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Listed below are the candidates for the 2014 TalkBoard Elections. To view a particular candidate's information, just click on that person's name. You must login with your FlyerTalk account information below to cast your ballot.

Voting period: November 14, 2014 through November 23, 2014

From: London/New York
Experience: Only one ban so far: for suggesting that a thread shouldn't be moved.
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From: Las Vegas
Experience: Member and lurker for many years..
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From: Marietta, Georgia.
Experience: Almost 12 years as a member; greater than ten years as a moderator; six years as a Senior Moderator.
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From: Metro Washington, D.C.
Experience: Member since 2002
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From: UK
Experience: Lot's
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From: Minneapolis (but I do about 6-8 international trips per year and have lived outside of North America for more than five years total)
Experience: FT member 5 years, TB member 2 years, FT Evangelist, many DOs
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From: Northern California, commuting weekly to southern California
Experience: 2013 TalkBoard President, 2011 TalkBoard Vice President, FT member 15 years, moderator of Southwest Airlines forum. Author of TalkBoard's term limits.
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From: Doha, Qatar
Experience: Been around for a while now....
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