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  1. CBP smashes musician's flutes
  2. Can Robots Better Spot Terrorists at Airports?
  3. Body Scanners Coming to India
  4. Excellent Article about TSA and Airport Security
  5. Boycott advertisers?
  6. TSA Freeze Drill EWR 12/30/2013 8:40a
  7. US to Canada and Back Same Day, Any Customs Issues?
  8. ATL: Airport Police officer injured in fight with passenger
  9. Interesting photography experience at JFK
  10. Forgot to declare paintball guns
  11. Police harassment at ATL
  12. Perimeter security fails again - EWR and PHX
  13. Man with Arabic flashcards can't sue agents
  14. Important Christmas Reminder: Banned items!
  15. TSA Checking IDs as you deplane?
  16. Odd boarding at EWR today.
  17. "7 Reasons the TSA Sucks (A Security Expert's Perspective)"
  18. LAX US Customs or Immigration Fast Track
  19. CBP asking me a question about my trip
  20. Will Christmas Poppers be allowed in checked luggage?
  21. CBP Officer: you'll ALWAYS be a resident
  22. TSA employees that think they’re funny
  23. At Least The TSA is Consistent About ONE Thing.
  24. Pistole tries yet again to defend BDO program
  25. Airport Security - Online Questionnaire
  26. check in/security lines at MBJ Montego Bay
  27. TSA.gov opens site for kids
  28. TSA confiscates another "Rocket Blower"
  29. Warning for DL Elites using MCO PreCheck - WN has invaded
  30. KTW security screener saves a baby in an amazing catch
  31. Non US citizen spouse can no longer accompany US family in US citizen lane?
  32. Warning! MCO PreCheck now allows "low threat" pax
  33. Majority of poll respondents favored arming TSA
  34. Politico: DOJ Lawyer claimed Guantanmo prison searches are just like TSA searches
  35. Fingers pointed: Closed checkpoint stymies pax in BLI
  36. TSA confiscated items at ORD
  37. Feds disrupt suicide bomb plot at Wichita airport
  38. Wash Times: DHS "Revolving Door" Officials Approved AUH Preclearance
  39. Refused to say my name, got through anyway
  40. idiots working for UA or TSA? (ORD issue)
  41. Whiney, whiney, whiney - TSO Union gripefest
  42. TSA misconduct cases in Idaho examined after federal report
  43. US renews "undetectable" gun ban
  44. TSA disarms sock monkey. Flying public safe again
  45. What's wrong with PreCheck?
  46. TSA at RDU, Monday 12/9
  47. Bloomberg: OSI Systems/Rapiscan Stock Falls 10% after TSA Cancels Order
  48. Really discouraging
  49. Budget battle - TSA fees may increase
  50. One million people enrolled in Global Entry
  51. TLV Security experience
  52. Question about full body scanners, I need help please.
  53. TSA: Don't keep the change
  54. Tsa wbi nprm
  55. All Cars will be searched
  56. TSA BDOs
  57. Don't have a different surname from your children
  58. USA Today Op Ed Column: "Abolish The TSA"
  59. Land of the paranoid
  60. The Star: Canadian Paraplegic denied entry to US because she'd been depressed
  61. KOMO News: TSA should take notice of bartender app that checks ID
  62. LA Times: Are Sikhs turban-wearing TSA targets? App tracks claims of profiling
  63. Fox News: Congress should abolish the TSA -- it's time to privatize airport screening
  64. Man Makes Improvised Shotgun; Crossbow; & Mace w/Items Available After TSA Checkpoint
  65. Aspen Daily News: The TSA - What you get when you say ‘Someone should do something’
  66. TSA Supervisor Dwight Iva Durant busted smuggling cocaine at St. Thomas (VI) airport
  67. False Report of Weapon, Car Crash Frightens LAX Travelers
  68. UK "no-scan, no-fly" rule dropped
  69. Your Tax Dollars Squandered:TSA giving out "free" trading cards featuring its puppies
  70. Sheep-like behaviors
  71. What backscatter could really see.
  72. CONOPS/Lessons Learned For "I Can't Lift My Arm" Opt-Out
  73. Cato Insitute Policy Analysis: Privatizing the Transportation Security Administration
  74. Govt. Exec: DHS Procurement Officer remains on payroll after calling for Mass Murder
  75. Baltimore Sun: TSA never realized its mandate (by former TSA Screener Ron Moore)
  76. Miami TSA screener Ernesto Lluberes found shot dead on way to work w/ drugs in car
  77. TSA Screener Markeia Mimms Convicted of Theft from Passengers
  78. Richmond TSA screener Michael Luedecke arrested for shooting his father
  79. DFW-area "experimental" roadblock - private contractors demanding salvia & blood
  80. Washington Time's James Bovard: Why Everyone Scorns the TSA
  81. TSA Rolls Out "Detention Pods" at Airport Terminal Exits
  82. Do you think I will be allowed into the US?
  83. Terminal Cornucopia
  84. What is the contribution of CSBA/Immigration Canada to the long-term tourism drop?
  85. LAX Security Officer (TSA Clerk) Bled for 33 minutes As Help Stood By, Report Says
  86. US Airways cancels flight over service dog
  87. Which country has allowed keep shoes on & laptop out?
  88. TPA-TSA Pilot Program?
  89. AA gives wrong person boarding pass, clears TSA security
  90. If Europe Gets it, why doesn't the TSA?
  91. TSA-Charlotte FYI
  92. Danger at SEATAC
  93. Article: The TSA is wonderful, we're all just anti-union.
  94. 12 Years of TSA -- Experiences
  95. Man breaks through TSA checkpoint at SEA
  96. Slain TSA agent honored with memorial flag ceremony at LAX
  97. No baggage reconciliation [on US domestic flights]
  98. LAS will have exits control door automatically
  99. Who should be in charge of TSA?
  100. European Commission position
  101. WaPo Dr.Gridlock:Memorial fund created for slain TSA officer Gerardo Ismael Hernandez
  102. Washington Post: TSA bashing: Is it warranted? [Comically Sad Wa Post Puff Piece]
  103. 4 suspects who stolen luggage at PHX baggage claim
  104. PHX Police monitor man, child carrying rifle, handgun at Sky Harbor
  105. Background Checks
  106. Pre-check party of 4
  107. So TSA can pull up federal ID info?
  108. 'SSSS' on boarding pass - The "Policy Debate" version
  109. BHM evacuated due to a threat
  110. Should TSA agents be armed?
  111. German passports to allow M, F, or X sex.
  112. Manchester security naked protest
  113. Plane crashes on runway at Nashville, nobody notices for 6-7 hours
  114. FBI, HS, BP, Scotland Yard interrogate UK Tourist after local US cop "flags" him
  115. FAA to allow cell phones and tablets. No phone calls
  116. Syracuse (SYR): 30% of Passengers are being sent thru PreCheck
  117. TSA breaking things
  118. Question taking a dipped rose...
  119. tsa screening inbound international flights?
  120. PreCheck and wheelchairs?
  121. Is This Something New?
  122. NY Traveler arrested at JFK
  123. TSA has intercepted 38 guns at FLL
  124. High Random Selection Rate for WTMDs?
  125. TSA lounge in DFW
  126. Washington Times: TSA agents give themselves $17M pay raise by changing job title
  127. should this really be called "Checkpoints and Borders Policy Debate
  128. Orlando Sentinel: Awesome 87-year old Dad, a WWII Veteran, pushes back against TSA
  129. Credit Union on Ground Floor of TSA’s Headquarters was Robbed!
  130. DFW Immigration Line Chaos
  131. Best checkpoint experience in years
  132. TSE precheck chaos in phx- random people let in?
  133. TSA Checking Databases long before people fly: NYT
  134. Teenagers Steal 70 boxes of Ammo from TSA's Federal Air Marshall field office @BWI
  135. Orlando Sentinel: TSA officers create 'furlough canteen' at Orlando (MCO) Int.
  136. "Breach"@Newark (EWR):TSA Closes Terminal C when PreChek Pax skips random "screening"
  137. Regular Line faster than PRE at LAS
  138. TSA Admits (in court papers) That a Terrorist Attack on US Flights is Very Unlikely
  139. Pre-Check only for some passengers?
  140. FAM arrested of taking a pictures on women's dresses at BNA
  141. Canadian border guard bullies CBC Radio host
  142. Tri City Herald: Tri-Cities Airport (PSC) takes over hallway security for TSA
  143. PIT Post-Gazette: CMU Study suggests Autistic Men would be better baggage screeners
  144. Current status CATSA v. TSA?
  145. LAX terminal dump Sunday night due to CO2 explosion in a trash can
  146. U.S. CBP during shutdown?
  147. USA Today: Phoenix airport screening draws angry complaints
  148. No Joking about Security Theater
  149. Boston Global Entry Interviews: 5 month wait
  150. Which country has the most intimidating border control?
  151. Burnt toast evacuates Vermont airport
  152. Chennai Airports will not have a visitors anymore
  153. Airports are dangerous
  154. Visit USA - You're a Criminal Unless You Can Prove Otherwise
  155. TPA CBS affiliate reports of terrorist dry runs on planes citing US Air flight to MCO
  156. How the DCA TSA destroyed my sympathy for TSOs working during the shutdown
  157. TSA Harasses Sick Kid, Family Misses Flight
  158. Nine-year Old Flies Without Ticket
  159. How many TSA agents does it take to check a BP?
  160. Is the TSA really this stupid?
  161. More "false scaring" going on by the TSA to justify itself
  162. How to get a carload past security at Fairbanks
  163. new passport on global entry
  164. DHS Inspector General report:TSA Deployment & Use of Adv. Imaging Tech (Sept 16,2013)
  165. CBP detained family for 6 hours
  166. TSA purchasing Bottled Liquid Scanners
  167. Condé Nast's Barbara Petersen volunteered as a TSA Bin-Pusher @IAD
  168. And the TSA invents another "stupid pet trick"
  169. Sri Lankan A330 diverted to STN
  170. Pittsburgh TSA workers fired for gambling
  171. Las Vegas Review Journal EDITORIAL: Make the TSA just go away
  172. VIPR-in-Chief Vacancy Ammouncement
  173. Benefits of Dual-Nationality/Two Passports
  174. ex-PHX Airport worker gets jail for toilet videotape
  175. Security runaround at LAX int'l terminal
  176. Woman arrested at FLL after shoving at BSO deputy
  177. Orlando Sentinel: TSA's intent to protect us is robbing us of our freedom (9/13/2013)
  178. The Snowden Effect
  179. TSA agent arrested in alien smuggling ring
  180. TSA and passport/id picture !
  181. Been Groped by TSA? Blame Privacy Advocates, says Former DHS Official
  182. CBP Computer Meltdown at DTW today
  183. Been Caught Stealin'$95: Raleigh (RDU) Supervisory TSO Kerene Helen Kimberly Mohammed
  184. PVD announcement: "All are welcome to join TSA for a moment of silence..."
  185. Screener makes threats & leaves suspicious package @ LAX
  186. State-of-the-Art Automated Passenger Security Exits Throughout Seattle Airport
  187. Bomb Threat at SJU - Terminal A (B6) Evacuated
  188. TSA to allow expedited screening on case-by-case basis
  189. Losing Patience with TSA
  190. CBP officer did not stamp my passport
  191. 8 TSA workers, American Eagle employee arrested after DFW parking passes stolen
  192. Olivia Gets Wanded
  193. Review of Current TSA Employment Guidelines
  194. FOIA Request Denied on Bikini Pat-Down Incident
  195. Thought I'd seen it all until today....
  196. Lima to ATL Gate Checks
  197. Known Traveler number on an Foreign airline - TSA PRE?
  198. Latif v. Holder: international air travel is a constitutional right
  199. Solving a TSA Pre Snafu
  200. DEN TDC "I'm sorry you're flying to Rapid City"
  201. EMA - Woman to hear court ruling on her airport questioning
  202. TSA-Type Drama at U.S. Open
  203. American Airlines pilot accused of transporting sadistic child pornography
  204. Denmark the most polite security!
  205. CBP destroys a Land Rover Defender to keep us safe!
  206. Another Vietnamese woman caught at SIN airport with meth
  207. Woman walks past immigration at JFK, without inspection?
  208. The US Ex Pat Wink and a Nod Issue Issue With Residency
  209. Hindu Man Denied Flight on JetBlue During Ramadan
  210. Man With Uranium in Shoes Arrested at JFK, Had Plan to Ship to Iran
  211. College warns visitors about 100 mile border zone
  212. Secondary Screening - Experiences?
  213. A great (long) story about a false positive ETD gone wrong
  214. Ex-United Airlines baggage handler must pay $32,000 to theft victims
  215. AA F/A fires trainee, on "no fly" list
  216. Everyone let through TSA Pre✓ at AUS on 8-19??
  217. Who can use GE at SPN and GUM?
  218. Miami Customs Freak Show
  219. Who Bears the Cost of PreCheck?
  220. UK Using APIS to detain transit passenger at LHR and seize electronics?
  221. CPB now fingerprinting US citizens on entry?
  222. Erroneous readings on trace testing machines - who is responsible for the outcomes?
  223. The boobs at Heathrow come up with another big threat...
  224. Women Urged To Conceal Spoons At Airports If Traveling To Forced Marriage
  225. Univ of Tübingen - Scanner Ethics
  226. TSO at LEX charged with sexual abuse
  227. Should I go into MMW?
  228. NYC "Stop and Frisk" vs TSA gate searches
  229. TSA Epic Fail
  230. US CPB Takes a Giant Leap Backwards
  231. Is it VX nerve gas? Nope, just nail polish remover.
  232. 2013 Survey: How Effective is the Transportation Security Administration?
  233. "don't have to take freedom baggie out" - ?
  234. TSA Racial profiling at small airports
  235. Kip says: change the airport mindset, leave shoes on...
  236. TSA: Bringing Its Watchful, Officious, Useless Eyes Everywhere
  237. "Are Hassle Free Airlines Truly Possible?"
  238. US worldwide travel alert - 02AUG13; what to do?
  239. TSA Ruined my luggage... TWICE on the same trip!
  240. How stupid can you get
  241. Broward Palm Beach New Times: Runners Wearing TSA Costumes Near FLL Swarmed by Police
  242. PBI- Showing boarding passes
  243. Logic
  244. PBI evacuated at ticket counter on third level
  245. Another wheelchair-bound person assaulted by TSA
  246. dog/cat? go right ahead... beef jerky!!!??? That must be confiscated/destroyed!
  247. Do I have to tell a TSO that I'm with my parents?
  248. ALERT! TSA Clerks at Pentagon Bus Terminal!
  249. DCA TSO misconduct with my 16yo
  250. Lost Global Entry Card