Go Ahead and Leave This Delayed Flight — “If You Have Balls”

American Airlines flight 4607 was finally canceled after numerous and extensive delays, but not before there was tension — some of which was caught on video — between at least one flight attendant and the frustrated passengers who were aboard the aircraft for hours at Fiorello LaGuardia Airport in New York.

As a confrontation began between him and the increasingly irritated passengers well into the delays which were caused by a combination of inclement weather, heavy traffic and re-fueling the regional jet aircraft, Flight attendant Jose Serrano announced that passengers can get off of the aircraft “if you have balls, this is your time — otherwise, you’re going to have to fly with Jose.”

At least one passenger said that Serrano ”said he has nothing left to lose, that this is going to be his last flight, and he doesn’t care. That is what he got on the intercom and told everybody.” Another passenger claims that Serrano “threatened multiple people on this aircraft.”

The flight destined for Raleigh-Durham was scheduled to depart at 1:25 in the afternoon but was finally cancelled at approximately 8:00 in the evening — greater than six hours later — and passengers were sent to hotels without refunds.

No arrests were reported. The Federal Aviation Administration is supposedly investigating this incident.

Is this another case of one of the flight crew cracking under stress — such as the captain of a jetBlue flight who was forcibly removed from the aircraft he piloted after acting erratically, the flight attendant of an American Airlines flight who was removed from the aircraft for causing a disturbance, or the flight attendant who quit his job while aboard an aircraft and used an emergency exit inflatable slide for his dramatic exit as has happened within the last two years — or were the passengers on the flight simply unruly, goading and taunting the crew out of anger? Could it be neither, or a combination of both? Should Serrano be fired, as suggested by at least one FlyerTalk member in this discussion?

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  • czerny at 7:33am July 17, 2012

    First of all, no one mentions that he was verbally abused by passengers. Secondly, passengers blame crews for everything, including weather delays. You cheap ticket on price line does not give you the right to dump your anger on a crew member.

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