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  1. "New" United Airlines Forum Glossary
  2. Need some help with Asia Award itinerary
  3. Nothing from REP in Jan 2015?
  4. Rule change regarding Platinum status
  5. April 2014 - Random p.s. Equipment Swaps to Domestic 757 are Occurring
  6. Unusual communication from United
  7. Anyone else notice that SDC availability is much less than last year?
  8. UA1557 LAX-EWR (4/14) - pmCO 763?
  9. Invol rebooking compensation
  10. Strategy for refund request
  11. UA1/UA2 RTW Equipment?
  12. UA 1585 lightning strike
  13. Car rental activity
  14. E+ Price Adjustment
  15. United quoting wrong reasons for delay
  16. Teething infant alert UA 836 PVG-ORD 4-16
  17. Checkin at Hong Kong Station and a 10 Hour Layover in NRT
  18. Best RPU supported MR ex-NYC?
  19. UA 655 (ORD-LAX) Diverted to Denver. Wonder Why?
  20. UA J fares to Australia
  21. SFO Terminal 3 PreCheck lanes
  22. Bye Bye Baileys? [False. Bailey's remains per UAInsider]
  23. Using Award Travel Almost Exclusively
  24. Two Upgrade Questions
  25. Creating a distributed UA Award Alerts / R Inventory search tool to replace EF/WATT
  26. Need advice for premium travel IAH-SIN
  27. UA - matching one way to multi city rewards
  28. Is there a way to verify partner mileage accrual chart is correct?
  29. Please help with seat upgrade on FRA-EWR
  30. Flying UA for the first time: what to expect?
  31. where to check bags? leaving domestic F connecting to GF
  32. What's the current state of UA GF?
  33. Itinerary changes
  34. Difference between FC at booking or after payment
  35. New United Club in IAH Terminal B
  36. Discovering old schedule changes
  37. Customs/connecting question at ewr
  38. Premier Line in ZRH?
  39. Must check baggage through to final destination?
  40. What I love about United
  41. South African P Fare - Mileage Accrual?
  42. UA PQM Mileage credit question
  43. VDB Hotel Booking Procedure at EWR?
  44. Cancel an award ticket after seeing if there is avail for 24 hour change?
  45. NZ to Australia on United miles
  46. United Airlines Sends Chicago-Area Students on a Dream Vacation to Disney World
  47. Cut our United Credit cards in half
  48. Premier Accelerator - Upgrade Question?
  49. quick overnight trip -- book two one ways or one RT?
  50. UA Can't See LH Seatmap on Codeshare?!
  51. Route for United flight
  52. Suggestions for senior flyers on UA
  53. The Spring Break effect?
  54. Password changing a problem
  55. Changing award booking online. What are the requirements?
  56. Rant - CO people need to get off their high horses...Paging UA Insider
  57. What is wrong with UA? Of the 4 largest USA carries UA is dead last.
  58. EF shows "X" class on Swiss but no award on UA
  59. Why do you post here?
  60. EWR Monorail From Train Station Closed
  61. Eva Business or UA First to Asia
  62. Splitting PNR before the 24 hour mark, what happens to seat assignments?
  63. Self boarding gates coming to BOS
  64. Why United P.S. SFO -JFK Business First are all sold out every month from now?
  65. Sometimes you get lucky (UA's restrictive ticketing practices work in my favor)...
  66. 1 hour 50 minutes enough time to change IAH->LHR (UA), LHR->ORK (Aer Lingus)
  67. Award flights to Hawaii is almost impossible to find in Business/First class
  68. Pre-Jan 2014 United Award Flights
  69. LH award rebooked into a phantom business space - HELP
  70. Thai Smiles now "WE"; no longer Star Alliance; award availability with MileagePlus?
  71. Am I Being Unreasonable? [GS status on boarding pass -- denied F lounge access]
  72. Unprofessional Crew Experience on SkyWest Flight
  73. Any UA871 experiences?
  74. Free 24-Cancellation: Booking or Ticketing
  75. Issues With Using Safari Browser to Book Tickets on United's Website
  76. Seat assignment mysteriously moved
  77. Anyone had experiencing suing United for MileagePlus Issues?
  78. Global Service Member Removed from United Lounge at EWR
  79. DEN-HNL in UA Global First?
  80. Problsm with Chase PQM
  81. Downgraded to Economy Class on a First Class Award Ticket on UA (EWR-LAX)
  82. When Will United Update Its Website?
  83. Evening flight UA5676 EWR-YYZ with onward connection
  84. Interesting Rev. Management (Lack of discount business availability)
  85. On the clock only when door closes?
  86. EWR AirTrain to be Suspended for 75 Days Starting May 1 (Now Open as of 3 July 2014)
  87. A few questions - routing and layovers and upgrades
  88. PS seat map glitch
  89. United Air Credit Card n Etihad airport Lounge
  90. Upgrade Advice for EWR-NRT
  91. Speculation: AA+DL Stop Announcing Major Changes Ahead of Time, When Will UA Follow
  92. SQ1 SFO to HKG - How many United miles to get business/first?
  93. Recommendation for Cle GS airline switch
  94. Random other passenger's fare difference charged to MY saved credit card?
  95. Buying postage stamps in IAH
  96. Where in Europe are the 747s flying during summer 2014?
  97. UAL (United Airlines) 1Q 2014 Results, Discussion, News, etc.
  98. sCO FA's jumpseat assignments
  99. UA Baggage policy in practice
  100. Flight times determination and ExpressJet boarding at IAH
  101. Raleigh Durham Schedules
  102. Booking in economy and using GPUs
  103. Specific "Which Itinerary Has Better GPU Chances" Questions
  104. Wow! UA being nice on this entire trip!
  105. Reservation confirmed, not ticketed. Need to worry?
  106. No Mileage Upgrade EWR-LHR?
  107. Baggage Fee for US Domestic Segments on an International Itinerary
  108. Free Cone Day Ben&Jerry's Term C EWR
  109. No E+ at Booking for Platinum?
  110. PS Saver Awards - None available
  111. A message and question from Capt. Denny (CLE-Area Do at the end of April)...
  112. Need help making up mileage difference
  113. OLCI with Code Share Flights
  114. UA First Class Domestic MR Suggestions
  115. UA E+ vs SN (Brussels) Economy?
  116. Has this happened to you? Hidden Fare
  117. Could the sCO BF seats be reconfigured to 1-2-1?
  118. Equipment change woes...
  119. United closing D in Cleveland
  120. United to save almost a billion on fuel - by not putting it in the planes?
  121. Can I waitlist on Savers Award?
  122. GPU upgrades <24 hours
  123. United Plans World's Longest Boeing 787 Non-Stop Routes
  124. HKG-SIN -- CPU?? how about RPU??
  125. No more DEN redeyes?
  126. Having trouble booking a P fare SFO-DEN-EWR I found on ITA Matrix
  127. Account Update
  128. Downgrade Priority
  129. P class cheap fares to Europe?
  130. UA to End LAX-PIT Non-Stop Service in August 2014
  131. Heads up! UX dropping service out of MOD (Modesto, CA)
  132. Upgrade Waitlist Bubble, Wait or Board?
  133. Digital Redesign Update: Android App
  134. RPU vs. GPU priority?
  135. WPA2 Password on United Wifi?
  136. 2014 Airline Quality Ratings release - UA again dead last among majors
  137. St. Louis (STL) - elite line?
  138. Using MileagePlus award on USAir - select seats?
  139. Runway construction at EWR and Impact to UA's Operations [20 Sept - 30 Sept 2014]
  140. Not prompted to accept schedule change unless you clear cookies
  141. 747 With In Seat Power in Y Cabin Rollout Thread
  142. United Targeted Offer; Bill Me Later Account
  143. can I find alternative routes on my own and use the same millage?
  144. Questions/Experiences With UA's 777 Service to SYD
  145. Any recommendations for United bonus miles for payment of federal income taxes?
  146. miles about to expire
  147. UA 787-9 (789) Seatmap Now On united.com
  148. Why does UA offer P class fares from Canada to Hawaii cheaper than domestic fligths?
  149. Lufthansa business class award -- gone from UA?
  150. Separate PNR if W/L two people for B/F on award tickets?
  151. HKG-US/US-HKG (mileage/GPU) Upgrade chances? [Merged Threads - 2014 Forward]
  152. Extra Bonus Miles Post For United Business Card
  153. New 2nd Daily IAH-NRT Nonstop: Already In Trouble?
  154. Cheaper Hawaii fares in First?
  155. Status of award redemption on SQ?
  156. Why is upgrade offer lower than difference in fares?
  157. How are members getting 100k miles in 2 months?
  158. Using my credit card for a friend's ticket. Will UA want to see the cc?
  159. UA Not Displaying Asiana Awards
  160. UA Mileage Upgrade awards to Europe
  161. Klamath Falls Loses Only Commercial Air Service
  162. award misconnect
  163. Quick CPU Question
  164. Want to book a trip now, but fiance's name will change in the meantime
  165. Can you explain the F-buyup math?
  166. Is there a safe way to change an award ticket by phone without risking losing space?
  167. Return leg schedule changed by UA, not able to make it; Re-deposit?
  168. 250% Award on Domestic A
  169. So why did my Dreamliner fly SKF (Lackland AFB)-DEN yesterday?
  170. AUS United Club conf room -- Runway views?
  171. How to add my son to my existing EWR-MCO reservation to get E+?
  172. Can you tell how many non-rev are on standby for tomorrow's flight?
  173. Reroute on codeshare segment - No communication between airlines?
  174. [RUMOR] slimline seats to go away?
  175. United not honoring Mileage Credit request
  176. What to Expect in UA Business Class to CUN / Cancun
  177. Advice: Aircraft Changed from 737-800 to A319
  178. Which routing would YOU choose?
  179. Help! Customer Service Problems
  180. Getting award travel on SQ actually ticketed
  181. Limes
  182. Delta offering Ice Cream and amenity kits in International Y - Hope united follows!
  183. Delta successful in reducing cancellations, does UA get it?
  184. B 737-800 36 hours turn-around at ICN
  185. UA/ANA Partnership Expanding?
  186. Access to LH Lounge at EWR
  187. United Segments Purchased from NH
  188. Rules for Using a Large Credit from a Cancelled Ticket?
  189. using United priority security line when flying ANA
  190. Really bizarre set of circumstances following issue at SFO
  191. Domestic F 763 Sold Out One Month Out?
  192. Award ticket paid with wrong CC.
  193. Any Reports of US Status Matches for UA Elites?
  194. NYC to Singapore - Business class wait list
  195. SFO Arrivals Lounge
  196. Change in Upgrade Policy for Multiple Travelers on Single PNR?
  197. Actually something positive for SEA...mainline flights to LAX
  198. United codeshare with LAN?
  199. Not a April fool's day joke - 11 across in A380
  200. United Club vs. Global First Lounge
  201. Canceling/refunding return portion on award RT ticket
  202. ua.com and EWR
  203. UA/Star Business Deals to Europe
  204. United Wifi is Unuseable / Problems Connecting to United_Wi-Fi
  205. Coach to Europe E- on *A vs E+ on UA
  206. Save now on DIRECTV on your upcoming flight
  207. Save 25% on MileagePlus Saver Awards for flights to Japan in April
  208. The amount of $0.01 will be refunded to a United Airlines Travel Certificate
  209. Not even hot nuts in F?
  210. United to Launch IAD-SNN Service...on E175!?
  211. April Fools? No notification of flight change ??
  212. UA site changes today? (Disclaimer: Not April Fools)
  213. Change Flight Already Upgraded w/Miles
  214. FFCC Award Priority in 2014?
  215. Missing distances on search engine
  216. UA customer care form leads to bounce message
  217. Dearborn res may be closing
  218. BREAKING: UA to close SFO and DEN Hubs - giving up West Coast! / APRIL 1
  219. UA Site issues with booking award travel on other carriers
  220. United Announces Changes to Transatlantic and Transpacific Inflight Services -APRIL 1
  221. UA Releases Free iPhone, Android, and Windows Apps for In-Flight Video Streaming 4/1
  222. United Announced Enhanced Meal Service // APRIL 1
  223. PR Newswire -- United Announces New Fare Unbundling Initiative (APRIL 1)
  224. Booking Individual Legs
  225. United Status Match
  226. UA Biz class LAX - NRT question
  227. How can I check the status of a flight that is rescheduled?
  228. Why won't most fares permit a stopover at GUM?
  229. 2014 UA Issued Awards on Air China (CA) Are Mysteriously Being Canceled (Hacked?)
  230. United's latest partnership...with CBS
  231. Now that US is gone, Signs of UA Trying to Patch the Network/Keep the Elites?
  232. Cancellation of Flight Segment
  233. April Fool's Joke for United - Preemptive Strike
  234. Asia in the summer
  235. PQDs won't kill mileage runs...
  236. Question regarding milage accrual with ANA operated trans pacific flights?
  237. Upgrade for Cash on Y award tix?
  238. Not enough fuel/diverted/filled up/too much fuel!
  239. Maui-Denver
  240. Award Availability Singapore Air SQ
  241. Mileage Redeposit Deadline
  242. ANC-SEA service ending in June
  243. Trying to fly ORD-ICN with Asiana
  244. United catch 22 upgrade status & online checkin
  245. What should we do about an oversold, upgraded ex-EU flight?
  246. Different pricing/fare buckets depending on billing country / point of sale
  247. What is the best way to proceed with changing award ticket and adding psgr?
  248. Should I get "Upgrade" on First Class Award Ticket?
  249. United Airlines Honors Top Employees with Special "United 100" Airplane
  250. Award Choice - IAD-AUA in Y for 17.5k miles or in C for 30k miles o/w?