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  1. Best Seats Project
  2. New Safety Video (2/2013)
  3. checked luggage question (32" HDTV as Checked Luggage)
  4. Experience with Converting Between Chase's UA Co-Branded MileagePlus Credit Cards?
  5. Earning United miles on other airlines
  6. temporary card printout shows an expiration date of 01/0001
  7. Award flight with 2 stop overs - looking for suggestions
  8. 100% and 50% bonus on SFO-CDG route TB5M05
  9. UA 937/938 [NRT-BKK] Downgauge from 747 to 777. Is this a seasonal change?
  10. GPU for LH connection at CI?
  11. Miles from OS, SQ, LX, TK, US from Feb-Apr 2013
  12. No *A award availability on for USairways flight.
  13. Codeshare with China Southern?
  14. bmi Traveller With Some Basic Questions About United Airlines...
  15. United Club guests arriving after you enter
  16. Anyone else have problems saving United .vcs files to Outlook
  17. Update to Lufthansa (LH) GPU Certificate Request Process
  18. United IAD-LAX Flight Delays on 12 Feb 2013
  19. Fewer US codeshares?
  20. Save up to 35% and earn 2,425 award miles with Hertz
  21. Crossover Rewards (Airline/Hotel Elite Reciprocity)
  22. Award ticket to BCN: UA, US or LH
  23. Buying Premier Access; 2 res, 2 different options
  24. picking sides in WAS (speculation)
  25. How real is real time pricing? (signifcant price fluctuation during the day)
  26. Email offer to buy discounted Miles
  27. UA points for Allstate Quote
  28. Platinum Upgrade Percentages?
  29. HELP!!! UA/ANA flight to Shanghai
  30. United fined $130K for May tarmac delay
  31. Crew time-out flight cancellation question
  32. TOD vs Miles+Copay on TATL
  33. RPU in/out of 120 hours for a GS
  34. Earned miles on partner award ticket
  35. Refused a call from jeff smisek
  36. Another loophole? Elite status in award ticket from non-elite mileage account
  37. Why is this pricing as 92.5k miles instead of 70k?
  38. No award seats available?
  39. UA's website for partner award program terribly inaccurate?
  40. No E+ if Traveling on a US Ticket?
  41. no award change fees if 1k books ticket for a family member?
  42. Inventory management question regarding oversold flights
  43. Award routing permitted?
  44. Convert 5hr domestic layover to stopover via SDC?
  45. What happens if GF award ticket downgraded to BF?
  46. Changina an award ticket while in Sydney
  47. Downgraded (Unexpectedly to Silver Status and Travelling With Heavy Luggage Items)
  48. Can UA vouchers be used to pay for extra checked in bags ?
  49. What is PRSA?
  50. OS (Austrian) business class availability gone for MP Award Travel?!
  51. Error - Trying to Lookup Award Routings & Redirected to Advanced Booking Page
  52. united policy on using (buying on Craigslist) someone elses points
  53. Another irrops SNAFU
  54. UA 15 EWR-HNL Cancelled today Feb 10
  55. Seat map glitch for INTL premium cabin
  56. CPU Success, Channel 9, Best Seats, Oh My: Taming FT's Mountain of Data
  57. Overbooking Domestic F???
  58. You ordered a Vegetarian meal but I am sorry... (computer glitch)
  59. AMA "Closing Keynote: Transforming the MileagePlus Program at United Airlines"
  60. Hkg-nrt-lax award. Switch to ANA?
  61. No economy seats?
  62. Guinee Airlines
  63. UA875 SEA>NRT First Class - New or Old Seats by November 2013?
  64. Award Booking Help - One Way C3-C2-C1
  65. TSA PreCheck Hack
  66. First class boarding... ON AN EMBRAER RJ145!!!!!!!
  67. No IAD-GVA/ZRH non-stop flights during Christmas week 2013?
  68. Downgraded from Platinum to General during flight?
  69. Paid $50 to UA for a $250 Fare Reduction?
  70. Last Minute Booking for this Coming October
  71. Using Expired Chase Club Passes?
  72. Escalations Telephone Number?
  73. Flight posting on the wrong day?
  74. (Unauthorized Credit Card Charges for) Onboard purchases (on UA)
  75. Not able to upgrade a friend + his wife--why?
  76. Why can't I get seat assignment (on a US Airways Shuttle Codeshare Flight)?
  77. No GC purchase confirmation email
  78. A sCO Flight Attendant's Dream!
  79. Very short connection times on
  80. Award Travel and MCT at ORD
  81. Who would be (potentially) responsible for rebooking me?
  82. Pending United miles forfeited after account closure?
  83. Rebooking on United is AWFUL!!!
  84. I just paid $300 not to fly...
  85. Can I cancel part of a reservation without affecting the other?
  86. Can i change the return date on a award booking for free after travel starts?
  87. Bangkok to Hong Kong
  88. One-Way vs Roundtrip (MileagePlus Award Travel)
  89. United Posts First Traffic Gains Since August
  90. UA 555 Emergency Landing on Feb 5 (with Jeff Smisek aboard!)
  91. Economy Plus Costs - Is it Fixed or is the Pricing Dynamic?
  92. 1st segment approved for upgrade
  93. flight "on schedule" but no plane listed?
  94. What's happened to de-icing at ORD?
  95. Booking with my explorer card
  96. Credit hotel miles to spouse's MP account?
  97. Saver Awards vs Standard Awards - How do you know if there will be an issue?
  98. Flight activation bonus is not actual?
  99. 1000 MP miles/stay at La Quinta till 2/28/13
  100. Hotel rewards less mileage for no status than 1k
  101. How can i spot an UP fare in AMEX travel?
  102. Confused about fares/fare buckets
  103. Northeast Storm and United's Waivers
  104. Same day Change options not showing up
  105. Confused about Mileage credit
  106. Bought business class ticket but "protected" in economy. Refund?
  107. Boarding pass says my F seat is in economy (& other boarding group anomalies)
  108. Economy Overbooked... CPU?
  109. Problem checking in for Today's SQ award flight w MP miles
  110. Lounge at Glasgow
  111. Mileage Upgrade Question - YU52C Award
  112. W fares to Europe
  113. 2nd time UA/Chase credit card customer
  114. Using old MP# and didnt get credited
  115. Was a Flight added to my itinerary ?
  116. combining 2 itineraries
  117. Do I need to change my name?
  118. Brussels starts BRU-IAD
  119. United at GRU posting standy by upgrade list on a wall
  120. Need help with reward ticket DEN-LIM
  121. no email follow-up for canceling flight
  122. Is there really no AVOD on the 747 in Y ?
  123. Impact of US/AA merger to United fliers
  124. Too Many Award Tickets???
  125. How many miles is an RPU worth?
  126. GPU Used, but UA Cannot Get me on Upgrade List
  127. Would it be great if UA brings back RTW flights?
  128. Copay for intl govt fare?
  129. where to sit in B777, BF cabin, sUA?
  130. Getting to South Africa with GPU
  131. Missing Mileage Plus Points
  132. Same Day Change -- Flights Not Coming Up
  133. First Class for a couple on 763
  134. Direct Flight Seat Selection Bug?
  135. Complimentary Premier Upgrades on Direct Flights
  136. booking systems across airlines
  137. Who shows on upgrade list 4 days prior to checkin
  138. Give award reservation to someone
  139. $75 to change dates on award ticket?
  140. Refund credit from non refundable fare
  141. check in times for domestic leg leading to intl flight?
  142. 8-11 Feb. Winter Storm Nemo Travel Waiver for N.E. and Impact on UA's Operations
  143. UA or Copa to EZE
  144. Is there a geographic limit to lost baggage delivery?
  145. Does the FTD Valentine deal (30 miles/$) amount to free flowers?
  146. EWR-LIM
  147. Same day flight change on award tickets issued by partner airlines
  148. UA 767 GF vs LOT 787 Business class
  149. Mileage: ticket is with one airline while aircraft is 'operated by' another
  150. What planes substituted for 787?
  151. Yet another UA horror story
  152. Exit-Row Seats on EMB-120 Not Selectable?
  153. Which Lounges are Better? LAX, HKG, NRT
  154. How quickly do bonus miles credit?
  155. The Consolidated "Is United 1K Status Worth It? - 2013/14 Edition
  156. Ua4299 (dca-ewr) has been cancelled every day since last Friday
  157. 1K a good deal or not?
  158. D Barrett Upgrade - Is UA marketing finally improving their look?
  159. Booking question: Fare buckets are available, but cannot book into them
  160. Missing "eligible for complimentary premier upgrade" icon?
  161. United maintains dominance at SFO
  162. CO Gift Certificate Problems
  163. UA January 2013 Financial/operational results vs. the competition
  164. recent experiences IAD-EZE?
  165. UA Offers Status Match to last year on UA
  166. United Award Booking on LH - interesting realisation
  167. TG award availability showing on but agent cannot see it
  168. CPU optimization out of IAD an DCA w/flexible sched
  169. Racist content on IFE
  170. companion previleges
  171. IRROP saga and question on hotel voucher
  172. UA Miles gone missing
  173. Newbie United change flight question
  174. United award: itin differs according to OAL PNR
  175. UA1621 IAH->EWR Seat 4L Jacket Swap
  176. Using MP miles to get to SAH?
  177. saver award rt melbourne need help
  178. Consolidating *A miles from different accounts into one?
  179. Is there a UA MP status challenge like the US DM one?
  180. Strange Note from UA Customer Care
  181. Is the upgrade arrow on accurate?
  182. Can I have two MileagePlus Explorer Cards simultaneously?
  183. Transfer United Miles to Avios (BAEC) ?
  184. Access to Lufthansa lounge in Boston as a domestic itinerary *G
  185. List of Available Upgrades Drops off the Screen
  186. Outrageous lost luggage problem
  187. Explorer Card needed on hand for free checked bag?
  188. Empty middle seat - what's it worth to you?
  189. Issues Booking Multi-City Award
  190. NRT-HKG in C: UA or DL?
  191. UA48 (EWR-BOM) Not Operating on 01-02 April 2013?
  192. Moving seats on half empty flight into Exit Row/E+ - FA denied me
  193. New Service: Denver to Dickinson, ND
  194. Discontinuing My United UA Club Chase Credit Card
  195. Status vanished...
  196. Lost coat on p.s. flight 560 Feb. 3
  197. Just flew Delta domestic first. Amazing compared to United
  198. Is this a possible iternairy using United miles??
  199. How often does Y get served before F?
  200. How to book TK/UA flights on the same itinerary?
  201. quick question Premier luggage on united when flying under TA #
  202. Promotional booking loophole worked; want to cancel the trip...options?
  203. UA business award space from New York to Budapest
  204. Will I be able to use a lounge on this ticket?
  205. China award ticket with stopovers
  206. Is it possible to upgrade only one segment?
  207. Is AA still doing a status match for UA elites?
  208. Copa Exit Row Seats - Non-premier
  209. Success negotiating free standby?
  210. Has UA (or *A) decided to abandon RTW fare competition from North America?
  211. Best way to book 4 tix (2 w/miles, 2 w/$$)?
  212. Can we combine itineraries from different accounts?
  213. Never flown overseas - economy to Tokyo or book a saver business/first ticket?
  214. Earn 1500 United Miles For Purchasing Bose QuietComfort
  215. Companion travel: disadvantages/advantages on the same PNR
  216. Blank receipt after name change
  217. NAS Segment run timing UA Metal
  218. Status buy-up?
  219. Requalified for 1k, but status now showing Plat and MP unable to fix
  220. RTW booking now at Alliance Desk
  221. Mainland - Europe Upgrade Confusion
  222. When using a voucher & offered a buy-up at booking, does cost come from voucher?
  223. UA 787 pilots
  224. Proactive notification -- LH not so much compared to UA
  225. Award Ticket
  226. Multi-City PNR Question
  227. What Route(s) do You Wish UA Flew?
  228. 2012 Status Matched Gold Glitch, Dropped to Silver
  229. Call center ranking: HNL, ORD, everyone else
  230. Mainline Downgraded to UX then Lost Confirmed Seat Assignment
  231. Fare Shenanigans: Silvers Beware!
  232. "Weak brand that is easily forgettable"
  233. Dumping UA - seeking help with using vouchers and all miles for one final trip
  234. IAH-MSY 739's
  235. Walked to AA, all subsequent UA flights cancelled
  236. How do I make this award work? (NYC - AUS/NZ)
  237. Cannot get UA Standard Award because my UX carrier is a "Codeshare"
  238. Cross Atlantic Y Fare
  239. Root Cause - Board of Directors?
  240. p.s. Reconfiguration and Transition Update
  241. Where to Check In for UA Codeshare Flights "Operated by US Air"?
  242. Bought sister in Europe flight, will price show?
  243. OZ Suite - ORD - ICN (Reward Flight on UA)
  244. Missed last domestic flight of the day standby rules (For Premier Gold Member)
  245. Any short cut to 1K from gold? status match/challenge/buy up?(US to DL back to UA?)
  246. 1K soft soft landing or web glitch?
  247. B737-900/757-200 Question
  248. Smisek article on loyalty in Hemispheres Magazine
  249. united MP questions
  250. If I credit to another *A program, will I get same/similar TOD offers as the kettles?