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Where to get the 2 gallon Ziploc bags?

On the perfume thread (and on other threads), I've seen people refer to 2 gallon size Ziploc bags. I went to Target yesterday in search of these bags, but couldn't find them.

Where are you guys getting these?

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Ironically, I get mine at Target.

They come in a bright pinkish box.
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I got mine at Target as well. However, I've noticed they aren't consistently carried. I think I"ve also seen them at Meijer, and you might try WalMart, Costco, Sams, etc. Also, if you have a Dollar General near you, they might have the generic versions (courtesy of one of my clients!)
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Thanks. I guess I'll have to check other Targets. Costco is a good idea too!
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I just bought some today at my local grocery store.

In the past I've also used 2-1/2 gallon Hefty freezer bags (which, when packing, seemed to hold about the same amount as the 2-gallon Ziplocs) but haven't seen them recently. I liked them better because they had the little plastic zipper on them and were very sturdy, though the Ziplocs work fine too.

I fold my clothes, put them in the Ziplock/Hefty, squish the air out, and have nearly wrinkle-free clothes at my destination. They also makes it easy to repack if airport security goes through my bag and are great for bringing back dirty laundry.

(edited to correct Hefty size to 2-1/2 gallons, which I got at Target Greatland)

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Old Sep 10, 03, 4:20 pm   #6
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Walmart has them.
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Actually, the Hefty One Zip 2 1/2 Gallon Bags are my favorite.

You generally can find them at Wal Mart Supercenters, as opposed to "regular" Wal Marts...same, thing with Target -- they generally have them at the Greatland Targets.

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Old Sep 13, 03, 5:56 pm   #8
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It's a function of how much time I spend on Flyertalk that I was in a store the other day and thought to myself, "now what was it about zip lock bags that I needed to know???"

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Old Sep 13, 03, 8:46 pm   #9
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These are inconsistently stocked in stores -some stores where I've bought them may not carry them after awhile if they don't sell. I always buy 2 or 3 boxes of them when I see them.
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Old Sep 14, 03, 6:56 am   #10
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I have never seen these in any stores in the LA metro area and I've looked (I haven't looked at Costco lately, however, because I've been stocking up on Kelloggs and there's no room left in the cart). However, I always find them in Texas when I visit my mother, so I always buy a few boxes.
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Old Sep 14, 03, 9:26 am   #11
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I went to my local restaurant supply store and bought 100 for under $25. I also found some on the web, I think it was drugstore.com.

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Old Sep 18, 03, 6:25 pm   #12
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I use HEFFTY 2 1/2gallons bags from TOM THUMB and I have found them at ALBERSTSONS too.
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Old Jul 4, 04, 12:42 pm   #13
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Hello, I have been looking for these 2 1/2 gallon bags myself and finally found them at http://www.mybrandsinc.com/ShopOnline/Catalog.asp. This company ships everywhere whereas www.peapod.com only delivers on the East. Good luck!
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Never thought about these - seems like a good idea. I have been using the plastic zippered covers that I got when I bought some sheet sets. Also have two zippered clear plastic bags for shoes.

For cosmetics I use some very nice ziplock type pouches the Virgin Atlantic gives out in Business (Premium Economy) with amenities
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I used these on our last cruise. They worked great. Not only are they great for conserving space, but they were great in organizing my kids clothes. (I also knew where my preschoolers underwear were.)

I was also looking for Ziploc bags until someone told me that Hefty made them. Found them at Target, Walmart and Harris Teeter.
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