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  1. United compared to Delta - Domestic economy.
  2. Jeff comments on loss of "unmanaged" corporate traffic/PRASM at JP Morgan conference.
  3. Hawaii Award Travel Question
  4. New Gate Signs at ORD
  5. How should my friend pay me back 12500 miles? Suggestion needed
  6. Negative Class of Service Bonus
  7. 5-7 March Winter Storm Saturn Travel Waiver and Impact to UA's Operations
  8. UA is just asking for trouble with its new mileage accrual policies
  9. Upgrade day or night leg to GF on TATL?
  10. DL customer rebooted onto UA due to MX. Will I be charged Bag fee? Dry ice fee?
  11. reserved seating on UA's seatmap
  12. If you cancel Explorer Chase, miles expire [or not]!
  13. Unprofessional sCO F/A
  14. When a brand is proudly bad (Interesting article regarding the UA website)
  15. priority pass vs United club
  16. New MP Member Buying Miles
  17. Country of Residence and fare question
  18. Why would a business class first seat be listed as "blocked"?
  19. Can someone explain "seamless availability" and the wait 24 hour to ticket process?
  20. SIN-NRT-IAH GPU Usage
  21. Any way to purchase additional 1K luggage tags?
  22. Got alert my tlv flight will be late due to incoming plane delay, can I come late?
  23. UA domestic flight connecting to intl AC -- LH stock -- SDC? irrops?
  24. Use united credit to book on other airlines?
  25. UA 90 schedule change to 20:30 on Thursdays?
  26. Website - No "Monthly" Statements
  27. Sat May 25 2013 - UA4697 IAH-NAS: What Flight Path Does This ERJ Take?
  28. Technical problem buying gift certificates at
  29. Award seats alert
  30. Carry on stuffed to the brim
  31. Flight Canceled; How to get award miles difference refunded
  32. Price Changed - How To Get Refund?
  33. One class on boarding pass, another class on posted mileage?
  34. New Baggage Policy??
  35. Booking award tickets with multiple accounts
  36. Is there is a better way to search for award tickets than through
  37. Want to change date of travel on return ticket for an awards flight
  38. Any problems if INF noshows?
  39. About those United Express "weather" delays & cancellations
  40. Possible to reserve ANA Prem Econ award tix?
  41. Using "Nonstop flights only" as an additional function to display ITA prices on UA
  42. Do I need to give up my seat/center row, so that a crew member can sleep in it?
  43. Sydney - traveling UA GF - runaround to use Singapore F Lounge
  44. MileagePlus and SAS
  45. AC Lounge YYZ Access for UA First flights
  46. What Happens In An Award TIV?
  47. Fasten Seatbelt now a security procedure?
  48. Fees for change a held reservation over the phone?
  49. Overweight Bag advice on International Flight
  50. Complicated ? - Family Spring Break
  51. Charging for E+ less than 24 hours out for Silver?
  52. club major system error
  53. Quick question - changing flights on ticket booked
  54. PS flight 703 - seat 11C gone missing
  55. Two questions about Star Alliance RTW fares through UA
  56. BusinessFirst seems very tired on a PMCO route
  57. Name error
  58. Is it getting quieter in the United forum?
  59. (Travelling in) United Global First (Questions/Expectations/Experiences)
  60. UA spoofs my email, pretends to be me - CS doesn't care
  61. MileagePlus-Vinesse 6,500 award miles!
  62. UA 901 No Longer FRA-SFO as of 6-Jun-2013 - and other flight number issues
  63. Happy one year anniversary (not) on March 3
  64. Overnight <24h at hub on domestic one way award?
  65. Public perception of United outside loyal flyers
  66. Planning for downgrade scenario
  67. CHI TRIB: United's on-time rate up, but still falls short of peers
  68. Booking UAL tickets outside traditional sellers
  69. Who's Right Here (Agent Quotes # of Available Bus. Seats Different Than Fare Buckets)
  70. United = 666 ($ in fees, that is..)
  71. lunch v snack?
  72. Surprise 1.5 segments?
  73. LAN/AA/UA luggage check?
  74. Changing Flights After OLCI
  75. Lots of SFO diversions this morning (1 March 2013)?
  76. Does a change within 24hrs start a new 24hr free change period?
  77. Baggage checked through on stopover
  78. Does UA advertise any longer on TV???
  79. United upgrade awards
  80. Does a particular codeshare flight ever stop being booked on
  81. Does UAL Play Games with the Seatmap?
  82. United Club Card - additional card get into club?
  83. Lounge Options at JFK for United Club Passholder?
  84. No more credit on United for discounted Turkish Airlines flights?
  85. How much longer can I earn UA EQM's on US Air flights?
  86. Please Help: LAX-PEK-BKK-HKT Mileage/Questions
  87. IAD-IST-BOM permitted routing?
  88. Flight on award reservation canceled
  89. How Long of Stopover is Allowed to Use One Upgrade?
  90. Refund Deadline
  91. impact of multi-destination vs roundtrip
  92. IT Glitch? Business Class Miles Cost
  93. Premier Gold left off upgrade list??
  94. Economy + seat seems to be gone from reservation
  95. Surviving, no enjoying long haul in E+ ; what's your secret?
  96. $400 UA Electronic Travel Certificate expires 3/22/13
  97. First time booking Upgrade Award Travel
  98. Clarification on M fare vs buy up at purchase
  99. Complex Award Booking Strategy
  100. First time on United business class
  101. Why so many Chase Mileage Plus card links
  102. SFO-HNL-ICN-DEL - Legal routing for award?
  103. Buy up question
  104. SFO-PARIS/TAIPEI *2 miles promo
  105. Does it make sense to use an upgrade instrument if the instant upgrade doesn't clear?
  106. How can I upgrade my sister to F
  107. United.Com Sold Flight That Doesn't Exist
  108. Reddeeming multiple travel certs on-line
  109. Why does UA have rear-facing J seats?
  110. Can You Book 1 Mileage Ticket W/ 2 FF Accounts?
  111. OLCI Upgrade Offer after Copay + Miles
  112. Customer Service / Kiosk Locations and Info
  113. Advice Needed on IAD-LAX Award Travel on UA (2 Adults and 1 Infant)
  114. New direct route SFO-TPE postponed?
  115. Help with fare basis/class on UA partner airlines
  116. Use United Travel Certificates and Credit Card?
  117. UA MP award booking on LH - how long can I hold the reservation?
  118. UA Flight Schedules - how far out do they load all flights?
  119. Fare Lock pricing error
  120. Beer to the rescue
  121. Pay change fee- then refund?
  122. United eCert and "Arranging Travel for another"
  123. Too late for IDB Compensation?
  124. Best UAL flights DEN - CDG in May
  125. Is United's phone support really this bad???
  126. United stalling compensation payment
  127. Gate Monitor Maddness
  128. United Club Daily Traffic
  129. Creative Booking
  130. 1K --> Gold = downgrade in call centers?
  131. 1K, M Fare, PN = 0
  133. Really missing those Amex points...
  134. Best way to deal with TATL transfer that we know we will miss
  135. Will an a award change move me out of E+
  136. How to force a connection through ZRH?
  137. Flew 757-300 first class SFO-OGG, and lived to tell the tale
  138. Booking 3 pax price the price is higher ?? I booked 3 at lower price
  139. Upgrade redeposit after downgrade?
  140. Bassinets avail on 757 (new 2-class cabin) p.s.?
  141. SFO-PDX Changes
  142. Weekend Specials and SDC?
  143. miles for upgraded flight
  144. Cruel Comments About UAL by UCLA Prof-Is he right?
  145. *A Partner inventory is it realtime?
  146. United Vacations Free RT Airfare to Cabo?
  147. 26-28 FEB Midwest/Northeast Winter Storm Travel Waiver and Impact to UA's Operations
  148. A first visit to a lounge-what should I know.
  149. fee to change from M to B fare?
  150. how to book y-up on United's website?
  151. CHASE UR points to which member
  152. Getting RPUs back after 24-hour cancellation?
  153. UA starting PDX-CLE (Daily starting June 6, 2013)
  154. About United Clubs (after seen TK CIP Lounge)
  155. Flight Attendant Injuries Over Pacific
  156. Predictions? 2/25 #6539 COS-ORD's arriving aircraft's flight canceled
  157. UAL upgrade service fees?
  158. Experiences/Questions on 777 HNL-IAH
  159. Award ticket priced incorrectly - valid tickets?
  160. How many people do you see upgrade to E+ on board?
  161. DSM-ORD r/t $240, Chicago marathon weekend
  162. United sales exec recreates interior of PanAm 747
  163. significance of cancellation on inbound aircraft
  164. Why am I Unable to Book Certain UA Flights Between BOS and the Carribbean?
  165. Who's metal do these flight count towards?
  166. Lounge in Newark (*Gold, Arriving UA International and Departing on Air Canada)?
  167. Low cost Z-fare alerts?
  168. Will an advance entree request system for premium cabins ever come to UA?
  169. Premier Qualifying Miles - Errors on Web Site Booking Engine
  170. Flying BF from TLV to EWR, is there any lounge that I have access to in TLV?
  171. ITO upgrade chances?
  172. Confirmed space on sold out flights for 1K ?
  173. Slow baggage claim at Seattle
  174. Summer Award booking from Europe to U.S.
  175. Feb 23-24 Rockies & New England Travel Waiver
  176. Kids running wild in IAH United Club
  177. How to book a premium economy award on TK?
  178. Delta Airlines Double Miles to Asia Promo - Will UA match?
  179. 20,000+ Lifetime Miles just vanished
  180. Doesn't canceling a flight merit an apology?
  181. Delay of SFO-TPE Nonstop - Change Experience and Effects on Fares
  182. Ridiculous UA service at YHZ
  183. Checked Luggage - International to Domestic
  184. Need help HKG-IAD/BWI award tix schedule change please
  185. Which SFO-LHR would you book?
  186. 2013 Status Match Challenge Questions
  187. Is UA leasing some A330s?
  188. Award ticket on LH
  189. Purchasing Upgrade
  190. UA didn't hold seats for connectors who had landed and were in transit to the gate
  191. Hong Kong Award Travel Advice Needed
  192. PMUA 3-Class to EWR?
  193. Honeymoon first plane changed, award seat went from United Business to Economy
  194. ORD-SFO only overbooked by 1
  195. NYC search on website
  196. Strange routing EWR-JFK
  197. How's Overhead Bin Space on P.S. flights
  198. Do Blackout Dates affect SDC or Standby?
  199. PMUA 777 or 744 in BF
  200. What if I book a flight that has already taken off?
  201. $140 Signature Visa or $95 ExploreCard?
  202. Can't switch flights because tickets are award upgrades
  203. Cheaper to book on Weekends?!?
  204. award or purchase first (have to do both)
  205. Using miles on LH 747-8 question
  206. Are the snack offerings different between the UA lounges in SFO?
  207. Transfer from Chase Ultimate Rewards to MileagePlus
  208. Award Booking Issue
  209. Can't Reprotect because flight "full"...but still selling seats at
  210. JQ / Jetstar codeshares?
  211. Help: award ticket being cancelled without notice
  212. UA1639 Slides off runway at CLE
  213. How to determine if a UA plane has lie flat or not
  214. cancel remaining part of award, will miles be refund?
  215. Do you pick the empty row or the open seat?
  216. Booking Award Ticket - booked business tix can i get 1 coach leg?
  217. Thrown Off a United Airlines Flight for Taking Pictures!
  218. UA 5518 (DEN-ICT) Stuck in the Snow Feb 21, 2013
  219. What happens w/ CPU on Award Res If I have the Club Card but 2 Pax on PNR
  220. Facebook musings
  221. Same Day Flight Change at Airport (Standby to earlier flight)
  222. What are yearly limits on purchasing/gifting MP miles?
  223. wait & see, or preemptive re-routing?
  224. United Club Entry refused. Club Full
  225. Bomb(s) away!
  226. Effects of Sequestration on UA Air Travel?
  227. mapping PN/JN availability to chances of upgrade clearing?
  228. Do Intl 763s really not have any infant changing tables?
  229. Bad weather planning for large award ticket
  230. Terrible Upgrade Co-Pay Refund Request
  231. Anybody flown SQ on a United-issued award ticket (016 stock) WITH an infant?
  232. Why was UA1179 diverted to Grand Junction today?
  233. Wow, unbelievable, AUS-SFO flights increase to SIX daily!
  234. Best UA gateway for TPAC mid-week R upgrade?
  235. Can I buy a random refundable internationa ticket just to get in Club as *gold?
  236. How to confirm signup offer?
  237. Computer error on miles booking
  238. Copa joins Plusgrade gang. Is United next?
  239. United Special Cancel and Rebook Question
  240. Poll: Is your 2013 status higher, lower, or the same as 2012?
  241. Poll: Is your 2013 status higher, lower, or the same as 2012?
  242. Has anyone had any luck with a CPU on HNL to DEN or ORD?
  243. Air China and United Mileageplus -advice needed?
  244. What does N class mean? Does it affect Same day change chances?
  245. GUM-NRT-GUM - whats a good price?
  246. Rewards Question
  247. Nearly one year has gone by ...
  248. UA dedicated Prem Platinum line?
  249. 1K Mileage Plus access
  250. How will UA handle missed flight (4xJ award originating on SQ in SIN)