Free Mercedes-Benz For Opening a One Million Dollar CD for Five Years

The 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK Class SLK350 Roadster MH1. Photograph courtesy of Mercedes-Benz.

You will receive your choice of Mercedes-Benz vehicles if you open a certificate of deposit account with a minimum balance of $1,000,000.00 at C1 Bank for five years. You get to choose from one of the following 2012 Mercedes-Benz models:

  • SLK350
  • E350
  • ML350 SUV
  • E350 Convertible

Among the terms and conditions of this offer, you must be a resident of the state of Florida age 18 years or older with a valid driver license, and the offer is limited to two Mercedes-Benz vehicles from a specific dealer.

Also, C1 Bank will pay a pre-calculated interest rate of 1.19 percent with an annual percentage yield of 1.20 percent in advance on deposited funds at the completion of account opening. The 1.20 percent annual percentage yield is available for new accounts only opened on or before May 31, 2012. For new accounts opened after May 31, 2012 the interest rate and annual percentage yield will be based on the 60 month interest rate offered in connection with this promotion at the time the account is opened and compounded daily. The pre-calculated interest in advance amount $61,294.00 based on the 1.20 percent annual percentage yield available through May 31, 2012 can only be used towards the purchase of one of four (4) specific Mercedes Benz vehicle models from Crown Eurocars Inc. with a MSRP of $59,585.00 and includes $3,488.34 sales tax, $687.70 delivery fee, $2.50 Florida Lemon Law fee, $6.50 Florida tire and battery fee, $500.00 registration/tag and $24.00 electronic filing fee with a total purchase price, net of $3,000.00 discount, of $61,294.04.

This sounds like a great deal — right?

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