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  1. Show me your hands!
  2. Bomb threat claimed - MS 985 CAI-JFK bound diverted to GLA w. fighter jet escorts !
  3. TSA Comment Period-Day of Action
  4. Manchester(MHT): Lead TSO Miguel Quinones Arrested; Had Child-Porn in Airport Locker
  5. TSA staffed for 8 hours at MMH, which only has 1 flight per day.
  6. Girl Passes Through Turkish Customs w/ Toy Passport Identifying Her as a Unicorn
  7. KENS-5 TV: San Antonio (SAT) TSO pulls prosthesis out of breast cancer survivor's bra
  8. YYZ on security lockdown - no flights leaving
  9. Interesting TSO Behavior RDU 6/6/13
  10. "TSA gets what TSA wants"
  11. Minors, and no longer removing shoes
  12. Foreigners working/living in Malaysia (Immigration help)
  13. Chewbacca vs the TSA
  14. Preclearance for AUH is blocked
  15. Buffalo (BUF):Uniformed TSA Employee Todd Stoddard arrested on felony cocaine charges
  16. AJC:Southwest/Airtran Employee Rasondo Maurice Norris smuggled machine gun past TSA
  17. ‘Intuition and Hunch’ Are Enough to Search Your Gadgets
  18. DHS IG: SPOT is useless
  19. CNN: Plane geeks help feds fight terror
  20. Blog Taking Sense Away and the scanners
  21. Las Vegas Airport - Terminal 3
  22. What Will They Think Of Next?
  23. Keeping Eyes on Belongings
  24. 2 women pulled off flight for talking about "taking down America"
  25. TSA strips out revealing body scanners
  26. Sky Priority in ATL
  27. Ex-prisoner escapes while being escorted to Germany as escorts slept
  28. Quite the embarrasing experience for me on Sunday...
  29. Is tsa-pre dependent on the airline you fly?
  30. TSA's next big find...a Bop It
  31. Obama refocuses terror threat to pre-9/11 level.
  32. New York Times Opinion Blog About Body Scanner Opt Outs
  33. Police storm commuter plane on MIA runway
  34. The Spokesman-Review: TSA can’t pass the buck on exit security [SEA Terminal Dump]
  35. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: TSA nonsense at U.S. airports is getting old
  36. Flying private to avoid DHS intrusions? Maybe not so much...
  37. bringing bottles of wine on UA/LH PDX-SFO-FRA-CDG?
  38. "I'm 87 years old!"
  39. Should I file a CBP complaint?
  40. New Airport Exit Controls for International Visitors
  41. Passport in bad shape = boarding denied ?!
  42. seatac lockdown
  43. Daytona Beach News-Journal: TSA workers at DAB get more training after complaint
  44. Syracuse (SYR):Dozens Miss Flights when New Security Checkpoint Opens
  45. SMF airport overnight
  46. Disposable Contact Lenses through security
  47. More proof that the No-Fly list is a worthless sham...
  48. 1996 National Academy of Science Report on Screening Technologies
  49. When did TSA update their prohibited items list to include marijuana?
  50. us passport card and valid us drivers lisence
  51. TSO Voice - Union newsletter - 5-15-13
  52. If 9/11 never happened to air travel what would be different?
  53. Passenger jailed over pressure cooker
  54. Secondary screening reason?
  55. Plane Passenger Ejected for Non-Stop Singing of Whitney Houston Songs
  56. Denied precheck due to opt-out (?) VDB?
  57. Fox-5 Atlanta News: 90-Minute Long Waits at TSA Checkpoints (ATL)
  58. The Liberator gun and the TSA
  59. Third of Airline Passengers Confess They Don't Turn Off Electronic Gizmos
  60. TSA dog bites woman in ATL
  61. PAX thinks PreCheck doesn't need Id
  62. TSA Checkpoints that lack CCTV and Security Cameras
  63. Humor at MSP
  64. LAS TSA allows flyers with lap dogs to bypass full body scanner?!
  65. US LGA GA: Passports Now Required for Domestic Flights
  66. World-renowned design shop IDEO did design work for TSA in '09 - any results?
  67. Three Passengers Removed From Flight....
  68. US CBP Automated Passport Control
  69. Detained and searched at the Auckland airport in New Zealand
  70. Very Dangerous Yogurt
  71. TSA PreCheck Expands Expedited Screening Benefits for International Travel
  72. PR Nationalist Party Leader detained/arrested @ SJU
  73. Gatwick Style Security Possible in US?
  74. PHX T4 evacuated due to unattended bag in the concourse D
  75. TSA Passenger Freeze Drill
  76. Does TSA target "the sheeple?"
  77. Man fires shots in Houston terminal B
  78. KOTV, Tulsa: Everyday Product Causes False Positive In TSA Screening For Owasso Woman
  79. Airline, Airport Employees Caught Abusing Security Badges
  80. TSA and the Interwebs
  81. Hotels taking customer photos at check-in
  82. What is required to entry to TPE?
  83. KSBY-TV asks: TSA Security in California Airports (SBP,SMX,SBX)-How much is too much?
  84. Office Space: TSA renews lease for two 12-story buildings in Pentagon City
  85. Syracuse (SYR):TSA supervisor Jeremy Hemingway caught stealing;NOT charged with crime
  86. Puppy Post: TSA canines are bomb sniffers by day, family pets by night
  87. Newark (EWR):TSA claims credit when EMT, Doctor, Nurse and Cabin Crew save Pax's life
  88. Columbia Missourian: TSA employee at Columbia Regional Airport (COU) arrested
  89. Gate Check -- why don't they get real
  90. How Many Mini Bottle Of Liquor Can One Take
  91. TSA Allowed To Make Local Rules?
  92. Money Wasted on Additional Body Scanners During Sequester
  93. The Convention on International Civil Aviation
  94. FA says turn off electronics but what about LED Lights
  95. Anyone done Global Entry interview in San Juan
  96. TSA find a pieces of skull and teeth found at TSA checkpoint
  97. If Only He'd Practice What He Preaches (VP Biden)
  98. TSA "choice" @SMF: open sealed baby formula or 1 parents gets grope
  99. Opt out of shoe removal too?
  100. Terminal Dump at Richmond (RIC) on Sunday, April 21, 2013
  101. [RANT] DEN TSA thought I was the next "big catch"
  102. Why didn't the FBI know? Bomber's name misspelled on BP!
  103. JFK Terminal Dump over a tube of toothpaste!
  104. NoS decommissioned at DUB
  105. TSA Precheck Frustration
  106. "Feds want to study border-crossing fee"
  107. WashingtonPost:TSA official grilled at House hearing on budget, foreign-made uniforms
  108. US preclearance may come to AUH
  109. TSA Agent Tries to Not Recognize NM Driver'se License as ID
  110. Passenger at JFK detained by TSA for talking about Bomb sandwich
  111. TSA K9 ??
  112. TSA investigates suspicious bag at MIA
  113. Do you favor relaxing the limits on items not allowed in carryons?
  114. How long for "pressure cooker" to be added to prohibited items list?
  115. Marathon in 19 days - what to expect?
  116. Any TSA reaction in response to Boston incident?
  117. Denied for Global Entry
  118. Opening Time for Precheck at IAD?
  119. What is the Consensus on Defiance?
  120. Accused, threatened, then thrown out of BWI airport
  121. flying under ESTA - worried
  122. A Puppy Post so bad I think I'm gonna Barf!
  123. Carry-On Items wrapped "suspiciously" at DTW lead to charges
  124. Control and Aircraft with an Android!
  125. CBP Bagpipes!
  126. Why are CBP officers so interested that I am traveling alone?
  127. Electronic Visa
  128. Pre-Check - denied more often than not
  129. Any update on lifting the liquid ban?
  130. Phantom post about Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on TSA blog?
  131. Evan Booth makes lethal weapons using goods purchased in airport duty-free stores
  132. "Breach" at Toronto YYZ
  133. DHS Wins Again!
  134. Denied Entry to Costa Rica
  135. What Would You Have Done? Very Upset!
  136. Off-duty cop saves TSA
  137. Do TSA agents wandering baggage claim serve any purpose?
  138. Blundering TSA lets passenger on plane without screening
  139. Tiny Durango (DRO) Colorado Airport:2-Hour Wait while TSA Patdowns *every* Pax!
  140. Sexism at the border: a personal account
  141. What are the odds...of theft!
  142. Forget photography on the plane... You'd better like the movie
  143. Red popup on gate attendant screen when boarding
  144. Friendly US border control
  145. TSA enforces Georgia Blue Laws now?
  146. TSA and Belts
  147. Apr01 - DTW North Terminal Evacuated
  148. TSA vs ADA
  149. Foreign celebs in criminal trouble in the US
  150. Duty Free at land borders
  151. Christopher Elliott: KABC Television is Shilling For The TSA
  152. TSA Speedline in RDU
  153. Justin Bieber's Pet Monkey Seized At Airport
  154. Hawaii News Now: Honolulu TSA manager, fired twice, gets his job back again
  155. Abundance of caution...and pepper spray
  156. TSA Airport Screening Lawsuit Nears Court Date To Challenge Intrusive Searches
  157. Reno airport: New security, retail redo done
  158. DHS/TSA finally opens public comment period on AIT
  159. Testing of liquids in unbranded bottles
  160. 2 men arrested with identify fraud at FLL
  161. Arijit Guha (denied boarding by Delta over a t-shirt) died today
  162. Syracuse (SYR):TSA FSD Daniel E. Liddell retaliated over complaints of mismanagement
  163. Tampa (TPA): Asst FSD Jim Flaherty helps pull woman from burning car
  164. Orlando (MCO): TSA Officer Keith McKnight arrested for stealing pax's laptop computer
  165. 2 Senators Come Out Against TSA Knives Policy; Senate to Consider Measure to Overturn
  166. Liquids confiscated at LHR? Now they go to charity
  167. Man Posing As Pilot Reaches US Plane's Cockpit In PHL
  168. Question on entering the US
  169. DHS questioned over decision to let Saudi passengers skip normal passport controls
  170. creating of errant TSA screeners gallery
  171. Security Breach - terminals dumped at SEATAC
  172. spot still in place?
  173. Survey: U.S. Customs is driving visitors away
  174. Marine was ordered to remove artificial legs
  175. Going through security when pregnant
  176. Yet another mistreated disabled traveller
  177. Have they removed BSX from SAT yet?
  178. "One Stop" at IAH Immigraton?
  179. 'New' TSA passenger support specialists
  180. Elite TSA VIPR Team in action: "Feds Swarm Metra Train After Detecting Nuclear Risk"
  181. TSA pre for non US citizen but with GOES
  182. Pictures of Celebrities Going Through Airport Security (and Backscatter Body Scanners
  183. Federal Agent Working At SFO Arrested For Child Porn
  184. Solution found! Consistently failed precheck on United
  185. Was this pat-down necessary?
  186. Ywg-msp-ams-man/lhr-ams-msp-ywg
  187. Do we really neek knives/hockey sticks/golf clubs on board?
  188. If it is okay I can go through MMW?
  189. US Senator Gets Resolution Patdown
  190. Impact of Budget Cuts on Immigration Wait Times
  191. "Former Newark Airport TSA screener says the job does little to keep fliers safe"
  192. Land entry to US with C-1 transit visa
  193. 9th Circuit Appeals Court: 4th Amendment Applies At The Border
  194. TSA Petition: Don't Give in To Fear Mongering
  195. ESTA for holiday in USA & mexico and back to UK
  196. Is that an IED in your pocket, or...
  197. Another Example of how TSA screening causes problems for travellers with disability.
  198. Another MMW customer: Cook County Sheriff
  199. How many have they caught?
  200. Frustrated with people scamming Pre-Check
  201. ESTA / US Visa from UK with DUI conviction
  202. PreCheck at IAD and SFO?
  203. Passenger Accidentally Gets On Airport Tarmac
  204. California State ID
  205. TSA Sealed $50-Million Sequester-Eve Deal to Buy New Uniforms
  206. CBP Pre-Clearance: Budget Cut Target?
  207. Freezing Liquids
  208. Question on transfering in Munich
  209. Why take off our shoes?
  210. chicago airport or JFK?
  211. US blocked veteran from flying into country. Now it's blocking him from leaving.
  212. It's not about flying, it is about borders and checkpoints
  213. TSA/PreCheck - Odd TSA agent behavior
  214. HuffPo article: Why I Hate the TSA (Flying while butch)
  215. Sequester Security Nightmare?
  216. Opt-out list at PHL
  217. TSA.GOV's Complaint Page is Offline (2/26/2013)
  218. Shocking: Singapore-bound plane bans passenger based on US-TSA no-fly list!
  219. TSA still doing 'chat-ups'?
  220. Flight counts down, FAA budget up
  221. TSA Incompetence -- Inspecting Checked Bags
  222. Helena fights to keep their MMW
  223. Bombs and terrorists on your next flight?
  224. Where is the F Concourse?
  225. Name game fun
  226. A Letter from an "AFS" US Representative about why we need the TSA
  227. Article about Body Scanners Being Removed from Smaller Airports
  228. Weird TSA Opt-Out Chatdown
  229. TSA ignores a real vulnerability: airport fences
  230. Pistole to Unveil Nationwide Security Changes Today (Thursday)
  231. Damning report of inappropriate employee access at DFW
  232. Showing claim checks at LGA
  233. "Kansas lawmakers propose bill to restrict TSA pat-downs"
  234. TPA Bucs Da'Quan Bowers arrested a loaded gun at LGA
  235. Passenger kicked off UA flight for taking photo?
  236. Another child abused & more lies re photography
  237. topical meds in carry-on
  238. So...splain me this.
  239. Travel without TSA Restrictions
  240. Physical card needed (Nexus or GE) needed to use PreCheck?
  241. From Taking Sense Away Blog: TSA policy generator
  242. Shinybadge.com down?
  243. New TSA Cancer Box Procedure at Dulles -- Affects SDOO Strategy
  244. Customs and Hand Luggage
  245. TSA Investigating After Kanye West, Kim Kardashian Shortcut JFK Security Check
  246. Scanners ruled out for Northern Ireland prison searches after pilot
  247. TSA destroys concert cellists bow.
  248. Massachusetts Travel Ban
  249. Rick Steves comes out against the TSA excesses
  250. $5 Million lawsuit over Peanut Butter Bust at LGA