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FlyerTalk Forums Thread Wiki: Award booking services - a list and some reviews
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Award booking services (alphabetical):

  • Award Advocate: Domestic $75 p/p International $100 p/p, no additional charge for last minute. Also 10% discount for families traveling with children
  • AwardBandit.com: $150 One passenger; $200 Two or more passengers ("We either find you an itinerary that meets your criteria or you don't pay a dime").
  • Award Booking Service: $125/person
  • AwardButler: Award Search: $79 for up to two passengers. Booking starting at $129 for first two passengers.
  • Awarding Canada: Specializing in awards for Canadians, but with expertise available for anyone, worldwide. $125CAD (PP) for the first two passengers, $75CAD for every passenger thereafter.
  • Award Planners: One way $99, additional person $49; Round trip $149, additional person $99; Multi City $199 additional person $99.
  • Award Travel Consulting: Award Search: $150/person | Booking ticket: $75/itinerary; changes: new trip
  • Awardmagic $139 per person or $249 per person for RTW trips
  • Awards & Travel: (iqbalt from FT) $100 for the first person; $50 for additional personnel. Explorer and RTW awards will be $200/ per person.
  • Book Your Award (Gary Leff/View From The Wing): Booking: $150 per person; changes: $75 per one-way
  • BoundlessMiles (Dominik Żmuda/Travelling the World): Booking: $50 USD per passenger, $25 change/cancellation fee per passenger
  • Easy Award Booking (Alexisonsmith/Award Booking Service): Award Booking: $99 per person and friendly travel consultant. Helps with flights as well as destinations and hotels!
  • First Class and Beyond "Concierge-style" bookings for $250/person (and up). Fee is based on the value of the retail ticket. Phone calls encouraged.
  • Flightfox Consultative flight searching; fees start at $99
  • iflywithmiles.com (Mike/Melissa): 150 USD first person, 85 for additional person on same itin. Change fees vary.
  • Juicy Miles (Adam/Point Me to the Plane): Booking: $125 per person; changes: included within reason
  • MilesConcierge: (callmedtop on FT) "High-touch" award bookings, emphasizing personalized engagement for every customer. $125 for first passenger, $100 for each additional.
  • MilesElite: $99 for award search and $149 for award search and booking.
  • Miles Momma Booking Services Airline Booking: $150 up to 2 passengers. $25 additional passengers. Hotel Booking: $100 for up to 3 hotels.
  • MileValue Award Booking Service (Scott Grimmer): Booking: $125 per person per award; changes: $79 per person
  • PMM Travel Consulting (Miguel R. Quinones/Point Me to the Plane): Booking: $125 per passenger for the first two passengers, $99 for each additional passenger. Also provide credit card advice and travel planning services. All major credit cards accepted.
  • PointsPros (Ben Schlappig/One Mile At A Time): Booking: $200 first passenger, $100 each additional passenger; changes: "a nominal fee"
  • Reward Flyer: Free service as long as you apply for credit cards through their site.
  • Shrewd Travel: (skyvanman on FT) Booking: $250 per person; changes: varies; Available via phone or e-mail or even FT PM.
  • SFO777.com (SFO777 on FT) Booking: $200 first passenger, $100 each additional passenger; change fees vary
  • UpgradeGuru (chanp on FT) $150 first passenger, $75 each additional passenger; changes small fee
  • Upgrd Awards (MatthewLAX on FT, Live and Let's Fly blog) $150 first passenger, $100 each additional passenger; changes $75 but can vary
  • zainman, FT member since 2009, offers his consultant services for $ as well

Note: This list is not an endorsement of any particular award booking service; please do your research and read this thread. See the FT Disclaimers for disclaimer of responsibility for use of these services, etc. Please add other services and options you know about to this wiki. Also, please post any personal experiences you may have with any of these services in this thread.

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Originally Posted by metoo View Post
Regarding Awardtravelingconsultant, I already know what my itinerary is and approximately what days I want. Would this cost me the $100 per person plus the additional $50 for having them call the Airline to book?

I need help to book for December 2012 to January 2013: LAX to SGN, PNH to LAX , first class and if nothing available, biz class

I have 190k U.S. Airways and 150k Delta . I have miles in United but need it for other trips.

Who is the best award booking services for this? And do I only pay if the booking is confirmed or do I pay for them trying?

What kind of information would any award booking services require from me? (eg- mileage number ....)

It is not the itinerary of O/D that you have in mind would cost the service fee - most everyone who wants to travel has that in mind already. It is the matter of HOW do you get from LAX to SGN, on what airline(s) and the routing to get there, plus finding the award seats on those routing - it is THAT time-consuming work these services charge.

Do you know HOW you would get from LAX to SGN using the resources you have?

Do you have the time and tools to look for award seats on ALL possible routings to get from LAX to SGN?

Are you patient enough and not get frustrated easily when trying only a couple options and none working?

Same questions on the return PNH - LAX.

If you have definitive Yes to the above, then you can do this all by yourself. It is a very time-consuming task to find award seats on not-so-common destination.

If you are iffy enough and dont have time to muddle through all the possibilities, then the $100 is well worth to pay to have someone do this for you - it is hours of work if you dont have all the tools available to you, mind you.

Hint: Try a dummy booking on CO and see what comes up because Star A availability should "normally" be available to all member airlines.

Neither US nor DL offers one-way award, so you are stuck to book r/t with them on an open-jaw return. VN flies your route naturally but you have to call DL to book - that is on top of that VN's own website is not functional even for revenue tickets. Mainland China airlines may also can get the job done especially on the return leg though it all requires you to connect somewhere in China. OZ and TG are 2 other alternatives with connections.

You most likely have to search a route segment by segment in order to piece a route that has award seat available on all the segments. Note that I do not say "itinerary" but "route" - because there are many different routes that can get you to achieve the LAX-SGN, PNH-LAX "itinerary" in the sense you have in mind. Understand the difference between what you mean by "itinerary" and the actual "route" to fly for that itinerary, you are half-way there in the DIY department.

The above info is more than enough for you to get started on your own and if you still are not able to do it on your own, then in my opinion, the $100 charge is a worthwhile expense.

One more thing, because your trip is so far out, be prepared that there would be numerous schedule changes between booking and traveling. Therefore, the less segments involved, the better off down the road should the inevitable schedule changes happen.

Last edited by Happy; Jan 9, 12 at 3:43 pm Reason: add more details.
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OP udated with some links etc.
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Forgot I even had a message in this forum.....

No award booking service for me...I checked the Continental Website a week ago, found the itinerary I wanted and called U.S. Airways CSR . I gave airlines and flight numbers, date and time for each segment and all was booked.

ICN to HAN (destination)


Over Xmas holidays , all on BIZ except for first leg (lax to sfo), 2 long international legs with refurbished seat so they are flat beds, all for 90k
Call all airlines involved (Asiana, Thai, United and All Nippon) to confirm and reserve seats. All done!
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Seems like the services would be put to good use if using SkyMiles. They are super hard to redeem.
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Gleff has helped me a number of times. His service is useful even for "experts".
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Originally Posted by ademarco View Post
I've used travelconcierge before (twice now) and Roland has been very good at finding what I want and from different alliances. I think he is Australian based, but is very knowledgable in finding routings for me that work.

I used up *A miles for my first trip and this time I am using up my *A miles one way and BA/Avios miles on the way back. Being able to fly the A380 on Air France was nice.
This would be quite a trick to use *A miles or possibly BA miles to get an award ticket on the AF A380. AF is and AFAIK always has been in SkyTeam. Even using AA miles through its partner Alaska, I don't think you can book an AF flight using a DL codeshare to achieve this.
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I have slowly been looking at a mini RTW using the tools available (KVS, etc). The big problem is that I need three award tics, in business. I know, not an easy thing especially since we do not want to fly separately.

I don't want to go into detail of our route but was wondering if any of these consulting firms have success with the 3+ seat senerios. I would certainly think it could be money well spent if they had the expertise to carry it out.
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I can see if I can help if you shoot me the details.
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MatthewLAX - www.awardexpert.com

I've helped many of you already on FT and I look forward to helping many more of you in the coming days, months, and years.
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Originally Posted by MatthewLAX View Post
MatthewLAX - www.awardexpert.com

I've helped many of you already on FT and I look forward to helping many more of you in the coming days, months, and years.
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I contacted Gleff on March 27th. He said he'd put me in contact with his 'associate', Steve Belkin. Either one of us has herpes and they are avoiding contact, or they don't want/need the biz - no further communications.
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Originally Posted by udaykiran82 View Post
one more i found recently when searching but haven't used any of them yet..

OP updated with better link, however see the warning;

http://crankyconcierge.com/ (Word of warning: contrary to other services this require full pre payment)
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Pay for help booking award tickets

Does anyone know of a "pay for" service for assistance in routing and booking award tickets... Lucky Ben used to be the BEST at it but I don't think he is doing it anymore. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to scour the sites to determine best routes and values. Thanks for the recs, FT!!!
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I'm a regular reader of Gary Leff's blog....he's a very savvy guy.

I haven't used his booking service, but If I were to do so, he would be my first call

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The following thread has a list:


Moving this over to the Travel Tools forum for further discussion.
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