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  1. On Phone with United do they hold desired flights
  2. IFE Software Retrofits?
  3. Additional Legs - Logic?
  4. Anyway to see long-term aircraft schedules?
  5. Delayed flight: "awaiting inbound", but inbound was early?
  6. South America award via Europe?
  7. How to buy MileagePlus Premier Qualifying Miles?
  8. Award Travel on Copa
  9. Recommendation on Premium Award Travel
  10. Flight Protection Fail
  11. Question about UA 1211: EWR-LAX on 7/11
  12. Flight Delay pushed trip 24 hours back
  13. What if my CVG-ORD flight is delayed? Options?
  14. New targeted campaign: "purchase award miles now and save up to 35%."
  15. South Africa Award via South America - Possible?
  16. RTW prices/PQM on RTW's
  17. Will dollars spent on Copa count towards United $10,000 for 1k?
  18. Parents have 8-hour mechanical delay; must wait 2 hrs in line for hotel voucher
  19. UA miles on SA: JFK-JNB sure; JFK-DKR no way?!
  20. did i make a mistake in booking twice on the same flight
  21. Considering a P Biz fare - what's the chance they'll invol downgrade me?
  22. Yellow Star on
  23. LH Introducing "Premium Economy Cabin" in 2014 - Impact on *A Uprades and GPUs?
  24. IAD - Procedure for getting gate-checks
  25. Checked Luggage / Itinerary Change ??
  26. Warning: "Elite Upgrade Notification" e-mail sent to Silver in E+: Faux "Benefit"?
  27. Arrival Time When Plane Arrives at Gate but Door Does Not Open
  28. Traveling with lap child on international business class (USA-HKG)
  29. Portal to buy tickets on
  30. Upgrading 1K member w/Miles from general member
  31. International flight - Upgrade Question
  32. Award Milage was incorrect
  33. How do I get the system to send my mobile BP?
  34. Ticket re-issue when upgrade clears?
  35. flight change - canceled PNR -> 1 pax to 2
  36. Confirmed award ticket strangely re-ticketed
  37. Predicting the buy-up to F offer?
  38. Earning miles for unused ticket???
  39. What's the earliest check in time in NRT?
  40. United booking help for Europe
  41. What happens if...(miss flight, interlined connection)
  42. Award Search: Different Results on Different Computers
  43. Upfaring a ticket - with 2 CC's - and cancellation
  44. Gap in available # of flights on r/t vs. o/w award travel
  45. The flight is full, I can't add you to standby.
  46. Expat with a US billing address? That's $600 more please!
  47. [24 June] ORD C Concourse tunnel inaccessible (Now Resolved)
  48. P class not eligible for Star Alliance mileage accrual prior to April 1?
  49. MR questions - SFO-LHR
  50. In-flight movie on <3 hr flight?
  51. Annoying Glitch: Can't See Cancelled PNR After Re-Booked in Reservations
  52. questions with IAD baggage ops
  53. Award ticket questions
  54. Special Event In Chicago?
  55. Crazy trip hack?
  56. So it *is* possible after all! (*A awards in C)
  57. UA (or UAX) pilot dropped by (allegedly) intoxicated passenger
  58. Need Advice On Item Missing From Luggage
  59. Trip in vain using miles oneway return to origin miles recredited?
  60. Is it ok to go directly to baggage drop counter after online checkin?
  61. NZ or UA to SYD/CHC/AKL?
  62. Need a Turkish flight but not showing
  63. "Sir, please turn off your iPad or iPod."
  64. Two FF numbers on a single PRN
  65. any known booking algorithm behind int'l fares rising and falling?
  66. UA to hold its 2014 annual meeting in CLE
  67. F Partner Award, Connection & Mechanical
  68. "I am not your Mom!" Wow!
  69. Luggage offloaded if same plane?
  70. denied boarding for minor (on US to Canada flight due to no passport) - any advice?
  71. splitting award ticket question
  72. UA's route maps
  73. UA 1K Bonus Miles on TK "V" fare
  74. When did UA elevate BOS status ?
  75. Seat Question for flight UA131 (Boeing 757-200 (752) V4 Intl)
  76. Any other FTers attending the IAD Premier Event on 22 June?
  77. Has anyone ever had MP account closed?
  78. June 25th - the last day for the tulip logo
  79. How Do You Expect Your UA Revenue Will Change for 2014 Considering PQDs?
  80. Need Help - Mileage Transfers and Codeshare Flights
  81. empower on INTL 777 - confusing information
  82. LH Luggage Weight Allowance - UA Ticket
  83. Virgin Atlantic Silver to UA Elite Status?
  84. United Club credit card -- first year free?
  85. Award Ticket Still Unticketed
  86. Can UA website be used to book 2 econ. seats?
  87. So, there are nice people in the reservations department...
  88. Changing Award for 12 months or more?
  89. New Offer: For a limited time, earn 35% bonus miles when you exchange them for Mileag
  90. Is the 60,000 Point offer for the credit card still available?
  91. United announces order for Airbus A350-1000 aircraft
  92. Premier Gold member booking for a companion: what bag allowance for companion?
  93. How do sequence numbers work?
  94. Official 2013 FFG/UA Mini-DO SFO (October 12 and 13)
  95. Your expected 2015 status considering the new PQD revenue requirements
  96. Family Member Denied Boarding by UA Due to Illness and Paramedics Called
  97. Has p.s. gone 2-class?
  98. United Airlines Sued After Man Accused of Lewd Behavior
  99. Luggage allowance on trip w/ mixed fare classes
  100. Booked through United, but dba US Air
  101. possible to merge two flight reservations on same day in case first one gets delayed?
  102. HELP! Brazil round trip baggage allowance?
  103. Change Itinerary and No New eTicket
  104. TPAC routing to KSA
  105. Lifetime Miles No Longer Visible?
  106. 6/19: Computer Trouble at PHL causing issues
  107. MileagePlus Account Audit
  108. Any Drawbacks from having MP account registered to foreign address?
  109. United Increases Award Ticket Changes for Non-Premier Members as of 19-Jun-2013
  110. Help w/ cancellation: UA5737, IAD-CAE
  111. Help/advice on changing a flight segment
  112. Is it possible to earn status on revenue only ?
  113. Getting started with United
  114. Instant upgrade on B fare but no seats available?
  115. Will status be inherited when booking award tickets for others?
  116. Unable to Find SAS Flights on United's Website
  117. finding old itinerary receipts online
  118. Looking for UA contact info for YVR and DEN
  119. What Adapter is Needed for iPads on UA Aircraft With 110V Power?
  120. Possible to advance reserve seats on a United booking including 3x AC flights?
  121. Same-day or T+24 change on a partner award, UA ticket
  122. Starting in 2014: Changes to Premier qualification (PQD)
  123. Miles for Accor Hotels?
  124. Lufthansa business award availability on 747-8 gone?
  125. UA Flight number - Silver airways operated, Baggage Allowance same as UA or not?
  126. Need help in selecting United flight from LHR-DEL
  127. Unable to book reward flight on 757-200 in Business/first? (Lay flat)
  128. United Flights - Seats?
  129. UA reward ticket pricing anomaly?
  130. Free Luggage with Old Chase Mileage Plus Card (Not Explorer)
  131. Routing ideas for a short RTW in F?
  132. United Cargo says "D10" is this the designation
  133. UA Mailing Yellow Baggage Handle Wraps to 1K/GS Customers
  134. Searching for cheap Copa Multi-city trips
  135. UA Testing New Toilet Paper on Yesterday's UA 931 [16-Jun-2013]
  136. Lunatic Passenger on UA 116 from HKG
  137. No TVs on flights to/from Vegas?
  138. Best chance at upgrade/good seating?
  139. LAX-ATH: question about layover/change of planes and routes
  140. which destination of south or central america only to DC by UA
  141. Changing award flight scheduled for July 6th?
  142. [Beta testers needed!] Updated website fare earning evaluator script!
  143. Newbie wanting to reach 50,000 by January 2014
  144. Last Flight In, First Flight Out Award Question
  145. Anyone have experience booking TK F on the wet-lease 777?
  146. United, missing 1,7k to Silver, awards for SFO-CDG in July or pay?
  147. Miles to Europe plus Amex membership rewards
  148. WSJ Article: Smisek says UA on the Mend
  149. Advice to LHR and from FCO
  150. Anybody Know how the United JVs Work
  151. Baggage question on UA
  152. Changing Booking Codes
  153. Why Would You Want (or not Want) to Check in Early?
  154. Broken bag in the overhead - what should have happened?
  155. Tarmac Markings @ PHX T2 Gate 3
  156. Is there a way to lookup old flight status info from more than one day ago?
  157. Can You Use EWR-HKG As A Via The Atlantic Routing
  158. When is the best time to check for low UA airfares?
  159. Changing award flight help!
  160. UA site selling non-existent fare class for AC codeshare?
  161. Changing table in a CRJ-700?
  162. Segment Runs: What's your formula for dollars per segment?
  163. GS Members - How do you approach the boarding process when GS isnt called?
  164. Companion on one leg of a larger itinerary?
  165. UA 2P flying LH questions
  166. Backtracking on an award connection
  167. Return of the wide-body jet, SFO-ORD and ORD-SFO?
  168. United Airlines- how to change name on a ticket?
  169. $1500 for Premier Gold on Mileage Runs?
  170. UAL travel certificate question: how to extend exp. date?
  171. Award ticket on LH had cancellation, now stuck on different flight from girlfriend
  172. United Forgot Your Special Meal?
  173. Getting miles on non alliance flights.
  174. Turkish airlines and United
  175. UA award - SQ metal from YYZ
  176. booking available , error at time of payment
  177. How long do new accounts have to wait before buying miles?
  178. Why am I not on the upgrade list for my flight
  179. VS Operated, SQ Code, UA Miles?
  180. "Due to rapidly changing partner availability..."
  181. Can you cancel Hawaiian Air award tickets with no penalty?
  182. United ORD > BRU - Lie-Flat Seats in Business Class?
  183. standby and upgrade policies
  184. UA not honoring award fare/fee and mileage quote
  185. Chase One Pass Visa not converted to United version
  186. What happened to the Bah-Iad flight in August?
  187. Phantom Award Availability
  188. CPU and inability to check-in online
  189. United miles credit card other than Chase?
  190. UA to be a launch customer for the 787-10?
  191. E+ strategy for US *G flyer on likely overbooked E- flight
  192. Just curious - Who is on hold with MP right now?
  193. IAD/EWR/ORD-MUC Best chances for GPU
  194. Definition of 'confirmed'?
  195. Standard Business award - no BusinessFirst avaliable (But pay 10k more and they are.)
  196. June 2013 DOT report (covering April 2013) out...
  197. SHARES tries to keep me in South America
  198. Has anyone been upgraded to S.America?
  199. Thank you for checking in at, I didn't check in on
  200. Using United miles on Lufthansa and upgrade implications
  201. Everything You Want to Know About Where to Sit on a pmCO 777 (International)
  202. Upgraded using RPU, online says upgraded using miles....
  203. Why would seats open up on the seatmap?
  204. 13 June - East Coast Thunderstorms and Impact to UA's Operations
  205. Is the moving map (DTV channel 11) on 737s new? [threads merged]
  206. Help! Any solutions for this MileagePlus award ticket debacle?
  207. Which Hawaiian Islands does United serve?
  208. Award SFO-SIN in F - is it possible to route via FRA using LH?
  209. Award availability question
  210. Global Services Says Can't Ticket For 24 Hours; I Do It 5 Mins Later On
  211. Micronesia island hopper - best side to sit? and other questions
  212. United: Waivers Issued for Forecast Thunderstorms
  213. Can I get EQM's for a diversion? :)
  214. Bag fees listed on receipt do not match up with bag fees at check-in
  215. PQM in Emailed MP statement doesn't match onlin
  216. UA book flight on certain aircraft type
  217. United needs geography lesson
  218. Why Fly UA?
  219. clothes ruined in checked bags -- advice?
  220. Cannot Change FF on award to A3
  221. Award rules help
  222. Next rung on the CustServ Complaint Ladder?
  223. How to find flights with mileage upgrade availability
  224. Connecting to a flight the day BEFORE arriving?!
  225. NRT-HNL-LIH-DEN-MSP vaild routing?
  226. A Tale of Two Airlines
  227. Options for PDX to PEN mostly on UA
  228. Million Mile question
  229. UA 1452 SFO-EWR - flat beds in business?
  230. Go to airport late if inbound delayed?
  231. Flying TLV-EWR With Broken Foot - Can/How UA Accommodate?
  232. UA Gates A1 to A6 IAD
  233. United Elite Status via Credit Card Spend?
  234. does any lounge open midnight at Singapore airport?
  235. On which UA flight do we have a higher likelihood of getting a bump?
  236. Saver available but all seats taken?
  237. Reservation cancelled on delayed flight
  238. How many UA logos were there?
  239. Unanticipated Auto-Check In For Return Flight on UA
  240. United Airline’s Top Customers Call Company Out Over Climate Pollution Misdeeds
  241. UAL May traffic down .8%, PRASM flat to down (1%)
  242. Upgrade question (Chances of Waitlisted Upgrades Clearing for my Flights?)
  243. UA first class vs NH business class vs CA first class
  244. 100% lie-flat business class seats for long-haul international!
  245. Can it be done? SFO/LAX - MIA in Lie Flat Seat?
  246. The Case of the Missing Lavatories
  247. United trying to match Southwest's turns?
  248. one way award ticket advice
  249. Hallelujah! The United On Hold / Call Center Ads Are G-O-N-E!
  250. Miles: United vs Brussels