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  1. SkyWest DEN-HYS starts 1 August, 2014
  2. Spend 25000 on Explorer then cancel the card, would the PQD waiver still be in effect
  3. Help with EWR -> Australia via UA and partners
  4. Benefits getting MileagePlus Card for 1k-planning some reward travel
  5. No reimbursement on OS
  6. EWR/JFK/LGA to IAD for Europe connection
  7. J class flight on Turkish, only received bare miles in MileagePlus
  8. Odds of F-saver award ORD-SIN?
  9. Website Trouble?
  10. United reservations phone troubles
  11. "Internal error occurred" trying to book hotel via MP
  12. UA looking to outsource jobs in Hawaii
  13. T-24: R at 0 (UA353 on 22APR)
  14. EWR to SCL?
  15. Choices to/from LHR
  16. Azul flights posting on UAMP
  17. Miles on Jet/Etihad Combo
  18. TIMATIC page broken?
  19. Newbie question about upgrading SFO->JFK
  20. UAX service LNK-IAH
  21. IAD-MIA Discontinued?
  22. recent experiences faring-up economy purchases
  23. Business/First to Italy: Help with Planning!
  24. Intra-Asia award bargain!
  25. Confused and need help with my United Award flights
  26. Why the L fares are so hard to find to certain destinations?
  27. To the UA employees working on Easter: Thank you!
  28. crediting old trips to mileageplus account/Chase UA Credit Card
  29. How to get UA RDM to bora bora
  30. Buddy pass LAX to Germany
  31. Easter Sunday- Gotta Love It (EWR-TLV)
  32. Please Help: HNL SIN XMN
  33. Thoughts on E+ Squatting on long haul fights?
  34. is there any chance a non-Elite can get a free standby at the gate?
  35. Disappearing code share (OS) segment
  36. So, how DOES one handle inflight incidents?
  37. After I use my miles?
  38. Another score For the legacy 1K desk!
  39. Question-Transfer LHR T-3 to New Queen's Terminal 2
  40. Does United ever offer I inventory IAH-EZE?
  41. Passport to book or just to fly?
  42. LAX-east or midwest: Last sat departure at 1:20pm???
  43. F/A Spilled Hot (Tea) Water on me during flight - How to handle?
  44. Trying to make a flight change and the differential is over $3000!!!
  45. United Club / First Class Lounge San Francisco
  46. When do Mileage Upgrades Clear?
  47. New United app and award searching
  48. Changing routing with schedule change
  49. ExpertFlyer
  50. UA TATL Pricing Change?
  51. Purser moves Econ to E+ on taxiway
  52. Getting to Silver
  53. FA given upgrade over CPU?
  54. Flying first class? / business for first time ...
  55. UA850 from PEK to ORD in 7 hours???
  56. Can't Transit in North America Over 10 hours
  57. UX 5465 departs RDM 35 minutes early; not allowed to board as flight "closed".
  58. Is UA Blocking LH *A F Class Upgrades?
  59. ORD B6 UA Club Wifi Problems?
  60. Less Capacity Due To AA/USAIR merger
  61. JFK Connection to AA - How Long?
  62. EWR-BQN and BQN-EWR flight times suck </grumble grumble>
  63. 24 hours stop on award ticket
  64. No E+ or Free Checked Baggage on Award Ticket for Friends/Family?
  65. Opinion Miles Club
  66. How can you find out what's being served in First Class?
  67. PQD for Dragonair (CX subsidiary) Segment on UA-Ticketed Itinerary?
  68. Boarding group 5 - always
  69. Fare Class not correct ?
  70. UA Family Day 2014?
  71. UA - first in the US to buy the 737 will get the 8,000th!
  72. Anyone have success calling in for Singapore Airlines Award through M+ ?
  73. LHR APD For GPU usage -- is <24 hours "in transit"
  74. How to make list ALL possible flights for a search?
  75. Bogus United fare sales
  76. Luggage delayed/UA visa dechiphering problem-who is responsible?
  77. United changed me from Biz to Economy. What are my options?
  78. R availability
  79. Erroneous upgrade charge on
  80. PBI-IAH-SJD FIRST & BUSINESS. Club access?
  81. Phantom PN Showing on
  82. UA MP award ticket to Curacao with Copa segments
  83. Update your MP Account and "New" Terms and Conditions?
  84. What to do? Cannot get seats assigned for my family w/young children
  85. eTag and eTrack luggage tracking on United?
  86. UA 1K member and companion - free same day flight change?
  87. a bit of a sticky mess that i need to fix
  88. RPU Clears UA Changes Routing Entirely
  89. Save 20% on MileagePlus Economy Saver Awards to Mexico City (MEX)
  90. 757-300 at BOS?
  91. Search results for upgrade fares
  92. Requesting (Mileage) upgrades within 24 hours of departure
  93. Transfer to Delta
  94. MileagePlus vs. Aeroplan....Which is the better program to use?
  95. Poking around for numbers
  96. No on-line check in for overseas travel?
  97. Another fall-out from ubiquitous RJs: no award space
  98. Need advice on ewr delays
  99. Business upgrades IAD - MXP ?
  100. Trouble getting E+ at check in IST-FRA-IAD-CLE first segment on LH
  101. Enhance your travel experience - promotion
  102. Buy award miles today -- 20%, 30% discount - good until 23 April
  103. Global services
  104. miles for family itinerary
  105. Triple Miles- Apr-June [Targeted outcall from UA]
  106. US Based United Clubs: It's Tax Day! 50% off beer, wine and spirits!
  107. Mysterious Posting to TK instead of UA
  108. ORD->SYD then through Asia
  109. Ideas for premium cabin improvements - feedback?
  110. STT-IAD J=0
  111. United SFO to YVR no duty free because domestic departure terminal
  112. Upgrade to Economy Plus on UA48
  113. "New" United Airlines Forum Glossary
  114. Need some help with Asia Award itinerary
  115. Nothing from REP in Jan 2015?
  116. Rule change regarding Platinum status
  117. April 2014 - Random p.s. Equipment Swaps to Domestic 757 are Occurring
  118. Unusual communication from United
  119. Anyone else notice that SDC availability is much less than last year?
  120. UA1557 LAX-EWR (4/14) - pmCO 763?
  121. Invol rebooking compensation
  122. Strategy for refund request
  123. UA1/UA2 RTW Equipment?
  124. UA 1585 lightning strike
  125. Car rental activity
  126. E+ Price Adjustment
  127. United quoting wrong reasons for delay
  128. Teething infant alert UA 836 PVG-ORD 4-16
  129. Checkin at Hong Kong Station and a 10 Hour Layover in NRT
  130. Best RPU supported MR ex-NYC?
  131. UA 655 (ORD-LAX) Diverted to Denver. Wonder Why?
  132. UA J fares to Australia
  133. SFO Terminal 3 PreCheck lanes
  134. Bye Bye Baileys? [False. Bailey's remains per UAInsider]
  135. Using Award Travel Almost Exclusively
  136. Two Upgrade Questions
  137. Creating a distributed UA Award Alerts / R Inventory search tool to replace EF/WATT
  138. Need advice for premium travel IAH-SIN
  139. UA - matching one way to multi city rewards
  140. Can You Book an Extra E+ Award Seat?
  141. Is there a way to verify partner mileage accrual chart is correct?
  142. Please help with seat upgrade on FRA-EWR
  143. Flying UA for the first time: what to expect?
  144. where to check bags? leaving domestic F connecting to GF
  145. What's the current state of UA GF?
  146. Itinerary changes
  147. Difference between FC at booking or after payment
  148. New United Club in IAH Terminal B
  149. Discovering old schedule changes
  150. Customs/connecting question at ewr
  151. Premier Line in ZRH?
  152. Must check baggage through to final destination?
  153. What I love about United
  154. South African P Fare - Mileage Accrual?
  155. UA PQM Mileage credit question
  156. VDB Hotel Booking Procedure at EWR?
  157. Cancel an award ticket after seeing if there is avail for 24 hour change?
  158. NZ to Australia on United miles
  159. United Airlines Sends Chicago-Area Students on a Dream Vacation to Disney World
  160. Cut our United Credit cards in half
  161. Premier Accelerator - Upgrade Question?
  162. quick overnight trip -- book two one ways or one RT?
  163. UA Can't See LH Seatmap on Codeshare?!
  164. Route for United flight
  165. Suggestions for senior flyers on UA
  166. The Spring Break effect?
  167. Password changing a problem
  168. Changing award booking online. What are the requirements?
  169. Rant - CO people need to get off their high horses...Paging UA Insider
  170. What is wrong with UA? Of the 4 largest USA carries UA is dead last.
  171. EF shows "X" class on Swiss but no award on UA
  172. Why do you post here?
  173. EWR Monorail From Train Station Closed
  174. Eva Business or UA First to Asia
  175. Splitting PNR before the 24 hour mark, what happens to seat assignments?
  176. Self boarding gates coming to BOS
  177. Why United P.S. SFO -JFK Business First are all sold out every month from now?
  178. Sometimes you get lucky (UA's restrictive ticketing practices work in my favor)...
  179. Strategy question after LH strike inconvenience
  180. 1 hour 50 minutes enough time to change IAH->LHR (UA), LHR->ORK (Aer Lingus)
  181. Award flights to Hawaii is almost impossible to find in Business/First class
  182. Pre-Jan 2014 United Award Flights
  183. LH award rebooked into a phantom business space - HELP
  184. Thai Smiles now "WE"; no longer Star Alliance; award availability with MileagePlus?
  185. Am I Being Unreasonable? [GS status on boarding pass -- denied F lounge access]
  186. Unprofessional Crew Experience on SkyWest Flight
  187. Any UA871 experiences?
  188. Free 24-Cancellation: Booking or Ticketing
  189. Issues With Using Safari Browser to Book Tickets on United's Website
  190. Seat assignment mysteriously moved
  191. Anyone had experiencing suing United for MileagePlus Issues?
  192. Global Service Member Removed from United Lounge at EWR
  193. DEN-HNL in UA Global First?
  194. Problsm with Chase PQM
  195. Downgraded to Economy Class on a First Class Award Ticket on UA (EWR-LAX)
  196. When Will United Update Its Website?
  197. Evening flight UA5676 EWR-YYZ with onward connection
  198. Interesting Rev. Management (Lack of discount business availability)
  199. On the clock only when door closes?
  200. EWR AirTrain to be Suspended for 75 Days Starting May 1 (Now Open as of 3 July 2014)
  201. A few questions - routing and layovers and upgrades
  202. PS seat map glitch
  203. United Air Credit Card n Etihad airport Lounge
  204. Upgrade Advice for EWR-NRT
  205. Speculation: AA+DL Stop Announcing Major Changes Ahead of Time, When Will UA Follow
  206. SQ1 SFO to HKG - How many United miles to get business/first?
  207. Recommendation for Cle GS airline switch
  208. Random other passenger's fare difference charged to MY saved credit card?
  209. Buying postage stamps in IAH
  210. Where in Europe are the 747s flying during summer 2014?
  211. UAL (United Airlines) 1Q 2014 Results, Discussion, News, etc.
  212. sCO FA's jumpseat assignments
  213. UA Baggage policy in practice
  214. Flight times determination and ExpressJet boarding at IAH
  215. Raleigh Durham Schedules
  216. Retroactive credit for new MP account
  217. Booking in economy and using GPUs
  218. Specific "Which Itinerary Has Better GPU Chances" Questions
  219. Wow! UA being nice on this entire trip!
  220. Reservation confirmed, not ticketed. Need to worry?
  221. No Mileage Upgrade EWR-LHR?
  222. Baggage Fee for US Domestic Segments on an International Itinerary
  223. Free Cone Day Ben&Jerry's Term C EWR
  224. No E+ at Booking for Platinum?
  225. PS Saver Awards - None available
  226. A message and question from Capt. Denny (CLE-Area Do at the end of April)...
  227. Need help making up mileage difference
  228. OLCI with Code Share Flights
  229. UA First Class Domestic MR Suggestions
  230. UA E+ vs SN (Brussels) Economy?
  231. Has this happened to you? Hidden Fare
  232. Could the sCO BF seats be reconfigured to 1-2-1?
  233. Equipment change woes...
  234. United closing D in Cleveland
  235. United to save almost a billion on fuel - by not putting it in the planes?
  236. Can I waitlist on Savers Award?
  237. GPU upgrades <24 hours
  238. United Plans World's Longest Boeing 787 Non-Stop Routes
  239. HKG-SIN -- CPU?? how about RPU??
  240. No more DEN redeyes?
  241. Having trouble booking a P fare SFO-DEN-EWR I found on ITA Matrix
  242. Account Update
  243. Downgrade Priority
  244. P class cheap fares to Europe?
  245. UA to End LAX-PIT Non-Stop Service in August 2014
  246. Heads up! UX dropping service out of MOD (Modesto, CA)
  247. Upgrade Waitlist Bubble, Wait or Board?
  248. Digital Redesign Update: Android App
  249. RPU vs. GPU priority?
  250. WPA2 Password on United Wifi?