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  1. Carry on searched while I was left waiting for my male assist at the WTMD
  2. On putting a novelty can of "snakes" in your luggage for CBP and TSA
  3. Suits checking IDs at SLC
  4. Are they still viewing naked pictures?
  5. Blue shirts at AUS
  6. "Refusal to complete screening"
  7. Downs Syndrome is a security risk!
  8. Schiphol Airport Cargo Screening
  9. (Yet Another) "Security" lapse; this time at ANC
  10. Accused of having IED parts, but no LEO called or ETD
  11. New Global Entry Procedure at ORD
  12. Worried
  13. Scribbles on Boarding Passes
  14. Do you tnink US Congress will Ended of the TSA?
  15. DHS to work with DARPA on new body scanners
  16. GE card acceptance at PreCheck stations
  17. what happens if I wear an adult diaper in the human X-ray/nudeoscope?
  18. Funniest Line from a TSA Agent
  19. SFO TSA contractor CAS neglects safety, baggage screeners say
  20. "Homeland Security campaign expands to sports"
  21. TSA moves to fire 6 bag screeners, suspend 14 at Logan
  22. FAA to reevaluate inflight portable electronic device use
  23. TSA forms passenger advocacy group...
  24. EHD swabs and "false" detections
  25. Questions about FAMs
  26. photography apparently prohibited at MEM TSA checkpoint
  27. Songs of the TSA
  28. YYC to MSP- MSP to CMH
  29. With Footwear Scanners Failing in Airport Tests, the Shoes Still Have to Come Off
  30. Did journalist's Bell's Palsy lead to "chat down" and hand swabbing?
  31. NJ Man Accused Of Sexually Abusing Sleeping Woman During UA Flight
  32. TSA's own report shows 318 TSA Employees Arrested in 2011
  33. Report questions value of high US aviation security costs
  34. Pre-Check Dispositions
  35. DL passenger denied boarding due to t-shirt design
  36. Rock candy betting pool
  37. Burning Question: Do Germs Spread on Airport Security Lines?
  38. DFW, TSA/nude o scope questions?
  39. Major Security Threats!!!
  40. A little too much sauce!
  41. San Antonio TSA checkpoint
  42. TSA ‘Reaches’ Out at Paul Ryan Event
  43. TSA Not Protecting SSI
  44. 3-1-1 resurge
  45. Pistole's take on BDOs
  46. TSA and drivers license photo
  47. IPads out now?
  48. Rude, lazy, incompetent and too dumb to lie....
  49. Strategy for filing a damaged property claim from TSA search of checked baggage?
  50. Hassles of Air Travel Push Passengers to Amtrak
  51. Ego-Death on Concourse C
  52. Harass morass at DHS - Complaints jump in Janet era
  53. Ways to fight back
  54. Southwest pilot has confrontation with TSA at MHT
  55. Singapore Chiangi Security Failed
  56. Why Do We Obey?
  57. Jet Skier Thwarts $100 Million JFK Security
  58. TSA Enforcing 3-1-1 Liquids Rule Now?
  59. Sexual Harassment Lawsuit against DHS Management
  60. Need to request video from BOS
  61. Racial Profiling at Logan Airport
  62. Racial Profiling at BOS
  63. Have you ever seen TSA workers outside of the airport?
  64. Drunk man asleep on baggage belt in FCO
  65. 2012 Survey: How Effective is the Transportation Security Administration?
  66. Gallup survey reveals that a majority of citizens think TSA doing great job
  67. KIRO TV: SEA TSA agents save victims after car crashes, burns
  68. Arm in a sling - what to expect with TSA and/or GA
  69. How to Refuse an ID Checkpoint
  70. Gallup: "Americans' Views of TSA More Positive Than Negative"
  71. OT? Courthouse security
  72. Is TSA using ATR as a Front while still viewing nude images?
  73. More TSA drug smugglers - ATL version
  74. TSA PreCheck Frequency
  75. Nickname on ticket
  76. An IM form an ex-nanny of mine
  77. NYT blog re Backscatters
  78. A pat down that ended my wife up in the ER
  79. Border crossings by land
  80. Minneapolis Metro buses and light rail wrapped up
  81. Newark Security SHUT DOWN - Security Breach
  82. Sacramento International Airport Dropping TSA
  83. DFW-YYZ-LHR - Customs in YYZ?
  84. ...But we never left the US?!
  85. A changing world....
  86. TSA Political Cartoon
  87. TSA and Union Agree on First Contract
  88. Terminal dump at SAT....
  89. US Court of Appeals orders DHS to respond by Aug 30
  90. Flight Diverted Over Unclaimed Camera
  91. Entering a country other than first port of entry
  92. The backside on form I94
  93. TSA BDOs finally get something right
  94. GAO: Weaknesses Exist in TSA’s Process for Vetting Foreign Flight Students(7/18/2012)
  95. Pistole: The Show Must Go On: Planes, Trains and Buses
  96. Another Bad Apple amongst 60,000
  97. Bomb joke conviction overturned
  98. TSA Satire contributions
  99. Stockholm Arlanda airport security is anything but
  100. After the Burgas bombing - how are non-pax at SOF affected?
  101. TSA at Chicago Amtrak - video
  102. No-fly list lawsuit should proceed in federal court in Portland, appeals panel rules
  103. TSA just done new inline baggage screening system at MIA
  104. A thought about taking my son to the airport
  105. Woman carry a loaded gun in her carryon bag at BDL
  106. STSO Robert Jenson (DVL in ND) Arrested for "Felony Terrorizing"
  107. My Harassment by the TSA/Customs Gestapo
  108. Boy boards plane without ticket or passport
  109. Description of Resolution Pat-Down: Lift and Separate Testicles Six Times?!?
  110. Wallet Grab in Austin: "It's Procedure."
  111. 100 ml = 3 oz?
  112. TSA: Search your iPhone? Yes we can!
  113. Minneapolis Star Tribune: TSA Screener @ ORD addresses passenger with racial slur
  114. Junket Alert! TSA sending "small contingent" of "on-site liaisons" to London Olympics
  115. AVL seeking high-quality screeners (VERY old posting)
  116. The insanity of the shoes
  117. TSA Let 25 Illegal Aliens Attend Flight School Owned by Illegal Alien
  118. TSA Refuses Drivers License, Demands Passport
  119. Mayo Clinic patient humiliated at Dallas Love Field
  120. Really good TSA Infographic
  121. O'Hare Term 2: TSA worker cracks racist "jokes"
  122. I wonder how the TSA will respond to this coming future scenario?
  123. US preclearance at U.K Airports?
  124. Why do some people get metal detectors, others millimeter wave/backscatter?
  125. Virginian-Pilot: Ex-TSA screener John Irwin charged with grand larceny
  126. St. George (SGU) Airport: US Soldier steals Skywest Jet (CRJ200)
  127. Too tall for machine
  128. CBP officer yelling in MIA...
  129. Globe Owners Rejoice!
  130. CBP “Automated Targeting System” (ATS)
  131. Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper: Delta passengers breach Hartsfield security
  132. Do they have to touch my bra every time?
  133. TSA joins NYPD at Subway stop
  134. Man With World's largest male genitals frisked By TSA At California Airport
  135. TSA Presence at LHR During Olympics
  136. Security Management Article on TSA Scanners
  137. confiscating non-"weapons"
  138. TSA customer relations in checkpoint queue
  139. TSA uniforms made in Mexico?
  140. Unauthorized boarding/security breach at SFO?
  141. Drumsticks through security?
  142. KMIR-Television: TSA Screeners @Palm Springs (PSP) Claim Unhealthy Working Conditions
  143. 'Security fears help enrich financial super-elite'
  144. New Sign of the Apocalypse
  145. Food but not liquids?
  146. On Account Of A Cheese Spreader.
  147. Federal Times: Faster TSA screening for service members hits snag [not until 2013]
  148. Greenville Online: Don't like the TSA? Too bad, you can drive
  149. Should we take pasta shells through at TSA checkpoint??
  150. CNN 7/12: JFK-MAD flight turns back
  151. antique erector set through security?
  152. IAD in fine form today
  153. Refused security screening for flight delayed past time on BP
  154. Scary Molecular Scanners in Airports Next Year?
  155. curious event in STL
  156. TSA wants pax to remove service dog's collar
  157. Whitehouse Petition: Require the TSA to Follow the Law!
  158. What happens to liquids after they are confiscated
  159. Portland (PDX): Retired Delta Pilot accused of hiding gun in Airport planter
  160. Trying to Visit Exhibit Past Security, Without Flying
  161. Submitted without comment
  162. New Threat Invented: Alert warns of cold packs used for explosives
  163. TSO at SDF allegedly mocks deaf man, steals his candy, eats it
  164. Rapper Nicki Minaj accuses female TSO agent of 'fondling her'
  165. The Bio Defender that cries wolf
  166. Investigation into TSA non-dipping test strips
  167. EPIC FAIL: TSA at Charlotte (CLT) & Customs in 3 Countries all missed loaded gun
  168. So is it illegal to buy a one way ticket out of USA?
  169. News.Gather.Com: New TSA Rules - Passengers Must 'Freeze on Command'?
  170. warning before groping?
  171. HKG Duty Free purchases - confiscated at gate?
  172. Fake passport: Erring official faces action
  173. Hip Replacement and TSA
  174. Survey: How can TSA opponents / dignity proponents do a better job?
  175. Man accused of impersonating airline employee at OMA
  176. Photo Taking of Planes Not Allowed at EWR Per Port Authority Police?
  177. Boston Logan upgrading to privacy enhanced body scanners
  178. ACLU App: Secretly Record TSA Encounters?
  179. Bob has been truly brainwashed (Blog post about Pre✓)
  180. TSA wants to test your drink -- at the gate
  181. LAX: TSOs who accepted bribes from smugglers *NOT* facing criminal charges
  182. Pearson Airport and Body Scans CATSA
  183. TSA Pre-Check Mechanics and Statistics?
  184. High turnover in DHS cyber security office
  185. Why there will never another 9/11
  186. Does The TSA Think You Are Stupid? (POLL)
  187. The Spokesman-Review: TSA paid Tim Rasmussen $225k for fall during airport screening
  188. Global Entry Incidents/Experiences/Stories
  189. EMTs Frisked Before Treating Pax?
  190. Jaunted: TSA Wraps Up a Very, Very, Very Bad Month
  191. 'TSA no-show angers lawmakers as they get few answers about TWIC'
  192. Global Entry (GOES) - Enrolling Children
  193. What Makes a Screener Pick You? Anyone Notice a Pattern?
  194. "Madea" goes through airport security
  195. TSA firing 8 Air Marshals for drinking on duty
  196. Name Match Lufthansa Airlines
  197. Slashdot reviewed Kip Hawley's book "Permanent Emergency: Inside the TSA and..."
  198. William Shatner's pants fall down at LAX
  199. TSA Blog Post-Processing After Home Webpage Displayed?
  200. MCI Screeners-extra sleeve patches?
  201. TSA Fires 8 Newark Screeners
  202. Barkers at FAT...with a twist
  203. book...
  204. TSA Procedures vs. Federal Prison Procedures
  205. The TSA's Dumb Air-Security Rules Are Not Based on Science
  206. Civil Service Leader:TSA Screeners Granted Right to Arbitration If Pay Talks Hit Snag
  207. Grandpa's ashes on checkpoint floor makes screener laugh
  208. "24 hour no-fly list with the TSA"
  209. LGA Checkpoint X-Ray Catches Fire
  210. Now at BOS: Take everything out of pockets for WTMD
  211. At Bush airport, TSA tries out device that targets fake IDs
  212. US CBP Duty Free limit
  213. Seattle Times: Why I'm still picking the pat-down at airport security checkpoints
  214. Ex-Governor of AZ detained for being radiation risk
  215. Does anyone here refuse to answer questions from CBP officers?
  216. Terminal dump at JFK 7
  217. T5 security LHR destroying baby milk
  218. One-way ticket to HKG; any problems with that?
  219. Backscatter getting ATD?
  220. A day in Denver!
  221. House bill extends TSA intel sharing to mass transit
  222. Looking for Body Scanner Info & Sources
  223. Leave Your Laptop in Your Bag
  224. My annoying passport renewal experience (in Nicosia Cyprus)
  225. LAX (united terminal) - SFO (connecting flight) - NRT (is opt out possible?)
  226. Rand Paul wants to choke the TSA. Really.
  227. What's wrong with this picture?
  228. A new low: liquids confiscated at the gate in PTY
  229. Nextgov: TSA wants spyware to screen employees’ digital activities for leaks
  230. LaGuardia (LGA):Port Authority Police arrest passenger who stole laptop at Tampa(TPA)
  231. TSA Pre✓ for UA elites: exactly what info are you consenting to disclose?
  232. What airport has the most aggressive TSA?
  233. Automobile screening at the Galveston/Boliver Ferry
  234. NPR: Med Student Rescues Body Part From Airport Security
  235. Precheck Coming to Chicago for United
  236. GSN: TSA names John Halinski Deputy Administrator (effective July 1, 2012)
  237. Gay Married Couples & US Customs
  238. Watch TSA Nude Body Scanners Get Defeated
  239. er, better airport-security checkpoints not that far off
  240. Aviation News Today:TSA delays purchase of 1400 Boarding Pass Scanners ($150,000,000)
  241. FoxReno & KRMG: Wounded military vets aren't being told about help at TSA checkpoints
  242. How does the TSA know if you're under 18?
  243. Former TSA agent accused of groping TSA agent
  244. TSA allows 3rd carry-on if it is just camera gear. Anyone tried this?
  245. Former TSO Arrested for Groping Supervisor @ RSW
  246. Slightly odd TSA experience [power trip]
  247. PreCheck Hit Rate Experience
  248. Can you carry on Flowers/Roses?
  249. TSA Pre-Check - is it person specific or program specific?
  250. Great editorial: "Dear TSA, I am not your customer"

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