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Marriott Corporate Codes

Anybody have the list of Marriott corporate codes?

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Post Deleted. I didn't think the mods would allow corporate codes to be listed on here, but obviously I was mistaken.

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try 3 alpha codes

try like


and other 3 character codes of companies, sometimes they work, most times they don't but you can get quite lucky

One way to find them is go to a finance site and look up ticker symbols for national companies or ones with large presences in the area you seek
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There is already a thread on this subject.

Does anyone knows special codes for Marriott?

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Corp Code Summary thru Jan 05

A compilation of codes from the above referenced thread, it may not be all inclusive, I listed what I could find thru 20 some odd pages, I may have missed a lot

I don't know if these all work so don't ask me.. some are old and may not be valid, some may require ID of some sort.. Don't ask me which ones I use b/c I won't post or PM you with the information..

Edited to add: I'll try to update with new ones occasionally so just write them in below and I'll update as time permits

Try these at your own Risk

Thru Jan 05

A70 Alaska Airlines
A9M All State Motor Club - Thursday-Sunday
AET Aetna
ALL Allstate
AMX American Express
AOL American Online
BOG Buy 1 get 1 free - Springhill Suites
C9N Canada Discounts
CIT Citicorp & Affiliates
COK Coca-Cola
CNL If you work for Marriott
CRP Corporate
CVG Convergys
CUE Eastern U.S. Cultural / Arts
DEL Dell Computer
DIS Disney Employees
D52 Northwest airlines specials in southwest US
D58 New York special rates through Sept 7
D60 Taste of Italy
EAT Meal Promo
EDS Electronic Data Systems
ENC Encore Discount
FAL “junk rates”
FBL Florida Power
FED Federal Express
FLT Fleet Bank
FPL Florida Power
FRD Ford Motor Company
GAR Unknown
GMC General Motors
GOV Government Rate
H30 Free night stay in southeast
HON Honeymoon
I24 Renaissance Hotels
IBM IBM Corporation
LHS Lufthansa Miles and More Elite
LPR Local promotion rate
LRR Leisure Rate
LVU Love You Special Rates
M11 Marriott Rewards Member Offers
M12 Marriott Rewards Elite Offers
MEB Marriott E-Breaks - US/Canada
NCL Family package
NOR Northrup Grumann
N8R $50 Bonus Bucks for up to 2 nights
N9R Fall getaway
NIS Nissan Corporation
OP7 Come out and play - Weekend Rates
OTP Come out and play - Wknd Rates 15% - Amex
P52 Unknown
P74 Hawaii Escape
PEP Pepsi
PES Escape Packages
PKF Park and Fly
PKG Package Rates
PS2 Unknown
R8H Los Angeles Renaissance $76/night F-Su
SAL Saloman Smith & Barney
SHO Shop
SPA Spa Package
SPR Sprint
SW8 Southwest Airlines
STF Scientific Atlanta
STT Unknown
SUN Sun Microsystems
TEA ??? Teamsters ???
T72 Tulane University
TFB Two for Breakfast
TRS We Car(e) for you
TRV Travel Professionals (IATA/Travel Agent/Marriott)
TVL Unknown
TXI Texas Instruments
TX1 Texas Instruments
TZO Travel Zoo Special Offers
UAL United Airlines
U54 United airlines in London
UNI Uniglobe Travel
UPS United Parcel Service
V12 International Hotels (20% discount)
V88 London Area Marriott Hotels
VIP Marriott VIP Athletic Program
VPS Unknown
VSA Visa
WKD Weekend
W8S Western hotels special rates
W9S LA Airport
WCT Washington D.C Tourism Coalition
Phone Reservations Only
WSAS $10 off and breakfast for 2 special rate
MYZZ 25 or 50 % off at select vacation Club Villas
MWAR 3rd night free in Thailand
MMEO 4th night free at select Marriott Offshore resorts in the Carribean
SOWK Arizona and California - 15% off
MWAQ JW Marriott Orlando Grand lakes & Orlando World Center
CFA Chick Fil A
CLX Clorox
DLA Delta
FAL Fall in love with ATL
APP Applied Materials
NVL Novellus
APL Apple
INC Incentive Awd
NOV Novell Pharmacy
SHL Shell
PRU Prudential
BPA BP Amoco
LGM Legg Mason
JPM JP Morgan
TR5 Trowe Price
DBK Deutsche Bank
LLR someone stated for cops and firemen
MMP Marriiott Associate Pleasure rate?
MMR Friends and family

Edited 4/22/05
RTZ Ritz Carlton – need ID?
S4B Stay for breakfast
D50 Special Value Rate
MOG Marriott Owners Discount
EMP ???? unsure if this is a Marriott Employee rate
LOW Lowes

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Wow, thanks, TrojanHorse!!! That's very impressive work. I'm going to merge this thread with the older one, rather than have two threads on the same subject running simultaneously.

As was already noted, you really need to be sure that you are entitled to use a corporate code before booking with it. We don't want to defraud our favorite hotel chain, do we? On the other hand, knowing when you are entitled is not always easy, as many people have observed.

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Originally Posted by flamboyant 1
What are the best codes for Ritz Carlton Hotels ?
RTZ .. but you need an employee ID or a signed authorization form.
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Hehe, thanks man.

I stick to AXC = Amex Centurion, but you really have to book through CTS (Centurion Travel Service) to get all the benefits. Decent rates and confirmed upgrade at time of booking.
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I can't top Trojanhorse's list but can add a few.

S4B = Stay for Breakfast
D50 = Special Value Rate
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For those having occasion to rent at MVCI properties, you can try, with no guarantees, a couple of codes I've used and seen.

MOD=Marriott owner's discount; I see both the 25% and 35%/VISA discounts, depending on property and dates. Never knew about or used it before becoming an owner so YMMV.

BWG=Buy X get one free. Saw this recently at Shadow Ridge for a buy 2, get the third free. Found on villarentals.com.

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Great list!

EMP = Marriott Associates (Employee?) rate
XML = "Leisure Links": Weekend only (Thursday-Sunday) personal leisure travel rate (offered to corporate customers). Sometimes can work on weekday bookings too. Thursday bookings require a Friday night stayover, and Sunday bookings require a Saturday night stayover. Rate is widely offered and it is hard to check ID because it is also offered to company retirees.
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Yes, many thanks.

BTW, Noticed DEL on list twice. Also quite sure TVL is another TA reduced rate code.
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Has anyone ever encountered a code for Lowe's?
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Originally Posted by jakatz
Has anyone ever encountered a code for Lowe's?
LOW worked for me.
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edited list on 4 22 05

only minor additions, the removal of the extra DEL code as someone noticed..

Are any of these not working.. I'll remove them if so


any new ones???
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