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  1. UAX Ends DEN-Fort McMurray (YMM) 31-May-2014
  2. When i cross $10k and have 160k, do i get 6 or 8 GPUs?
  3. No direct flights from PDX to LAX anymore? (Sept '14)
  4. Chewing Tobacco (Use Permitted on UA Flights)?
  5. Question on GPU - Flight Delayed and protected flights
  6. SFO-SYD - class differences
  7. Bed Bugs (on my UA Flight?)
  8. Service Director Meltdown at SFO
  9. Blue band on seat maps?
  10. Easy way to reprice itinerary?
  11. Air China PVG lounge access for UA *G
  12. Discount long haul routes for BusinessFirst or GF
  13. Could UA start LAX-CDG?
  14. United Club Spouse Membership Benefits?
  15. United Club access for flight to Palau
  16. Codeshare Mileage Accrual LH/UA
  17. United Trip Report
  18. MP Credit for Asiana Flights
  19. Change fees for regular ticket - not miles award
  20. SBA Jet Service?
  21. Silver announces FLL-JAX
  22. A few positive words about UA's international C
  23. Unaccompanied Minor Madness (Or, The Expensive Lesson)
  24. Conference room at MEM for UC members
  25. Same-day-change and multiple carriers
  26. NZ to South Asia: Y or mixed cabin?
  27. New phone numbers
  28. DUB BF Arrivals?
  29. Tight connection on BWI-EWR-MCO-ORD
  30. How do I get rid of expiring certs with CC gone?
  31. United Awards Redemption Question
  32. ORD-HKG and Reliability
  33. Planned inconsistencies in domestic F/J service.
  34. Anyone ever experience a solo flight on UA?
  35. Agent has noted Hotel Voucher Authorization in the Record. Do I need anything else?
  36. Involuntary re-route: extra fare charged!
  37. Why does fare go up if I add 2nd transfer?
  38. Why does UA have 2 777's rt daily between NRT-GUM?
  39. Pilot Called Ahead To Make Sure Gate is Available for Early Arrival?
  40. IAH-HNL on a 737-700?
  41. total chaos in ORD baggage delivery on May 20/21
  42. United gift cards on Cardcash
  43. Upgrade only certain legs on
  44. UA Compensation amount for delayed international flights too low
  45. Bos to iah to lax to sfo report
  46. RN available for near travel not for far out travel; wrong pricing model
  47. UA offering routing with SN flight from BRU operated by "Air Sicilia" ?
  48. How to determine fare class for upgrades?
  49. Two tickets: A-B;B-C-D: Will UA allow me to fly A-C-D?
  50. Can I use the first class lounge?
  51. Star Gold on UA same-day flight change
  52. I want to move from Miles and More to Mileage Plus. Can I transfer my miles over?
  53. Cannot book NH flight #, only UA codeshare
  54. Have there been changes to award redemption rates transiting through N. Asia?
  55. United EDI to ORD starts 24 May 2014
  56. United error on a FF booking - what should I expect
  57. United Ends Attendants’ Booze-in-Bags Ban as Union Balks
  58. How to pay for UA ticket in miles
  59. Pls help: Award ticket with stopover and open jaw
  60. Do Global service members have better access to award availability?
  61. DXB - DOH ending August 30th.
  62. AA to take over UA's T6 gates at LAX
  63. How low can you go, Jeff? "Asian" soda?
  64. Check in with an upgrade pending?
  65. Lost Laptop - Need help with baggage services
  66. Blankets in Y on redeyes?
  67. Will United issue a travel waiver for Thailand? (Due to Political Unrest in 2014)
  68. Is it worth the upgrade fee of 30k miles and $450 to upgrade from BOS-SFO-HKG?
  69. Cancel Partner Award within 24 hours of flying
  70. Questions booking award travel to Australia/New Zealand
  71. Another Close Call (This time IAH)
  72. Cancel reissued ticket within 24 hrs without fee?
  73. Any way to improve upgrade chances?
  74. Booking SQ awards to Sydney on United
  75. Economy Plus day of departure and lots of open seats
  76. 2 United Club passes or a Regional Premier Upgrade and earn double miles (targeted)
  77. Valuing Miles to Flight?
  78. Surprising Award Travel Success
  79. [Consolidated] United Express (UX) route cuts [2014 & onward]
  80. Double Miles and choice of 2 United Club Passes or 1 Regional Upgrade
  81. His dinner is bigger than mine... I want like his!
  82. Baggage Allowance for Multi-Segment Itinerary When First Leg is in Y and Other in J?
  83. Flight change - American Airlines?
  84. You Have to Wonder...
  85. No AC flights on UA website?
  86. Meals as revenue booster
  87. United points for Scandinavian Air upgrade
  88. Waitlist GPU or try to snipe R?
  89. Noticed a few new things this week
  90. DEN to IAH on erj145?
  91. Premier Qualifying Dollars (for Multi-Segment Itinerary Spanning 2014-15?)
  92. Has UA Finally Wised Up [Reserved F Inventory for IRROPS]?
  93. You Cannot Waitlist a MP Upgrade?
  94. Booking K class on for flight operated by SWISS. Do I get PQM credit?
  95. Changing from a Standard to a Saver award....fee?
  96. booking fee for award tickets
  97. Would you pay to upgrade? (IND -> IAH)
  98. Changing Award *A Flight dates
  99. Changes to MUA Co-Pay Amounts on p.s. Routes (Premier members exempt)
  100. Do United Miles-Supported Upgrades Trump RPU & GPU?
  101. is it possible to book a UA award tkt with connection arriving HND and departing NRT?
  102. how long after cancelling mileage plus visa card can i apply for one
  103. UA E+ or EVA Evergreen/Elite?
  104. Dallas thru Dulles to Dubai upgrade
  105. cost of economy plus seats
  106. On Line Check in when VISA required
  107. I think I left my Chase United Club Visa in the Club
  108. Ticket not ticketed
  109. Possible to make time changes to US Air flights booked wth MP miles?
  110. Easy why they don't make Money?
  111. New Platinum Questions
  112. Calendar year 2015 & CC/platinum status
  113. Fun Quote from Q1 2012
  114. United website pricing ANA codeshare incorrectly and demands more when calling
  115. First trip to Asia- want to maximize miles
  116. Redeem MP on Swiss?
  117. Upgrading on UA with Singapore miles: class problems.
  118. Close to being 1MM soon. Will United get rid of United-Gold = *A-Gold. Effects me?
  119. UA Status on Air China? Mileage?
  120. Seats on Aer Lingus flight Ticketed by United
  121. Widero Ticket not honored
  122. Questions about upcoming US/UA itinerary
  123. United Express Carry-on baggage Size Limits Same as Mainline?
  124. Seat selection for codeshare flight on NH
  125. Thank you "iluv2fly"!
  126. Is United Running Project Quality From India?
  127. Hit 75k miles... 1K upgrades deposited [and since removed from account]
  128. 2 Million 1Ks?
  129. Missing segments on NH ticket with miles going to MileagePlus
  130. Supervisor Says I can't Change 3-leg Saver to 2-leg Saver -- Really?
  131. Only B available on EWR->TLV despite lots of open seats
  132. "PN" Fare and PQM
  133. 753 vs 738 OGG-SFO
  134. Applying GPU while waiting for codeshare confirm
  135. Extending the life of GPUs
  136. Deciphering response on MP credit request
  137. Best chances for SFO-TATL upgrade in October?
  138. Change to a cheaper flight
  139. IAD to go from 7 to 4 Express operators, 787-9 backfills 763s
  140. Choosing Between Award Travel vs. Revenue Ticket?
  141. Possible oversold LHR-EWR, chance of bump/upgrade for 1K?
  142. does club members get more saver awards?
  143. Roundtrip vs One way differences?
  144. Nonrev tried to pull a fast one on me
  145. Questions re complex, important birthday trip
  146. UA Codeshare, how does it work?
  147. Change to Schedule Change Policy?
  148. Saving US$1G on tea
  149. United and UAX flights almost collide at EWR
  150. UA Routes without RJ
  151. UA award booking on EVA Hello Kitty
  152. Jet bridges reconfigured for RJs at IAD
  153. Is Anyone Spending less Than 10c per Miles? Is PQD Requirement Useless
  154. SFO->LHR One of United's Best Products?
  155. UA 1428 (LAX - IAD) departure time
  156. Waitlisted upgrade - knee surgury
  157. quick Chase Explorer card question
  158. Star Alliance upgrade 2 seperate bookings
  159. Use of GPU's on LH flights
  160. Does anyone know why the daily 737 flight HKG-SGN leaves the aircraft sitting in SGN?
  161. PQD questions: Miles + Fee upgrade
  162. You just got Smiseked
  163. Will there be a new website?
  164. Baggage Allowance for Mixed UA/LH Itinerary?
  165. Experience on a UAX Flight Today
  166. Your luggage is in Guatemala....
  167. 10 / 20% off discount coupons (possible to obtain outside of customer service?)
  168. - Why You Still Need to Avoid United Continental Holdings Inc.
  169. Skipping first leg of trip, but using remaining legs?
  170. Poor Experiences Travelling UA to/from GRU
  171. UA status ?
  172. How can we tell whether a record is correctly set up for CPU?
  173. baage allowance when connecting from UA Y to AC J
  174. Rez confirmations were split by UA
  175. Switching FF number after check-in
  176. Is 1h20 enough time for intl-dom conn at CLT?
  177. incredibly bad luggage delay
  178. Where do RPUs show up in your account online?
  179. Although two of us received "battlefield" CPUs, they were given to VDB volunteers.
  180. Second segment on reward flight to Africa delayed a full day!
  181. How does UA cultivate its top bananas?
  182. UA903 SFO>FRA R6 then R0?
  183. How reliable are the EWR-DCA evening flights in the Summer months?
  184. EWR Intl Arrival: Golf Clubs Carousel?
  185. SFO-MSP going RJ?
  186. Missed EU connection due to delayed USA domestic flight - compensation?
  187. UA 1765 FLL SFO - Total Chaos - What Was UA Thinking??
  188. UA 944 equipment swap???
  189. United Club CDG - post renovation
  190. First trip to Asia! (Singapore) - Need advice!
  191. Disgruntled pax over bin space
  192. Mileage Plus Pin and Password Reset Nightmare
  193. Overbooked flight/luggage question
  194. United-Flydubai Baggage Policy
  195. Retroactively reclaiming US Air flights on United.
  196. 1K Welcome Kit
  197. UA's IT Roadmap, Leadership, Development, etc. for 2014?
  198. Seat Assignment on a Partner Airline??
  199. IRROPS Questions
  200. xfer in BRU up to 4 hours - options?
  201. COS<->IAD RJ Service To End
  202. Current United hold times and agent performance
  203. Should ORD not be a HUB ?
  204. Last Seat Award for 1K
  205. Interesting Observation on (the high amount of UA premiers on) US Air
  206. Keep waiting or book now?
  207. Record Locator / PNR of Star Partners on UA Award Itinerary
  208. Red Alert Upgrade Question (Experts: please read)
  209. Cancelled United Airlines Flight - Goodwill Credit?
  210. Booking awards on LH (Not Finding Christmas Availability)
  211. Account Update problem
  212. Considered Double Booking?
  213. LAX-GEG only through DEN?
  214. Unable to book lower (available) fare class; Why?
  215. Save up to 35% on miles promotion
  216. Gate checked bag procedure for United Express?
  217. First Time Booking with Miles
  218. Missing part of award itinerary okay?
  219. United Upgrade Expensive
  220. Baggage woes - advice for next time?
  221. CLE-IAD-LHR on UX/UA; Can I Check Baggage CLE-LHR?
  222. Could UA and VX strike a trade?
  223. Boarding gate screening at United gate at Beijing
  224. United and US Air almost collided near Hawaii?
  225. Best TATL routes to upgrade
  226. Mysterious domestic OLCI problem
  227. PQM & PQD for UA ticket stock on SA metal
  228. What does United First/Meals for Purchase mean?
  229. Should I check-in online with CPU up for grabs?
  230. Unable to change Flight Delay Notifications
  231. Limited Europe options on UA's website
  232. Should I book now? Fare has just risen...
  233. Help with award itinerary SEA-IST-MLE//REP-SEA
  234. UA LAST PLACE -When Great Advertising Becomes A Brand Hindenburg (FORBES ARTICLE)
  235. Round Trip Award -> One Way Award
  236. CPU Not showing for reservation
  237. No seats sold, yet no Saver awards?
  238. Trick to get a free E+ seat for status-less friends/family (assuming you're gold+)
  239. Another reason why United is losing money
  240. Fasten seat belt sign remained illuminated for about 8 hours
  241. Why can some GS agents do things that others can't?
  242. SFO T3E New Security Area?
  243. Does your record get flagged for feedback?
  244. A320, 757-200 or 737-800 east coast to west
  245. B Fare won't clear upgrade at time of purchase
  246. Downgrade from GF due to change of equipment
  247. The Seven Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Executives
  248. Timing on purchasing ORD-HNL Tickets
  249. JFK FA shortage?
  250. Plausible deniability? - Pilots or Passenger - Weight Restricted Flight