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  1. Business First Europe Promo
  2. Can I book a standard award ticket and change it to saver award later?
  3. united website doesn't allow booking Icn -> nrt -> hkg
  4. United may penalize higher balance MP members
  5. Recent flights very full
  6. standard economy award switch to saver first same miles ?
  7. booking problems HKG-TYO-HKG
  8. AA dropping JFK-HND, can UA get the HND slot?
  9. issues booking flight ord-hkg-bkk
  10. Personal Carry On Item
  11. Is United Altering Their Meal Times/Service?
  12. Flying the Friendly 50/50 10-16-2013
  13. Can I credit MP on code-share Tam operated by AC in 2014?
  14. How do I pick my seats on US Airways through United ?
  15. Question about fare rules
  16. 16 Oct 2013 - SFO T3 United Club closed due to flooding [Reopened 17 Oct.]
  17. Need urgent advice: very complicated cancel/waiver situation
  18. New United Policy - Dishonesty
  19. Biz out of SAN
  20. (TARGETED) Triple RDM Offer [Promo Code TB9M24]
  21. Targeted Offer: 5k in RDMs for buying E+ Annual Option
  22. Luggage delivery times at LHR
  23. Change Fees - Where to look
  24. BDA (Bermuda) tight connection on MR
  25. Broken Tray Table Embarrassment
  26. New BOB scheme?
  27. Booking Award Ticket - One-Way is available but doesn't work when combined
  28. Booking 2 Award Tickets with 2 Accounts - Husband/Wife
  29. F and C Sold Out but seat map shows availability
  30. *A seats available with phone agent but not .bomb
  31. Do UA Employees Make Commission on Fees?
  32. The look of things to come! (or how's THAT for seat pitch!)
  33. Kayak and showing different rates?
  34. Economy plus for friend?
  35. mixed class itinerary for two on one PNR
  36. How long does it take to get a flight crew?
  37. Travel Waiver: Typhoon Wipha to Affect Japan
  38. EWR Premier Access check-in moving to level 3
  39. Mileage Plus Shopping Gift Guide 2013
  40. Award use rules
  41. SFO United first lounge access -- any place to work?
  42. Maximizing United miles
  43. Another glitch on UA website
  44. Booked a Reward ticket using Miles... I didn't have any miles in my account
  45. applying for charity miles on UA?
  46. Where is the CASH option for purchase?
  47. United Hits Milestone for Sat-based In-Flight Internet
  48. Changes on award rules to Oz/NZ/Oceania (eff. 1 Aug 2013)
  49. Hey pmUA club agents, please stop complaining about SHARES!
  50. United + Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Promotion (Through July 2014)
  51. UA Dbl, Trpl Miles?
  52. UA triple miles?
  53. United Emails Receipt for Someone Else
  54. UA : ORD RTAward to BLR Dec - Jan
  55. Y class upgrade questions
  56. United Award RDU - BKK connection time?
  57. Getting credit to M+ for portion of UA operated LH itinerary
  58. 8 things to like about Delta’s new California Shuttle / UA Question
  59. Gate Pass
  60. TODs surfacing in Europe
  61. Regional Upgrade and waiting list
  62. Pre Boarding Abuses
  63. Checking a Car Seat (w/o a child)
  64. Rickety upgrade process SFO-LHR
  65. Unable to Check-in Online -- TOD/HOD/Buy-up Precluded?
  66. "Married" connection?
  67. Does the award, multiple destinations search not work?
  68. Forced bag check w a fee
  69. T-20, waitlisted and don't want to check-in - will I clear?
  70. Alcohol Served Earlier in EWR Terminal A
  71. UA nested ticket question
  72. United introduces new MileagePlus Premier level [humor]
  73. family of four about to travel. kid get sick, what happens.
  74. cost math for routing change t-4 days
  75. "The Onion" on UA and Star Alliance
  76. Does UA have baggage agreement with BKKair or Laoairlines?
  77. UA: SFO - HI $80 return 23th/31th (Oct)
  78. FA Walks; Cancellation due to "ATC"
  79. Converting upgrade space to award space for GS?
  80. For flights out of NRT on you care about the drawn out service in BF ?
  81. UA or LH destroyed my luggage
  82. Where's TG award availability?
  83. Booking o/w award travel and converting to r/t with stopover later
  84. United refused to check roller at IAH despite prepaid $25
  85. IAD-NRT-SIN on United/ANA
  86. only one ticket left at fare class but need 2
  87. Cancellation policy for ticket with partner segment
  88. Looking for your input on ExpressJet service suggestions :)
  89. Lounge access without physical *A Gold Card
  90. Most Stress-Free Airport in UA System?
  91. Reverse Inheriting Status on Award Tix
  92. To-Go Cups Gone From UA Club?
  93. United Award tickets confirmation
  94. Extreme fare differences on multi-hop route, depending on break points
  95. Anyone booked LH F awards recently? (2014)
  96. Where is The "CM Is Selling My Upgrade" Thread?
  97. Difference between Club card holder and Premier Gold?
  98. nrt from iad in F(award) and on to tokyo
  99. unable to check - in? how should i GET ON THE CPU LIST
  100. The Onion on "Star Alliance"
  101. New Premier Qualification Requirements
  102. GA tells to me board without a ticket
  103. NRT-SIN C Class: Limited Availability
  104. help with mci-bkk with nrt stopover
  105. Longest routing ROC-BFS
  106. Quick Turn UA to UA Possible in MEX?
  107. Incorrect Miles Credit
  108. UK Amex/Visa credit card?
  109. UAL rebooked w/o asking
  110. Trouble Keeping Expert Mode to See Fare Class
  111. THAT super rare J class 2 for 1 situation
  112. Ticket Change Rules
  113. Weekly mileage specials: Advertised vs charged
  114. Help: What happens if you miss a transit?
  115. United quietly raises cost of alcohol on board
  116. 763 on EWR-LHR route
  117. Free baggage if use United credit card only to pay taxes or fees?
  118. Using Jet airways to and from India, Baggage???
  119. Jet Airways codeshare question
  120. If outbound is delayed can you move return?
  121. United seems to have gutted service from ORD
  122. Should PQM and RDM be credited with originally perchased or rebooked class?
  123. Better to Change Before or After First Flight?
  124. Stepping it up at PIT
  125. Get drunk in style, earn club passes
  126. make a change in award ticket?
  127. How to Find SQ Booking or Ticket Number after MileagePlus Award Purchase
  128. United miles on Sas flights
  129. PQM earning of V-UP fares
  130. United Airlines Sued for Allegedly Manipulating Frequent-Flyer Rewards Rates
  131. UA 777 operation
  132. Segment still waitlisted after flight flown?
  133. Should I do a charge back? United refusing to refund failed buy up
  134. 20 minute connection?
  135. You can have a can of Diet Coke or a can of Tomato Juice but not both
  136. FA Integration
  137. Process to give a single Economy Plus gift??
  138. First Transpac: SFO->NRT->BKK - What do I need to know?
  139. Is Compensation Allowed for UA Rebooking to AA Cancelled Flight
  140. Booking outbound UA award 330 days out when return is more than 330 days
  141. Question about seats
  142. What happens if UA/NH misconnect at NRT?
  143. Ord-mdt 739
  144. Different contents/fewer items in F snack boxes than in Y
  145. The United-Delta Grudge Match Escalates (Article Posted on
  146. UA Booking
  147. Odd Upgrade Experience on Award Ticket
  148. Umlauts and otehr non Englsih characters
  149. Destinations that are not considered OJ on Award Travel
  150. Questions on maximizing value of reward ticket for upcoming honeymoon
  151. Airline credit - can i spend it on a UA vacation package? Are there any good ones?
  152. Business Saver differences for same flight
  153. Multi City Fare more than its components
  154. Fly Standby on Last Leg of Award Ticket with Checked Bags?
  155. United 747 suffers minor tail damage at HKG
  156. How to bypass Phillippines Mileage Plus Call Center
  157. United Specials-This week
  158. Mileage Plus LH F award but no ticket number. Is it pre-emptive to panic?
  159. Save up to 30% sale for buying miles
  160. ?? business first check in for Beijing at Newark
  161. UA 767-300 w/ winglets @ BOS C20-21 last night 10/6
  162. Long layover in ORD on Int'l F ticket - Swiss F Lounge or IFL?
  163. 30% off MP miles, up to 100K
  164. Seats not available in economy plus at time of booking
  165. cheaper fares on the phone than online
  166. SIN lounge for UA GF Pax
  167. Why can I purchase only a P (First) fare, when lower avail. fare buckets are ahowing?
  168. United Award Reservation Cancellation Policy?
  169. United Club at SFO Intl - Uprgrade Waitlist Displayed?
  170. Redeeming Miles for A MacBook 13' -worth it?
  171. AMS or BRU: which is easier connection
  172. SEA-PDX nonstops - O&D heavy or for connections?
  173. Kettle Using Lav in Front
  174. seats won't stick, second leg of same flight # (plane change to same type)
  175. mileage upgrade partially availble partially waitinglist situation
  176. When United bought Pam Am's Pacific Division
  177. Not ticket(ed) on the return flight.
  178. "International Surcharge" on Intra-Germany LH ticket bought via
  179. Mileage+ Benefits on *A partner flights
  180. UA ATL-SFO, LAX-MSP service starting in April 2014
  181. Why no UA Lifetime Silver Tier criteria?
  182. What Is Your Idea of United's Identity?
  183. Redeeming United Miles for Eva air flight
  184. Method to verify employee UA receipts for reimbursement... [OT]
  185. BP Printing
  186. [Email] Your 1,000 mile bonus is here [MP Shopping]
  187. New premium cabin and club magazine - Rhapsody
  188. Mixed S and Y Ticket - What happens if I need to change?
  189. Booking Advice_Family of 5
  190. Guide to United's Premier Status Levels
  191. Waiver Issued for Winter Storm (DEN/FAR/RAP)
  192. 787 Base at LAX
  193. Wine in the New United
  194. UA1634 3-Oct-2013 - First: 16 Booked: FULL Checked In: 14
  195. Systemwide communications failure
  196. Will they let me fly earlier?
  197. Predicting CPU chances?
  198. HKG to SFO award availability and stopover help
  199. Can UA tell when I scan boarding pass at security?
  200. Going SFO --> Thailand roundtrip using UA miles in November; Advice/suggestions?
  201. A320 no audio/video
  202. United Airlines Gift Certificate
  203. Auto sequencing of GPU use disadvantages customers (uses newest first)
  204. Silver on B fare and I can't select economy plus
  205. United Airlines offers to fly Air Force to Navy game for free
  206. Tour of United Airlines Operations at McCarran International Airport
  207. Changing/Canceling a ticket costing less than the change fee?
  208. Slimline seats reportedly coming to the 737 fleet in 2014 [confirmed]
  209. Benefit of adding Global Entry to united profile?
  210. Strange Upgrade Options (1/2 the points, but not at checkout and select seat)
  211. Inyokern's only commercial flight, UX/OO LAX, terminates after Nov 4, 2013.
  212. why are UA flights to Asia fluctuating so much past week?
  213. GS flyers.... How often does your CPU not clear?
  214. UA Free One Way Question
  215. [TARGETED] Double (up to 50,000) UA RDM until 31 Dec 2013 [TB9M19]
  216. Multi-airline international itinerary check-in
  217. Upgrade Options for UA128 IAH-GIG?
  218. UA algorithm for domestic complementary upgrade ranking
  219. Award reservation change question.
  220. Trans Atlantic Crew Rest 2 F seats
  221. Can I check additional baggage mid-itinerary?
  222. aircraft changed impact my flight plan. any ideas?
  223. Shutdown exceptions
  224. United Dining miles to United Mileageplus
  225. Will the gov't shutdown make IAD upgrades easier?
  226. How to choose a continental plane?
  227. Transporting art on United
  228. "Rotating" availability of electricity on 737s?
  229. United Award Booking - notes for business tickets
  230. JetBlue (B6) Mint Product as a new challenge to PS?
  231. Using UA miles for SA Award
  232. Can't book my desired ORD-NAP, FLR-ORD on either UA or LH
  233. Is anyone getting a little sick of these co-branding offers?
  234. United Silver, booked under US DM#, Economy Plus Seatin?
  235. Barking dog in cabin
  236. UAL/ANA glitch causing inability to purchase NRT-TPE tickets?
  237. Thinking to moving from UA to DL, match 1K to Plat -- Pros-Cons?
  238. MilagePlus status match, *S / Virgin Atlantic Silver
  239. Anyone else lost all graphics on
  240. Question on co-pay upgrades
  241. cancel return-miles?
  242. What happened to
  243. How hard for a UA 75K Plat to upgrade internationally?
  244. award ticket downgauge
  245. Any guess on whether United will match AA/BA 25K bonus to Europe promotion?
  246. Air Canada earning changes on Oct.1
  247. Can I combine two awards on one reservation?
  248. EWR to HNL (via SFO): upgrade or gamble?
  249. Question regarding Hawaiian Airline Connection booked via United award.
  250. Domestic Widebody/BusinessFirst seats (other than p.s.)?