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luggage that is gate-checked -- where does it go?

If you have to gate-check luggage because there isn't enough overhead space on a normal-sized airliner, can you then pick it up at the gate after the flight lands, or do you then have to go all the way to regular luggage claim and wait around to get it (assuming that's the only luggage you have)?

Or does it vary by airline?

I've only had to gate-check on little planes most of the time, where no one's roll-aboard would fit, and got it back at the gate.
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i believe you have to go to baggage claim if not on a CRJ or such
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Originally Posted by tsw1
i believe you have to go to baggage claim if not on a CRJ or such
If travelling F, Alaska has it ready for you as you deplane.
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US Airways puts in on the baggage claim for an O&D flight; not sure about connections.
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What if you tell the airline to connect the baggage for you if it went to baggage claim while you run catch the next flight?

Otherwise what if you tell the airline you will hold them responsible for bump compensation, even if the connecting flight is not full, if you don't make the connection because yuo were waiting at baggage cl;aim?
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Gate checked baggage appears on the belt with the checked stuff after the flight. They just toss the bags in hold and off the plane goes!
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Not sure what other carriers do, but on CRJs, dash 8s and other various small planes with Air Canada, a gate checked piece of luggage will be available to you once you deplane. It will not go to the luggage belt. If you gate check on a small plane, it is not checked through.

On all the larger planes on Air Canada, gate checked baggage ends up on the belt with regularly checked luggage. If you gate check on a large plane, they will check it through to your final destination.

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