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  1. UA Switched my plane - anything I can do?
  2. United Domestic BusinessFirst Seat Routes?
  3. Time to Post Bonus Miles for Explorer Card
  4. Mixed cabin roundtrip or 2 one ways award travel?
  5. MP on EI codeshare, but 1st segment UA metal
  6. Tonight's UA770 SFO-BOS upgauged to an intl 767-300
  7. CPUs for non-elites using my award miles?
  8. What if you had to manually request CPUs?
  9. LH online checkin changing my UA segment- HELP
  10. NFL at NRT United Club?
  11. Lounge Access at both Toronto/Pearson and NRT?
  12. UA android app annoyance with non-USA addresses
  13. which mileage balance is correct?
  14. Can't price a stopover on award ticket?
  15. Island Hopper Award Travel
  16. How many gates does UA use?
  17. Who's right, award ticket amount?
  18. Award Pricing Question
  19. Standard Award BizFirst International Booking into Domestic Economy?
  20. Ua 951 bru - iad
  21. $105 for paid BIZ tix downgrade from first class from SFO to IAD??
  22. Direct ewr to icn
  23. Ewr-pbi erj-170
  24. ticketed for unnecessary MR -- would you go to airport for possible VDB?
  25. Sheena leads to incontinence? (Or, I don't think that word means...)
  26. Is this worth it? (Credit card vs MR flight vs tax pymnt surcharge)
  27. Upgrading to Business to MNL?
  28. $71 fares from ZFV-LAS - How does UA make money?
  29. New Math = Reservation value
  30. Why does SFO-PEK aircraft overnight?
  31. Has BOS lost focus from UA?
  32. what is UA's history in NYC
  33. Is it better to clock mileage on krisflyer or milleage plus for SQ flight?
  34. 9 hours on 737 with no entertainment, little food
  35. Early "CPU Requested"
  36. Is last-seat standard award inventory for elites for mainline flights only?
  37. Is there a way to print milleage plus membership card?
  38. feedback card
  39. flyer friendly announcement
  40. United denied boarding with confirmed purchased tickets
  41. Award Booking with 24 stopover if no award conx available
  42. Scolded for taking a picture of the MAP?!
  43. Best SFO United Club?
  44. Catch UA Insider on ABC7 Chicago
  45. canīt get credit for my United miles
  46. Why does Seattle to Bucharest price to 30k, whereas Seattle-London-Bucharest is 42.5k
  47. Will UA sell Upgrades at the Gate on International Flight
  48. The BusinessFirst amenity kit floss has been enhanced
  49. Award Ticket LGW-IST?
  50. When to check in for 23-hour MR?
  51. What's the deal with the White United Bus at the Meijer in Rolling Meadows IL?
  52. Melbourne Bound...1st to offer assistance can come with me...
  53. IAH:UA First Class Lounge?
  54. United Extended Halt question
  55. How can we persuade Frank Lorenzo to run the new UA?
  56. UA 357 IAH-FLL Nov 26 - at least three attempts to complete trip.
  57. QF business vs United business
  58. How will UA deal with China's new assertion of an air security zone?
  59. What might have happened? ZH fare class on Republic Air
  60. Used Flex PM to Plat YTD PM 101K yet no 1K status
  61. No "everything you wanted ... 752" thread?
  62. United booked via US Air - How to get status recognized?
  63. Is this a "legal" routing?
  64. Which flight would you choose (YOW-ORD-SFO-HKG)
  65. Wideroe and United -- what sort of relationship do they have?
  66. Earn double miles when you fly between select West Coast cities
  67. resell united club one-time pass at near airport ticket counter
  68. Double Mile Bonus
  69. Shooting for 1K - Question about ANA PQM
  70. can't see partner flights when searching award flights
  71. Weather Waiver(s) - Thanksgiving Week 2013
  72. Booking IAD-BKK (ANA vs. UA) Assistance Requested
  73. Safe to wait out weather delays in lounge after original take-off time?
  74. Mileage Plus Shopping scaling back?
  75. "Make Your Travel More rewarding"
  76. EWR->PEK east bound or west bound?
  77. Intl Flight Without Being on Manifest
  78. Award Reservation Confirmed but not ticketed after five days
  79. Earning Miles after *A Upgrade
  80. Is it possible 13 first class tickets sold (to make the FC cabin sold out) in 4 days?
  81. How To Pay for Ticket (NON US Resident)
  82. Multi stop trip
  83. [Wiki] UA Seat Blocking FAQ
  84. Suggestions for Micronesia Island hopper - long way ICN-SAL
  85. Payment Decision
  86. New Premier Silver: No changing to Econ+ *after* checkin?
  87. GS means nothing to this airline
  88. Economy Plus tickets as gift?
  89. Boarding Pass / Checkin show seat, but view seat Doesn't
  90. Selling the same upgrade twice, TOD's and other contributions to the 2b fund
  91. Award flight with infant (lowest cost instant in arms ticket)
  92. Upgrade Award for Beginner
  93. Cost Saving Measure or ...
  94. No cream cheese!
  95. Star Alliance (US to UA) Status Match?
  96. MP: From "First to Last"
  97. United Not Honoring Ticketed Award Flight
  98. PQD for tickets booked today on mixed carriers?
  99. End of blankets in domestic F (Unless GS)?[Update: Still avail. on request.]
  100. Ukraine Security charge for a flight to Australia
  101. Very happy with flight cancellation
  102. Booking one leg F on mostly C award trip
  103. Error with Reservation's Upgrade Request?
  104. Why this 2.8mm 1K Hates New UA: M+ Confirms Flt Credit in Writing but Then Refuses To
  105. Need Your Ideas: Maximize Miles Travelling New York-Seoul
  106. UA SFO Early Baggage Check
  107. United only Displaying "W" class fares
  108. Transfer from non UA flight to UA flight when traveling internationally
  109. What's up with NRT-SIN Jan 6?
  110. First class ticket cheaper than a Y,B,M grade?
  111. On UG list or not?
  112. New here looking for suggestions
  113. Best Routes JAX/Singapore on UA FC Saver Reward Tickets
  114. Last Minute Flight Added - UA 1751 ORD LAX 22 Nov - Why?
  115. Interesting Take On Smisek & United's Corporate Culture
  116. United Looking into 777X (Bloomberg Article)
  117. Upgrade with Miles Availability
  118. United Interline Baggage Agreement with Qatar air
  119. Any IAH-based customers switching?
  120. IFE 777-200 vs 767-300
  121. Cell phones in flight? How do UA fliers feel?
  122. United Mileage Earning on Turkish Airline
  123. How to address egregious misconduct by a UA Service manager at IAD 10/14?
  124. A PMUA FA's Take on UA's Failings
  125. Special Gift from United for providing feedback?
  126. Poll - Jeff Must Go
  127. Buy-on-Board Coming for Select South America Destinations / pmUA FA vol. Furloughs
  128. TK Comfort vs. UA
  129. Do UnitedExpress (SkyWest) Flights Count for 4 Segments per Year Requirement?
  130. So, when's the last time your FA decided to take a row to themselves and relax?
  131. United "Airline Partners and Global Alliances" Page Looks Wonky
  132. Chase Choices Removed Miles Redemption for PQM Top Off??
  133. When do UA usually update Award availability?
  134. World Cup in Brazil (Any Anticipated Changes by UA's Operations)?
  135. Confirmed BusinessFirst Award, What Happens when Flight Goes Away?
  136. AA Letting Non-Elites Bid on Upgrades for Otherwise Empty F/C Seats - UA to Follow?
  137. weird pre-checkin upgrade for non-premier revenue tic, not OP-UP, not paid w Explorer
  138. New One Way costs FAR less than change fee + fare difference?
  139. United and Big Data
  140. The United Doughnut Hole: The new normal?
  141. Seat Waitlisting
  142. Myopic question: how long after statement for Chase UA card miles to post?
  143. Seatmap anomalies
  144. MP account investigated
  145. UA tries to get woman to sign NDA to get vet bills paid (PetSafe program)
  146. UA Incorrectly Charged me the LHR APD Fee as a Transit Passenger
  147. Help... UA Award Held from HAN
  148. Premier Accelerator not available
  149. Bumped from flight, while on flight
  150. MileagePlus Account Security
  151. Stanby list on an oversold flight
  152. Help needed - mid award booking flight change (honeymoon)
  153. Did UA *finally* fix Online Check In (OLCI) - Green Card and Partners
  154. What would UA do with M+ accounts for pax in a fatal crash
  155. Mainline leaving out of ORD T2?
  156. Stick with gold? Go for more? Six weeks & just not sure what to do
  157. US Leaves *A March 1, 2014
  158. Best way to change FIFA flights
  159. PS Saver BizFirst Awards?
  160. Yes, United Airlines Does Read Your FlyerTalk Forum Posts
  161. Upgrade flight SFO-JFK with a paid ticket and award ticket
  162. Companion no-show, keep seat for lap child?
  163. Are all 757-200 United planes being reconfigured to lie flat beds in First class?
  164. Rebooking Ticket - 1 year + 1 Week after issuance
  165. UA Status to Enroll HKG e-channel
  166. Breakage of Frequent Flyer Miles
  167. Do I call United to book F awards with partner
  168. Rookie question about partner awards and baggage
  169. UA Award booking hassle with partner airlines in the itinerary!
  170. Possible to do award ticket USA to Europe via Asia?
  171. Any UA Seattleites thinking of leaving and if so where?
  172. Multiple Destinations on Awards NEVER works for me
  173. UA booking: daytime specified is of no use
  174. Missing Connection on 2 Separate UA Tickets
  175. Put Through the Wringer
  176. Premier Gold requal. question
  177. death of pax......finally can talk about it!
  178. Best use of 130,000 United miles for two?
  179. United mileage gold after us airways merger with american
  180. Using GPUs for my honeymoon
  181. award search multiple destination not working?
  182. What's going on with TG award availability?
  183. Help me get to Chennai (MAA) and HKG
  184. Scheduling an airport change on award ticket?
  185. No More Full Cans of Beverages for Passengers on United/UnitedExpress?
  186. I can't purchase miles
  187. Latest Assessment of US Global Services vs. AA Exec Plat
  188. Alternate ways to upgrade one leg of flight (International)
  189. End of Year Miles Purchase?
  190. If I book a Lufthansa flight operated by UA metal, can I use my GPU?
  191. Blackberry problems?
  192. no early comp to Premier Gold...
  193. Post your pqd 2013
  194. IAD-SIN, Faster through Pacific or Atlantic?
  195. New Routes/Changes/Eliminations announced 19/11
  196. United (UA) To Eliminate NRT-BKK (UA837,UA838) [Now gone]
  197. UAL's Investor Day (Highlights: Route, Gauge Changes; $ Cuts)
  198. Price mistake. Afraid of reservation getting canceled
  199. Online reservation not reflecting / matching BP seat assignment
  200. Ewr club needs help
  201. Anyone else have 2 United Credit Cards?
  202. booking involving Turkish Airlines - Call and force immediate ticketing?
  203. Upgrading honolulu flight to Houston 11/20
  204. Change fee for United Elites?
  205. Let's organize opposition to the Great Devaluation
  206. All Exit Rows Showing Blocked on ExpertFlyer
  207. How to check on status of checked bags
  208. NRT-ICN down gauge to 737 in March 2014
  209. Having trouble getting availability for 2 award tickets. Any advice?
  210. Filing Small Claims Suit against UA
  211. Arrival lounge LHR T-1
  212. Cookware set in original box as checked luggage?
  213. Newbie question Ewr to Elh
  214. Any idea why 2 AUS-GRU flights today?
  215. SEA-ICN-SEA-ORD valid as one round trip?
  216. Best way to maximize CPU odds for 2 pax on award tickets?
  217. Flying with TAM in 2014
  218. Any pattern in UA opening "last minute" China coach award seats?
  219. How many segments until you became 1K? (2013)
  220. Luggage more likely to get lost checked-through with 24 hr layover?
  221. Paying for UA ticket in USD or Reais
  222. UA's fortress city pair: D.C.-S.F.
  223. How should I get home? NRT-NYC
  224. UA moved my flight from IAH - is it because of a min connection time?
  225. Asiana Award Avaliability FIRST CLASS tons of space
  226. Help with deciding where to use my miles
  227. Those Mesa CR7s @IAD sure looked beat-up
  228. 17 Nov 2013 - UA73 [SFO-HNL] and UA14 [HNL-EWR] Delayed 6+ Hours (Mechanical)
  229. Checked in for flight, but upgrade list shows 0 checked in?
  230. FA's ignoring/clearing the call buttons
  231. Held short of gate after 12 hour flight
  232. Help on booking flight with united awards
  233. Whos Blocking whom UA vs US
  234. UA stiffs *A again
  235. Bonus miles link gone:
  236. Standby on Domestic F award
  237. Bizarre seat change - broken BF seat not broken
  238. What happened to award seats on Asiana?
  239. NY to Singapore
  240. Can I Have My RPU/Miles Back If UG'ed And A/C Changed?
  241. New Club Card member: how to use premier boarding?
  242. New Promotion to Aussie MP members? 50% bonus miles
  243. Carrots and Ranch...
  244. 777-200 vs. 767-300 intl; A319 vs. 737-900 dom.
  245. Premier Silver: Can Guest Same PNR Sit Apart in E+?
  246. Unable to book
  247. carry on size Embraer bin and underseat dimensions
  248. UA starting starnet blocking again?
  249. Waitlist for IN if booked in YN?
  250. Was I Skimped On United Partner Miles (500 Minimum PQM)?