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  1. Connecting flight thru a non-hub airport?
  2. Silver "Instant upgrades on Y" for International?
  3. Miles post almost instantly to MP from iGet.it & Opinion Miles Club
  4. Chase MileagePlus Club Trip Interruption Insurance Difficulty
  5. PQD and Reroute at Counter
  6. Customer Care Escalation
  7. UA fails IAH pax 24-Jun-2014: MX cancellation, overnight -no vouchers, no hotel
  8. Please help with missing Redemption Options area in payment field
  9. What are the airline's obligations to get you to your destination?
  10. Codeshare segments not posting?
  11. Mike Rowe's (hilarious) take on a CRJ700
  12. Question about "View Fare" function
  13. Any chance of HKG from IAH?
  14. Incredible Wi-Fi Refund Process
  15. Minor Quibble: Movie Listings
  16. Can You Know if You Qualify the the 50K Bonus Miles Credit Card
  17. PSA. Scheduled Maintenance Evening of 24 June
  18. Live person at Customer Care - how?
  19. Using United Miles to Upgrade to Business on Partner Airlines?
  20. Air India (AI) joined *A - UA M+ RDMs/EQMs, Redemptions{now on ua.com},Experinces,...
  21. Consolidated "Chase MP Plus Visa Companion Fare Certificate" - new June 2014
  22. E+ seats remaining message on seatmap
  23. Any update on the UA AVOD Music library availability?
  24. United Not Crediting Flights (Ticketed With AC, SAA Metal, Credit to UA) Properly
  25. United Just Screwed Up Award Itinerary - Any Recourse?
  26. United Award Tickets :: Tips and Tricks?
  27. Help with Honeymoon Itinerary
  28. Pay again to move from one Economy Plus seat to another?
  29. Award flight vs upgrade
  30. Reserved space disappears when partner changes flight number
  31. United would never do this....
  32. New Qatar Airport
  33. Baggage allowance rules for a stopover involving mixed (* Alliance) carriers?
  34. Boarding Ends Time on (some?) BPs
  35. Tickets for 2, how is it charged?
  36. Question about United Mileage Plus PQD (thread moved from flame-free Info Desk)
  37. String of Maintenance Problems...
  38. Goose Island Beer & United?
  39. 1-stop flight, 2 boarding passes
  40. UA 35 SFO to KIX. Did the plane hit something on push back? 23 June 2014
  41. Any RCC recognition for GS? I'm guessing no.
  42. best option for premier silver + companion to use some miles on a domestic route?
  43. New Club Card Holder Questions
  44. Question about waitlisted flight with GPU
  45. What is your CPU success IAH-DEN Dreamliner?
  46. How to make a Claim for Hotel Cost for Cancelled Flight?
  47. Recognition on a UX flight today
  48. Cost/miles to upgrade to Bus from W vs T
  49. First Class EWR to LAS on UA (Is it Worth to Pay for an Upgrade?)
  50. LHR T2 Baggage system broken?
  51. HKG-ATL via ORD or EWR for GPU?
  52. Here is a cost saving idea - accurate FLIFO for regional carriers...
  53. Security lapses on boarding
  54. UA website malfunction or UA no longer marketing LH/SN flights online?
  55. Turbulence and FA Squat In Position for 10+ Minutes
  56. Gonna be a little late? Just cancel the flight!
  57. Which UA/UAX flights seem to be the most frequently overbooked??
  58. PQD Earning... Amount Seems Low
  59. Free 1st checked bag
  60. UA transfer desk (airside in SIN? Overnight connection from other airline)
  61. 747-400: How Many Does UA Have & For How Long Does They Plan to Keep Operating Them?
  62. Time to retire the sundae
  63. United problems and complaints ORD-BRU-DUB / DUB-FRA-SFO
  64. Club card holders get poor treatment on the phone
  65. Max Baggage Connections (& Time)
  66. MEX-SFO roundtrip purchase question
  67. Interesting DEN to Hawaii seat maps (showing flights with lie-flat seats in F/J)
  68. France ATC strike
  69. Pushing travel date over 1 year from issued date?
  70. F Award on downgauged flight - will I lose my seat?
  71. Do you report seat MX issues?
  72. Checking in YVR for a YVR-SFO-PEK with 2 PNRs (on UA)
  73. Hypothetical: If Jeff Smisek became CEO of Doubletree Hotels...
  74. United Club Member travelling with Family access to Lufthansa Lounge in Frankfurt?
  75. Changing Ticket -- Fares
  76. Advice Please! Flights Booked for Same Time; Cancel or Skip?
  77. United Club at IAD terminal D - possibly the worst club ever
  78. R Class Open. #1 on U/G List with GPU. Agent Refuses to Confirm/Process Upgrade
  79. do I have to merge 2 UA accounts ?
  80. Best routing KUL-DEN?
  81. A joint fare eligbible for upgrade on TG and LH...
  82. Suggestions needed on an Italy trip
  83. Am I Being Paranoid? Delays on UA 1092 IAD-ORD on 21 June
  84. Oversized luggage $200 per bag really?
  85. Partial UA system meltdown at EWR evening of 21 Jun; delays for some EU-bound flights
  86. minimum time for landing at LHR on UA and connecting on BA or KLM? (separate tickets)
  87. NRT-HKG on Air Japan UA code share: Experiences
  88. United blocking seats 2 A & K on SFO-SYD in F every flight in March and April 2015?
  89. Getting First Class/EC Plus on Domestic Portion of Int'l 1st Class Reward Ticket
  90. Foland, Compton, and Rainey - Out? NO, they are not. (Per UAL 8K Filed June 20 2014)
  91. Taking odds on upgrade chances
  92. Flowers @ORD United/Terminal 1?
  93. More Downguaging
  94. UA admits error in cancelling woman's $1,000 travel voucher
  95. 1986 Mileage Plus Program Guide
  96. How Best to Extend Chase Mileage Plus Credit Card Benefits to Group Bookings?
  97. UA's New Rev. Mgmt. Scheme (for Summer of 2014)
  98. Has Anyone Noticed the Disappearance of the Premier Access Lines at CS?
  99. Cheapest way to buy 13K miles?
  100. Need advice for 2015 Australia trip
  101. What is the point of OLCI if checking bags?
  102. United to AA Status *Match* Via Travel Agency
  103. Near-miss due to Standby - advice
  104. Good Call Center experience (SLC)
  105. Premier Upgrades to Oceania
  106. cancelled ticket credit wont go back on voucher
  107. Checkin bagagge quantity "Embargo" -- Why?, What routes?, When? [Consolidated]
  108. SYD - LAX or SFO and Business and First on the 777
  109. Anyone flying out of SMF Changed/tried-to AA?
  110. Strategy for Upgrade Awards?
  111. HNL-GUM no more free food in Y
  112. UA airport kiosk receipt incorrectly mixed currencies
  113. Am I just ignorantly blissful? I'm happy with UA.
  114. Flying BC in 777 UA version three people question
  115. Emirates going after UA hubs? (EK up-gageing 773ER to 380 @ SFO and IAH)
  116. (Help With and Questions About Booking Saver Economy) Award seats (From EWR) to Italy
  117. 1K United Club Guest question
  118. Seeking Advice
  119. Any tips ideas on saver award travel 25-Dec-2013 to 1-Jan-2015?
  120. Best route for ORD -> ROM for platinum elite?
  121. Available hours for being able to clear immigration LAX T7?
  122. Bug or is everyone an elite now?
  123. Mileage Upgrade on a Refundable Ticket
  124. EconomyPlus for companion in mixed fares, different PNRs?
  125. IRROPS situation
  126. Opinions on the best flight option, travelling to YYT in mid July from SDF
  127. In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) listings online?
  128. Flight delays due to crew - almost 4 hrs
  129. Checking in >24 Hours Early
  130. United App has different information than United.com?
  131. United EU261-2004 and "Extraordinary Circumstances"
  132. Massive Delays at Fortress EWR - Summer Travel vs. ATC
  133. Change to chocolate bar?
  134. Any idea what would happen with a misconnect on this itinerary?
  135. Stranded in MSN - please advise
  136. Change in award. Has it expired?
  137. Frontier Airlines Loves to Compete With United Continental
  138. Scam Alert! Questionable Telemarketer Posing as Calling for UA with Free tkt. Offer!
  139. HNL-SFO (stop)-BOS through fare Regional Upgrade?
  140. Earning PQM/EQM on United without flying Part II
  141. Complimentary Premier Upgrades
  142. Everyone join the ALL OUT campaign to contact the UAL Board of Directors!
  143. Watching Sports Broadcasts on UA Flights With WiFi?
  144. Do upgrade fees offerered by United vary by fare class?
  145. Baggage fees for multi-city, same day?
  146. LHR Terminal 2 transfers
  147. Take advantage of UA's kindness? Or not?
  148. UA pure ticket revenue profit
  149. Beta Testing of Personal Device Entertainment on the 744 (N121UA)
  150. United E-Mail Subscriptions
  151. GPUs on Multiple Flights [Getting the most out of a GPU]
  152. Easy way to get confirmation # with ticket # without calling?
  153. Is this IDB? Am I entitled to IDB compensation? [Consolidated]
  154. Double PQM (targeted?) between July 1 and September 30, 2014
  155. Important: UA Flight Dispatchers Ratify Agreement 6/16
  156. Vacation Planning...Advice needed
  157. Can this be done
  158. Is UA Enforcing Carry-on Limits on Small Planes
  159. UA120 EWR-BCN canceled 15-Jun-2014, and this was what happened at EWR 16-Jun-2014
  160. Denied boarding because didn't have Visa for China, though only connecting there.
  161. That's it? Bette Midler Tweets Photo of Tiny Pretzels Served in First Class
  162. How do Miles Get Transferred from a Reservation to an MP account?
  163. 1K Instant upgrade for companion too?
  164. United loses Rory McIlroy's Golf Clubs
  165. Any Mainline UA Flights out of ATL and If So, Where?
  166. Help please: HNL-NRT or HND -SIN -PVG; XMN - HNL
  167. I booked my first ever non-UA/*A revenue flight.
  168. Anyone have advice on this award routing - using as little miles as possible
  169. Need to book BKK-HKT... 17,500 miles w/ UA ~ better redemption options?
  170. Three-day Sale to Europe
  171. United/Chase Explorer Benefit Question
  172. LHR - No Fast Track passes (available on my flight)
  173. New (temporary) SFO Club Open - June 2014
  174. Question about fees on UA redemption [moved from flame-free Info Desk]
  175. As a UA Gold, is it possible to get 2 ppl on same PNR (1 in first, 1 in E+)?
  176. [Targeted] United Triple Miles - Jul 1-Aug 31, 2014
  177. Waiting for a gate in...JAN
  178. LAX-TLV in Z next spring: $2909
  179. United's Pricing Policy Means Most Partner Flights To Europe are Much Cheaper
  180. United Global First Amenity Kit circa 2007
  181. Having problems crediting Avianca flights to MP (already credited???)
  182. Is this Cabotage?
  183. Receipts From Beginning Of 2014
  184. What really can be done to save the UA we want?
  185. First survey in months!
  186. Effective "cash" value of a GPU
  187. Saverpass Inventory EWR-China (PVG/PEK)
  188. New WIFI Authentication/Sign on at United Clubs (MP#, PNR, or Password-of-the-Day)
  189. Getting to FRA? UA 747/777767 or LH380?
  190. So are they just making up new award rules on the fly?
  191. Recent Upgrade Experiences UA2 vs UA6
  192. Which has bigger bins? RJ145 vs Q400
  193. Mileage Plus Shopping Portal - Not Crediting
  194. I'm thinking of running for Congress (of Chefs)
  195. Comedy of Errors on UA flight
  196. Why leave because of RDM...EQM seems to be still better than AA, right?
  197. Is it worth it to "buy" Premier Silver status for $699 annually?
  198. out of work for a year and lost status...can I do a challenge?
  199. $ needed for add'l RPU's - is this new?
  200. Is this what life is like as a 1K?
  201. ORD-SIN upgrades
  202. (Trying to book SFO to FRA) Only LH Flights Showing Up on Partner Flights
  203. Is ground service always this bad?
  204. united.com is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance
  205. Award seat alerts on United
  206. Agent says flight is full, website says J2...R2
  207. United Check In
  208. United Club Life Saver
  209. how many U.S. airports are only served by 1 airline only?(the only airline being UA?)
  210. How does one achieve the coveted "double upgrade?"
  211. United Mileage award travel
  212. UA122 - 14-June-2014 - what's going on?
  213. Left (1K/Platinum/GF) side of ORD Premier Line Always Roped Off?
  214. Question on downgrade compensation
  215. CMH ops being outsourced to Envoy (American Eagle)
  216. I think I figured out why SMI/J's face is everywhere
  217. What symbolic act to believe UA is coming back?
  218. "FlyerFriendly" - deceptive advertising
  219. Search and Destroy - Baggage Question
  220. 40% off UA Buy Miles until midnight CST 16 June 2014
  221. United: Food Should be easy to fix
  222. AWARD upgrade by PP and MP cardholder: How do I get this itin to upgrade?
  223. What is going on with UA1284 today?
  224. Need to refund/change a ticket --
  225. New Routes: IAH-SCL, IAH-PUJ, and ORD-BZE
  226. "Meal 1" "Meal 9" ?
  227. Rebooked by LH on UA Award Ticket, how to protect other segments?
  228. Browser extensions/scripts for United.com
  229. Non-existent triplemiles offer?
  230. Can't book multi-stop itinerary
  231. Help! My dream trip ruined by United...
  232. UA credits from Condor flights?
  233. Sabre Launches the Capability to Sell United Economy Plus Seating
  234. Tools for finding UA upgrade availability - KVS? ITA?
  235. Chrome disabled expert mode add-on
  236. No business SIN-NRT all summer, ...?
  237. Unpleasant experience on a UA flight arising from accidental fecal matter discharge
  238. scheduling on top of other flights
  239. 50K Miles for Explorer Card Another 50K Miles for Business Explorer Card?
  240. Why Have The UA Chase Card?
  241. Red Eye Flights on United Express?
  242. fool.com: United Continental Is Underestimating the Threat From Delta Air Lines
  243. Partner and Compensaton Math Under New Program?
  244. Need help with ticket change
  245. With revenue RDM how will they do promos?
  246. UAL revamps MileagePlus—starting 2015, miles accrued *per dollar spent*
  247. Need advice on trip from "semi" hell
  248. United Changed My Ticket Resulting In An Illegal Connection - Options?
  249. United Club access at SFO when flying SFO-LAX-JFK in p.s.?
  250. Will I loose my first class seats to Australia?