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Smile Miles from South African Airlines haven't been credited in my account.

Hello guys!

Maybe somebody has a clue on this matter.
A month before I had a domestic flight from Johannesburg airport to Upington with South African Airlines (flight operated by Air link which I think is a sister company of SAA). Additionally, I had more flights in August as a part of my trip in South Africa with Egyptair and checking my Miles & More account on the net I was happy to see that the miles have already been credited. Strangely though, the miles of my South African airlines flight have not. I know is quite early for requesting retroactive credit of miles but checking the online form in Miles & More for requesting it says that you can request miles which haven't been credited except ones with SAA. This means that I will never have these miles in my account, right? Then, it seems that flying with SAA you get no miles with your Miles & More... Is there anything I can do? Well, it's not many miles but i think is a bit unfair. Why then SAA is in the program? Any clue on that?
thanks in advance!
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Well, if it's been a month without the miles posting to your account, it's quite OK to request retro-credit.

And the website says that you can't use the online form to request retro-credit. You'll find a PDF file in the right-hand column on the same page which says Edelweiss Air, South African Airways, as well as all other airline partners. That's the one you should use. Note that you'll have to print it out, include copies of your boarding passes and send everything by snail mail to M&M HQ.
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Sure you can get miles from an AirLink flight? Even SAA Voyager shows AirLink as a "Non *A partner".
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Originally Posted by red star View Post
Sure you can get miles from an AirLink flight? Even SAA Voyager shows AirLink as a "Non *A partner".
Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_alliance (not the best source I know) shows that Airlink is a *A member affiliate, so miles should be credited.

When I flew with SA express earlier this year then I also had issues getting the flights credited. And I had to apply twice, as the first time 1 of the flights was posted as 0 miles, which should not have been the case.
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Just did a mixed airline itineray (on LX stock) with my US ff# added. It automatically linked to all four segments on LX/LH/UA, but not the four on SA. Is your ff# on the BP? It might be as simple as it never was transferred within the itinerary.
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