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Hertz waiving different city dropoff charges

I'm in Chicago, flew in Monday afternoon, originally due to fly home to DFW Thurs afternoon.

Due to business considerations, I've had to delay my return home until Friday afternoon. I called Hertz to let them know that I will be returning the car a day late. While I had the Gold desk on the line, I asked "if the present airline problems continue, what would be the cost if I dropped off the car in Dallas ?" The response was that Hertz had made the decision that any rentals that originated before 9 am Tuesday could be dropped off at ANY Hertz location.

So if you're stuck on the road and can't get a flight, you might consider the long drive home. Dallas is 20 hours away, but I will get home.
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I was scheduled to return home on the last flight from CLE-MCI on Thursday. Since my wife is scheduled for a C-section on Monday morning, I didn't want to chance waiting until Thursday night to find I have to drive home, so I'm driving tomorrow.

Interestingly when I called Hertz, they told me they'd waive the drop-off fee, but not the "one way" fee, and wouldn't be able to tell me the rate until I actually drop the car off and get billed, but that they were "trying to keep the rates as low as possible" for everyone....

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Hertz waived my drop-off fee after I drove my rental car from Denver to New Jersey Tuesday-Wednesday. Hertz only charged me what I would have paid if I had returned my rental car to DIA. Hertz did the right thing during this difficult time. Thank you, Hertz.
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Hertz established a policy of charging the regular rate for cars already checked out before 11AM 9/11 if returned to a corporate location in the US.

We got screwed in Grand Rapids by renting an extra car because we could not get everyone in the one car we already had. There were no UA flights in GRR so we drove to ORD to wait for our flights.

The GRR agent told us we would pay no extra charge to drop both cars in ORD. That turned out to be true for the existing rental, but for the new rental, Hertz charged us $99 per day for two days versus $27 per day. ORD Hertz said they had to respect the renting station's decision, which I understand. They let us talk to the senior person at GRR who didn't budge an inch, except to say that the station manager was on vacation and we could speak to him when he returned. He wasn't going to do a blessed thing for us. We could have easily made the 3 hour drive in one rental day if we knew we had to pay a high rate, but for 20-something dollars we didn't bother.

We could have reserved a one-way rate of $54 per day offered by the Hertz #1 Gold desk but the counter person said it was not necessary to do so. Anyway, my friend put the charge on his Gold Amex and will write to Amex letting them know he was charged in excess of our agreement with Hertz. I would think Amex will knock some sense into them.

Just when I was ready to write a really big thank you letter to Hertz. Now I'm ready to spill the story to someone who wants to write about taking advantage of stranded passengers.


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I just returned a rental car that I picked up on Wednesday (9/12) in San Francisco and dropped off at MSP yesterday (9/17) with no drop off or one way charges they only charged me the agreed on weekly rate and Insurance. I was very happy because a friend was charged $300+ by Alamo as a one-way charge.
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