Save $100 and Get 3,500 Preferred Qualification Miles for Club Membership

From now through June 15, 2012, enroll or renew a US Airways Club membership and you will instantly save $100,00 while earning 3,500 elite qualification miles towards Preferred elite status — and the $50.00 new member initiation fee will be waived, plus you will enjoy free access to over 1,200 business centers globally with a complimentary 12-month Regus Businessworld Gold membership, purportedly a $600.00 value.

Unfortunately, you cannot renew your US Airways Club membership before your current membership is greater than 90 days from its expiration date.

US Airways Club membership usually costs $375.00 for one year except for Chairman’s Preferred elite and general Dividend Miles members, whose one-year memberships cost $325.00 and $450.00 respectively. However, the promotion this month cost $275.00 for a one-year membership for everyone, regardless of Dividend Miles elite status — and you get access to the airport lounges of United Airlines and Air Canada, as well as nearly all other airport lounges of Star Alliance airline partners.

This offer keeps changing: there was an offer back in March where you could earn 2,500 Preferred elite qualification miles and two free months for US Airways Club membership, and another offer in February where you were able to get US Airways Club membership and 5,000 Preferred elite qualification miles for $375.00. For discounted US Airways Club membership, the current offer seems to be the best — although you earn 1,500 fewer Preferred elite qualification miles than the offer in February, and you do not get your membership extended beyond a year.

If this offer is not appealing to you and you are interested in joining the US Airways Club as a member, it may be a safe bet to wait a month or two until another version of this promotion is offered…

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  • starflyer at 6:07pm June 15, 2012

    Awesome deal. I’m non-elite with US, so I was so excited to hear that one year pricing is the same $275 for all Dividend Miles membership levels. $275 instead of $450 plus $50 initiation fee is a $225 savings for me! Thank you Brian, I would have missed this awesome deal without your article!

  • starflyer at 6:44pm June 20, 2012

    I ordered during the promo, but was charged $400, not the $275 quoted for all members regardless of elite status. What happened???

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