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IAM Mechanics at United Airlines Reject Binding Arbitration Offer

IAM Mechanics at United Airlines Reject Binding Arbitration Offer

After 23 months of negotiations, the National Mediation Board (NMB) today proposed binding arbitration to end the contract dispute between United Airlines and 15,000 mechanic and related employees represented by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM). The IAM rejected the board's offer and a 30-day cooling off period will commence later this week.

``We have spent nearly two years in negotiations,'' said Scotty Ford, IAM District 141-M president and lead negotiator. ``United failed to bargain in good faith and create a level playing field for all employees. We reject the board's offer of arbitration, and we will strike the carrier if an agreement can't be reached.''

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So, if this is 30 days to a strike will United do an Eastern or a Pan Am? Looks like a "Ta very much chaps" when our miles are worth nowt.
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Wow, already accusing the new management of negotiating in bad faith. Bummer.
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The two parties will enter into a 30-day cooling off period later this week, but no further talks have been scheduled, the union said.



United Airlines Says Customers Should Book With Confidence; Expects No Disruption to Its Schedule as NMB Recommends Presidential Emergency Board

United Airlines said today that it did not expect inconvenience to customers as a result of today's developments in negotiations for a new contract with its mechanics represented by the International Association of Machinists (IAM) District 141M.

Following processes laid down by federal law, the National Mediation Board (NMB) has released both parties from mediation and offered both sides binding arbitration. United accepted the offer of arbitration. However, the NMB's arbitration offer was rejected by the IAM.

The NMB therefore will commence a 30-day ``cooling off'' period during which union members are not permitted to engage in a strike or other disruptive labor action. In making its announcement, the NMB said that ``it will recommend that the President create a Presidential Emergency Board (PEB) at the end of the cooling off period, thus avoiding any possibility of a work stoppage during the holidays. The NMB expects this step to assist the parties in resolving their dispute.''



United Airline Mechanics Reject Binding Arbitration, Threaten Strike After 30 Days



Happy holidays, eh?

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Despite being a "union baby" (my dad has been with AC in the CAW/UAW-TCA for 30 years), I feel pretty strongly about bad union tactics - especially those that shut down companies and throw 1000s of union employees out on the street. So, I did some digging, found an email address, and wrote a letter.

The email address is:
(R. Thomas Buffenbarger), the prez of the union. I'm not sure that this is the right address, but it hasn't bounced in 2 hours.

Here's the email I wrote, fyi.

Mr. Buffenbarger:

Although I am not a union member, my father has been a CAW-TCA member for the last 30 years, working for Air Canada.

I read with great dismay your organization's recent statement on your ongoing negotiations with United Airlines.

Although I understand the frustration that you all must feel, there is no clear and present solution to your problem. Although it is not the IAMAW's fault that UAL is near bankruptcy, it is also not possible for the airline to meet your financial demands.

Given the difficult situation we all face in light of the recent tragic events, and the mismanagement of J. Goodwin - any labor action on the part of the union would certainly cause United to go bankrupt.

I remember my father always telling me that the union was a good thing for him. But it always raised questions when union action verged on significantly damaging. We will all suffer if United airlines goes bankrupt..and the machinists will not be any better off.

If I may make a suggestion...perhaps a commitment from United to a speedy resolution when the economic situation improves would be a more equitable and useful arrangement?

Thanks for listening, and best regards,

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I have no idea which side (if either) is correct on this one, as I have not done the necessary reading. But, I have one word of reminder for the mechanics:

"Chicken should unify us, as opposed to tearing us apart" - Bomani Jones
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by doc:


Hey Doc,

Why the smiley?

Can you confirm his email address?

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If you enjoyed the Summer of He11, then you'll really love the Winter of He11! Just like before only more weather-related delays.

"Those who would sacrifice liberty for safety deserve neither." - Ben Franklin
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Why do some people continue to insist on negotiating like it's 1999, when airlines are PROFITABLE, when the World Trade Center is standing, and when load factors on a much fuller schedule are like 80 percent?

It's time for a reality check at the unions. You really can't get blood from a stone, and that's what they are trying to do.
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No confirmation from me!

I'm just a happy guy!


Bush ready to act to avert United Airlines strike

The White House said on Tuesday that President George W. Bush was prepared to use his authority to avert any strike by mechanics at UAL Corp.'s United Airlines, warning a work stoppage during the holiday season could further harm the U.S. economy.

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Tom Buffenbarger is a good guy and doesn't deserve criticism for Rick Dubinsky's actions. His right hand man at UAL, John Peterpaul is also a straight shooter.

IAM salaries are STILL below the pre-ESOP levels and have been frozen for 10 years. UAL needs to give these guys a share of the last 10 year's pie, and take that same share away from ALPA.
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Old Nov 20, 01, 10:58 pm   #13
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Why wouldn't the mechanics play hard ball, given the example of the pilots in the summer of 2000?

The mechanics make a lot less money and they don't often get to kick customers out of first class seats for a ride to work.

The pilots in effect told UA and the customers to get lost. Since it worked and they got huge raises, what are they telling the mechanics they should do now?
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No doubt the mechanics are saying "the pilots got their share of flesh, let's get ours".

The pilots, if asked to give back some of what they got last year, would no doubt tell management where to stick it.

This, of course, is the kind of bitter internecine struggle which brings companies down into bankrupty, at which point everyone loses.

Congratulations, United.
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Old Nov 21, 01, 7:31 am   #15
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The timing is, needless to say, not very good!


"The president is deeply concerned, especially at this time of year, about any disruption in airline service to the traveling public," White House spokesman Ari Fleischer was reported as saying.

"He's also concerned about any negative impact a strike could have on the economy. Therefore, the president is prepared to do whatever it takes to protect the traveling public during the holiday," he added.

The 2-year-old contract standoff between United Airlines and its mechanics union moved closer to a possible strike yesterday when the mechanics rejected the government's offer of binding arbitration.



"The message has been sent to both sides to get to the table and settle," said aviation industry consultant Michael Boyd of the Boyd Group. "It won't be easy. United gave a lot away to its pilots."

It is the first industry standoff between labor and management since the Sept. 11 attacks. Industry losses have mounted as major carriers, buffeted by turbulent economic times and shaky public confidence in air travel, struggle to regain their financial footing.

Shares of United's parent, UAL Corp., fell 74 cents Tuesday, or 4.4 percent, to $15.98 on the New York Stock Exchange.

United is losing $15 million a day. It accounted for roughly half of the $2.46 billion in net losses reported by the top eight U.S. carriers in the latest quarter.


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