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  1. Barcelona weekender approaching how to maximise limited time
  2. La Merce Festival in Barcelona?? Anyone Been?
  3. ME by Melia Madrid
  4. First time to Madrid
  5. Barcelona Minimum Connection Times
  6. Barcelona airport details??
  7. Sab Sebastian, Sp-easier to get to from MAD or Barcelona?
  8. Lisbon Duty Free
  9. Lisbon Airport - staying overnight airside?
  10. Malaga, Spain train station
  11. Driving from Barcelona to Marbella???
  12. USA to Lisbon
  13. One Way Car Hire in Spain??
  14. Hotel rooms in Spain for family of four?
  15. 9-10 days in Spain
  16. Private guide in Madrid and Amsterdam
  17. Barcelona ferry to Mallorca or Ibiza??
  18. Barcelona neighborhood recommentions?
  19. Bringing fruit into Spain?
  20. Barcelona Hotel Help
  21. traveling to Spain in March 2009
  22. SIM card in Barcelona?
  23. Portugal and Northern Spain
  24. Tight Connection in Madrid Airport
  25. Bringing food and alcohol into Spain
  26. Barcelona for Christmas
  27. Suggestions for 3 days each in Paris & Barcelona?
  28. Entry Requirements into Spain..invitation letter
  29. BCN 2.5, SVQ 3, MAD 3? Or just Barcelona 4.5, Madrid 5?
  30. Do trains in Spain generally run on time? MAD-SVQ
  31. Jan in Madrid/BCN - worth it? Should I wait?
  32. Iberia --> Easyjet connection in MAD / Madrid
  33. Barcelona hotel recommendation?
  34. Spain over Christmas/New Year's w/ family - first time, need advice :)
  35. Day trips from Madrid - and airport transfer information
  36. Transportation within Spain (MAD-BIL)
  37. Where in Spain for Thanksgiving?
  38. Day trips from Barcelona
  39. Any Ideas How to Register for the Bicing Municipal Bike System in Barcelona?
  40. Murcia, Spain
  41. Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  42. 2 weeks Portugal/Spain
  43. Nicest Hotel in San Roque, Spain
  44. Barcelona Car Service
  45. Nerja, Spain for a Week In October...
  46. Advice on family trip to Spain
  47. barcelona street artists
  48. Dining clubs in Bilbao/Bilbo?
  49. Need car rental advice, Sevilla to Lisbon
  50. Madrid: Barajas to Atocha
  51. Seville Spain SVQ-BCN Suggestions?
  52. Madrid for four nights?
  53. Spain Car hire? Train? Bus?
  54. Spain/Portugal Advice
  55. places to stay in barcelona
  56. Spain - Granada & Cordoba questions
  57. BARCELONA - where to eat
  58. Easyjet-Aer Lingus connection time in MAD - 2+ hrs enough?
  59. Lisbon Airport out of fuel
  60. Spain - Alhambra & Jewish sites
  61. Pampalona and Bilbao
  62. practicality of Alcorcon as a base in Madrid?
  63. Looking for a good Hotel in Madrid?
  64. 8 hour layover in Madrid
  65. El Camino De Santiago
  66. barcelona forex location
  67. Barcelona, Spain
  68. Looking for a good Hotel in Spain?
  69. Connecting in Barcelona
  70. flights from DFW to Malaga, Spain in 2009
  71. Spain to Africa
  72. Barcelona to San Sebastian: how travel suggestions please.
  73. Barcelona and Roses for a foodie weekend?
  74. Tips For a Weekend in Barcelona
  75. Barcelona laundry
  76. Getting from Seville to Malaga Spain?
  77. Tips for economising in Barcelona?
  78. Downtown to Madrid Airport taxi fare?
  79. Valencia Spain Hotel Help
  80. Wind kiting in water: suggestions on Spain's Med coast?
  81. Beware helpful persons in Spain!
  82. Barcelona area: Castelleno beach for kite surfing?????
  83. Barcelona--Las Ramblas to Parc Guell Sitges
  84. In search of Beach Resort - Spain or Portugal
  85. Barcelona Hotel March 19-23
  86. SPAIN API - New regulations prior to take off
  87. Spain - travel agent for land arrangements?
  88. Barcelona Restaurants Guide
  89. Lisbon airport hotel questions
  90. Free wireless in Barcelona?
  91. Barcelona-best local hindicrafts for souviniers
  92. Spain during holy week
  93. 7 hour stop-over in Madrid?
  94. Anyone help me find the nearest metro station to here in Madrid?
  95. What neighbourhood to find a cheap room in Madrid (for 30 days).
  96. The best of Madrid
  97. Barcelona, El Bulli, Transportation questions
  98. New Years 2007-08 in Madrid
  99. Spain & Portugal in 2 weeks - what to do?
  100. Lisbon Airport, bring proof if you have an e-ticket
  101. Good prices/deals on simple Webcams in Barcelona?
  102. Restaurant advice for Barcelona
  103. Seeking Barcelona hotel tips
  104. I'm looking for a thrift clothing shop in Barcelona?
  105. Safest way to send 50 euros from Canada to Spain
  106. Spain's best websites?
  107. Cost effective phone cards in Spain
  108. Minimum Connection Time (MCT) at Madrid (MAD)?
  109. 2 Hop On/Hop Off bus lines in Lisbon: - DO NOT TAKE CITYLINE
  110. Best rated phone card "brand" for calls in Spain, (and the rest of Europe).
  111. Traveler-friendly workout gym in Barcelona (1 month membership)
  112. Tell me about vacations / travels in Spain
  113. recomend a holiday apt rental agency in Spain
  114. any experience with for holiday rentals in Madrid
  115. Marbella, Spain Hotel choices?
  116. 6 hours in lisbon
  117. Trying to figure out Barcelona's Public Transit System
  118. Need Barcelona Transportation Help (Airport, Etc)
  119. Beach destination in Spain
  120. Cordoba, Spain.
  121. Barcelona accomodations & dining suggestions
  122. Lisbon - Car Rental
  123. Sevilla, Cordoba or Granada in Spain?
  124. Almeria, Spain - Private Tour Guide?
  125. DIY Laundry in Madrid business district?
  126. Where to stay in Madrid?
  127. barcelona airport train wreck
  128. central hotel in madrid
  129. Madrid & Mallorca
  130. Language Intercambios in Madrid?
  131. Barcelona - discounted hotels/apts/etc
  132. Barcelona for New Year's
  133. Barcelona Spain: Princess Sofia Hotel vs Downtown Hilton Hotel - comparison?
  134. Anyone been to the south coast of Spain?
  135. Sports Bar in Barcelona showing German Football Bundesliga?
  136. A week in spain
  137. cheap place to stay in Madrid
  138. Hostal Barrera Madrid?
  139. Madrid - Barajas to Nuevos Ministerios Plus Taxi
  140. Luxury Barcelona Hotel for kids
  141. Barcelona: Need restaurant suggest for reception?
  142. 1st trip to Spain, 12 days, need help
  143. Transportation from Marbella to Madrid
  144. Connections through Madrid Airport
  145. Spain....and no Marriotts
  146. Madrid safe?
  147. Lisbon airport hotels
  148. Lagos or Faro, Portugal to Malaga, Spain on a Through Train
  149. BCN (Barcelona) early March
  150. Cheap rental car, one week, Valencia Spain
  151. MAD (Madrid) - car rental questions
  152. Lisbon vs Barcelona
  153. Lisbon weather in February - details?
  154. Barcelona hotel
  155. Is anybody familiar with paradores in Spain?
  156. Madrid/Iberia questions
  157. WARNING: Dec 29 ETA bombing affects MAD - Madrid International Airport
  158. MAD (Madrid Airport) - questions
  159. portugal-spain one-way car rental
  160. Bargain airfare to Spain/Portugal
  161. Madrid Advice
  162. bachelor weekend in Barcelona in January
  163. Lisbon on a Monday
  164. Xmas in Barcelona - Restaurants / Activities?
  165. Restaurant/Bar ideas in Valencia and Barcelona...
  166. Madrid Terminal One - Airfrance and Delta nearby?
  167. Madrid hotel and dinner advice
  168. barcelona - travel advice
  169. Getting from Madrid to Toledo for a day trip?
  170. Madrid, Spain - Long Layover - Returning to airport during ciesta, problem?
  171. One Night in Lisbon...Where is THE place to eat?
  172. Spanish Trails / Barcelona
  173. Barcelona Hotel
  174. Car rent in Spain
  175. Javea, Spain??????
  176. Spain: train tours
  177. Spain Recommendations?
  178. Lisbon to Madrid by train
  179. Bilbao Hotel Recommendation
  180. Sevilla, Spain: Hotel Alfonso XIII or Las Casas Rey de Baeza
  181. Madrid - Lisbon; Sleeper train costs
  182. Looking for hotel deals in Spain (Alicante, Benidorm, Murcia, Denia, etc)
  183. Portugal/Spain Beaches
  184. Suggestions for First-Time Travellers to Barcelona
  185. Going to Barcelona to Morocco and back.. help!
  186. Barcelona: How Many Days Plus Where Else?
  187. Travel agents in Spain
  188. One day in Lisbon
  189. Convenient Madrid Airport Hotel
  190. Madrid in a day?
  191. One Day in Barcelona
  192. boston to barcelona
  193. Hotel and Transport Suggestions Malaga, Spain
  194. The Opera in Madrid Dress Code
  195. Tangier vs. Lisbon
  196. Lisbon Taxis
  197. Extra beds at Hotel Barcelona Princess?
  198. Hotels in Madrid
  199. Madrid: interesting or exceptional eating suggestions?
  200. Barcelona Card or TMB Passes?
  201. Lisbon in late March
  202. Driving from Madrid to Lisbon
  203. Fira de Barcelona in which district? Hotels?
  204. Madrid help ?
  205. 2 days in Lisbon, what to do?
  206. Madrid-Warner Bros Park Hotel - Am I just being thick or is there no mention of one?
  207. Spain wakes up. No more smoking allowed.
  208. San Francisco to Barcelona
  209. Lodging - Paradores of Spain
  210. Winter & Paris or Madrid ???
  211. Bario Gotico good place to stay in Barcelona?
  212. madrid: hotel puerta america?
  213. Anyone Taken The Overnight Train From Madrid to Paris?
  214. MAD: How to get Real Madrid game tickets?
  215. Low Cost Carrier in Spain
  216. 4 hours in Barcelona Airport
  217. Vacation in Barcelona
  218. Advice on a possible move to Madrid
  219. Barcelona Hotels
  220. Madrid Quickie
  221. Spain (Bilbao) and Italy in October
  222. Hotels: Barcelona, Madrid and Seville
  223. Barcelona Hotels
  224. Making a Day Visit to Gibraltar
  225. Barcelona Airport to the Port...
  226. Corporate Apartments in Madrid?
  227. Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Valencia: What not to miss?
  228. Lorca (Murcia region), Spain - suggestions
  229. Portuguese youth gangs attack tourists on Lisbon beach!
  230. 5-Star Resort near Barcelona?
  231. the trains in please
  232. Barcelona-Athens-Budapest-Prague
  233. Ten days in Barcelona?
  234. Train from Forence to Barcelona
  235. From Florence to Barcelona
  236. Le Meridien, Lisbon
  237. Granada to Gibraltar
  238. Canaries, Spain: Which AI property ?
  239. Barcelona Hotel Suggestions Needed
  240. Spain travel ideas?
  241. No Hiltons in Madrid. Where to stay?
  242. $$ LAX to Madrid?
  243. Barcelona - NH Calderon vs Apsis Atrium Palace
  244. Adventure and fun in Spain
  245. How can I ship luggage to USA from Barcelona?
  246. Hotel in Lisbon
  247. Barcelona for New Years
  248. Carjet auto hire in Spain
  249. Driving in Spain: From Alicante Airport South
  250. Few Days before or After Meeting in Barcelona - Where Would You Go?