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  1. UA algorithm for domestic complementary upgrade ranking
  2. Award reservation change question.
  3. Trans Atlantic Crew Rest 2 F seats
  4. Can I check additional baggage mid-itinerary?
  5. aircraft changed impact my flight plan. any ideas?
  6. Shutdown exceptions
  7. United Dining miles to United Mileageplus
  8. Will the gov't shutdown make IAD upgrades easier?
  9. How to choose a continental plane?
  10. Transporting art on United
  11. "Rotating" availability of electricity on 737s?
  12. United Award Booking - notes for business tickets
  13. JetBlue (B6) Mint Product as a new challenge to PS?
  14. Using UA miles for SA Award
  15. Can't book my desired ORD-NAP, FLR-ORD on either UA or LH
  16. Is anyone getting a little sick of these co-branding offers?
  17. United Silver, booked under US DM#, Economy Plus Seatin?
  18. Barking dog in cabin
  19. UAL/ANA glitch causing inability to purchase NRT-TPE tickets?
  20. Thinking to moving from UA to DL, match 1K to Plat -- Pros-Cons?
  21. MilagePlus status match, *S / Virgin Atlantic Silver
  22. Anyone else lost all graphics on
  23. Question on co-pay upgrades
  24. cancel return-miles?
  25. What happened to
  26. How hard for a UA 75K Plat to upgrade internationally?
  27. award ticket downgauge
  28. Any guess on whether United will match AA/BA 25K bonus to Europe promotion?
  29. Air Canada earning changes on Oct.1
  30. Can I combine two awards on one reservation?
  31. EWR to HNL (via SFO): upgrade or gamble?
  32. Question regarding Hawaiian Airline Connection booked via United award.
  33. Domestic Widebody/BusinessFirst seats (other than p.s.)?
  34. Asked to pay $449 to upgrade AFTER shelled out a $600 co-pay AND 20,000 miles
  35. UA ticket agent couldn't stop laughing laughing laughing
  36. Hot topic 15 years go on UA forum
  37. Premier For a Day
  38. Nice article on retiring UA flight attendant
  39. Any difference between the F seats on a 747 and a 777?
  40. Funny Pilot on UA220 today...
  41. Partner Award - New Schedule = Misconnect
  42. 30 days of friendly
  43. UA says confirmed, SA/LH says not
  44. Help pick the best route PUJ to PDX
  45. GPU waitlist cleared email - for a cancelled res
  46. [Rumor] Hot Food Coming Back to United Clubs
  47. Upgrade chance SNA or LAX to LHR
  48. Joke "UnfriendlySkies Ads" come true
  49. Does UA have a medical dept, require clearance after medical emergency in-flight?
  50. Award Upgrades vs Award Travel value
  51. 26-Sep-2013 - UA1603 [IAH-SEA] Diverts to BOI Due to Crew Medical Emgergency
  52. Far Canadian North Destinations with Mileageplus?
  53. Ground workers reach tentative agreement with United
  54. UAL 3Q 2013 results
  55. Odd UA Email - Title = "MUAD EN"
  56. Do RPUs increase upgrade chances within T-24?
  57. Aircraft Selection/Use Question
  58. United holding back one F seat on many flights?
  59. Question on GermanWings (4U) Earning PQM & PQS plus Premier Benefits
  60. Is there any way to find out ahead of time if a flight is weight restricted?
  61. Does United Honor Competitor's Discount Certificates?
  62. Domestic First Mileage Upgrade Question (Double Charged by Agent; How to Resolve?)
  63. Best Options for Business Class Upgrade DFW-ARN on UA?
  64. OLCI for UA ticket with UA/NH flights?
  65. uk guy question (Miles + $$$ Copay Upgrade for TATL Flights)
  66. Headphone jacks on UA metal - Bose QC15's - anyone else have issues?
  67. Digital Redesign Update: A First Step, With Airport Kiosks
  68. Gordon's Galley at IAH
  69. Can Duplicate Accounts (one CO legacy) still be merged if miles in one have expired
  70. no credit for "R" fare class on LOT Polish airlines
  71. What am I missing here (Fares)
  72. How does one find where the UA Dreamliners fly?
  73. IAD layover checked baggage
  74. Help - flatbed >W class fare to Hyatt destination
  75. P Fares on BF Marketed Segments
  76. Help! United sold me an invalid itinerary!
  77. New Banner Ad: "Faraway from Friendly"
  78. Best way to book a flight on Swiss - on or
  79. Only using half of a MR ticket
  80. overseas call centers
  81. Is there any way to find ticket numbers for award tickets not flown?
  82. Passender Dies onboard UA 143 LOS-IAH 23-Sep-2013
  83. What to expect on UA flight from AMS to US
  84. Exit rows and kids. A few ?'s
  85. BP for EZE-GRU-ORD-YUL on JJ / UA / AC
  86. Confused about entertainment options
  87. How to calculate reward miles to be used
  88. Shed light on Award Description WB60
  89. PHL - IAH; Reduction In Direct Flights?
  90. Travel to China: Return Home Permit Accepted
  91. UA website not saving billing-country pref
  92. Begins Instant Ticketing?
  93. So... who wants to see the new redesigned homepage?
  94. US Mileage accrual to MileagePlus Elite?
  95. Can anyone help me check a flight
  96. Intra-Europe Award Redemption Conundrum
  97. United PEK runways
  98. Flight delayed FCA - DEN, will miss the connection
  99. Sometimes not getting the upgrade can be a good thing....
  100. Very confusing ticket reissue problem
  101. 1K Voice Response aka The Gettysburg Address
  102. What will happen when F8 J9 Y0?
  103. How does missed connection auto-rebooking work?
  104. Questions about the reuse of a non-refundable exchange
  105. Used to change an LH award and it "worked" - but should I be concerned?
  106. UA - Let Children Sit With Their Parents (Facebook/Twitter Protest Site)
  107. Does anyone know what's up with PVD?
  108. Booking Premier Service United
  109. Flying United
  110. Can I use a UA gift certificate to pay for award fees/taxes?
  111. Get US fares to show up on .bomb?
  112. Apology: ‘We hurt you,’ United official tells DRO airport board
  113. No longer can see seat # without changing your seat?
  114. Refunds for miles bookings when United change flight times
  115. Hong Kong operations impacted on 9/22 due to Typhoon Usagi
  116. flying UA domestic - refused PHX United Club access with a TK gold card
  117. List of baggage interlining partners? (looking for: Oman Air)
  118. Offloaded by UA GA in LAX on a Powertrip
  119. I'm booking an award ticket for my folks. Suggestion?
  120. Take any vacant seat....
  121. "Available" vs., well, available
  122. Help with rebooking a ticket
  123. Reward Flight Search Tool
  124. Strategy When UA First Wait-list Didn't Clear
  125. Will LH M&M changes affect earning on UA MP?
  126. Why will some agents take over a reservation but some wont?
  127. Amateur question re: flight cancellation / re-booking
  128. turkish flight #/air astana metal miles
  129. TATL award miles calculation
  130. Old (Classic) Slogan, "Come Fly the Friendly Skies Again", Returns to the New UNITED.
  131. PIN stopped working
  132. Sin-nrt-iah and nrt duty free
  133. Insensitive! UA makes flight crews stay at World Trade Center hotel
  134. Is UA getting too complicated to fly?
  135. Does the Award availability differ based on owning the United Credit Card?
  136. Triple miles and Gold Elite Status at Best Western after 1 stay
  137. How long for on-board purchases to post?
  138. United Reward Availability for other *A Programs
  139. Proactive rebooking on mileage run?
  140. BIZARRE Happenings with SNA-WAW PNR
  141. Domestic East-West Coast Flights - Booking into a Business Class Buk
  142. Conflicting Cancellation Times
  143. ORD-Hawaii fares?
  144. Should I use UA or US silver account, for my UA flights?
  145. United SFO Family Day - October 13th, 2013
  146. won't honor their own fare
  147. Change return flight but keep the date open?
  148. iOS7 Upgrade problems with United App?
  149. Best Time to Qualify for Status?
  150. Search All Flights for 1 Plane
  151. Info re Quito checkin etc
  152. No Service to FAI Next Year?
  153. Rufundable ticket not eligible for a refund?
  154. SFO>LHR (UA) LHR>BHD Can't do AerLingus Checkin/Seats
  155. UA rules the skies (briefly), or why are IAD-LHR departures so unevenly distributed?
  156. Changing my name cancelled all of my seat assignments
  157. Economy 777 full, can book, will I get into E+ ?
  158. Denver Flooding - Anybody Get Change Fee Waived for Late September?
  159. Is there any way to transfer MileagePlus miles to Hyatt Gold Passport?
  160. UA Rebooking to space-available flights only. A question about policy
  161. Help! Left my laptop in UA lounge in NRT and getting no love contacting them
  162. 3-class 737s EWR-Caribbean?? CPU and Y-UP not available.
  163. Passenger (possibly non-rev) Uses -Chewing Tobacco- On Flight
  164. What's the strangest way you've been addressed by a UA Employee?
  165. Fee to Redeposit Miles for an Upgrade? (Need Clarification)
  166. Reverse Charge - Redeem Award?
  167. Booking Xmas fare on United
  168. Are Co-pay/Mileage upgrades easier than awards?
  169. Need advice as to best UA credit card, given unusual situation.
  170. United refuses to honor booking - what to do? (lap infant not ticketed)
  171. How would new ps 757s fly TATL?
  172. When did PMUA end MDW service and where did they fly to?
  173. Award ticket on LH; no LH PNR. What to do?
  174. likely impossible mileage upgrade question
  175. book mixed airlines on
  176. Can't change flight return date on-line
  177. Row Re-Numbering For United Express Fleet (Effective 7 Oct 2013)
  178. New One for Me - Significant Itinerary Change but no Red Notification
  179. Help w purchase DEN-POS
  180. UA booking w/LH flights: I keep losing LH seats.
  181. Issue confirming Air China (CA) award tickets
  182. Unable to transfer from AAdvantage at
  183. Need Help! to SELECT a ROUTING: BOM to SFO/ SJC with some medical constraints?
  184. Re-booked flight with travel agent with excessive cost, anything I can do?
  185. New Chase Select Benefits?
  186. 500 mile minimum on piedmont express?
  187. Newbie trying to learn the system...
  188. Upgrade of CRJ-700 Aircraft - any info?
  189. LH economy and business on award ticket
  190. 12 September 2013 UA $0 Mistake Fares (UA Honoring Ticketed Itineraries)
  191. CM Seat Annoyance
  192. United to Start ORD-Edinburgh Summer Service
  193. Premier Accelerator
  194. Change Flights feature on web
  195. ERJ145 - hanging space?
  196. Missing miles and GPU redeposit
  197. UAX Exiting GFK-DEN Market
  198. 3rd leg of upgraded trip - No U/G, no waitlist
  199. Changing a reservation within 24 hours of booking
  200. What is midnight?
  201. Mileage redemption idea - using points to cover change fees
  202. Lack of GPU space to LHR in Sept/Oct!
  203. Here's to United Airlines: A 2013 Remembrance of 9/11!
  204. SFO to BLR on United Miles with a stop over in BKK
  205. Presidential Plus Cancellation vs United Club Expiration
  206. Best way to spend 10K so far!! :)
  207. ANA *A upgrade using UA miles
  208. GIG-GRU-EWR no longer a valid connection (Nov-Mar)
  209. Award ticket with United Miles but add my Aegean FF for *G benefits. Possible?
  210. Where to book a 7 segment flight?
  211. No more UA miles and money?
  212. Global Entry Fee Compensation Site Down
  213. United Mileage Plus Accelerator and Premier Accelerator
  214. How to book two airlines on one ticket? (Not showing up online)
  215. UAL's August 2013 traffic report
  216. Fare Classes Again Not Visible Online ??
  217. Can you mix fare classes online?
  218. Seating DCA-EWR-BOM
  219. Ewr-sfo 764 ...
  220. Odds of upgrade on EWR/PEK in Oct?
  221. world's messiest PNR - advice
  222. help with an award ticket itinerary
  223. Maximum 4 FLIGHTS per direction on * Awards. Is this new?
  224. United Express to Introduce ORD- Elmira, NY, Topeka, Kansas, & State College, PA
  225. UA Intra-Middle East CPUs
  226. Saver Award Availability: How does it vary by elite level?
  227. Can travel agents apply instruments during booking?
  228. Cash Buy Up Not Available but Miles Buy Up Is?
  229. Routes for UA's A350?
  230. Newbie question - how best to use my UA miles?
  231. Making 1K in Jan 2014 good for 2 years?
  232. UA CRJ-700's Seating Rows 4-7?
  233. United Airlines is one big company, but not yet one happy family
  234. Possible to Book F Award Outbound and J Return Using the One-Way Mileage for Both?
  235. Best chance GPU for routing FRA-SFO or FRA-ORD
  236. PQM Bonus on 500 mile minimum in J?
  237. UAL tells NYT it's having a "customer-experience and consumer-loyality renaissance."
  238. Interesting Result: United Explorer Card
  239. Award Booking Question: ATL to the Big Island
  240. Senior discount 10%--Really?
  241. Arriving SFO from YYJ on Regional Jet - Immigration?
  242. ramp personnel @United Club
  243. Heads Up: CR7 Configuration and Seatmap Changes
  244. By being an elite level flyer can you get Hilton Gold status?
  245. nasty Sleazy trick - accept change in order to see seats
  246. 7 days to see mileage award travel cancellation recredit ?
  247. Viewing Copa segments on Copa page when purchased through UA
  248. Longest route to use RPU?
  249. Swiss C or UA BF to ZRH?
  250. "Veterans Advantage" discount after 31-Jan-2014 (North America only for 2015)