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Old Aug 3, 09, 5:06 pm   #1
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Hilton Pensacola Beach

Thought I would write up a little review since I didn't see a thread for this property. Just got back from a two day stay there, my first stay being a Diamond. To start with the parking is free self parking, the website says valet $5 but there was always parking readily available. At check in we were given two waters and breakfast coupons for cold breakfast only. To get the full breakfast was 3 dollars more. No upgrades, no executive lounge. We stayed on the 7th floor of the main building, the elevator is really slow and really old. Our room had the number missing but we doubled back and found it. It was pretty nice, carpeting looked new, had a small fridge and microwave. Water pressure was terrible, if someone next door turned on their shower your water was cut in half. We called and asked to be upgraded to a better room in the towers but were told there is a 50 dollar a night fee to upgrade rooms, even for a diamond. You get some wristbands to hang out in the pool area and free towels. The location is great being right on the beach and next to most of the bars/resturants you would want to go to. On check out we were charged 3 dollars for internet access even though we never used it. The lady removed it from the bill but said everyone is charged that. There is no mention anywhere of there being a charge for internet access.

Overall I am pretty underwhelmed by the hotel. I had thought being diamond and them having upgrades available meant you automatically got upgraded, I guess not. Also the fact that they charge everyone three dollars a day for internet access, just hoping that most people won't complain, seems like a rip off to me. There is a Hampton is right next door, I will be trying them next time.
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sorry you did not get an upgrade. I found this one of the nicest HH properties. I was upgraded as a diamond in June. Tower is all suites, mine had bunkbeds, LR, kitchen, 1 BR and BA with Balcony. Will definitely be going with family again.

They almost got me with the internet, but as you said, you ask and it is gone.
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Old Aug 6, 09, 1:36 pm   #3
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I get the feeling that everything is newer/nicer in the towers portion. I am just a little suprised they had upgrades available but tried to sell them to us instead of giving them for free.
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I stayed here on Memorial day w/e in 2008, I gotta lovely view of the parking lot in a double states room.

Needless to say I got 1/2 my points back after that...and several other lil issues during the stay. The pool area really is awesome there, and I bet the towers are nice too but I never saw em.

I'd prob go back again, just ensuring that I stay in an upgraded room.
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I was there in March. As a Diamond, I got upgraded to the tower. All the rooms in the tower appear to be large suites. Larger than an Embassy suite type room. Great view of the ocean from the tower. The older part of the hotel was a conversion from a Hilton Garden Inn.

I great location for a beach vacation. I definitely enjoyed the hotel, and the tower rooms are big enough for a family vacation.

I also had to ask for the removal of the 3 dollar charge for the internet.
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Old Aug 8, 09, 9:48 am   #6
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I wrote an email to the hhonors email address about the lack of an upgrade and it was forwarded on to the hotel manager I think. Here is his response, I am guessing English is a second language for him (sweet/suite, tear/tier). To be honest I don't really care about how they categorize different tiers of their rooms, they had an upgraded room available I feel like I should have been given it.

I wanted to contact you about the guest assistance that you placed after your stay with us. First and fore most I want to apologize for the inconvenience you had, and hope that I can come to some type of resolve for you. I am looking at your records and show that you booked a rewards stay in which you are given a house type room per Hilton standards. In this case we at Hilton would honor the Hilton honors policy and should be able to facilitate an up grade if we have a room that we can upgrade you to. In saying that per Hilton standards you can secure an upgrade at the time you make the reservation bye paying a fee of $50 for a tear one up grade that goes up to $200 rate for a for a tear 4 upgrade which would be a 3 bed room sweet at our hotel. During the summer time it is very hard to get an up grade due to the large volume of guests that rent rooms as regular nights stay. We do value our honors members and love to accommodate them when ever we can, but unfortunately during the summer time it is increasingly hard to do so. Now if we had a room that at a tear one level that we could have given you with no charge because we did not sell it we should have taken care of you. I am going to look into this further to see if we had a room we could have given you and I will contact you shortly. Once again I apologize and will try to get some resolve for you.
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My wife and I are staying here this week for our 2nd anniversary and "babymoon." Given that she's a teacher, we had to come here during the spring break period. Fortunately, the spring break traffic isn't that heavy here, nor is the family presence (oddly, the front desk said they're full this week, but it just doesn't seem full).

We're here on GLOG and were upgraded to a suite in the newer tower. My wife and I always try to enter a hotel experience with minimal expectation; that way we're surprised with the good things each hotel has. Being on the 4th floor, we're down low enough to see the beach, the pool and all the goings-on, which is fun for us. The one strange thing with upgrades is 1) biting the hand that feeds and 2) not being appreciative for something that's given. In our case, being our anniversary and babymoon, we were a little curious as to why we were upgraded to a 2 twin bed room. I mean, we're very grateful for the opportunity to have such a sizable room for the week, but darnit, I very much would not have argued with a king. But then again, I don't really have a sense of entitlement, so we've made do and enjoyed the room thus far.

Parking is free, which is available in a 2-level garage (even with the hotel being full, we didn't have a problem finding a space). Also, a word of note, hi-speed is wired (only wireless on the 1st floor), so bring a long cat-5 if the hotel's 4-ft cable won't do.

The goal this week was for us to not feel overwhelmed with the need to go do this and that, so given that there are not too many activities going on, we felt free to relax and just hang out.

I'm not sure if this is common, but there are hardly any waves crashing ashore. The water's been pretty still so far, which was odd to me. EDIT: After 6 days here, the wind/waves came in on Saturday morning. Pretty nice.

If you are in the new tower, be alert that the 17 floors are served by just 2 elevators, and this morning, one of those was temporarily out of service. The guys were very apologetic and were trying to get it back into service ASAP. Oh yeah, someone mentioned the water pressure from last year. We didn't experience any change in pressure, but we did have a tiny issue with water temperature. The hot water temp was fluctuating last night and this morning. Again, if this changes, I'll come back and edit the post.

And again, something we see with several of these hotels is the presence of some pretty nice flat screen TVs that do not have any HD content on them. It's not really a snobby gripe, but more of a question as to why they invest in the product if they don't invest in the technology.

A nice handful of restaurants exist in the immediate area. You can walk to quite a few of them if you want.

If you're not wanting to spend the money/points on this hotel, the Hampton is just next door and all rooms overlook the Gulf as well.

The desk provided us with some breakfast coupons, which was much appreciated. $3 per person is tagged on if you want the hot goods: bacon, sausage, biscuits/gravy, grits, omelettes on request, waffles, etc. Wait staff had great smiles on their faces, despite it being a very busy period.

On check-out, we had to ask for the $3/day internet charge to be taken off. They informed me that the rate we used listed "complimentary hi-speed in lobby," which I didn't see. But the lady didn't have any issue taking it off.

Finally, being that it's mid-March, the temps are in the upper 60s to lower 70s, so there's not a soul in either the kids pool or the adult pool. But it's still a pleasant atmosphere to be around.

I'm not sure what some others on here would think about a hotel like this, but for us, we've enjoyed it this far.

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Thumbs up Also in Pensacola

I happen to be in Pensacola myself at the same hotel and I was placed in the towers as a Gold member. It is spring break but fortunately most are down towards Panama City and not in Pensacola beach. The hotel is great but the beaches are world class. Nothing prettier than this sugar white sand. Highly recommend this hotel for those wanting a hotel right on the beach.
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Old Mar 19, 10, 6:58 pm   #9
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The beach offers pairs of recliner chairs with either a hoodie or an umbrella at $5/hr or something like $20-$25 a day. In April, you will be able to bill the chair rental to your room.

On another note, the water in the shower seems to take at least 2 or 3 minutes to heat up. Not sure why. On the 4th floor in the towers, my laptop is weakly able to pick up the wireless signal from the lobby. It's not reliable, but it's good for some quick reference.

As far as touristy joints to eat around here, there's Hemingway's (variety, seafood), PegLeg Pete's (Oysters), Crabs (sorta like a club, right on the beach), and a bunch of places on the north side of the island situated like a boardwalk.

The hotel food is hotel food....with the exception of their sushi bar. It's quite decent (depending on your standards, obviously).

My wife and I were talking to a mom today, who was a little taken aback by the fact that this place, nor this area, is flooded with scheduled acitivities. Do know that they do have 2 pools and there's that club-ish place down the beach, but this place isn't for your average spring breaker (maybe that's why we liked it so much). Like the AP said, the beaches are just serene. The white sand and the low wave activity make for a very peaceful afternoon.

There is a building next door that's being erected, so you may be hearing some sounds coming from that direction during the day. We only heard it once during our 5-day stint.

If I could gripe, though; the restaurant/bar out near the pool was habitually slow. We had to flag someone down to take our order each time, but I get the feeling that was what they believed to be the routine. It didn't upset us as we were enjoying the time to just sit and relax, but since then, we've just hollered at someone and they were very helpful and expedient in serving. Great people.

Finally, this entire week, the staff has been so friendly. It's very cool to see so many laid-back personalities and friendly employees.
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My family checked in for a few nights over Spring Break, April 2012. We really loved the location of this hotel. Once we parked our car at arrival, we never drove it again. There are enough restaurants close by that we walked to eat every night.

Our days were spent on the beach in chairs rented from Lazy Days. It is $25 a day for 2 chairs and an umbrella, but they will give you a discount if you purchase multiple days. We ate lunch at the pool bar and the food was perfect for a family that did not want to stray far from the sand.

Our favorite restaurant we walked to was Crabs. It is just past the Hampton Inn next door and nothing beats walking on the sand to dinner.

My only complaint would be that when we printed our confirmation the day before we left the confirmation showed we had already been upgraded to a suite with bunk beds thanks to my husbands Hilton Honors diamond status. At check in we were told no upgrade was available at all, not even a basic upgrade to a room with a balcony. We arrived at normal check in time, not late in the day. This was a disappointment since our confirmation stated the opposite. I feel sure they gave our room to another Hilton Honors member, I just wish we had not ever seen the first upgrade. After all, I am realistic enough to know we got the room we booked. Tori at the front desk was helpful and moved us to a balcony room our second day.

The complimentary continental breakfast for HH was wonderful and had plenty of choices for us. It was $3.00 to upgrade to the full breakfast buffet. On the day we woke up to rain they allowed us to fill 2 to go boxes from the continental buffet and we enjoyed a relaxing breakfast in our room.

No more wristbands for the pool as a previous poster mentioned, but you did have to return your towels each day or a $10 charge per towel appeared on your bill. We usually came up from the beach/pool so late that the towel desk was closed, but the front desk would take them and they were quick to remove all $10 charges.

I did not mind the main building, I heard from another guest there is no wifi in the tower. I would stay here again but go in with no expectations of an upgrade during busy season.

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Thumbs up Pensacola Beach Hilton

There has not been an update to this post in quite awhile so I thought I would post one.

My family just stayed there and it was outstanding. I am a diamond member and was upgraded to a suite in the tower during the busy summer season. Parking is free as well as the internet. The elevator was very quick and the view was awesome from the 14th floor. Continental breakfast was free with a $3 charge for a full breakfast that included a personal omelet if you chose.

The location is great with several restaurants and shopping within walking distance. The beach was powder white and the ocean was great for sea shell hunting or swimming in the waves.

The pool area was great with awesome service, the servers were constantly walking around checking to see if you need a new water or whatever your drink was.

The staff in the hotel was very courteous and new my name and my family's by the second day. This was one of the best resorts I have stayed in.

Highly recommend!!!

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