been waived, and the cost per SkyMile has been reduced by 50 percent.

This could potentially be a great opportunity to save yourself some significant cash.

Here is one random example where you can save greater than 60 percent on airfare — and this was on my very first try:

Let us say you want to go on a round-trip flight between Atlanta and Los Angeles, leaving Atlanta on Delta Air Lines flight 65 on September 20 and returning on September 25.

The total round-trip airfare is currently $317.60, as shown below:

However, I can book a SkyMiles award ticket on the same flight right now for the low cost of 25,000 SkyMiles plus five dollars, as shown below:

Because the transaction fee is waived — normally it is $30.00 — and the price per SkyMile has been reduced by half, you can get 25,000 SkyMiles transferred into your account for only $125.00, saving you $192.60. There may be some taxes which could minimally reduce that amount, and do not forget to factor in the five dollar cost in taxes for the award ticket — but otherwise this is a savings of slightly greater than 60 percent.

Now granted, you will not earn Medallion Qualification Miles towards elite status for next year, nor will you earn bonus SkyMiles based on your current Medallion elite status — but we are talking about cold hard cash savings here. If you can get a fellow SkyMiles member to transfer SkyMiles into your account, you can potentially snag a good — or even a great — deal on airfare. You could opt to return the favor by transferring your SkyMiles into the account of that particular fellow SkyMiles member for a similar transaction. Your best bet would be to get two or more SkyMiles members with “orphaned” accounts — for example, a SkyMiles member with 8,000 SkyMiles in his or her account with which he or she may never use — to transfer the miles to you, and you pay them the cost of the transfer.

Hurry, though — this offer is only good through August 31, 2012, and you can only transfer a maximum of 30,000 Delta Air Lines SkyMiles per transaction with a yearly maximum mileage transfer limit of 150,000 SkyMiles from another SkyMiles account and a yearly maximum mileage transfer limit of 300,000 SkyMiles to another SkyMiles account. One to four SkyMiles recipients may be included in a single transaction.

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  • veeRob at 4:38pm August 20, 2012

    Why would you transfer miles to someone after you just bought miles from them? That’s just throwing away money.

  • beweiss6 at 12:52pm August 21, 2012

    I know I am not stupid….The deal is that you can transfer someone miles with no transaction fee and at a reduced rate per mile. So in this case if I had 25k miles in my account I could give them to somoene else for 125 dollars to buy a ticket but I would loose the 25k in my account. Doesn’t seem like a deal at all..

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