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Seatmap Accuracy A319 during FC transition..

I have 3 segments on A319's coming up this week -- no confirmed upgrades on any of them.

In all cases, Row 4 is currently wide open on all of them, plus from 2-5 other seats. (So, there's from 4-7 unassigned FC seats, according to the seatmap).

In one case, DL won't sell a FC seat on the trip, at least, not associated with the routing I'm looking at.

For those of you who have ridden 319's recently: has the seatmap been accurate regarding the aircraft you've ended up on?

Are they just not selling more than 12F on any flight, just in case they end up having to swap in a 12F configured ship?

(I checked in the other "RUMOR" thread, but that thread seems to have degenerated into a long argument about whether CO or DL loves their customer more).
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I spoke with a couple of agents over the past few weeks. They showed me in their computer me where Delta is only selling 12 seats on the 319's while most/all still have the default 16 seat map (check out http://www.benedelman.org/travel/dlseats/).

However, I noticed that my October flights on 319 all have a 12 seat seatmap. Someone might do a more comprehensive search, but maybe by mid October all the 319 will have 12 F seats.

Net, I think there will be "more than normal" gate upgrade opportunities in September on the 319 as the planes with 16 seats are loaded at the gate. I think once the actual plane seatmap is loaded into the computer, the agents will assign 16 F passengers (althought I realize others on the board have found agents "missing" row 4).

I think you are seeing row 4 with open seats more from the fact that these tend to be taken last for people booked into F class versus the computer blocking these seats. Anyone on the flight you are looking at in F class could change to Row 4.

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On my recent 319s, row 4 shows up on the seat maps but is unselectable. If you select a seat in row 4, the system won't accept it and it retains your original seat selection.

At the gate, if there are 4 rows, those seem to be the last seats to upgraders. I had a FA come on board last week and move two people up to row 4 (the other 2 seats remained empty).

But for the last couple weeks, all 319s on my upcoming flights have the 4th row empty & unselectable on the seat maps. I have one for tomorrow where the 4th row just disappeared overnight - I'll know tomorrow if that means it's actually been reconfigured.

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For the next several weeks, as the mods are completed, we are only selling 12 in F. Until the mods are completed (or substantially completed), we don't want to run the risk of selling 16 up front and have a plane that only has 12 F seats show up at the gate. As others have stated, if the plane shows up to the gate with 16 F seats, then those additional upgrades can be accomodated at the gate. At some point in October, the seat maps and capacity should reflect the modified F and Y cabins, as the mods are expected to be completed by then.
The comments and opinions expressed here are my own, and are not an official representation of Delta Air Lines.
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Old Sep 13, 10, 5:20 am   #5
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Yep -- Discopapa -- that's exactly what I'm seeing.

There's 6F unoccupied on the seatmap, but I'm X of X for 2 free seats on the list.

Now that I know how it works, maybe I'll go back to that other thread where I can be unhappy about it (since it kinda looks like I'm going to be on the bubble where 12F vs 16F will make the difference for me).
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There was an issue on the BOS-LGA 6:30am shuttle (DL1373) this morning.

The gate agent upgraded people expecting to fill a 16 seat FC cabin, but the plane only had 12 F seats. Since it is open seating, a few people boarded with F tickets, but ultimately had to sit in Y as F was full.

Not sure if any were paid F, but I'd assume if they were there would have been a bigger scene!
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Still boggles the mind how two additional Y seats will compensate for the removal of one row of FC. Now, IF Delta would provide more seat pitch and amenities (in seat entertainment & power) in the remaining 12 FC seats, that would make at least some sense!

I thought they learned the lesson with the CRJ no class challenges. They struggle to add FC to the CRJ 700, while the take FC from the 319???

Personally, I don't like the A319 and the A320 as they do not provide any entertainment system. I do enjoy the wider aisle, however!
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