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  1. IRROPS and Baggage Mismanagement
  2. Two Questions: Status Match and Upgrades
  3. United Website Not Showing Upgrade Option for Booked Itineraries (with lap child)
  4. Need advice. SFO-SIN. Biz Class. Challenge.
  5. How to recognize outstanding employees?
  6. 737-800/737-900 storage
  7. Baggage loading delays at EWR
  8. Why is UA lagging in cargo & what impact will it have on 2014?
  9. Frequently Wrong....Never in Doubt
  10. Missing 1K Qualification due to IRROPS -- how to resolve?
  11. Celebrating "fly the friendly skies" (special edition amenity kits on UA)
  12. checking baggage through with long layover
  13. Phantom Copa Availability NYC-GIG during World Cup
  14. Singapore airlines travel on United miles
  15. Cabin Lights on East->West Coast pseudo-redeyes
  16. 2014 Devaluation + US Air Departure + MSC = Trouble For US International Connections?
  17. Do Not Charge as an ATC Delay! (FAA comment)
  18. Did your upgrade to/from Brazil ever clear 24h+ before departure?
  19. Do I still earn miles if connecting flight (UAL codeshare Silver Airways) cancels?
  20. Advice for Rebooking Trip 12/22
  21. Check in for Copa flight at United Club?
  22. UA to TG connection: FRA vs CDG
  23. Missing UA miles request online: ticket # digit count
  24. Almost an entire F cabin no shows...
  25. Anyone know anything about this??? No fee transfers
  26. Mileageplus Gold versus TK elite
  27. United app on iPhone loses boarding pass right before flight
  28. "! Only dates between Dec. 21, 2013 and Nov. 23, 2014 can be accepted for the Passpor
  29. Incorrect award Pricing to Hawaii?
  30. What Airlines does United participate with for reroutings in delayed flights?
  31. OLCI Boarding Pass Info Change
  32. Different prices for Premier Access on web vs. iPhone app
  33. Same Day Change Busted 20 December 2013?
  34. Mistake Booking - How to Cancel/Refund
  35. PNR split and baggage fees
  36. Flight Strategy: LIH to SFO on 01/03
  37. Profile Out of Sync Between and Mobile App
  38. 2014 Global Services Notification Thread
  39. United 121 on 12/20 diverted
  40. United - profit under-achiever
  41. Increasing Layover Time on Award Flights
  42. UA still flying to SYD ?
  43. Will UA be taking over the US club at RDU?
  44. Finding the fare rules?/Medical change
  45. LAX/JFK/SFO Bonus Miles Promo up to 15,000 miles
  46. Complimentary Beer/Wine Discontinued Jan 1, 2014 for transpacific/asia flights
  47. More reliable website? Agents not seeing results on UA/ANA site searches.
  48. Great 'Day w/ UA management' article series
  49. Why have award requirements increased? Blame the partner airlines
  50. Help request: Missed UA Award Flight on LH
  51. Proactive Protection Questions
  52. How do I claim retroactive mileage for a LH codeshare flown on UA metal?
  53. Lax-NRT F over/ Y return: $2300
  54. Forum name....
  55. Maximum hours that a flight crew can fly
  56. SFO T3E Grand Opening Celebration
  57. US to South Asia (Mumbai) already 80k points?
  58. UA: "RNE, Los Angeles is waiting for you"
  59. Switching Programs?
  60. Issues with UA site/app?
  61. UA ground handler at IAD?
  62. ON2 but no saver award?
  63. Premier gifting?
  64. DirectTV 25,000 bonus miles
  65. Pete Najarian of CNBC adds UAL to his portfolio for 2014
  66. When to apply Flex PQM?
  67. SAN-CLE new non-stop service
  68. using my MP miles to gift someone else with a flight
  69. UA: Getting Gold on the Return Leg - Use Lounge?
  70. When is RN inventory released?
  71. Question about PN booking class for TATL upgrade
  72. The importance of standardized branding
  73. UA1464 - 17 Dec 2013 - Smoke in cabin, returned to EWR.
  74. Baggage Changes in new Contract of Carriage
  75. Why doesn't UA market its 787 Dreamliner
  76. One Way Redemption Question
  77. Why does Jeff Smisek hate his customers?
  78. United Contact Customer Care
  79. weather delay/couldnt fly
  80. Check-in at CDG
  81. Agent Error leads to Forex Charges: Any Recourse
  82. Kick off the New Year in comfort and earn up to 15,000 miles (PS promo)
  83. Need advice IAD-LHR flight with toddler
  84. 2014 - Asia - Maximizing UA Miles
  85. Help me understand these routing rules
  86. Unaccompanied minors can only travel on nonstop flights (eff. 5 Dec 2013)?
  87. UAL.COM Not Working with Safari?
  88. Is it normal for UA to show the wrong fare class on a codeshare flight?
  89. Transfer in PEK Need to Collect Luggage?
  90. UA Saver Glitch need a 1k !
  91. Routing options? SFO-CEB-SIN-PVG
  92. Multi-city award search not picking up any saver options
  93. United's Tweet of the Day:
  94. Ugly behavior by FA near arrival
  95. EWR-BOM What to expect
  96. DEN-IAD-STT award travel question
  97. United Reservation Change
  98. *A, does UA bear burden of misconnect if separate PNR?
  99. EWR to LHR flying Xmas eve
  100. EWR AirTrain Major Delay
  101. EWR AirTrain issues 12/16
  102. When will we get full details of the 2014 MileagePlus program?
  103. Cost to Upgrade to Biz IAH-MGA
  104. GA pulled off busy gate to bid for vacation
  105. Possible missed connection to LH F on award ticket
  106. Using my status to book family award tickets
  107. protocol for lost (stolen?) luggage ewr-aua
  108. UA is refusing to book award travel on earlier LH flight, despite availability
  109. Crazy United Express FA !!!!
  110. Lost Baggage CA and United pointing fingers at each other
  111. EUROPE-DXB via ASIA or US
  112. Mandatory 24-hour hold before ticketing *A awards on SQ and BR?
  113. IAH - TYR Returns to IAH - 3 Times in a Row
  114. Is Ch11 unavoidable for UA next year?
  115. Really quick question...
  116. Anyone have an idea why there's a near-empty 777 flying DXB-SFO as UA6864?
  117. Different cards to gain miles and access lounge
  118. Curious: what benefit can I get if I book while I'm gold & fly as non-premier?
  119. Late December LHR-NYC Business Award Availability???
  120. UA Domestic - premium cabin award availability vs elite upgrades
  121. Will United cancel conflicting reservations?
  122. Consolidated UA Lost/Delayed Baggage Issues
  123. Online check in with ANA for United flight - how to select E+ free for Silver?
  124. 787 and 747 in Y
  125. United/Am Ex Platinum $200 fee reimbursement question
  126. mixed class award?
  127. Upgrading from Ec X on Business Award
  128. Why would a boarding pass not have a sequence #?
  129. Page not found when changing award ticket online
  130. Same flight date, searched simultaneously, same fare class, 2 prices?
  131. United Saver Award to Amsterdam
  132. How come UA business/first class intn'l award always shows domestic F/B unavailable
  133. Hawaii Dec 2014 availability 1 ways or RT?
  134. 1980 Post-deregulation documentary
  135. *A ticket EWR-CDG(stopover)-PVG(destination)-EWR
  136. Help! CMB/ROC and ROC/CMB
  137. NONREF/0VALUEAFTDPT/CHGFEE Cancel reservations before the scheduled departure time or
  138. How's you're luck been with "conjunctive" bag checking (4 or more segments)?
  139. With US going, should I get UA FF# or Lufthansa
  140. Changing cabin class on award ticket post-devaluation... reprice mileage cost?
  141. HELP! flying tmrw but out-of-sych ticket caused by UA agent & UA refuses to help!
  142. Number of crew on Int. B772 flying domestic
  143. 9-Dec-2013: UA's Reduction-in-Force Within the Airport Operations and Cargo Division
  144. MSP united club expansion
  145. Asia to Canada(layover) to US Award 60k Possible?
  146. Northeast Weather Waiver Dec 14-15
  147. At airport, are standby Saver award pax processed ahead of UPG pax?
  148. Open Letter to Jeff Smisek CEO United Airlines
  149. How Long is a Free "Stop" (not a Stopover)? How Many Can You Do On An Award Flight?
  150. PVG-LAX on 12/11 -- inbound late, what to do?
  151. Delayed awaiting inbound aircraft, but plane is here?
  152. Segment credit for return to gate?
  153. What is max connecting time on one way intl award ticket
  154. What can I do if award flight is downgrade??
  155. Moving to UA: Advice Please
  156. Centurion Lounge coming to SFO to compete with United Club
  157. Missing Segment Auto-Cancellation with Awards
  158. Rebooked - which middle seat to take?
  159. Help with United MileagePlus Card PQM Bonus
  160. Consolidated GS flying SFO by flight thread
  161. Cannot get PQD information for 2013
  162. (Are UA Agents No Longer Allowd to Tell You Where You Are on the) Upgrade List?
  163. Holiday Gift Offer
  164. Did they fix GPU/RPU waitlisting?
  165. You have not earned or used miles recently
  166. poor IROPPS load planning
  167. UA vs LH vs OS vs TK TATL Business Class
  168. DL introducing Global upgrades good on virtually all fares. Will UA stay competitive?
  169. United Platinum Status - Clarification on Regional Upgrades received
  170. Offered $200 e-cert, received $150 e-cert
  171. Smisek in running for CNBC's worst CEO - and other CNBC UA tidbits
  172. MP Shopping
  173. IAH-ORD-FRA on UA domestic F and LH international F - lounge access
  174. Changing an Award Ticket/devaluation
  175. email notice when miles etc post
  176. Routing Advice for Business Award Travel NYC-DPS?
  177. Weather rebooking and another way upgrade list can be misleading
  178. Compensation if you book own hotel (instead of one offered by UA)?
  179. Ever been declared an unruly passenger? (compensation question)
  180. Can anyone help with flight suggestions NY - Italy (UA Award)?
  181. UA Nov. passenger revenue down 2.5 pct. - GREAT JOB!
  182. BF on a 757-200 or BF on a 777-200?
  183. UA itinerary change question
  184. The Case of the Phantom Upgrade List
  185. When to use RPUs?
  186. Heads Up: US Airways / United Relationship Wind-Down
  187. Harrowing Experience At PVG and Tips/Warning for TWOV Travellers
  188. United won't rebook me on AA following canceled flight?
  189. US Air - United code share
  190. Man left behind on UA flight (operated by ExpressJet)
  191. 737-900 (N75436) Plane with Retro Continental Livery
  192. booking international with miles or cash and likelihood of upgrade?
  193. Crediting N fares to partners
  194. ORD Waiver but not listed??
  195. United stealing zippers from checked bags?
  196. worst rebooking in history?
  197. "Upgrade certificates are useless nowadays" - Hah!
  198. How can a coach seat has XN inventory but no X inventory?
  199. rumor:UA3702 off the runway in STL
  200. Issues using UA Gift Certificates - [Consolidated]
  201. Is it possible to convert TravelBank $ to an ETC?
  202. Mixed Cabin Award Pricing w/ Stopover?
  203. Trying to Understand UA Load Management
  204. (Told by Agent and Supervisor) You can no longer transit Asia on US-Australia award
  205. UA1426 and its multiple origins
  206. GPU/RPU redemption notes now showing flight details on
  207. anyone booked or try to book IAD-CPT for 2014?
  208. Can you change delayed travel online?
  209. mile accural for sdc flights of the same number
  210. X-tra checked bag limits on intl biz class: typo?
  211. No Award Accelerator -- what now?
  212. last minute *A award release
  213. Different award availability Chrome vs Firefox
  214. Set up alert for Business Class Availability
  215. Cleaning crew shortages at IAD causing significant delays
  216. No music on AVOD until 2014 (?)
  217. United locks man on plane, not able to get off
  218. GUM to JNB
  219. Transiting Bejing but I am on two different tickets. problem with UA at checkin?
  220. UA69 (ARN-EWR): Wrong plane, wrong fuel calculations, or bad weather?
  221. Short-Check bags with 12+-hour layover?
  222. United 2013 holiday card
  223. My experience booking one-way, Australia to N. America
  224. UA555, ORDSFO on 3-class 777: pillows in C?
  225. How Are things these days OVERALL at UA?
  226. Comparison of BA's business class to UA
  227. Add'l Copa capacity to/from PTY during World Cup?
  228. 7-10 December 2013 Washington DC-Area Travel Waiver (Winter Storm)
  229. United Baggage Damage Strategy
  230. combo of one way trip backtracking
  231. Chance of Upgrade
  232. UA Award Ticket Cancellation ?
  233. Award ticket will price but cannot be purchased/ticketed
  234. Online multi-leg award booking does not display required miles
  235. Decoding award types
  236. Getting upgrade between IAH and EZE
  237. Booking three award seats for 2 pax
  238. UA's MP Account Activity page now shows upgrade activity detail
  239. Even UA ops managers believe their impossible turn times
  240. [PSA]Vote for charity to receive miles!
  241. UA/LH codeshare 3 PNRs
  242. Why am I still annoyed when my upgrades with GPU don't clear?
  243. Mx leads to outbound itinerary cancellation
  244. This would make the skies a lot friendlier
  245. am confused about crediting mileage.
  246. Best way to actually get GA in trouble?
  247. probability of a non-weather waiver weather waiver..
  248. First Class Upgrade list shows "Booked 13(+10 Blocked)" FLT UA 243 on 12/6
  249. If Arrival Airport Closes due to Political Instability
  250. UA1004 Dec 5 LAX-LAX, what happened?