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Best rolling underseat bag?

Hi. (I tried to search on this topic, so if someone could point me to a prior thread that'd be great.)

I want to get a rolling bag that will fit under the seat of the 3 aircraft that I travel on most often on NWA: DTW-OKC ER7 & CRJ, and DTW-LHR NWA A330-333. (am assuming if it fits the two little jets it'll fit the overseas jet)

I'm considering these two so far (price is a concern as well).
1. Travelon 14" Under Seat Rolling Carry-on Bag
Measures 14"L x 8"W x 16"H 14" Travelon

2. Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry-On
Measures 13.5"L x 13.5"H x 8" Travelon Microfiber Under Seat Bag

Does anyone have any experience with these or other bags that definitely fit under those seats? Or possibly does anyone know the dimensions under those regional jet seats? Thanks so much everyone.
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Perhaps bring a tape measure the next time you fly on those planes, so that you can measure the carryon spaces?

Also, beware that the different seats may have different size carryon spaces. For example, window seats in some planes may have less space due to the plane's curvature. The seat support locations may also result in different size spaces under the middle and aisle seats.
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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I could bring a tape and measure it myself, but I'd like to buy it now before I fly again (next weekend). Was just wondering if anyone has either of those bags and if they happen to know if they fit beneath any seat on those planes is all. Sometimes my bad shoulder acts up and dealing with soft duffel bags & the overhead compartments is a pain.
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I have the biggest Tumi laptop bag, which is 14" x 17.5" x 6.5" (HxWxD) an the only time I have problems fitting it under a seat is when they have those stupid equipment boxes under the seat.
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That's the problem. A rolling bag has a skeleton inside the bag so it can roll. That causes conflicts with entertainment boxes, seat supports, etc. I used to use a rolling bag for underseat and switched to a soft bag or a backpack.
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I fear that I wont be allowed to take any kind of rolling bag into the CRJ, but I'm really trying to stay with a rolling bag for my shoulder's sake...
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So, this is kind of a strange recommendation, but bear with me....

About 6 months ago, my rolling carry-on broke as I was taking it from my office to the car to head to the airport. I was short on time, so I swung by a Walmart (ugh) that's 5 minutes from the airport, and bought an el cheapo ($30? I think) rolling backpack (Protege Sport) to toss everything into and run.

That bag has turned out to be terrific! It fits under the seats/in the tiny overhead of every UA or US RJ that I've taken, has intelligent inner pockets for my toiletries/electronics, rolls smoothly, easily converts between rolling/backpack mode, can hold a week's worth of clothes and entertainment (at least the way I pack), and has been on countless planes, trains, subways, and buses in all kinds of weather and still looks and works great. Frankly, I'm shocked that it has performed so well, and I'm really pleased with it.

Edited to Add: After posting this, I went to the walmart site to see if they still sell this bag. I found one in a different color for $25, with somewhat mixed reviews, so caveat emptor (though, like I said, I love it).

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I am not a travelpro fan, but I like the crew7 rolling tote... cheaper than TUMI, but less well made for sure.... There are crew6 totes on sale everywhere right now.
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I thought I would share a mistake I did recently. Bought a rollerbag in the magazine store after security in PDX. I was 4 lbs. over on weight on one bag at check in so I grabbed a bunch of stuff and was hauling it around. I finally got too tired of this and gave in. I was so relieved to buy the bag on sale and it made life so much easier or so I thought. My cheap bag was so cheap the handle barely extended and when I had to force (jiggle, plead with) the handle back into the back it gave in so quickly that it trapped a finger. By this time I was in the plane and it was too late. Plan ahead should be my motto.
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Thanks everyone for your replies! I tried to get the backpack recommended by Mechteach but my local Wallyworld was sold out. I looked at the dimensions of it though and figured I'd give the Travelon a try. (yes, god help me I bought both of the bags I listed in the first post, but used the second one and it's perfect.
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