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ORD terminal accident April 21 - looking for info please

I am seeking information on an accident outside of a restroom in the United terminal at O'Hare on Wednesday, April 21, late afternoon.

Upon exiting the restroom, a relative of ours (male, early 70s - very fit and active) fell down a flight of concrete stairs. Apparently, they were immediately outside of the restroom, with no railing.

He sustained significant injuries to his face, broken bones and bruises. He was taken to a local hospital, where he underwent surgery and had his jaw wired shut. He was there 10 days and then deemed stable enough to fly home (Sacramento) on a hospital plane. Somewhere either on the plane or the ambulance, he coded and was without oxygen. He is now brain dead and they are about to pull the plug tomorrow morning.

He was a dedicated volunteer at the California Railroad Museum in Sacramento and a Marriott timeshare owner who loved to travel.

I would appreciate any info that the FlyerTalk community has to offer.

Did anyone witness the incident at ORD?
Does anyone know the bathroom in question?
If so, can someone take a picture?

Thanks. Please post or PM me if you can help.
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So sorry for your situation. The best to you and your family.

I've been all over ORD, and I'm having trouble thinking of concrete steps anywhere, let alone outside a restroom. Maybe better description of the area? B or C gate area? Baggage claim? There are stairs next to escalators, but those aren't near restrooms and most other stairs I can think of are in restricted areas.
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I probably posted this prematurely. I will try to get more details this week.

They were connecting from Sacramento to Virginia (I think), so I doubt it would have been in the baggage claim area.
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Sorry to hear about the tragic accident. The restroom in question might be the one across from B7 in Terminal 1. There is an exit down to baggage claim nearby, but I don't recall it being located right next to the door. And I know of no (public) stairs that lead to any other place other than the baggage claim.

I'm not familiar with Terminal 2.

Here is a diagram of Terminal 1 from the ORD airport authority:
and Terminal 2:
Best regards
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Truly sorry to hear about the accident.

The only stairs at O'Hare I can think of that are publically available are the ones that lead down to the T1 T2 shuttle, either at F or C concourses. But those aren't near bathrooms, if I remember right.

There's also a (seemingly) private staircase on the B concourse somewhat near the bathrooms, but not immediately outside.

Anyone have any ideas? Are you sure this incident was in the United terminal?
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There are numerous stairwells in the United Express gates that you need to walk down to get out to the plane. That could be treacherous for someone elderly trying to carry bags and such. I know I find it inconvenient in the least.

I'm not sure of where in Virginia one would be connecting to from UX in ORD. If they were heading to IAD it would have been on a mainline flight.
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Originally Posted by PatMike View Post
Did anyone witness the incident at ORD?
Check with the airport police and see if they documented anything. As the accident occurred on city property they may have taken a report, and witnesses amd witness statements could be listed on it. If nothing there, find out if the fire department responded and if they wrote a report. Witnesses could also be listed there.
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My condolences as well...
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Only stairs I can really think of is by the light tunnel
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I'm very sorry to hear about your relative's injury.

You've been given good advice about sources of info about the accident. Police, fire or EMT reports may also list witnesses and their contact information, if any was obtained, and hospital intake information will reflect the account of the accident that was given when he was brought into the ER.

If you are thinking of placing a claim against the city (which still operates ORD), having a local lawyer's staff do the investigative work for you may be more efficient and productive than a post here on FT, and worth the investment.

Finally, I think you'll find that all the stairs at ORD have handrails.
But so sorry about the accident.
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