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  1. Help/Advise Needed on How to Use Miles/Status of Family Member
  2. Intra-Europe Lufthansa flights for early March nearly invisible to United
  3. Agent very strict on bag weight, when other bag is under - a little pedantic?
  4. Changing partner award travel day of
  5. Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Versus United Club
  6. Print your bag tag for your flight from Boston and skip the airport line
  7. 6 December 2014 LAX T7 United Club Closed Due to Roof Collapse
  8. Baggage handling during long 6-hr connection
  9. Paid Online Y-to-J Seat Map/Upgrade Question
  10. CPU on award Ticket - Eligible but can't be put on waitlist
  11. "Due to your flight delay, wed like to offer you some extra flexibility." - How?
  12. Should I Share an Employee's Name With UA if They May Get in Trouble for Helping Me?
  13. Farewell to JST-AOO
  14. DirecTv may live on via steaming WiFi
  15. United Award "sale" USA/Canada<>Europe/Central Asia til March 2015
  16. FA rollaboard under seat in front of me?
  17. United Express F/A says {likely in error} Premier members must pay for E+ seating
  18. Funny announcements heard on the overhead at United Club
  19. problem with united airlines purchase using paypal
  20. FlyerTalk 2015 Awards benefits - United Airlines Mileage Plus, Americas
  21. Possible to drop one UA ticketed JQ operated leg?
  22. Is there a super Card out there ??
  23. Late Night Transfer at MEX COPA to UA
  24. UA's RTW / *A desk to close [reportedly early/mid Feb 2015]?
  25. Air China/UA separate PNRs and check through
  26. EWR or IAD to SIN? Best options
  27. United - Which Aircraft
  28. RDM promo UA/AC - up to 15K miles - Europe (W fares and above) til 10 March 2015
  29. United did great job handling shattered windshield on 12/3/14 LAX-JFK
  30. IAD-IST on TK w/ UA Miles
  31. Africa award pricing question
  32. NYC-AUS/NZ in Jan / Eco / MileagePlus
  33. Air India codeshare flights and rewards
  34. Ill pax from an "Ebola country" on UA 951
  35. Oceania options... GUM only?
  36. If originating flight is delayed, still must cancel by scheduled departure time?
  37. Hawaiian interisland award tickets gone? {restored for some?}
  38. System Glitch or just pure luck?
  39. Odd mileage/cert requirement for MR/same day turn
  40. irrops rebooking procedure for Z/A fares
  41. Global Services 2015 Notifications (ONLY)
  42. Would you rather have easier upgrades or better F product?
  43. Mimosas on Domestic First Class.
  44. Checking luggage through on United
  45. Explanation of Premier Qualifying Miles/Segments Please
  46. UAX aircraft interior cleanliness and maintenance getting worse?
  47. "Eat. There are Starving People on Other Airlines."
  48. How Strict is United on Passport Expiration Dates?
  49. Seatmap shows fewer seats than what is available for sale
  50. Booking Award Flight for Another on EVA with UA Miles, baggage question
  51. Plug in back massager onboard?
  52. 2014 premier benefits end date?
  53. Length of Delay Needed on 1st Flight to cancel and get a Full Refund?
  54. Woman, 23 dies on United Flight to EWR
  55. If I'm checking luggage, does it matter at which terminal I check in at IAH?
  56. "United thanks you for your feedback"
  57. Your thoughts? - Million Miler/deployed soldier GPU forfeiture question.
  58. Best Deal on Miles and Pay Upgrades
  59. Cheap R/T Award from GUM?
  60. How many eqm on a first class from sfo-lax
  61. EUA system screws up, supervisor gets horribly rude
  62. ORD-MSN going mainline!?!
  63. Trying to burn some GPUs
  64. BZE UA Transfer/Connection time?
  65. When do Premier Status benefits start?
  66. 20% off Copa Airlines [Cyber Monday 2014 Offer]
  67. Refunding return flight on round trip booking on Copa
  68. GTM/Outperform Employee Recognition is Back (At the End of the Survey)
  69. Global Traveler names United Airlines its 2014 Airline of the Year
  70. Best product for UA miles to CMB
  71. Specific Question About OLCI for Australia
  72. Award only available to Chase UA cardholder - how to use family miles?
  73. OZ Award Booking keeps Cancelling/Disappearing
  74. Ready to book, now the IAH-Beijing Layover-BKK gone
  75. Wow United Being Generous? "Your can save $3 by upgrading your entire trip"
  76. UA lost 10% of traffic at Dulles due to sequestration
  77. Connection options ORD or IAD in February?
  78. "M" class upgrade for IAD-MNL-IAD
  79. Original Mileage Credit for AC downgrade?
  80. In the new 737s, I find the F seats miserable.
  81. Liquor charge, not on flight
  82. 24h cancellation... no refund?
  83. Layover and Lounge access
  84. United Club Renewal Grace Period - More Than 30 Days?
  85. UA330 tonight - Most painful redeye schedule? & other added flights Thanksgiving 2014
  86. Why am I not charged a change fee?
  87. Searching *A flights via United?
  88. Dropping last leg and replacing with award leg
  89. UA Still Mailing 2014 Premier Tags?
  90. Unable to get mobile BP via united iPhone app
  91. Rapidly changed fare buckets on United.com
  92. Weird behavior adding "EconomyPlus" costs for 1K?
  93. ZH ticketing question
  94. Not credited PQDs for OS flight within Europe after IRROPS
  95. Priority Baggage Experiences - Domestic/international [Consolidated]
  96. Consolidated connections / logistics at HND
  97. Earning PQM on Avianca
  98. website not liking ICN
  99. Advice: MSP to SLC award flight
  100. Advice please! Award ticket adding on beginning flight later?
  101. UA 3 class 763 conversion to 2 class
  102. Questions re: IAD, HNL, Island Hopper, GUM, HKG-EWR (BIG trip coming up)
  103. Another United Club enhancement? No cheese?
  104. Turkey in HKG United Club for Thanksgiving
  105. RT Ticket same e-ticket number for both segments?
  106. UA931 26 November 2014, C went out 39/40 but waitlist not cleared?
  107. UA Domestic First Class experiences
  108. United App Shows Wrong Flight Number with Origin/Destination Search
  109. [Cross-Posted] Help/Options for Traveler Who Missed A3 ATH-LGW leg of UA Trip
  110. Who can make changes? United award, Lufthansa metal
  111. For the new frequent flyer - how does United's points/miles system work?
  112. UA Itinerary for stop over in Paris/London
  113. Miles credited to MileagePlus despite account specified Aeroplan - How to Fix?
  114. How to stay logged in to United's website?
  115. Confirmed upgrade, no seat available. PEK-IAD
  116. How to book LH Premium Economy on United Web site?
  117. Burbank Premier benefits?
  118. Long flight at start of year is a Mileagerun worth it to get silver.
  119. UA heavy maintenance - where do they typically do it?
  120. 2014 Thanksgiving Eve Northeast US Winter Storm and Impact to UA's Operations
  121. MileagePlus X Shopping App to Earn Additional Award Miles [ARCHIVE]
  122. MileagePlus X Shopping App to Earn Additional Award Miles
  123. If I miss my flight, what are my options? Will UA accommodate me on the next flight?
  124. Best way to contact UA with a problem
  125. Checked baggage allowance for LH domestic award ticket on United
  126. United Airlines Adds Trans-Atlantic Routes for Summer 2015: EWR-VCE,IAD-CDGx2,ORD-DUB
  127. CPU icon on TATL flight
  128. Schedule Change w/ First Class Award - Pre-Deval
  129. PQS waiver with Pres Plus card ?
  130. Refund on a refundable tkt bought w/ ETC
  131. UX vs Mainline Numbers?
  132. is seatback on demand entertainment free even in economy class on a 777 [HKG-ORD]?
  133. Connecting to South African at IAD but UA is only offering EWR-DCA inbound
  134. Cancel Mileage Plus Club Card--Does United Club membership terminate?
  135. Best Strategy To Switch Seats So I Can Sit With My Spouse
  136. Can my girlfriend transfer her Chase ultimate award to my UA account?
  137. Changing frequent flyer # on reservation
  138. Agent wouldn't let me add a segment to 1 way award-said it must be a separate ticket?
  139. SAS (SK) award experiences using United miles
  140. Are frequent flyer points really worth it?
  141. Having trouble canceling flight
  142. Where's the hidden flight?
  143. United's text notifications gone haywire
  144. Is dealing with LHR worth it for an almost all-787 itin ?
  145. Thanksgiving travel week begins for UA travelers ...
  146. Frontier-DEN Public Spat -- UA Impact?
  147. Weight and balance issue offloading bags at arrival?
  148. Different *A levels on two legs of one itinirary
  149. No Meal Service on Trans Pac Flight (Website Error)?
  150. No more morning flights IAH->SMF?
  151. How hard is it for UA to require PQD for members worldwide?
  152. How to view fare rules on united.com
  153. International airfare discount for child?
  154. United Partner Jet Airways - EWR - BOM
  155. Reduced ORD-MUC-ORD Service?
  156. UK "Registered Traveler Service" Does anyone know if United is supplying any codes?
  157. allowed baggage for 2 year old
  158. How could it be possible to purchase a UA award ticket but not a revenue ticket?
  159. Baggage Changes
  160. New Premier Gold: LAX to AMD flight questions
  161. ual.com shows LESS award availability when logged in as 1k
  162. Miles posted to wrong account - solution?
  163. -UP fares... how do I know if I have one, and do they get EQM bonuses?
  164. Advice for changing *A flights at the airport on an itinerary booked with UA miles
  165. UA Suggesting Hotels at Connection?
  166. Original routing credit for original flights after a Same Day Change (SDC)?
  167. Is President Plus card worth it for 1K's?
  168. A Not-Change you'll like? if you're a browns fan...
  169. Economist Article: "Is United Airlines really that bad?"
  170. ReFare UA ticket
  171. Fewer options in changing Int'l award tickets involving partners
  172. WSJ Article: Award Program Changes
  173. Gold Stars on Fares Listed On United's Website?
  174. Best Star Alliance MP program to move to
  175. Award Booking Help with flights JFK - FCO
  176. Miles for LX flight operated by LY
  177. Problems booking United award with leg on TAP Portugal?
  178. Earning Miles on Award Upgrade
  179. UA - Premier Accelerator miles
  180. Agent changed my itinerary when I inquired about changing it?
  181. UA Overnight Layover Connection Flight Question
  182. My year as a UA Gold
  183. What is "Easy First"?
  184. Little Award Space (in C/F) to Europe in May 2015
  185. is it stupid to use around 100,000 UA miles to buy a $900 Apple MacBook Air 128gb?
  186. United scores 100% CEI from Human Rights Campaign
  187. No Mileage Refund F to Y
  188. 2015 MileagePlus Change - Co-Pay Required for All Mileage-Supported Upgrades on p.s.
  189. 2015 MileagePlus Change - Copa Relationship Update
  190. 2015 MileagePlus Program Updates Announced (Master/Consolidated Thread)
  191. Need Help With MileagePlus Credit for Hertz Rental
  192. 2015 MileagePlus Change - Reduction in luggage allowance for Premier Gold
  193. 2015 MileagePlus Change - Elimination of Global Entry Payment for Plat/1K/GS
  194. Using credit from partially used ticket on a RT
  195. My reservation was separated when I checked the change reservation options online
  196. Free UC WiFi Access
  197. UA sues "hidden city" search site Skiplagged.com
  198. Chase Visa $25000 spend (how to track?)
  199. Upgrade offer higher than first class ticket
  200. Mileage Run with United gone wrong due to IRROPS - Advice?
  201. Swiss (LX) booking on united.com
  202. Experience with "N class"
  203. Anyway to know # of award seats avail on a flight?
  204. Question about refundable fare (A class)
  205. Delta ends stopovers on award tkts. eff. 1 Jan. 15. WHEN will UA follow?
  206. Smisek on CNBC this morning [Nov 18, 2014]
  207. Booking two people on same reservation with different return dates
  208. FT United Clinic: Help Me Understand 'At-Risk' City Pairs (MBS and others)
  209. Life's little ironies (observations from a first-time 1K)
  210. Bag Interlining Changes If Separate Tix with *A & Non *A Partners after 1 March 2015
  211. Moving from XX-US CITY to YY-Foreign City - Should I Stick w/ UA & Mileage Plus
  212. United Express Carrier SkyWest Ends CLD-LAX Service on 6 April 2015
  213. Is 6AM ORD to LAX disappearing?
  214. What is a Gate Agent's responsibility when a connecting flight is delayed?
  215. E175 nonstop from SFO-MSP
  216. Do I get PQD / Bonus PQM for HOD Upgrade?
  217. UA/ANA/Air Japan Codeshare and Transfer Desk at HKG
  218. United Express Carrier Skywest Retires All EMB-120s on 5 May 2015
  219. Domestic award segment only available when searching with an international origin
  220. What is the order for offloading of pax during IDB?
  221. United Club boarding pass (Passbook) scan + Apple Pay
  222. Upgrade using miles -- Do bag fees still apply?
  223. Need help on mileage redemption on 3M FLL-TPA-FLL in late December
  224. Would you really like to improve UAL (and others)?
  225. Stockholm Syndrome and Sunk Costs
  226. Online Ticketing Delay (12 hours and counting..)
  227. United new motto should be, "we were just awesome before, now we are truly awesome"
  228. Cancelled Reservation but no refund
  229. DAY-PTP Award?
  230. Used miles to Upgrade. Received upgrade but refunded miles
  231. No AC Award Inventory
  232. Bug, new way to hose customers, or something else?
  233. Weight Restricted But OK As Long as Bags are in Overhead?
  234. How Much of Your Cellphone Usage is with United?
  235. Glitch causing miles redeposit pending forever
  236. When are full range of Guam based 738 business class seats released for selection?
  237. Changes to IVR for eites - Aware I am flying today
  238. Low Price Search Method
  239. United! Please at least make HKG-SIN RPU capable!
  240. I left an item at LAX United Club 15-Nov, Can you help [FOUND BY F/T'ER-HAPPY ENDING]
  241. What's the main reason you fly United's Business class on International Flights?
  242. UA to launch Chicago-Dublin in 2015
  243. Earn PQD on a Star Alliance flight without paying United "tax"?
  244. Had 2 Browsers Open, Booked Flight & Ticketed An Existing Flight?
  245. Anyone move from UA to DL?
  246. Just booked an upgraded res IAH MEL...
  247. SAA South African (Airlink & Express) crediting to UA MP & *G Baggage
  248. More computer issues: 450,000 MP miles for Hawaii; receipt on Saudia
  249. Y TATL Saver Award 24,000mi?
  250. Address Re-Verification?