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Best way to bring a computer keyboard through TSA checkpoint?

Going to be going on a trip right before a big writing deadline for work and I would to take one of my keyboards with me rather than use my tiny laptop keyboard (likely a wired one).

I know it's not a prohibited item, but wondering if there's a best way to bring it through the TSA checkpoint? If I leave it in my duffel bag will it likely be pulled over for a manual inspection and swabbing? (if so I'll plan to get to the airport a little earlier). Can I be proactive and put it in a bin like my laptop? No pre-check if that makes a difference.

(Apologies if this has already been asked, though I didn't find a clear answer from prior searches).
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You may leave it in your carry on. Or you may put it in a bin to pass it through the xray screening. In the unlikely event you get selected for additional scrutiny/ETD test on your belongings then doing so should add no more than a few to 10 minutes of time to your transiting of the security checkpoint.
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I sometimes carry a full-size wired keyboard for the same reason- lot of writing during a trip. I've always just stuck it in my rollaboard, never removed it at security screening, and it has always been 100% ignored, never had any issues.
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It doesn't need to be handled any differently than a laptop. Sometimes they want it out, most times not.
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There is no requirement that a keyboard be removed from your luggage. But, there is also certainly no prohibition against removing it from your luggage and sticking it in one of those bins.

Either way, if the item randomly or because of its configuration alarms and you are sent to secondary, unless you are at some checkpoint which is terribly backed up, allow an extra 2 minutes to have the item swabbed.
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Keyboards are easily identified, I wouldn't even bother taking it out of my luggage. You'll be fine.
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I am an advocate of leaving everything in your bag, unless specifically being required to present it separately (e.g. laptops).

As soon as something is removed, an overzealous member of staff may start to object to it. The X-Ray operator is less likely to do this (they seem to be more experienced and better trained, IMO).
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I usually put mine in checked luggage because it's too big to fit in my regular carryon (I use one of those Microsoft split ergonomic keyboards, and they're fairly bulky.) But I have had it in carry-on a few times; both in a duffle bag and simply carried under my arm. No special hassles with TSA in either case.
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I carry my keyboard with me weekly. Keep it in my roll aboard and have never had a problem
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Another vote for keeping it in a roll aboard. That's where mine often is. I didn't even have a problem dragging an IBM Model M with me on a trip, other than the keycaps popping off in the bag, which were easily snapped back on.
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