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  1. The mighty kiosk (UA)
  2. Does my flight exist?
  3. Rebook daughter's canceled flight question
  4. Res with all Code share flights
  5. When are domestic layovers over 4 hours legal?
  6. Question about the UAL shopping portal
  7. Free E+ seat at T-24 check in?
  8. International flight - book business class or purchase an upgrade?
  9. Hertz Elite Bonuses deducted on 12/11/12
  10. Changes to UA's IAD-HNL Service (Schedule, Equipment, etc.)?
  11. United CC email: "Pay for the group, fellow diners pay you back."
  12. Business class EWR-MXP on UA; What should I expect?
  13. Help with special travel need: unaccompanied, illiterate senior citizen
  14. Redeeming MR points for travel on United
  15. Quick question re UA1514 EWR-PUJ
  16. Suggestions for Meal Options (Flying UA to Kona in First)
  17. Saver fare from NYC to connect to LAX-OGG
  18. IAD to FRA to FUK to IAD for a RTW flight possible?
  19. Frankfurt service reduction
  20. Who has highest avg miles per year for 10+ year stretch?
  21. What size rollaboard bag?
  22. Consolidated cancelled/delayed domestic flights (2013)
  23. What will UAL do if TAP connection is cancelled?
  24. Can not split a reservation operated by LH
  25. Is this person trying to scam me by selling his United Air Miles?
  26. receiving miles on an award ticket?
  27. UG-IDG-UG follies at ORD
  28. Buying UA miles at a discount (?)
  29. Book partner flight through UA website or partner website?
  30. Questions About Flightpaths for United's EWR-HKG Flights
  31. Whats up with pricing through CLE?
  32. Is switching from LAX to SNA an allowable change on an award ticket?
  33. Question About Booking a Family Trip Using Both Credit Card & Miles
  34. When a partner cancels...what can I do?
  35. Is this UA IT (or me!) - should I be worried about a 2nd charge before a credit?
  36. United Mileage Expiration
  37. United Saver First Award - WORST customer service
  38. GlobalFirst - Fewer Seats on 777 (Due to Crew Rest Blocking)
  39. UA accidentally sends dog to Ireland instead of PHX
  40. EWR-SFO, UA421 flight, chances to upgrade?
  41. Changing just outbound of award ticket?
  42. Mandatory E+ Purchase?
  43. Final flight for 767-200ER's
  44. Handed a Recognition Card by Gate Agent
  45. upgrade miles cost effective Trans Pac
  46. Ben Gurion (TLV) Lounge Access with United Club pass?
  47. Help with rebooking a cancelled flight on Asiana booked with United miles
  48. I Phone Issues
  49. 2 Credit Cards (Biz/Pers) and 2 Mileage Plus accounts help
  50. intantly upgradeable fare - H2 UP
  51. What UA Forum thread should I read on my MR?
  52. Latest you can purchase a mileage ticket? Canceling outbound only?
  53. UA 897 J award availability
  54. WATCH OUT when paying with miles on!!!
  55. Is UA's Mileage Calculator Buggy? Additional 75% / 150% Member Bonus?
  56. Metal change- messing up PS upgrade advice please?
  57. My MP# on Award ticket I booked for family member
  58. Using/Changing Singapore First flight with UA miles
  59. Already booked Saver Coach SFO-BCN - what the chances of Saver Biz/First awards?
  60. UA partnership with Rocketmiles
  61. Cancelled SAA ticket bought from United
  62. Consolidated "United MileagePlus Credit Card Offers"
  63. Reason for cancellations, baggage allowance after downgrade.
  64. Booked intl business, domestic legs can only be econ comfort?
  65. New MileagePlus terms to accept upon logging on?
  66. UA Flight 78 Aborted Landing at NRT [13-Mar-2013] Plus Bonus Drama
  67. No / very limited E+???
  68. oneway China-US award ticket with stopover FRA
  69. Disabled passenger sues UA
  70. Lounge access question for MEX, BOG, and PTY
  71. MileagePlus e-mail statement showing wrong totals?
  72. MileagePlus vs Club Card
  73. Trying to keep E+ seats as kettle
  74. Baggage Allowance for Award Ticket as *G
  75. Question regarding redicted flight b/c of weather
  76. Advice Please: IAD-NRT-LHR-IAD in 12 Days
  77. Upgrading segments on two different reservations
  78. Do I now always have to call for award ticketing
  79. Baggage Fees with Star Gold
  80. Jan 2012 DOT ratings out... UAL #8 in OT, #2 in complaints.
  81. Can you combine miles of people traveling for upgrades (in odd blocks)?
  82. UA doesn't recognise SAW (Istanbul) Airport?
  83. 1K 96 hour Automatic Upgrade; Fails:(
  84. UAL website down? (I'm in the UK); need an alternative if there is one
  85. Copa Airlines Economy Flex Q class accrual for MP
  86. Mixed UA/SQ award reservation in O/I class
  87. UA is the worst website
  88. Unable to book reservation - credit card error
  89. Become a Platinum for $7,500? (75,000 EQM)
  90. united award online change
  91. Is there a chance I fly more in a year than a UX flight attendant?
  92. Upgrade List after online Check-In
  93. Y/B fare question
  94. Can United take away your upgrade?
  95. (LifeLock Marketing Mailer) What a waste of paper United
  96. .bomb DNS failure?
  97. Valid layover - multiple airports of the same city ?
  98. Award Ticket Equipment Change
  99. United Club/Asiana Lounge Access in Korea
  100. Four days only: Act now and save up to 40% on the purchase of award miles
  101. MileagePlus Explorer or Chase Saphire Preferred
  102. SAN to AMS - any suggestions?
  103. Report your PNR Splitting experiences here!
  104. United Status Match challenge small print...
  105. Three Days to Issues Ticket....Should I be Concerned
  106. BA flights on
  107. Free Shower at CDG Sheraton for C & F Arrivals
  108. 777-200 or 767-400ER? United Calling . . .
  109. Class Change on F Award Ticket in coach?
  110. Southwest offering status match to A list for Colorado
  111. E-ticket and receipt not coming through
  112. Q400's coming to PHX?
  113. Change fees and travel cert in return
  114. Showers Are Available at ORD C16 & GRU For All
  115. LOT unavailable to United awards?
  116. Reward travel-waitlisted for different flight-experience?
  117. My E+ seat unavailable when boarding
  118. Off-peak flights NYC-ORD on a Tuesday
  119. UA taking 747 off LHR-SFO route?
  120. Can't seem to force a lower fare class on a codeshare
  121. Reporting 747's Tail Number of MX Delays/Cancellations
  122. Former Partners
  123. So much for OLCI
  124. Help needed UA award booking routing options....
  125. Anyone ever get miles from their company via Perks Plus?
  126. Status at UA
  127. Is it just me or are the red-eyes getting later??
  128. Nothing has Changed! (UA's Failure at IRROPs Reaccomodation - 2013)
  129. Advice Please for Friend now at IAD
  130. Straight from Premier Gold to GM?
  131. United passbook app for iPhone doesn't recognize daylight saving
  132. early upgrade?
  133. Need help to plan EWR-HNL RT in Biz 1st, award ticket
  134. Free checked bag w/o using Explorer card?
  135. Domestic entertainment options going down hill?
  136. Need creative fare solution
  137. When does 24hr check in get DST?
  138. Question on baggage allowance on a multi-airline itinerary
  139. Cancellation Credit Questions & Answers
  140. Booking Travel for Family: Combining Award + Paid Tickets
  141. Quest for Business class USA-HKG march 13
  142. How do I know what is reconfigured and what is preconfigured?
  143. Cancelled flight - automatic refund?
  144. Class Action Filed on Behalf of Premier Gold and 1Ks
  145. Is it possible for different people to use different fare classes on the same PNR?
  146. UA's Y/B class and upgrades
  147. Changing the outbound when the return is already upgraded
  148. MileagePlus Dining deleted my account when registering the same card twice
  149. chances of upgrade IAD to GVA using FF miles
  150. An Interesting Offer for United Mastercard Members
  151. Grease Monkey/Fare bucket issues?
  152. Where to check in when 1 segment is not upgraded
  153. Can't use reward miles
  154. What is reservation waitlisting?
  155. Checked in online, what about my suitcase?
  156. New UA iPad specific app coming soon?
  157. United Status Challenge Problem
  158. Same day change/standby for UA flight booked with US miles
  159. SFO PEK W class ticket, upgraded to Business no seat
  160. Hertz miles not posting correctly to Mileage Plus account
  161. B fare upgrade, EQM drops from 150 to 100%
  162. Intra Asia Booking Help
  163. Very Cheap P Fare? Not a Glitch?
  164. ORD to DCA vs IAD Scheduling
  165. United Reports February 2013 Operational Performance
  166. United CEO says it doesn’t want to be world’s largest airline, but size still matters
  167. MEL-SYD-SFO, cleared then downgraded??
  168. UA's Motion To Dismiss for Premier Silver's Suit DENIED
  169. Can you no longer FareLock award travel?
  170. Gold Lounge Access on Connecting Flights
  171. New to MP, switch all flights to UA or stay with US-A and pray for status match?
  172. UP20K on an unflown ticket..still usable?
  173. UA MP Award Flight Question on USAir
  174. Question: Baggage Checked to Final Destination with Overnight/Long Connection
  175. United in Philly question
  176. UA implications and response, if any, to DL's announced buildup at LAX?
  177. M Up on COPA = Upgrade?
  178. Upgrade possible on UAL flight bought on Orbit?
  179. UA News Roundup 7-Mar-2013
  180. Rotating [+] & [-] for Feedback on UA's website
  181. UAs practice of passenger rights - EU vs US rules
  182. Até Logo, TAM
  183. Y+ Seats on UA 757-200 & 767-300
  184. Is UA the oldest active airline name in existence?
  185. Fare Class Availability IAH-EWR-EDI
  186. checked luggage/2 tickets
  187. Strange Upgrade
  188. Report: Thrown Off United Flight For Taking Photo
  189. United delays flight for passenger to see dying mother
  190. Cancel Seat Selection
  191. Help with 17K Mile Challenge
  192. UA awards from the USA to Asia via europe
  193. Award change rule
  194. 0% PQM (Shown on *A Partner Flights on UA's Website)?
  195. Is the fare class shown on for LH coded flights LH fare class or UA?
  196. Anyone used the SFO UC Conference Room?
  197. worried about flying with two itineraries on the same day
  198. Upgrade chances out of Edinburgh (EDI)
  199. PHL -> LAS in april - any reason not to do multiple one way tickets?
  200. New Fare Class? (N)
  201. Any major differences in GF cabins on 744 vs. 772 vs. 763?
  202. Help manage our MileagePlus accounts
  203. How can I improve my chances to upgrade on international flights?
  204. AERO - New SHARES overlay to debut [6-Mar-2013]
  205. Inter-Asia award tickets?
  206. Advice needed - looking for an alternatives of United (and/or MP)
  207. Used UA MP miles for NZ domestic flight AKL-CHC. Can I standby earlier flight?
  208. Method of booking strange routings / layovers?
  209. Can I cancel changed/rebooked flights within 24 hours?
  210. Fare Pecking order
  211. UA adding Boeing 767-400 to IAH-IAD
  212. UA Island hopper on an award ticket
  213. Can't Check in Online
  214. Mr. Hulot's holiday plays out at SFO, departure info differs for the same flight
  215. 13 hour bag rule for long layovers
  216. Cancelled my flight - Can't use the value towards a fare locked reservation?
  217. Best Business/BF options to ROM on UA or *A?
  218. Flight Status Tool for advanced United CPU viewing
  219. cancelled ticket
  220. Confusion over seating choices
  221. UA1k status just granted based on past flying history
  222. Any way for European based UA MP members to generate miles w/o flying?
  223. Fare Rules on J and Y
  224. LAX Commuter Flights out of T7 gates 71x are moving to T8 in April.
  225. What's the award chart for redeeming on EVA airways?
  226. Reservation for 2 passengers but only 1 shows up?
  227. United Clubs running out of food
  228. Change in accrual of SAA miles on MP!
  229. Award routing permitted?
  230. 125K Miles: WHERE DO I GO?
  231. Purser's list of passengers
  232. : Voucher option is not appearing
  233. flight search problem
  234. Interesting/Annoying/Cold Experience YYZ-EWR 3/3
  235. Weather delay benefits for 1K still stands?
  236. Can you standby 2 days prior to scheduled date and pay only change fee?
  237. Best European City to have GPU clear from LAX?
  238. Avoiding delays on flights to LHR - options
  239. Gift Card/Cert Non-refundable?
  240. United compared to Delta - Domestic economy.
  241. Jeff comments on loss of "unmanaged" corporate traffic/PRASM at JP Morgan conference.
  242. Hawaii Award Travel Question
  243. New Gate Signs at ORD
  244. How should my friend pay me back 12500 miles? Suggestion needed
  245. Negative Class of Service Bonus
  246. 5-7 March Winter Storm Saturn Travel Waiver and Impact to UA's Operations
  247. UA is just asking for trouble with its new mileage accrual policies
  248. Upgrade day or night leg to GF on TATL?
  249. DL customer rebooted onto UA due to MX. Will I be charged Bag fee? Dry ice fee?
  250. reserved seating on UA's seatmap