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  1. MileagePlus Policies on Student Universe
  2. Phantom F class on UA 4915
  3. MP 2015 changes. Miles earned on non UA stock flying UA metal as codeshare..
  4. Acts of Random Kindness by UA Travellers / Issue Guesting Strangers into UCs
  5. Award Availability Calendar - Eliminated for 2015?
  6. RPU upgrade waitlist missing at T-24
  7. Ketchup cuts and more from Premier Traveler
  8. I don't get it, RDM for entire plane stays about the same ...
  9. Change of flight not showing online
  10. [Consolidated] Bassinets on UA flights - access / experiences / questions
  11. "Upgrading" a lget on a BF Award Ticket Leg w/o Domestic Biz Availability
  12. United reservation issues and TK68 IST-BKK "Operated by Jet Airways (India)" question
  13. Lip Syncing Flight Attendant
  14. Booking award to Europe as GS and strategy
  15. Seat Swap in same cabin etiquette
  16. United flight cancellation screw up ... suggestions?
  17. R/Upgrade Space to Europe
  18. Can 2 UA award flight PNRs be linked for consecutive flights?
  19. Award CPU question
  20. Passenger's Twitter Rant About Experiences on UA 52 IAD-Zurich on 5 July 2014
  21. Global Services wording disappearing from Group 1 Signs?
  22. Parents: Please do not teach your children to hate UA
  23. We Just Became Aware Of New TSA Procedures
  24. Upgrade Advice Needed (Platinum)
  25. Upgrade potential and flight experience
  26. IROP and UA Messed UP Appropriate Comp?
  27. 1/2015 MR NYC-JNB GPU Advice
  28. United award ticketing issue?
  29. United employee puts friends on top of upgrade llst
  30. United vs Air Canada in economy to HKG
  31. Checking a bag in the middle of a domestic trip
  32. Flying UA to Asia wasn't a soul-killing experience this time!
  33. On award ticket, need proactive advice.
  34. Which is Better; Aisle Seat in E- or Middle Seat in E+/Exit Row?
  35. advice needed: know now I'll miss UA connect due to TAP schedule change
  36. Gold to Platinum: Is there an advantage for BKK based?
  37. MileagePlus Explorer priority boarding(?) experiences if CC not used for purchase
  38. NZ 787 at DEN...
  39. Changes to T-24 R Inventory Release - Summer 2014
  40. Is this a Decent redemption?
  41. Positive Fare Changes on Routings thru Guam
  42. Why Does United Even Pay Telephone Agents?
  43. UA132 Diversion on 3 July?
  44. Question - Online Check In Procedure (Is this new?)
  45. Multiple destination award booking
  46. Eco friendly airline (UA's marketing versus actual procedures)
  47. Any tips on finding Mileage Upgrade Awards far in advance East Coast to Europe?
  48. Help - Purchased non-refundable ticket, now cannot travel
  49. Upgrade with miles--waitlist actually does clear
  50. Under 100k Until (1/2/3/4/etc) UA Million Mile Status Milestone - Is It Worth It?
  51. Help with 2 tickets, one award and one cash
  52. "Rule 240" - does it apply to award tickets?
  53. best way to drop final segment
  54. the exact expiration date for type-a certificate?
  55. Unacceptable Service at the YVR Transfer Desk (1 July 2014)
  56. United 1K's or GS that fly out of ORD (why do you stay with UA rather than switch?)
  57. Boarding pass disappeared from mobile app
  58. UA Platinum now, so what are my upgrade chances on trip to hawaii
  59. Are The United 777s Getting Too Old?
  60. UX Flight delay DEN to OMA: dep. delay related to late arriving passengers?
  61. IRROPS, United's ongoing fare fraud and why you should complain to the DOT
  62. *G UC access with 24.5h between INTL and domestic
  63. Random flight appeared in account
  64. SFO Cancellations on 7/3/14
  65. Want to fly a completely empty 777? Try SYD-SFO on July 5
  66. How many miles to upgrade pre-deval award booking?
  67. The death spiral confirmed at MFE!
  68. Earning MileagePlus on non-*A codeshare leg with *A flight?
  69. Seat Assignments when booking UA/LH Codeshare flight
  70. Is Economy Plus worth it for shorter people?
  71. Booked Standard Award. Hoping for Saver?
  72. SFO-IBZ (issue 016 or 220 ticket?)
  73. EWR weather 7/4
  74. Star Alliance Economy Saver Question
  75. 50K Flyers. Are you Jumping to AA or Delta? Why?
  76. how early can I check in my luggage before the flight?
  77. UA or AC: Business to Brazil from NA
  78. gordon bethune on cnbc
  79. Downgrade process when switching equipment
  80. Extremely Heavy CI and baggage check lines this morning
  81. when to book TATL flight for winter break?
  82. Who Remembers Routings like this?!
  83. Denver-Panama flights
  84. AVOD - Number of Movies Available
  85. Why does United put 757s on certain flights from EWR to europe
  86. United cutting the nonstop Newark-Stuttgart flight
  87. Auf Wiedersehen STR (Stuttgart).
  88. "Liar" - So I Was Accused by UA of a TOD Online Upgrade
  89. HKG-SIN canceled due to mx; what are our options?
  90. UA897 IAD -> PEK (Can I catch the world cup?)
  91. Possible to change FF# on itinerary?
  92. Value of 1K/Platinum Premier over Gold Premier: What status should I go for?
  93. Baggage Fees and United Plus Credit Card
  94. 2-4 July NYC/E.Coast Storms: Impact to UA's Operations (Travel Waiver, IRROPS, etc.)
  95. Advice on booking COS-MAD 7/6/14
  96. trying to SDC - agent says no seats but ual.com says available
  97. Partner award using UAMP miles...am I able to use separate airline FF#?
  98. 10,000 bonus UA miles for dining
  99. United and Regional Jets - Are RJs more efficient and economical than mainline?
  100. Sometimes being Smiseked is a good thing!
  101. 3.5 hour flight, all lavatories inoperable
  102. Flying on ticket upgraded with miles + $ - what if I miss my connection?
  103. UA1161 delay
  104. parents united card--30K miles what to do
  105. Cancel MilelagePlus Card?
  106. Hoping for the best today in Denver
  107. Booking UA/LH flights separately - luggage and checkin questions
  108. Refund of miles (and taxes??) for award cancellation
  109. Barrons: United Airlines & JetBlue: Plane Swap (?)
  110. Fly UA metal but NH stock after 3/1/2015, do I earn miles based on distance flown?
  111. UA 977 and 976
  112. Not possible to wait list for partner flight on award booking?
  113. Lounge access question
  114. To use mileage or pay cash?
  115. Never got an email like this before
  116. Book *A Flights on United.com?
  117. Do UA not send out email for long weekend fares anymore ?
  118. Question on the first class double mile promo
  119. United/Star Alliance points: Peru honeymoon out with no S.America Airpass?
  120. Does anybody know if you can use the e-boarding pass on the UA app at MSP?
  121. Which UA Express flights from NE Ohio are most at risk of cancellation?
  122. Refund for Change Fee - Any Recourse?
  123. Any UA Elites Here Taking the New (Lowered) DL Challenge?
  124. Some questions about United Club: considering membership
  125. United--3 day late arrival & denial of boarding--compensation?????
  126. guest denied at SFO International United Club
  127. Saver Award and Economy Plus
  128. 767-300 refitted business first sCO or sUA or both?
  129. Need Help - DEL Transfer Question
  130. Missing an international award flight
  131. Saver Award Availability SFO-BKK
  132. Flying on the edge - 757s and UA's attitude toward safety?
  133. question about delay due to "flight crew availability"
  134. United Is Using Its Planes To Track Butterflies and Birds From Above
  135. UA Adds IAD-Jackson Hole/Steamboat and DEN-Mammoth for Winter 2014
  136. "Cancelled due to aircraft maintenance" ?
  137. Waiting for availability and updating one leg of award ticket
  138. 1% Built In FX Fee (for The United MileagePlus Explorer Card Transactions?)
  139. Status: Canceled due to severe weather conditions in our route network
  140. United Award Question Regarding Other *A Flight Delay
  141. Confused about "Flexible Premier Miles"
  142. Okay to wait to book China flights?
  143. Mixed Codeshare on LH
  144. Error in Buying Award Accelerator Miles
  145. Need advise on UA flight NRT-US
  146. Which Terminal @ IAH (for UA Flights to LAS?)
  147. UA #2100 and cancelled flight (delayed posting of PQM/PQS)
  148. (Methods/Suggestsions to Improve) Online Security (of MP Account?)
  149. (Miles-supported TATL) Upgrade problem (waitlisted with companion on separate PNR)
  150. No more meal choice in J on flights ex-GUM?? {Denied by UA Insider}
  151. Redemption predictions
  152. Help routing Saver award from Europe to LAX end of July
  153. Why does UA close check in 90 minutes before flights out of Micronesian airports?
  154. 29 June - United 1463 [ORD-SNA] Diverted to ICT after slide inflated during flight
  155. Medical pilot thing on recent Hawaii flight
  156. No saver inventory for NYC -> SF in August?
  157. Everything You Wanted to Know About Where to Sit on a UA 772 Hawaii Configuration
  158. award booking how far in advance?
  159. Are these IT problems unique to UA?
  160. Why doesn't UA cross certify their 777 & 787 pilots?
  161. "Fly Delta or American, that's my recommendation."
  162. Saver bf/f awards to Europe Sep/Oct?
  163. FLT 881 tomorrow does not show previous flt
  164. Award Routing Rules - Is this possible?
  165. NOT Using Flex PQMs?
  166. Should I accept this status match offer?
  167. How to Annoy 48 front cabin passengers (Last-Minute Equipment Swap froom IPTE to Dom)
  168. "Ask Alex" retires from being on UA website
  169. IRROPS rebooked into D (from R) -- couple questions
  170. Help with lounge access at NRT (how strictly they enforce age requirement?)
  171. Award help-thoughts on complicated booking
  172. New route for winter: IAD-JAC
  173. GPU success chances on new intn'l routes (SCL)?
  174. Help needed: SFO to DPS
  175. PQDs for flights booked through Ultimate Rewards link to Travelocity?
  176. Existing UC Member apply for Chase Presidential Plus
  177. United Explorer card doesn't cover ATC delays?
  178. Fleet/Service Inconsistency
  179. P fares on code share earn miles?
  180. Consolidated Connection time/logistics/lounge at GVA
  181. Seeking Award Booking Wisdom ATH & VCE
  182. Why couldn't friend select seats until checkin?
  183. Advice on premium cabin award flight to ICN
  184. Lounge access with tickets booked with miles
  185. Interesting fare breakdown to LHR
  186. Guest lounge access international business ticket
  187. New B-737 slimline interior modifications coming along with some meal/drink changes
  188. Upgrade Award ticket ?
  189. UA West Coast to BKK
  190. How many more cities will UA leave?
  191. United is aggravating trying to find saver award on empty plane!
  192. Refund for Another Person
  193. is there any tricks for booking one way reward international flights?
  194. A new baggage low: checked case vanishes last week @ GRU, still not traced anywhere
  195. West coast to Canada through EWR, do my bags get checked all the way through
  196. United is really annoying me with the pricing ...
  197. Economy Plus Upgrade at Check-in Question
  198. Can I apply a GPU/RPU before Ticketed?
  199. 24% 1K CPU rate (SFO-based) typical?
  200. Can DL gate-agent refuse to accept UA-endorsed DL tickets? Almost denied boarding.
  201. Remedial missed mileage upgrade question
  202. United or Eva air for economy?
  203. Changing from MP Awards Visa to Explorer Visa - What happens to my CHOICES miles
  204. UA cancelled; rebooked on Delta; what happens if DL cancels?
  205. June 25th PEK-IAD delayed because of unruly passenger
  206. UA (O) vs. LH (O)
  207. I wanted to give UA money. (Booking Engine Woes)
  208. Analyst: UA should de-hub IAD; Cuts UAL rating
  209. Where are my PP flex miles????
  210. How bad were delays at EWR last night? (6-25 RE: UA 1117)
  211. Longest flights in RJ
  212. EWR-BRU_VCE
  213. Upgrade Chances for IAD-FRA on July 5th
  214. Original routing credit question
  215. SFO runway issues (summer 2014 and impact to UA/UX flight operations)
  216. United Flight EWR to TLV 12 hr flight turned into 30
  217. LAS - Print and Apply my own Baggage Tag?
  218. Disappointed by United Customer Care Response
  219. (I just booked an award ticket in Y) Can I buy up to F without paying a fee?
  220. NEW: UA Passport Control Kiosks at EWR.
  221. Anyone Know How to Get Better Seats on Y Award on LH?
  222. Found US-EU for $1,500 in J and have questions.
  223. SDC Fee gone, replaced by constant change fee?
  224. Spotted today: UA cabin crew playing piano for tips at ORD C-17?
  225. Check in glitch
  226. EWR-AMS Return. J to F Upgrade For $ Only
  227. Airline survey - ClearVoice Research
  228. SFO T-3 TSA Pre Check
  229. SDC to a nearby airport now possible?
  230. Going to give some praise to united customer service
  231. E- on a red eye flight and I survived.
  232. Can't Change Award Flights Online.
  233. Wow...did I miss something -- F mileage saver to EUR is now 220K Miles?
  234. 2 Reservations Companion Upgrade
  235. No Economy Plus??
  236. Mastercard Securecode
  237. Connecting flight thru a non-hub airport?
  238. Silver "Instant upgrades on Y" for International?
  239. Miles post almost instantly to MP from iGet.it & Opinion Miles Club
  240. Chase MileagePlus Club Trip Interruption Insurance Difficulty
  241. PQD and Reroute at Counter
  242. Customer Care Escalation
  243. UA fails IAH pax 24-Jun-2014: MX cancellation, overnight -no vouchers, no hotel
  244. Please help with missing Redemption Options area in payment field
  245. What are the airline's obligations to get you to your destination?
  246. Codeshare segments not posting?
  247. Mike Rowe's (hilarious) take on a CRJ700
  248. Question about "View Fare" function
  249. Any chance of HKG from IAH?
  250. Incredible Wi-Fi Refund Process