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  1. Earn up to 5k miles buying Marriott gift cards
  2. Saver Award Clarification
  3. PDX flyers jumping to AS (Alaska)?
  4. Advice requested re which route to use RPU
  5. (2) $100 Travel Discount Certificates for owning the MP Card - questions about them
  6. My first experience with United. What a nightmare
  7. upgrade at checkin
  8. Is there anyway to get a 12/31/11 flight to credit as 1/1?
  9. UA refusing refund despite schedule change
  10. UA Credit Card vs Capital One Venture
  11. Standby chances LGA-ORD on a Monday AM
  12. Which non-PS domestic routes have three-cabin service?
  13. UA status match question
  14. Booking Award Travel - Incompetent Agent and Lies!
  15. *A Silver benefits?
  16. UA Explorer Bonus 2X?
  17. Timetable question: UA863 SFO-SYD - daily?
  18. Oh No, There's A Train In Denver
  19. Water Salute at IAD Yesterday
  20. Why not getting a drink before meal domestic F
  21. One way award U.S. to SYD via Europe
  22. Austin flights going ALL mainline, for one day!
  23. United Silver v Gold Mileage Run
  24. Recent experience on Fl 839 and 840 747's to and from Melbourne, AU
  26. Upgrade Options for Hawaii Flights?
  27. AUS-EWR-IAH-MEX not allowed as one award?
  28. Help with Stopover?
  29. Unable to book to SIN, out of SYD as one itin?
  30. Help me stop banging my head!!!!
  31. NH intra-japan flights now posting with reduced (but correct?) mileage
  32. MileagePlus Historical Statement
  33. Help with RT options SAN->ACV
  34. Does Same Day flight change work for award tickets?
  35. Award Travel Change to Flight Time/Number - No ticket reissued?
  36. October DOT report came out for August
  37. Complimentary Premier UG (HKG to NRT)
  38. changing last leg of held award
  39. YYZ-EWR-PVG US Transit Questions
  40. Using United Choice rewards to pay for Club fee?
  41. 35 or 39 seats - J-2 relates to which one - 764 PMCO
  42. Award ticket fees different on website vs. call center
  43. Beware the IAD kiosks -- consider asking an agent to print your boarding pass
  44. Combine Credits?
  45. Guesting someone into the United Club that was denied
  46. Help and advice needed please. Itinerary out of sync!
  47. Can't Trust United (regarding posted cause of flight delay)
  48. $3 Wine Discount Back
  49. Can you purchase premier qualifying miles?
  50. Consolidated "Seats on International 757"
  51. How do PQMs work?
  52. Question for frequent first class flyers
  53. PDX United Club Now has Bar Service
  54. MUCH better phone agent on Kettle line!
  55. MileagePlus Statement Fun Facts
  56. 1k Flyer "Missing" 2 Regional Upgrades (CRUs)
  57. Dropping off fellow traveller's baggage
  58. Upgrade chances vs. Plane selection?
  59. Looking for another chance to attend the 2012 United DO on November 15 and 16?
  60. 10 Additional Spots for the 2012 United Chicago DO (Nov 15-16) via Charity Auction
  61. -T&C Question on UA IAD-DXB bonus mile promotion
  62. VS-code NH-operated flight's miles?
  63. Holiday PAX loads.
  64. Where to sit on a CO777 EWR-TLV
  65. International Business Upgrade Methods?
  66. Holiday Upgrades, Your Strategies?
  67. Payment Options Limited - IT Glitch?
  68. Question re: TK-UA misconnect at JFK
  69. What in h**ll happened on UA846 EZE-EWR last night?
  70. Something tricky going on here....
  71. /RPU Question.
  72. Things we do to make economy class more comfortable
  73. My CC was charged an additional $22.00 after I flew!
  74. Award travel & economy plus as last resort?
  75. MP Silver, how do upgrades work?
  76. Mileage Plus Status match offer?!
  77. Connecting time in SFO/MCO
  78. Miles Upgrade - From Award Waitlist to Normal UG List
  79. Did UA have a black friday sale last year?
  80. Round trip vs 2x one-way award tickets
  81. '12 NYC Marathon VIP Tent Entry
  82. Future UA elite composition
  83. Some Aircraft Changes For The Summer 2013 Schedule.
  84. PNR vs Ticket Question
  85. Booking an award ticket: Paying for Business but only Economy Available
  86. Booking AC flights using UA miles
  87. R space for an overwater leg changes based on preceding flights?
  88. Award Travel USA - Asia
  89. United J LAX-MEL: worth the miles?
  90. Repeated Request For Mileage Correction - All Talk, No Action From UA
  91. Still confused about online fail of GPUs for < W class
  92. Can't change seats with the UA iPhone app
  93. GPUs that don't clear at the end of 2012
  94. UA = hotel room
  95. New to GPU's
  96. Elite 4 United flights requirements : can be codeshare ?
  97. Equipment change from 3 cabin to 2 cabin aircraft
  98. Is this new? On VDBs, agents cannot put you in F for downstream segments?
  99. Changing HKG return at transfer desk?
  100. Should I Use Business or Economy Line Tomorrow at Check-in?
  101. Transcon J gets GFL access now?
  102. quick question about baggage for premier members
  103. Change return flight Star Alliance award
  104. Upgrade Charge Dispute and Future Copay Upgrades
  105. New experience - first class allowed off first
  106. 1,000 Free United Miles For Downloading a Toolbar
  107. Delta designates SEA a premium transcon route
  108. Interesting Buy-Up to First Glitch at Booking
  109. Oops, Censor Missed a Few Bad Words
  110. CPU cleared after boarding, FA says F full
  111. Could United partner with the National Breast Cancer Foundation?
  112. We may miss connection as plane is waiting for catering
  113. When a GPU is changed by SHARES into a CPU
  114. RPU Chances on UA1600 (EWR-LAX)
  115. Experience upgrading reward ticket - how hard can it be? (upgrade award ticket)
  116. DFW United Club Expansion/Renovation
  117. United Club Snacks/Soda
  118. UAL September PRASM down (2.5% to 3.5%), traffic down.
  119. DEN to Willston, ND (ISN) now on an actual jet
  120. Any Unexpected Benefits using your United MP Explorer VISA?
  121. Will UA offer free beer/wine on international economy
  122. Into EWR, out of JFK
  123. "Save $1 Upgrade Deal"
  124. Buying Miles, UA website, links dont work.
  125. Doable or Suicide & MR Advice from LGA
  126. Help with abandoned segment
  127. Silver Told to Get Explorer Card if I Want Free Checked Bag
  128. Upgrades for Cash on Award Tickers?
  129. Change in flight results in re-issuance of award ticket with changed award rules
  130. Should I connect through Heathrow to get the bonus miles for LHR-USA
  131. Need advice on United Screw up over Fare Class
  132. UA comp. upgrades on an HA flight???
  133. Will UAL mainline return to STL?
  134. Weight limit on carry-on?
  135. UA offered deal from Dublin Airport for SFO route
  136. Best BF seats on reconfigured 2-cabin 763 (767-300), 2-1-2 config?
  137. Using an ecert for upgrade?
  138. Android App not Updating Boarding Pass Today (Sunday)
  139. Global F lounge and Transcon Services
  140. Elita awards booking into XN/IN/ON even when X/I/O >0???!!!
  141. Any chance of a schedule change??
  142. Upgrade via Phone App EZE-LAX
  143. Looking for advice on incorrect award change fee and unresponsive CS
  144. Global Premier Upgrade Progress???
  145. Mile Up Promotion - when is it a good deal? (25% more bonus United award miles)
  146. Booked into E+ because of aircraft change, best course of action?
  147. Are UA Transatlantic 1st Class Saver Awards Fake?
  148. San Francisco Air Show!!!
  149. No more meals ord - lga?
  150. UA 5000 mile bonus offer available for Explorer Card?
  151. Is the strategy higher fare but better MileagePlus?
  152. TATL Trip Advice Needed
  153. DXB mileage bonus promotion question
  154. Which aircraft has AVOD
  155. Has UA ( CO) completely eliminated the SEA-CLE non-stop?
  156. MSY luggage handlers break bag, put all pieces on belt
  157. Roundtrip To Bali Atlantic Going Pacific Returning
  158. Eva air and mileage plus
  159. Flight cancelled due to mechanical, not rebooked on earliest available arrival?
  160. sUA 3-cabin international flights to offer turn down service
  161. Earning *A miles on UA without flying UA
  162. Do Upgrade Lists Influence Available Inventory?
  163. Summer 2013 Europe Changes
  164. Stopovers on one-way awards
  165. Advice on SFO connection
  166. Use of ecert doesn't allow online flight change
  167. United website - changed passenger name?
  168. January Hawaii Scheduling - What's Going On?
  169. eMail From UA - "We are improving our systems and service..."
  170. United Contract of Carriage and flight cancellations
  171. Combine Reservations for Free Bags
  172. Considering Switching From DL to UA: Advice Needed
  173. chance of upgrading on 10/6 IAD-BAH flight?
  174. Dreamliner 787 - First Flight
  175. Different Fare Classes availible based on Billing Address?
  176. Getting a Electronic Travel Certificate Refund -- Need advice pronto, PLEASE!
  177. 10/5 AM: Login not working?
  178. Correct Regional Premier Upgrade strategy?
  179. Grumpy bartender in the SFO United Club
  180. confusing message when selecting seats, could someone clarify?
  181. $200 for 13,000 miles?
  182. Everything You Want to Know About Where to Sit on a United 787
  183. ICN-NRT UA International First
  184. LH vs UA, which is better?
  185. Standby service no longer exists?
  186. Upgrade chances on SYD/MEL flights
  187. UA 14 HNL to EWR - ideas how grab that flight without using 80,000 miles per ticket?
  188. 3 October - LAX Terminal 7 UnitedClub Temporarily Banned from Serving Beverages
  189. Grandma's Birthday -is there anyway to get a message to the UA flight crew?
  190. JFK refuses to cater sCO flight
  191. United has the WORST customer service. (2013 Edition)
  192. Schedule Change and Waitlisted Flight
  193. HNL First Class- Difference Between 753 and domestic 777
  194. Regus Invite
  195. Complimentary 1 Year Regus Businessworld Pref'd. for UA Premier Members
  196. Buy award miles. Save up to 40 percent. [targetted]
  197. United award ticket on Qatar Airways getting Cancelled
  198. 'Mystery Flight 881' on 27 October 2012
  199. How to rectify being charged wrong number of miles for ticket
  200. SIN-YYZ stopover in europe denied 3 times, agent correct?
  201. Used RPU but itinerary says "Complimentary Premier Upgrade Requested"?
  202. Best fares for SIN - IAD
  203. When to release different fare class
  204. International Checkin issue
  205. cancel a cancellation?
  206. US Air - *Gold - back of bus seats?
  207. An Unusual Experience with United
  208. Upgrades for plat on UA codeshare by LH?
  209. General award change fee questions
  210. IAH to SGN, mini Asia tour if possible?
  211. On an UA award ticket on OZ and NH, who would be best to call for itinerary changes?
  212. Awarding ways to Vietnam
  213. United attendants "tiff" RDU-ORD
  214. TACA/LACSA Earn on UA?
  215. GPU expiration date, when crossing 100,000 at end of month
  216. Charged twice for Change/Penalty fee
  217. "A copy of the doctor's note on official letterhead is required"
  218. UA to launch 3rd daily IAH - LHR flight + new routes
  219. PDF Timetable - Missing Cities
  220. Amateur question: EWR- HKG upgrade status...
  221. Premier 1K out of DFW Seeking Upgrade Experiences of Fellow Travellers
  222. United to launch ORD-SNN (Shannon, Ireland) on 757 from 6 Jun 2013
  223. US-Codeshare by UNITED, B fare, JFK-SFO-HKG GPU?
  224. still offering bonus for Premiers?
  225. PMUA ecert expiration rule changed after merger?
  226. where is the elite baggage check in for international in ewr these days...
  227. Canceling Award Ticket - Up Until Last Minute?
  228. Agent incompetence
  229. SHARES can be your friend too!
  230. United Club in Phx in T2
  231. UA rules on original routing credit for "trip-in-vain"?
  232. United 'business class' NRT-HKG
  233. I want to use 20,000 miles from dad's account for an upgrade; what are they worth $$?
  234. United 2012 SFO Family Day Plane Pull (FT Team Wins!)
  235. Consolidated "UA 757-300 Seating, IFE, etc." Thread
  236. Website Ticket Purchase
  237. Advance Seat Assignment on Award Flight SF-LIH
  238. Additional Fare Flexibility for $7?
  239. buying UG at the checkin desk
  240. Help with figuring Z-fare bonus mileage please
  241. Empty intl BF seats, unfulfilled upgrade requests
  242. 1K Email?
  243. Even SMI/J has to waitlist for a GF seat
  244. Flying LX CDG ZRH Lost my 1k UA Card
  245. Most Express Segments
  246. SEA-YYZ: AC nonstop in Y (E190) or UA connection in Y+ with a chance of upgrade?
  247. Creative routing NYC to SFO to add PQM?
  248. Window Shades No Longer Up?
  249. IAH-HNL Y class experience?
  250. Newark to San Francisco. Any tips?

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