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I like my steak to be Brasilian rare, Marcos Bossi style.
When you bite into it, it bites back.

Cattle that is actually run, rather than just standing around being fattened on hormones, has superior quality and taste.
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I've evolved from having my steak Medium Well (when I was young) to Medium (about when I started college) to Medium Rare (just 2 yrs ago). I've gone to Medium Rare and I'm not looking back!

Will I be going to Rare anytime soon? I highly doubt it.
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As a tartare for my starter and medium rare for my entree
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Steak ... rare
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best i had was in florence - some 750g which i didnt think i could finish. but hell it was so good it was gone in no time! 50 euros and had change (i think it was 48 or sth) inclusive of a glass of wine and a soup!

i've just spent more on tolls and gas than the meal itself - i had to drive all the way BACK to rome...
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Red Lobster surprisingly has some 14 ounce NY selections, that can be paired up with some lobster for $24.99 (Canada)..

And the steak selection with other seafood options are quite affordable.
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Medium rare, all the way.
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Blue (and cold on the inside) (or as my husband puts it " a good vet would get that back on it's feet")
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I prefer my steak to be medium rare or well done. I don't want to eat it kinda raw.
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medium rare for beef, but kangaroo I love it rare and ready to hop off the plate.
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On the home prep front, someone emailed me a link to an article that says one should give a steak a coating of salt and cornstarch and then putting it in the freezer for 30 minutes before grilling. In fact, I think the link came from Cook's Illustrated. Seems counterintuitive to me, but I will give it a try and see what kind of crust this provides.
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Big! And medium rare.
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Slightly off topic but perhaps worth mentioning here, I seared some beef tenderloin filets last week and added this sauce.

It was easy to make and the result was delicious!

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Medium Rare - maximum - often just rare - especially Prime Rib
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Medium Rare for me.

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