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  1. Advice on Maxing mileage for frequent SQ longhaul in J
  2. New Lounge Access Policy?
  3. When do more flights to YVR get added to schedule?
  4. CLE agents are usually so good!
  5. UK resident ticket purchase problem
  6. Dummy Booking - What is it and how do I do one?
  7. Ua895, ord-hkg-sin
  8. Miles & Money?
  9. Booked Asiana Flights Not Showing on
  10. Most economical way of purchasing UA miles for those outside USA
  11. KWI/BAH reduced to 4x weekly
  12. How many consecutive flights on same tail number?
  13. Thinking of going to media with this story
  14. Didn't Cancel Award Ticket Before Time of Departure -- Can I get the miles back?
  15. United refusing to honor electronic travel certificate
  16. Food offerings in the UA Club Lounges?
  17. Holding an award ticket until 330 days before return
  18. Infuriating customer service (Damaged Luggage Claim)
  19. Arrivals lounge in Newark for BusinessFirst passengers?
  20. Earning UA miles on TK codeshare on LH metal?
  21. Newark A1 Concouse
  22. *G benefits on award ticket booked from non-status account
  23. I know you have bigger IT issues UA, but could you pls fix
  24. Why has UA drastically reduced Business Class seat inventory out of AUS?
  25. Can you waitlist for saver business on Copa flights?
  26. UA to add 'winglets' to 737 757 767 planes to save fuel
  27. How to cancel United Airline Credit Card??
  28. Stupid newbie request for advice...
  29. strange refund email from UA
  30. Best upgrade chances SFO - Europe in Early October
  31. What are the actual benefits of being basic MP member pls
  32. That is a lot of elites
  33. Need help from an elite member
  34. New Mileage Plus - July Monthly Statement: Completely redesigned for you
  35. Missed connection due to ATC and Maintenance, only ATC reported
  36. Whose A380
  37. piecing together legs for award travel
  38. Anyone Have Any Luck Extending Award Ticket Validity?
  39. Booked LHR - LAX but doesnt state the Terminals
  40. Upgraded with RPU, then moved to another flight...
  41. Book award ticket now or wait?
  42. Prem Silver not showing up on upgrade waitlist
  43. Earn United bonus miles by trading at Options House.
  44. multi-segment trip, crossing 1K with 1 segment - bonus miles for 2nd?
  45. ORD-DCA: Business Routes?
  46. Does UA have a Skype profile?
  47. Booking Award Travel Through Star Alliance
  48. Search by fare class not working?
  49. Redeeming a "mixed cabin" saver award where one segment is in F and other is in Y
  50. Economy Plus Strategy
  51. Best day to travel for upgrades USA-Singapore
  52. Departure times on this express flight seem like a bit of a lie
  53. Award Waitlisting questions...
  54. What is meaning of international standby? on mileage ticket?Saver
  55. Dubai lounge access (DL SC member flying UA)
  56. United Airlines to Hold Live Webcast of Second-Quarter 2013 Financial Results
  57. Upgrade Question - 3ppl (1 Premier Platinum)
  58. Credit for skipping last connection on award travel
  59. United MileagePlus Club access to EVA lounges at TPE
  60. Award flight to Australia and New Zealand
  61. Flight Search - Flexible Dates, 31 to 59 days
  62. Buy on Board: EWR - HNL
  63. Extended layover for domestic - multi-city or round trip?
  64. Article Demonstrates How UA Is Undervaluing Premium
  65. Award OJ ? C2->C6->C1
  66. UA issued 3 e-tickets for a 4-carrier *A award booking?
  67. Help me figure out my trip to Europe
  68. ZH & BR Awards Availability
  69. UA91 TLV-EWR arrival time
  70. mileage upgrade with connection--waitlist question. how will i be charged?
  71. Changine Paid Mileage Upgrade to GPU
  72. booking UA flight with trip length more than 180 days
  73. Can you redeem United miles for Hawaiian Airlines flights HNL-TPE?
  74. Why Did I Get Upgraded to First?
  75. Booking THROUGH Lufthansa.. United PQM?
  76. 757-200 Configurations
  77. Ticket Prices - Online vs. Phone
  78. Experience using Bags VIP/United baggage delivery service
  79. How are upgrades for Premier Gold?
  80. How to Find Singapore Airlines (JFK to Frankfurt) as an award flight on
  81. Mileage Plus miles for UA7721 (Operated by Swiss Air)?
  82. United Award Availability
  83. Expanding Mercedes-Benz USA partnership—to the airport
  84. Master or VISA or both?
  85. When will there be a fall fare sale?
  86. Adding leg to Award PNR at later date. Same Booking Code
  87. Will they ask for ID for a lap baby?
  88. Why would UFC offers disappear for an itinerary a month away?
  89. UA offering luxury ground transportation for "Elite" passengers
  90. Huge Improvement! adds ability to search and book domestic ANA flights!
  91. Adding segment with 2 hour stopover increases price by 20 000 miles
  92. Make sure you double check partner award ticketing!
  93. Award change fees
  94. UA PS Service - SFO->JFK, BF 100% months early? Or Blip
  95. Age Minimum for Booking UA Award
  96. International F 15 years ago vs today.
  97. US Airways Miles for United Award Ticket Question.
  98. Are United mile transfers instant between accounts instant?
  99. Miles on Sale (upto 30%) Until July 22nd
  100. wallandmain - fake or real?
  101. Is Great Lake Airlines flight with a UA flight number considered a United flight?
  102. Upgrade Availability Discrepancy
  103. HNL/MNL Biz Award Availability
  104. Any Talk of UA Returning to Chile ?
  105. Can't buy ticket for the price quoted on UAL website
  106. No Alcohol on the Ground
  107. Musical Instruments on UA Int'l - 62 or 90 linear inches?
  108. Earning status from shopping (MileagePlus)?
  109. A380 Routes on
  110. Duty Free - Tobacco?
  111. Announcing RewardsPlus
  112. Any plans to rebuild the UA concourse (C and D gates) at IAD / Dulles?
  113. Flying with a tent
  114. Award Tickets Banned to Certain Countries?
  115. (Is it Possible to Book) Melbourne to Sydney (on UA)?
  116. Strange UA Premier Qualification Issues
  117. Pricing 5-leg multi-city, $400 more if signed in
  118. OLCI with AC code share cancels UA seats in SHARES
  119. Upgrade chances EWR-SFO Thanksgiving Day
  120. UA 3-class 777 LAX-HNL
  121. Need help booking award travel to Alaska
  122. A class of people more entitled than UA Elites?
  123. United allows Phuket but not Tokyo
  124. Upgrading for tickets purchased on Kayak
  125. won't let me buy economy despite wide-open availability
  126. Random Call from United
  127. GPU Priority Waitlist not converting to active Stand By?
  128. Mysteriously disappearing award tickets
  129. Advice Sought From ORD-Based United Traveller on Optimal Mileage/Status Strategies
  130. how strict to get gate pass?
  131. Maintenance at gate
  132. Is Expert Mode down?
  133. Views of the Downbursts Tying Up United Flights at DIA
  134. FlyDubai Earning Miles?
  135. Buh bye IST
  136. What is happening at ORD this evening?
  137. Same-day cancellation fees as a 1K?
  138. Purpose of "See On-Time Performance" link?
  139. Are there ever any REAL last minute deals?
  140. EWR - EZE ending.
  141. Say Bye Bye to UA875/UA876
  142. Need assistance with an award flight. Can I do this with the miles I have? Options?
  143. Award Travel-2 Oceans
  144. At the Airport - What can Agents do with Award Tickets?
  145. Inexperienced International Traveler Needs Help
  146. New one (for me, at least)...back to gate because insufficient meals loaded...
  147. SFO-FRA-MAD: Getting Seat Assignment on Short-Haul LH Metal
  148. BaggageFees, award travel from nonelite acct for elite travelers
  149. Shocking UA change fee
  150. Strategy for Snagging International First Class
  151. Best LHR to SFO routing and best time to book
  152. SFO runway 28L
  153. Seat assignments on Lufthansa and Air Dolomiti?
  154. Award Availability on CO Routes
  155. One-day special: 767-400ER IAD-SFO July 29
  156. Need better United Europe Award itinerary!
  157. Why were pmCO/pmUA forums closed to posting?
  158. combining accounts rules?
  159. Multi-city Star award travel ?
  160. now tracking blind bookings?
  161. UA 89 (EWR-PEK) - Q regarding language and lounge access
  162. New rewards experience coming
  163. United using the A concourse at DEN??
  164. Best way to change an itinerary
  165. United trying to raise airfares today
  166. Are E+ Seats or First Class Upgrades Cheaper at the Gate
  167. transitng at EWR on UA from Canada to Europe
  168. Help your United agents who help you (Outsourcing)
  169. UA blocking empty seats hoping passengers will buy-up
  170. UA how to get upgraded during check-in
  171. Changed UA Partner Award & No New Partner Conf Number
  172. Skywest Airline dba United Express to Europe?
  173. My UA gift certificate was split into three after ticket cancellation
  174. Redeposit issue with previously changed award ticket
  175. International Connection on a Domestic Flight?
  176. Fare question
  177. Voluntary downgrade/re-route during weather - refund / getting top of BizFirst list
  178. UA Award downgrade b/c of delay
  179. Can I split miles to two programs for two flights on one leg?
  180. 2 reservations on same day - Partner Awards
  181. How long should I wait to book this award itinerary?
  182. Mixed class itinerary -- Free baggage checking or not?
  183. Can You Combine YN and IN On A Single Ticket?
  184. Competitive response to HU?
  185. Poll: Which Business Class Seat do your prefer: PMUA, or PMCO?
  186. Air Canada miles won't transfer to United Mileage?
  187. United long haul flights taken, not sure where to credit the miles
  188. Buying ticket for infant not yet born
  189. Is special exception to 1K possible?
  190. Same amount of points?
  191. Searching Fare Class for One Segment of Multi-Segment Itinerary
  192. Flight Status Anomaly -- The New Math
  193. Award Routing -- Connect Outside Zone?
  194. Chase UA Visa companion ticket upgrades under SHARES?
  195. Streamlined Phone Menu Options for Premiers
  196. Changed Asia/Pacific rules or fares not populating to ITA or OTAs? (Bug or feature?)
  197. Airline Alliance Helped in Crash Aftermath
  198. Looking for info on status matching
  199. IAH gates are only determined day of departure?
  200. LOT (LO) award flights not available online
  201. UA not displaying SN Award Availability?
  202. Does NH release multiple F award seats?
  203. Change zone on partially flown award?
  204. Gift from United Airlines
  205. Need Help - Delay in LHR
  206. Shortest USA-Intl flight?
  207. Can't believe how much better US Air Club is vs. UC
  208. Youngest member?
  209. So who designed the pmCO BF flat seats?
  210. 747 on SFO runway during Asiana crash
  211. TOD Upgrade on Codeshare Flight (LH) Denied
  212. Star Alliance Award on US Air 2014 WC
  213. Return leg add a stop in the middle
  214. Easier to visit top security prison camp than enter the US via United Airlines!
  215. Delay--Cargo Loading???
  216. Any chance of a retroactive change fee refund (after travel waiver is issued)?
  217. Hold for 24 hours.....
  218. Booking two one-way int'l award tix then converting to a r/t (ideally with a stopover
  219. Can't upgrade IAH-SIN using miles?
  220. United Club/Star Alliance Access in Heathrow Upon Arrival?
  221. BF upgrade using miles
  222. How to search BR award avail?
  223. Self-Service United Club Entry ORD C16
  224. Earning on other carriers while United/*G
  225. Premier Silver for free bag, but TK miles
  226. Significant Fare Differences Between United Site and ITA Matrix
  227. Best use of UA miles for SFO to HKG & SGN w 130K miles
  228. GPU confirmed vs. GPU waitlist vs. B-fare up vs. NZ PE
  229. What to do with/how to use XXX miles?
  230. What credit card to use United flight with?
  231. 7/8 July 2013 - SFO Travel Waiver and Impact to UA's Operations
  232. On line changes to existing res - issue
  233. UA1260 today 6-Jul-2013
  234. Relative On L class fare from MKE to DEL - return delayed due to visa issues
  235. Odd happenings with upgrade waitlist and OLCI
  236. Free Baggage Allowance for US Gold?
  237. Will UA issue tickets on partner airlines if no UA/*A flight on itinerary?
  238. TOD's available on Award Travel?
  239. Website questions
  240. Mileage plus booking, can flights be held online?
  241. Looking for MileagePlus "Awards" card complete benefit info
  242. Never received MP Club card
  243. Air Canada FF Looking for UA MP advice
  244. Business Class availability on US flight using UA miles
  245. No upgrade option
  246. SEA-IAD red eye: worth upgrading to F?
  247. Cancelling Presidential Plus CC but keeping the lounge acess?
  248. Is that SK 926 flight available in 'I' class or not?
  249. Cancel return leg of roundtrip
  250. Credit for flight on other side of world...