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  1. TSA hassel / pulled out of line / false accusations
  2. Abu Dhabi pre-clearance
  3. UK commences primary MMW scans
  4. My collection of TSA docs - lawsuits, internal & external including leaked docs, etc
  5. What Happened to VIPR???
  6. TSA Gives Breathalyzer Tests To Some FAMs
  7. Don't Yawn While at the Checkpoint
  8. TSA wants to be armed
  9. SSSS by TSA because of the CBP agent?
  10. Woman's sealskin purse seized at U.S. border
  11. Eating Food You Can't Bring into Country at Checkpoint
  12. TSA: you objected instead of answering our questions, so you had no right to speak
  13. TSA officers attacked at MSY
  14. tsa asking where are you flying AND more "stuff"
  15. TSA let convicted felon through Pre-Check
  16. Look Who's The Deputy to Melvin, The Singer...
  17. CBP piloting FRT on US ePassport users at airports of entry
  18. DHS use of the Social Security Administration's Death Master File
  19. US Passport Policy Change for Those Renouncing US Citizenship
  20. Newark TSA was really odd this morning
  21. TSA hires Meg (from TV's "Family Guy") to work at Quahog Airport
  22. Let's say that 'they' want to check content of your USB drive...
  23. Spot the Air Marshal?
  24. The Hill: Senate seeks progress on TSA nomination
  25. Passengers Departing the US Searched for Undeclared Money at Gate / Jet Bridge
  26. Man Arrested After TSA Finds 200 Credit Cards
  27. Getting off an intl itinerary early?
  28. Who Needs a First Class Security Line on Monday Morning During Spring Break?
  29. What is "BGC" secondary inspection?
  30. SFO TSA screeners arrested on allegations of drug smuggling, conspiracy
  31. Canadian risks prison for not giving up phone's passcode
  32. Woman arrested for bomb threat at Miami Airport
  33. CBP changes Austin immigration/customs processing
  34. Two loaded guns found at Sky Harbor
  35. Woman accused of scaling the fence at MIA
  36. Push for fingerprint scanning to disrupt look-alike's passport fraud
  37. Journalists say Air Marshals' schedules altered for trysts
  38. Did TSA Pre-check allow an Army officer IMPOSTER through to fly out of BWI?
  39. Even kids know the TSA is useless
  40. TSA Issues Secret Warning on ‘Catastrophic’ Threat to Aviation
  41. CBS46's Scaremonging: No inspections of trucks permitted onto ATL grounds
  42. End in sight for US CBP Form 6059B customs declaration form
  43. Online Check-in Question
  44. Serial stowaway slips aboard Minn-Fla flight
  45. DHS: No Budget = 30,000 Feb 28 Furloughs; “Essential” TSA Works Without Pay
  46. Author Nick Hornby ("High Fidelity" denied entry to US
  47. TSA SPOTNiks Detecting Human Trafficking
  48. Sweden/ARN's desire for US CBP PreClearance
  49. If they don't trust us then why should we trust them?
  50. Philly flyer arrested trying to file a TSA complaint
  51. Where the TSA seized the most guns, in one chart
  52. Air Marshals Allege TSA Coverups
  53. Have you had a medical procedure? CBP Question
  54. Airport search implications of today's Supreme Court ruling on searches
  55. TSA cites secrecy in deleting airport security breaches from report
  56. EU Parliament Approves Collecting Air Passenger Data [Updated]
  57. Domestic Flight - CBP Officer - "Are you a citizen?"
  58. Comedy Central: Terrorists commiserate about their inability to outfox the TSA
  59. citizen of 5 countries - does it matter which passport I use to enter the USA?
  60. Ambiguous TSA/Law Enforcement Procedures
  61. Concern About Data Collection for Precheck
  62. definitive answers on my situation
  63. TSA Ramps Up Searches at Airports
  64. PreCheck Sucks
  65. Have you ever gone through US airport customs with no luggage whatsoever?
  66. Urgent US passport
  67. Question about DTW non-uniformed TSA checkpoint people
  68. United Attendants Battle Firing After Security Concerns
  69. How to stand up to abusive CBP officers
  70. This week in TSA history starting January 1, 2015
  71. Coburn report: Department of Homeland Security is failing in all of its missions
  72. Terminal dump at STN due to arriving international passengers mixing
  73. LHR T5 FlightConnections 1 hour wait for secondary
  74. Man shot with stun gun dies at border crossing
  75. Are Biometric Passports "Good" or "Bad?"
  76. Wikileaks: CIA on passengers "surviving" secondary inspections
  77. Delta Employee Help Smuggle Guns On Board
  78. TSO protects passengers from water, risks the life of a trash can
  79. London security protects citizens from obesity (HT: VFtW)
  80. Canadian shot by U.S. border guards at Ambassador Bridge
  81. Charleston (CHS):Office of Special Counsel investigates TSA for firing whistle-blower
  82. Shoe Carnival Arrives in Europe
  83. In bulk, lithium-ion batteries aboard airplanes pose threats
  84. Additional Security on Delta from JFK to TLV?
  85. Going to the US with UK Convictions
  86. Study hard, and avoid becoming a TSO?
  87. TSA Foils Terrorists - Key & Peele
  88. Meet The 2014 TSA Clerk of the Year
  89. TSA and CBP exempt from new Federal profiling rules
  90. UAE Visa App requiring religious affiliation
  91. What is the point of Carry E-Z?
  92. New TSA Administrator Williams Trophy
  93. AFGE (TSO's Union) Whine of the Month
  94. Tampa CBS Affiliate's Investigative Branch Going After Pre-Check?
  95. TSA names Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Of the Year Award
  96. Buy it now for $7,995 Rapiscan Secure 1000 SP Backscatter Body Scanner
  97. The end of carry on??
  98. Opt Out Day
  99. Chicago Midway Security Line
  100. Entry denied
  101. Security at AMS
  102. PA yanks knives from JFK eateries inside security checkpoint
  103. UK Domestic Transfers - Lack of Customs?
  104. MCO may decide in February whether to replace TSA
  105. Woman dies after airport scanner interferes with her pacemaker (Russia)
  106. [LHR] T5 - No passport check.
  107. Is TSA allowed to bring pumpkin pie?
  108. Border Patrol sued for harassing at Arivaca checkpoint
  109. Here we go again-TSA may loosen liquid restrictions
  110. Woman arrested for smuggling a pot into TSA checkpoint
  111. TSA Assists DEA in Search of NFL Visiting Team Bags for Drugs
  112. NY Times OP/ED: A Smarter Approach to Airline Safety
  113. Syracuse Airport "Thankful for Having AIT"
  114. CBS New York: "TSA Pre-Check Program Could Create Serious Security Threats"
  115. TSA Says No Need To Remove Your Shoes Or Be Searched
  116. TSO to lady reporter "worth flirting with"
  117. Sai v DHS et al - Lawsuit for refusal to respond to Rehabilitation Act complaints
  118. summary: the whole system is a joke
  119. USA Today: "TSA chief says popular Pre-check will expand next year"
  120. TSA confiscates replica of a fictional weapon belt buckle...
  121. Illegal to buy one way ticket for a for a child born DURING the trip?
  122. Hydrogen peroxide
  123. Small scissors confiscated in PVG
  124. BorderXpress automated passport control kiosks
  125. Problems of crossing into the US for former citizens?
  126. EWR-THU Oct 23 OCT Term. C Intl. arrivals - Did you witness CBP altercation?
  127. AA136 delayed due to Al Qaeda named WiFi hotspot name
  128. TSA profiling debates: Bruce Schneier vs Sam Harris & Kip Hawley
  129. Court opinions re TSA
  130. "You were randomly selected!"
  131. FYI, Curtis Burns ("Blogger Bob") reads FT
  132. Deaf / ASL-fluent / lipreading FTers: help transcribe CCTV video of TSA abuse?
  133. TSA installed new HI-SCAN 10080 XCT
  134. TSA Agent being watched for Ebola
  135. 2 arrested for stealing the luggage at Sea-Tac Airport
  136. TSA Administrator John Pistole to retire from the agency
  137. Ex-pilot wore uniform to cut security line at HNL
  138. US Passport Stolen June 1996
  139. NY Times survey on PreCheck experiences
  140. ESTA Address
  141. POE Advice at Christmas
  142. TSA Stumped by Nobel Prize
  143. No More TSA Comment Cards at the Checkpoint?
  144. My TSA is now on iPhone App
  145. U.S. to Screen for Ebola at 5 Airports
  146. ID Validation Scanner
  147. They Did It Again -- TSA desecrated His Mom's Ashes
  148. New, "more secure" version of US passport coming in 2016?
  149. Automated Border Control Systems
  150. Remember when you had to turn off your electronics?
  151. More TSA Fun
  152. Where Have All The Cancer Boxes Gone?... (Including one with STORED DATA)
  153. Why do APCs have Simplified Chinese?
  154. More TSA blacklisting with no recourse for innocent travelers
  155. Terror Group Planned to Use 'Toothpaste Bombs' to Target Airlines in Europe and US
  156. Man stolen luggage at PHX in the terminal 4
  157. Profit driven security practices?
  158. TSA: Woman's Luggage Contained 2 Guns, 350 Rounds Of Ammo, 58 Bricks Of Pot
  159. Passenger Ejected From Flight Over Notebook Doodles
  160. TSA missing "contraband" at high levels
  161. If TSA were to get guns
  162. Flight delayed by ISIS scare
  163. Man went over restricted area, but he tried to stow away on JetBlue plane
  164. Watching a Pair of SPOTNiks at Maui (OGG)
  165. Woman Boarded Delta Flight Using Stranger’s Boarding Pass
  166. Denied Entry Into Argentina For No Reason - Ideas?
  167. Talking about TSA investigation & legislative reform to House; you can participate!
  168. US pre-clearance in German airports
  169. Two questions: Name Game & Baggies
  170. Help! Just got TN visa, about to go to CBP but anxious
  171. UK may allow US security checks on passengers before transatlantic travel
  172. 9/11 and the TSA Blog
  173. Australia Raises Terror Alert to Highest Level in a Decade
  174. Explosives Left at Sydney Airport in Police Dog Training Drill
  175. What's for lunch for the TSA-flyers' BBQ
  176. DEN TSA and Arriving Passenger
  177. Am I allowed back in the UK again??
  178. "Report: 1 in 4 airline caterers say food carts vulnerable"
  179. It took long enough - Nitro Pills & the TSA
  180. When is Water not Water
  181. More disturbing TSA facts
  182. ISIS fighter worked at Minneapolis airport
  183. India to seek US Preclearance Facility for Bombay & Delhi
  184. Voice matching technology for border control purposes
  185. Homeland Security Agent Harasses Dad For Taking Pictures of His Own Daughters
  186. Alleged bomb plot foiled at Manila airport
  187. Huge fee increase to renounce US citizenship: $2,350 (up from $450)
  188. BDO "Restructuring" (35 more airports cut from program)
  189. FDA Warns Travelers To Tell TSA About Any Prescription Drugs They Have
  190. Las Vegas Man Found Sleeping in Jetway at SAN Airport, Tries to Sneak onto a Flight
  191. TSA Weirdness at MDW 08/26/14
  192. Border officials seize cocaine-stuffed tamales and 37.5 kg of plain ol' cocaine
  193. Hilarious tsa tso video!
  194. 2014 Survey: How Effective is the Transportation Security Administration?
  195. Judicial Watch sues DHS for info re screener sexual misconduct
  196. Justin Bieber's Posse Allegedly Bribed Canadian Border Officials w/ Backstage Passes
  197. TSA ID checking is worthless and a guise for airline revenue management
  198. Why does T5 immigration have to be such a joke?
  199. TSA PreCheck sets up shop in strange places
  200. ScienceBlog: Researchers find security flaws in Rapiscan backscatter X-ray scanners
  201. How can it not be illegal to impersonate TSA agents?
  202. New TSA anti opt-out tactical lie
  203. MIA: Bad night for Passport Control computer system failure
  204. IAD Secondary BP Check
  205. Ousted CBP official discusses corruption at CBP
  206. TSA Screener Theft Update...
  207. Pat downs... a serious question...
  208. It Finally Happened..Escorted from the Airport
  209. A new low for TSA?
  210. U.S. Customs Officers Destroy New Zealand Cricketer's Bat to Look for Drugs
  211. Sai v TSA: Recap & first TSA FOIA/PA documents released
  212. How to avoid Security Breaches
  213. Visiting Canada - security screening process?
  214. much worse than usual at BOS
  215. Who's watching the watchers? (DHS Inspector arrested for soliciting child sex)
  216. 62-year-old woman sneaks onto aircraft without ticket
  217. 2 arrested for stealing the baggage at MIA, PBI & FLL
  218. TSA Procurement Opportunities (as of 8/5/14)
  219. Got through with someone else's BP
  220. New security technology? HOU
  221. TSA Officer Arrested for Taxi Fare Theft
  222. Charges against TSA agent dismissed because the TSA lied
  223. How the TSA beat fliers into submission
  224. Federal Times: House passes bill to demote some TSA officers
  225. What are fighter jet escorts actually for?
  226. Bomb Threat on a plane at YYZ and Swat Team Storms
  227. US Passport & Visa backlog results from State Dept. Glitch
  228. Once a SSSS, always an SSSS?
  229. US No Fly List - how it works internally
  230. Border Patrol points gun and detains scout troop at Canadian Border
  231. Proposals wanted to speed TSA screening... reward offered!?
  232. Man accused of ID theft, credit card fraud at FLL
  233. First Real TSA Encounter-PHX [with an art piece that's an arrow]
  234. DIA Rental Car Agencies Now Dumping Grounds For Pot
  235. Australian checkpoint companies
  236. What documents / info would you like to get from the TSA?
  237. Fake screener probes passengers at SFO
  238. New Security Requirements at FCO - Out With the Old, In With the Old
  239. Reporter stopped because he didn't know effete DC was
  240. Update on Stowaway Teenager
  241. "Do You Want to Fly Today?" - 2014 edition
  242. Drunken man caused a security breach at Sky Harbor
  243. TSA at MCO needs a geography lesson
  244. US BDO/SPOT Programme Question
  245. Kenya advises against travel via Heathrow
  246. Baby milk cartons for long flight from MAN - best things to do?
  247. We're queuing meekly in security, clutching a one-way ticket to disaster...
  248. US AG Holder speaks out on new bombs and reasons for tightened security
  249. Flying domestic with controversial book?
  250. WTMD being removed in "favor" of MMW?