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  1. FAA chain of command?
  2. Sad March of the Sheeple
  3. census register / selection for jury duty
  4. British Airports to Adopt Fingerprinting Next Year
  5. Passport name change - what documents are returned?
  6. Please Remove Your Shoes documentary?
  7. TSA at HSV won't take a DoD issued ID...
  8. Why NEXUS card not considered valid govt-issued ID at some airports?
  9. FAA May Cut Back Flights From Israel To U.S.
  10. Paper: Chertoff has alienated a few Texans
  11. Homeland Security Meets The Sopranos
  12. TSA's "Idea Factory"
  13. Smoke hoods
  14. When DOES the bag inflate?
  15. Privacy Act
  16. TSA Tests Shoe Scanning Technology
  17. Does anybody else have to verify their address?
  18. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  19. Monitor the Current Threat Level from your iPhone.
  20. Registered Traveler set to go nationwide
  21. TSA Reaction to Qantas Incident?
  22. Vallejo rapper accused of packing 6,000 ecstasy pills (arrest at SMF)
  23. Handicapped Permit thru security
  24. Check-in stunt in Stockholm
  25. EU: passenger data recording system by end of 2009
  26. TSA chief chides airlines for 'watch list' errors
  27. Congressman: Bring back NASA air safety survey
  28. Passenger-Issued Fines
  29. Passport Checks for Furriners Between UK & Ireland
  30. Idiot Hawley thinks China+India population = 0, other idiotic statements
  31. More TSA lies: "Drew Griffin, the CNN reporter, is not on a government list."
  32. Kippie's Keynote Address to the Aero Club Of Washington
  33. "Our job is to stop a terrorist attack."
  34. Hilarity in latest TSA blog comments re: pay for performance
  35. If it's Wednesday there must be a new TSA blog
  36. Congressional hearing takes on Police who hassled photographers at Amtrak's Union Stn
  37. Fliers Complain About X-Rated Security Screenings
  38. Following TSA's lead, Yankee stadium attempts to ban sunscreen
  39. TSA officials handcuffed by Chicago police, TSA to fine city.
  40. Hassled for personal information?
  41. Blender in carry on?
  42. Fingerprint mixup at MIA
  43. ORD is at threat level ORANGE!!
  44. Anti-TSA Rant about senior flyers
  45. Purell Not Allowed To Be Hung From Exterior Of Bag?
  46. Fly naked and meet a professional soccer team (& then get arrested)
  47. TSA blog: "Ask, and we'll answer top 10 questions"
  48. Chertoff: European terrorists trying to enter US
  49. TSA made me buy a zip lock bag for 1 item
  50. ATL security
  51. Fluid vs. weight ounces
  52. Criticize the TSA: Watch list for you
  53. Coincidence? TW800 fix, laser test announced on same day
  54. problem at customs (need advise)
  55. George Carlin on Airline Security c.1975
  56. CNN: Passenger plane flies with laser-system that repels missiles
  57. Can I take an LCD as carryon?
  58. Premature Sewing: Passport Options?
  59. TSA Pilferage
  60. What do you think this guy was up to?
  61. TSOs: Do you ever see FT luggage tags? Do you say anything?
  62. "If you've seen our SOP, we have a problem . . ."
  63. New TSA Myth Buster Propaganda: Watch List
  64. NY Times: 5 Plead Guilty (to lesser charges) in Plot at Heathrow
  65. ID Requirements for 2 Year Old Passenger?
  66. More TSA harassment of no-ID pax: ?s about family, and snooping tax return
  67. TSA Launches Leak Investigation
  68. Where do FAMs sit and where do they keep their weapons?
  69. Security Screening USA/UK: Carry-On Elec Fan
  70. Nightmare at MHT - a not-so-frequent flyer meets airport security
  71. Customs Watch List
  72. Gate passes - who's in charge?
  73. You can never be too careful!
  74. At Gate no boarding passes
  75. Help! Need very fast advice about vaccinations for travel!
  76. Domestic flight in the USA with a foreign passport?
  77. Secondaried at ICN
  78. Another one bites the dust
  79. BRAVO at LAX & Billy Crystal
  80. DEN TSAer sicko arrested
  81. Amtrak gestapo goes nationwide
  82. Boarding pass WTMD check
  83. Beware of airline pilots with butter knives!
  84. Do you have to show liquids/gels in Australia?
  85. Hi One More Question Before I Fly On Saturday.
  86. TSA Thinking About Shock Collars for Pax
  87. Terminology
  88. Meds - question about customs and TSA
  89. Do heterosexual men ever feel uncomfortable being touched by male TSA workers?
  90. it's mid-July, has anyone received their passport cards yet? online status not showin
  91. Can US CBP set-up interior immigration checkpoints at airports?
  92. "The passenger was interfering with the screening process..." -video at 11
  93. Possible Bomb Threat at CLT-Wed PM
  94. Short Whine Ahead: Flying the Unfriendly Skies with Delta
  95. TSA Locks?
  96. Was this a FAM in ABQ?
  97. The safest place to sit is.......
  98. MKE Recombobulation area
  99. I'm not kidding - confiscation content
  100. Security concerns at ARN
  101. No Flight For You Today!
  102. Can you take a travel nebuliser onboard?
  103. Corkscrews?
  104. Flashlight Draws Attention in EWR
  105. And the one checked bag the TSA checks is . . .
  106. Passport Name Correct, Ticket Name Not so much!
  107. Best idea ever: BP/wristwatch/TSA-FA controlled taser
  108. DHS/TSA Harassment Drill in Montgomery County, MD Today -- MARC and Metro
  109. 100-gram tube of face wash... allowed???
  110. European or French equivalent to TSA web site?
  111. Hi New Here:)-Are Homeopathic Remedies and AM/FM Radios Allowed Onboard?
  112. Which of these airports have the worst arrival immigration delay? LAX/SFO/EWR/IAD/JFK
  113. New 3-1-1- rules -- this is weird!
  114. Does the State Dept give you back your old passport after you get married?
  115. why do other countries not require shoe removal??
  116. Pushing my luck to the limit
  117. Immigration Officer Having A Bad Day
  118. CO: passenger leaving plane prior to departure
  119. Can I Get A Ruling On "Impersonality A Security Risk?"
  120. Ice brick
  121. LAN TSA Experience
  122. Rounded-edge scissors: Works everywhere in the world but CDG T2E
  123. DHS Refusal to Allow Passport Cards for Air Entry to US is Absurd
  124. British Citizen/Human Rights Campaigner Denied Entry at EWR
  125. Kip: Final Word on ID
  126. Idiocracy and ID
  127. "security situation" at LAS McCarran
  128. Leaving FlyerTalk
  129. EU passenger bill of rights
  130. Today Show-millimeter wave machine preview
  131. More fun with SPOT
  132. TSA PR piece in DEN (again)
  133. Deodorant and the Kippie Bag
  134. I see fake BP, TSA ignores it.
  135. Peanut Butter or Cheese allowed?
  136. Customs in ATL at 5:30 AM?
  137. Domestic flight on expired visa
  138. Keys through security metal detector
  139. LAX Bomb Threat Incident
  140. The TSA quasi-responded to our questions!
  141. YYZ International Security
  142. Ageing terrorist removed from watch list
  143. TSA Successfully Thwarts Perfect Vacation
  144. what happens if you lose your passport on flt back to us
  145. Why Would You Want a Passport Card?
  146. which countries have OFFICIALLY said that "US passport card" is acceptable for entry?
  147. Boston Globe: Logan will install body scanners
  148. Armed confrontation in the works at ATL
  149. No more need to remove laptops from the bag at the airport
  150. Theft Insurance?
  151. Aviation podcast interview with TSA Deputy Admin Gale Rossides
  152. Screening, shoes off, etc. between connecting flights
  153. Senate Hearing on Customs Laptop Searches
  154. No Cuticle Scissors or Nail File allowed in CUN?
  155. using same fingers to enter Japan or USA, but with a different country's passport?
  156. Today at the checkpoint, I encountered the unspeakable ...
  157. Top 10 Strangest Anti-Terrorism Patents
  158. BDO Officers and Boarding Gate
  159. Black diamond lines a ploy to push Clear?
  160. I got the dreaded SSSS in PHL
  161. Q: Security / Connect time at SJC
  162. Mace Spray
  163. Temporary drivers license acceptable by TSA?
  164. OMG, I feel so bad about this!
  165. what's the orange form in this person's hand? (in US CBP passport control line)
  166. Stupid "Expert Travelers"?!
  167. What info appears on the PP Card?
  168. Air China pilot English
  169. NYTimes - U.S. and Europe Near Agreement on Private Data
  170. YOW AC GA to columnist: “you can't say those words.Those words are illegal."
  171. Old Subject
  172. Political Afflication
  173. The latest from the blog
  174. Are under-18 minors still exempt from showing ID?
  175. article- TSA employees at IAH remind passengers of their sworn duties
  176. A new level of TSA screener stupidity
  177. Many Job Openings-Earn $100K+ a year plus a very lucrative bonus and benefits
  178. TSA intimidates children
  179. Supreme Court Gun Control Ruling
  180. CATSA also monitors FlyerTalk
  181. how long to get my replacement US passport back? with name change
  182. New AmEx Business card ads preys on fear of TSA/BDOs
  183. Autistic toddler kicked off airplane..."the child is uncontrollable"
  184. UK backs off on airport-style security for trains
  185. Screening, BOS Terminal B, AA Elite Line
  186. Was punked by US Immigration Officer
  187. US Customs in Toronto....
  188. Evolution at DCA
  189. BDO's prevent security breach
  190. TSA steals my carpet cleaner!
  191. Mentality of why detention at the checkpoint and CBP won't go away....
  192. Full military-style show of force against American traveling public
  193. Laptops - US customs
  194. ACLU Blasts TSA's Political Party ID check questions
  195. Packing question
  196. Reporter's laptop seized "without cause" by U.S. Customs
  197. Do they do random agriculture checks?
  198. USAToday: TSA Picks up around $1M over 3 years in change left at checkpoint
  199. Not even the tiniest airports immune to terminal dumps
  200. What happens when you don't put all your liquids in the baggie?
  201. New Nameplates
  202. Flight Attendant Makes Joke About A Bomb Onboard
  203. TSA Screener Speaks
  204. Let's do something about all of this
  205. TSA's blog not taking comments
  206. las d gate 6/23 note
  207. Brill's new way to cash in on Security Theater
  208. Enough Is Enough!
  209. CBP Officer asks "Can you name 3 questions you checked NO on your Declaration?”
  210. TSA's current attempt at justification
  211. TSA nonsense extends to Europe, apparently
  212. Forget ID after 6/21: expect invasive ?s including political affiliation
  213. Readers Digest story - Airline Pilot Shares His Thoughts
  214. Electronics STUPIDITY comes to Japan
  215. The emperor has no clothes
  216. Delta to begin Registered Traveler program
  217. WaPo Sunday feature -- A day in the life of a FAM
  218. Secondaried for Winking at an ID Oogler
  219. No ID - Reports from the Field
  220. Warning: stolen Garmin GPS from checked baggage at Sanford/Orlando Airport/allegiant
  221. Which countries fingerprints US passport-holders at airports?
  222. Kid refuses to show ID on CNN report
  223. electronics carry on
  224. new twist on the liquid nonsense (this time for the beijing olympics)
  225. Drunk pax tries to set curtains on fire
  226. Reporter taken off plane for using cold medicine!
  227. SeaPort Airlines: "Outside of TSA jurisdiction"
  228. Suspicious item closes concourse at Newark airport
  229. Editorial: Airports should follow MCO and insist on daily screening for workers
  230. House passes homeland security measures
  231. TSA says new airport ID rule is not about control
  232. For those who think only those on the political "left" oppose this madness
  233. Driver's license expiration date
  234. CNN-- Video story on flying without ID
  235. Laptop and Security
  236. EU Countries Pushing for Internet-based Pre-Travel Authorization for Foreigners
  237. For the TSO's, here's a quick question.....
  238. Explain this to a stupid European.....
  239. When smokers go bad...
  240. TSA Indy...nicest people on earth
  241. And the propaganda beat goes on....
  242. Airport Operations Career
  243. Baskin-Robbins, purveyor of tools of terrorism
  244. Sec. Chertoff: Passport Card should be placed on car's dash before reaching CBP booth
  245. TSA restarting gate screening
  246. does my US passport look defective in this picture?
  247. Blogger Bob said it
  248. JFK - NWA employee, airport employee, TSA ALL miss my accidental 'violation'
  249. China's All-Seeing Eye
  250. DHS to Help Private Sector With Security Management?