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10th Annual Brooklyn Reality Tour. Saturday June 12, 2010

2 seats available. If interested, PM me your phone number.

dhammer53 Brooklyn Reality Tour - Sat. June 12, 2010. 1 seat left.

Announcing the 10th (and last) annual dhammer53 Brooklyn Reality Tour aka BRT.

The first 9 Brooklyn Tours were sellouts. BRT 4 - 7 I rented an airport type shuttle van. Last year we had a 50 passenger coach bus. We split the cost. The cost will be about $49. per person based on a full bus of 50 passengers. Once again, the tour will include a limited edition, dare I say, collectible cap.

Paypal details to be announced at a later date.

Rumor has it that Randy will join us on the last ever BRT.

FYI, Catman will once again host the SoupDo on Friday night; and I'll host an event on Thursday night. Plan on arriving in New York no later than 6 on Thursday. Leap of faith here, so trust me.

We'll have WineDo 3 on Sunday evening.

Disclaimer: If Randy can't make it, well, you never know about a BRT 11.

Pick up 10:00 Saturday morning in the Grand Central Terminal neighborhood. Drop-off at 10:00pm. We have a tradition of departing ontime.

Besides touring Brooklyn (my home town), we eat, and eat, and eat. Can you say 'real' Brooklyn pizza? Can you say 'delicious' bakery goodies? Just ask any of the folks who have been on this tour. We drive. We tour. We eat.

If you're new to Flyertalk, the tour is a great way to make new friends.
At the end of the BRT tours 2 - 9, we went for dinner. We went to an authentic Italian place in an authentic Italian neighborhood. Lots of jewelry showing. This may or may not happen this year. All depends on the number of attendees.

Figure about $25- $30 a person if we do a sit down lunch or dinner. This is less than what you would pay in Manhattan; and twice the portion. The show is better than the food. If we do lunch, the cost will be $15 - $20. Details to be worked out.

Please note, last year I switched lunch and dinner. The sit down was lunch. 2010 plans will depend on how many riders come along.

The lunch/dinner will be open to everyone. If you're not on the Tour, you'll have to take the subway to the restaurant. It's about 40 minutes and $2.25 one way. Three years ago, we had a few hitch-hikers on the van back to Manhattan.

Start planning now. Springtime in New York is beautiful. Consider yourself invited.

If you've been on the tour before and want to go again, please sign up, and consider yourself waitlisted. If you're from New York, you're waitlisted too. Thinking about bringing a friend or relative? They have no status; so we'll have to wait and see if they clear the DM list. All of the above lists will clear by May 15. Don't wait to decide.

Past tour highlights include:

2001...poor AnnaS having a cold.
2002...Lisamcgu making us stop for White castle hamburgers.
2003...mjm insisting on a Starbucks break. After I stopped laughing at him for thinking that Brooklyn would even have a Starbucks... we found one.
2004...gorging on food at marysunshine's house...and this was a snack!
2005...cawhite knocking on the door of my childhood home; while I ducked for cover. It was a priceless moment. Details towards the last page of the 2005 thread. Also, a Tony Soprano type sitting at the bar added some extra flavor to our experience.
2006...Our van squeezing past a doubleparked car on a side street. You can just imagine the typical Brooklyn swearing. Also, the tour getting its 15 minutes of fame on Cable television News 12 Brooklyn. Check it out http://news12.com/BK/topstories/article?id=175940# use name: dhammer53ft, password: flyertalk (may not work).
2007... When cawhites 'friend' Larry (the guy who always sits at the bar), checked us out!
2008... "I had no intention of stopping at my childhood home. As we approached, I told the driver to slow down, then stop. Seems the front door was wide open. I took this as a sign from above. I stopped the bus.
A couple of years back, cawhite knocked on the door. I ducked for cover. This year I was apprehensive as I approached. When I told the woman that she bought the house from my Mom, she said in typical Brooklyn fashion whats her name? When I responded, she had a big smile for me.
This may have been the moment on BRT 8. Every year, there's always one moment that's noteworthy".

2009... We were filmed throughout the day for a documentary. Maybe it'll even come out one of these days.


We rotate seats on the bus. Seat 1A is reserved for a couple of long time attendees (yes, that means you).
We make plenty of stops.
New Yorkers are 'standby' for the tour. Preference goes to out-of-towners.

No talking miles and points when I'm (ahem) lecturing on Brooklyn.
If you want to talk miles and points, visit Chat.

It takes a certain type of person to put up with other Flyertalkers for an entire day. If you're looking for an excuse to visit NY (Brooklyn) in June, the dhammer53 Brooklyn Reality Tour is it.

Please post below if you're interested. I've met a few of you along the road this past year and you have 'dibs' if you're interested in joining us for a fun day in Brooklyn.

If you're interested in coming along, I need you to pm me your:

Flyertalk handle and real name.
Hotel you're staying at, when available.
Cell #

The 2007 thread here... http://flyertalk.com/forum/showthrea...light=brooklyn

2008 Trip Report here... http://flyertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=839107

2009 thread ... 9th annual Brooklyn Reality Tour. June 13, 2009 Saturday

The 2006 thread here 2006 dhammer53 Brooklyn Reality Tour takes place May 6, Saturday
It's good background info for any first timers; or, anyone feeling nostalgic.

Let the fun begin.

So far:

Mrs. dhammer53
Bundy Bear
Calcifer +1
iluv2fly >>> arrangement
kudzu +1
Tom911 >>> arrangement
JerseyJoe +1
MikeMpls +1
KenCT +1
Short Hair Fran
Art234 +1
dilagg +1
squid +1
bobovespa +1
mrpickles +1
rhino_uk +1 >>> arrangement


14 or 15 repeaters.

Last edited by dhammer53; Jun 11, 10 at 6:10 am Reason: 2 seats available
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WineDo 3 here...
WineDo 3 - Sunday June 13, 2010 New York City - Greenwich Village

Last edited by dhammer53; Apr 29, 10 at 9:55 pm
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Yes I am in; so add me to the list. no idea where I am staying just at the moment; the only bad news is that the Australian dollar dropped 2 cents overnight.

Now to round up some friends.
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Seeing as this is the last (really?) BRT, sign me up as a definite.
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I am SO there! BRT 3 showed me a new world and I loved it.

Please save me a seat on the bus!

Love ya Dan,

-Pat aka lili
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Please count me in, +1
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Originally Posted by dhammer53 View Post
dhammer53Announcing the 10th (and last) annual dhammer53 Brooklyn Reality Tour aka BRT.
Suuuuure its the last.....

Tentative for 2 please
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Well...I figure I should partake in this legendary FT DO. Count me in!
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Seeing as I'm a New Yorker, I'm for sure in on this legendary DO. thanks Dan!
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1A, please.

Last BRT? Oh, puh-leeze...
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Originally Posted by dhammer53 View Post
dhammer53 Brooklyn Reality Tour - Sat. June 12, 2010....If you've been on the tour before and want to go again, please sign up, and consider yourself waitlisted. ...
We've been before, wanna go again, so please put kudzu +1 on your waitlist.

Air/hotel arrangements to be made later pending seat confirmation ...
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Well the date of BRT 10 is in my favour .

Mini DG's performance dance schedule may NOT be though . So put us down as tentative please.

(P.S Hope its ok to bring "almost" 15 year olds to this, an FTer in the making . If an issue pls PM, thanks.)
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