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  1. Connecting the dots and privacy...
  2. LGA-ATL flight diverted because of a bottle of water
  3. How far in advance to Philly Intl?
  4. How often does TSA mix-up articles among searched bags?
  5. Ryanair's one-photo summary of the new security procedures
  6. Future bookings
  7. Parody: Leaving on a Jet plane, TSA style
  8. Seen the new TSA website? "Our Approach - Unpredictability"
  9. How I brought aboard a bottle of water...
  10. Funding for the terror plot from South Africa? Paging GUWonder
  11. Fly thru SJU: Would you check or carry-on?
  12. More info on where your tax dollars are going...
  13. Baking Soda in lieu of toothpaste?
  14. FAM Giveaway
  15. Would Lavatory Chemical Sensors Improve In-Flight Security & Ease The Liquids Ban?
  16. Perhaps another reason to do away with shoe removal?
  17. UA supports this madness
  18. Today's NY Times letter to the editor re: security
  19. Blogged stopped from taking photos on BA
  20. Wait times at DFW transiting throughF Gatwick
  21. Now your government wants to know what size bed you sleep in
  22. FAM hearsay - but I'll throw it in anyway....
  23. When will TSA ban on liquids/gels end?
  24. Latest security slowdown
  25. TSA fines
  26. Saline Spray Is Legal
  27. Tip Of The Hat To The Updated, Re-Formatted, User Friendly & Informative
  28. Liquids wont set off metal detector
  29. eWeek: the Art of Checking Your Laptop as Luggage
  30. O.T. - Snakes on YOUR plane Safety Card!
  31. DCA TSA Videos: "Shoe removal not mandatory"
  32. TSA Wait Times - BWI - Tuesdays - Accurate?
  33. Carryon cooler with blue ice ice pack
  34. Flight crews traveling as pax bringing drinks on board?
  35. Frozen Bottled Water?
  36. Is denture adhesive allowed in carry on?
  37. Are we really at risk from snacks on a plane?
  38. Pilots and airline staff vent fury over ‘shameful and stupid’ security
  39. I can't carry on toothpaste, but DHS dines with JonBenet pedophile suspect in Thai J?
  40. Why can't you bring stuff onboard that is purchased in the "sterile" area?
  41. Do they really care if you bring water on board?
  42. Another emergency landing
  43. DHS follies cont.: Brown people stopped from going to Disneyland by ATL ICE
  44. What's the rationale behind the new hand-baggage size limits ex-UK?
  45. Suspicious pair taken off plane at Manchester - fear wins
  46. TSA testing new security technologies
  47. Gate Agent comment about the 'new' carryon restrictions...
  48. First chance to post on the new restrictions
  49. disposable terrorists and fake plots
  50. TSA = Thousands Standing Around
  51. Tooth Powder
  52. Poor Form By Aussie Airports To Adopt Higher Security.
  53. Duty-free allowed at SFO pier G, including liquids
  54. What's the elite line status at DCA like these days?
  55. International (Asia) rules??
  56. Current carry-on policy to/from UK airports?
  57. Has anyone had any success with the "these are orthopedic" shoes ploy?
  58. Puffer and shoe removal
  59. Give GE all your private info & "You Can Leave Your Shoes On", avoid gonorrhea
  60. German Suitcase Bombs Were Primed to Go Off, Kill on Regional Train
  61. Every Airport Traveller to be Fingerprinted in Europe
  62. LHR Security Wait-Times and Procedures
  63. What compels people to read barf bags?
  64. UMUC offers homeland security degrees - training for DHS and TSA?
  65. Is Food Allowed?
  66. What's Permissible In Carry-On and Checked Luggage?
  67. MKE TSA allows water on a plane! Does common sense prevail?
  68. Heads-up in Houston: SPOT program
  69. It's been a week and nothing's better
  70. Washington Post on Pax Reactions to Bans
  71. Travel industry asks for delay in new passport requirements
  72. Bottled Water
  73. How are DIAMOND BUYERS transporting what they used to hand carry from overseas?
  74. Air Travelers Discovering What Will and Won't Fly
  75. Charles Peña: Flying the Unfriendly Skies
  76. What's the deal with this West Virginia thing?
  77. Today's terminal dump brought to you by Huntington, WV
  78. I think those complaint letters to TSA must work.
  79. How much lead time are people giving themselves at the airport?
  80. Infant Tylenol
  81. MCI security wait-times/procedures
  82. Airport security checks to extend across EU
  83. Great job you're doin', Hawley!
  84. 35 mm film and the new ban -- what to do?
  85. Another Photography Ban
  86. SPOT program has already resulted in a lawsuit
  87. The future of airline security
  88. TATP, Synthesis, and the British Plot: An Analysis
  89. Avoid Southwest at BWI...
  90. Who is Lobbying for More Intelligent TSA Practices?
  91. Never yell at the TSA
  92. Better Security? Why Not Implemented?
  93. Electronic Car Keys (And "Fobs")
  94. abc news-babies are the next banned item
  95. I nearly started yelling at a TSA guard
  96. Flights to US Currently Delayed By US Government Pax Manifest Demand?
  97. Interview with Chertoff (from July 2006)
  98. My thoughts on the whole Water Ban and Security.
  99. cockpit door
  100. Port (of Seattle) terminal evacuated over possible bomb
  101. Your time or Corporate time?
  102. Radioactive injection causes Vancouver man to trip border alarm
  103. Pat-downs (female) post 8/10
  104. Shoe policy - Contradictary information
  105. Non-prescription "prescriptions"
  106. Liquid restrictions vs. tube-fed pax?
  107. If you were a DHS/TSA director...
  108. UAL Baggage weight restrictions still waived or not?
  109. United res agent told me pills are banned as well!
  110. TSA Checking ID's a good thing
  111. 12-year-old boards plane without ANY documents
  112. The real reason for the shoe carnival
  113. UA flight diverted
  114. Yankee Stadium security
  115. BDL flt.returns to gate
  116. Polygraph (Lie Detector) without consent or attorney
  117. Possible Profiling of Passengers
  118. flying to hawaii, need visa?
  119. Child's gummi bears confiscated at SFO -- would chapstick also be banned?
  120. 'Enhanced' UK Security - now we know the truth - no ticket/passport required
  121. The price of security for the Brits
  122. Paris CDG: they took my lipstick!
  123. ABC News report on profiling: misleading?
  124. Current procedures do not detect liquids in carry-on
  125. How Many Carry-Ons Can I bring??
  126. Solid after-shave?
  127. ABQ security lines
  128. From the NY Times:"Hotels are also stocking up on extra toothpaste, etc."
  129. Checked Baggage; Missing Contents
  130. More changes coming?
  131. AG Gonzales: US to study UK anti-terror laws
  132. How much more inept can the TSA look?
  133. The REAL way things will eventually get back to normal
  134. Cell Phones in flight- is this dead since the latest security scare?
  135. TSA Approved Locks
  136. 1st Post - Boarding Question
  137. Terror charge dropped in cell phone case
  138. UK Considering Ethnic Profiling
  139. Veteran travelers find it hard to carry on (FlyerTalker quoted!)
  140. Travel Interruption Insurance: An Very Good Deal?
  141. Solid Versus liquid
  142. British Version of HaraSSSSment Coming to an Airport Near You?
  143. How to get 4ml of essential med on board?
  144. Formula vs Breast Milk vs Milk
  145. Airline Chiefs' Fury Over Flights Chaos
  146. Are cell phones and laptops the next banned items?
  147. Security at MXP???
  148. how are people getting wine to the US?
  149. Senator Joseph Biden: Al Qaeda operative?
  150. Asthma Inhaler - are they banned?
  151. Calling Avon, Mary Kay & AA
  152. Recommend You Pack 2 Bags - Not Enough Handlers
  153. What exactly constitutes a medication?
  154. Probably OT/ DHS Follies continue: Same Key Could Open Many FEMA Trailer Homes
  155. Chemistry Lesson from High School
  156. Options to replace gel insoles?
  157. DHS Report: X-rays don't detect explosives
  158. How bout this idea: anything may be carried on, then locked down?
  159. Onboard service?
  160. Clear plastic bags
  161. Carry-on restrictions from India?
  162. Is Anyone Getting Hassled Onboard For Using The Banned Products You Smuggled On?
  163. Prescription Meds - Pills (not Gel)
  164. Secondary Screening at the Gate
  165. Who is higher in the food chain?
  166. Why aren't saline implants banned?
  167. Hair Wax OK?
  168. Americans back new air travel restrictions
  169. Need clarification on medications (pill form, not liquid)
  170. Does Toothpaste Ban Extend to "Pearl Drops"?
  171. "4 oz. of non-prescription medicine" -- Contact Solution?
  172. How much are new "security" procedures going to cost?
  173. Baby NOT on board?
  174. From a friend who works for large military and security think tank
  175. US Aviation Security: Stupidity As An Art Form
  176. What kind of food is ok to carry on?
  177. Official "funniest banned items" thread
  178. List of possible conspirators
  179. Peaceful, Legal & Effective Suggestions for Protest
  180. Is it possible to catch athlete's foot during the shoe removal process at security?
  181. Minimun safe size for a check in bag
  182. Some hilarious announcements from MCO this morning
  183. Roller Bag
  184. will lavatories be removed from planes if a terrorist is caught w/ stuff in rear end?
  185. British relax carry-on policy... uh...
  186. Handouts for pax to give *to* the TSA?
  187. Guns Being Stolen at ORD
  188. pills and vitamins?
  189. colostomy bags
  190. TSA to take over ID checks
  191. TSA's reasons for all shoes off
  192. Canada & new security provisions?
  193. Amenity Kits ... and More
  194. No batteries in carry-ons MEX-DFW?
  195. The complaint box on the TSA website is 2 square inches!
  196. TSA at Knoxville Testing Blood Pressure Machine on Passengers
  197. Bottled water is allowed again beyond checkpoint?
  198. Really dumb fluid ban questions
  199. Puffers and Shoes
  200. Will we see more FAMs in Y now?
  201. Survey: Gel and Lquids allowed on board
  202. UK Air Travel Restrictions Rrelaxed
  203. UK Airports repeal carry-on ban; one carry-on per passenger OK; no liquids (like USA)
  204. FOX News reports that flight from LHR diverted...
  205. UK carry-on policy is being relaxed! Laptops Now Allowed!
  206. Just Announced: UK restrictions relaxed
  207. Background checks for crews and FF'ers
  208. Packed and ready to go
  209. Why not ban bags on trains and busses?
  210. Poor Security Screening
  211. The safe-for-work picture of the future of air travel!
  212. I'm thinking about shipping my stuff rather than carrying on. Anyone do this?
  213. More TSA stupidity
  214. TSA site modified to permit "up to 4 oz of nonprescription liquid medications"
  215. TSA Homepage: "Mandatory Shoe Carnival"
  216. Gel shoe inserts added to list of banned items!?!
  217. Will security allow me to carry my laptop computer with liquid-cooled CPU?
  218. Reid says airline terror measures ‘unsustainable’
  219. How have new UK security regulations affected UK airport lounges?
  220. Can not British institute same security measures as TSA;so UK lineups/delays resolve?
  221. Security Expert Bruce Schneier weighs in on the TSA's reaction
  222. Will there be a huge increase in the passenger Airport security fee soon?
  223. Theft risk
  224. CNN reporting "refinements" announcement at midday
  225. Non-liquid aftershave?
  226. TSA Adjusting Prohibitions/Designated "Ask Bart" Thread
  227. Chertoff- Homeland Security Announces Roll back of some TSA restrictions
  228. How about disposable contacts?
  229. Questions for contact lenses users/ liquid allowed in case?
  230. an (un)welcome to the watch list
  231. Flyertalk: Call to Action --
  232. How much damage could they really have done?
  233. U.S., U.K. at odds over timing of arrests
  234. TSA got you down? Terrorism ruining your day? Comic relief News alerts
  235. Security: Stop going after the business travelers and start going after the bad guys.
  236. Rampers can't have sun tan lotion???!!!???
  237. You must now submit 34 pieces of info about you every time you fly to u.s. *link*
  238. Security issues at LAX
  239. The Terrorists have won......
  240. MSNBC - NO IMMINENT Danger of Terrorism
  241. TSA is selling your stuff !
  242. AA FAs exempt from liquids. Also, FAs w/McDs and Sbux drinks
  243. Do airlines handle insured bags differently ?
  244. Those who wear Asics Gel, can they pass security check?
  245. Pa. agency turns banned items into cash
  246. laptop should allowed go on the plane?q
  247. Acting NJ Gov at EWR
  248. shouldn't blood be banned on the planes?
  249. Fountain Pen Ban
  250. Controlled substances Rxs and flying?

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