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Canada and the US agree new border strategy

expatforum: Canada and the US agree new border strategy

I appreicate better security, but hope they facilitate things promptly!
DHS’s strategy for the Northern border is built on the premise that security and lawful trade and travel are mutually reinforcing. Separating higher risk traffic from lower risk traffic, utilising advance information, and inspecting people and goods bound for our shared borders at the earliest opportunity enables officials on both sides to expedite the processing of lawful travel and trade while preventing illegal crossings and activities, as well as diseases and dangerous goods from entering either country.
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and inspecting people and goods bound for our shared borders at the earliest opportunity

Bolding mine.

I forsee more FUBAR. expediting the inspection of people and goods at the earliest opportunity simply means moving the border inspections another 500 miles south. Doesn't matter if you're going across town in Lexington, KY to get a slurpee; you'll be required to state your citizenship to the CBP
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This is all about each of the countries learning more about those that may be in the country or its citizens, and taking the opportunity to share that information with the other country.

But, my favorite paragraph is this one [bold mine]:

It identifies three key goals for the Northern border. Firstly deterring and preventing terrorism and smuggling, trafficking, and illegal immigration; safeguarding and encouraging the efficient flow of lawful trade, travel, and immigration; and ensuring community resiliency before, during, and after terrorist attacks and other disasters.
Use all of the conjunctions you want, but that is closer to 20 goals, not three.
  1. Deterring terrorism
  2. Deterring smuggling
  3. Deterring trafficking
  4. Deterring illegal immigration
  5. Preventing terrorism
  6. Preventing smuggling
  7. Preventing trafficking
  8. Preventing illegal immigration
  9. Safeguarding efficient flow of lawful trade
  10. Safeguarding efficient flow of travel
  11. Safeguarding efficient flow of immigration
  12. Encouraging efficient flow of lawful trade
  13. Encouraging efficient flow of travel
  14. Encouraging efficient flow of immigration
  15. Ensuring community resiliency before terrorist attacks
  16. Ensuring community resiliency during terrorist attacks
  17. Ensuring community resiliency after terrorist attacks
  18. Ensuring community resiliency before other disasters.
  19. Ensuring community resiliency during other disasters.
  20. Ensuring community resiliency after other disasters.

That is 20 called out goals. That will take a lot of monitoring and control.

And, just exactly what do they do to "ensure community resiliency?"
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Originally Posted by InkUnderNails View Post
And, just exactly what do they do to "ensure community resiliency?"
Obvious: A chicken in every pot and a DHS agent in every garage.
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They really buy into the myth of huge numbers of terrorists crossing US-Canada (shared) border?

They would do everyone a whole lot more good if they were to stop peddling fear about terrorists and became pedestrian crossing guards protecting pedestrians around a school or shopping area.
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