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How do you redeem a Hertz award?

I never get around to calling Hertz. I have some points expiring and want to rent a car using an award.

1. Are awards hard to redeem like airline miles?
2. Do you have to request a paper certificate or can you call and make a reservation at the same time you request an award?
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Easy procedure...

Hi there...

Its quite easy to use the Hertz ZE 1 award certificates. Last I used them, it was necessary to get paper certificates. (I don't think this has changed, but I haven't been following it closely).

Call Hertz #1 Awards 800 number and request the appropriate certificate... They'll give you the PC # corresponding to the certificate. Use this PC# and make the reservation. (Check the black-out dates on hertz.com first - these are never really a problem for me...)

Good luck...

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You can also order the cert on the hertz web site. When the cert comes, you make your reservation with the PC code on the cert.

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Yup to both options. However, I've been able to in the past retroactively apply my points to a past rental...for last-minute trips, etc.
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To answer the other bit about "Are they hard to redeem?", as long as you stay away from the blackout dates, they are generally fairly easy to redeem. I've never had a problem using them, and I've used the 1-Free-Day certs for what would have been very expensive HLE rentals in Honolulu, San Francisco, Denver, etc.

If the points are expiring, just get the certificates issued. The expiration date on the certificates will be sometime in 2005...
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1-day rental reward

Is it possible to combine multiple 1-day rewards to make a longer rental?. If so, it would be cheaper than redeeming multiple day rewards.
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