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Booking issue from PVD, and a question

The Jetblue website will not allow booking a flight from PVD to BQN (same issue happens with Ponce as well). BQN actually comes up as one of the five or six destination choices from PVD when you enter PVD as the "from" city. However, no matter what (valid) dates you enter, it says flights are not available. If you individually search for PVD-MCO and MCO-BQN, these flights do exist. A JB phone rep told me that she was able to book the outbound, but not inbound, flight in her system but she thinks the reason for this issue is that the connection is illegal (the layover is slightly over 5 hours in both cases). She said she could do the booking for me over the phone, which I declined, as I want to get the greater points from booking online. She said I could book each segment individually, which will probably be what I do, but I have a few questions.
1. Why do they even make BQN available as a destination from Providence if you can't book a ticket (at least not easily?)
2. If I book two separate tickets, PVD-MCO then MCO-BQN, will I be able to check my luggage through to BQN from PVD, or will I need to collect it in MCO and re-check? Also, would I need to pay for it 2x? (The only thing we check is a surfboard bag, which there is a $50 fee for). I've flown other airlines before where I had very long layovers and did have to get my luggage and re-check but they did not charge me again.

This almost makes me want to keep flying out of Boston since the layovers are a bit shorter and it's a lot more straightforward to book the tickets, but PVD is just SO much closer to home.
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The 5 hour connection is what's breaking it. JetBlue won't price itineraries with a break longer than 4 hours that I've ever seen.
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Yeah, it is the 5 hour connection. After getting confirmation for a JB rep that we could check our luggage through, I ended up just booking the point to point flights separately which is fine. It's either a 1.5 hour drive to Boston, pay to park and have a 2.5 hour layover, or a 20 minute drive to PVD, free parking and a 5 hour layover. I'd rather avoid the stress of driving into Boston so I went for it.
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