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  1. Azul new UA partner in Brazil to replace TAM, experiences?
  2. Holiday Upgrade Chances
  3. Non mileage earning flight numbers now in red. New feature? Accurate?
  4. UA B763s - Will they continue to be 3-class or 2-class?
  5. Award ticket with partner segments (TG)- should United provide reservation number?
  6. Runway construction affect UA'S flight operations in SFO (May to September 2014)
  7. VUP/QUP or other "UP" fares. What class fare do you book, for Frequent Flyer Miles?
  8. Priority for upgrade from two-class to three-class equipment
  9. UX/Skywest PUB-DEN Service Not in Schedule After 3 June 2015
  10. Is UA Insider still around?
  11. Changing domestic part of a ticket home?
  12. Do JPMorgan Chase employees get a free checked bag on United?
  13. Checkin confusion in PEK
  14. Group Travel -- What to expect? Discounts/perks?
  15. Something new? Unable to check-in online for a domestic itinerary
  16. Involuntarily Denied Boarding over passport/ticket "name mismatch" involving spaces
  17. TPAC - Is Domestic Leg Booking Class Limited to Routing Into the US?
  18. Hold everything! Does RN mean something now?
  19. No More Pretzel Service and Full Can Drink on International Y?
  20. Is it OK to wait 2-3 hours before claiming checked luggage?
  21. Converting miles to dollars
  22. Quick Question / recommendation about using UA miles to book hotels
  23. UA Baggage check location for SFO Terminal 1
  24. Unable to get a mostly-TK itinerary booked on 016 stock
  25. UNITED 1st Chicago-Honolulu
  26. Preferred equipment for SFO-IAD redeye?
  27. UAL Financials: What "merger synergies" actually occurred, and where are we now?
  28. Food Poisoning Check - UA1400F or IAH E UC 4th Fl
  29. United tries to win back my business
  30. How to make a booking with int'l segments in W class ONLY & domestic segments < W ?
  31. United Blocking KVS Tool?
  32. Award Issue: TG Close-In Cancellation on UA Ticket
  33. Changing one leg prompts downgrade of other leg
  34. Blocked or unavailable United Economy seats
  35. Can not deselect travel insurance for united award flights?
  36. Choosing TV channel in SFO GFL? (NCAA tourney)
  37. MCI-DEN, DEN-HNL separate carriers--too risky?
  38. FareLock Schedule Change
  39. Should UA move into Hawaii with inter-island flts? GO! is gone.
  40. Copa Club access w/UA Club Membership?
  41. DO Upgrade chances increase if you book Economy Plus?
  42. Access LH boarding pass in FRA
  43. March 2014 - Various Targeted RDM Offers from UA After Completing Survey
  44. Triple miles promotion to Taiwan?
  45. Just got an extremely good value out of an awards booking...
  46. Feedback on Current UA Menus (2014)
  47. Expedited UA-EK xfer for F passengers at DXB?
  48. Does searching daily for prices up the price?
  49. Getting to BKK without NRT connection
  50. Best countries to travel using my mileage
  51. Special meals discontinued for EWR-LAX/SFO (p.s. Flights Not Impacted)
  52. Is J Saver Award Availability related to status?
  53. Find Registered Promotions?
  54. How many GS - 2 million milers can be on a single plane?
  55. One of These Airlines Is Not Like the Others - (Hint it is not UA)
  56. Mysterious New Mailing (2014 Luxury Hotels & Resort Collection catalog)?
  57. Rant: Aircraft replaced with one arriving 30 minutes after scheduled departure
  58. E-CERT towards PQD
  59. How do you get credit for original trip when flight is cancelled andare re-routed?
  60. Upgrade with miles not avail on int'l Y fare?
  61. A thread for good fares we can use our GPU
  62. Rant re non-status traveler getting free E+ and SDC.
  63. Nonrefundable ticket plus cancellation insurance?
  64. YVR-SFO Daily 06h00 goes to CRJ from 05JUN to 19SEP
  65. Awards flights within Brazil
  66. PQM question: US flights operated by AA
  67. 16 March - UA53 [ZRH-IAD] diverted to BOS due to oxygen leak
  68. UA 777 diverts-Spilled coffee in cockpit
  69. Double Booking / why would UA do this
  70. How much discretion do FAs have giving out free drinks?
  71. Two legs disappeared from the award reservation
  72. When will I get the 30k sign up bonus?
  73. Expanding Beyond MileagePlus - Thoughts?
  74. Advice on Buy-up/miles strategy for JFK-LAX United
  75. Need some advice from those that travel to AKL on UA + *A (NZ)
  76. Got weird email for Resv Change + eticket/iten/receipt
  77. UA Expands Mercedes-Benz Tarmac Service to San Francisco for the Spring
  78. Mixed United/partner award pricing exception - post-Feb 2014
  79. Booked a connecting flight, standby at the airport for non stop?
  80. CPU or RPU (for flights to South America from US)?
  81. non-rev trumps 1k?
  82. NH 787 flights not showing on UA award search
  83. UA 1034 3/14 - Tug Driver Issue
  84. Encountered Strange Glitch
  85. "Advance seat assignments restricted...."
  86. Economy Plus While Crediting Another FF Program?
  87. New Member - Will my miles get approved?
  88. United Mileage - Saver Awards Availability - Business-First from Del-EWR/PHL
  89. MP miles purchase email - up to 40 % discount - logic?
  90. Possible Bug With Splitting PNR With GPU-Supported Upgrades
  91. Can't split INTL PNR w/ partner awrd advice to maximize award ticket or add sg for 1?
  92. is canada international?
  93. Need Help Understanding How to Manage a Reservation
  94. In praise of ua!!!
  95. Mileage Plus identities vs. Traveler Profiles vs. Secure Flight
  96. TPAC: Paid For Alcohol, Nasty "Food"
  97. Another 15 UA stations to be ground-handled by outside contractors?
  98. LH Preferred Seating for 1K?
  99. Crazy Scheduling
  100. TG flights booked using UA miles
  101. Do I get miles for flying with an award ticket?
  102. New coffee coming in March?
  103. Change flight with mobile browser error
  104. Does UA consider switching from 763 to 787 on the SFO-CDG route?
  105. Newbie: advice on using 60,000 united miles
  106. UA Passenger accused of disrupting Chicago-Portland flt with drink demands, yelling
  107. United not giving refund for travel certificate used on cancelled reservation
  108. Fare class question
  109. Bad luck for me today.
  110. where are the 737's with the sky interior?
  111. When the gate check goes wrong
  112. Watch inflight movies/TV on your personal device (PDE) - Experiences, discussion,...
  113. A Rough Winter for United Express!
  114. Is UA opening a United Club at MIA?
  115. BEST Use of 215K Miles as a 1K?
  116. How can I put United Miles to best use in my two planned itineraries?
  117. UA 124 (EWR-TXL) on March 9th
  118. United Issuing new ticket number on award flight
  119. SFO-ICN all zero'ed out!
  120. mileage credit for Swiss flights operated by Edelweiss air?
  121. Why does UA fly planes?
  122. Can I help someone out with my miles ?
  123. DL's hubs more valuable than UA's?
  124. Erroneously awarded UA MP instead of US DM
  125. Online check-in from AMS?
  126. LH ticket operated by UA earn miles on MileagePlus?
  127. Contact Smisek If You Don't Like Ground Staff Training Jetway Driving w/ You Onboard
  128. Upgrading one way
  129. Star Alliance Award last minute change/cancellation
  130. Getting to STL
  131. Fare rule interpretation help
  132. What are the worst seats on United?
  133. Do I get a different plane than everyone else?
  134. Complimentary Upgrading on SFO to HKG, as Platinum?
  135. How much personal information does keep/share with 3rd party entities?
  136. 6hr delay, arrive at airport early?
  137. Online flight change not allowed, itinerary bugged?
  138. Check bag through on two tickets, UA and LH?
  139. Land at 12:20 AM - No Gates at FLL
  140. Mileage Plus adjustments and correction service rocks!
  141. SG award booking suggestions.
  142. How to get a refund for a cancelled flight causing hotel penalty
  143. UC member access to Turkish Air lounges?
  144. How to dispute the reason for a flight cancellation?
  145. Help with booking award
  146. Already flown segments not disappearing from itineraries?
  147. Island Hopper Booking Advice
  148. United Business Class Disposable Shavers
  149. Radisson hotel stay, MP credit question.
  150. Good United Contact????
  151. PQM? T and S Fares Book into P (Domestic First)
  152. Are there specific rules for carry-on luggage on UAX (RJs)?
  153. Charity Miles Program?
  154. Please move rows 7 and 8 to back of plane due to weight and balance??A319
  155. Non-refundable tickets for personal trip; need to cancel for business
  156. No Business/First seats available to São Paulo
  157. Flyer friendly overweight baggage charge
  158. Mixed class upgrades?
  159. PQD during IRROPs. How does it work?
  160. What non-hub domestic UA routes still use big planes?
  161. Why IAH-ZRH are Saver Awards available for me, but not for my dad?
  162. PQD for ticket with companion-free
  163. GPU waitlist not cleared....automatically goes on standby list?
  164. UA to Aeromar connection in MEX question
  165. PQM postings and ticket class
  166. If all passengers on the same reservation do not check-in...
  167. Availability of MileagePlus Awards on Thai
  168. Help with Weather tomorrow?
  169. United Club Question
  170. RT SAN > SSA: 25 Feb to 25 Mar - TAM on AA Metal - Credit miles to United or AA?
  171. If UA is going to let GS board first, they need to make it possible to do!
  172. Miles for Endorsed AA Flight?
  173., response in 30 business days
  174. Question about UA flights on 701 ticket stock
  175. Rebooked: Requires coupon?
  176. Flight canceled: what do they do with all the passengers?
  177. Upgrade Confusion?
  178. Finding SWU Space
  179. Question about Multi City Cancellation
  180. United vs Southwest 'Friendly' comparison
  181. Cancel ticket immediately after purchase. No credit charge?
  182. TATL or TPAC route from Asia to Mexico?
  183. Combining two reservations: pros/cons and round-trip or multi-city?
  184. IAD United Club: Which is best?
  185. BBB Ratings
  186. Checking in slightly oversized box on long-haul international flight
  187. EVA unable to see segment on UA award booking
  188. BusinessFirst on intl flight only 40% full
  189. gate checked stroller came back broken
  190. What are "Available" Flexible PQM miles
  191. MileagePlus would like to know more about your travel choices
  192. Brussels airlines on United pnr
  193. Serial complainer story - 2009 ish?
  194. IAH Delays...UA Only
  195. UA Bunch of Liars - Offered second challenge on phone, but now UA says no record
  196. overweight and idb
  197. ON space but no O space?
  198. Applying canceled tix to new flights - remedial question
  199. UA Ticket Counter at new BOM Terminal 2
  200. Is United Reducing Its Presence In The Southeast US?
  201. onepass statements no longer available?
  202. UA3620 03/03/2014 - 37 cleared standby customers on CRJ700
  203. "We won't be gate checking on an A320/UA767"
  204. disappearing segments on United
  205. Totally different award options for 2 travelers?
  206. Asking for empty Duty free bag?
  207. United should give "change credits"
  208. Airline Luggage Tag what do you do?
  209. United Cancels SEA-ANC (Effective 4/5 June 2014)
  210. Is it even likely that someone would reach 100,000 PQM without $10,000 PQD?
  211. Breach of Oral Contract
  212. Is March the lowest elite heavy month?
  213. Booking Premium Economy on ANA thru UAL (016)?
  214. Ideas for Den - ISB in Biz
  215. Pilot left the light on?
  216. PQDs - 6 months EU, 6 months US residence
  217. Is the BusinessFirst seat product and IFE the same across PMCO and PMUA?
  218. Will you get more PQM if buy up at airport?
  219. Multiple destinations not working?
  220. Changing current award (on hold)
  221. Time Zone Problems?
  222. 3 March Winter Storm (DC and NYC Area Travel Waivers) and Impact to UA's Operations
  223. booking problem
  224. EWR-DFW on ERJ-170 stick with UA or switch to AA on this route?
  225. club acess
  226. Crucify Me, But How Do You Upgrade on Transpacifc Flights? UA Gold
  227. UA baggage employee at PDX catches thief
  228. late connection options for non elites
  229. OZ schedule change messes up award - how will they fix it?
  230. Problems with SDC and Mobile App
  231. Cost-effective ways of changing return of a non-refundable ticket.
  232. UA International Award Open domestic leg Problem
  233. CNN Story about United cancellations in 2014
  234. Booking goes from paid first to E-, what's going on?
  235. Best route on UA from SFO - RIO (GIG)
  236. Change FF account on tix after RPU used?
  237. Possible to Have UA Convert My RPU to GPU?
  238. UA: SFO-MRY Fare much cheaper via JFK than direct?
  239. AA ends bereavement fares...will UA follow?
  240. UA 8K - Expect Y/Y PRASM -0.5 to -2.5
  241. 27 Feb 2014 - UX 3370 [STL-IAD] Emergency Landing IAD
  242. Codeshare Seat Assignments (UA/AC)
  243. Stuck on Tuvalu: skipping/missing segments of multi-partner award ticket
  244. AUA award space?
  245. Something screwy with correct PQD's posting after changing original schedule?
  246. Refund possible?
  247. UAL metal on Lufthansa paper
  248. Do I need to worry? April UA award ticket on US metal to Mexico
  249. Do A Express flights with NH flight number count towards 4 required for Premier?
  250. 767 or 747 in GlobalFirst to Europe?