Gate Agent Claims to Be “Attacked” By Passenger Who Accidentally Touches Him Reaching for Boarding Passes

In what has been called a “ridiculous incident” at Los Angeles International Airport, FlyerTalk member flightline87 witnessed a woman chatting with a gate agent during the boarding of American Airlines flight 3013 to Albuquerque.

After the gate agent scanned the boarding passes, the woman — who was traveling with her husband and young son — accidentally touched his wrist when she reached for them. As they turned to board the aircraft, the gate agent reportedly said “Hold on”, picks up the telephone and said “I have to call the police.”

The passengers lined up at the gate and flightline87 thought he was just joking around — until he actually dialed a number and said, “I need police at Gate 44G.” The mother and father then panicked slightly and reportedly asked “What — what happened?!?”

The gate agent immediately replied, “She touched me. She shouldn’t have done that. So many passengers are hostile these days.”

The family — as well as flightline87 and other passengers waiting to board — were stunned. However, the story does not end there…

Based on this story, do you believe that the gate agent acted irrationally — or is there more to the story about which we may not know?

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  • scamara at 2:05pm April 14, 2012

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  • hgdnpro1 at 9:11am April 18, 2012

    an airport is just like being in a casino in vegas. their is an eye in the sky. they should have security look at the recording of what happened, if they gate person was correct in what he claimed then make a dicission as to what to do next. if the customer did nothing other than inadvertantly touch the customer then the agent should be taken off the job and be retrained or relased and the customer should be put on the flight that they originally were on or another flight and compensated at airline exspence

  • swampfox1001 at 10:14am April 18, 2012

    The agent should be fired. Looks like he has mental issues.

  • Arnold Fishman at 8:27am April 22, 2012

    This is a sickness and its spreading. Its called “assume the worst” and “the police are the answer to everything”. Inability for people to perform ordinary simple tasks and use common sense. Its happening in every area of life in the US—relying on authority of an external “power” to resolve issues that normally should be no deal. Pretty soon, are we going to see armed gate agents? Good grief, this is the result of 19 freakin arab hijackers that have destroyed freedom in America and turning travel into a living prison.

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