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  1. Squeezing every last united mile out of Chase
  2. Upgrade on International flight
  3. United is refusing to award bonus PQM/RDM for cash buy-ups
  4. LH routes with a 747 with separate bed
  5. U on new mobile app
  6. A look at SFO T3 Progress - "As nice or nicer than T2"
  7. Newark to Warsaw Reward Travel question
  8. United to Add New Embraer E-175 (76-Seat) Aircraft to United Express Fleet
  9. New PS service - IFL access?
  10. Need help with Thailand ticket. Paid vs award
  11. Change in Paid Ticket --Any Refund on Taxes?
  12. any reviews of UA6 SIN-IAH
  13. United Miles for car rentals
  14. Did United check-in staff lie about window seat?
  15. Need help with mixed award and economy+miles tickets
  16. "You Deserve Instant Elite Status" eMails from American Airlines
  17. How Does United Define "Direct" Flights?
  18. Send or Fax Boarding Passes for Credit? Are You Kidding Me???
  19. United Connection to Lebanon, NH (LEB) on Cape Air
  20. Standard Award Question
  21. United Promotions
  22. Who thinks the music selection on United is horrible?
  23. A Proposal to Make UA Credit Cards Attractive to Elites
  24. Did the change fee for non-refundable tickets just go up from $150 to $200?
  25. UA or AA out of Shanghai?
  26. How accurate on the online flight seating availability charts?
  27. What happened to IAH-SAV?
  28. Upgrading CHI to JNB when being reimbursed for Coach
  29. My bacehlor party - DCA to LAS
  30. Seeking advice as to booking via miles or $$$.
  31. Legacy UAL Crew Stopped a Defection to Delta
  32. New, More Restrictive Award Routing Rules (??)
  33. UA Elites in US Hubs - What to do??? Who wants our business???
  34. Award fee increase after check-in?
  35. Question on A/C to Hawaii
  36. award availability with MP explorer
  37. Basic Question - Cancelling a MP Award Ticket, Refunding Award Miles, Fees, etc.
  38. New onboard Vodka - Tito's
  39. Experience with upgrading UA awards with LH C segment to LH F
  40. CMB to Europe via S. Asian zone?
  41. Only one change per call to reservations? :-)
  42. Android app no longer shows waitlisted segments?
  43. Who to file EU261 compensation with? Flying Lufthansa on United Award
  44. Booking internal Japan flights using mileage plus miles
  45. The My Account Page Has a New Look
  46. UA M+ vs LH M&M: award redemptions and upgrades
  47. What's the difference between the PMUA 763's w/ winglets and those without?
  48. Nice handling of medical emergency on 799 into LGA today
  49. New to Status; Star Alliance Gold Benefits When Flying on Other *A Airlines?
  50. UA 4001, FA bumped me from 2A to back of plane.
  51. Can you book an award to BKK via Europe?
  52. What to do if I miss a connection b/c of late equipment arrival?
  53. Multiple FF Numbers
  54. Changing economy seat on UA RJ flight day of departure to an E+ seat.
  55. Booking a R/T for 2 - with different return dates - Same PNR?
  56. How many miles does it take to upgrade a PS flight?
  57. Unbooked trips showing on flights list-not FareLock
  58. United Decline and Fall
  59. Booking ord-lhr trying to redeem my 6 GPU's
  60. When was your first flight on UA (or predecessor)
  61. Can UA be rebooked to AC before day of departure?
  62. Is SFO-YYZ considered international for stopover purposes?
  63. Food Service in Coach (It Would be Nice if They Announced the Menu Before Service)
  64. Use United miles for Luftansa upgrade?
  65. GRU United Lounge - Electrical Outlet Type?
  66. BKK-MIA award routing (award search issues)
  67. Is IAD - SJU seasonal? After May 2nd I don't see the direct flight anymore.
  68. Best Economy / Coach MileagePlus Redemption Rate
  69. Mileage Plus Club Card on BPs and Bag Tags
  70. Upgrade Policy for Mileage Tickets Seems Completely Arbitrary
  71. Alternate SFO-TPE routing via HKG
  72. Conflicting gate information display SFO int'l terminal vs. domestic
  73. Someone stole Rx drugs from my checked bag today...what number do I call to complain?
  74. 24 April 2013: Denver West United Club Refurbishment
  75. Change Fee vs Cancel Fee
  76. where can I find long-term flight schedules and equip types info?
  77. BOS Club PA: MassPort prevents you from consuming outside food
  78. United servers really slow lately?
  79. United baggage fee waiver with Aeroplan status?
  80. United Itinerary Emails look so messed up in Gmail?
  81. United Mileplus club credit card vs presidential credit card ?
  82. Seattle counters and UC to move
  83. Is there a way to get notified if N (or any other fare class is available)
  84. Guide to Crew Rest Seats
  85. Multi-segment award booking on United's Website
  86. See no people, hear no people, speak no people
  87. Does a 1K AGENT have any additonal details around upgrade?
  88. Buy-up from business to first?
  89. How Long After Takeoff Can I Put Down My Bed in C?
  90. Can't buy tickets on
  91. UA Fare; AC operated; how to book?
  92. American introduces more elite incentives and bennies. Will UA respond... this time?
  93. Help a United BizFirst newbie out...
  94. Gucci Bags in United MileagePlus Shopping?
  95. United airlines pricing - depends on logging in?
  96. How early can I check in at the airport?
  97. WAS-SHA Orbitz vs. UA Huge Price Difference and Other Issues
  98. How Can I Spend a $2k Credit On A Premium International Ticket
  99. Young Children in Middle Seats by Themselves
  100. Petition to United Airlines to stop showing violent movies on shared-screen aircraft.
  101. lost benefits when booking through 3rd party site?
  102. Which flight has a better chance of GPU clearing?
  103. UA IPTE differences by region
  104. Specify Fare Class for only one leg of trip
  105. Will United defer my elite status
  106. Corporate travel upgrade?
  107. Lack of ua mainline flights; Does united have more regional jets than other carriers?
  108. EWR - CDG Paid upgrades
  109. No more LAS-IAD redeye?
  110. Lack of Disclosure and Doing things the dishonest way
  111. New (?) terms in bold in partner airline section
  112. Any way to force US Airways Operated flights (UA Codeshares) on website
  113. Question on United Gold reservation but earning miles on USAir
  114. Interesting free upgrade from ARN to EWR
  115. Easiest / cheapest way to keep my miles alive - suggestions please!
  116. April 2013 - Updated Messages, Layout, etc. on UAL.COM [PASS ID Field is Back!]
  117. upgrade int'l S-class ticket using miles from two accounts?
  118. Looking for help/suggestions for one way TPAC flight in C
  119. Easiest / cheapest way to keep my miles alive (non-US) - suggestions please!
  120. LAX-IST, TK flight is not showing up in award flight list
  121. UA840 MEL-SYD-LAX cancelled 22/04/13 due to 'crash' at aerobridge
  122. Booking on United or Orbitz?
  123. Anyone flown the UA IAD-GUA flight doesn't look like many have :)
  124. If you purchase an F seat but SDC to a non-F aircraft, do you still get COS bonus?
  125. Wrong Status on Boarding Pass
  126. United Miles Personal Invitation Number Question
  127. Incompetent 1K line:changes to awards
  128. UA223 SFO-DEN Equip Sub 22Apr
  129. Important Notice from United: Update regarding sequester impacts on travel
  130. Is it possible to book award and revenue tickets on the same PNR?
  131. Size of Bassinet on BF 772 Transpac EWR-PVG
  132. Waitlisted RPU, Economy Segment Disappears
  133. Does E+ actually have increased recline?
  134. Am I cheated by United?
  135. B777 Seating Discrepancy / Question
  136. Saver Award seat opens up on a BF int'l itinerary
  137. No more chocolate covered pretzels at United Clubs?
  138. Is LGA-AUA a seasonal route, and if so when does it run?
  139. Received extra Chase United Club passes by mail.
  140. Has United given up on the Caribbean Market (excluding Mexico area)?
  141. Options When Price of Purchased Ticket Goes Down Later?
  142. Upgrade Status Update for Confirmation
  143. Equipment change after CPU
  144. Virtual United Videos
  145. Poll for FT member preference on GPU use
  146. Any way to find out cost of ticket paid for with certificates?
  147. good stopover for SYD trip?
  148. Flight delayed for 45 mins! What should i do?
  149. Short Daddy - 5 yo trip idea?
  150. Premier Accelerator & Global Services
  151. Checked baggage question
  152. Do the newly reconfiged 767-400 in BF have USB ports to charge your devices?
  153. United Website error message after I hit the payment button
  154. Misconnex due customs/immigration and tight connect: Who pays taxi from IAD to DCA?
  155. United merged my MP account with my Dad's
  156. Award Flights with Paid Upgrade...for someone else?
  157. Flight Upgrades & Waitlist (Newbie Question)
  158. Online Check-in at EZE
  159. MP Club + Sapphire Preferred + Freedom Combo
  160. New premiere member and qualifying premiere bonus
  161. Different award availability on different accounts?
  162. Flight Delayed - Never Stood a Chance for an On-Time Departure to Begin With
  163. Slightly bizarre seat-swapping question
  164. Will UA sell SFO>FRA>Italy ticket with both LH & UA?
  165. Premier Bonus Miles: Do these accrue on the qualifying leg?
  166. United Hotels - Earn up to 1500 miles per night for your stay
  167. Using Award Miles for Return Trip in July
  168. Change Fee Increase to $200/300
  169. Award Flight Disappeared
  170. advice about check-in time ex SJU
  171. Auto rebook - removed from original flt?
  172. ORD Weather 4/17-4/18
  173. UAL 1Q 2013 call/results - Thursday 4/25/13
  174. United Clubs - Can you buy a 30-day pass?
  175. miles and segments credit for award ticket
  176. Routing to Perth, Australia
  177. UA F 777 vs 767
  178. United On Track to Save 85 Million Gallons Of Fuel in 2013
  179. Best and Most Economical Routes From SFO to Maximize Bonus EQM Promo?
  180. So, United thinks Taiwan is China,
  181. One way award flight - is the following route possible?
  182. overnight layover question
  183. Old credit card on profile - what happens?
  184. Int travel check in
  185. What is official policy on adding segments? from 2 coupons to 3?
  186. AA (vs UA) apology/mileage compensation for passengers burned by 4/16 IT meltdown
  187. [TARGETED] 50% PQM miles promotion - TB5M11
  188. Why do the sCO 767-400s at IAD always depart from gate D7?
  189. Considering a move to UA MP
  190. Mileage Plus enrollment limited to over 18 now?
  191. J booked at zero, no R space
  192. What's the current pillow/blanket for international economy?
  193. How To Ticket Held Award Reservation with Another MP Account
  194. Is there a method to the upgrade seating algorithm?
  195. UA Blocking PageOnce Triptracker
  196. 757-200 vs A319 in First Class
  197. What Does "ASA Restricted" Mean?
  198. Making A Stink About Seats: Am I an Awful Person?
  199. Return Leg from Hong Kong Need Advice
  200. Gold for 2014 and General Member for 2015 or Silver for 2014 and 2015?
  201. Official 2013 Mini-DO NYC June 8
  202. Newbie questions on passenger's right to international flight reroute, baggage delay
  203. I Vote Tom Horton for New UA President!
  204. promotions for new MileagePlus account
  205. Has anyone ran across any good Economy Saver awards out of IAH?
  206. United Marketing & Customer Retention Algorithm - In Full Gear!
  207. United Schedule Changes (Summer Schedule?)
  208. System showing I did not fly, so no mileage credit. I flew.
  209. Question about reward fare rules.
  210. 737-800 Bulkhead
  211. Should UA make EWR-DCA into shuttle-type service?
  212. TIV Refund Due To WX
  213. Partially used refundable ticket expired
  214. how to deal with over charging by >$20
  215. Four Days in Paris Turns Into Three
  216. Upgrade chances for EWR-ARN
  217. United confiscates over 1 million miles from my account (in 2007)
  218. Using United Miles on International Business/First Class Trip for World Cup
  219. Stupid UA Website Errors Out On Premier Instant Upgrades
  220. 55k [to upgrade] two pax + baby, SFO-LIH - would you do it?
  221. United Renovates IAH Terminal B South Concourse for $97 Million
  222. How many agents does it take to change a reservation? LOL
  223. Bevy of problems on recent flight YYZ->IAH!
  224. United cancels reservation, ruins anniversary trip
  225. Compare business class seats (737 vs 757 vs A320 etc.)
  226. Is There Any Chance UA Will Honor an Expired (5 year Old) $50 PW50 Certificate?
  227. LCY -- The Airport UA forgot
  228. No longer able to book 1-stop flights as two segments?
  229. IAH -> IAD metal
  230. award travel for couple traveling together - 1 ways or round trips?
  231. United 1K help desk agent hung up my call
  232. Name not showing as wait listed after RPU
  233. New to United and VERY Frustrated
  234. Retroactive Fee Waiver
  235. Help me spend a million MP miles+AVIOS
  236. Input solicited on use of miles (Star upgrades)
  237. Seating changes on line
  238. Has 13K been fixed?
  239. HN vs YN for standard awards
  240. Smisek takes a 35% pay cut...was it enough??
  241. Possible to order online a box of the Cinnamon rolls that UA serves on flights?
  242. Is DEN the new RJ hub?
  243. 30 mins and counting to change a flight due to IROPS
  244. Best strategy if R space appears within 24 hours?
  245. Air Canada Tango fare with MileagePlus
  246. Status Match - What is United Express?
  247. Premier Access question - one segment in Y
  248. LHR Terminal 2 Opening on June 4
  249. Booked a standard, watching for saver
  250. Shopping Mall 500 miles for email signup; need ad copy