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  1. Why can't I use UA miles for a US flight when US shows availablity?
  2. War related travel waivers on award tickets?
  3. Using Amex points on United
  4. "Acknowledge Schedule Change" message / per United, no fix...
  5. UnitedClub Member Access to AS Board Rooms in ANC (Allowed) & PDX (No Longer Allowed)
  6. Trans Tasman Awards (on NZ Business Class no Longer Available)?
  7. UA removed my credits!
  8. Booked a revenue ticket and award space disappeared
  9. Status on Mileage Award Tickets Purchased for Others
  10. You Can Merge 016 and 12TCVA Certs For International Travel
  11. Jetblue/United merger?
  12. 2013 MP Statements?
  13. Questions about MileagePlus Business Class Award Travel to Dublin
  14. MileagePlus Shopping portal + Club card?
  15. Extending TCVA Ticket
  16. Are mileage runs against the rules at UA?
  17. Using 016 ecerts or etps for paying taxes/fees on awards.
  18. Using a United Credit on a OneWorld Codeshare
  19. Will I get miles for this mix-up?
  20. Award Travel Conundrum - One Adult Two Small Kids - Two Accounts
  21. Mileage Assistance
  22. Any Way to Find R Without Checking Each Day?
  23. What routes for PMCO 752's right now?
  24. Mileage upgrade refund question?
  25. This Crazy Early Upgrading Must Stop!
  26. united club pass [Is there a UA club at HND or SIN?]
  27. Changing booking class on one leg of an award ticket
  28. United Plat question re benefits on Copa
  29. UA1197; SFO to BOS on Mon [25-Mar-2013] ; need intel
  30. Overweight passengers asked to deplane?
  31. (More) Bad Press for UA [Undercurrent, a non-advertising newsletter for scuba divers]
  32. Finding Economy Plus pricing online
  33. Travel Certificate -- can I used 2+ in one reservation?
  34. United 8-K Filing: United is Officially COdbaUA
  35. Redeem UA award miles on SAA domestic?
  36. UA SFO weather hold longer than WN and VX
  37. Flight Attendents being issued tactical flashlights?
  38. Non-stop flights LAX - Cancun
  39. 4 am too early for Mon 6 am flight at SFO?
  40. Redeeming miles, better to call?
  41. Do purchased PQMs count toward RPUs & GPUs?
  42. How early do I need to arrive at Cancun Airport, United 1118?
  43. Extend layover on international award ticket?
  44. Q400 switched to E145 BUF-EWR today
  45. How many MP points for a one-way UA award: SFO-FRA-BKK (via LH then TG)?
  46. invol bump or not?
  47. In general how are the loads and upgrade chances to Europe over Thanksgiving?
  48. Are international service reductions becoming more common around holidays?
  49. Getting discouraged (trying to combine MP points to book award travel)
  50. Another award routing question, may be a little... complex
  51. Award flight with tight international connections
  52. Trip Advice: ORD to HKG
  53. Unexpected refund for (used) E+?
  54. Using multiple mileage accounts
  55. IAD Michigan fan needs some advice on traveling back from ATL to IAD w/low # of miles
  56. interesting experience on UA 914 on 3/23/13
  57. T fare on PS SFO-JFK?
  58. RTW Award vs. One-Way
  59. Showers in United Club Lounges.... how does that work?
  60. Buying a round trip Europe to USA after a 1 way over
  61. Turkish Airlines - MileagePlus
  62. Are United Clubs Open on Holidays?
  63. Maximum number of segments allowed on int'l award F one-way ticket
  64. Need help with crazy award travel itinerary
  65. ? abut United & Business & 1st Europe flights
  66. What Is the Email for Sending in Staff COMPLIMENTS
  67. UA Operated metal from SGN to HKG
  68. Award booking NYC-CPT questions
  69. UAL booking issues
  70. How to upgrade non Y class economy fares on Lufthansa using United instruments?
  71. Award Routing Question (SEA-NRT-SIN-BKK)
  72. Figuring out how many people are ahead of you for a GPU ...
  73. Getting off on connection to save miles, but what about bags?
  74. Blinds in the SFO United Club
  75. UA captain diverts flight, removes pax because of IFE complaints
  76. All My UA Alerts are now phone calls?
  77. UA 565 (Direct Flight IAH-ANC via SEA) Need to Deplane in SEA?
  78. Surprise Upgrade to E-Plus?
  79. BOS to Thailand + Indonesia + Cambodia questions
  80. Smoking (at Airport Terminal Stops) on the UA Island Hopper?
  81. Non-status spouse gets more notices from UA than this 1K.
  82. Taking earlier flight at the airport with domestic 1st class ticket
  83. Mileage upgrade question
  84. Transcon redeye in F - difference between A320 vs 752 (non-BF)?
  85. LHR to IAH on United - awful
  86. United MileagePlus Club Visa Signature -- still 2 bags?
  87. Ord-bru: 767->777
  88. (April Fool's Day) "Secret memo" reveals "interim" merger plan.
  89. UA Upgrade Availability Tool
  90. Launch of Global Service Plus
  91. Ensuring "correct" fare on partners to get miles that count
  92. Is Priority tag for mainline gate check normal?
  93. New Rules Disclaimer: Bait and Switch?
  94. Printing e-ticket of already flown flight
  95. (April Fool's Day) United Continental Holdings announces major rebranding efforts
  96. What is wrong with the 777-200 (ex CO) seatmap?
  97. Help me develop plan to get to Australia and New Zealand
  98. Mileage space - stitching together
  99. (April Fool's Day) United, Boeing Agree to 787 Buyback
  100. 1K Voice Reimbursements
  101. Houston-Beaumont: No longer a flight...its a BUS
  102. Irrops & PS Flights
  103. SFO Club Domestic underutilized space
  104. Early Gate Control -> IDB?
  105. 3/31 SFO-LAX 3 class 767
  106. Thanks for calling United. Four hours late!
  107. "Limited time offer" email - what did you get?
  108. United Staff (GA/Ops/FA) Q&A Thread
  109. Changing a C award to an F award
  110. American new biz 1-2-1 beats UA out of the water
  111. Changing award ticket online - only once?
  112. Space invaded ... by a FA!
  113. Changing a United Mileage ticket
  114. Gate agents pre/post security- any difference?
  115. New entry in 'Upgrades overview' section
  116. R space availability question
  117. UA Gate Agents can't call other gates?
  118. EWR>SNA Waitlist Question
  119. Temporary Closure of United Club at PHL (Now Reopened 05 April)
  120. newbie question - timing of booking award seats
  121. question abt. United website for flight booking
  122. Complimentary United Club with 1K Renewal Kit
  123. Minimum Award Amount in order to Purchase Additional Miles?
  124. (Seating Map for) 777-200 flying from NRT to SIN?
  125. Working at United (I want to apply as a ticket agent)
  126. Saver award spaces hold because of 787
  127. Is it posible to check a baggage in the middle of a journey?
  128. Travelbank credit for Hertz/Avis rentals
  129. Is my MCO-EWR Flight Sold-Out or why doesn't it show up for purchase now?
  130. Waitlist question - 1K line didn't seem sure
  131. We'll soon be collecting media players from our First and Business Class customers
  132. Greece and Turkey in September
  133. Why no CPUs on SYD-MEL?
  134. CPUs improving ?
  135. Booking 4 into E+ on same PNR with 2 Gold pax
  136. $3 PresPlus/UA Club Credit Card Discount *not* Valid on Champagne (and other drinks?)
  137. MP Gold / *A Gold Newbie needs advice : LAX-PER
  138. YYV (Flight on Air Canada Codeshare) - No seat selection?
  139. Paul Rudd in the MP Explorer Card Ad?
  140. UA provides new (LOWER) financial guidance for Q1 2013 - loss will be wider.
  141. TOD offered at ticket purchase
  142. MilagePlus giving out 1 free year AARP membership
  143. Somewhat Odd Irrops Experience
  144. Best Hotel/Car loyalty program to maximize United miles?
  145. KVS availablity not showing correct for R space
  146. UA schedule reductions/routing issues in GEG--what to do?
  147. Upcoming flight in PN suddenly only 100%?
  148. domestic YN+I/O award = 50k miles?
  149. Cancel a Miles+Copay Upgrade Once Cleared (Not Canceling Ticket)
  150. Fuel is actually important
  151. US to China (stopover) to India
  152. Malfunctioning IFE and Global Business Class Seat on my UA Flight from FRA
  154. Another UA operations failure?
  155. 767 routing changes
  156. Lie-flat Seat Route in FC from East to West Coast
  157. Fare Bonus Miles on United Express
  158. Cards with transfer to UA
  159. Chances of getting upgrade for silver
  160. Best flights for use of GPU to Yerevan
  161. How are award flights to Vladivostok handled?
  162. CA Award booking problem
  163. Award Confusion
  164. MileagePlus credit for SQ25 JFK-SIN
  165. Is mobile check in available from LHR
  166. Upgrade chances using GPU (SEA-NRT)?
  167. copa rant
  168. If UA J award (UA metal) goes MX, rebook OAL J?
  169. UA's flight booking never offers SQ1?
  170. What is wrong with United? 2 reservations made but never ticketed
  171. Check-in error: quick-turn RT legs getting lumped together
  172. My reservation and upgrade are gone, just because of an incompetent UA agent!
  173. Scary emergency landing,compensation offered but not delivered. What to do?
  174. Seat choice on Lufthansa
  175. Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script to display "real" mileages earned and CPM on
  176. US Air Keeping MP Members Happy???
  177. Does UA block seats on later flights if earlier flights are oversold?
  178. Flight status information (rant)
  179. Which day has better chance for clearing GPU on UA47 FRA-IAH?
  180. Award travel upgrades/companions
  181. DirecTV no charge for elites or glitch
  182. IAH-SGN Options on a Thursday
  183. what to do with miles beyond 100K
  184. SGN to LAX for ~ August 15-20 w/ saver level tix
  185. Seatmap Screwup?
  186. screwed by the system - how do I ..... constructively?
  187. Double miles deducted
  188. UA can't find Cancelled Refundable Credit
  189. Double Dipping (SQ Krisflyer and United Mileage Plus)
  190. United Mileage Plus Credit Card - United Kingdom
  191. Do we have recourse when UA wouldn't let us board next flt. due to late a.c. arrival?
  192. United Website and Customer Service Advice
  193. United thinks I flew a flight that I didn't.
  194. Best Caribbean destination in regards to aircraft
  195. Flew B got credit for M
  196. Flight delay due to broken tray
  197. Award Booking Pushed Change Help!
  198. AUS-IAH-LHR in United first vs AUS-IAH-FRA-LHR in LH first
  199. Does UA really carry aardvarks and zebras?
  200. Some Asiana Flights Not Bookable as Award for Jan/Feb 2014
  201. Need Advice - Number of GPUs (or RPUs) for a Specific Routing
  202. GPU for 2 pax (Do we need 2 R seats to open at the same time to clear the waitlist?)
  203. C load PVG EWR mid june
  204. Problems with
  205. Really? 2 carry ons AND a huge instrument
  206. Help with SFO-NRT-GUAM-Island hopper-SFO
  207. GG Code (United Internal Policies) Master List
  208. Idea: Plugin showing prices discounted by RDM earned
  209. UA get the WX excuses in early
  210. Seat moved to accomodate FO's companion
  211. Best way to Downgrade UA International F to Business
  212. Is this a scam? (Call From Someone Claiming to Work for UA Who Found my ID)
  213. Can I change last leg of award travel after first part of trip has started?
  214. Global Services lobby opens at EWR
  215. Why Did UA904 EWR-IST 3/23 Fly 1200 More Miles Than Planned?
  216. Random: Elvis' Blue Hawaii and UA
  217. United Standard Awards
  218. UA 1580 LAS-EWR on 3/31 first class type of seat?
  219. How to best use collective 250,000 miles and $1500 vouchers for Australia
  220. Using credits from cancelled flight & avoiding extra fees
  221. 25 hour delay on a 1 hour flight
  222. Lawsuit filed over "actual flight distances"
  223. Who do I contact in case of missed connection?
  224. LH agent(s) in UA Clubs?
  225. Award TPAC flight - business or first class?
  226. UA 943. No economy plus?
  227. Help! Stuck in Burundi!
  228. bumped out of F on a paid ticket, really United?
  229. F or J best cities in Europe for award tickets
  230. Award booking fail... 3 times. Help? NRT-BKK-FRA-BOS
  231. Name on International Ticket
  232. 5:30 AM flight "Delayed awaiting crew" night before
  233. J or F on the early ORD - FRA?
  234. International Upgrade using miles
  235. "Your miles and taxes will be refunded pending an audit by our accounting dept"
  236. Upgrade standby lists - adding or displaying broken?
  237. Mileage credit for P fare on Brussels Airlines?
  238. Close-in award travel change fee waived with Chase Club card?
  239. Beware Applying TravelBank Credits if You're Unsure of Your Itinerary
  240. 747 SFO-LAS on April 2nd ?
  241. Waitlist RPU upgrade on one segment only
  242. UA, AC, LH; LH FRA Labor action: IRROPS?, UA/AC responsible?, refund?, compensation?
  243. Bar in United Clubs (Is there a time when they start serving alcohol?)
  244. Winter Storm Virgil Travel Waivers (24-25 March) and Impact to UA's Operations
  245. Where did that cheap fare go?!
  246. Falling short on status challenge miles
  247. Sale of 757s to FedEx
  248. United WikiPost Wishlist
  249. "Delayed-airport conditions preventing departure" & resulting UA service mishaps '13
  250. Upgrade Experts - please help me choose my next move