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Should I cash in my miles before March 1st deadline?

I have over 250,000 miles with Swiss. I cannot make sense of the new award chart but it looks expensive. Is the general fealing on this board? Should I be cashing in my miles before the March 1st deadline?

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The new award chart is definitely worse than the old one, with a few exceptions.

In general, access to the C cabin seems to have become more difficult, just as LX's new biz cabin was starting to look good (starting this summer on A330/340) http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/frown.gif

My favorite award, the intra-Europe 25K C free ticket, is going up to 30K. Some of the new longhaul C/F awards are positively ridiculously priced, especially in light of the limited earning potential (bonuses, etc.)

I'll be cashing in a few of those 25K awards booked as far ahead as possible, expecting to change them (date only, routing is fixed) for, IIRC, 50CHF. QF/TC miles are only good for 3 years anyway.

I'll be keeping a 5 figure balance for quick intra-Europe roundtrips, to be used when I cannot meet the weekend stay requirement on discounted tickets.

With TC's elite requirements for Swiss residents, elite qualifying miles only on LX, lack of direct European flights from GVA (I hate the overcrowded GVA-ZRH shuttles), and skeletal Asia / North America network, Travelclub has become completely unattractive to me. I was hoping it could become my OW FFP, but not in its current state.

Last year's generous promotions, aimed at retaining sceptical SR customers, have given way to a definite cost-cutting atmosphere, IMHO. Here in Switzerland, I have yet to see a single attractive partner special announced this year.

In a way, I am glad Swissair and Qualiflyer, of which I have fond memories, can rest in peace and not be associated with the new products. LX may boast roomier seats than SR, but its service is lacking the aura of self-confidence SR in its prime had (magnanimous agents, genuinely helpful FA's, handling of irregularities, etc.)
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I hear you.

I think I'll cash in my miles for two transatlantic Business class tickets and two Canada to Bermuda Y class tickets ASAP.

Thanks for your opinion, it is valued.

Take care

Dave, Japan.

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Thanks for choosing this thread for your juvenile experiments http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/rolleyes.gif

Can't Qualiflyer rest in peace with dignity?

oh, I see, you are trying to pad your post count to attain respectability on the Coupon Connection http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/mad.gif

Perhaps you are unaware that the 'Search all posts by this registered user' function, which any experienced FT member will consult before a trade, will bring up your unusual number of bogus posts such as the ones above?

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