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  1. New security technology? HOU
  2. TSA Officer Arrested for Taxi Fare Theft
  3. Charges against TSA agent dismissed because the TSA lied
  4. How the TSA beat fliers into submission
  5. Federal Times: House passes bill to demote some TSA officers
  6. What are fighter jet escorts actually for?
  7. Bomb Threat on a plane at YYZ and Swat Team Storms
  8. US Passport & Visa backlog results from State Dept. Glitch
  9. Once a SSSS, always an SSSS?
  10. US No Fly List - how it works internally
  11. Border Patrol points gun and detains scout troop at Canadian Border
  12. Proposals wanted to speed TSA screening... reward offered!?
  13. Man accused of ID theft, credit card fraud at FLL
  14. First Real TSA Encounter-PHX [with an art piece that's an arrow]
  15. DIA Rental Car Agencies Now Dumping Grounds For Pot
  16. Australian checkpoint companies
  17. What documents / info would you like to get from the TSA?
  18. Fake screener probes passengers at SFO
  19. New Security Requirements at FCO - Out With the Old, In With the Old
  20. Reporter stopped because he didn't know effete DC was
  21. Update on Stowaway Teenager
  22. "Do You Want to Fly Today?" - 2014 edition
  23. Drunken man caused a security breach at Sky Harbor
  24. TSA at MCO needs a geography lesson
  25. US BDO/SPOT Programme Question
  26. Kenya advises against travel via Heathrow
  27. Baby milk cartons for long flight from MAN - best things to do?
  28. We're queuing meekly in security, clutching a one-way ticket to disaster...
  29. US AG Holder speaks out on new bombs and reasons for tightened security
  30. Flying domestic with controversial book?
  31. WTMD being removed in "favor" of MMW?
  32. no TSA Precheck stamp on boarding card / United airlines
  33. No identification needed: Bergen/Copenhagen
  34. Undocumented aliens Allowed To Fly On Commericial Flights Without ID
  35. Your experience with Automated Passport Control (European airports only)?
  36. Shocker: TSA misses loaded gun, knife on 2 separate PHX-LHR flights
  37. New security regulation about turning on mobile phones LHR-wide?
  38. TSA seizing credit card knives at Sky Harbor
  39. Paranoia at LHR?
  40. New ETD equipment coming?
  41. reusing test strips
  42. New ID scans at security checkpoint?
  43. Sovereign Citizen Dennis Marx, who assaulted a Georgia Courthouse, was a TSA Employee
  44. And the sheeple said, "Baaa-a-a-a-aaa. Baaa-aa-aa-aa?"
  45. Thread burner allowed in carryon?
  46. Heightened security at U.S airports (and overseas?)
  47. USDHS - TSA July 2014: "Enhanced security" overseas airports with US flights
  48. TSA agent arrested after drugs found inside SW Miami-Dade home
  49. Pictures of bags, Dublin preclearance and connections
  50. Federal Judge Rules No-Fly List Violates Constitutional Rights
  51. Response to NPRM re whole body scanning due
  52. Living on Avenue 0 (USA/Canada border)
  53. CATSA - body scanner - wallet in hand?
  54. CBSA jetway passport check
  55. Security breach at YYZ
  56. Customs seized cookies at EWR in June 5
  57. New TSA fees to increase ticket prices in July!
  58. Passport cards and TSA: 2014 update?
  59. Bringing water through security for an infant
  60. Very loose security at LAX...?
  61. Any decrease in flyers, I wonder
  62. Baltimore TSA & Airport Police assault journalist for filming at checkpoint
  63. LAX Customs teaches me a lesson - always buy a souvenir
  64. Passport name mismatch on airline ticket
  65. "Mini Me" Verne Troyer's TSA Search Looks Really Awkward
  66. US visa in expired passport
  67. TSA problem at JFK T8 6/5/14
  68. Traveling domestically with $15K USD.
  69. Why PreCheck has failed to keep its promise
  70. Passport expiry and entry to australia
  71. Flex Your Rights: How to beat a Border Checkpoint in under 2 minutes
  72. TSA Pre-Check question
  73. Choosing US Airports Based on Lines for Customs/Immigration
  74. TSA random baggage screening, not so random?
  75. Nude-O-Scope Experiment Last Night
  76. Traveling with Nitro Pills
  77. New insanity about an Armed Unit in TSO Union Neweletter
  78. Gate Screening in ANC today?
  79. COS -- Still NoS-Free!
  80. Selected for Special Screening? What a joke!
  81. TSA worker attacks with box cutter
  82. Offer of private room pat down mandatory?
  83. Reentering US after using two passports
  84. Springhill Suites by Marriott Sponsors Checkpoint
  85. Boston Arrests Highlight TSA Folly
  86. CBSA doing exit customs checks at YVR
  87. Allowed to Board International Flight to US Without ID Check; Reason for Concern?
  88. fishing tackle in carry-on
  89. Hand grenade @ LAX halts flights
  90. Authority to Trap Passengers in Secure Area
  91. Security breach at Delta McNamara terminal
  92. Money smuggling at BOS
  93. pilot arrested for smuggler cocaine
  94. TSA invading Boston subway system
  95. Transgender travelers singled out in screenings
  96. Exoskeletons?
  97. pat down for milk? and bonus tsa bozo
  98. EWR - excellent entry experience
  99. New requirement to swipe passport when exiting the US and Canada
  100. Can anyone tell me what these devices are at US land crossings?
  101. Family visiting USA !
  102. But this isn't cabotage.
  103. Liquids 100ml - Hand luggage restrictions
  104. What questions were you as a US citizen asked by US border patrol agents?
  105. Urgent: Getting an EU Passport Stamp Retroactively
  106. AUS>LHR>BOM w/ 90 minute gate change?
  107. Can I leave a checkpoint?
  108. Starting them young (a lighthearted TSA story)
  109. House candidate: I’d ‘rather see’ terror attack than TSA screening
  110. TSA supervisor busted for having sex with underage girls in the Dominican Republic
  111. Image from a body scanner used at a jail
  112. Frozen liquid is still a liquid?
  113. TSA missed it
  114. New FSD Named DL Wright at FLL
  115. Laser tech could scan liquids to end the 3-1-1 stupidity
  116. TSA cuts a deal with the air marshal director to avoid any discipline
  117. French woman with "terrorist name" on no-fly list
  118. UA: Remove Google Glass due to security concerns
  119. Poll: 'Majority of Americans Believe TSA PreCheck Hurts Security'
  120. My good experiences with TSA at PHL
  121. In Lawsuit, American Muslims Claim FBI Used No-Fly List To Bully Them
  122. Video: TSA Gives Full Body Pat Down to 2 and 6 Year Old Children
  123. Honor Flights = NO Security
  124. Miniature hangman’s noose left in my bag after TSA search!
  125. TSA Says Pistol Decoration on Purse is “Offensive” to Travelers
  126. SJC stowaway could have planted a bomb instead
  127. Adventures with money hungry airport security screeners in Africa
  128. Are HHMD making a comeback?
  129. Multiple US Entries with short leave between
  130. TSA Officers Can Be Sued Over Baggage Search
  131. in case you were curious who gets a pat down...
  132. Man makes bomb threat, TSA lets him proceed to gate
  133. Stroke victim turned away
  134. TSA and fines.
  135. WWI artillery shells found in luggage at ORD
  136. Air Marshal director Resigns Amid Agency Gun Scheme Probe
  137. Throw away previous civil disobedience and accept free PreCheck?
  138. TSA denies boarding to disabled woman w/o current ID
  139. TSA and Chase Saphire Preferred
  140. Imam kicked off plane for "doubtful" use of airplane lav?
  141. Off duty TSO rescues woman from oncoming Chicago subway train
  142. ACLU: A Tour of the TSA’s Testing Facility
  143. Sky Marshals powers
  144. Finally! MIA will get more passport control agent
  145. Removal from "No-Fly" List
  146. LAX workers busted for stealing from suitcases
  147. Enhanced (really!) procedures for Customs at JFK
  148. Confiscated electronics?
  149. Pensacola (PSN): Man jumps airport fence, found in pilot seat of cargo plane
  150. NYT on behavior detection, again
  151. WHSR/TSA Sr Exec Industry Forum April 3, 2014
  152. Report's key details of LAX 2013 shooting
  153. Has MH370 changed the way you feel about flying in 2nd rate security nations ?
  154. Problems in Clark CRK
  155. Predictions For TSA Response to MH370
  156. Liquids gate-confiscated at EZE, but duty free OK???
  157. TSA cifiscates a "grenade-shaped" perfume bottle and closes lane at PHX
  158. State police roadblock at BOS
  159. [URGENT] nickname used as first name on international flight
  160. Is your bag secure? Luggage tampered in seconds.
  161. TSA following Trusted Travelers' internet usage?
  162. What’s Inside Some SXSW Attendees’ Bags Is Causing Airport Security Problems?
  163. Small cuticle clipper taken away at SYD
  164. Workplace Discrimination Issues Related to Pat-Downs
  165. Six TSOs "randomly" Checking IDs at Gate this morning at ATL
  166. Why are stolen passports not detected?
  167. TSA Agent Calls Passenger an Idiot; Wraps Himself in USA Flag, Flicks off Passenger
  168. Androderm Patch Foil Backing
  169. passport Control Regime at KLIA
  170. "Upskirting" and the TSA in Massachusetts?
  171. DHS Seeking comments on improving Civil Aviation Security rules
  172. They'll Swab Anything strikes again - doesn't recognize a frozen meatloaf
  173. Checks for Oversized Luggage at the Checkpoint?
  174. Strange TSA comment
  175. TSA to fliers at Sky Harbor: Leave guns, knives, bowling pins at home
  176. Best Practices on Filming TSA (From an Article on TSA Supervisor Prohibiting This)
  177. Qatar pushing for US preclearance facility at new Doha Airport
  178. TSA employee dumps water in the trash can behind security
  179. "Secrecy at the Border": NPR's On The Media
  180. Will wearing Google Glass be allowed
  181. Sunglasses fiasco: any rule/logic or just more TSA idiocy?
  182. 9/11 Widow Creates Video Depicting How Easily, Quickly a Hijacker Can Enter Cockpit
  183. WP: "D.C. resident: TSA agent questioned if license from nation’s capital was valid"
  184. Delta passengers bypass immigration at JFK
  185. Manager... just the Manager
  186. The TSA is looking for Bitcoin
  187. What maladies get you on the CDC no fly list?
  188. TSA let me keep the shoes on
  189. Scotland wants US pre clearance
  190. Confiscating Aluminum Foil and Watching Out for Solar Powered Bomb
  191. DHS cancels license plate tracking scam, er plan
  192. Out of an Abundance of Caution DHS Issues New Shoe Bomber Alert
  193. Flight Delayed Because Man Writes In Arabic
  194. Why is Homeland Security policing people recording movies?
  195. FCO passport control - No passport inspections?
  196. Be on your best behavior in EWR Terminal B
  197. NSA, Homeland Security Admit They Shouldn’t Have Blocked Sale Of Parody Merchandise
  198. TSA fun at Fort Lauderdale
  199. 1st Time w/ PreCheck... Ended up with a full patdown (CVG)
  200. Paper Plane = Terrorist?
  201. TSA agent basically rummages by bag
  202. TSA Cluster-Feelup in Atlanta (ATL) when Flights Resumed after Snowstorm
  203. Travelling from Germany to Sweden without passport.
  204. WaPo:TSA officers to demonstrate for worker protections Wednesday
  205. It's Woody This Time, Not Sock Monkey
  206. Hacked X-Rays Could Slip Guns Past Airport Security
  207. “He’s Wearing a Diaper!”: TSA Agent Humiliates Cancer Victim
  208. Your Body Odor Could Be Your New ID Card
  209. How good is UK consular services and protection?
  210. Homeland Security bans carry-on liquids on flights from US to Russia
  211. Sometimes, TSA is not as evil it seems to us.
  212. Get Ready to Give Up Your Toothpaste
  213. Big wrong turn for man carrying gun in car may lead to 3-year jail term in Canada
  214. Two more TSA screeners arrested
  215. Do you know who your TSA ombudsman is?
  216. Stop the nonsense about children's juices!
  217. NSA and "five/six eyes" partners spy on airport passengers using wifi network
  218. US travel, B1 Domestic Employee Visa
  219. TSA loosens international booze carry-on rules
  220. TSA to inspect NJ Transit passenger bags at Super Bowl
  221. 'Dear America, I Saw You Naked'
  222. Pot-friendly states can't really stop carry-on weed
  223. CBP check on a domestic flight?
  224. Air Choice One and TSA screening
  225. "We can trust them because they've been vetted"
  226. Supreme Court ruling backs airlines in reporting possible threats
  227. Body Scanners being installed in Zambia
  228. BHX goes off the deep end... over haggis
  229. SFO Intl PreCheck Lane?
  230. Oddball passport question CAN<->USA
  231. New DHS Jeh Johnson
  232. LANChile Pilot arrested with cocaine at LAX
  233. AUH is finally open US pre-clearance facility
  234. 'The TSA Blog: TSA Blog Year in Review: 2013'
  235. Man with Google Glass gets questioned by DHS at movie theater
  236. TSA video aimed at kids
  237. Issue with CBP at land borders and now airports, help!
  238. What Should and Shouldn't Be Allowed on a Plane?
  239. KUL security out-TSA's the TSA
  240. NY Jets QB Geno Smith kicked off from VX after refusing get off the cellphone
  241. Former Miami Dolphins arrested at FLL for assaulting on BSO
  242. Denver woman's sexual assault complaint over ETD-alarm patdown being investigated
  243. Former TSA Employees Move Into Mobile Apps
  244. Lawmakers Threaten TSA with Private Screeners
  245. TSA supervisor at Charlotte Douglas fired over theft allegations
  246. Pipe bomb? No problem. Have a safe flight sir!
  247. From another forum: An unusual border/citizenship situation
  248. AA settles 9.11 dispute with Cantor Fitzgerald
  249. YVR Customs Question
  250. AVOID FLL!