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PLEASE READ FIRST! Welcome to Travel News, FlyerTalk's "periodicals reading room" :)

Welcome to Travel News! Enjoy your stay here

A few quick housekeeping notes....

FlyerTalk is like a library - a wonderful, information-filled library about points and miles and travel. The various airline, hotel, destination, etc., forums are like the stacks of a library and the moderators are the librarians who try to make sure information is well organized in those stacks.

Travel News is like the "periodicals reading room" of the library -- with one difference: the threads that are started by FlyerTalk members pointing to a published general travel news story are the "magazine articles" that they specifically want to call to the attention of other members and, hopefully, spark some discussion of the article.

What's the difference between this forum and other forums? While an imprecise distinction, this forum is to discuss the articles themselves about a topic. Sometimes the topic itself could well be in another forum but one of your fellow FlyerTalkers put a link to an article here because he or she thought the article itself was worth discussing.

So, with that in mind, here are some guidelines for the forum:

Travel Newsis a place to discuss current general news articles that relate to travel in some way.

HOWEVER, topics that are primarily related to one airline (or hotel chain, or car company, etc.) OR are primarily about one locale (and for which there are lots of potential articles that could be cited) should usually be posted in the appropriate airline/hotel/car or destination forum. Again, this is the "periodicals reading room" and the published and linked-to articles themselves are the main thing here.

Also, when citing articles, please remember the following from the FlyerTalk Rules:

Information copyrighted or owned by any individual or entity other than the person posting should not be posted on the forums without the consent of the owner. If such an event occurs, the individual posting the information shall be held solely responsible. FlyerTalk shall not be held responsible for information posted by a member that may violate copyright law. If there is a news article or other piece of information you'd like to share from the web, credit the source of the information and/or give a brief two- to three- paragraph recap of the news and provide the appropriate link to the source.

So.... a couple of things to keep in mind

a. While you are welcome to just post a link to a travel news article, you are encouraged to add your own thoughts and share what you're thinking about the story in question and invite others to join you!

b. Do keep that TOS provision in mind: "a brief two- to three-paragraph recap." (Posts which copy and paste copyrighted articles beyond "fair use" -- a couple of paragraphs -- will be edited to protect FT and comply with the TOS)

One other note: sometimes travel stories are or can get intertwined with political discussions. While there is no "bright line" to point to, if your thoughts about a story are distinctly political, it would probably be better for your thread to go to OMNI/PR.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Moderator, Travel News

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Moderator Travel News, West, The Suggestion Box, Smoking Lounge & DiningBuzz
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Join Date: Jun 2000
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Updated to clarify this forum's purpose.
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