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  1. Calif. Appeals Court ruling on UA sick leave plan.
  2. Change in the computer calculated change fees for elites?
  3. Routing rules help
  4. Free UA Gold Status Trial?
  5. Do you ever get the "An email confirmation of this cancellation ..." E-Mail?
  6. Am I being quoted the wrong amount of miles?
  7. Multi City Reward Ticket CLT-IST (via IAD and FRA)
  8. Why we fly United
  9. Asia Award Nightmare/Pre-Feb 1 Internal "Memos"
  10. UAL 2Q 2014 Results/Discussion/News → Results Announced July 24th, 2014 ←
  11. "Transfer Flexible Premier Qualifying Miles"
  12. How many PQD do you think you'll spend to retain last year's status?
  13. Lync with Wifi possible?
  14. Earn PQM/PQS on Aer Lingus flight?
  15. payment glitch?
  16. Any tricks to earning UA miles by paying rent each month?
  17. No UA83 (DEL EWR) on Saturday 2 August 2014??
  18. Best Lounge in ORD
  19. Credit for LH flights operated by SQ
  20. United Miles on ANA
  21. How long did it take for purchased expired miles to be restored to your account?
  22. Not ticketed yet upgraded on both segments
  23. Can't book Singapore Airlines Biz Seat?
  24. UA Celebrates Valentine's Day with "Love in the Air"
  25. UA vs. ANA Flight Search Conflict
  26. Infant in business class - buy at airport or on phone after infant is born?
  27. Hipmunk to not always available?
  28. United's Hawaii Services/Flights are Unreliable
  29. Can you lock a PNR?
  30. London-based UA/*A experience
  31. Is promo to select destinations for those 65+ worth while?
  32. No More MP Explorer Card Annual Fee Credit for 1Ks?
  33. Car Seat Question
  34. Y-B-M automatic upgrade for companion?
  35. Upgrade Questions
  36. What does the blue line separator mean between segments of a confirmed itinerary?
  37. waitlisted upgrade disappeared?
  38. Should I worry that Saudi Site only show one segment of a re-issued award ticket?
  39. Booking EVA with UA MP Miles
  40. Booking award more than 330 days out?
  41. Placing Award Travel on Hold
  42. How do I integrate a reservation into
  43. second try---UA vs AA cold WX ops
  44. Help with EWR-Europe Award trip
  45. UAL website feature suggestion: estimate PQMs for future reservations
  46. Can the premier desk tell me where I am on the waitlist?
  47. Possible on one ticket? IND-EWR (UA), JFK-FRA (LH)
  48. Annoyed with PMCO vs PMUA Inconsistent Policies
  49. Missed Connection Questions
  50. UAL (United Airlines) 2Q 2014 Results, Discussion, News, etc.
  51. UAL (United Airlines) 2Q 2014 Results, Discussion, News, etc.
  52. Award rate changes on 01 Feb 2014) - Errors/Issues?
  53. When do seasonal flights (ski season load into UAL systems?
  54. More UA/SQ award booking challenges
  55. Round the World (RTW) United Award Booking
  56. How to book 2 award tickets using 2 plans
  57. Turkish J or UA F?
  58. can't upgrade UA 838 BKK/SFO?
  59. Cheap West-Coast fares
  60. United filed objections to FAA mandated inspection of 767
  61. Booking Hyphenated Long Last Name on UA.Com
  62. TK Flights not Appearing for Award
  63. Error Message Award Availability
  64. Mileage Pricing Out Wrong?
  65. Fare explanation help please
  66. 3-class TATL flight sold as 2-class
  67. help with availability
  68. Can I link 2 one-way reserations so they are a round trip and then have stopover?
  69. Agent sees no availability on a SQ flight
  70. Routing to South America during December
  71. refund after ua schedul change
  72. Exception policies for award tickets
  73. UA To Sochi? Or Just A Charter?
  74. Bought 1st class (3 flights), got economy due to prev flight delay, can I dispute?
  75. 26 Jan - United Website Issues (Purchasing Revenue Tickets/"no available seats")
  76. Return to gate to pick up essential crew member for other flight
  77. Makeshift plane window shade
  78. COPA Promotions
  79. Mileage credit on United when switched from canceled AA flight?
  80. EWR to SYD for Christmas 2014
  81. Lhr-syd award via us.
  82. EVA in UC SFO?
  83. ATL-TPE on NH economy. MileagePlus question
  84. Best Non-Chase CC to earn united miles
  85. How to Book Award Ticket on partner airline without paying the $25 call center fee?
  86. Is retroactive credit still possible without an eticket number?
  87. problems
  88. United MileagePlus vs. AAdvantage
  89. Priority Baggage for non-elite UA Club Card Holder
  90. Why does my purchased P class say "Upgrade Requested"?
  91. Award Travel
  92. Anyone figure out how to get .pkpass file on UA's website?
  93. Cancelling partner award flights
  94. Time for a wardrobe change
  95. UA sold me a Z fare on AV and booked me in Economy
  96. UA booked an invalid award ticket. I need 3 more. Wait or call now?
  97. UA doesn't seem to like direct flights on LH?
  98. New Luggage update? 4 bags 70 lbs Free on United International flight!
  99. Can I defer an instant upgrade (B fare)?
  100. [Targeted] -- For you: Complimentary upgrades and 20,000 Premier qualifying miles
  101. Help for a newbie (upgrade to Maui)
  102. Counter time at DEL
  103. Confirming SWU at booking
  104. United says Economy Plus seats will be back in GDSs by summer
  105. Maximizing United award tickets
  106. Waiver: IAH Area Ice Storm
  107. Left my helmet on board.... Other options?
  108. hypothetical cost of miles with United
  109. Does CPU get cancelled on Return if 1K checks in but does not board?
  110. RewardPlus UA Gold Requirement
  111. United's 2014 Holiday Schedule
  112. Miles posted and granted Premier Match Status in the same day. Will the miles count?
  113. United Cannot Find Award Availability, but ANA does.
  114. Flight segment missing on UA booking
  115. UA mileage retro credit - applies to status, too?
  116. Multi-destination award booking errors
  117. Why won't list CDG-SFO flights?
  118. Any good summer fares/sales on United Business/BusinessFirst?
  119. Connection time questions when needing to pick up infant staying with grandparents.
  120. Website shows segment of one-way separately: problem?
  121. Does applying ETC delay payment processing?
  122. Flying Vomitorium [Moved]
  123. Made first purchase ticket this year on .com - what is RESERVED seating?
  124. Name Change Concerns
  125. SFO-PER with Stopover
  126. Business class BCN-ORD
  127. Does "No Maximum Stay" Really Mean No Maximum?
  128. United MileagePlus program
  129. Star Alliance Codeshare Dilemma
  130. UA adds flight from SEA/DEN-EWR for Super Bowl weekend
  131. Booking specific UA fare class?
  132. 777 on TPAC routes to/from SFO
  133. Changing an Award before 1st segment
  134. Something is very wrong with this itinerary
  135. New Gate Desks at ORD?
  136. Changing Fare Classes and existing confirmed Upgrades
  137. Children's reservation Legit? Can we combine the reservations?
  138. Effect of positive customer service comments?
  139. MileagePlus Award Ticket Legs Not Showing Up
  140. IAD-SAL gets the axe
  141. splitting records - will it do it in pairs
  142. 'Online upgrade not available'
  143. BKK Exception Policy
  144. Dreamliner economy class vs 777
  145. HNL-GUM island hopper in F: no power?
  146. SEA gets a superbowl widebody
  147. Eligibility for merchandise awards?
  148. United Club and Other United Lounges: Europe
  149. Help with UA Website Multiple Destinations
  150. Changed Flight Fee Refund?
  151. F seat poached by disabled passenger
  152. Purchase United. Upgrade with AMEX points?
  153. 20/21-Jan-2014 - Winter Storm and Impact to UA's Operations
  154. Would you rather have United business-class more exclusive and harder to upgrade?
  155. Looking taking our first trip with miles...
  156. UA interline with Air France?
  157. Upcoming Trip: LAX-ORD-FRA
  158. Can I merge two itineraries?
  159. Miles + $ upgrade vs. ToD on TATL/TPAC?
  160. Expiring instrument and waitlist
  161. Will the bags checked to the final destination?
  162. MP Accounts Closed by UA Alleging Fraud/Misuse
  163. How to use to book partner flights to earn PQDs, booking PQMs,... Consolidated
  164. UA Charging Incorrectly for Awards?
  165. 777 aircraft
  166. United: "Computers are down, please call back in 45 minutes"
  167. International Redemptions / Passport Info
  168. 2014 Soft Landings
  169. confirmed with BP but still waitlisted
  170. getting a past/full itinerary
  171. Mechanical Delay - Missed connection. Forced overnight. United won't pay. Next move?
  172. Is United an Airline or a Loyalty Company?
  173. Any tips for changing airline in one segment award ticket?
  174. Will I be awarded mileage for a trip booked with an electronic travel certificate?
  175. Question about United Standby fee
  176. Speculating on the future of United's Fleet?
  177. Shortest United Flight (that you can purchase)
  178. United club lounges in SFO & LAX?
  179. United Airlines companion pass restrictions
  180. Routing logic
  181. (I will only be a MP Silver by the time the flight)Will Gold Bag Benefit Still Apply?
  182. Upgrade and standby list--very confused
  183. "Real" Protection Call
  184. Overnight connection at EWR, arriving from LHR. Can I check in bags night before?
  185. Award Ticket Increase Question for All - Should I book early?
  186. UA: Is it possible to choose a seat when booking?
  187. Upgrade wait list w/ 2 segments - 1 confirmed?
  188. Can I upgrade award ticket to a different day?
  189. Over entitled FAs - provided limited service, ate snacks from F basket
  190. PriorityPass Select lounges vs United Clubs + Star Alliance lounges
  191. Crew rest delay
  192. No Pillows in F on IAH-BOG - a GPU only Route
  193. Where is R (Confirmed Upgrade to Business/Domestic F Availability in 2014)?
  194. OLCI bug
  195. Changes to an SQ J Award booked with UA Miles?
  196. New GS Reception & Security Lanes at EWR?
  197. Tentative on Multi-city flight
  198. NFL game 2 not on Direct TV?
  199. What makes SFO so GS heavy?
  200. paid for upgrade at kiosk on check-in---no credit for premier qualifying dollars
  201. Traveling with a special needs child - Frustrated
  202. Chase UA Club Card and lounge admission question
  203. NYC to BKK First Class Award - 12/16/14 (night) or 12/17/14
  204. Missing on schedule 12 April 2014 UA724 HNL to SFO
  205. Booking award ticket that includes an EVA air segment seems to drop lap infant
  206. UA Benefits for * Silver Members?
  207. 2014 UA Drink Chits are Yellow?
  208. 1.5 EQM on Asiana Biz Class?
  209. Consolidated "Access to Lufthansa Lounge at IAD" Thread [2014 forward]
  210. Advice for ORD->FRA / AC through YOW?
  211. UAL 4th Q 2013 results...
  212. Using Miles to upgrade P.S. tickets purchased via Travelocity Flexperks points?
  213. Check your 2014 Status On-line...
  214. 16-Jan UA89 [EWR-PEK] returns to Newark; minor injuries in severe turbulence
  215. United FF miles expiry date - advice please
  216. Former Senate Leader Takes to Twitter to Blast United
  217. If a flight cancels due to mechanical problems, what options does the passenger have?
  218. UA ticket from world points reward
  219. Can I mix miles and paid fares on a RT ?
  220. Cannot access my account activities
  221. MilagePlus/LifeMiles/Star Alliance Advice Please
  222. United to EZE (Buenos Aires) Can anybody speak to their experience recently?
  223. Mileage Credit ?
  224. Redeye itineraries from PDX to DC, limited options?
  225. United Airlines Poised for 685 Flight Attendant Furloughs
  226. UA fare war in SEA? SEA-IAH and SEA-PVG
  227. How does UA handle checked luggage with oversold international flight and VDB?
  228. Need advice on club room/board room" day pass
  229. Upgrading Dilemma for HNL-LAX-EWR-BOS with injured passenger
  230. Codeshares, PQD, LH F from UAcom & Misc
  231. What to do with leftover CPUs/GPUs
  232. CPU On Copa award Tickets?
  233. UA to involuntarily furlough 700 flight attendants
  234. Vouchers in the PQD era
  235. GRU-GIG tag flight not scheduled after 4 July 2014?
  236. Mileage Mixup - Extra Miles in My Account - Should I Use Them?
  237. United becomes "Exclusive Airline" of one of the largest LGBT groups
  238. What is the message to know mileage+$ upgrade has been applied?
  239. Anyone else having trouble with the award calendar?
  240. LH F Reward booking into "I" Biz after the fact
  241. intra Australia & United award questions
  242. What GS means now...
  243. Will United ever add more F seats to A319/320?
  244. Calendar Error on United Mobile App - Android
  245. What happens to United Airlines miles if purchase that earned them is returned?
  246. Why UA does not charge YQ?
  247. Advice on Europe/Asia Award Travel
  248. Booked I Award to Asia/Domestic Only X - Then Buy Up Offered
  249. UA did good, very good America's Top Airlines Ended 2013 With a Bang!
  250. Lets eliminate CPU's!