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  1. Saver Sale - UA partner awards pricing as UA award [Promo Has Ended]
  2. UA bailing on DAL (Dallas Love Field)
  3. UA Weather change fee waiver for the Midwest 1 Feb 2015, extended to 2 Feb 2015
  4. Redesigned terminal maps in February 2015 issue of Hemispheres
  5. How does UA handle irrops on award F ticket?
  6. why fly United to China, give me a reason!
  7. Incorrect Inflight charges
  8. LAX-MCO at $360 RT coach, $850 in F
  9. Booked award flight LH & AC, GOLD status expires tomorrow, Getting seat assigments?
  10. Realistic expectation-to use United miles to travel west NRT-Eur-USA in bus. cl.
  11. NYC area Monday, 2 Feb 2015, more bad weather / disrupted flight ops {Waiver issued}
  12. Realizing how much time/ money I will save when I stop chasing status
  13. earn UA miles on partner airlines with different name?
  14. MP Shopping and MP Credit Card
  15. Refund Baggage Fee?
  16. UA Web problems displaying TG flights
  17. Easy 5k UA miles for solar quote (30k if you buy
  18. Are the 737-900's newer aircraft
  19. WSJ: A Disappearing Perk {Upgrades} of Being a Road Warrior
  20. Phone internet access issues at JFK United Terminal
  21. UA refuses to extend GPU's that were to be used on cancelled flights
  22. Is There a Required Dress Code for United Passengers? {Yes for Non-Revs}
  23. How to get UA printed BP for UA flights when first checking in with partner airline?
  24. So where did everybody make the switch?
  25. What if I don't want wine (why is it so hard to get a non-wine beverage in F)?
  26. Fare Confusion: CHO-IAD-NRT $1,286, same flights IAD-NRT $1,744
  27. Is United reducing LAX/LHR non-stops {appears to be a few non-service days}?
  28. Flights arriving siginficantly early today (like IAH-LGA) Never seen this before!
  29. UA Mobile Site Breach Let Fliers See Others Private Data -cached session state-fixed?
  30. Minimum Connecting Time for UA to UA at LAS?
  31. HNL-GUM Business sold out
  32. The truth about GS and PN?
  33. 2015 MileagePlus Change: New Partner Earnings Effective March 1, 2015
  34. The grass is not always greener on another airline
  35. FAA seeks $1.3 Million Fine Against United for Hazardous Materials Cargo Violations
  36. Ticket through CheapOair earn miles?
  37. Someone took my luggage
  38. January 26 Jfk-Sfo/Lax flights cancelled & reinstated without original passengers
  39. How to find R class availability for upgrade?
  40. Luck reaching higher status using January activity
  41. IAH - SAN, stop over at EWR
  42. Least valuable use of a GPU?
  43. AA/DL changes on SFO-LAX route, impact to UA?
  44. LH-UA Rebooked (Wx) Issue I have 1.5 Reservations Now?
  45. F fare is now Coach?
  46. All Fares are M Class - IAH>LHR
  47. Overnighting at LAX or SFO - what are options?
  48. What friends/family get when I purchase their ticket?
  49. Flightaware and UA.com show similar flight route,but 3 hour difference arrival time
  50. GPUs: no R/RN space
  51. Paid upgrade prior to status drop
  52. Munich-O'Hare premium upgrade ??
  53. Suggestions on where to go to burn my RPUs
  54. Misconnecting on UA award (J). Non UA flights
  55. personal device entertainment app for kindle fire
  56. UA935 missing from timetable on Thurs April 9th
  57. Flight Cancelled - Agent Messed Up Rebook - How do I fix it?
  58. Flights in BIZ...3 countries (3.75 hrs+2.75 hrs): no meals, IFE=a copy of USA Today?
  59. Easiest way to do SDC while in Tokyo?
  60. Consolidated "UA/* Gold Lounge Options at NRT
  61. * Gold International Lounge Access With More Than One Guest?
  62. IRROPS and Upgrades help
  63. Baggage allowance when using non-partner carriers
  64. Best strategy to upgrade to Domestic First (*G and not MP member)
  65. UA 98 LAX-MEL is a 788 tonight (24 Jan)
  66. Aer Lingus - latest takeover bid from IAG: Potential impact on UA in Western Europe
  67. small details -- key to customer service impression
  68. Same PNR with different itinerary?
  69. Why hasn't United WiFi replaced SkyMall?
  70. Ua bonus miles via marriott rewards gold card
  71. HELP! Trying to locate a MRer on UA: SIN-HKG flight of 22Jan, 15
  72. Better R availability post-PQD?
  73. Preferred Level of formality with UA agents?
  74. Empty F seats even with CPU [2015 forward]
  75. Award vs purchase availability... huh?
  76. ORD: 1/25 ... Weather issues?
  77. No Premier Access Security Lanes
  78. United Twitter Feed
  79. Confusion over oversize and overweight baggage fees
  80. cancellation question on award ticket
  81. New upgrade strategy on DL
  82. Has United canceled one of the two daily NRT to SFO flights?
  83. EI Y Saver Award Priced as Business
  84. Hotel coverage in IAD for *A Award missed connections?
  85. Routing options to AKL in E to work around no mileage earning fares on NZ
  86. Domestic 1K vs Southwest Companion Pass.
  87. Status Match
  88. Fare class inventory increases after purchase
  89. Mumbai to Newark - When do check in counters open?
  90. Northeast Winter Storm Waiver 26-28 Jan 2015 and Impact to UA's Operations
  91. Detaching myself from a reservation
  92. Mileage Plus miles to Hyatt points
  93. United award redemption. Long Route Cheaper? Seriously?
  94. why doesn't UA match AA's double miles offer on flights to Asia in March?
  95. mileage Plus X
  96. Funny Website Glitch
  97. Looking for some advice on 2015 plan for Elite Status + CC choices
  98. Current UA Process for Prioritizing Meal Orders in Premium Cabins
  99. IAD-IAH 777 handicap to IAH-GRU
  100. UA versus ANA to NRT in Economy?
  101. 1K check as part of group reservation
  102. New Premium-Cabin Dining Experience on North America Flights
  103. Premier benefits for companions on separate tickets
  104. What do to in MNL/Airport
  105. Consolidated "*A Lounge Options at NRT" Thread [2015 forward]
  106. Another bad article on United
  107. Why purchase a United Club membership when a Chase CC gets same and cheaper
  108. Question about connecting flight
  109. UA has dropped service to my location (e.g., YQR): how to handle ticketed flts?
  110. Bumped from flight due to weather delay?
  111. Starting Oct 25 '15 UA PS/HNL long-haul redeyes/mid-cons will feature BETTER options!
  112. 21 Jan 2015 - Bloomberg article on United merger
  113. Upgrade from OGG-ORD
  114. UA 2015 Discount code
  115. United wrecked car seat: what can we do?
  116. Why are United's worst planes used on longest routes?
  117. United dropping all service to Saskatoon and Regina
  118. Exchanging ticket with expiring upgrade
  119. Eligibility to access Turkish Airline International CIP Lounge
  120. No water, no IFE, no compensation
  121. Combining miles from different accounts for upgrade?
  122. Bags Lost For Two Days - Bag Charges Not Refunded?
  123. LHR Global First Lounge: A sign GF is here to stay?
  124. Upgrading the LH leg SFO-FRA-VCE?
  125. 2015 1K targeted offer for an added amount: is it a bait-and-switch?
  126. united 777-200
  127. Options for Upgrading an international K and L fare flight
  128. Unhappy With Lack of Mainline Service SFO-SLC
  129. [Consolidated] Delays arriving at LAX because of blocked or limited gates.
  130. Here's a tool to find <700 mile distance destinations
  131. Ability to change Originating City if Schedule Changes?
  132. Combining miles and money
  133. Changes you will like, things are improving, Latin America baggage fees up!
  134. [2015] Questions for UAInsider?
  135. Flying to Singapore-UA or SQ?
  136. Austrian Award Availability on Aeroplan but not MP?
  137. How to use a UA travel voucher on a UA reservation with multiple airlines?
  138. UA agrees I was short changed..Do I have a recourse?
  139. My award ticket nightmare.
  140. Copa - Miles not credited
  141. why does it cost 40000 extra miles for partner TPAC first class award?
  142. Can I change my award ticket to one with lower mileage?
  143. Value of Travel Agents for Finding UA Fares
  144. Global First UPDI fare?
  145. Global First Lounge (IFL / GFL) Access Questions and Experiences [2015 forward]
  146. Crew bunk beds for passenger use?
  147. United has the WORST customer service. [2015-Onward]
  148. Can you gift 1K status?
  149. Rumor: BKK service to resume?
  150. United Airlines Adds 55 Flights on 8 Routes for Football Fans
  151. United Global First with infant
  152. UA Orders Boeing 777-300ERs / 77Ws w/ 1-2-1 Polaris Business, 3-4-3 Economy
  153. What happens when dropping status levels E+ access, upgrade priority & similiar Qs
  154. Biz saver awards... if you had to choose US to anywhere in SE/East Asia
  155. Quiet end to paying for GE for 1K and 0P?
  156. "scabs like you" and passenger confusion
  157. United Wifi Password?
  158. Baggage Receipt Does Not Match Bag Tag
  159. Award ticketing mess
  160. Fly Lufthansa or UA to max UA miles?
  161. Group reservation in the bag fee question
  162. Call to 1K reservations line being picked up by a Global Services Agent
  163. Change itinerary/help desk advice?
  164. IAH to HNL - is it only food for sale or will coach have any meal service?
  165. Switching GPU to RPU - Took 4 calls but Done
  166. When to purchase discounted Int'l Biz
  167. Check Your UA Itineraries for Schedule Changes and what to do after one [2015]
  168. HELP Delayed UA 1138 PDX-DEN, miscon DEN-NRT, why? They overfueled the plane lol
  169. Any day time flights from East Coast to CDG?
  170. LAX-DEL Saver Economy Award Routing Advice
  171. United - Positive Experiences 2015
  172. Confusing Experience Trying to Claim Miles
  173. Same PNR, different alliances
  174. Pros and cons of instant upgrade vs. reticketing
  175. Status of crew integration?
  176. #26 on the UG list? a sign of things to come or an outlier?
  177. United.com problems with IE browser
  178. UA award on Asiana: online check-in problem
  179. Weird award availability on United.com
  180. Has anyone connected int'l to int'l at Edinburgh?
  181. 4Q 2014 UAL Financial results to be announced via Webcast - 22 Jan. 2015
  182. Accessing the *A Lounge at LAX/TBIT as a UA flyer
  183. Best Options/Routes for ORD-VIE to Maximize PQD and GPU Upgrade Chances?
  184. Experiences on UA with aborted takeoffs, landings, go-arounds, .... [Consolidated]
  185. Stopover on domestic award
  186. FT Member Ranking of UA's Hubs [2015 Thread]
  187. has anyone seen Mr. Pillows lately?
  188. 2015 EQM/EQS/PQD Status Milestone Roll Call
  189. Den- CDG
  190. Keeping retired million milers loyal to United
  191. Unable to see Upgrade tab on mobile.united.com Flight Stats?
  192. Best Routing/Premium Cabin Options for HAJ (Germany) - EWR on UA?
  193. Earn up to 50,000 miles w/ Marriott Rewards MegaMiles (Targeted? includes all UA MP?)
  194. ORD TOTAL MELTDOWN, Scary situation, Elephants stampede, GAs, PAX scramble !(Humor)
  195. United Club in ATL - Closed 31 Jan 2015 - Reopening delayed to 13 Nov 2015
  196. (R) Upgrade Seats Vanished Overnight
  197. Forex refund possible ?
  198. Can't add reservation to my account on United's website
  199. Upgrade Standby List: Does it Require BP Issuance?
  200. Multiple Favorable Mistakes on On-line Reservation
  201. Status affect upgrade chances for miles+copay upgrade?
  202. What? No Air Freshener in First Class? (Humor?)
  203. Last-minute switch from C to coach with upgrade possible?
  204. In-flight food labeling
  205. Extending my layover in Berlin with Lufthansa possible?
  206. 20% off saver economy award to HKG!
  207. No access {in error & was resolved} to new SQ F lounge in HKG when travelling on UA F
  208. Would United be better without the GS program?
  209. WTC developer continues to seek billions from UA & AA for damages due to 9/11
  210. SFO Ground Crew Mis-Parked a plane!
  211. United Dead Last Again in WSJ "Middle Seat" Survey
  212. Cannot use UA online check in due to missing field to input ESTA number on UA website
  213. Change Paris Itinerary Due To Safety Concerns?
  214. Things are improving, and UA is now my favorite US-based airline for premium cabins
  215. United Adds More Leeway in its Corporate Status Match Program
  216. Dumb newbie ? on how to search for segments for award flights
  217. Experience our extensive Asia-Pacific network and save $50 on your future travel
  218. Any challenges for those who have dropped a level or 3
  219. Wall Street Journal 2014 ranking of 8 US carriers
  220. When is The Optimal/Required Time to Purchase E+ Annual Subscription?
  221. Mobile App won't oversell - while website will...
  222. COPA "Name your price" for Upgrade cost?
  223. Change of UX tail # display on flight status page?
  224. Post March: SQ J Worth Taking the Award Mile$ Loss Over UA?
  225. Codeshare miles?
  226. Upfare Y to F, RDM Earning Based on Y?
  227. Best TATL *A Business Class Choice [ARCHIVE]
  228. Help me settle a bet... (UA TATL Cabin and Drink Service)
  229. ORD to NRT in Economy - How bad is it?
  230. How Does Gordon Bethune Think Jeff Smisek is Doing?
  231. Consolidated Chase MP Club credit card- Benefits, Q&A, ....{Annual fee inc Aug 2017}
  232. Mileage Plus Credit Card Worth It Anymore?
  233. Gates at SJC
  234. Ability to Change MP Number on UAL.COM Removed [Early 2015]
  235. Kindness to Flight Attendants - Any formal rewards?
  236. UA not showing available flights online
  237. Recent service protocol improvements?
  238. UA baggage claim fax number
  239. United outsourcing 28 more stations
  240. Has anyone had experience accessing any other lounges than the UC at JFK?
  241. Buy-Up UA MileagePlus Elite Status Promotion - Jan/Feb 2015
  242. United's second class first class
  243. Your shortest connection time international to domestic?
  244. Will I need a visa for Kuwait if I do not leave the gate area?
  245. UA Studying the Outsourcing of 28 UA Stations - Employee notifications have started
  246. UA baggage fees on Aeroplan award ticket
  247. BOS-DEN: UA (F) vs. B6 (E+)
  248. Maxymiser makes united.com extremely slow
  249. After swapping cases, accidentially gave my iPad to FA - how to get back?
  250. Hawaii Interisland Extra Miles