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  1. NYT guestimate: 10% elite cull and the end of 25,000 mile domestic award ticket?
  2. Requesting My Miles Back By Rejecting Upgrade
  3. United First Upgrade Waitlist
  4. ABQ<->IAD Discontinued?
  5. Tee off with United and the PGA TOUR: an exciting new benefit for Premier members
  6. Two last names help!
  7. A319's on long haul hub to hub
  8. No magazines anymore in UA club
  9. Can't open the aircraft door due to ice - is this a "weather delay"?
  10. IND-SFO Upgrades
  11. Change fare class, IAD-DXB, ticket purchased by TA
  12. Business class passenger reacts poorly to not being able to use F lav and snacks
  13. Republic (Chautauqua) Pulling all E145 Flying for United
  14. Middle name problem on my united redemption
  15. United MP Upgrade w/ Miles&Copay Ranking
  16. UA to end ORD-YQT service, last flight 24 April
  17. Unused Ticket Credit for refundable tix
  18. Flight cancellation - "weather", or used for another route
  19. ExpressJet told United in January 2014 that it needs to cut flying
  20. Upgrade Success
  21. Stolen United Confirmation
  22. Are e-cigarette's allowed?
  23. UA Applies for New York- Santiago, Dominican Republic, Service
  24. Interline Rebooking Pricing Revealed Thanks to PQDs?
  25. Possible to use 2 credit cards when buying tickets at
  26. January 2014 traffic report...
  27. How far is the FLIFO look-ahead prediction for UAX flights?
  28. Cancelling a flight within 24 hours using E Cert?
  29. United CC promos?
  30. Bought E+ Seat. Moved back to E seat. Is this normal?
  31. NYC to MIA in April
  32. 13 February 2014 East Coast Winter Storm Travel Waivers & Impact to UA's Ops.
  33. UA Beginning 4 Domestic Routes from ORD - BGR/COD/ERI/FNT
  34. Up to 40% off sale on purchases of miles
  35. In both standby and upgrade list
  36. Beijing bound - Wi-Fi coverage?
  37. What's the best way to fly biz class on UA b/w China and NYC
  38. Tried UA again, experience underwhelms
  39. United lost my international business when traveling with children
  40. United First Amenities
  41. 2014 MileagePlus Premier cards and kiosk
  42. Silver into Econ Plus at check in for International flight?
  43. Upgrades to London (which days and which US departure points might be the best?)
  44. UA/UX 4325 CLT-EWR: Pax Breaks plane & flight goes mx
  45. United Miles Dilemma ( advice needed ) with new UA changes ?
  46. 2nd leg canceled after a seat change to 1st leg - any idea how might have happened?
  47. How does upgrade work ?
  48. Tricky Business with Earning Miles on Hawaiian
  49. Disappearing RPU
  50. Cancelling and rebooking
  51. Understanding the United Upgrade List Comprehensively
  52. UA could take a page from DL's play book.
  53. Earning miles for kids accounts to keep from expiring
  54. UnitedExpress service from DFW to LAX
  55. Lufthansa award flights on United?
  56. Chase UA Premier Qualifying Dollar (PQD) Waiver Status Transparency?
  57. Pet UNSafe: NBC Bay Area Investigaton Finds Chronic Mistreatment of Pets in UA's Care
  58. How to tell if you are on an sUA 739?
  59. 2014 Experience
  60. UA refunds my nonrefundable ticket!
  61. Children under 2 fly free?
  62. Poor Handling of an Oversold F Cabin for a GS - Am I wrong to be dissapointed?
  63. United crew revolting?
  64. Best flight for UA Premier Silver SFO-HNL (for CPU Chances)?
  65. United Airlines Sochi Olympics TV spot
  66. Buy Up to BizFirst?
  67. United reaches deal to avoid employee furloughs
  68. United Club Card Holder - Fees to change or cancel a flight?
  69. Did the coffee change?
  70. This is the tool I need from United to plan travel
  71. 7 Feb 2014 - UA 573 [SAN-SFO] Cancellation/Compensation/Etc.
  72. Amazing TAM First Award "O" Inventory
  73. What cheap/easy changes would you like to see?
  74. PQD Psychology at work.. United won...
  75. Short Layover - next flight availability experience?
  76. Leaving Airport - Not taking connecting flight - How to get baggage
  77. Empty Flight in E+, Seat Blocking?
  78. Is this a "duplicate booking"
  79. Does a MileagePlus Ugrade Award clear ahead of a GPU?
  80. UA selling tickets/showing flights on non-* Alliance -- PQD/PQM?
  81. 2 hour mx delay = in-flight drink comp?
  82. Curious Upgrade order
  83. missed flight and PNR not cancelled
  84. Booking/Routing Question
  85. IAH>BAK: no flights showing up
  86. Creative uses of a UA buddypass + paid ticket
  87. When should one be able to get a seat assigned when E- seat map full
  88. "Access to most sold-out flights"
  89. IDB and PQD
  90. What's wrong with this pattern of Economy Saver seats availability since 1st Feb?
  91. How to Book Turkish Airlines Flight With United Miles
  92. Do upgrade offers change miles/price closer to departure?
  93. Status requalification requirements
  94. Winter Weather Banner on Homepage
  95. Odds of an upgrade clearing using just miles
  96. SEA Frequency
  97. Rebook at lower fare; refund to ETC?
  98. When to price/fly to avoid Z?
  99. Can you change a RT award to OW?
  100. Changes to *A Awards Without Incurring Additional Miles after 3-Feb-2014
  101. Question: How to tell if a multi-airline ticket purchased on Orbitz will be on 016tkt
  102. Am I getting all of my bonus points miles?
  103. UAL flight SFO to NRT
  104. Premier Access Eligibility Questions
  105. MileagePlus award tickets on EVA Air - cancelled!! Unpleasant experience with United.
  106. New pilot requirements to force more mainline flights?
  107. Expert Flyer no longer allows searching for R/RN
  108. United Miles on US Airways Operated by American?
  109. UA Replaces Styrofoam Hot Beverage Cups with Fully Recyclable Ones
  110. Standby on a United Ticket operated by AC
  111. Do premier benefits apply to "global partners" as well?
  112. SkyWest Applies to Serve IAD-NAS for UA
  113. Qualified for 1K but didn't get it. Some advise please!
  114. Do I get PQM? TK (Operated by 9W)
  115. There is no relaxing in the relaxation room
  116. UA direct flights to Aruba
  117. Are Premier Accelerator payments PQDs?
  118. UA/OO adds DEN-SUN
  119. PQM 's 8000
  120. Are Employees Told to Not Apologize for Delays?
  121. Cancelled flight how to use the unused money
  122. Closing the Window Shades After Dinner Service on Eastbound TPAC?
  123. NY to Japan on UA metal
  124. Light TATL loads winter 2014
  125. EWR Layover INTL to Canada
  126. Puchased a flight, how can I tell if I have a ticket
  127. ERI to ?, post-CLE hub
  128. Seating protocol for off duty Captains at UAL
  129. Does FQTV and FQTS still exist?
  130. Need advice for bringing wife on business trip
  131. Is buying Premier Access targeted?
  132. Upgraded planes RDU-IAD-OGG and overnight flights only?
  133. Silver on both United & US Airways
  134. Use *G privileges, credit to UA
  135. Need Some Advice on ZFV Routing
  136. iPod/iPhone Interface With UA's IFE
  137. Upgrade Priority Question
  138. cancelled PEK-EWR - now on CPU list - best strategy?
  139. [Feb 4-5, 2014] Central US Winter Storm Waivers
  140. sUA 752 or newer 739 LAX-EWR in Y?
  141. Luggage allowance for infant?
  142. Finding Stated Reason for Plane Delay (well after 3d)
  143. Hot chocolate locked up!
  144. Earn MileagePlus through US Airways Question
  145. Why are then NO Award seats on International United ...NONE!!
  146. STC (St Cloud) to ORD; Initial Flight
  147. UA website problems viewing itineraries?
  148. Rebooking online during weather waiver
  149. "Expert" Claims UA Needs Only Three Hubs: ORD, IAH, and EWR
  150. Different Name on FF from Reservation
  151. Consolidator Fare - What to be careful of?
  152. a funny united award problem
  153. New service from ORD-FNT and ORD-ERI begins June 5
  154. United Ticket with Partners price strategy(Class Code)
  155. PQD earning experiences when purchasing Chase Ultimate Reward UA tickets
  156. 3 February 2014 - International Award Availability Issues on
  157. Discount code - no pin ?
  158. Can United blame the weather for cancellation due to conditions in another location?
  159. Deceptive pricing on connecting itineraries {workaround to married segment pricing}
  160. GPU Failure Report 2014-2015
  161. two int'l segments-mileage upgrade doesn't clear one
  162. The future of the LAX hub?
  163. Notification of UA Deals
  164. [3-Feb-2014 winter storm] problems at EWR?
  165. Any ideas what determines TOD post-purchase and check-in?
  166. Not ticketed because pending approval
  167. Avianca award not bookable
  168. UA 116 (SGN-HKG-EWR) Seat Issue
  169. Canceling one pax from a 2-pax PNR - only $300 cancel fee in total?
  170. $7500 for 2 J tix: AUS - MRS. Recommendations?
  171. International rebooked to AA by UA for no reason?
  172. Difficulties getting to price W class
  173. UA 016-ticketed LH segment ineligible for PQDs?!
  174. [confirmed] UA to strictly enforce carry-on size starting 1-Mar-2014
  175. Are Expired UA Beverage Vouchers Still Accepted on Flights? (2014-15 Thread)
  176. Has any UA traveller noticed any difference due to new elite year? (February 1)
  177. PQD and Segment Exemptions Seem to Work
  178. Sponsored GPU Upgrades - is the Sponsor's Status Transferred?
  179. United pulls hub out of CLE
  180. Press Conference called regarding United’s future at CLE [Good night Cleveland...]
  181. New Survey on flight delays/cancellations
  182. Fellow GS Gets CPU w/ Lower Fare Basis [Oops - different flights]
  183. Exclusive Premier Status Offer Splash Screen
  184. Anyone else having UA ticketing delays?
  185. What does "Gate: WMOC" mean? (SFO)
  186. CPH to SYD first class with award travel?
  187. Regional upgrade doesn't clear but....
  188. award IT error, what to do?
  189. Obtain seats at checkin at GIG
  190. What 2014 Award Trips Did you Book?
  191. The Mother of All Credit Cards
  192. UA Pares Jet Airways Ties as India Safety Rating Cut
  193. Weather cancellation of flights to/from ORD 1 Feb 2014
  194. Delayed - Customer Service?
  195. 24 hour cancellation policy on award booking - mileage redeposit without fee?
  196. False P Fare Strikes Again (UA codeshare on AC metal)
  197. Advise on unusual award ticketing issue
  198. Different Price Quoted on Change Ticket
  199. Calif. Appeals Court ruling on UA sick leave plan.
  200. Change in the computer calculated change fees for elites?
  201. Routing rules help
  202. Free UA Gold Status Trial?
  203. Do you ever get the "An email confirmation of this cancellation ..." E-Mail?
  204. Am I being quoted the wrong amount of miles?
  205. Multi City Reward Ticket CLT-IST (via IAD and FRA)
  206. Why we fly United
  207. Asia Award Nightmare/Pre-Feb 1 Internal "Memos"
  208. UAL 2Q 2014 Results/Discussion/News → Results Announced July 24th, 2014 ←
  209. "Transfer Flexible Premier Qualifying Miles"
  210. How many PQD do you think you'll spend to retain last year's status?
  211. Lync with Wifi possible?
  212. Earn PQM/PQS on Aer Lingus flight?
  213. payment glitch?
  214. Any tricks to earning UA miles by paying rent each month?
  215. No UA83 (DEL EWR) on Saturday 2 August 2014??
  216. Best Lounge in ORD
  217. Credit for LH flights operated by SQ
  218. United Miles on ANA
  219. How long did it take for purchased expired miles to be restored to your account?
  220. Not ticketed yet upgraded on both segments
  221. Can't book Singapore Airlines Biz Seat?
  222. UA Celebrates Valentine's Day with "Love in the Air"
  223. UA vs. ANA Flight Search Conflict
  224. Infant in business class - buy at airport or on phone after infant is born?
  225. Hipmunk to not always available?
  226. United's Hawaii Services/Flights are Unreliable
  227. Can you lock a PNR?
  228. London-based UA/*A experience
  229. Is promo to select destinations for those 65+ worth while?
  230. No More MP Explorer Card Annual Fee Credit for 1Ks?
  231. Car Seat Question
  232. Y-B-M automatic upgrade for companion?
  233. Upgrade Questions
  234. What does the blue line separator mean between segments of a confirmed itinerary?
  235. waitlisted upgrade disappeared?
  236. Should I worry that Saudi Site only show one segment of a re-issued award ticket?
  237. Booking EVA with UA MP Miles
  238. Booking award more than 330 days out?
  239. Placing Award Travel on Hold
  240. How do I integrate a reservation into
  241. second try---UA vs AA cold WX ops
  242. Help with EWR-Europe Award trip
  243. UAL website feature suggestion: estimate PQMs for future reservations
  244. Can the premier desk tell me where I am on the waitlist?
  245. Possible on one ticket? IND-EWR (UA), JFK-FRA (LH)
  246. Annoyed with PMCO vs PMUA Inconsistent Policies
  247. Missed Connection Questions
  248. UAL (United Airlines) 2Q 2014 Results, Discussion, News, etc.
  249. UAL (United Airlines) 2Q 2014 Results, Discussion, News, etc.
  250. Award rate changes on 01 Feb 2014) - Errors/Issues?