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Canadian Traveling to U.S. with soon to expire passport

I'm going to the U.S. in October then again in November and then again in December. In February my Canadian passport expires. It is not clear whether I will be let in to the USA particularly for the December trip.

I have searched the threads on Flyertalk and while some people seem to be of the opinion that things will be OK, I don't find any conclusive evidence one way or another.

I just got off the phone from the U.S. consulate where I got to press a lot of buttons and hear a lot of recorded messages. No one there to talk to though. I also searched the U.S. embassy website and couldn't find any answers.

If anyone has had personal experience traveling to the USA on a soon-to-expire Canadian passport please let me know. I don't live anywhere near a passport office, it is a hassle to send in a new passport application but I will do it if I have to.
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Timatic says:
Passport (must be valid at time of entry; passenger may be authorized to stay until the expiry date of the passport) required.
As long as you leave before your passport expires, you should be fine. Timatic is the database the airlines use to check your documentation.
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I flew to the USA in Aug '06, with a Canadian passport that was going to expire in Oct '06. No problems then. Not sure if things have changed now though...
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Plan ahead for your renewal though. My wife recently renewed her Canadian passport and it took 4 months to get it back.
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You should be fine.

My Canadian passport expired at the end of March 07 (still waiting for the replacement, but that's another story).

In February 07 I flew to the states and the agent said "You know your passport expires soon, right?" To which I replied "Yes, I'm on it." I was then admitted to the states with no problems.

In March 07 I flew to the states with the passport due to expire a week after my return. No problems at all, and no questions.

After the passport expired (in April) I used my expired passport to drive across the border, with no problems.
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The new passport requirement is really just a "secure government-issued" form of ID. And given the backlog, one can still fly to the US with an expired passport as long as you can show evidence that you've applied for a new one. And as noted, the 6-month validity rule doesn't come into play between Canada, the US or Mexico.
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