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Booking KL+SK flight found on expertflyer

Hi everyone,

Apologies if this is the wrong forum for my question, I read for a while to try to figure out where it'd be most appropriate but didn't have any luck. Also apologies if the question is too dumb or naive!

How can I buy tickets for a route that is with KLM and Scandinavian?

The long version:

I'm going from LAX to CPH in a few months (advance planning, look at me!) and am looking up what options there are. (No direct flights, Scandinavian with the most flights to CPH is Star Alliance and most of their routes go via ORD which I much prefer not to do).

One of the routes coming up in the ExpertFlyer availability search is KL601 to SK552. We like going via AMS, so this would be nice! As best I can tell the fares are valid on my travel date (early december). The KL fare has exclusions for other star alliance carriers, but not SK.

So two questions:

1) How can I buy this route? I tried via KLM's site and via flysas (and a few others); but none are showing it. I tried doing it the multi-city way, too. Do I have to find a travel agent to book it "manually"? (If so, does anyone have recommendations?)

2) We've sometimes had all sorts of hassle with Air France or KLM not recognizing a ticket number from Delta, for example. Would flying a route with two different alliances just be asking for extra hassle?

Thank you!
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I figured I should have posted the details. If I go to SK's website they only want to offer routes with Star Alliance doing the trek across the atlantic. On KLM's site I only get offered the KL602/KL1129 connection. (The ideal one would be KL602/SK552). It's obviously not a big deal, but I'm trying to learn how this works. :-)

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