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Bad experience at Hertz PHL

My flight sat on the ground at PHL for 30 minutes before we got to the gate (why do I torture myself and continue to fly USAIR?). I mentioned to my wife, good thing I have Hertz Gold, the car will be ready and we can get going quickly. Not so.

As we didn't check any bags, we hurried to the Hertz bus, and the driver asked my name, confirmed my reservation and we were moving. I get to the the Gold board, and my name isn't on the board. So I walk inside and inquire. Because my flight was late, they gave away the car. They gave me a different car, and we were off. I wouldn't have minded so much, except for the experience when returning the car.

My rental slip clearly stated that a PC code would be applied at time of return to compute the correct amount. The lady processing the return refused, in front of her supervisor, to apply any PC code, even though I showed her the Hertz printout with the statement on it.

The supervisor walked me inside and spent a few minutes at the computer, at which point, he came back with the same amount as I had originally been charged outside. When I told him the amount was wrong and showed him my reservation confirmation, he spent another 5-10 minutes on the computer, finally coming back with a rate that was close enough to the originally quoted rate.

Given this experience, I'm not renting with Hertz again at PHL. My Hertz experience everywhere else has been great (with the exception of Norfolk, VA), but I would have saved time renting with Budget or Thrifty as the Gold service surely didn't save me anything.

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Be glad your car was their. I was in PHL every week for 6 months last year. Half the time my car was on the board. The other half had to wait in line. They are the worst Hertz I know of in the country by a mile.
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Go online to the Hertz website and fill out the customer satisfaction survey -- make sure you have your rental record number from that rental. Hertz has been very fair with me as far as handing out $$$ off coupons when the situation merits. At the same time, I also fill these out when things go good and list names when an agent goes out of his/her way to make things right.
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I have rented from Hertz 2-3 times per week over the last three years.

I agree, PHL is by far the worst Hertz location in the US.

I have rented six times from the PHL location and my name has never been on the board, I never get even a single class upgrade, and customer service is non-existent there. I always reserve a 4-wheel drive vehicle there in the winter months and have never received one. I too have arrived late, with my flight information provided in the reservation, with no car waiting for me.

The station manager's name is posted on the Hertz bus. I e-mailed him several times with no reply.
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Originally Posted by CentexAviator
I agree, PHL is by far the worst Hertz location in the US.
That might explain why the Hertz downtown Amtrak location is so awful as well.

On the upside, each time I've reserved at PHL, I've gotten a substantial upgrade, and it's the only Hertz location I've ever seen pass out umbrellas (although if they had more canopies they wouldn't need to do that).

FWIW Hertz is supposed to hold reservations for 24 hours after your scheduled arrival, so even if your name's not on the board, you shouldn't be without a car. I'm not sure how long they wait before putting your originally reserved vehicle back into the pool and making you come to the desk...
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Hertz PHL is a disaster - worst major location in the country by far, IMHO.

Both times I've rented there, they haven't added my PC only the rental at the return. The lady outside processed it without asking and handed me the receipt, and then refused to change it. Her response: "Go inside and talk to a manager."

I called Hertz's billing department in both cases, and they applied the discount to my bill quickly and without any hesitation whatsoever. But it's frustrating to have to make that phone call.
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I rented a car at the PHL airport a few months ago. When I returned it, the agent didn't include the PC number that was in the reservation (I knew the final amount was off from the estimated amount). She tried to tell me she had included the PC and I had received the correct discount. The discount was the % off for using a particular CDP. I had to go inside where it took about ten minutes to get it fixed. Not very efficient. The three times I've rented from there, however, my name was always on the board and my car was ready when I arrived.
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But you have to love that bus ride between the Hertz lot and the terminals -- how many times do they go around in a circle? 3? 4?
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Well, it seems as though I am far from the only one not impressed with the Hertz PHL service. I'm now curious to see if they even respond.

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I agree with PHL hertz being the worst. I rented a car there last weekend. Followed the signs to return it, and then after we had unloaded our luggage was told to move it to a different place. Funny thing was I was parked next to the return sign, and where they were actually receivibg the returns was several hundred yards away.
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Not that this thread needs it, but let me agree that Hertz@PHL sucks. Last time the car they gave me was parked in and it was a real hassle getting them to move other cars so I could get out. I'm still puzzled over why they'd give me a car I couldn't actually move when they had too many to fit in their lot to begin with.
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Originally Posted by SealBeach
But you have to love that bus ride between the Hertz lot and the terminals -- how many times do they go around in a circle? 3? 4?
Seriously. From Terminal D (I usually arrive on United). It is MUCH faster to walk.
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What's the deal at PHL today? (6/6)

I got to PHL a little after 1 this afternoon. Gold booth was a mess...jammed with people whose names weren't on the board. My name WAS on the board, but I had to go inside, because I rented a C and they tried to put me in a Pontiac Montana. I did manage to get a brand-new Grand Marquis out of it, but they seemed very disorganized, and it seemed most of the Gold renters didn't see their names on the board.

Is this always what it's like there? PHL is my home airport, so I'm not usually renting there...
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Maybe the whole weather thing? Savvy travelers not going too far decided to drive instead of fly? With the delays, driving might be faster, that's for sure.
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What has changed since Jun 05?

Has the PHL station stayed the same, gotten worse? What would i get if I booked a C? What's been others experience with a Prestige Collection rental at this location?

I have a booking there mid Oct.
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