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  1. CLEAR unauthorized renewal.
  2. BA Flight Safety Course 21st June
  3. tsa agents at gate for arriving flight(?)
  4. New passport/updating GE info?
  5. Belt confiscated in Frankfurt security....really???
  6. Long Customs Exit Line after quick stop at the GE Kiosk
  7. Opt out of WTMD after opting out of NoS?
  8. Hot Dogs from Malaysia/Singapore--Will They Let it Through?
  9. Airsoft Weapons in Check-in Luggage?
  10. Is opting opt of the nudoscope permitted in Canada, UK, Netherlands?
  11. DEN early morning SODD likelihood?
  12. legal name change travel
  13. Are overweight pax safe in today's seats?
  14. Westchester County Airport(HPN) To Receive Full Body Scanners
  15. PreCheck w/GE: Why some may be failing to get LLL
  16. Help! - Rochester (ROC) NY's Contract Guards saw my Online TSA Complaint & Retaliated
  17. I have GE--now what?
  18. Show passport yes but hand over?
  19. Someone else's combination padlock on my luggage! ???
  20. HKIA to Macau
  21. GE card time to mail
  22. Were You Groped By the TSA?
  23. PreCheck: Successful use for int'l flights/use with GE card alone
  24. Lap Dance from a TSA Agent
  25. Doh! Entered incorrect Trusted Traveler #
  26. Anti body scanner clothing
  27. PreCheck Coming to MCO, So What Happens to Clear?
  28. Question regarding ESTA and names on e-ticket
  29. Travelling with electronic/computer equipment
  30. Safety razor blade or electric shaver in check-in
  31. carry on medication.
  32. Question re: Name Game
  33. TSA Pre-Check starts in SEA Apr. 24th
  34. London Stansted (STN) travel report
  35. Losing my WTMD lane at SEA to Pre-check
  36. Have You Accidentally Brought a Prohibited Item Onboard?
  37. What's Allowed in Carry-On??
  38. London Gatwick - Security pat-downs
  39. Location of security at FLL
  40. Corporate Travel Site Not Asking for Known Traveler Number
  41. State ID and plane ticket info don't match
  42. Can I get through security with another airlines boarding pass?
  43. Anyone Else Having Recognition Problems at Global Entry Kiosk?
  44. Can anyone point me to on the TSA webpage...
  45. Cellphones on planes
  46. Are TSOs allowed to sift through your wallet?
  47. Global Entry and MCO?
  48. Apologies in advance: BKSK vs. MMW safety
  49. Name game at AUS
  50. FAA's Terminal Doppler Weather Radar Measures Tornado
  51. Traveling With Face Products Question
  52. Security at GVA and MAD, and traveling with Gu
  53. luggage 'pulled by TSA' for inspection
  54. USA - TSA tests ID scanning machines at IAD
  55. TS&S legal forum: What, exactly, can TSOs ask about prescriptions you are carrying?
  56. Got My New Passport (USA) But...
  57. Identity Theft
  58. Is LGA now playing the SFO name game?
  59. Vienna - passport also put through xray scanner - is this the norm in VIE?
  60. Flagged for secondary inspection by US Customs?
  61. Flying with Expired Driver's License, but LOC card acceptable ?
  62. Connecting from Canada to Central America: go through MEX or a US airport?
  63. Lost Photo ID
  64. US Permanent resident can be deported for crimes
  65. CDG-LHR-LAX or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb: Shell Casing travel
  66. People walking into DCA concourse through the exit
  67. What do I need for Business Meeting in US?
  68. How do you handle expensive watches (and jewelry) through airport security?
  69. Is TSA Pre Check Airline Specific ?
  70. My Wife Was Assaulted on a Delta Flight in Front of a Useless Flight Delta Flight Att
  71. To everyone who locks their carryon through security...
  72. TSA indifference on JFK Air Train
  73. Dog kibble in my shoes?
  74. Pre Line Question
  75. Any one apply for Global Entry just for Precheck?
  76. I got Precheck without the Global Entry interview?
  77. Shocking behavior at JFK Term 4 Immigrations
  78. Nexus/GE Fingerprint Scanning at YYZ - Appointment Required?
  79. Heads up for IAD
  80. Global Entry / NEXUS vs. Reckless Driving in CO
  81. Need quick help. Friend just lost her photo ID. Can she fly tomorrow?
  82. Last Minute Tickets and Extra Screening
  83. NEXUS application and change of address
  84. Carry photo frame through security?
  85. PreChek and Global Entry
  86. Stupid question on radiation test
  87. ORD Pre-Check opens for AA
  88. Global Entry for Swedish citizen and resident
  89. How to avoid being separated from your luggage during an opt-out?
  90. US CBP Incompetence: Trusted Traveler Program (GOES)
  91. Airport-Friendly Belts and shoes
  92. U.S. CBP preclearance in Calgary
  93. Ease of avoiding NoS at CLT
  94. Can minis of liquor be brought in carry on?
  95. Puddie, Pen Purloining TSA Agent to face trial
  96. lhr (heathrow) transfer security issue
  97. Schengen Landing/Arrival/Immigration Card
  98. Opt out experience in Burbank
  99. Changed Setup for Security Lines at MDW
  100. What became of polar survival suits?
  101. What to answer on "why do you opt out"?
  102. Screening Device Left in Bag
  103. Shirts w/ Metallic Design
  104. Interesting youtube how to to get ANYTHING past the TSA nude o scopes.
  105. Clearing times at FLL
  106. FLL will have Trusted Traveler in this summer
  107. Transporting dodgy looking equipment in luggage
  108. Entry in to DFW
  109. Missed my flight at MFE because of ID refusal and secondary - questions:
  110. Robot as carry-on
  111. LAPD Boarding Rental Care Courtesy Buses and Asking Questions - What's that About?
  112. Can TSA check Mobile boarding passes?
  113. Will my hot pot pass TSA?
  114. Safety Briefings, well worth watching.
  115. Help! Lost Passport
  116. Israeli visiting russia
  117. Colgan Airline facing $153,000 fine from FAA for inadequate crew rest
  118. New to Regional Jets w/ Several Questions
  119. Middle name problems?
  120. Haitian visiting U.S. on 1-way ticket
  121. Would you check in a bag for someone?
  122. Broken PA - Is it a Safety Issue for FAA?
  123. Damaged baggage claim procedure
  124. Global Entry - Can Citation Remove My Membership?
  125. Is There Any Value To An Enhanced Driver License?
  126. Scanner without adjacent WTMD
  127. A functional RFID chip in your passport may be a requirement
  128. Unisex Security Check OSL?
  129. Security in the Azores confiscated my wine opener
  130. Flight to Guam from SFO; Passport Required?
  131. Sending a bread machine through as checked bag
  132. Weird "will this pass TSA" question... Avocado
  133. Shaving Cream Confiscated...
  134. Security Baggage Claim Question - BOS
  135. bad experience at heathrow
  136. new zurich (zrh) secuity proceedures
  137. TSA Spokesperson Sari Koshetz: Valuables should NEVER be put loosely in a TSA bin
  138. SNN Pre-Clearance
  139. @PDX and fuming mad right now
  140. US ESTA - New One Required After Change of Country of Residence?
  141. tsa check-in on 021612 @JFK
  142. Restricted exits at DFW Terminals after 9 PM and related issues
  143. Passports are now not valid for TSA security for domestic flights?
  144. Safety/security in Bogota for biz travelers?
  145. Please don't post non travel safety items here
  146. Most disorganized security setup for terminals
  147. Travelling with leg brace
  148. WTMD compatible belt
  149. Why are Federal Reserve Police at the airport?
  150. Nexus Conditional Approval Notice Question
  151. Flight aborted today after take off?
  152. Cell Phones on Airplanes
  153. pre-check expanding to 28 new airports
  154. Stolen cameras in checked luggage
  155. Travel to Maldives?
  156. An open switchblade fell out of overhead compartment and almost hit someone today!
  157. Valueables on a flight?
  158. Aviation Weather
  159. Blood pressure monitor in carry-on bag
  160. Paddling On The Rio Grande River. Bad Idea?
  161. Is TSA now allowing full-size toothpaste and hairspray in carry-on?(no ziplock bag)
  162. Yet another thief working for the TSA at JFK
  163. What is your personal opt-out policy?
  164. Rear-facing seats in emergency landing - position?
  165. how many times are you allowed to cross the US/Canada border by car each day?
  166. Passport expiration
  167. Traveling in Military Uniform?
  168. ID requirements
  169. screwed up TT application
  170. Frequently asked questions by the TSA
  171. GE expands to MSP, PHX, DEN and CLT
  172. Privacy question - in regards to personal information.
  173. Birth dates: why a mountain out of a molehill?
  174. TSA mistakes insulin pump for gun
  175. Eyeglasses in the seat back pocket
  176. Incase Neoprene Sleeve -- Checkpoint Friendly?
  177. epi pen
  178. Cooling the A320 landing gear with mobile air-conditioning unit !!!
  179. Global Entry fingerprint quest.
  180. using digital cameras/video cams during t/o & landing
  181. Tornadoes: Still A Danger to Airline Passengers
  182. Global Entry Only Charged Me $50
  183. Some PTVs INOP, should F/As do manual safety demo?
  184. Kicked Off Plane For Wearing Underwear?
  185. Body scanners at MAN and personal belongings?
  186. securing my laptop at the hotel room
  187. US immigration questions
  188. Advice - passport name ticket name mismatch
  189. Pdx elite security gone
  190. FYI - DHS will visit your site to interview multiple Global Entry applicants
  191. Can I Bring my Non-EU Passport Child Through the EU Line at LHR?
  192. Plane security breached by thief overnight
  193. Should I apply for Global Entry?
  194. Recovering "Surrendered" Items
  195. 'Trusted traveler' accused of hauling $1M of meth
  196. FA Sleeping on Flight
  197. Ziplocks inside ziplock in carry-on?
  198. $410K in change at airport security checkpoints in 2010
  199. GE vs. Privium, Dutch vs. American
  200. Must belts without buckles be removed?
  201. Little Dog in TSA Security Checkpoint Bin and...
  202. Aerosol Hairspray & Liquid Makeup
  203. Security Experiences during my trip: Generally good for the most part...
  204. Knitters Beware
  205. Global Entry - Walk thru when agent occupied
  206. The men and women up front
  207. Question about ATL Security After Customs
  208. Set up your own personal backscatter xray checkpoint
  209. traveling with with medication internationally
  210. Can my wife fly??
  211. Question on being questioned upon land entry into US
  212. Please Open Windowshades for Takeoffs and Landings please
  213. Global entry declarations
  214. Some TSOs are getting cold feet
  215. multi-lingual information - incorrect
  216. I always get "SSSS" when traveling from Canada. Is there anyway to make it go away?
  217. Police Officer as a Witness for TSA Patdown?
  218. AC passenger connecting through LAX: oohs & ahhs
  219. passport agency requesting additional documents
  220. Oxygen pressure
  221. brand new server taken from luggage
  222. Only guest in the building!
  223. ? about medication larger than 3 oz.
  224. Skies Are Now So Safe on U.S. Flights That Experts Turn Focus to 'Surface Threats'
  225. Thoroughness of CBP departure searches at land borders
  226. Overnight (domestic) connection on int'l itin; passport requirements?
  227. SFO TSA removing passport cover
  228. Anyone use a RFID blocking passport case?
  229. Are gel pack/wine coolers allowed by TSA?
  230. Friendly Skies!
  231. Hannukah Candles and Aluminum Foil - Allowed in Carry-On?
  232. Any Experience With TSA Damaged Bags?
  233. Alzheimers!?
  234. Haven't travelled in awhile...still 3oz. for carry-on?
  235. Global Entry question - omitted countries from application.
  236. Flew with a rather old expired DL at ORD, told to walk through scanner after opt-out
  237. Entry to the US- Please help this worried Brit!
  238. I lost all forms of id and now stuck
  239. Short Term Kidnap/Ransom Insurance?
  240. Entry to US on temporary Dutch passport?
  241. Why the patdown??
  242. Canadian through US Customs @LAX
  243. question on crossing US/CDN border
  244. Metal part used in trolley repair
  245. GE/SENTRI Clarification: One-way only, right?
  246. MMW preferred by DHS?
  247. NYT article on AA baggage handlers at JFK
  248. Mileage run to Mexico?
  249. GRB security 'CLOSED FOR LUNCH'!. Come back at 1:05 pm
  250. help with packing and declaring food/meds, and that 311 bag