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Confused about Scanner with dog

Looking at the rules for dogs, and for how to go through the full body scanners, we are a bit confused. Supposedly, you have to take the dog out of its carrier & carry it thru the scanner. BUT, in the scanner you are supposed to raise your arms over your head. How can that be done while holding a pet?
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Opt out.

Neither of you need the radiation.
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Other than opting out, which then subjects one to a full body search, how does TSA handle this? Can I pass the dog on to spouse who has already cleared?
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I understand that you will not be subject to the full body scanner with a dog. If you are chosen for the scanner with the dog, you will go through the WTMT with the dog and then you and your best friend would be subject to the full pat down. The carrier, sans dog, would go through the x-ray machine like they have in the past.

I found an article from Peter Greenberg on the subject:

Of course, as with all things having to do with the TSA, YMMV.
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