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Ash / 22 / AKL / Auckland

Well I figured it is high time I posted something in this thread seeing as I've been making a few posts here and there lately.

Anyway, hi, I'm Ashley. I normally go by just Ash or one of my various nicknames I've been given over the years, though people seem to have settled on Smash lately, or Rash when referring to my partner and I with one word. I'm 22 years old and live in Auckland, though I'm originally from the beaches just north of Sydney where my family lives. I'm half-Chinese, half-European so had a rather interesting time growing up with hard-core Chinese on one side and the contrasting European culture on the other. I graduated in March last year with a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma in Conflict Resolution and kinda moped around for the rest of the year before pursuing my current position once I decided travel was where I wanted to go. I am kind of kicking myself for not doing a joint BA-BBus, but we all live and learn.

I have just started a job with a well respected travel agency here in sunny Auckland, New Zealand. I'm looking at sticking this out for a couple of years. We'll move to London next March and once we're done there we'll move to my hometown, Sydney, where I'm thinking of doing a Masters in Aviation Management and then trying for an airline job. Of course plans can change, so that's only my rough guide at the moment. My partner, Richard (23), is a senior recruitment consultant for a great company here in New Zealand which is opening offices in London, New York and more in Australia (they have one in Brisbane and one in Melbourne I think) within the next 12 months.

I can't remember when I joined FT, but I stalked for a long time before joining and I mostly read about various airlines, the hotel section and I enjoy the milage run area even though there are never any ex-AKL flights listed.

We don't do a huge amount of traveling, but we do get to my family in Aussie every few months and we also have been to Samoa the last couple of years (my partner is Samoan-German-Danish-English). We also try and go on a long-haul once a year and last year we went to South Africa () and Thailand (). This year for a September / October trip we're thinking of Italy, but I'm liking lazing on the beach somewhere just as much at the moment. Anyway, I love Emirates so we fly them always across the Tasman and long-haul. I hate budget airlines so we normally suffer on Air New Zealand for South Pacific flights. Got to Gold on EK last year, but I probably won't bother with favoring EK much anymore given some of the deals airlines offer me as a travel agent. SQ has the 777-300ER coming into AKL and their business seats look like something fun to try when we go away later this year.

Anyway, can't think of much more to rant on about that anyone would find interesting so that's me.
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Thanks for checking in Smashley! I don't need to encourage you to join in the discussion - so have fun.
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Original Poster
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Just noticed that tonywestsider is featured in the TalkMail Newsletter's Flyertalk Bio (16 Jan's edition)
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Philip/38/BOS/Boston, MA (and Milan, Italy)

Officially based in Boston I have a business importing contemporary kitchens and door/closet systems from Italy. Been a traveler for 15 years (they got me early) and a FT fan for the past 5... All of your insights are great.
Lived most of my life in Italy(Milan), US (Boston and Philadelphia) and Argentina (Buenos Aires). Happy to help anyone out traveling to those areas!
Travel these days is basically to Italy although frequently throughout Europe and occasionally to South America and South Africa/Oz...

Married until two years ago and back on the market :-)
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I've been trolling flyer talk for about a year and finally decided to sign up. Great source for info and (unfortunately) great time sink.

Been in the Bay Area most of my life. My partner and I (13 years together) have been Mileage Plus 1P for the past four years and 2P for the three years prior to that. All miles done for pleasure. Favorite spots are Western Europe and Latin America.
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Thanks for posting about yourself, bostontraveler, and welcome! Buenos Aires has been very popular for a few years now; I imagine you'll get some requests for advice.
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Name's Nick I'm from London soon to be 25 single . Travel whenever i can bit of an addict to First club i work in the sports field but looking to try something new later on in the year! Dont really know what to say!

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You've said all you needed to, Nick - welcome to the forum!
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About time I checked in...

Jeroen, 26, AMS, Amsterdam / soon ICN, Seoul

Hey there!

About time I introduced myself. Joined Flyertalk almost three years ago as an aviation enthusiast...but lately I see how much it has to offer. Plus: finally the steady paychecks allow me to spend more on (air) travel.

Born in the south of Holland, I grew up in Nijmegen. Was able to spend two years in the US because my dad did some research at CU in Denver, Co.
Got my master's in International Business from Maastricht University in 2006 and joined the ING management talent program later that year. After spending some time at HQ in Amsterdam, I will move to Seoul, Korea in about a week to work there for six months.

Can't wait to fly and travel more... and to join the discussions here more often.


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Welkoem Jeroen! Thanks for introducing yourself.
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James / 21 / BOS / Franklin, MA


I'm James, 21, from the suburbs of Boston.

Lekker naweek!

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Aangename kennis, James! Sorry we'll miss you in SFO.
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hello all,

just discovered this thread and i wanted say hi and introduce myself.

i live with my partner of 10 years about 20 miles south of san francisco by the coast (small little town of half moon bay). i work for a software firm at the valley which requires me to travel extensively. also my partner (he is a travel agent) and i are travel junkies so as long as i get time off work we are flying somewhere.

i was born and raised in greece, lived in finland, went to a london university, lived in NYC and DC and have many friends and family in all those places requiring frequent visiting. i am looking forward to reading all your posts here.

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Been on Flyertalk for years and have posted in several threads and forums, including this one. Could've sworn I was in one of the GLBT Roll Call Threads but can't find myself so here it is.

John / 40 / DEN|DCA-IAD-BWI|PBI-FLL-MIA / Have "homes" in Denver, DC (Old Town Alexandria) & Palm Beach

If I'm not in one of those places or on a UA plane there's no telling where in the world I might be -- probably wherever the fares are cheapest that hasn't been marked off my "list" yet...
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Welcome Ethan and John! Ethan, do check out the thread on the SF gathering that is this coming weekend, and John, thanks for answering the roll call!
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