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Buttload of Membership Miles - but which Visa/MC?

Hey ho, FlyerTalkers.

Newbie post here - please forgive any breach of etiquette or spelling out of words where arcane acronyms would have done the trick. Also, I've gone back through this forum for four months, and couldn't see anything specifically related to My Issue, so please forgive me if this has been extensively discussed while hidden under another Thread Title.

I have a buttload of miles on my AmEx Membership Miles. But my MBNA and Citibank Mastercards are non-mile earners. And that's just WRONG.

I think I need to get a mile-earning Visa/MC- but which one?

I'm based in NYC, and most frequently travel to the Far East - Japan and Thailand usually. I also like to go to France, and travel fairly frequently domestically.

And that's about it. Is there anything else you'd need to know to assist you in forming an opinion? I don't use a cellphone, and am carrying minimal debt, mortgage-only pretty much.

Thanks in advance,

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Oops. I just found a thread entitled "Opinion" which kind of touches on this subject.

Mostly, I use my FF miles for upgrades, either Transatlantic or Transpacific.

I put about $1,500 a month on my Mastercards, a similar amount on my AmEx.

I belong: Delta, United, Northwest, American. I also have a Marriott card.

OK, is that better?

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You could call up MBNA and have your card changed to a Quantum World Points card. I did it a few weeks ago, had them change my Plat to one of those.

Quantum World Points
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You can also "upgrade" your Citibank card to an Citi/Aadvantage World MC -- to accumulate AAdvantage miles if you fly AA/Oneworld partners.

Citi also launched a membership rewards type program that lets you accum. points toward shopping, travel, etc....so you could link your existing Citi card to this...

I recently became a Chase/Continental MC holder -- and in 3 months have added about 16,000 one pass miles between utilization and sign-up bonus miles.
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Thanks! I shall go forth and upgrade!
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