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  1. Do I need to be worried? Booking Ref# not working on SAA
  2. Can someone clarify something for me regarding mileageplus
  3. Earn Mileage Plus miles on Aer Lingus?
  4. help! combined US & partner flight booked on
  5. UA/LH Difference in Timetables
  6. Award Seating Availability for Christmas and New Years?
  7. Kayak yielding cheaper ticket on than search
  8. Why Did My CPU (Upgrade) Not Clear?
  9. UA MP Saver award question
  10. Buying a ticket for friend/family
  11. Missed a flight; will rebooking always display in online itinerary?
  12. Can a paid segment be added to a mileage award PNR
  13. DL Looks to Adds Revenue Requirement for 2014 Elite Year - Effect On MileagePlus?
  14. one-way vs. multi-stop
  15. SHARES Sync After Cancelled Flight
  16. Same ticket can carry different change fees?
  17. SIAP: Briefly, are there any MP program changes (for Elites) for the upcoming year?
  18. Does UA have westbound flights from Asia?
  19. Every UA flight at LGA delayed; all other airlines fine
  20. Breaking News: FAA grounds 787s in the US!
  21. Status of United's 787 Fleet
  22. Missed Flight, moved to Y bucket, is this a glitch?
  23. Question about changing an award ticket
  24. Getting Afraid to Even Try - Will moving award from C to F cause too many hassles?
  25. KOA-ORD UA202 booked solid March 9
  26. Grandfathered into Economy Plus with Annual Option Gone -- Experiences?
  27. Arrivals Facilities in OSL for BusinessFirst Customers
  28. Splitting PNR... Is it possible???
  29. Any ways to get UA miles from Chase posted faster?
  30. Can phone agents add me to the standby list?
  31. find out flight # for another flight that left same day
  32. Hilton stay, PMUA number on file
  33. Now that ANA and JAL have grounded their 787s, should UA do the same?
  34. (Lack of) Curtains in GF
  35. You will need to complete your check-in at an airport kiosk
  36. Farelock - I thought that this fee was per itin, not per passenger?
  37. If PNR is Split on Outbound for Upgrade, Does it Remain Split for Return?
  38. Cheapest award to redeem flight KBV-RGN
  39. Crazy story, ticket canceled because didn't board 1st leg, is it legitimate?
  40. UAL laying off 500 at EWR
  41. UA Insider Update (Aaron Goldberg Replaces Shannon Kelly)
  42. Is there an airline that respect upgrades for Elite members or everything is about $$
  43. MileagePlus Dining from UA?
  44. Getting NRT-LAX boarding pass from BKK?
  45. Life without UA elite status
  46. Priority Boarding with United CC even if you dont pay with the card?
  47. Temp Error in Elite Status ??
  48. BusinessFirst Headrests
  49. Phantom refund request !!!
  50. "What to expect"? EWR-IST
  51. HELP -- United Rep Mistakenly Cancelled Flight & Seats Now Gone
  52. Bonus miles for SFO-TPE, 4/9-6/30/13 (TB5M06)
  53. United Launches Satellite-Based Wi-Fi Service
  54. Mileage for codeshare flights
  55. Where to check in at SFO for UA/LH?
  56. United becomes launch partner for new 737 winglet program
  57. JP Morgan cuts United to Neutral
  58. 2012 1K CPU Success Rate
  59. Mixed Class Itinerary
  60. UA M+ Club Card - can I access all Star Alliance lounges? (Yes, *A Biz but not *G)
  61. Does status give you a better award callendar?(SFO TO SHANGHAI need help)
  62. MIA-ZUR-BLR Award on UA
  63. MIA-ZUR-BLR Award on UA
  64. Chances of a non UA Star Alliance Gold member getting a last minute upgrade?
  65. United Airlines: 472 job cuts in Newark
  66. Best days/times to fly to score an upgrade (Silver Elite)?
  67. Lounge Access question (FRA and BCN)
  68. UA 78 Plane change and seat selection
  69. downgrade comp?
  70. VUP fare rules exclude many flights that don't make sense?
  71. 2013 MP Status Updated yet?
  72. Will United match (or beat) Qatar US Fare Sale prices
  73. Advice Needed in Finding UA award flights STT-IAH
  74. Huge Swings in Mileage Balance?
  75. $5.00 weird fee
  76. United interline with El Al?
  77. UA SFO-IAH-PTY [14-Jan-2013] - A new low
  78. New upgrade policy for flights between Houston and Lima beginning February 6, 2013
  79. Chicken and Egg - Contacting 1K line
  80. A Thailand honeymoon quality control
  81. United accused of Sham
  82. AP reports lawsuit against UA to be filed 1/14 for "sham" fuel purchases office
  83. Error with Award Redeposits Resulting in Negative Balance on UA MP Account
  84. IAD-HNL-OGG w/Stopover (or Layover)
  85. MileagePlus Explorer Benefits Not Honored OLCI
  86. It is not fair, is it? RPU vs, GPU
  87. UA vs AA Returning to air travel in 2013
  88. Minimum accrual w/ UA partners
  89. United Flight Attendant Q&A Thread [2013 and Onward]
  90. Help needed UA miles redemption DAY-AKL-SYD-BLR-DAY
  91. Any chance of a no penalty change to 787 itinerary?
  92. United not able to combine 2 UA interaries to send baggage though.
  93. Do childrens discounts apply at mileage plus?
  94. UA770 (SFO-BOS, Jan 13) diverted to DEN. Why?
  95. YYZ to PEK through IAD or ORD
  96. Paid with UA card but wants to cancel be4 flight, still eligible for first bag free ?
  97. How many 1Ks don't know anything about GPUs?
  98. question on the united mileage plus membership
  99. Manila Call Center: Closed?
  100. Explorer Club Visa - no Club membership after 6-8 weeks?!?!?
  101. EZE UC to close - From the Priority Pass Website
  102. How can I change return flights without fees?
  103. MM upgrades
  104. How to find T&C for 12TCVAX E-Cert?
  105. UA status nominations (like 3P) still available?
  106. Advice on booking one leg of award ticket with partner
  107. United Miles Missing
  108. United MileagePlus Explorer Visa Solicitation Mail
  109. Domestic upgrades...did i miss a HUGE increase in miles necessary?
  110. UA is selling Premier Access again
  111. Award Ticket Not Eligible For Rerounting to Non-Star Alliance due to Mechanical?
  112. Anyone have a name and contact info for the UA Station Manager at SFO?
  113. International surcharge not listed when booking the flight
  114. How long before Gold Level is dropped to *Silver?
  115. MP CC In Other Countries
  116. Can't Book Tickets on
  117. hopelessly DESPERATE to find my luggage! (UA - SYR to EWR to SFO)
  118. Does an aircraft swap to equip without E+ warrant a free change?
  119. JFK GFL closing?
  120. checking luggage thru a "tagged on" ticket
  121. I was assigned a seat in F, but never told so
  122. latest error...purchase not working, "held" itinerary drops segment
  123. United to Deliver Baggage
  124. Can GC's be used with Vouchers?
  125. Complaints about United Web Site Reservations
  126. Receipt when using GC + CC?
  127. IRROPS policies for UA customers: 2013 and beyond.
  128. Waistlist on Award that includes partner???
  129. can you use Aeroplan miles on United flights and vice versa?
  130. 737-800 lap child
  131. Tool For Automatic/Daily Searches by fare class?
  132. What would you do? SFO-FRA business class for $3000 or waitlist GPU for $1684?
  133. United Exposing Personal Passenger/Reservation Information
  134. One PNR but earn miles to different program on different legs?
  135. Fare rules say end to end permitted but cant book as such
  136. Left Library book on RJ UX Flight
  137. Award rules SYD-USA?
  138. Not getting on upgrade list until T-24 even though I'm Gold and should be on at T-48
  139. Did UA change rules for revenue ticket open-jaws in Asia?
  140. E+ removed for Silver on split PNR
  141. General devaluation of MP status/benefits
  142. UA Website Can't Distinguish 0 and O in Confirmation Codes
  143. Unequal Rebooking Priority For Two Even with the Same PNR
  144. Consolidated "United SYD/MEL Flight Delays or Cancellations" Thread [2013]
  145. United Award Flights - not displaying true availability
  146. United - We're #7! (out of 7)
  147. PS J arrival LAX TBIT Star Alliance Lounge Access?
  148. united book another traveller with cancelled award ticket
  149. UA drops segements, who to get refund from?
  150. Neglected unaccompanied minor
  151. UA San Francisco - ridiculous and unprofessional attitude to a 1K member
  152. How do I use an upgrade?
  153. Baby Bassinets in United 777-200 V7
  154. YBM online upgrade option not working?
  155. Best Day/Connection from East Cost to HKG for GPU
  156. Advice needed for a newbie to UA re Europe in Business
  157. E+ Annual Option is gone... now what?
  158. How does new United handle residual value on vouchers?
  159. What plane is this?
  160. If I call UA 1K, do you think they would match an AA fare?
  161. how to stand by on a connecting flight?
  162. UAL December Traffic (down again)...
  163. Whats going on with the 767-300ER #6668?
  164. What is the maximum connection time to check bags through to final destination?
  165. Any discounts with UA for those 65 and over?
  166. Where are the standard awards?
  167. Timing between SHARES &
  168. MP Compliance Office
  169. Award wouldn't ticket with a waitlist?
  170. RIP Maurice C. Morgan (UAL F/A Safety Video Star)
  171. Now able to accept schedule changes on-line for partner flights booked via UA?
  172. UA Inspects 787s following BOS fire
  173. Considering giving up LH M&M for United MileagePlus for lifetime status
  174. Likelihood of flight being cancelled
  175. Presentation: Merging Two FFPs
  176. United Fare Increase Comes Unstuck
  177. Wrong Boarding Times on Boarind Pass!
  178. When will my 1k status expire?
  179. United changed my inbound flight and now were leaving late - bummer
  180. Requesting Delayed Baggage Advice
  181. Booking SQ F with UA miles
  182. Status Challenge, Silver or Gold?
  183. i think i lost a GPU
  184. Accidently given Premier1K for a night?
  185. MileagePlus Fitness - 2000 miles for joining a gym
  186. United's Current Boarding Process (with Wiki) [Revised, May 2013]
  187. Award Travel - Domestic Fees
  188. UA extends Platinum status despite serious illness preventing flying.
  189. 2014 "Check Your UA Itineraries for Schedule Changes (and What to Do After One)"
  190. *G Baggage Allowance Extended
  191. Why was I 1k for 48 hrs?
  192. GPU Waitlisted for Months on SFO-SYD; Inventory Opens and Request Deleted!
  193. What will replace United's TA 757s?
  194. Long connection not allowed?
  195. 787 Electrical Problems on JAL 787
  196. Review those Boarding Passes ("SEE AGENT" Instead of Seat Assignment Message)
  197. Award Cancellations
  198. Where do items left on a UA flight to LHR end up?
  199. TSA Pre-Check for United Airlines Passengers - Questions and Experiences (2013)
  200. Warning to UA flyers: possible delays at SFO due to runway closures Jan-Jun 2013
  201. UA cancels 6 domestic routes as of April 2013 (incl ORD-SJU, EWR-PHL)
  202. Seeking advice on most efficient way to maintain my 1K
  203. Mexico City and United -- questions
  204. Don't understand how I have Premier 1k status
  205. SDC and overbooked flights
  206. EWR-POP Biz sold out every flight.. Glitch?
  207. MP miles with purchase
  208. UA mobile site inaccessible on Blackberry?
  209. When does the spouse status kit come?
  210. review upgrades redemption? possible?
  211. 777/767 or 787 in Y
  212. Chase PQM for flights not bookable on United's website?
  213. Access United MP Account
  214. Worst and longest check-in procedure ever encountered (at EWR T3)!
  215. Way to force specific flight on flight change?
  216. YYZ - EWR - LIS - opinions requested
  217. Flights from ORD-CUZ - Any suggestions? Are Taca flights not searchable on
  218. UA FRA-EWR when connecting from LH
  219. "Questions About Complimentary Premier Upgrades (CPU) on UA" Thread [Merged] (2013)
  220. Schedules more than 11 months out
  221. How did you earn your miles on United?
  222. Expiring passport and OW flight to Mexico
  223. open jaw stop-overs to asia
  224. How to use ITA matrix to figure out fare class and optimize mileage credit
  225. Allowed connection time between flights?
  226. Do I have a chance of getting re-rebooked?
  227. Changing rescheduled itinerary a week out
  228. Any way to apply online to a held reservation an (old) 1016 e-cert?
  229. April 2013 Market Cuts
  230. Increasing one's chances for a domestic UG on UA
  231. UA fare change refund/rollover
  232. Status Matching to UA - How to Get around the 5 Year Ban
  233. If 1K posts after Jan 1, how long is it eligible?
  234. What beer and alcohol does UA serve on board?
  235. UAL, IAD-LHR RT, 767 or 777, any thoughts?
  236. Newb questions paid/award booking on UA and *A
  237. Guidance on best way to book a flight
  238. Booked BusinessFirst - now says Upgrade Confirmed?
  239. Carry-on in F?
  240. Best United Club in SEA?
  241. Upgrade confirmed on GF award tkt??
  242. Post Your Favorite United Photos Here (Incl. PMCO/PMUA) - Consolidated Thread
  243. CPU's on US domestic?
  244. 12/31/12 Red Eye credits on Jan 1, not Dec 31
  245. Upgrade Policy Changes for Houston Lima, Effective Feb. 6th, 2013
  246. Early Status Recognition Question?
  247. Award availability for ANA in F or J?
  248. Baggage Charge Confusion
  249. $250 Change Fee?
  250. Consolidated "UA/Partner flights (miles) not posting?" 2013/2014 Edition

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