Please Welcome Stephanie Miles to The Gate

I am pleased to announce that Stephanie Miles will be co-authoring The Gate with me — and while her last name is certainly apropos for The Gate, that is not the reason why she will be writing for The Gate.

Stephanie is a reporter by trade and a travel junkie by nature. A California native who now lives in Portland, Oregon, Stephanie is looking forward to covering the latest happenings in our TravelBuzz and MilesBuzz forums, with a special emphasis on mileage runs, airline programs, and hotel deals.

More than anything, Stephanie wants to cover what you’re interested in, so send her a message at [email protected] and let her know what topics you’re dying to read more about on The Gate.

The challenge is daunting to cover an Internet web site where greater that 400,000 members have posted to it short of 20,000,000 times — and Stephanie is certainly prepared to join me in that challenge.

As always, feedback is always welcome. Please be sure to post your comments as to what we can do to improve The Gate.

Please join me in welcoming Stephanie Miles to The Gate!

Now if we can just find someone with Points as his or her last name…

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