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  1. A Tale of Two Airlines
  2. Options for PDX to PEN mostly on UA
  3. Million Mile question
  4. UA 1452 SFO-EWR - flat beds in business?
  5. Go to airport late if inbound delayed?
  6. Flying TLV-EWR With Broken Foot - Can/How UA Accommodate?
  7. UA Gates A1 to A6 IAD
  8. United Elite Status via Credit Card Spend?
  9. does any lounge open midnight at Singapore airport?
  10. On which UA flight do we have a higher likelihood of getting a bump?
  11. Saver available but all seats taken?
  12. Reservation cancelled on delayed flight
  13. How many UA logos were there?
  14. Unanticipated Auto-Check In For Return Flight on UA
  15. United Airline’s Top Customers Call Company Out Over Climate Pollution Misdeeds
  16. UAL May traffic down .8%, PRASM flat to down (1%)
  17. Upgrade question (Chances of Waitlisted Upgrades Clearing for my Flights?)
  18. UA first class vs NH business class vs CA first class
  19. 100% lie-flat business class seats for long-haul international!
  20. Can it be done? SFO/LAX - MIA in Lie Flat Seat?
  21. The Case of the Missing Lavatories
  22. United trying to match Southwest's turns?
  23. one way award ticket advice
  24. Hallelujah! The United On Hold / Call Center Ads Are G-O-N-E!
  25. Miles: United vs Brussels
  26. September 11 Discount Fares?
  27. Book one way award or better option for round trip?
  28. Book a ticket online and waitlist for paid C?
  29. Star Alliance Gold seating benefits?
  30. UA Miles on LH operated by Privatair?
  31. Program Year : Until when?
  32. Can I use the United's Global Entry compensation for Nexus?
  33. Scoring F on unplanned 3-class sub
  34. United cancelled my wedding flights then extorted double the cost to re-book!
  35. Copa Club SJO
  36. Atlanta Gate Status
  37. Lack of Comity -- UA / LH Int'l First Lounge Access Rules
  38. Is this round the world or round trip Business award
  39. Change in Standard Coach -> Saver First waitlist policy?
  40. Combining Itineraries?
  41. EWR: Shuttle between Terminal A to B?
  42. How Many Ways Does United Sell Tickets?
  43. Overhead space on CRJ-200?
  44. Seeing empty business seats IAD-LHR for July. What will happen to them?
  45. United Wrecks Young Man's Guitar After Forcing Him To Check It
  46. Any chance system will allow this change?
  47. Suitcase destroyed by TSA... what to do?
  48. MEX (Mexico City) Checking Questions
  49. Why is my routing invalid?
  50. Watching ''Snakes on a Plane' onboard on UA's IFL
  51. United Airlines - Flying with Serious Luggage
  52. What It Takes to Upgrade a 777: Behind the Scenes at United's San Francisco Hangar
  53. GM Change $75 - 1K Change $622??
  54. Need Advice Quickly re UA/SQ flight
  55. Buying a ticket for a minor separate from adult (traveling together)
  56. Has United Reduced Mileage on Certain Routes?
  57. Reliability of Last-Minute Flights with Points?
  58. What happens if I miss an award flight?
  59. Adding Spouse to United Club Membership under Prez Plus acct
  60. Anyone heard of receiving "mystery" Mileage Plus miles?
  61. LHR-DAY, via IAD or EWR with short connectiont times. Realistic?
  62. RTW flight seat selection questions
  63. Concierge service/help with luggage for GF passengers?
  64. Miles for Upgrade - How much?
  65. Not on upgrade list with initial leg on partner airline
  66. United Explorer + Silver
  67. p.s.® Premium Service (LAX/SFO-JFK) Flights on UA - Questions and Experiences (2013)
  68. Check for paid upgrades before flight!
  69. Seat assignment question---should I be concerned?
  70. Australia Open Jaw and maybe some route help.
  71. EWR/PHL area weather waiver 6/7
  72. Connecting through YUL
  73. WSJ Article: Southwest vs. UA at Denver
  74. UA award travel: USAir ChoiceSeats not refundable
  75. Using Mileage Plus for Car Rental?
  76. Reaching UA call center manager
  77. p.s. 757 subbed to intl 767 -- will service/food be similar?
  78. Exception Handling?
  79. Is UA Ripping Me Off With "Fuel Surcharge" on Companion Ticket?
  80. Silver Airways becoming a CODESHARE partner in FL instead of a UAX Carrier
  81. UA still has a published fare LON-BRU
  82. Help booking Award Flight PHL/CHI/SEA/ANC
  83. Missed call from united
  84. Smisek: Better Service This Summer
  85. Copa instant upgrades on H,M fares and above
  86. Change fee for change of fare class?
  87. Does booking an award flight decrease your chances of an upgrade?
  88. Boeing 720B--Disneyland Special?
  89. All miles did not credit Air Canada ticket operated by South African
  90. Travel History
  91. United charged full fare for award ticket
  92. First time flying international, first time in United Business First
  93. Question for SFO-CLT flight
  94. MileagePlus Premier Status Match Yearly
  95. Not able to book award flights on A3
  96. Transfer United miles to Hertz
  97. +$109 for E+ bulkhead seats on a TATL flight and then getting a bassinet in your lap?
  98. LAX--IAD Redeye
  99. back to back tickets, what to do?
  100. Does anybody know if UAL has changed on how they show PQM/PQS when booking?
  101. What is the name for this fare construction?
  102. CLE-AUS is Back, along with various other routes from AUS
  103. Nosy Premier desk agents who always question my travel plan
  104. Bad FA result: passenger on UX flight met by police
  105. Need special arrangement but not wheelchair
  106. Is this miles buying deal from United real?
  107. United Bus Service SFO-KIX
  108. Upgraded United Club at DEN
  109. 2/3 June NYC-Area Storms and Impact to UA's Operations
  110. If i check in online and want to drop by baggage off at a kiosk how does that work?
  111. Separate Frequent Flyer Number for Outbound & Return Legs?
  112. 752 Screwed up seat map
  113. Please help with award booking
  114. flight attendant attitude (one good, one bad on same flight)
  115. Wheelchair Assistance Denied to an Elderly Passenger – ORD
  116. Does Z count towards GS?
  117. Report of Skyjacking
  118. Unwanted entertainment-United sez watch anyway
  119. Baggage Subscription is back!
  120. Economy Plus Subscription is Back!
  121. Avoiding a misconnect on Sunday: what is your advice
  122. Earning EQM on Two Tickets?
  123. Stop me from spending miles on a bad deal (cpm-wise) or help rationalize :)
  124. Want a PMUA red carpet? Bid on one now
  125. Please Help with My MileagePlus Goal
  126. Misconnecting and asking to be reaccommodated on a later flight than next available
  127. Pay your Mortgage for frequent flyer points
  128. 737-500 fleet retired (again)
  129. No TATL award options using LH?
  130. Beware seat selection charges on CRJ700
  131. How does one prevent an undesirable "upgrade"?
  132. Why send an Intl 752 to DEN?
  133. Do you earn miles on saver award ticket?
  134. UA Sued For False Imprisonment
  135. Need United award advice
  136. LH codeshare on UA metal allowing E+ assignment - will it stick?
  137. Is this the future of United "E+"?
  138. UA's SEA Flights To/From US West Coast
  139. In-Flight Internet and Power SFO to Beijing
  140. Lady wants $170k for spilled coffee.
  141. UA going to phase out domestic 757s in favor of 737
  142. United refuses to honor letter
  143. What Will Replace the 747's to Australia ?
  144. United (EV) CVG-EWR Flight is the "WORST Flight in America" WSJ
  145. Interesting Mileage Plus Award Route!
  146. Mileage accrual on different airline programs on one itinerary
  147. Ways to cut down change fees?
  148. Call from UA Reservations when waitlisted segment clears?
  149. Inaccurate Receipt (United)
  150. award ticket help- sgn to msy
  151. Star Alliance Gold Benefits while crediting to no-status United premier?
  152. How do you hit status flying short trips?
  153. Have costs been removed from mileage redemption screen?
  154. PWM Ticket Counter - no UA agent available.
  155. [Unconfirmed] Passenger committed suiside on UA851
  156. GF on NYC<>TYO Please!
  157. Partner check in when UA flights are missing from partner PNR
  158. Problem with UA upgrade - with other A* card
  159. Why is there a "united_club" SSID near Gate 84 at DEN?
  160. United cancels my multi-segment award res
  161. Europe to Europe via Asia: How many miles for a ticket??
  162. question about a fare (why is codeshare cheaper than the original airlines' price)?
  163. Choice Menu Offerings
  164. LH flight booked on UA codeshare - baggage allowance?
  165. connect to Rome thru IAD or EWR from LAX?
  166. Nonscheduled stop to refuel
  167. United Hotel and Car Awards
  168. Anyone here own United stock?
  169. What data is correct: airport flight monitor or mobile app?
  170. Regarding Premium Status and Million Miller Program
  171. Change award ticket - do you need to cancel and rebook?
  172. Expertflyer showing different RN/R when itinerary paired with different carriers.
  173. A change I do not like but love - rebooking award reservations online
  174. will not ticket the itinerary involving Turkish airlines flight
  175. Flight Attendants: Is there a way to be more discreet when favoring your friends?
  176. ORD-RIC-ORD: What to expect?
  177. Future Hawaii Configuration for pmUA 777 Domestic Aircraft?
  178. So, I got refused admission to the IAD United Club...
  179. quick question - are $25 PMO/DollarUA certs still good?
  180. Short Checking A Bag Between Airlines
  181. How E+ works with companions
  182. Arrested Development Season 4 Aircraft Interior
  183. Equipment Change to Two-Class Aircraft on International First Award
  184. 1K + Companion on EWR-MUC in Full Y - Buy-Up or Comp Upgrade?
  185. Applying US DM# to United Flights while both 1K and Chairman's
  186. FRA ORD lounge Q's for F passenger.
  187. Adventures in plane swaps and a downgrade
  188. 24 hour cancellation policy for non-UA flights booked on
  189. I Got HOSED by a redcoat flying standby
  190. pmUA ops immediately post 9/11
  191. Leisure travelers more of a headache than business travelers?
  192. charged twice for E+ seats
  193. Access to LH lounge in BOS?
  194. United Numerology
  195. Airports Where UA Offers Fast Track Immigration for First/Biz/Elite/Global Entry Pax
  196. Pop up survey during on-line checkin
  197. ! Reaccomodation Pending - retry later
  198. Help me decide on best option given a poor circumstance!
  199. UA to PVG on a 757-200
  200. Booked WheelChair does not show up. Dad collaspes waiting for immigration
  201. spotted a familiar logo...
  202. Australia Award Ticketing Issue - What Should I Do?
  203. Saver award availability not displaying?
  204. UA Res Screwup - cancelled SQ First - how to reinstate
  205. Multi-segment seat availability Puzzle
  206. Risks in changing UA award tickets with partner airlines in itin
  207. All ready to go and then canceled due to weather?
  208. Newark Cancelations
  209. Can I still change flights?
  210. Exclusive Resorts Merch Award - Once in a lifetime?
  211. Why am I sitting next to a dog at the IAH United Club?
  212. List oddities 5-22 IAH-DEN
  213. If 2 segments of a multi-segment trip are in Y, can I book E+ and waive bag fees?
  214. Need to cancel ticket purchased with miles...
  215. Confused where to buy a ticket to match route on an Award ticket? to Europe
  216. Turkish Airlines Blocking United Awards?
  217. SIN-ZRH one way for 50K miles for saver in Y ?
  218. UA Android App not loading new flights
  219. What's the longest you've sat waiting for ramp crew?
  220. Paid for First - Flew Coach
  221. extended layover round trip on points
  222. Changing return leg of Y Fare after first leg completed.
  223. 22may13 UA976 IAD-DXB bird strike
  224. UA Put Someone Else's Known Traveler Number on my Itinerary
  225. how to search for mileage upgrade availability to Europe
  226. Award seems to be pricing incorrectly (DEL-BKK-FRA-SFO)
  227. I Just Won Free Tickets From UA...Now Watch Me Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth
  228. First award redemption - Europe trip in July (possible date change)
  229. Good flights or strategies for getting an upgrade as a silver?
  230. 787 Crews (Where Are the Crew Bases Located?)
  231. Rule for getting F space when I miss an upgraded connection?
  232. Discounted F fares on SFO - ORD route--discrepancies
  233. NRT-LAX vs. NRT-DEN for Y->C upgrade?
  234. ANA Shows Award Seat(s) on *A Partners that Does Not - How Do I Book Them?
  235. Best UA Connection Point for US <-> Europe Travel in Business (C/J) - 2013 Edition
  236. Heads Up UA Board: Pacific Wings Stops Operations at the end of 6/15/2013!
  237. SAN-BRU
  238. DC to Miami -- United & US Air cutting down non-stop flights?
  239. Flying Int'l in C with Families
  240. Does UA have an interline bag agreement with VA?
  241. LH Award: 2 Awards --> 1 Award & 1 Paid
  242. United changed our Itinerary and the time is not what?
  243. UA1658 IAH-YYC jammed cargo door
  244. Share your opinion and earn 500 bonus award miles Survey
  245. Marketing E-mail: "Book your trip on"
  246. UA GF vs. LH J on A380 routing questioning - AUS LYS
  247. Award Seat Downgrade
  248. Is there a 787 flight/route schedule published somewhere?
  249. Change Traveler Info on Award Ticket
  250. Jeff Smisek on CNBC (20 May 2013)