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signing up question for rapid rewards for husband and wife

if you can get 20000 free points for signing up for this credit card im thinking wouldnt it be smart for both my wife and i get separate cards? this way we would both get 20000 points. can we do this? we always fly together. my wife wants to keep our mastercard because we get money back on that card. but im thinking if we only have to make one purchase on each card we will have 40000 points. im thinking i could use my card once in awhile when out for dinner. she can use her card for like groceries and when i book trips on southwest we will use both cards separately. am i correct on all this. it sounds to good to be true. we always pay off our credit cards at the end of each month. thank you
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If you don't mind paying twice the annual fee, sure go for it.
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There have been better signup bonuses in the past, so that might be a consideration.
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supposedly the annual fee is 69.00 but they give you 3000 points on your anniversary date which is worth like 50.00. i guess you dont have to spend a certain amount on the credit card after the first purchase so this seems like a no brainer unless im missing something. i mean after you get the free flights couldnt you just cancel the card also if thats what you wanted to do?
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Originally Posted by shakeey28 View Post
my wife wants to keep our mastercard because we get money back on that card.
  • You don't have to get rid of your other card(s) to obtain the RR Visa;
  • Odds are very high that the earn rate on the RR Visa exceeds the earn rate on your cash-back MC.
    • Even if the nominative earn rates are exactly the same, consider that RR 2.0 points are more valuable than cash if you fly enough to use the points (cash given to SWA expires, whereas points can be kept alive forever).
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I'm guessing this link for 30K is still active.
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