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  1. Mileage Plus Business Class Question
  2. YVR: 3 hour baggage rule?
  3. Really? No power on SFO-SYD?
  4. Lightning Strikes Flight UA 124
  5. About flight attendants on UA international flights
  6. time of booking G class offer to Z class
  7. SEA -> FRA on Lufthansa using United miles
  8. TSA Related Changes - Check Third Party Reservations
  9. 757-200 AVOD free in Y?
  10. Checking into my upgrade list for my flight in a couple days and what do I see?
  11. Never seen this before: Skywest removes passengers for weight restrictions.
  12. Any idea of the brand of foaming hand soap United uses?
  13. Compensation Priority/Preference?
  14. TLV Promotional Fare on Groundhog Day
  15. on 14 of my last flights, UA sold zero seats in full first class cabins
  16. Finding GPU-eligible fares on UA
  17. Another rogue GA at EWR and how to avoid being screwed
  18. NRT-SIN - (almost) empty flight
  19. "Luxury Bonus" - Anyone else get one of these and know what it's for?
  20. Around the World with a GPU & Miles
  21. Moving a segment from one award ticket to another
  22. "Refund" of GPU on multi-segment flight
  23. DEN - Home of the A319/A320
  24. Typical Loss to Airfare Taxes and Fees Using E-Certs?
  25. How does UA award elite status to million milers?
  26. CPU and gate upgrade questions
  27. Standby Upgrade List Not Visible Until T-24?
  28. DXB <<->> DOH: Are these flights ALWAYS Empty?
  29. Boarding music?
  30. FUK to JAX then IAD to FUK - 1 Pass to 2 Pass back
  31. United check-in at Singapore Changi
  32. No pop or juice at LAX T7 UC?
  33. Final leg outbound on UA to *A partner itin vanished
  34. Are award fares, and inventory, fixed to their fare buckets?
  35. Stupid question about sqitching outbound and return dates
  36. Anyone have any creative miles minimizing ways to do ATL-SYD-NRT award?
  37. Honeymoon Award Help
  38. Class of ticket that puts you on the upgrade list Y->J for TATL flights on UA?
  39. Booking an Award from LHR Airport
  40. Help Understanding Award Rules/Options
  41. Award Travel Possible on Great Lakes Aviation?
  42. Article: United Airlines makes plea to win back straying business travelers
  43. Reservation Problem with little help from UA
  44. MP accounts for little kids
  45. Current 3 Cabin Service from EWR?
  46. Explorer Card vs. Club Card
  47. how to forward luggage to non-UA international destination?
  48. Connect as 1K or fly direct as GM?
  49. Does UA's system have a "shadow" (unpublished) ETD?
  50. 150% eqm *A credits discontinued?
  51. UA's ?New? Routes?
  52. It's been fun; Appreciate the Last Hurrah, United
  53. Regional Carrier Ranking
  54. Tweetchat on Winter Operations - Jan 28 11:00a - 12:00p CST
  55. UA to retire 22 757s in 2013 -- feelings on this action?
  56. B767 UA vs. US in Eco
  57. IAD-xxx-VIE upgrade advice needed
  58. San Francisco 49ers Don't Take United to Super Bowl
  59. reconfigured pmUA 2-class 767-300's to munich?
  60. Row 14 suddenly gone. How to tell if this 737-800 has Economy Plus seating or not?
  61. NH award F inventory is the same as award C?
  62. Waitlist/Standby order of operations
  63. Guam - Niigata gone
  64. United website glitches, charges me $490; United blames me and refuses refund
  65. United Award Itinerary
  66. Likelihood of Upgrade IAH-EWR-Lisbon and Return LHR-IAH
  67. Need help to reach a real person email
  68. 27 January - United Express Ground Stop for all UAX Flights into ORD?
  69. How is this a "Flexible Fare"?
  70. Using UA fare/availability info to predict price changes
  71. Consolidated HKG Transfer with UA Questions
  72. TACA/LACSA vs. COPA??
  73. question on Upgrading for cash online while waitlisted for miles+copay upgrade
  74. Upgrade Changes: PHX-EWR
  75. Why does United send a cancellation message for a ticket but not a confirmation?
  76. United no longer offers priority rebooking for 1K's.
  77. How far Seattle has fallen (or: how much Portland has gained)
  78. Minimum of 4 United flights for Premier Status
  79. United MP Number not on Boarding Pass
  80. Saver BF and R inventory linked?
  81. Hybrid Approach to Elite Upgrades Possible? Addressing Day of Departure Cash Upgrades
  82. Is Elite award inventory (XN, IN, ON) inclusive of regular Saver Inventory?
  83. Tax increase on award tickets
  84. Status Match?
  85. Trying to figure out why I am getting a "We were not able to find any available"error
  86. A little help understanding fees involved with changing a ticket
  87. Calling the world's foremost expert on United award ticketing rules
  88. Routing Award: USA-IST,GREECE-USA
  89. New UA Secondary Security Screening Process at NRT
  90. Questions about Upgrading - to the experts...
  91. Segment Limit on Checked Bags
  92. LAX- Chiang Mai awards ticket
  93. SHOCKING!!! Lack of response by UA reps on twitter...
  94. Ultimate Rewards Mall + United Explorer = 2 UR + 2 Miles / $?
  95. Why is UA's baggage system so poor?
  96. old green tea or new floral foaming hand soap?
  97. SFO-JFK in E+ - a quick trip report
  98. Can I make myself non-CPU eligble for a PNR
  99. TAM (JJ) Award stock pulled form
  100. UA Ticket Paid, Divorce Pending, What to do?
  101. Award: USA to S.Africa direct and return via S.America?
  102. no pillow for 7 hr flight
  103. Award Booking Chengdu - Bangalore (CTU - BLR)
  104. "BER - Brandenburg opens in 2014" - bookable on
  105. United Club spouse membership if GS & lifetime United Club
  106. United's revenue based on booking class
  107. Best way to contact reservations/change a ticket when overseas?
  108. UA miles - US/BR codeshare
  109. Global Services Customer Service - AWFUL
  110. free SDC but need to collect tax?
  111. Overlapping Bookings - Any Problems?
  112. Question about checking bag through to LH flight from UA977 DOH-DXB
  113. EWR lounge food options (morning)
  114. 30 min turn on a 767
  115. Riding Emirates with UA Awards?
  116. ORD-IAH Pricing Question
  117. Understanding Codeshare Mileage Points
  118. Catered Cockroach
  119. First Class: United IAD-NRT or Asiana JFK-ICN?
  120. Seat assignments on *A flights
  121. Suggestion for a Europe stopover from KUL or SIN
  122. Legal routing question to South Africa
  123. Online pricing of upgrade incorrect, phone agent & rate desk in the dark...
  124. Any science to UA's paid upgrade offers?
  125. Denied boarding/tight connection
  126. UA charges me a "stopover fee" for a connection to avoid a likely misconnect.
  127. Changes less than 24 hrs after booking, not booked through UA
  128. Need help finding specific flight
  129. Award availability on ANA business class NRT-LAX
  130. Anyway to avoid United Horrendous Change Fees?
  131. Best day for TATL upgrades
  132. Temporary Aircraft Substitutions For United's B787 Flights
  133. 2 777's clip wings at IAD
  134. New Security Duty Free bags on board
  135. Canceling an award ticket -- does seat go back to the award bucket?
  136. Still valid? Non-dated RCC Free Drink Coupons?
  137. Mileage upgrade on LH flights
  138. Missed UA Flight on a First Class Award and Rebooked in Y; Do I Get Miles Back?
  139. Connecting in TGU or SAL or MGA
  140. UA vs ANA C class Thoughts?
  141. Cheapest UA flight anywhere?
  142. What happens if I cancel my MileagePlus Explorer Card?
  143. Change Flights and Sponsored Upgrade
  144. Electronics off when the door is closed, but FA uses e-reader
  145. United Announces Full-Year and Fourth-Quarter 2012 Results
  146. Getting Jerked around with MP Agent about Priceline LH/LX Fare
  147. Incompetent agent, phantom avail, poor systems: just another day booking an award
  148. LOT Award Availability
  149. Unable to change a multi-city ticket online?
  150. Award Strategy Question
  151. Preferred seating for UA Gold on award ticket?
  152. can i sell my free drink coupons
  153. Best UCs of my next few airports?
  154. United Earnings Release & Webcast 1/24 (tomorrow) @ 10:30 ET
  155. Luggage lost for four days, business class, 2 infants
  156. Anyway to find out if UA 117 went out weight restricted...?
  157. Booked International RT flight for friend using my MP miles. Did I do it right?
  158. Partner award schedule change: UA website messed up
  159. Is There An Alternative to Chase Club Card [bundled with Silver status]?
  160. award changes after flying segments?
  161. SJC - future United Club?
  162. SDC after using RPU
  163. Global Services - Asia - Have Question & Need Info
  164. UA imposed schedule change: pay for a fare increase on a new flight?
  165. The language gap
  166. CPU given away to those not on upgrade list
  167. Award tix question: 2 people in PNR, need to change the schedule only one
  168. Did a "quiet" TATL biz-class sale just end?
  169. Better to connect in LHR or ORD from Europe?
  170. When is the last 737-500 flight?
  171. Which fee would apply?
  172. booking US Air thru UA
  173. ORD TO HNL: 777 scheduled for upgrade to layout?
  174. What fare buckets are available?
  175. award seat in UA business class EWR - Europe on 02FEB?
  176. What is the upgrade priority for waitlisted GPUs once they go to airport control?
  177. 17" Laptop Not Powered Nor Charging on United 777
  178. Will I be able to catch all these flight?
  179. New UA Upgrade Success/Failure Tracking Site
  180. UA Elite Status Not Properly Shown on Boarding Passes
  181. Love the 757, But Tiring MX Issues
  182. Does UA offer a Fast Track to Premier?
  183. UA to start selling "Reserved Overhead Bin" space? [HUMOR]
  184. Premier Access being sold to passengers
  185. UA Site Still Horrible?!?
  186. Verifying ecert - Glitch on UA's site?
  187. FRA-IST-EWR 1H 45M Connection Enough Time?
  188. Found: MM luggage tags, OnePass and UA
  189. Routing credit Question...
  190. New MileagePlus credit card, existing reservation
  191. LH Disappeared from Award Bookings??
  192. Free Tapas in Economy Class on my UA Flight
  193. Transferring United MileagePlus Miles into US Air Dividend Miles via
  194. Arrivals Lounge at ORD GONE???
  195. New to United Premier - International Upgrade Options
  196. MSY: Check In / Security Lines?
  197. Has United got any better?
  198. IIROPS fight between LH and UA
  199. Potentially dumb question about US Airways Miles on United
  200. United Changed Flight to illegal connection
  201. MileagePlus Recognition Miles
  202. When does UA usually have their springtime Business Class sale to Europe?
  203. Using multiple certificates at one time?
  204. Booking award with UA+non-Star partner?
  205. My Experience with UA
  206. DEN-HNL always PMUA 3-class international configuration 772?
  207. MileagePlus devaluation?
  208. How to get earlier flight to show up on United when booking flight?
  209. Flying during the superbowl
  210. UA flight numbers on COPA?
  211. Upgrade Search
  212. Newbie - Do I Need UA or AA FF status?
  213. Refund After A Year
  214. Converting 3 O/W award seats into R/T
  215. Lost Travel Certificate Number/PIN; Options?
  216. United CDG airport operations
  217. Phone Order link on awards gone
  218. UA IT In Denver
  219. Need Help Using Miles
  220. HELP needed, Economy plus? 767-400 and 777-200
  221. UAX plane veers off runway at EWR
  222. 1K Award ticket standby strategy?
  223. 757-300 Boarding/Exiting Door?
  224. Dropping from 1K to Gold; strategizing award travel already booked
  225. Has anyone been able to book a similar award routing?
  226. Does a "stop" count as a segment? Flying OMA-IAD with a stop in EWR
  227. Success changing SQ F and/or Suite award travel dates?
  228. Wind Blown UA 737 Hits Fuel Tanker
  229. UA award ticket on SN and TG - who to contact if things go wrong?
  230. Upgrade link gone?
  231. After 23 years with OP and 19 with MP: wants to know my name
  232. Star Alliance F downgraded to Business -- UA award tix
  233. Thru seats with en route stop
  234. United, Please remove Lufthansa Phantom Awards from
  235. MileagePlus Profiles to Use Secure Flight Name Information
  236. Max segments allowed for international United Award round trip ticket
  237. 2008 Elite Choice Team Competition Roll Call
  238. Newbie - Learning about Airline Miles
  239. United tickets on hold are only till 5pm Central time now
  240. ICN/GMP transfer allowed on one UA ticket?
  241. Award redeposit delay/fail Dec 2012 (computer glitches?)
  242. Award Booking Question
  243. 2013 Westbound TATL 757 "Short Stops"
  244. Could someone help re. UA award ticket?
  245. UA: When are your upgrades clearing?
  246. What to do before 1k status expires?
  247. LAX-NYC A320 vs 757-200 in business
  248. should United really be flying to Lagos?
  249. Getting around the US restriction on hotel award bookings
  250. Baggage delayed two days. How should I proceed?

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