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  1. CBP officer yelling in MIA...
  2. Globe Owners Rejoice!
  3. CBP “Automated Targeting System” (ATS)
  4. Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper: Delta passengers breach Hartsfield security
  5. Do they have to touch my bra every time?
  6. TSA joins NYPD at Subway stop
  7. Man With World's largest male genitals frisked By TSA At California Airport
  8. TSA Presence at LHR During Olympics
  9. Security Management Article on TSA Scanners
  10. confiscating non-"weapons"
  11. TSA customer relations in checkpoint queue
  12. TSA uniforms made in Mexico?
  13. Unauthorized boarding/security breach at SFO?
  14. Drumsticks through security?
  15. KMIR-Television: TSA Screeners @Palm Springs (PSP) Claim Unhealthy Working Conditions
  16. 'Security fears help enrich financial super-elite'
  17. New Sign of the Apocalypse
  18. Food but not liquids?
  19. On Account Of A Cheese Spreader.
  20. Federal Times: Faster TSA screening for service members hits snag [not until 2013]
  21. Greenville Online: Don't like the TSA? Too bad, you can drive
  22. Should we take pasta shells through at TSA checkpoint??
  23. CNN 7/12: JFK-MAD flight turns back
  24. antique erector set through security?
  25. IAD in fine form today
  26. Refused security screening for flight delayed past time on BP
  27. Scary Molecular Scanners in Airports Next Year?
  28. curious event in STL
  29. TSA wants pax to remove service dog's collar
  30. Whitehouse Petition: Require the TSA to Follow the Law!
  31. What happens to liquids after they are confiscated
  32. Portland (PDX): Retired Delta Pilot accused of hiding gun in Airport planter
  33. Trying to Visit Exhibit Past Security, Without Flying
  34. Submitted without comment
  35. New Threat Invented: Alert warns of cold packs used for explosives
  36. TSO at SDF allegedly mocks deaf man, steals his candy, eats it
  37. Rapper Nicki Minaj accuses female TSO agent of 'fondling her'
  38. The Bio Defender that cries wolf
  39. Investigation into TSA non-dipping test strips
  40. EPIC FAIL: TSA at Charlotte (CLT) & Customs in 3 Countries all missed loaded gun
  41. So is it illegal to buy a one way ticket out of USA?
  42. News.Gather.Com: New TSA Rules - Passengers Must 'Freeze on Command'?
  43. warning before groping?
  44. HKG Duty Free purchases - confiscated at gate?
  45. Fake passport: Erring official faces action
  46. Hip Replacement and TSA
  47. Survey: How can TSA opponents / dignity proponents do a better job?
  48. Man accused of impersonating airline employee at OMA
  49. Photo Taking of Planes Not Allowed at EWR Per Port Authority Police?
  50. Boston Logan upgrading to privacy enhanced body scanners
  51. ACLU App: Secretly Record TSA Encounters?
  52. Bob has been truly brainwashed (Blog post about Pre✓)
  53. TSA wants to test your drink -- at the gate
  54. LAX: TSOs who accepted bribes from smugglers *NOT* facing criminal charges
  55. Pearson Airport and Body Scans CATSA
  56. TSA Pre-Check Mechanics and Statistics?
  57. High turnover in DHS cyber security office
  58. Why there will never another 9/11
  59. Does The TSA Think You Are Stupid? (POLL)
  60. The Spokesman-Review: TSA paid Tim Rasmussen $225k for fall during airport screening
  61. Global Entry Incidents/Experiences/Stories
  62. EMTs Frisked Before Treating Pax?
  63. Jaunted: TSA Wraps Up a Very, Very, Very Bad Month
  64. 'TSA no-show angers lawmakers as they get few answers about TWIC'
  65. Global Entry (GOES) - Enrolling Children
  66. What Makes a Screener Pick You? Anyone Notice a Pattern?
  67. "Madea" goes through airport security
  68. TSA firing 8 Air Marshals for drinking on duty
  69. Name Match Lufthansa Airlines
  70. Slashdot reviewed Kip Hawley's book "Permanent Emergency: Inside the TSA and..."
  71. William Shatner's pants fall down at LAX
  72. TSA Blog Post-Processing After Home Webpage Displayed?
  73. MCI Screeners-extra sleeve patches?
  74. TSA Fires 8 Newark Screeners
  75. Barkers at FAT...with a twist
  76. book...
  77. TSA Procedures vs. Federal Prison Procedures
  78. The TSA's Dumb Air-Security Rules Are Not Based on Science
  79. Civil Service Leader:TSA Screeners Granted Right to Arbitration If Pay Talks Hit Snag
  80. Grandpa's ashes on checkpoint floor makes screener laugh
  81. "24 hour no-fly list with the TSA"
  82. LGA Checkpoint X-Ray Catches Fire
  83. Now at BOS: Take everything out of pockets for WTMD
  84. At Bush airport, TSA tries out device that targets fake IDs
  85. US CBP Duty Free limit
  86. Seattle Times: Why I'm still picking the pat-down at airport security checkpoints
  87. Ex-Governor of AZ detained for being radiation risk
  88. Does anyone here refuse to answer questions from CBP officers?
  89. Terminal dump at JFK 7
  90. T5 security LHR destroying baby milk
  91. One-way ticket to HKG; any problems with that?
  92. Backscatter getting ATD?
  93. A day in Denver!
  94. House bill extends TSA intel sharing to mass transit
  95. Looking for Body Scanner Info & Sources
  96. Leave Your Laptop in Your Bag
  97. My annoying passport renewal experience (in Nicosia Cyprus)
  98. LAX (united terminal) - SFO (connecting flight) - NRT (is opt out possible?)
  99. Rand Paul wants to choke the TSA. Really.
  100. What's wrong with this picture?
  101. A new low: liquids confiscated at the gate in PTY
  102. Nextgov: TSA wants spyware to screen employees’ digital activities for leaks
  103. LaGuardia (LGA):Port Authority Police arrest passenger who stole laptop at Tampa(TPA)
  104. TSA Pre✓ for UA elites: exactly what info are you consenting to disclose?
  105. What airport has the most aggressive TSA?
  106. Automobile screening at the Galveston/Boliver Ferry
  107. NPR: Med Student Rescues Body Part From Airport Security
  108. Precheck Coming to Chicago for United
  109. GSN: TSA names John Halinski Deputy Administrator (effective July 1, 2012)
  110. Gay Married Couples & US Customs
  111. Watch TSA Nude Body Scanners Get Defeated
  112. er, better airport-security checkpoints not that far off
  113. Aviation News Today:TSA delays purchase of 1400 Boarding Pass Scanners ($150,000,000)
  114. FoxReno & KRMG: Wounded military vets aren't being told about help at TSA checkpoints
  115. How does the TSA know if you're under 18?
  116. Former TSA agent accused of groping TSA agent
  117. TSA allows 3rd carry-on if it is just camera gear. Anyone tried this?
  118. Former TSO Arrested for Groping Supervisor @ RSW
  119. Slightly odd TSA experience [power trip]
  120. PreCheck Hit Rate Experience
  121. Can you carry on Flowers/Roses?
  122. TSA Pre-Check - is it person specific or program specific?
  123. Great editorial: "Dear TSA, I am not your customer"
  124. Implant Sciences Corp hires Former TSA Assistant FSD @DFW as GM for the Americ
  125. The unfortunate truth is most of you are hypocrites
  126. 3 carry on - Stopped at SFO Intl Airport
  127. Our Family is a walking pharmacy.. Any problems?
  128. GOOD CATCH in Atlanta (ATL): $1,354,740.00 in unsupported baggage screening costs
  129. declining pat down
  130. The Pantagraph: Airport (BMI) TSA search cause for ire
  131. YOW wired with mikes for eavesdropping by CBSA in customs arrivals
  132. Security pat-down by opposite sex
  133. Heads up: BWI adds another NoS
  134. 4 oz OTC aerosol medication confiscated @ PDX
  135. New variation of the "name game?"
  136. 6-15-2012: TSA proposes firing 7 PHL employees
  137. Bozeman (BZN) Airport board voted UNANIMOUSLY to replace TSA with private screeners
  138. Outrageous New TSA BP Scanner at O'hare
  139. Jewelry through checkpoint?
  140. There's an App for That: $1.99 iPad Game will Give You Sympathy For TSA Agents
  141. Visit America. It's easier than you think!
  142. New York Times Article Regarding US Security Expanding its Presence Abroad
  143. CBS-8 San Diego: DHS Border Patrol agents accused of lewd sex act at Cirque du Soleil
  144. My worst TSA experience to date, filling out a complaint form today! .
  145. A Blog Post That Talks About the Private Room Screening
  146. What's With Checking IDs at Federal Court But Not Comparing to a List?
  147. Press Release from Frost & Sullivan: 800 guns were detected *ON* planes in 2011 (???)
  148. Survey Finds Higher Satisfaction with Airport Security
  149. Sign at FLL
  150. testing eye drops
  151. Washington Post: distressed about TSA's reputation being under fire
  152. Domestic Travel Flat for the Last 10 Years
  153. Grand Rapids Press: Paul Collins print honoring TSA workers to hang at GRR Airport
  154. More bad press/video for TSA from the UK: 'She molested me... somebody help me!'
  155. Marquette University's New "Independent Study" of Nude-o-Scopes relies on TSA's Data!
  156. Associated Press: TSA to allow Orlando-Sanford (SFB) Airport to use private screeners
  157. House Passes Bill to Reduce TSA Budget by $422 Million
  158. Got my BP copied by STSO
  159. On the No-Fly list? No worries-just walk across the border
  160. TSA's new ID Koisks from MorphoTrust USA: Rollout of de facto National-ID Card?
  161. Passengers removed from DCA flight
  162. Super Sekret Secondary Screening Revealed!
  163. Computer Guru Needed
  164. Suits Policy
  165. "I Was Wrong About the TSA"
  166. IAH Name Game - denied entry today
  167. Does Europe now accept TSA screening?
  168. why does CLEAR require a card to work?
  169. June 7, 2012 Meeting of House Homeland Security Transportation Security Subcommittee
  170. Sikh TSA screener wins $30,000 EEOC settlement from DHS over religious wristband
  171. TSO cautioned me about not having a matching name on my ID &BP
  172. Visa applications that ask for religious affiliation
  173. Passport issuing authority name when renewed through mail
  174. Huff Post: Airport Lobby Before the Checkpoint Subject to Attack
  175. TSA will permitted scuba equipment beyond at checkpoint
  176. Congressman Blackburn: “Not on my watch”: 50 Failures of TSA’s TSOs
  177. SJU Contractors and Employees busted in DEA Sting
  178. US Reps. Thompson & Lowey push for AFGE Union contract with TSA
  179. Canada and the US agree new border strategy
  180. TSA now claims checkpoint photography is prohibited
  181. First Mule skinners, Now fishermen on Lake Woebegon
  182. Transportation Secretary LaHood's May 8, 2012 Comments on TSA and TSA Screeners
  183. DHS to test biological sensors in subway system
  184. Help me minimize my chances of being groped.
  185. Which passport to use when entering Canada?
  186. TSA disciplines 43 screeners over lax security in Florida
  187. TSA Wants Up to 75% of Flyers Shifted to Faster Screening
  188. Montana TSA lifts shirt of Granny
  189. TSA now has delta agents doing the name game
  190. Luggage opened
  191. How much do we really hate the TSA?
  192. Little Rock (LIT): Airport Director blames passengers for hour long security waits
  193. TDC at EWR demanded a Passport as ID as traveling internationally
  194. Give me some practical advice re SDOO at LAX
  195. WZVN-TV: 5 TSA employees removed from duty @ Southwest Florida International (RSW)
  196. Organic applesauce almost a threat
  197. Possible evidence of the effect of MMW on a small airport
  198. The reason why TSA steals so many iPads...
  199. What do US CBP see?
  200. Flex?
  201. TSA based screening in Iraq
  202. Just released convict boards United Flight, no Bp or ticket..
  203. "Taking off your belt is optional....but we recommend it."
  204. "What's your problem?!?"
  205. Now Global Entry but was just SSSS'd
  206. Puff Piece: At Newark (EWR), every day is Mother's Day: Mom-and-son TSA screeners
  207. ATL TSO: "You sure ask a lot of questions."
  208. which airports currently make 100% of the passengers go through body scanners?
  209. New Low w/3 oz (or less) of lube because 9/11 Happened
  210. Keywords... We're all on a watchlist now
  211. Horrible TSA Experience at IND
  212. TSA and foreigners.!
  213. Messing with the TSA at IAH terminal E!
  214. Excessive swiping: common retaliation or just more ABQ stupidity?
  215. TSA to buy iPhones and iPads for its Officers
  216. Pax moves toward cockpit as AA320 lands MIA today (25 May 2012), is restrained
  217. International Shoe Removal Inconsistency
  218. PHL TSA Supervisor used to be Catholic priest - defrocked over sex abuse allegations
  219. Oops! @ Dulles (IAD): TSA threatened to arrest Editorial Editor of Statesman Journal
  220. Wall Street Journal's "Middle Seat": TSA, Under Fire, Wants to Upgrade Its Service
  221. CLT is sadly now fully scanned at all checkpoint entrances
  222. Arrest @LGA for "Lamest Airport Security Breach Ever": 4-Finger Ring in Carry-On Bag
  223. DHS Solicitation: Improvement of Existing Handheld Technologies for AIT Resolution
  224. Senate Dems back increase in air travel fee to close funding shortfall at TSA
  225. 'Suspicious' Passenger Arrested After Paris-to-Charlotte 'Security Issue'
  226. Almost-verbatim experience a friend posted
  227. Illness and the TSA
  228. Student Thesis Survey
  229. TSA Fail - Former FBI Counter Terrorist Agent
  230. "We Have Ways of Dealing With You"
  231. LHR: "...or anything that could be used as a weapon?"
  232. TSA Screening at NATO Summit in Chicago
  233. Piedmont pilot screened in Buffalo, found with loaded revolver
  234. 5/18/12 HazMat situation at FLL terminal 2, possible pepper spray release
  235. Flying McCoys comic 5/18 takes on TSA
  236. KHOU: DFW TSA agent called a hero for helping nearly-abducted woman
  237. The Oregonian: 'No-fly list center of debate in federal court appeal in Portland'
  238. Mystery object nearly causes mid-air collision
  239. New stories of children being searched
  240. And tomorrow they'll do something about the TSA in airports...
  241. GSN: TSA sets December deadline for 100% in-bound international cargo screening
  242. JFK:Employee (Terrence Ralph)arrested for stealing items meant for US troops overseas
  243. PDX pre-chek follies
  244. NW Florida Beaches Int. (ECP): Airport Police *Chief* Arrested, charged with Felonies
  245. Atlanta (ATL): WSB-TV - Pictures show breach remains at airport (Gate Gourmet carts)
  246. Epic Fail @Nashville (BNA) May 13, 2012: Nutjob scaled fence and got aboard AA Plane
  247. Got to give TSA credit for once...PreCheck
  248. What would you cut? (TSA is on the list)
  249. Den - asked for boarding pass after stowing it
  250. Family flying from CLT

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