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Old Jun 18, 08, 10:27 am  
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Bose headphones broken? Don't trash them! They have trade-in value

I put this into the AA forum as many of us have been exposed to the Bose Noise Cancelling headphones trough AA's C or F class - or even have received them for free from AA through a promotion.

In any case, many of us should have aging QC1 headphones by now. Mine, for example, have worn earpads and start to "scratch" on strong bass sounds. My wife's QC1 are also on their last legs, with the ear pads destroyed and the plastic parts starting to fall apart.

"OK, what is the big deal, throw them into the trash - you had a DECADE of good use out of them!" you might say at this point.

Bad idea. Bose actually offered to exchange our old, tired headphones for $129 a set (Canadian pricing, including shipping) against brand new Quiet Comfort 2 version 2 headphones.

In all likelyhood, there is a similar deal in the US, probably even slightly better, since many companies haven't heard about the parity of the Loonie yet. So if you have an old, beaten set of QC1s, give Bose a call!
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Old Jun 18, 08, 10:45 am  
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That makes a lot of sense. Make you customers happy andmake money in the process. QC2 probably cost Bose around $30 to make.
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Old Jun 18, 08, 10:48 am  
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It was an AA FA that actually suggested that I do this. She noticed my old QC1's, and told me that she and her husband just upgraded theirs. I was about to pay full pop for a new set as my earpads were starting to disintegrate.
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Old Jun 18, 08, 11:45 am  
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I thought someone was going to tell you to you exchange your old tired ones for new AA ones.
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Old Jun 18, 08, 1:22 pm  
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[moderator hat on]

As this is really more of a Travel Technology topic, it should be continued there.
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Old Jun 18, 08, 2:03 pm  
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I've been totally impressed with Bose's customer service and how they handle everything about the QC product, from the free exchanges for the earlier editions of the QC IIs to things like this.
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Old Jun 18, 08, 3:01 pm  
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Another great thing I learned here, took advantage of it a couple years ago

Exchange BOSE QC1 for QC2

Have one more set, good reminder, thanks.
Mike Cordelli mike@cordelli.com
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Old Jun 18, 08, 3:20 pm  
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Dagnit, I wish I had known this when I bought my QC3s. I had two pairs of 1s that were absolutely trashed... but still had value, apparently.

Oh well.
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Old Jun 18, 08, 6:02 pm  
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I purchased a Series 1 a number of years ago after I tried them on AA. After the earliners pulled away, Bose sent me a repair kit, free, and within 15 minutes my earphones were almost like new. Unfortunately, I must have left them either on an AA flight or a Starwood property, so I now have a Series 2 and a Series 3. Still like the 1s best, as one can control the volume on these old headphones.

Just used the Series 2s on 4 MD-80 legs along with my a DVD player I purchased after loving it also on AA a number of years ago.

AA, you've helped me keep up with technologies I should have!
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Old Jun 19, 08, 8:07 am  
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Originally Posted by Life_Platinum View Post
Still like the 1s best, as one can control the volume on these old headphones.
On your qc2s you can adjust the volume. The plug that goes into your earpiece has a little hi-lo switch.

I was happy to give up the qc1s just for their size and the walkman sized box hanging on the cord...
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Old Jun 21, 08, 9:02 pm  
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I bought a little add-on volume dial for less than $5 at Radioshack. It works great. I think I read about it in an old QC thread on FT.
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Old Jun 23, 08, 8:37 am  
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this deal is still alive, it was 99$ in april. I traded in my nearly 10 year old QC1's which had a broken headset (after bose had nicely replaced the headset free of charge twice) I HAVE bought about 15 pairs of Qc2 and Qc1 over the years, so I think they could handle it.

I ALMOST didn't want to part with my Qc1's, but now that the revision 2 of the Qc2 was out and offered better sound quality than the Qc2 v1.0, I went ahead and did the deed. Those puppies travelled nearly 1.3 MM over the past 10 years. They provide an INSANCE amount of comfort and value.
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Old Jun 27, 08, 9:13 pm  
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Fast turnaround, too

I mailed my old QC-1 back last Saturday, received the new QC-2 today!

While I am not a big fan of most Bose products, except the Quite Comfort headphones, their customer service is truely outstanding!
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