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  1. DHS now in Hotels
  2. Fear of Flying
  3. tsa lock missing
  4. TSA may be downplaying WBI cancer risks
  5. checking in contact lens solution
  6. Dog Food and USDA Beagle
  7. Holloween
  8. USA finger print scanners - any problems using a different country's passport?
  9. Sometimes we need a chuckle: A Halloween cartoon
  10. CPAP machines
  11. New FAA Threat level
  12. Security in Canada/US attitude to Gift Wrapped Present
  13. Airport Security View Towards Having a Bag full of Vitamins
  14. What is acceptable ID?
  15. TSA at Harvard Square MBTA Station 10/25/2011?
  16. RE: Is a UPS a restricted item?
  17. "Get your freak on girl" writes TSA agent..
  18. LGW South Terminal: Use of NoS?
  19. New Global Entry process at LAX?
  20. Many thanks to everybody in TS&S
  21. Has anyone successfully gotten a Global Entry card AFTER enrolling in GE?
  22. Global Entry - Error message
  23. Concealed handguns on Amtrak
  24. Possible to use flight history tracks to analyse possible near miss?
  25. ORD TSO: "This is not an X-Ray Machine"
  26. Security gate questions on flying out of LAS
  27. How much radiation are you exposed to on a plane?
  28. TSA and "travel" laundry detergent
  29. BOS opt-out, carryon not in sight
  30. AIT & Pregnancy
  31. CATSA question - Travel with Ice Packs?
  32. Garment Bag Carry Ons?
  33. Help--Trip in 1 Week while Passport Languishes at Charleston Passport Agency
  34. CDG fun
  35. Number of bottles of liquid
  36. Currently have Global Entry, requested a card -- now I need to interview again?
  37. portable breastpump as carry on
  38. Liquid checks at the gate at SLC
  39. Getting into US under VISA Waiver while having a b1 visa
  40. Is Pimento Cheese a liquid?
  41. TSA Random Gate Inspection - Where to File Complaint?
  42. Triple "L". I actually feel human again!
  43. Who has flown BWI in the last week or so?
  44. TSOs out on the AOA? Good heavens.
  45. I got finally got SPOTed
  46. Pass TSA checkpoint with a Torah pointer in carry-on (link to pic inside)?
  47. handcuffs in carry-on: yes or no?
  48. Useful tips for safety traveling
  49. Global Entry - Customs form with Non-GE member
  50. What's Difference Between WTMD Alarm 'Pat' Down and Opt-Out 'Pat' Down?
  51. 'SSSS' on boarding pass
  52. PHL - Going into the "wrong" terminal
  53. Ripped US Passport
  54. Round-tipped scissors ok to fly?
  55. Actual Day 1 Experience with Trusted Traveler at DFW gates C 26-39!
  56. Consumption of large amounts of Alcohol on planes
  57. Bass Guitar as Carry-On for Delta flight?
  58. WSJ: Training for a Plane Crash
  59. Carry-on beef to AMS
  60. How to pack Play-Doh
  61. No cookies for TSO's (naughty OR nice)
  62. Are the "warning" pictures for WBI still required in the queues?
  63. Speaking of scanners and backscatters... LHR
  64. Getting 2 dozen cupcakes through secuity at DCA
  65. How to remove stickers from passports?
  66. Baby ettiquette/rules
  67. best/worst Canada airports (non-US)?
  68. LAX Customs recently, any additional major headaches?
  69. L-Word Star Kicked Off Southwest Flight For Kissing Girlfriend
  70. How to carry RX Insulin-type medicine
  71. wallets
  72. Airports to Avoid for Carrying Baggage Counters to TSA Screening / Inefficiencies
  73. How to "Declare" a liquid > 3.4 oz.
  74. How do you feel about MMW vs Backscatter?
  75. TSO Cancer Cluster at LAX?
  76. Security and ID for 16 year olds?
  77. US Passport Renewal at a Consulate or Embassy
  78. Opting out but not sending stuff thru xray until TSO is present?
  79. Terminal dump at MAN
  80. A Change we should like at YYZ - GE Kiosk
  81. Advise Your US Bank Prior to Travel ?
  82. VISA requirements for US citizens when connecting through Colombia
  83. What to do if you are robbed during airport screening in Canada (Toronto Sun Article)
  84. Airserv BP/ID check at IAD, top of escalators (again)
  85. Coca tea, worth the bother?
  86. Will carrying this in my checked baggages cause me trouble?
  87. New way to deal with TSA giving you lip about a NEXUS card
  88. PIT-Specific Security Questions/Advice
  89. Midnight taxi from Edsa Shangri la to the airport
  90. Lima Peru Airport Plastic Bags Policy
  91. liquids into airside
  92. Carry-on a pumpkin?
  93. Why was I tagged for carry-on bag search and patdown?
  94. TSA Agents Accused Of Being Bribed With Gift Cards To Help Drug Dealers
  95. Preferred security line for people with one bag???
  96. Why is there no security on Greyhound?
  97. TSA at Boston's Back Bay train/"T" station (BBY)
  98. Why do CBP officers keep singling me out for luggage searches?
  99. More Ineptitude: Public Announcement in AGS
  100. We are now allowed to check watches??
  101. Elite Status = less intensive screening
  102. Security with severe knee injury?
  103. Scanning fingerprints of US citizens?
  104. Hazardous materials in cargo area?
  105. Jet Bridge carry on inspections at HKG
  106. Got my license renewal in the mail today, can opt for Select ID
  107. Global Entry is soooo worth it
  108. Travelling with Lost ID - Any recent experiences?
  109. Can an unaccompanied 15 year old enter the U.S.?
  110. Anyone altering travel plans around 9/11?
  111. 300 new AIT units to be deployed
  112. New TSA question for women
  113. Global Entry Interview at HNL
  114. A serious question seeking a logical answer: Teamwork handling of belongings
  115. Fellow FFers - Are you seeing more opt-outs lately?
  116. self select success - bras setting off metal detectors
  117. Pronounce your name game leads to s-l-o-w SSSS at AUS
  118. Going Through Checkpoints With A Walking Boot?
  119. Using Global Travel Entry Kiosk- any experience?
  120. Want to help create a TSA "just the facts" resource?
  121. Security at Schiphol
  122. "Please do not remove [these bins]"
  123. NEXUS eligibility with misdemeanor (property) conviction
  124. Safety Question - DC9 Generators
  125. Mouse On Plane "diverts" KTM-BKK flight (let's have some fun)
  126. Global entry interview at NY Wine and Food Fest
  127. Connecting airports in Europe that don't force you to go through security again?
  128. Belfast - mandatory NoS like other UK airport?
  129. fingerprint scan
  130. Powder for drink OK for carry-on (TSA)?
  131. Duty Free Carry Or Not?
  132. DFW gets updated scanners
  133. Shoe removal now required at Beijing
  134. Name for Secure Flight
  135. Please Read: Important Information
  136. speculoos and tsa
  137. Avoiding WBI at ORD UA Terminal 1?
  138. Global Entry Website Trouble?
  139. BOS: a mixed bag (and how to address issue?)
  140. 2 False Pos @ CLT, Handled Extremely Well
  141. New Global Entry card - from where do they get your picture?
  142. Additional Costs of a NOS Free Route
  143. passport renewal question
  144. ?? Baggage Theft by Airline Employees ??
  145. Amtrak: Ask A Security Expert
  146. Started off TSA at FLL's day the right way
  147. Curious about aborted landing
  148. MCO Debacle
  149. Canadian (BC) driver's licence? No. Nexus? No. Costco card? OK!
  150. Opting Out?
  151. Yet Another Screening Fail (ALB/LAS Edition)
  152. Aeromexico FO arrested in MAD
  153. US's Parker: Expect TSA to Become Carry-On Police
  154. Adios, amigo: Raising a glass to original TS/S moderator, Cholula!
  155. Man Arrested for Feeding Pigeons Near Bob Hope Airport
  156. Email to Global Entry Members About New Trusted traveler program
  157. JFK T8 (AA) Friday, 8/19/11
  158. Back scatter/formal notice & public comment
  159. Which MMW's have been "updated"?
  160. Medicines on board
  161. First Air, crash
  162. Spray Sunscreen Aerosol
  163. TLV Security
  164. TSA: very effective?
  165. Dick Cavett Opt Outs Himself
  166. Cheaper explosives detection (and tastier, too)
  167. How does one identify the higher ranking clerks?
  168. Over The Top? Hawaiian Airlines Air Marshal goes Medieval on impaired passenger
  169. Service Animal Fiasco
  170. SFO T2 Metal Detector & Random Beep
  171. Airlines Endanger Passengers -- Again -- During Violent Storms
  172. Gorillapod through security
  173. Identity of SEA Current FSD for TSA
  174. Selective patdown for child alarming WBI
  175. RFID Global Entry Card procedure?
  176. The Name Game has made it to Lubbock
  177. Screening fail: Fireworks found on board WN flight
  178. Returning to US with Potentially Strange Package
  179. Travel Insurance for Hawaii
  180. French police are more lenient when it comes to drunks peeing on planes
  181. A tip for picture taking
  182. Watch Out For Larceny in the Air
  183. Man smuggling bear paws arrested at Vancouver airport
  184. 100 ml bottles through TSA
  185. Secure Flight twist: employer asking candidate DOB for booking interview trip
  186. [RANT] GE vs NEXUS Enrollment Fee
  187. Global Entry & Passport Renewal
  188. Risked Based Security for pax aged 12 and under
  189. Family traveling with infant, what to expect?
  190. Should a traveler alert TSA of an "SSSS" warning he has?
  191. Updating Your Delta Profile for New TSA Trusted Traveler Program
  192. Another pleasant arrival in Canada
  193. Newark/Miami Connections Security Checkpoints
  194. Closest airport to SAT that is "NoS-free"? Perhaps GRK?
  195. Foot fetish at SAT? Plus laughter about radiation exposure
  196. No ID check at TXL?
  197. How long to clear Customs to/from YVR?
  198. NoS and PHL
  199. Get your stuff back?
  200. TSA questions passenger who has fake head in his bag
  201. 3 arrested after fake bomb at Sky Harbor
  202. Presenting a US passport to the TDC?
  203. No More Form 6059B For Global Entry???
  204. TPA/Tampa International Airport getting new Scanners
  205. Playboy Playmate arrested with gun at checkpoint
  206. Is the transfer check as bad at ORD as it is at DFW?
  207. Carry-on Calipers?
  208. Adult passport app and can't find child passport
  209. Please somebody help!!
  210. IR cameras at BOS Logan?
  211. Travel Tip: Don't Tape Your Cell Phone to a Container of Paste-Like Substance
  212. Aug 8, 2011 NY Post: Crime is Soaring at JFK
  213. How to destroy/hammer an RFID chip in a passport
  214. Travelling with food kept chilled with "ice" packs
  215. Gibraltar/La Línea border - times, what to expect?
  216. Entering Schengen Area
  217. New opt-out record set at LAS?
  218. Global Entry Interview
  219. Live Video Uploads for Checkpoint Filmers
  220. Jetblue Expedited Security : Newark
  221. Kicked off Southwest flight for being emotional
  222. Passport Card
  223. Bottles of liquor ok in FRA
  224. YYZ Iris Scan location
  225. Scotch Tape confiscated in Delhi
  226. Photography at BWI - some real answers
  227. Entry in US with Green card vs Passport
  228. Gun parts found in TPA womens restroom
  229. Flying with a Kindle - unpack for Security?
  230. Darius Miles caught with loaded gun at STL
  231. Security at Baggage claim areas?
  232. ORD security
  233. Safety of Flying with FAA Airport Inspectors Furloughed?
  234. Omaha airport terminal evacuated
  235. Checked into an occupied room
  236. Why I am harassed over ice every single time?
  237. Refusing "Say Your Name" and new SPOT Questions: Opt-Out Experiences
  238. New gauntlet to jump over at IAD...
  239. Delta 191 Was 26 Years Ago Today
  240. IAD missed his pocket knife
  241. Security Theater at BWI Today
  242. Removing watch at LHR
  243. I must look sketchy
  244. Got to go to the private room tonight 7/31
  245. Checked baggage theft prevention?
  246. Rochester TSA (McNeil Security) trashes my bag!
  247. Requesting a private screening for the say your name carnival
  248. Getting Through Security: Gate Passes, Lounge Day Pass, Refundable Ticket & More
  249. Buying Refundable Ticket on Another Airline to Obviate Inability to Web Check-In
  250. Traveling with a large coin collection

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