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  1. Malaga or Majorca??
  2. LIS Lisbon connection help (visa for overnight stay)
  3. San Sebastian?
  4. Extra Ticket to 41 degrees in Barcelona 14 December
  5. 14 hours in Barcelona -- need hotel near the airport and something to do
  6. 3 Days in Madrid
  7. Traveling alone to Barcelona
  8. Spain hotel help
  9. Madrid traffic from airport, Friday eve?
  10. Free Hotel Room in Cordoba on Nov 16th
  11. General Strike November 14 ?
  12. Hilton Madrid Airport Full: Other Comparable Hotel Properties in Madrid?
  13. Suggestions - Overnight in MAD or train to SVQ
  14. Arriving at Barajas T4 - how to get from there to luggage area?
  15. MAD Madrid connection help please?
  16. Bday weekend in Lisbon 4S or Sofitel or ?
  17. Best Iberia lounge in Barcelona
  18. barajas airport terminal connection
  19. Planning Two Weeks in Spain - 10/2013
  20. Restaurant in Barcelona - Recommendation?
  21. Need Advice: MAD T1 w/Immigration to T4
  22. Barcelona airport - check-in times?
  23. Hiring a driver in Spain?
  24. Madrid: Intercontinental or Westin?
  25. LIS bag handling strike rumors?
  26. Trip to Barcelona
  27. Barcelona
  28. Good wine shops near the ports of Alicante, Malaga and Cadiz
  29. Mercer Hotel Barcelona
  30. Bar Recommendations for Madrid?
  31. Vacation to Spain
  32. Barcelona Casual Restaurant Times (early?)
  33. Gibraltar Airport departures move to new terminal 26th Sept 2012
  34. 7days in Portugal, which cities shouldn't I miss?
  35. Need help with eats in Pamplona, Bilbao and San Sebastian
  36. Arriving by Bus at 6:45AM for 11AM Flight Madrid Terminal 1 Which Lounge
  37. looking for low cost hotel gem in MAD
  38. transfer t4 to t1
  39. Tragabuches, Ronda, Spain - anyone eaten there? Other recommendations?
  40. Traffic police in Portugal 'targeting' tourists
  41. South of Spain with a 8 month old
  42. madrid airport T4 on Fri morning
  43. Connection flight in Madrid and baggage
  44. Barcelona: Airport to Hotel ??
  45. 9hr overnight connection at Madrid / MAD T4 - options?
  46. Spain: Santiage de compostela
  47. Lisbon Hotel Advice
  48. Shower at Madrid Airport
  49. 10 PM weeknight arrival in MAD
  50. Ibiza hotels
  51. Renfe Combinado Cercanias
  52. Malaga advice needed
  53. Andalucian Advice: Seville, Granada, Cordoba & Malaga
  54. Any tips on Car Rental in Spain?
  55. Canary Islands... worth it vs Caribbean?
  56. Car Rental Strategy, Barcelona to Nice
  57. Flying DC to Malaga
  58. Quiet roads + Beach near LIS?
  59. Beach & surf recommendations for Portugal
  60. One (!) day in Barcelona and Lisbon
  61. Looking for Barcelona tips - hotel and day trips
  62. Experience/advice re: Santa Tecla festival in Tarragona?
  63. REVIEW: NH Barcelona Centro (fka NH Duc de la Victoria)
  64. At last: Metro to LIS airport
  65. Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain itinerary?
  66. Car Rental in Lisbon
  67. speeding ticket in spain
  68. Help needed on how to get a schegen visa for spain
  69. Barcelona To Amsterdam
  70. Advice needed for Barcelona/Lisbon travel
  71. Lisbon, Madrid and.... ???
  72. best spots in Spain
  73. Hello Madrid
  74. Barcelona or Madrid
  75. Spain for November?
  76. Antequera, Spain - public bus available?
  77. Visiting Madrid...Advice?
  78. Barcelona- Sagrada Familia advance ticket necessary?
  79. Seeking Advice on first trip to Spain
  80. Tour Guide in Madrid and Lisbon
  81. Spain Advice or Critique my plan
  82. Barcelona for our 6th anniversay?
  83. Madrid airport horror stories
  84. High winds shake planes landing in Bilbao, Spain
  85. Barcelona
  86. Spain: Madrid Barajas / MAD airport interterminal transfers
  87. Barcelona disruptions
  88. Barcelona to Rome in 15 Days
  89. Airport to Nowhere : Spain's Costly No Fly Zone
  90. Spain: immigration at MAD refuses entry to my friend. What to do?
  91. Barcelona Hotels
  92. Sitges, Spain
  93. Barcelona advice needed for my daughter...
  94. Things to do in southern Spain
  95. ferry from Tarifa, Spain to Taniger, Morocco
  96. Barcelona question, time to kill around Parc Guell
  97. Barcelona: questions re. arriving via cruise ship and departing a.m. flight ex-BCN
  98. Madrid transportation question
  99. How early can I check in luggage from Madrid to Toronto on AA?
  100. Another Spain thread, Barcelona for 6 Days
  101. Sevilla through Andalucia to Madrid itinerary
  102. Post-cruise hotel suggestion in Barcelona (October)
  103. Madrid Barajas 10:30am USA departure; Metro ride from Sol risky time-wise?
  104. Barcelona Aerocity Shuttle Service?
  105. Spain - Online English language travel agency
  106. Spain itinerary advice?
  107. Minimum flight transfter time at Madrid Airport?
  108. Barcelona for Christmas! Need suggestions for 24 and 25th
  109. Spain- Travel Between Cities
  110. Madrid between Christmas and New Year
  111. 10 nights, starting in Madrid. Suggestions?
  112. Spain in April - Good Price?
  113. last minute trip to Madrid and Barcelona---any tips?
  114. barcelona hotels offer shuttle airport bus?
  115. Vega Sicilia from Valladolid or Madrid?
  116. Tapas in Barcelona
  117. Barcelona Feb 2012
  118. The ten best places to visit in Spain:
  119. 4 Nights in Barcelona
  120. New rail link to Madrid airport now open
  121. Please Comment on Spain Tour
  122. Madrid: Must visit restaurants in the city center
  123. Madrid to Marrakech amount of time needed?
  124. Barcelona Airport meeting place - Suggestions?
  125. In Transit at Madrid Barajas airort
  126. MAD / Madrid USAirways to Spanair connection - 1:05 sufficient time?
  127. Portugal itinerary suggestions [incl travel Barcelona-Lisbon]
  128. Arguscarrentals.ca - to book or not to book a car in Madrid
  129. Spain - Photo Radar ticket 400 E!
  130. Alone in Madrid this weekend
  131. Barcelona restaurants open on Sundays and Mondays
  132. Hotel Recommendation for Bilbao?
  133. Car parking in Madrid
  134. February in Madrid
  135. Barcelona to Girona?
  136. Passing the hours in madrid
  137. Convertible in Barcelona?
  138. Food in Barcelona! Suggestions
  139. Hotel in Eixample-Barcelona
  140. Best places to eat solo in Lisbon, Seville, and Madrid?
  141. Arriving MAD: Best way to get to downtown Madrid?
  142. How to travel between Spain and Portugal on the cheap?
  143. Barcelona Pre & Post Cruise Hotel
  144. BCN-- YTransport pass vs. Barcelona Card ??
  145. I thought Spain was melting down in crisis, how are even crappy hotels >100Euro?
  146. Any experiences with Goldcar car rental in Spain?
  147. End August in Spain
  148. transport from port Barcelona to Montserrat
  149. Barcelona/Madrid Hotels & Recommendations
  150. 6 hour layover in Lisbon
  151. Day trips from Bilbao
  152. Hotel in Barcelona
  153. Barcelona hotel recommendation
  154. Madrid Airport Baggage Claim
  155. Barcelona & Madrid for 5 nights, 4 guys in our mid twenties, suggestions?
  156. immigration wait time at madrid barajas
  157. 3-5 days in Spain: where to go?
  158. Madrid Tourist Card - Anyone done it?
  159. 3 days in Barcelona as a couple, what to do?
  160. Madrid Restaurant Help!!!!
  161. Hotel or Apartment in Barcelona?
  162. Paris to Barcelona: Train or Plane?
  163. Traveling Alone to Barcelona-Madrid-Valencia?
  164. Best Location for Tapas in Madrid??
  165. Hotel recommendations & must dos in Madrid
  166. Barcelona - what hotel do you like?
  167. Lisbon - Seville
  168. Barcelona - Where to buy a Caganer?
  169. Madrid to Lisbon and Lisbon to Madrid
  170. Barcelona for 3 days in last week of March ??
  171. Overnight in Lisbon
  172. Barcelona, Spain February 13 to 17, 2011
  173. SPAIN!
  174. Advice for a Summer month in Spain
  175. One day in Barcelona, suggestions?
  176. "best" neighborhoods Barcelona
  177. Barcelona to Lisbon Check In Time / Transportation
  178. Driving from Barcelona to Seville
  179. Madrid - Barcelona
  180. Lisbon-Madrid Overnight Train
  181. Lisbon
  182. Madrid
  183. help with madrid to lanzarote transfer
  184. Day tours from Marbella and Barcelona
  185. Hotel recommendations for Barcelona?
  186. Need Advise for Madrid Hotel
  187. Getting from Malaga/Seville to Lisbon
  188. Parking near the Museo Arqueológico in Madrid?
  189. new bus: Madrid Barajas to Atocha Station
  190. Barcelona airport info ?
  191. Öbliteracci" - in Barcelona, Vienna, and Prague
  192. gibraltar
  193. Gibraltar Car Rental?
  194. Lisbon airport domestic terminal
  195. Stop-Over in Lisbon - any ideas how to kill 7 hours?
  196. Barcelona Trip advice for young married couple
  197. Holiday closures in Barcelona?
  198. Madrid tapas and casual dining options
  199. Spain General Strike 29th September
  200. Trip to Spain - Aggressive?
  201. Madrid lodging with kitchenette near Lhardy?
  202. Seeking Itinerary Advice: From Madrid: Gilbralter then Tangier for day trip?
  203. Spain: Extended weekend in Mallorca
  204. Spain: Extended weekend in La Rioja
  205. Barcelona in november
  206. Best/Unique Restaurants/Spaces in Barcelona
  207. Transit times in Madrid and Transiting via UK
  208. Any recommendation for Barcelona Hotel?
  209. !!!! Cheap flights from chicago to barcelona
  210. Barcelona meeting point in the new BCN Terminal 1
  211. A week in Barcelona
  212. Madrid airport to Centro
  213. Madrid airport and train travel
  214. Spain - Renfe - que es "Club AVE"
  215. oropesa parador spain
  216. Madrid/Barajas info, please
  217. La Pineda Spain
  218. Luggage help at train stations in Spain
  219. Madrid airport - left luggage
  220. Valencia, Malaga, Alicante: South Spain for a weekend
  221. Help Booking Renfe Ticket - Logrono to Barcelona
  222. Recommendation for Connecting Airport In Europe to Barcelona
  223. Spain - Old World or Wine Country
  224. flying Lisbon-Vienna
  225. 6-8 hour 'layover' in Barcelona, transit thoughts and to-do's
  226. Help with last minute travel planning (Barcelona, etc)
  227. transferring terminals in madrid airport
  228. 2 Days In Madrid
  229. Making a DL-EasyJet connection in MAD
  230. Barcelona recommendation
  231. Expert on Madrid-Barajas?
  232. Long stopover in Madrid - what to do??
  233. Spain Itin Comments
  234. Hotel or Hostel for 1 night in Madrid
  235. Where to stay in Madrid (Priceline?)
  236. Barcelona foodie question: Cinc Sentits or Alkimia?
  237. First time in Barcelona
  238. ABaC Barcelona Hotel review
  239. Where to stay in Barcelona?
  240. Cheapest calling card when calling usa to spain mobile phone?
  241. Camino De Santiago by bicycle
  242. Spain - who doesn't need an int'l drivers license?
  243. Spain: Passport expiration date & Barcelona rec...
  244. Best Spanish city for a day trip to Gibraltar
  245. Madrid, whats the weather like mid-late Jan?
  246. Taxi strike in Madrid
  247. Rental appartments in Lisbon
  248. Economical Hotel Recommendations in Madrid
  249. Is Barcelona dangerous?
  250. Barcelona and Majorca