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  1. Competitive Disadvantage For COPA
  2. PBI-> IAH: only 1 daily non-stop?
  3. International Y - no more hot snack?
  4. UA Onboard Wifi Problems with MacBook
  5. International MP Credit Cards?
  6. Newbie question regarding miles
  7. Does mileage accelerator apply to status challenge?
  8. Split the airline
  9. Saver Business Award - UA Metal vs Partner Metal
  10. Reward Return From Asia - Best Options Using UA Miles
  11. Need help looking for award travel on United
  12. Ways The Changes to United MP Will Back Fire
  13. Help with UA miles Thai Air downgrade
  14. Which flight to take?
  15. UA Newark flights post runway rehab
  16. *G Treatment on UA
  17. Successful AA Status Matches
  18. Help getting to Ghana via LOS
  19. What's happening to the PQD credit card waiver in 2015? (2015 waiver "confirmed")
  20. UA loses "exclusive" on live in-flight ATC
  21. Overheard in SEA: "United has created a culture of [expletives]"
  22. No RDM on Bulk Tickets starting March 1?
  23. Save up to 40% when you buy miles for summer travel
  24. Leaving MP but want to stay in *A... Whats the best option?
  25. United changing how travelers earn mileage rewards
  26. Why continual big changes to MP? What's wrong?
  27. 2015 MileagePlus Change - RDMs Will Be Calculated by Spend, Not Distance
  28. United club @ MEX on arrival question?
  29. Hidden flight(s) ??
  30. Chase MileagePlus Club fee
  31. Wifistream: Has Anyone had it yet ?
  32. Is UA threatened by a more-passionate customer base?
  33. How many fewer premiers in 2015 because of PQD?
  34. UA Encourages Fans to "Route For The Home Team" with Social Media Promotion
  35. Domestic Equipment Change
  36. May 2014 Traffic Numbers are out
  37. 1K Customer Care Phone Service Still Lives
  38. UA 1K Question
  39. Interline Baggage - UA (SFO-BOS), S4 (BOS-PDL)
  40. UA award res does not match LH res
  41. Upgrade status - R class requested
  42. UA aircraft at KHI durring terrorist attack?
  43. Anyone had PQD Taken Back (i.e. Rescinded)
  44. Aer Lingus Codeshares: Who is Responsible?
  45. Plan B IN business award priority vs RN GPU upgrade availability
  46. Should we buy USA Today ad and express our point of view on UA troubles?
  47. Use UMP Miles to Book US anymore?
  48. Asking for Compensation Too Much Getting You in Trouble?
  49. Best Odds at IAD-ICN itinerary Upgrade?
  50. Very confused by buy-up offer at check in
  51. LHR Layover-Are there shower facilities available in T1 with access for UA GS?
  52. First Buy-up ORD-PEK/PEK-ORD Cost?
  53. WSJ: United Continental Struggles to Stabilize
  54. United Club and First Lounge (JFK) B grade Sanitary rating
  55. IRREGOPS Rebook changed ticket and miles earned
  56. ticketing problems and 24 hour cancellation?
  57. United departure terminal at CDG
  58. SFO to LAX/BUR (MileagePlus or via another carrier (like Aegean) to obtain * Gold)?
  59. How would you read these fare codes?
  60. United 747s (Dispatch Record vs. Safety Record)?
  61. *A lounge (LAX INTL) - can I use UA club invite?
  62. Considering Moving from AS to UA
  63. Just doesn't seem right: CPUs about to run while still waitlisted for I inventory
  64. Forcing a connection through United.com
  65. Fruit flies in uc f @ ord
  66. Adding a Mileage Run To Regular Flight?
  67. AA bringing P.S.-like service to BOS, UA response?
  68. United.com still selling US Airways flights?
  69. Requesting award inventory for short leg on intl itinerary?
  70. Get Real! (Complaint About Poor Quality of Meals on UA)
  71. How quickly are Premier Status changes updated?
  72. United call monitoring system broken?
  73. Flip-flop daytime LIH-SFO/LAX over Thanksgiving
  74. Commutair dba United Express - Atrocious IRROPs
  75. No More Destination Content on OLCI Boarding Passes
  76. Lost laptop at security in JFK Terminal 7.
  77. Catering Compliance Issues the Norm
  78. FFG/UA Mini-DO DEN Aug 9, 2014
  79. 25k to upgrade AUH-FRA on LH?
  80. Long Term SFO-YYZ options
  81. Fare class after missing connection
  82. Is this a planned delay? I'm confused
  83. Another United Snafu...
  84. Are they finally using the RN Bucket?
  85. As Silver, can I get my spouse flying on another flight into Economy Plus?
  86. Standby requiring SDC fee now [for silver elite]? [Yes - no change here]
  87. Hawaiian Air award. Using MP points. Upgrade experience.
  88. Why does UA not codeshare with WN and "Fix the Problem"?
  89. Need advice before purchasing an A fare (EUP)
  90. RJs and RPUs
  91. "xx" miles short of Premier Silver-options to obtain it
  92. extra leg on united frequent flier miles
  93. Cancelling a flight credit
  94. Which is better Air China or United for business class?
  95. Another Musician's Guitar Smashed By United [threads merged]
  96. United codeshare flight ticketing delay
  97. Do my companions get free bags?
  98. Help - Continental/United FF Account Consolidation Issues
  99. corporate upgrade
  100. June 2014 Comments Attributed to UA CEO Jeff Smisek
  101. Baggage fee refund?
  102. Upgrade & Baggage Question
  103. Volunteering Seats - Volunteering a F ticket seat
  104. Possible to leave bags at LAS United Club for a few hours?
  105. New enhancement to intl RJ biz or IT SNAFU?
  106. Celebrating 10 years of Service between ZRH & IAD
  107. CLE..We Hardly Knew You...Bye
  108. UA-AC Domestic-Intl Transfer Time PIT
  109. can I earn miles for the tickets purchased with 1016 $-off ecert?
  110. UA vs SQ Biz SFO - Seoul
  111. Can I request for Economy Plus Upgrade on Award Ticket at time of check-in?
  112. Chengdu Inaugural Flight - Anyone Else Going? [9-Jun-2014]
  113. UA Award Booking question?
  114. Targeted Promotion HELP
  115. United.com: ORD-DUB flights not displaying
  116. inbound crew delay ORD UA 278
  117. How on earth do you get cheap United trips to Alaska from the west coast
  118. No More China Soup Bowls?
  119. Upgrades and P-fares after canceled flight
  120. United Visa Credit Card Choices
  121. UA award availability?
  122. UA ATL Gate moves
  123. United first airline from LHR T2
  124. Round Trip vs Multiple Destination pricing
  125. Same day standby list
  126. How airlines make 'less than $6 per passenger'
  127. Delta raises the bar on JFK-SFO/LAX/SEA Economy Comfort Product; United Response?
  128. GPU from PHL to LHR
  129. New trick for difficult booking
  130. Typo brought me to this anti-UA site - www.unTIed.com
  131. Questions: Go from Miles and More to United MileagePlus
  132. PDQ Ineligible flight?
  133. LHR Terminal 2 United Club, GlobalFirst Lounge, and Arrivals Lounge Discussion Thread
  134. Silver Airways (3M) out of IAD will no longer operate as UX -- effects?
  135. Does anyone know if UA is going to standardize all of their B772 Seating?
  136. United Express to discontinue LAS-FAT
  137. UA passenger warned a fellow flyer that “I kill white people like you” over cell call
  138. SDC on itin involving non-UA flight?
  139. History of UA's premier program?
  140. IAD lounge visit
  141. New Baggage Policy on Award Tickets?
  142. New UA Survey
  143. Free personal IFE?
  144. Perplexed: One segment in First Class; availability in Economy?
  145. Does anyone know if there is a Post Office or mail drop in IAD Terminals C or D?
  146. IAD and IAH international connection times
  147. DEN April Traffic - Other than UA, all majors had traffic increases
  148. UA1637 emergency landing from December 30, 2013/new update to story
  149. Star Gold forced to pay baggage fees at YOW
  150. UA Fully Consolidated at SFO?
  151. United is getting some things right (flights to Australia)
  152. OLCI for non-US passport: what is required
  153. Can UA Customer Service get any more useless?
  154. 2nd daily UA IAH-NRT? (UA back to 1 flight Jan-31-15, ANA Starting 77W in June 2015)
  155. Hotel wont take United voucher
  156. Is MileagePlus Shopping busted?
  157. You Are xxx Miles Short of Your Award Selection. Purchase them ... Does it work?
  158. am I do a mileage refund
  159. Difficulty/Delays in Obtaining Cabin Upgrade Refund From UA
  160. Does the 24 hour rule for flight bookings apply to award bookings?
  161. UA app won't refresh to reflect changed flight boarding pass?
  162. Different Prices Online vs. Phone
  163. Which Flight for UG WL?
  164. what do you think of chances of GPU clearing EWR-GVA?
  165. where is the picture of the napkins as toilet paper?
  166. Anyway if expediting miles transfer?
  167. Flew Mainline today for the first time in a while
  168. First Flights with United (Bad and Good Experiences)
  169. Free T-24 SDC
  170. CPU on protected flight?
  171. 50 Seat United Express Beverage Service - When Offered?
  172. Heads up to all those on the SFO-Scandanavia MR (Schedule Changes)
  173. Need advice: GPU options for upcoming ORD-FCO
  174. Weird - Award Availability Calendar Only Sometimes Shows Up
  175. minimum spending requirement
  176. UA cutting 2 of 3 direct flights from Chicago to Asheville as of Oct. 26
  177. Maximise my award booking
  178. Upgrade strategy
  179. Positively surprised by lounge offering
  180. Question on which 757 from EWR to SFO
  181. How To Book Stopovers On UAL?
  182. Document Issue with Mobile App (iOS)
  183. Reissue of ticket, and RPU
  184. Missed flight last summer (<12 months) how to get credit
  185. CPU with award ticket and club card
  186. "Open" Return?
  187. Unhappy with UA pricing to/from Asia
  188. Wifi on 737-900 Beta Testing?
  189. Agent Tried to Cancel my US Segment (of a UA Award I was Trying to Change)
  190. Sponsorship of United 1K Status?
  191. How strict is UA with oversized checked-in baggage?
  192. Reservations booked on United.com - but not ticketed and disappears!
  193. Booking a Turkish Airlines award flight With United Miles
  194. UA101 MAN-IAD Emergency Landing in Dublin (6/1/14)
  195. Quick way to earn 1000 miles?
  196. Auto-checkin, why?
  197. Flight is delayed - Will scheduled meal be served? A different meal be served?
  198. OZ to SYD from HNL?
  199. Is the "direct" flight/upgrade issue fixed?
  200. UA 803 IAD-NRT Cancelled 31-May-204-Violation - Dog in same compartment with Dry Ice
  201. Finally get an upgrade, plane goes MX.
  202. perennial upgrade quest
  203. Scanning New Documents
  204. Club access at IAH from "business" latam flight?
  205. Surprising CPU Failure Report
  206. TLV-EWR-LAX -- Debark in Newark without paying penalty?
  207. ! The sign-in information you entered does not match an account in our records.
  208. 30/31 May - United Website Outage and Other Bugs Impacting Functionality
  209. Lounge access for partner with no status, when *G member buys award ticket?
  210. Award routing help.
  211. Sub-par DL experience and the "grass is greener" syndrome among UA flyers...
  212. Need Help! Was injured on a flight and need contact info
  213. Premier Access at IAD for International Flight?
  214. Heads up: add IAH to EWR and SFO to flow
  215. Status Match Challenge - Star Gold Benefits
  216. Strategy with Multi-segment C award with first seg. in Y but with possible op-up.
  217. 35,000 Miles for Taking A Loan?
  218. Flight cancelled b/c crew couldn't get through U.S. Customs
  219. Booking Award Segments
  220. Bag Drop Timing at YYC- Calgary
  221. Intentionally missing international flight, using "flat tire excuse," and rebooking?
  222. remove this segment button
  223. How do I know UA is tracking my Mileageplus Credit Card Spending?
  224. Judge approves United's $6.15 million settlement with pilots over military leave
  225. Quebec City(YQB) outbound immigration?
  226. One-way saver award value after no-show?
  227. Incredibly uninformed agent on Premier line.
  228. I Was Not Charged a Change Fee by WN
  229. I'm having a string of bad luck
  230. Best Bang for Your Buck/Miles (for Premium Award Travel on UA)?
  231. Important information regarding your flight status notification settings
  232. Auto/Forced Redeposit of Miles for Canceled Award?
  233. Request Help - international/award ticket - baggage fee confusion
  234. New UA Express Route: DEN-LFT
  235. Question Concerning AC/LH Mileage Accrual
  236. issues with splitting a 2pax award itinerary-[Will partners see it as cancellation?]
  237. Self bag-tagging [Consolidated]
  238. Mileage discrepancy
  239. United Express Flight Attendent Experience
  240. Lost Electronic Travel Certificate PIN number
  241. Award flight connection rebooked from I to C, a few questions
  242. Booking Partner Segments on 016 Ticket Stock [Consolidated]
  243. Need to cancel non-refundable ticket. SOL?
  244. UA139/2089 on 26/27-May-2014
  245. Booking Status Flight with Non Status Friends
  246. Complimentary Premier Silver status?
  247. United Applies for IAD-SJD
  248. Unable to Make Changes to Existing Award Booked With UA
  249. Is there any way to combine multiple travel certificates into one?
  250. Upgrade on award ticket