Comair Gets Permanently Grounded

Delta Airlines announced today that it’s closing down operations at Comair, its regional carrier with hubs in Cincinnati, Detroit, and New York City. The 35-year-old airline will be permanently grounded by the end of September.

While this is disappointing news for employees of the airline and travelers who take Comair on a regular basis, it’s not wholly unexpected. The number of planes in Comair’s fleet has been cut significantly in recent years, and the number of employees working for the company had gone from approximately 7,000 down to just 1,700. Delta now says it plans to lease the 28 remaining 50-seat planes in Comair’s fleet to other regional operators.

Given that Comair handles just 1 percent of Delta’s flying network, it’s unlikely the shutdown will have a major impact on frequent business travelers. Nonetheless, FlyerTalk members are left wondering which regional carriers and mainlines are going to be picking up these extra routes.

FlyerTalk members are also speculating on how Comair’s shutdown could impact the airline’s main base at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, where two terminals have already been shuttered in recent years.

Do you have any fond memories of flying Comair during its heyday? If so, please share them in the comments.

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