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Emirates or Etihad? Syd to Dub in Business with 2yr old.

Trying to decide between Emirates and Etihad for flight from Syd to Dublin in Business class with 2 yr old. Prices about equivalent (Emirates on A380 for Syd to Dubai leg adds $2K to ticket cost). Emirates flying the 777, Etihad the 340-600. Seats must be right next to each other- staggered configuration/obstruction between seats won't work for us. Thanks for advice.
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Both EK and EY have staggered seats in Business.
I would suggest EY over EK as the former offers dine on demand, has a better lounge at base and allows you to combine your family's miles into 1 account.
Plus the $2k difference is enough change for a short holiday.
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Either one will be good, but you have to be aware of some things:

a) Most people prefer A380 over other aircraft, even in business (is it worth 2000 dollars though?) I love the A340-500/600's though.
b) Etihad's business class product is good, but it can be a bit cramped for taller/larger persons. The every other centre row is combined so it would be perfect to travel with your 2 year old
c) Etihad's ground service in Sydney is pretty terrible
d) The Etihad business class lounge in Abu Dhabi is often over crowded
e) You'll probably get a better meal service on Etihad
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EK 77W J seats are not staggered, its the 388 that is.
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I was referring to EK's A380 J product as I saw the OP debating the $2k additional cost.

SighMN made valid points regarding EY's food and ground facilities at SYD.
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Having flown EK J last week for the first time, I'm inclined to offer you the advice of taking Etihad, even though I have never flown their J (although have a booking for November)
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Originally Posted by lsed View Post
EK 77W J seats are not staggered, its the 388 that is.
FYI Inner center seats in Biz on EK's 380's are not staggered, they are side by side pairs.
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I flew with my 2 year old from Europe to SYD on Etihad in biz and everything was good. He was given all kinds of toys and drawing books, then he watched cartoons and slept all the way to SYD for almost 10 hours.

I did not find the seats to be cramped even though I am 6' 2". Food, drinks and service were excellent. The lounge in AUH was packed but travelling with kids, we were directed to the parents and kids room which was nice and quiet. There was a nanny available to play with kids, a nice and friendly Filipina lady.

So, overall I am very happy with Etihad. The 346 is not as spacious as a 380 or 747 but for the price it is as good as it comes.
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