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  1. Advanced Search feature I'd never noticed (dealing with GPUable fares and partners)
  2. How much can I expect to pay for a cash upgrade from EWR - EDI?
  3. Required Viewing for United Flyers -- Insights into Challenges of the Airline
  4. Smisek in the Hot Seat and another Billion in Cuts [article]
  5. How to Book New Flight Using Credit?
  6. typical upgrade from ORD to AMS
  7. How Can I Input My MP # on Award ticket?
  8. If you clear standby at the gate, make sure your return isn't canceled...
  9. Latest recommended check-in time LHR
  10. Upgrades/Service EWR to SFO
  11. Where is this aircraft coming from - can I trust it?
  12. Want to book a multi destination with miles for 2 people on different itineraries
  13. Decisions about a complicated pair of awards
  14. MileagePlus Shopping: 500 miles for every $250 - 2,500 miles max
  15. Cutting back iad-fll
  16. United Chauffeur Service in Dubai for BF/FC?
  17. Used GPU forY to C; got HODS offer at check-in to F
  18. UK Credit Card Offer
  19. Using United miles to book a Singapore code share?
  20. Terminal confusion - IAH
  21. standby sfo to den
  22. Yet another IT screw up
  23. United Economy Plus Lie-Flat Seating Commercial - Misleading?
  24. Platinum Benefit:Better availability for United Saver Awards in select premium cabins
  25. Award travel search: fixed dates with flexible location
  26. How can I get my 1k benefits without the mileage credit?
  27. LAX-IST-MAD long layover + tour?
  28. Can you standby with an award ticket?
  29. Is availability different in a one-way trip vs part of multi-dest trip?
  30. CR7 on LAX-SFO Now on a few Saturdays in Nov.- Dec. 2013?
  31. Need advice for using UA Miles for a trip to Africa next summer.
  32. DFW-IAH now down to one mainline
  33. Seat disappeared for flight over Thanksgiving. Will I get it back?
  34. use united meeting code to buy ticket
  35. United Chase Complimentary Lounge passes
  36. Question about PVR Same Day Turnaround on UA
  37. Flight changes-Remove one segment or pay the change fee?
  38. What are my "waitlist" chances
  39. What did you forget on the plane and did you get it back again?
  40. United 747 Domestic Flights
  41. Can We Please Lose the Damn Automated Seatbelt Message?
  42. Why 55K for DUB-ORD-BOI F Saver Award instead of 50K?
  43. last minute upgrade (similar to AC)
  44. IAH Showers - No towels, No Communication!
  45. Change of destination fee?
  46. I cost UA $100 in lounge visits today
  47. OnePass/Mileage Plus account used fraudulently
  48. Change In Enrolled Friend Boarding Priority?
  49. Copa and the New MileagePlus
  50. Save 20% on a MileagePlus Saver Award to Europe for travel Jan 13-Mar 11, 2014
  51. Strange UA website behavior around itinerary cancellation
  52. United Expansion in FLL?
  53. List of UA systems issues we want fixed
  54. Any way to exclude UAX from a flight search
  55. 1K Chase Fee Waiver timing?
  56. United Reports October 2013 Operational Performance
  57. has anyone ever tried to non-rev UA MEL-SYD?
  58. Ex-AU res unable to add/change APIS information
  59. Looking for itinerary routing advice
  60. Help Me Maximize UA miles in 2014
  61. United Commercial Prior to the Safety Briefing
  62. SAVER 1st class seats on Lufhansa with UA points summer 2014
  63. Equipment scheduling is more complex than I thought!
  64. Personal electronics gate to gate!
  65. Let's focus on the positives. . .
  66. Award pricing issues
  67. lhr flights Sfo sat look busy
  68. Question connecting flight UAL to Air New Zealand
  69. Advice Wanted :) Returning 1K .. now basic level (Yikes)
  70. Is there a limit of saver awards?
  71. add promotion after deadline?
  72. Goodbye and Thank You ROC UA Staff - 14-Nov-2013
  73. Changed planes and cancelled seat
  74. Can now use cellphone (on airplane mode) after door closed.
  75. Help: Elderly Mom Sent to EWR Instead of LGA
  76. RPU to non status PAX on *A, do they get *G?
  77. Fly To Europe For 20% off -- Just 48,000 Miles Round Trip Instead Of 60,000 Miles
  78. baggage on connecting Star Alliance flight with separate PNRs
  79. A few questions re: daughter flying IAH/FRA/KBP on UA and LH.
  80. Classier Snack Presentation at United Clubs
  81. Best way to book this flight
  82. Specific time of day for upgrade processing
  83. A note on the midnight bug/feature
  84. TK gold wants *G bennies, but credit to UA or US
  85. Devaluation consolation -- but is it really getting easier to earn?
  86. Flexibility/ Changes allowed to Award Return Segment after Incoming has been flown?
  87. UA issued ticket, LH canceled flight without notification. Any advice?
  88. Award flights to Sydney (SYD) [Questions/Experiences]
  89. $1200 B fare LAX-Europe: Details
  90. INSANE United started closing accounts of those people whom tried to get free flights
  91. No way to apply RPU within 24 hrs.
  92. LAX-anywhere in Europe for about $1200 one way B fare
  93. Can I still transit Europe on the way to Asia on award?
  94. United Match? Delta 2x RDM & MDM from SEA
  95. One way Saver Award: Stop-overs less than 24 hours allowed? Baggage Constraints?
  96. Upgrade vigil DXB to IAD
  97. Do I have to change date before the departure date?
  98. Sure wish new wireless would actually work
  99. Sleepy ITO goes a little bit irrops
  100. XXX Miles to Burn before New Reward Prices Start - Advice/Suggestions?
  101. Fees for 1K on a Full Fare J fare ???
  102. After booking mixed-class award, can you upgrade once seat is available?
  103. Weird Failed Upgrade
  104. Buy EWR - NRT return get Premier Gold
  105. Flat Screen monitors at EWR
  106. Drop last segment of award ticket possible?
  107. Lost Economy Plus- help!
  108. UA79 NRT-HKG gone?
  109. How do I find an old reservation?
  110. Agent does not see award space available on ual website
  111. GF Cabin Load
  112. Earn UA miles when purchasing using AMEX points?
  113. UA 102 - smaller aircraft?
  114. Biz Class Award, No Upgrade Waitlist at Airport
  115. Seating Strategy for Upcoming Flight
  116. Booked into B, changed flight now as M
  117. After devaluation: looking for an advice/suggestion
  118. MileagePlus Car/Hotel Points and Transfer Bonus (through 11/30)
  119. UA: 1000+ miles for a car rental with Avis (
  120. Caution: re-charged for 3-year UA Club membership
  121. Negative Mileage Balance, Award Flights Safe?
  122. Help with my options for this devaluation-affected South Asia trip.
  123. Possible to change old reservation & use travel certificate?
  124. Baggage Question was free for first item now is showing fee
  125. FC pax given leftover wine?
  126. Any new benefits offered to counter recent cuts?
  127. DXB, DEL, BOM to East Coast No C/J availability Oct. 21/22?
  128. Does using Regional Premier Upgrade Help?
  129. Should I Book Economy Award now and Hope Business Becomes Available.
  130. Question on American Express 25k offer
  131. Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script to highlight R/RN bucket availability
  132. Should I get my RPU back?
  133. Complimentary upgrade confirmed 6 months in advance
  134. COPA (CM) Instant Upgrade/RPU Upgrade Bucket
  135. Upgrades clearing at 72 instead of 96 hours for 2MM 1K - system have me as Plat?
  136. Miles Earned on Upgrade Fares?
  137. New United award chart side by side w/ Delta and American charts
  138. UA Reservations agent just canceled my flights today against my will
  139. Question RE: Grant of RPUs when you qualify as PP mid-year
  140. Unbelievable. Buy up offer $279. Accepted. The charge? $924!
  141. Change FF Number After Receiving CPU?
  142. Award Routing question
  143. Viewing upgrade list on arbitrary flight?
  144. Here's a new one: Couldn't get to gate because DL ground equipment in the way
  145. trying to make me pay for E+
  146. Inventory confusion?
  147. Ditching UA, which carrier should I move to?
  148. Intra Asia Award Booking with UA Miles
  149. Possible to book international award seat and change it to first class later?
  150. Another Useless UA Web Site Feature
  151. What new, lousy moves can we expect from UA in the coming year?
  152. How are Mileage Plus Miles Earned?
  153. Hawaii Mileage UPgrade Waitlist Question
  154. MileagePlus Select Cardholders - $35K Spend Gets You 5K Miles Still?
  155. FAA has issued a ground stop at LAX after shooting
  156. UA Devaluation - Blogs Incentives
  157. Watch your flights: LAX Shooting 11/1
  158. Shooting at LAX T3
  159. Has United begun new aggressive StarNet Blocking?
  160. Will Jeff Smisek go down in history as the man who saved an airline?
  161. Should I be worried? Changed a cancelled itin, still getting e-mails about old itin
  162. Where Can I Find Partner Res #?
  163. Check-in time for UA83 in DEL? Lounge options
  164. (MP redemption) no business class to Africa other than MS/ET?
  165. Changes to MileagePlus Award and Upgrade Policies - Eff. 3-Feb-2014
  166. What happened to Continental?
  167. SDC + Upgrade Strategy + Misc
  168. Is it possible to include flight search details in the URL?
  169. If I misconnect will United rebook on another carrier?
  170. UA 5573 SFO-SAT diverted due to bomb threat...
  171. Domestic Flyer - Best Rewards Program??
  172. HKG => South Pacific on Miles?
  173. Nesting validity question
  174. Engine Failed UA319 IAH->ORD 31-Oct-2013 6:00am
  175. Q re same day change on award ticket
  176. UA's New Policy for Passenger Electronic Devices During Takeoff/Landing (6 Nov 2013)
  177. Free baggage MileagePlus Explorer card ANA reward
  178. Any chance for kiosk offering upgrade?
  179. UA check-through baggage to non-*A?
  180. Issue with October Chase bonus miles posting?
  181. UA 139 to BKK
  182. Refund for fare drop after ticketing?
  183. Buying Award Accelerator miles with Amex Gold and earn 3x Membership Rewards?
  184. Protection on a nested RT
  185. What is the long term evolution plan and/or replacement to SHARES?
  186. Upgrading on a 3 Class 777-200?
  187. What is Happy Harvest Bonus?
  188. lost voucher number
  189. FAs holding bins for United employees on full flight
  190. Can UA phone agents can still process GPU/RPU/miles upgrades when R is open? (Yes)
  191. Do flights still go under Gate Control
  192. Possible glitch on United booking?
  193. Sharp decline in other airline avail on MP redemption bookings?
  194. UA's Facebook Team
  195. United has gone from best to worst
  196. Y-Up while waiting for ticket to reissue?
  197. Has Anyone Been Able to Restore their Middle Name to their MP Account?
  198. Changing an award on a return mid-stopover
  199. What are united miles worth to you?
  200. United Continental and Others Balk at Success of State-Backed Gulf Carriers
  201. UA Blocking Expert Flyer and KVS Access to R and Elite Award Searches.
  202. UA/NH Codeshares
  203. Any customer of size reports?
  204. New member bonus?
  205. UA looks at IAD-Riyadh & moves from DXB to DWC
  206. Why do seat assignments not clear quickly when tickets are cancelled?
  207. Routing Rules
  208. GF Confirmed But No GF Seats - Should I Be Worried?
  209. Need advice for business saver award and routing for trip to India
  210. Changing an Infant on a UA 757
  211. Need help with booking flight from NYC-Europe with stopover, layover and open jaw.
  212. United/IAM joint labor agreements ratified
  213. Tips for booking award travel for 6
  214. Going from Gold to Platinum how much more seat aval
  215. How to get a P class fare to Europe?
  216. would MEL-SYD-(Open Jaw)-CNS-GUM on UA be legal?
  217. ORD Gate F1: The biggest mess of them all?
  218. Fun Times Regaining Access to Old Account
  219. Bad luck or Bad United
  220. Setting up a miles donation fund for an individual
  221. Why does UA need a UX?
  222. Where has all the OZ F gone?
  223. no longer two SFO-NRT flights?
  224. Phantom K bucket availability?
  225. Will Aisle seats be available later?
  226. Multiple seats in business to New Zealand
  227. US-Asia route via EU?
  228. Is UA the old Pan Am
  229. advice on getting to corsica
  230. Rant: United's Version of Logic
  231. UA Is Downgrading PHL
  232. Advice please re flight 57 CDG-EWR tomorrow delay
  233. how to book RT - one leg W+ and the other leg lowest coach fare?
  234. Heads Up: SQ Awards Booked Through Reservations Starting 13-DEC-2013
  235. How did I get upgraded to Global First/BusinessFirst?
  236. changing one segment online, will it trigger refare?
  237. Seat Assignment Checker
  238. What if you cannot take the inbound trip of a roundtrip award ticket?
  239. Kwi-bah cpu?
  240. IAD-FCO on a Bombardier Q200?
  241. Is United really that bad?
  242. What does "next flight available" mean on United Airlines?
  243. SQ J Award
  244. Global First Routes?
  245. How far in advance do lower fare buckets get loaded?
  246. UA fines DOT $1.1 millions for O'Hare tarmac delay
  247. Flying with status, but no FF number on reservation
  248. Engine Failure UA724 HNL-SFO 25 Oct 2013
  249. How to buy different fare classes?
  250. UA Call Center Experiences - 2013 Edition