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Which seat is best on a CO Embraer RJ135?

Taking my first flight on a CO 135 tommorow. I am unfamiliar with the aircraft so I am asking the experts.
Which is better? Bulkhead or exit row? Or what?

Thanks in advance
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Ah, the infamous ExpressJet!

I don't notice much difference between the Bulkhead seats (1A/2BC) and the exit row seats (9ABC). The aisles are narrow, so it's probably most convenient to be up front.

FWIW, I've always seen FAs begin meal service from the front, too, so you can enjoy your sandwich before everyone else if you're sitting in the bulkhead.



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Without a doubt 9a follwed by 9c,9b,1a and walking... in that order. There is a huge difference between 1a and 9a. 1a has a fixed outside armrest that does not raise. In additon the leg room is significantly shorter. Row nine has the most leg room you will find on virtually any airplane flying, it is stunning. If they would pad the rock hard butt numbing seats I wouldnt even miss FC on real jets.
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Funny thing, I reserved 9A prior to asking the experts here. Little did I know its the best seat in the house. LOL
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My fave is 9B. It is a genuine aisle seat with the fancy footroom that cigarman was talking about above and, on my last 10 flights, 9C was only occupied once. Therefore, 90% of the time, I had the double and I have enought butt padding not to have noticed the seat problem that is the subject of cigarman's beef.
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I fly the EMB-145's CLE-MCI quite a bit, and concur with the lack of padding. On those, 1 and 12 are the exit rows, as opposed to 1 and 9. 3 BC are the bulkheads. I try to get into row 12 when possible so I can open my laptop without fear of it being crushed when the guy in front of me drops his seat.
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Thanks to everyone for their input. Seat 9a was great.
You guys weren't kidding about the seat. I sat on a pillow the entire flight and the seat was hard as a rock.
My butt WAS numb. LOL

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