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  1. United must now be tracking reward requests even if not confirmed or ticketed!?!?
  2. united club LAX arrivals
  3. Will my Milageplus CC Bonus Miles be taken away?
  4. United codeshare with Ethiopian Airlines commences August 30, 2014
  5. One person on reservation skipping a segment
  6. MP Upgrade award priced by itin. endpoints regardless of upgradeable segments
  7. No saver award for First/Business IAH-DUB 14-August 2014?
  8. United ranked No. 3 in total passengers carried in 2013
  9. Delta Sky Clubs new menu options-Will United follow?
  10. Island Hopper Cancelled Two Days in a Row
  11. United Is Again Ranked the Worst Airline in the U.S.
  12. New Silver via Marriott, what differences from my Delta Silver?
  13. Transit in Beijing from UA to CA
  14. Adventure of UX VDB, IRROPS, bus-titution, shifting connections, and divergent agents
  15. E+ - Complimentary seats gone
  16. Traveling With Golf Bags
  17. Selecting seats on both segments of an itinerary (IAH-DEN-ANC).
  18. Those of you stuck with UAL through work...
  19. Miles for Rebooked Award Ticket
  20. If booked in F on a connection and misconnect-will we be rebooked in F?
  21. Any experience up-faring a travel agency booking?
  22. UA Ticket Question: Searching for Cheapest Flight To Europe
  23. Switch UA F for CX F (+ worse schedule)?
  24. IAH-MUC/MUC-IAH Going To Last Long?
  25. Ramifications from not flying aaa-ccc and using miles for aaa-bbb
  26. Checking in for UA code share segment on Amtak?
  27. United Agents are questioning/denying complex (stopover,open-jaw) award bookings??
  28. Premier Access Security Line ORD
  29. Partner Award ticket, rebooked in Y
  30. Looking for awards to Europe? Zero avail for Saver
  31. Planning miles for OGG Trip summer 2015
  32. Where can I find a fare's T/C?
  33. United's obligation after I miss my connecting flight?
  34. Same day turnaround in ANU, Antigua?
  35. CNMI AGO gathers complaints (on Cape Air) for USDOT
  36. Is Myrtle Beach (MYR)-Seasonal?
  37. Will United standardize the sUA & sCO B777 Business First configurations?
  38. Earning PQM/PQD on vayama
  39. Is MX really becoming more common or does it just feel that way?
  40. 24 hours cancellation becomes credit? (if cancelled but not refunded)
  41. United partner award upgrades
  42. Book early and pay change fee or wait?
  43. Change Flights Waiver on Award Tickets
  44. UA policy concerning upgrade to empty Y+
  45. ORD -> LHR award travel
  46. Consolidated Connections / bags / logistics / lounges at YVR
  47. Difference between First and Business pricing (2-class aircraft)
  48. Upgrade Change Fee?
  49. First flight in UA C ... what to expect?
  50. What does "airport control" means on the e-ticket?
  51. Clear US passport control and post-security duty-free in YQB?
  52. Denying UA Plat the 3 checked bags?
  53. How to know if my flight is full?
  54. United Explorer card advertises a deceptive award benefit
  55. FAA bans Flights over Iraq Airspace-How will this affect UA flights?
  56. United K fare operated by TK and LH
  57. Codeshare Ticketing Delay
  58. New Flight DEN-BDL?
  59. An idea about million milers
  60. Seat assignment (in R) disappeared on oversold flight: What to do?
  61. Copa and UA 757 first time questions
  62. Thoughts on new United ad?
  63. UAL Price Gouging?
  64. How to load UA flights into my MP account if booked on partner award
  65. Shorter connection = higher price: UA fare policy issue
  66. Problems with United's Reservations call centre
  67. Sorting out routing UA award with stopovers to/from Nepal
  68. EVA Reward ticketing problem...need your input
  69. EWR-BOM or EWR-DEL award availability and OpenJaw/OneWay Question
  70. VDB in exchange First Class on later flight?
  71. Global Entry Compensation site down
  72. 1K / *G standby on LH?
  73. Award Ticket Rules - SEA-NYC (EWR)-NYC (JFK)-IST
  74. Award redeposit glitch
  75. Typical lifespan for Saver Award flights?
  76. Economy Saver Awards EWR to STT
  77. Strategy for one-way flight to europe without using miles
  78. Amusing event on flight to HNL
  79. Mysterious miles in MP account
  80. United Reports July 2014 Operational Performance
  81. UA Miles with UX {Air Europa}
  82. Watch UA safety video and win prizes
  83. A Couple Heads-Up Items for Sked Changes and IRROPS Reprotection
  84. UA check in experiences when systems are down
  85. Aircraft change: 2 cabin->3 cabin-booked in P on 2 cabin-will I get F on 3 cabin?
  86. upgrading with miles - will they split me up from my companion
  87. MP award availability for SK IAH-SVG (Stavanger, Norway)
  88. Domestic change fee $3 (Change in TSA fees?)
  89. EWR TO PHX upgrade question (Is it Worth the Miles+Cash to Upgrade to Domestic F?)
  90. Quoted 1 price($+miles),transfer'd pts from chase, price increased,can't put pts back
  91. 1st class United award now available, worth $200 cancel fee?
  92. United Airlines app lets you scan your passport for international flight check-in
  93. Best day/date option for EWR-HKG UA flight
  94. GPUs on LOS-IAH?
  95. Forget the CRJs. This is the worst flight in UA's schedule...
  96. Default Search Settings for United.com
  97. COS - More destination reductions from UA
  98. ORD-PVG in biz, UA.com shows J9 but won't show a fare
  99. MP retro credit for segments that credit at 0% on another program?
  100. Thank you, United: Redemption fraud caught
  101. Legal Connection Time Question
  102. Thoughts on SIN - EWR Routing Options UA vs NH
  103. Using a UA Voucher with a mixed UA/LH itinerary
  104. Sudden Elimination of J Inventory
  105. Booked multi-segment same day r/t but itin lists as "one way" back to origin airport
  106. No baggage accepted - 4hr & 24 hr rules
  107. UA 777 global first vs 787 business first to SIN
  108. Azul to United connection at GRU
  109. UA 999 AUG 5th, 2014 EWR-BRU Fire Onboard Diversion to YHZ
  110. Cheapest fare available is first class--likely to open coach fare buckets?
  111. Can you cancel a flight change?
  112. Flight Delayed Due to Need to Burn Off Excess Fuel
  113. Australia to California: E+ on a 777 0r 787?
  114. UA 317 SFO-IND 8/7 Seat 21D
  115. United credit cards pulled from Chase branch
  116. Engadget.com - Why your new plane has no IFE
  117. Multi-carrier Int'l trip booked thru UA with first segment on UA-Who issues my BP's
  118. Requesting mileage credit for flight not posted
  119. Mixed carrier boarding pass problems with connecting non-UA flights (app & OLCI)
  120. UA GA at IAH training
  121. AA drops full meals in first for flights under 2hrs 45min, UA soon?
  122. I asked UA to downgrade me & return my RPU but now not showing on the CPU list
  123. Options on the best reward (econ) ticket to BKK and KTM
  124. Help with flight to Kazakhstan on UA
  125. Mileage credit/wrong fare bucket after downgauge
  126. Is saving $216 worth it to book a codeshare vs operating carrier flight number?
  127. United Airlines to furlough, cut hours for employees [various airports]
  128. UA Issues Hurricane Iselle Waiver For ITO/LIH/KOA/HNL/OGG for Travel on 7-8 Aug 2014
  129. Different P vs. PN Dynamic?
  130. Award ticket for Companions w/ Wrong boarding group
  131. how are upgrades on Hawaii (KOA) for 1k lately?
  132. 3-day sale to Europe starts today
  133. Untruthful "Weather In our Network" Excuses from UA?
  134. Award ticket check timing technicality question
  135. Double Miles on Copa 8/1/14 Through 9/30/14 & Beyond
  136. Award redemptions out of Tokyo ( NRT/HND )
  137. Will other (Non Star Alliance) Match my UNited Status?
  138. new Dasani flavored water
  139. UA116 SGN-HKG: How early to arrive at SGN?
  140. why isn't the 1K YBM instant-up working?
  141. Weird online checkin issues with SFO-RNO flight today [4-August, 2014]
  142. RPU for HNL- IAD??
  143. Advice: Use UA Miles for LH-F with double conx or hope for LH-C with single conx?
  144. UA converts remaining 787-8 orders to 787-10
  145. Does UA do gate "valet" checks like DL?
  146. Can I have 2 Chase/UA credit cards?
  147. things go south in ZRH this morning [4-August 2014]
  148. Delta eases restrictions on electronic devices for intl flights; will UA follow?
  149. Are you guys still booking international F award?
  150. Emergency Declared UA 1569 LAS-EWR [3-August, 2014]
  151. Is GS possible for this Scenario? (buying miles for travel)
  152. Purchased First, but now only business is flown, JFK->DUB.
  153. International to Domestic: Only given a baggage waiver for one bag as a Premier Gold
  154. Maximizing miles in different accounts for Europe awards
  155. Baggage claim-no overnight layover
  156. Flight info screens at DEN are showing wrong information today (3, Aug 2014)
  157. Removed from UA Flight Upon Request of Captain & Lead F/A for Taking Photos in Cabin
  158. UA's Stop-and-Go Plans to "Rebalance" Bases Whiplashes Attendants (per DenverPost)
  159. Streaming (Does anyone know when the streaming of IFE content will start?)
  160. UA says ticket was used. It wasn't. Options?
  161. Issues booking multiple destination awards
  162. 757-300 At BUF? (Shows on UA Schedule for 29 Nov BUF-ORD flight)
  163. WebSite Issues?
  164. UA upgrade requests sent to LH are failing these days
  165. PWM-IAD dropped?
  166. DEN - VCE with miles in Oct
  167. One PNR, mileage upgrade from multiple MP accounts
  168. LAX - UA Councourse/Lounge Bathrooms Closed Due to Pipe Rupture (?) [August 2, 2014]
  169. advice - RPU or $$ change to F
  170. UA 767-300 3-Cabin Lavatory Allocation Not Logical
  171. 2 Aug Flt #153 [STR-EWR] Diverted to BGR
  172. What is your delayed flight percentage for UA in 2014?
  173. Movie Channel Dropped
  174. If I am an elite member at United Airlines, will I get elite bonus point for SQ?
  175. An unexpected gift from United - big thumbs up
  176. United Has Bed Bugs
  177. Delta Diamond match with UA.
  178. Possible to rebook to different destination at airport?
  179. Domestic UA to international SN transfer at Dulles
  180. Kudos for Proactive IROPS Rebook. And Policy Question
  181. International F award, domestic Y due to no inventory
  182. Which movies on DirectTV?
  183. Required Evidence of Flights Beyond Brazil to Avoid Visa/Yellow Fever vacRequirement?
  184. Experience with UA in north FL
  185. Fair eBook mileage price?
  186. 1st segment of award flight cancelled = free change to reservation?
  187. R class requested on both domestic and overseas trip
  188. Inconsiderate users of United Clubs-loud phone call/speakerphone, watching videos..
  189. Upgrade Priority
  190. PQD for pet in cabin fee?
  191. Need advice: KOA - SFO strategy of flight change
  192. Calculating Award Usage (Optimal Use?)
  193. Reduction in Star Alliance Gold Benefits?
  194. Using United miles for Business Award on Turkish... in comfort or business?
  195. Help! Did I trick FareLock? Codeshares included but not showing up in itineary!
  196. How Do Awards Work?
  197. Current Flight Schedule, Are there any Hub>Non Hub>Non Hub Domestic Routes?
  198. Combine different airline ticket for checked bag in SIN
  199. Fees on changing award ticket to earlier flight, same day of travel
  200. London to Athens with Star Alliance using United Miles
  201. UA Ticket Issue Date (per eTicket Receipt) Different Then Reissue Date After Change?
  202. Unexplained GPU upgrade - what likely happened?
  203. 1 Award + 1 Paid Ticket: How Best to Ensure E+ Seats Together & Chase Bag Waivers?
  204. One Small Change to Improve UA: Better Paper Napkins
  205. How risky is checking luggage on a direct United flight?
  206. Upgrade chances or burn RPU?
  207. Confirming TK Ticket Booked through United
  208. UA Insider
  209. Routing IAD-ICN
  210. IAD Computer System Down [July 31, 2014]
  211. NYC-WAS - RJ only??
  212. Miles for AS Segment of Trip Booked via Google Flights?
  213. United 50K+ $50 offer is back!!
  214. Question about mileage accumulation in IRROPS situation
  215. Who do I call or ask to see the status of my baggage mid itinerary?
  216. Award pricing problem
  217. Advice: Vienna on UA, OS, LH? Econ or P?
  218. Continental Breakfast Airlines (on Nathan For You)
  219. Explorer card yields CPU eligibility on free awards ticketed before the card??
  220. Mileage Plus PQD/PQM for Copa?
  221. URGENT: United vs. Singapore Air Business Class on DEN-SIN Route
  222. MP mileage credit from Turkish Air
  223. Nefarious award seat blocking, bad idea or just bad form?
  224. YB52/53 BF SaverAward to Europe
  225. Bag storage at EWR
  226. UA exceptions policies/Tropical Storm Halong/GUM,ROP,SPN
  227. Award booking on UA but on partner - who owns cancellation or changes?
  228. CrankyFlier article: A day with UA management at Chicago HQ/questions answered
  229. Ticketed While Elite but Flying as General Member; What Benefits to Expect?
  230. Upgrading Status?
  231. Can we use First Class Upgrade Certs on Award Tickets [GSs Can, All Others Cannot]
  232. Official on Express flights: No more "flyer friendly" announcements
  233. Involuntary Downgrade Upon Boarding After Battlefield CPU At The Gate
  234. OAL MQD posted FYI
  235. Fate of PHX United Club after Terminal 2 closes?
  236. No Swiss advance economy seat selection with United ticket stock
  237. Does a computer or the GA decide who gets OPS UG?
  238. Award Change Rules
  239. UAL Q2 Earnings call comments?
  240. Delta: Free Entertainment (Including Sat TV) on All 90+ Min Flights; UA to Follow?
  241. Will there be Global First (3 class) on 787/A350?
  242. I was upgraded on LH (booked UAL Economy Award), HAPPY, but want to understand why?
  243. Bassinets reservation problem on UA flight operated by LH
  244. Ewww bed bugs at United HQ
  245. Using UA miles for domestic tix - 120,000 miles ?
  246. How to get status quickly as a new member when ineligible for status-match?
  247. Compensation When Equipment Swap Results in Loss of Lie-Flat Seat (Domestic)?
  248. FFG/UA 747-400 Simulator Time on Aug 23, 2014 - Auction ends Aug 10, 2014
  249. Upgrading Lufthansa Flight Using UA MileagePlus Miles?
  250. Newbie Q: help figuring out how to get to Europe on saver miles for June 2015