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  1. Impact of Gate 16 use on UA's operations at HNL
  2. We don't have enough milk for everyone!
  3. RTW on LH stock: red flagged on
  4. Wait for Aegean to open award seats & risk losing rest of itinerary?
  5. Flying code share on AC metal. Any benefits?
  6. Value of Star Alliance/Mileage Plus Status: Does it worth adding a connection?
  7. Can you tell why a UA flight was cancelled?
  8. SFO-NRT: wide open award availability, NRT-SFO: no so much
  9. DL Skyclub membership changes (Tiered) Will UA follow?
  10. If Orbitz Sells Ticket with First flight On UA, will it be on 016 Stock?
  11. Help w/Baggage question on award ticket
  12. SF Chronicle Story on UA Computer Problems
  13. Do Presidential Plus FLEX PQMs Waive PQDs?
  15. Consolidated "United SYD/MEL Flight Delays or Cancellations" Thread [2014]
  16. Using USDM # after getting e-con plus on UA with UA MP number
  17. United: Lost Golf Clubs - any recourse?
  18. Has Anyone Received 2014 Premier Packet?
  19. Premier Qualifying Segments rounded up in MP account activity?
  20. UA Award Ticket + Changing Destination
  21. Is United First worth $xxx upgrade fee?
  22. Mainline service between AUS and ORD
  23. My 2c comparison LH MM vs UA MP
  24. Other Airline Options for IAH-Based Flyers?
  25. United 757 in LGA for 36+ hrs?
  26. ORD F Lounges
  27. MAJOR hassle booking online and applying travel certificate
  28. Bait & Switch? Online upgrade offers billed at higher price / not correctly booked!
  29. UA won't allow UTAP card to pay for bags?
  30. Four R left today, any chance to upgrade without GPU for GS?
  31. Saver Award Inventory - when is it released? [2014]
  32. UA rep shocked by Thai menu in F
  33. Ways to avoid IAD
  34. 2014 United Club (UC) Thread for Changes, News, Features, Competitive Position, etc.
  35. Seat Map changes from E+ to E- a few days before flight
  36. Bloomberg: United Said to Struggle With Computer Switch
  37. International Premium Cabins - Future Layouts
  38. Is it just me or has UA dropped fares now that they are counting PQD?
  39. Flight Search Down?
  40. New AA Solicitation
  41. Extra Seat Given to Another Passenger: IDB?
  42. So how long until UA eliminates guests in clubs?
  43. Is there a better program for families than Mileage Plus??
  44. Consolidated "Schedule Change/Rebooking of MileagePlus Award Tickets" [2014 Thread]
  45. Denied boarding: Please advise
  46. Any Recent Bookings on SYD-MEL?
  47. Faulty pre-flight safety announcments on 737-800
  48. United miles to BCN
  49. Guide to United Club Locations
  50. R0, plenty of C available. When UA releases seats for upgrades?
  51. Fare Not Showing On United's Website For Me
  52. Why no info on incoming aircraft on flight status page?
  53. Consolidated Star Alliance Lounge Access Thread
  54. would UA ever allow a "trade" of an F award ticket for a direct business award ticket
  55. New Award Redemption Levels Live?
  56. Will UA allow changes to an Award Issued by US after US leaves *A?
  57. Status Match with Emirates
  58. Traveling with 3 photo cylinders
  59. Award Travel Cancelled by United_Please Help
  60. UA29 EWR to LHR Equipment
  61. Did I make a mistake (is AC that much better than UA in J)?
  62. Delta Investment in Cheap Seats: +$770MM vs -$2BN
  63. Why does UA fly old 757s to/from Hawaii?
  64. UA ticket agent assaulted by pax at FLL
  65. Using A3*G benefits with UA award booking
  66. Fed Up! Emails from UA every day this week telling me to buy-up to E+
  67. Trip Advice ATL to UK/France/Barcelona
  68. Trip advice BKK-LIT
  69. What airline for a young frequent flier?
  70. Printers in UCs?
  71. Purchase award miles at up to 25% discount
  72. Travel insurance for award ticket?
  73. HELP! SFO to EDI $10,000???
  74. New crew rest regs = 5 hour delay
  75. Could I change the destination in the "free" one-way award flight?
  76. UA Award: Change two segments to direct flight on LH metal
  77. Award miles while on partner metal and UA's ticket
  78. Intra-European award routing rules
  79. Is this possible? Two set of RT ticket under single PNR?
  80. Misspelt surname on award ticket
  81. United MileagePlus Master Wiki
  82. It is continental's crew scheduling system..
  83. February London Flights?
  84. US-ASIA in-flight itineraries
  85. Book as 2 one-ways or 1 round-trip? (to get to FTU Seatlle)
  86. Reward seats - one-way vs. round trip?
  87. Retro credit for UA flight - LH ticket number
  88. Was finally told my 1k status doesnt make me any more important by a UA Rep
  89. Flight Change
  90. Wide availability on Aer Lingus DUB-BOS in October+
  91. Does flying on SQ and claiming mileage plus miles allow gaining of status
  92. Does anyone know what the minimum crew rest overnight for Skywest?
  93. Accurate premium cabin count for 3 cabin Int'l flights?
  94. Interesting situation on UA, need advice.
  95. Need help for SFO->ATH on UAL
  96. Search for R/RN and W Class to clear GPU at booking
  97. Access to E+ and lounge
  98. Is UA liable when my gate-checked bag was soaked in rain water? (Macbook Pro inside)
  99. Experiences/Tips Checking Snow Skis On UA? (2014 Forward)
  100. Consolidated "Why is this UA fare so expensive?" Thread [2014]
  101. Change in advanced seat assignment for elite fliers?
  102. Missing Economy Plus seats?
  103. Segment canceled during re-ticketing
  104. First Impressions - Or how to loose customers
  105. Deciding 737-800 vs A320 (in Economy Cabin)?
  106. UA Account Hacked / Reports of Fraudulent Award Travel Redemption
  107. Arrogant (and wrong) SFO UC agent
  108. Claim System for PQDs?
  109. Comparing UA with AA in domestic first: UA wins
  110. Why not train every person at UA to drive a jetbridge?
  111. Earning miles on VS via SQ?
  112. Saving passport info-what's the point?
  113. Y cabin - NH vs. UA's E+
  114. Slippers (Given Out to BF Passengers on NRT Flight)!
  115. Buy Up Offers to Reclaim 2014 MileagePlus Elite Status?
  116. "Like MileagePlus Cards by Chase on Facebook."
  117. 2+ hours on hold. Why so terrible?
  118. a version of 737 (HKG-GUM) not shown on
  119. Your bags will be in LGA but you're getting off at EWR
  120. iad-bah january 6th - ON space greater than O space
  121. Celebrity Sightings on United Airlines - 2014
  122. Can I cancel Flight Change before 24hr after Change?
  123. Refunding Frequent Flyer Miles from Canceled Flight
  124. Did United online booking fix their site to avoid booking fees?
  125. Booking using Awards and a Voucher
  126. Errors on website when changing flights
  127. Bought up to Z, requested R
  128. 6 Business class seats blocked on JFK-LAX?
  129. "Protected" as a stby pax but not listed on -- am I actually on the stby list?
  130. Will United reimburse car rental costs due to weather-related delay?
  131. Has anyone declined a GS invitation?
  132. Self-Service IRROPs Handling...what happened?
  133. Question for any UK-based member - date formats
  134. Global First wine downgraded
  135. First experience as 1K (during IROPS) not ideal
  136. Failure to Notify and/or to Update Timely
  137. Any way to book OS J class on UA miles?
  138. Premier Phone Line Delays During Current Winter Storm IROPS
  139. When will the P fares reappear?
  140. Inbound A320 from Lake City Airport?
  141. trick for reaching 1kvoice via att direct access?
  142. Canceling partly used flight due to weather waiver
  143. Seat map no longer shows first class availability
  144. What's the downside of V-up fares?
  145. Better connection... CDG or LHR via TG->UA
  146. Award booking # of segments rt
  147. GS Phone Line Delays During Weather/IROPS
  148. General - Any way to avoid change fee on purchased/revenue tickets?
  149. Glitch caused a change to my traveler profile?
  150. Messed up complex award after changing it online
  151. Using ANA and/or Air Canada's Websites to Search for MileagePlus Awards?
  152. Fare Class Availability (Married Segment/Fare Rule) Questions
  153. Award ticket using different program miles
  154. Flight issues with united on a us airways flight
  155. Hawaii Configuration sUA 777 [2014-onward]
  156. Annual Number of United Club Visits
  157. NRT-NAN-NRT-PER in J for $1050 and 3k miles
  158. Whether or when 1k member receives beverage coupon?
  159. United Pilot Q & A 2014 edition
  160. United has the WORST customer service. (2014 Edition)
  161. Will UA Charge Me For Canceling a Leg of a Multi-City Award?
  162. Is United serious about FAI this year?
  163. Callback Technology - Time for UA to Get Onboard
  164. Voluntary Denied Boarding - VDB/Bump on UA 2014
  165. Only letting me choose First class?
  166. United Y/B fares only earning 125% award bonus?
  167. Difference between F vs J service domestic
  168. United reservations system cannot handle changes to awards bookings with lap infants
  169. Transferring an award ticket to another MP Member to get their benefits?
  170. Is there a way to see my 2013 PQM on
  171. How did they get to the prices of the "premium" wines in the United Club?
  172. It Begins: PQDs Posting on
  173. Getting flight credit for a nonrefundable flight?
  174. New "Flier Friendly" Amenity Kits
  175. UA Gold + Explorer Card, Should I keep the Club Card?
  176. Three months of statements missing from my account
  177. How many are REALLY leaving UA? [2014 edition]
  178. 10% miles for my daughter as a lap child?
  179. plane change from 3-class to 2-class; what to do about upgrade w/ miles request?
  180. Advice: SFO-SIN, Biz Class 1/10-1/15
  181. Award Ticket ORD-HKG via Germany and "Free" one-way.
  182. e-Ticket Receipt NOT Showing Airfare?
  183. United - Positive Experiences in the air and on the ground 2014
  184. 4 flight segment minimum: Waived
  185. Consolidated "Is My UA Award Itinerary Valid?" Thread [2014]
  186. Any shot of getting *A ticket to Australia?
  187. If I flew less than 25K miles last year, then I should lose the Silver Status, right?
  188. Best program to post the miles to?
  189. Have you recently checked your UA status?
  190. 2014 - Consolidated cancelled/delayed domestic flights
  191. Questions regarding my Itenary
  192. UA Mileage Plus Explorer card 2X Bonus
  193. Downgrading fare class after IRROPS?
  194. 4 flight segment minimum
  195. when can UA change flights issued on partner award?
  196. Availability of ATC Communications on Channel 9 thread [2014] Flights
  197. UA becoming more aggressive about collecting Hawaii agricultural forms?
  198. Any thoughts on this restrictive intra-Asia fare?
  199. Searching one way vs multiple destinations--glitch?
  200. 2014 Upsell Offers to Business/First (UFC/PCU) Questions/Discussion (Paid Upgrades)
  201. UA to have own club in new LHR terminal.
  202. Reduction(s) in North America IFE - 1 movie per month
  203. What is "revenue adjustment" on MP statement?
  204. United Appreciation site not letting me through
  205. PresidentialPlus credit card - Benefits, Q&A, ....[2014-2015]
  206. UA82 EWR-DEL - Internet in Biz First?
  207. MileagePlus Million Mile (and Beyond) Flyer Benefits [2014 forward]
  208. 2014 EQM/EQS/PQD Status Milestone Roll Call
  209. Smisek: A True Visionary ... Not!
  210. Life as a United FFer Should Count Towards an Academic Degree
  211. Have any FT'ers had success booking TK ticket on UA stock?
  212. United Airlines Fleet Updates [2014 Thread]
  213. United Airlines Award/Premier Accelerator Rates [2014]
  214. IAH Gate Information Monitors Down (1-1-14)
  215. contacting UA reservations by email?
  216. 2014 MileagePlus Elite Status Granted Even Though Short of PQM/PQS?
  217. GPU upgrade SUCCESS 2014
  218. Consolidated Global Services Thread - Qualifications, Benefits and Q & A [2014]
  219. Consolidated "Delayed/Cancelled" International Flights (2014)
  220. TSA PreCheck for United Airlines Passengers [2014-15]
  221. MileagePlus Premier Qualifying Dollar (PQD) Requirement Discussion Thread [2014-15]
  222. Consolidated Compensation Thread [2014]
  223. Starting in 2014: Changes to Premier Qualification (PQD) [2014 Edition]
  224. 2014 Let's Eat - Domestic/Canada/Latin America First, BusinessFirst, & Business Class
  225. 2014 Let's Eat - International GlobalFirst, BusinessFirst, & Business Class
  226. 2014 Let's Eat - Economy Class (Domestic and International) Edition
  227. Loosing United Plat -- Please advice what to do
  228. lots of kids in E+
  229. 2014 planning: When and how to buy up 1K status for 2015
  230. any bonus or promotions to PEK or HKG from Chicago
  231. Looking for list of all UA domestic flights by distance
  232. Passenger on wrong plane
  233. We have enough miles combined, but how do I book?
  234. Rude FA in BizFirst
  235. United gift cards sold in supermarkets, pharmacies, office supply stores, etc.?
  236. Best way to cancel/adapt round ticket
  237. United miles to BA
  238. RPU's from 2013 usable for travel in 2015?
  239. Winter Storms Hercules/Ion and Impact to UA's Operations (Travel Waivers Unitl 8 Jan)
  240. Consolidated: Rules for Open Jaw & Stopover Award Flights [2014]
  241. South African Airways or United?
  242. United booked me on a partner flight that doesn't exist -- seeking advice
  243. Analysis of MP vs. other programs after the changes
  244. Cancelling return leg?
  245. Question about top tier United Plus membership
  246. Seat selections on a UA flight that has been sold as NH flight?
  247. Mismatch Business 1st seat map and bookings
  248. Using Miles
  249. Upgrade Options for Premier Gold from BOS to PVG/HKG?
  250. Flying Dublin to IAD -UA 127 What Time to Be At Airport?