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  1. Upgrading Lufthansa Flight Using UA MileagePlus Miles?
  2. Newbie Q: help figuring out how to get to Europe on saver miles for June 2015
  3. Crain's Article: UA to Up Performance by "Rebanking" ORD, IAH, DEN
  4. spend 400 in mileage plus dining
  5. Club access questions for SFOJFK p.s. BF ticket?
  6. Domestic UA - Booked 2 Adults and 1 Lap/Infant but Only Charged for 2 Adults.
  7. How To Confirm LOT Flight using UA Miles?
  8. LAS-SFO over 100 standby today? [28 July 2014]
  9. A Tardy Partner Confirmation Number PNR
  10. EWR - LIM seasonal reductions
  11. UA switching to Chelsea catering at DEN in January 2015?
  12. Crew timeout rules predictable for long haul?
  13. Instant Upgrade not shown anymore?
  14. Large portable speaker. Carryon, check, or...?
  15. Not flying outbound portion on r/t ticket...
  16. Best Way to Check for R Avail. via Phone App?
  17. Schedule Change: EWR-FRA on a Bombardier Q200?!
  18. Don't let Elite Line help you with hotel room if flight canceled - 50% markup!
  19. How to get United to take the money they're owed
  20. GPU question - LHR-EWR/JFK-LAX
  21. V2UP14Y3 - Is my ticket refundable?
  22. Must I go to ticket counter at LAS for intl trip?
  23. HELP! United's mileage mistake could cost us a lot of money!
  24. Dumb question re. domestic upgrades
  25. United Award Downgrade - Am I out of luck?
  26. EWR-LHR in Biz: 767 or 777?
  27. Pre-pay Directv
  28. UA website misleading/shows higher fare paid to determine PQD than what is actual
  29. UA's Mistake is my Problem
  30. GPU clears on MEL-SYD, but not SYD-SFO - redeposit?
  31. No more advance seat selection on AC code share flights?
  32. Waitlist question
  33. Perks of booking *A intinerary on United's Website
  34. UA LAX-SYD premium deals - are there ever any?
  35. 1 RPU to Support Two Flight Upgrades: One Clears, One Does Not - What Happens to RPU?
  36. United to only serve skim milk and cream
  37. Minimum Connect Time (MCT) at IAH for UA? [35m - 40m, Depending on Terminal Changes]
  38. Predicted Gold CPU Rate Post Mileage Plus Changes 2/1/2015?
  39. Only P fare on economy search US-SSH
  40. $52 missing for next premier status
  41. The Cape Air saga continues
  42. [July 25, 2014] UA 328 DEN-HNL diverted to SLC - electrical odor in cabin
  43. UA Miles for SAS Long Haul Y Ex USA
  44. Aerlingus (EI) award booking experiences [Consolidated]
  45. UA seat preference survey
  46. Yoga: United Passenger Turns Off Over-Seat Light with Toes
  47. China-US connecting in Taiwan Award
  48. Some GUM - Japan flights ending; others reduced; SFO - GDL dropped.
  49. Reward change made, then unmade
  50. Are Great Lakes flights mileage earning?
  51. Saver seats in Y to Europe in Jan?
  52. Which US airport does United fly directly to Venice or Rome ?
  53. Flying as 1K with 8 others to extend to them some 1K perks?
  54. Changes at United Club Terminal E IAH in the last month: cappuccino machine and wifi
  55. Travel delay insurance provided by the United Chase card
  56. Removing ones self from CPU list prior to check-in.
  57. Lost passport overseas-State Dept Computer Problems-Will UA waive change fees?
  58. UA offer of two UC passes. Update: passes received via app
  59. New UA Safety Video - Summer 2014
  60. What to do with excess RPU/GPU's?
  61. Upgrade availability -- UA.com advanced mode vs. upgrade standby list
  62. Downgraded from business to coach - miles award via Avianca
  63. Is airline responsible for missed connection due to long lines at immigration?
  64. Direct flight is not disclosed in SDC page
  65. Targeted Double RDMs for premium cabin (not Z,P)
  66. How does HKG->ORD service compare with TPAC service from NRT, PEK or PVG?
  67. Food at SFO International terminal (for United Traveler)
  68. Has Anyone Observed This? Ticket Price Different in View Reservation vs Email
  69. Bonus Offer: 1K Miles per Marriott Stay (max 5) JUL23-OCT31. Terms Unclear.
  70. United Club Card
  71. Fares up a lot over last year to Europe?
  72. Does Smisek really have to improve UA to keep his job?
  73. Connection at DXB with 20 Hour Layover (Baggage ?)
  74. Never have seen ORD so quiet 24 July 2014
  75. "Check-in has been restricted to airport"
  76. United Amenities Kit: BusinessFirst/GlobalFirst [2014]
  77. 747 and 777 Premium Cabin Questions
  78. System Update and Failed Login Attempts-Mileage Plus Acct not found
  79. Kiosk Check-In: How Early?
  80. Business Class IAD-FCO - UA or BA?
  81. HNL-GUM Island Hopper
  82. When will EWR-TLV cancellations start to hurt UA's pocket?
  83. SEA suffering flight delays from lack of crew reserves
  84. Ideas for <100 PQD
  85. Premier Silver, E+ and an Upcoming Trip
  86. United Airlines cited with 16 OSHA violations, hit with fines for repeated citations
  87. Do fares change mid-afternoon?
  88. UA/LH fare code mapping
  89. Why a stamp on BP at SFO United Club?
  90. Discrepancy using UA app and same day change
  91. IAD-NRT Upgrade at the gate vs now
  92. New GS only website
  93. New Compensation Policy Effective. JULY 1, 2014
  94. Base fare and taxes of the ticket price suddenly changed!
  95. Targeted: Enjoy double Premier qualifying miles as a thank you from United
  96. UA cancels Business segment on AC: Advice and help!
  97. MileagePlus or Transfer Partners on Miles to Spain/Iceland
  98. United 737-900ER operations at LGA?
  99. Multi-stop Europe Route questions
  100. How often does DirectTv offer sign up bonus for 25k United Miles?
  101. UA Denver Roll Call?
  102. Premier 1K writes scathing report about UA in highly visible news outlet
  103. Weird re-routing
  104. Any News if Marriott Gold Deal is Happening Again Next Year (2015)? {YES}
  105. UA Cargo customers can now offset entire carbon footprint
  106. Jul. 2014 - UA and DL Suspend Flights to TLV - [Update] 24 JUL 2014: Flights resumed]
  107. No award tickets Sundays in June from CDG to IAH, is there a reason or too soon?
  108. Global Traveler mag: 787 EWR-HKG(!?)
  109. 24 Hour Cancellation Policy
  110. First leg economy, second leg Business/First class - Check in Policy?
  111. Changed to earlier flight at gate and then my return reservation was cancelled?
  112. Honeymoon-beach-type destinations that can be reached with UA Miles
  113. help needed on UA award ticket.
  114. Best Business Class Option - DL or UA from NYC to LHR?
  115. Connecting from Cape Air to United at BOS
  116. Why does everyone hate United. What's next?
  117. Complex route search to BKK with as much as possible on UA- how can I do it?
  118. IAH-MUC R Space (Book Now for Non-Desired Date With Availability or Keep Looking?)
  119. **Warning** New Major Problems Booking Copa/*A Award Tickets
  120. The way it was: TPAC 1st Class 1992
  121. Rumor regarding SHARES
  122. Heads Up: iOS8 Beta 4 Breaks UA app
  123. Do pax on same PNR inherit baggage benefits?
  124. change flights on cancelled ticket
  125. *A Club in Lima, Peru?
  126. Typhoon MATMO and TPE ops
  127. 30% cheaper ticket through discount travel website
  128. [21 July 2014] Aborted Take Off on UX3876.
  129. Major limitation (or glitch) booking car rental at United.com
  130. EWR to TXL (Does UA Always Use 757 on This Route?)
  131. Economy plus for non-UA Issued award?
  132. How did people upgrade before me?
  133. (United Express) LAX-SMF in F! What to expect?
  134. LH Codeshare Seat Reservation
  135. Spend $2400 on upgradable GPU fare or use miles business class to Europe?
  136. When does a PNR go to airport control?
  137. A Fare Mileage posting less than on UA.com calculator
  138. Booking United *A Awards on Air India - only via call center
  139. DEN to VIE in early November 2014
  140. Highest change fee I've seen
  141. Interesting analysis on MP 2015 changes by Slate
  142. united not refunding GPU charges when changed
  143. IAH-ZYP (Penn Station) problem
  144. website issues 7/20
  145. NZ Award Availability to its partners
  146. LAX-OGG-LAX Equipment Swap to 752 Lie Flat - Will it stick?
  147. United Award Tickets on Partner Airlines - Status Transferred to Travelers?
  148. Never realized how complicated it is for non status to change E+ seats!
  149. Issues with EWR term A-C shuttle attendents
  150. Predicted 2015 MileagePlus changes?
  151. Is purchasing miles from United a travel cost?
  152. AI awards inventory
  153. Survivors Gather to Mark 25th Anniversary of United Flight 232 Crash
  154. Is Attaining Lifetime 1K Still In Force?
  155. extra standard award don't show for change award
  156. 777 IAD-SFO UA 340 on time rating
  157. How to contact the person in charge of Mileage Plus
  158. Way to tell Class Upgrade purchase available?
  159. Validity of UA PDA site
  160. Guam to Cairns-CPU??
  161. Is it worth to pay extra for UA miles?
  162. Recent UA experience missing flight, being standby
  163. Need advice, missed connection on award
  164. Weird app behavior
  165. Change on United partner award ticket caused by partner airline
  166. Is a suit considered a personal item?
  167. Multi Region Star Award confusion
  168. Got the miles--don't have the PQD for 1k
  169. Best Chances for NRT/HND to East Coast Business Class Upgrade?
  170. Question: Upgrade on W fare?
  171. Waitlists & International flights- a question.
  172. Purchasing Copa tickets on united.com
  173. UA vs Swiss vs Air Canada in Economy
  174. How many months in advance would you recommend searching for R/RN availability?
  175. Will UA require increased spend to qualify for Upgrades ?
  176. UA vs. BA SFO/LHR
  177. 17 July - UA2176 ORD-FOE (Topeka, KS) Operated by 747-400
  178. Changing flights without $$ - options
  179. .com:No more incoming flight info?
  180. Check luggage all the way to final destination help
  181. MH 17 Shot Down? United Should Stop Flying Over Ukraine
  182. IAH to IST - options for using by global upgrades?
  183. Any benefits to exceeding 1K requirements?
  184. Very odd change fees
  185. Email offer: Purchase Premier qualifying miles and segments today
  186. Some more great UA PR
  187. missing row on seat map
  188. "We Are United" -- 2001 Campaign/Video
  189. 169 Million in special charges coming for Q2
  190. "Why don't you ask Smisek that."
  191. How to Retain Premier Gold status ?
  192. HELP! Partner carrier schedule change on award ticket. United says not my problem..
  193. United defends bird kill at Houston airport
  194. Possible to transfer luggage for award and revenue mixed itinerary?
  195. Partial Refund Question
  196. Upgrading from V
  197. united shopping portal bonus
  198. 16 JULY '14 - UA942 returns to EWR?
  199. Phantom LH Award flights at UA.com w/i 4 days of departure (ANA no help)
  200. Using UC passes in mobile app
  201. Where are the LH awards?
  202. United awards on Aer Lingus metal might no longer be possible via united.com
  203. UA Named Official Airline of San Francisco 49ers and Levis Stadium
  204. Next-day connection using GPU
  205. It's BAAAAACK: "From Bangkok to Buenos AIRes"
  206. United Club Access Demographics
  207. Question about what agents in United Clubs can do
  208. Observations at half the year- PQD
  209. When does the NEW United.com launch? It's been 2.5 years!
  210. SFO to ICN - Upgrade to 1st worth it?
  211. The Reduction of Miles Earnt is Half the Story ...
  212. Wandering UA101 on July 14 Manchester-Dulles
  213. Complimentary EconomyPlus Access for Star Alliance Gold Members?
  214. V class on Brussels Airlines flight op by Aegean -- really no credit?
  215. Keep your miles, I wish you read what I wrote
  216. Details on Copa's New Double Award Mileage Offer
  217. WineCountryUA and goalie have joined the United Airlines mod team
  218. Images of United Club renovations / new clubs
  219. Can I upgrade after booking for free?
  220. Some Observations of AA vs UA by a UA flyer(s)[2014-2016]
  221. MP Activity if I fly on a UA award ticket drawn from another person's account?
  222. My friend is a UA GS agent...any questions?
  223. I need 882 PQM. Will any RT get me there?
  224. Incident at the check-in gate
  225. Questions about booking first RTW with UR points
  226. Does anyone know the status of former s-Co/Ua pilots flying each other's metal?
  227. For the SFO Based UA"captives" (and LA too) VX is back to status matching...
  228. How is United Airlines from U.K. to New York?
  229. Do separate segment upgrades clear automatically on same RPU?
  230. Advice needed for possible Misconnect on award ticket.
  231. Baggage claim run around with UA and Air India
  232. Wifi access. Computer vs mobile pricing
  233. International fare sale (ICN-Austin/Oklahoma City)
  234. Pilot in F (per policy/contract) while paying elites are not
  235. Can a Premier have companions on separate reservations put in E+ & bag fees waived?
  236. Tel Aviv Strategy
  237. Booking child ticket on UA with separate PNR.
  238. Is UA seeing if they can do this on regional jets?
  239. SFO-BOS in F cabin -- pricing
  240. Are waived baggage fee benefits for Premier companions clear on the UA website?
  241. Booking on Orbitz & getting UA miles
  242. What's going on at DTW?
  243. Purchase Miles (RDMs) sales / discounts / bonuses [Consolidated 2014]
  244. Change Flight at 24 Hour Window
  245. ATL Improvements
  246. Well, at least PQD calculations seem to be going OK
  247. Load Check on UA 921 for July 15th?
  248. Platinum benefits at time of booking or fllying?
  249. Additional GPUs
  250. ERJ-175 Seating Chart??