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  1. US Customs in Toronto....
  2. Evolution at DCA
  3. BDO's prevent security breach
  4. TSA steals my carpet cleaner!
  5. Mentality of why detention at the checkpoint and CBP won't go away....
  6. Full military-style show of force against American traveling public
  7. Laptops - US customs
  8. Clear ceases operations & is back [merged threads]
  9. ACLU Blasts TSA's Political Party ID check questions
  10. Packing question
  11. Reporter's laptop seized "without cause" by U.S. Customs
  12. Do they do random agriculture checks?
  13. USAToday: TSA Picks up around $1M over 3 years in change left at checkpoint
  14. Not even the tiniest airports immune to terminal dumps
  15. What happens when you don't put all your liquids in the baggie?
  16. New Nameplates
  17. Flight Attendant Makes Joke About A Bomb Onboard
  18. TSA Screener Speaks
  19. Let's do something about all of this
  20. TSA's blog not taking comments
  21. las d gate 6/23 note
  22. Brill's new way to cash in on Security Theater
  23. Enough Is Enough!
  24. CBP Officer asks "Can you name 3 questions you checked NO on your Declaration?”
  25. TSA's current attempt at justification
  26. TSA nonsense extends to Europe, apparently
  27. Forget ID after 6/21: expect invasive ?s including political affiliation
  28. Readers Digest story - Airline Pilot Shares His Thoughts
  29. Electronics STUPIDITY comes to Japan
  30. The emperor has no clothes
  31. Delta to begin Registered Traveler program
  32. WaPo Sunday feature -- A day in the life of a FAM
  33. Secondaried for Winking at an ID Oogler
  34. No ID - Reports from the Field
  35. Warning: stolen Garmin GPS from checked baggage at Sanford/Orlando Airport/allegiant
  36. Which countries fingerprints US passport-holders at airports?
  37. Kid refuses to show ID on CNN report
  38. electronics carry on
  39. new twist on the liquid nonsense (this time for the beijing olympics)
  40. Drunk pax tries to set curtains on fire
  41. Reporter taken off plane for using cold medicine!
  42. SeaPort Airlines: "Outside of TSA jurisdiction"
  43. Suspicious item closes concourse at Newark airport
  44. Editorial: Airports should follow MCO and insist on daily screening for workers
  45. House passes homeland security measures
  46. TSA says new airport ID rule is not about control
  47. For those who think only those on the political "left" oppose this madness
  48. Driver's license expiration date
  49. CNN-- Video story on flying without ID
  50. Laptop and Security
  51. EU Countries Pushing for Internet-based Pre-Travel Authorization for Foreigners
  52. For the TSO's, here's a quick question.....
  53. Explain this to a stupid European.....
  54. When smokers go bad...
  55. TSA Indy...nicest people on earth
  56. And the propaganda beat goes on....
  57. Airport Operations Career
  58. Baskin-Robbins, purveyor of tools of terrorism
  59. Sec. Chertoff: Passport Card should be placed on car's dash before reaching CBP booth
  60. TSA restarting gate screening
  61. does my US passport look defective in this picture?
  62. Blogger Bob said it
  63. JFK - NWA employee, airport employee, TSA ALL miss my accidental 'violation'
  64. China's All-Seeing Eye
  65. DHS to Help Private Sector With Security Management?
  66. Sizer templates coming back?
  67. TSA grabs my wallet
  68. Alaska Railroad, "ID req'd by TSA"
  69. personal data page now printed on page 2 of RFID passport, is it more easily damaged?
  70. Respect
  71. USA Today on TSA's new badges
  72. Let me through then decided to ETD
  73. Dealing with being SPOTed
  74. I need to inject some comic relief
  75. if I send my passport book in for passport card application, how long to get it back?
  76. Huge Problem HELP! (damaged passport while abroad)
  77. Q: Those Phiten titanium bead necklaces
  78. Strangest thing in you bag picked up by X-ray?
  79. LA MetroLink commuter rail introduces roving random bag checks
  80. I Actually Met Someone At TSA With A Brain On Thursday
  81. TSA called police on me at DTW...
  82. US passport required when flying nonstop from Guam back to Honolulu?
  83. TSA Blog: "Our ticket checkers found a fraudulent ID at JFK"
  84. Hey! Here's something for the TSA Blog....
  85. I've had it with TSA
  86. What are the required components of an SSSS screening?
  87. Homeland Security official's bags go missing
  88. when did the Passport Agency switch to by-appointment-only?
  89. can the passport CARD be used as a back-up for the passport BOOK?
  90. New drink fees...
  91. Question on Declaration Form
  92. What's up with Atlanta Airport?
  93. SAT: Where 2 hours before your flight "isn't just a suggestion"
  94. More "millimeter wave" scanners coming...
  95. Polish Pilots' Poor English Almost Led To Crash
  96. Scared for girlfriend going through US customs
  97. 10 US Airports To Adopt Virtual Strip Search Scanners
  98. Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) implementation
  99. Anonymous-less travel or 3-1-1?
  100. "TSA is the law of the airport"
  101. my orthopedic shoes set off the etd machine at lax
  102. AZ legislature votes to ban participation in RealID
  103. NEXUS Interview and Change of Citizenship
  104. "... lots of liquids in syringes ..."
  105. TSA blog addresses the new airport ID rule
  106. Toiletries less than 3 oz, but not in original containers?
  107. The Re-Route SSSS Blame Game
  108. Question for the TSA & LEOs on the Board
  109. Clear Pass: Bad Experience Denver
  110. LHR T5 today
  111. MUC - IAD Today... Had to show passport 6 times?
  112. When was CAPPS created?
  113. Actually, it looks like you can still fly without ID
  114. Thank you to SEA TSO's
  115. TSA Black Diamond Lane in The International Herald Tribune
  116. When Federal Air Marshals go bad...
  117. "Please intimidate me."
  118. Potential New TSA Employee has questions
  119. "411 TSOs fired for theft in the past five years"
  120. CATSA may be in for a tough year!
  121. Ever gotten a TSA letter when you've only packed clothes?
  122. Dumbest challenge by a TSA Agent - I may also have the winner
  123. TSA Continues To See Screeners Leave Agency
  124. Attention FlyerTalker TSA Employees - Your Employer is Monitoring You
  125. USA Today: 10 airports install body scanners
  126. Starting June 21: Refuse to Show ID, No Entry to Sterile Area
  127. Moist facial pads...These don't need to go in baggie, do they?
  128. "Mother-Friendly" CATSA??
  129. Those Were The Days My Friend
  130. Postive experience out of JFK
  131. Just an observation
  132. Burger King's take on security
  133. YYZ: non ticketed people allow into concourse?
  134. streamlining SSSS at hou
  135. Food Through Security
  136. Finally caught by the 3-1-1 rule
  137. Partially checking bags
  138. I kept my I-94 Visa Waiver... and Lost it... 10 years ago!
  139. Are sewing machines allowed as carry-ons?
  140. International Liquid Lunacy?
  141. ex-UK prescription creams and medicines, ok to carry on?
  142. Flagged SSSS by Rude Ticket Counter Agent?
  143. PHL Shoe Incident
  144. I can use some help for a long-planned visit to the US
  145. Is it just my imagination...
  146. YouTube Clip Of Me On Good Morning America Discussing Airport Security...
  147. if applying for passport at passport agency, can one also apply for passport card?
  148. My Tel Aviv airport security experience last week
  149. Boston Globe: Community service, apology ordered for MIT student in airport device c
  150. Can you say, "Air marshal" at the airport in the US?
  151. Did the pax check their BRAINS today?!
  152. 3oz or 100ml at TSA checkpoints???
  153. SAN Terminal Dump
  154. Clear at IAD
  155. Definition of "Expert" Security Line
  156. DHS Looks to Adopt Israeli Airport Security Methods
  157. You can't fly out of LHR with a picture of a Transformer on your shirt
  158. More TSA stupidity
  159. Your Most Valuable Item ever Surrendered to TSA?
  160. TSOs argue about rules
  161. EU Testing Spy Cams In Every Seat To Watch Passengers!!!!
  162. What Misery Has Befallen Us!
  163. US probes whether [government] laptop copied on China trip
  164. Canadian airport security screener confiscates tiny gun-shaped necklace charm!
  165. We are now safe from the terrorist chef Rachael Ray
  166. Airport "Security" Satisfaction Rankings
  167. What does the inside of a checkpoint x-ray machine look like?
  168. Do I have an arrest warrant against me?
  169. Camera + film + x-ray machine = ???
  170. Reality show will document homeland security
  171. Slashdot story on security theater
  172. Gamblers' shuttle gets terrorism funds
  173. Border Guards to Become Copyright Police And Check Your Computer and iPods
  174. What exactly is the purpose of them checking IDs so closely?
  175. So much for the loupe's and black lights
  176. what type of data is printed on the passport card?
  177. Born at US military base in Taiwan, why can't my passport say "Place of Birth: USA"
  178. Passport card vs. "Enhanced" driver license
  179. SEA TSA trying to explain themselves. Again.
  180. TSA Blog-MMW vs. Backscatter
  181. Corruption Within DHS At The Mexican Border
  182. Any Visible ID Changes Yet?
  183. Liquid packing a farce ? Others' experiences ?
  184. Landing with Seat Reclined & PC on Tray?
  185. SFO - so many checkpoints, so little time . . .
  186. Biggest mismatch between level of security and location...Iceland?
  187. "Volume = 3 oz" ???
  188. Is the Amazon Kindle a computer
  189. Securi-Wii?
  190. Dumbest Question By US Immigrations Officer...I May Have The Winner.....
  191. Soap
  192. Dude, free cannabis in Japan!
  193. Cut Through Line = Extra Screening? or TSA Power Abuse?
  194. Flagged for SSSS on Usairways only
  195. US Exit control (and other musings from a MR to LHR)
  196. My university ID = accepted
  197. Leaving advice.....
  198. Idea for protecting bags from pilfering?
  199. Hydrogen Peroxide
  200. TSA has award her after few weeks ago by discovery missing girls in ORD
  201. Advice on carrying injectable medication please
  202. Let's Play "Will I get a Secondary?"
  203. Anyone been through BNA Nashville in the past few weeks?
  204. Witnessing checked baggage inspection?
  205. where can I find a complete list of countries that U.S citizens can visit visa-free?
  206. TSA guy was so nice!
  207. Coming soon? Laptops can stay in "checkpoint-friendly" bags
  208. Elimination of no ID?
  209. the official tsa reason why children must be screened
  210. TSA in Blue shirts!
  211. Airline safety briefing question
  212. why does the CBP officer(land crossing & airport) refuse to stamp my US passport?
  213. TSA now has arrest powers?
  214. BDO's at SFO - News Article
  215. What are passengers rights with regard to the TSA?
  216. TSA "testing" pilots with only ID checks
  217. tsa (accidently) pepper sprays 5 pax at sjc (today, may 21)
  218. Schneier on Security: Airlines Profiting from TSA Rules
  219. Sea-tac: Poster Child for the Folly of Airport Security
  220. charging for 1st bag vs. TSA. What to do?
  221. AA to charge for FIRST checked bag
  222. Trying to prevent statistically rare events
  223. (Very) "Special" LAX Celeb Service by the TSA
  224. LAX accepts credit cards as photo ID
  225. SSSS isn't that bad!
  226. Annoyed with SN in NBO
  227. Another TSA TV fluff piece
  228. Ack.. TPA has mud on it's face
  229. The Science Behind the Liquid Restriction
  230. Laptop out of case: Why in the US but not in the UK?
  231. Here's a new reason to be wanded
  232. Soft Sided Zipper Luggage
  233. I'm Featured On Good Morning America Tomorrow With TSA Check Point Tips
  234. Yogurt - what is it? Is it secure?
  235. For those that believe the TSA is worthless
  236. For my fellow TSOs ... excuses!!!
  237. tsa at pvd--u tell me ?
  238. visual inspection of the liquid bag
  239. ACY - What's the deal with the full body pat down
  240. How to end a conversation with USCIS
  241. On-arrival security checks in Singapore?
  242. The perfect crime?
  243. Easy way around the freedom baggie restriction
  244. Current Baggie X-ray?
  245. What to expect for newbie/first-time flyer
  246. Anothe reason all airport employees need to be fully screened
  247. Surviving TSA bullying…How to guide…?
  248. Great job DEN TSA!
  249. Great Video
  250. Who picks up the tab for El Al's ground security?