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Atkins Diet (Low Carb) and Club Lounges Breakfasts

I have been doing Atkins (Low Carb) for over two years. I've lost 40 lbs., but still have another 30-40 to go. Based on the way I feel ( I get very tired when I eat carbs), I will probably be doing some form of this diet forever.

When I travel and I get "Free" Continental Breakfast in the Club Lounges (I'm PLT SPG) I find I have nothing to eat.

I know it's a perk but I wish they had some low carb alternatives to the bagels, muffins and sugared yoguart. I'd be happy with a hard boiled egg.

I either wind up going downstairs to the restaurant and ordering an eggs and paying $15+ for breakfast, or eating a protein bar. When you have an alotted amount of money for food per day, the $15+ adds up.

I have asked many a Club Lounge Personnel if they can get me something low carb. Some try and some just say no. Is anyone else out there doing Low Carb? What are your experiences?
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I'm going to move this to Travel Buzz. Please follow it there.
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You raise an excellent point. Those of us who are diabetic or insulin resistant also have to be very careful about carb intake so as not to throw our systems totally out of whack.

I suspect as traveling baby boomers age and face increasing incidence of type II diabetes, the demand for low carb alternatives will increase dramatically. We'll have to see how club lounges and other providers react to the changing demographics.

In the meantime, our only recourse is to ask - and keep asking - for things like low fat cheese, cottage cheese and fruit.
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I can tell you that in the few Hyatt Regency Clubs I've been to (3 of them), all provide items which are suitable for low carb diets.
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Originally Posted by Mary2e
I can tell you that in the few Hyatt Regency Clubs I've been to (3 of them), all provide items which are suitable for low carb diets.
Even those Mattress Hyatts?
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When I was at the Hampton Inn at Port Huron a couple weeks ago they had a nice breakfast, mostly carb loaded items, but they had muffins , eggs and sausage as part of their "hot" breakfast.

Which is nice, if everyone eats one of each, but here comes a big dude (bigger than me ) and grabs most of the eggs and sausage and takes off.

Obviously on Atkins, but he just left everyone else without a hot breakfast

Quite inconsiderate
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I just had a good experience with the Marriott Downtown Orlando: the club floor breakfast buffer was European style, true continental.

Hard boiled eggs, cold cuts, cheese, in addition to the regular stuff (danish, croissant, cereal, fruit, etc). Nice.

Hopefully other hotels/lounges will emulate...
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Suggest folk who are concerned/would like low-carb start writing their various hotel & airlines to let them know it's something you'd like. If they start hearing from folk, they might implement it. I know on UA in C & F on int'l flights it says they've got extra veggies for folk who are watching carbs. Exec lounges at hotels & airline lounges are very carb heavy at bkfst-time. Cheers. Sharon
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Two recent club lounge experiences:
Sheraton New Orleans served sliced hard boiled eggs.
Marriott SLC Downtown served hot scrambled eggs, bacon & sausage.
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