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  1. NONREF/0VALUEAFTDPT/CHGFEE Cancel reservations before the scheduled departure time or
  2. How's you're luck been with "conjunctive" bag checking (4 or more segments)?
  3. With US going, should I get UA FF# or Lufthansa
  4. Changing cabin class on award ticket post-devaluation... reprice mileage cost?
  5. HELP! flying tmrw but out-of-sych ticket caused by UA agent & UA refuses to help!
  6. Number of crew on Int. B772 flying domestic
  7. 9-Dec-2013: UA's Reduction-in-Force Within the Airport Operations and Cargo Division
  8. MSP united club expansion
  9. Asia to Canada(layover) to US Award 60k Possible?
  10. Northeast Weather Waiver Dec 14-15
  11. At airport, are standby Saver award pax processed ahead of UPG pax?
  12. Open Letter to Jeff Smisek CEO United Airlines
  13. How Long is a Free "Stop" (not a Stopover)? How Many Can You Do On An Award Flight?
  14. PVG-LAX on 12/11 -- inbound late, what to do?
  15. Delayed awaiting inbound aircraft, but plane is here?
  16. Segment credit for return to gate?
  17. What is max connecting time on one way intl award ticket
  18. What can I do if award flight is downgrade??
  19. Moving to UA: Advice Please
  20. Centurion Lounge coming to SFO to compete with United Club
  21. Missing Segment Auto-Cancellation with Awards
  22. Rebooked - which middle seat to take?
  23. Help with United MileagePlus Card PQM Bonus
  24. Consolidated GS flying SFO by flight thread
  25. Cannot get PQD information for 2013
  26. (Are UA Agents No Longer Allowd to Tell You Where You Are on the) Upgrade List?
  27. Holiday Gift Offer
  28. Did they fix GPU/RPU waitlisting?
  29. You have not earned or used miles recently
  30. poor IROPPS load planning
  31. UA vs LH vs OS vs TK TATL Business Class
  32. DL introducing Global upgrades good on virtually all fares. Will UA stay competitive?
  33. United Platinum Status - Clarification on Regional Upgrades received
  34. Offered $200 e-cert, received $150 e-cert
  35. Smisek in running for CNBC's worst CEO - and other CNBC UA tidbits
  36. MP Shopping
  37. IAH-ORD-FRA on UA domestic F and LH international F - lounge access
  38. Changing an Award Ticket/devaluation
  39. email notice when miles etc post
  40. Routing Advice for Business Award Travel NYC-DPS?
  41. Weather rebooking and another way upgrade list can be misleading
  42. Compensation if you book own hotel (instead of one offered by UA)?
  43. Ever been declared an unruly passenger? (compensation question)
  44. Can anyone help with flight suggestions NY - Italy (UA Award)?
  45. UA Nov. passenger revenue down 2.5 pct. - GREAT JOB!
  46. BF on a 757-200 or BF on a 777-200?
  47. UA itinerary change question
  48. The Case of the Phantom Upgrade List
  49. When to use RPUs?
  50. Heads Up: US Airways / United Relationship Wind-Down
  51. Harrowing Experience At PVG and Tips/Warning for TWOV Travellers
  52. United won't rebook me on AA following canceled flight?
  53. US Air - United code share
  54. Man left behind on UA flight (operated by ExpressJet)
  55. 737-900 (N75436) Plane with Retro Continental Livery
  56. booking international with miles or cash and likelihood of upgrade?
  57. Crediting N fares to partners
  58. ORD Waiver but not listed??
  59. United stealing zippers from checked bags?
  60. worst rebooking in history?
  61. "Upgrade certificates are useless nowadays" - Hah!
  62. How can a coach seat has XN inventory but no X inventory?
  63. rumor:UA3702 off the runway in STL
  64. Issues using UA Gift Certificates - [Consolidated]
  65. Is it possible to convert TravelBank $ to an ETC?
  66. Mixed Cabin Award Pricing w/ Stopover?
  67. Trying to Understand UA Load Management
  68. (Told by Agent and Supervisor) You can no longer transit Asia on US-Australia award
  69. UA1426 and its multiple origins
  70. GPU/RPU redemption notes now showing flight details on
  71. anyone booked or try to book IAD-CPT for 2014?
  72. Can you change delayed travel online?
  73. mile accural for sdc flights of the same number
  74. X-tra checked bag limits on intl biz class: typo?
  75. No Award Accelerator -- what now?
  76. last minute *A award release
  77. Different award availability Chrome vs Firefox
  78. Set up alert for Business Class Availability
  79. Cleaning crew shortages at IAD causing significant delays
  80. No music on AVOD until 2014 (?)
  81. United locks man on plane, not able to get off
  82. GUM to JNB
  83. Transiting Bejing but I am on two different tickets. problem with UA at checkin?
  84. UA69 (ARN-EWR): Wrong plane, wrong fuel calculations, or bad weather?
  85. Short-Check bags with 12+-hour layover?
  86. United 2013 holiday card
  87. My experience booking one-way, Australia to N. America
  88. UA555, ORDSFO on 3-class 777: pillows in C?
  89. How Are things these days OVERALL at UA?
  90. Comparison of BA's business class to UA
  91. Add'l Copa capacity to/from PTY during World Cup?
  92. 7-10 December 2013 Washington DC-Area Travel Waiver (Winter Storm)
  93. United Baggage Damage Strategy
  94. combo of one way trip backtracking
  95. Chance of Upgrade
  96. UA Award Ticket Cancellation ?
  97. Award ticket will price but cannot be purchased/ticketed
  98. Online multi-leg award booking does not display required miles
  99. Decoding award types
  100. Getting upgrade between IAH and EZE
  101. Booking three award seats for 2 pax
  102. UA's MP Account Activity page now shows upgrade activity detail
  103. Even UA ops managers believe their impossible turn times
  104. [PSA]Vote for charity to receive miles!
  105. UA/LH codeshare 3 PNRs
  106. Why am I still annoyed when my upgrades with GPU don't clear?
  107. Mx leads to outbound itinerary cancellation
  108. This would make the skies a lot friendlier
  109. am confused about crediting mileage.
  110. Best way to actually get GA in trouble?
  111. probability of a non-weather waiver weather waiver..
  112. First Class Upgrade list shows "Booked 13(+10 Blocked)" FLT UA 243 on 12/6
  113. If Arrival Airport Closes due to Political Instability
  114. UA1004 Dec 5 LAX-LAX, what happened?
  115. cheapest UA rt from LGA
  116. Award Flight Questions
  117. "You're on the wait list" even though name doesn't appear
  118. SFO Boarding Area E Open House
  119. Mileage Posting Date ?
  120. Does UA consider IST "within Europe"?
  121. UA COO (McDonald), SVP Pricing (Kinloch), SVP Cust Experince (Hand) Leaving/Retiring
  122. "Now that is a very good question"- volunteers to move airports
  123. Possible to Purchase Additional Luggage Online Before OLCI?
  124. Help! United forgot to confirm my award ticket
  125. LH F award close in. What would you do?
  126. Use of UC Conference Room when UC overcrowded
  127. Strategy for better seats...
  128. Flying First Class, I think? Help! Advice! [EWR-> SIN]
  129. SHARES Modules and Major Overhaul for 2014?
  130. "What you're doing is not right."
  131. AA Giving Out Xmas Gifts - Will UA Match?
  132. Do any UA planes have a Purser's Office?
  133. Calendar lies about availability
  134. 41 passengers removed from plane due to bad weather/need to carry more fuel
  135. shortest / cheapest united flight out of Lhr?
  136. UA loses my bags, TG finds them & pays me compensation
  137. Chase MileagePlus Club Car - How long till Close-In Fee Waiver?
  138. UA Award Booking to TSA - Taipei Song Shan Airport
  139. UA GF vs LH New C vs AC C
  140. If UA is going to make it impossible for 1Ks to upgrade
  141. I want to redeem a ticket with mixed cabin, can I request an upgrade later?
  142. After the merger (pre-consolidation of FF), when did UA/CO give reciprocal benefits?
  143. Arrival lounge in ICN?
  144. Award Change Question
  145. UA/Taca mixed reward ticket - not flying one leg
  146. LIHUE to SFO long delay: still show on time?
  147. UA: Using MP miles for emergency travel from AVL-MSY
  148. Award Flight Not Showing on For Date
  149. Did US Airways Award Availability Disappear?
  150. Warning for the tall folks re: BusinessFirst
  151. UA888 vs UA89 BusinessFirst
  152. just made 1k ,need help
  153. Change an itin with non-codeshared partner segments?
  154. When some good news from UA!
  155. US flights with same number-crediting to UA
  156. Tips for securing co-pay MPU's? (EWR-HNL)
  157. Not able to Check in 24 hours in advance on UA
  158. Jim Compton's Recent Comments on AUS-IAH
  159. 2014 FlyerTalk Awards: United Airlines MileagePlus benefits nominations
  160. united award on turkish airlines?
  161. Which is better E+ or next to empty center seat in E-
  162. Miles on US for mid-January
  163. Is UA planning to charge Silver members for international Economy Plus?
  164. Why "block" instead of book seats for crew?
  165. Will United compensate with PQM?
  166. My United Upgrade Instruments (GPU/RPU) Are Going to Expire - What Are my Options?
  167. Status Challenge
  168. Seat moved from e+ to back of bus
  169. Purchasing Economy Plus - Website Glitch?
  170. Can one wait list for two cabins on an award flight...?
  171. Transfer United Miles, status?
  172. Delta Back to Free Drinks on International... UA to match ??
  173. Which 757-300 goes ORD-SFO
  174. 500 Mile Minimum on reduced-earning partner flights...
  175. ORD Global First Lounge Renovations
  176. Double RDMs for flying n/s SEA>ANC/LAX/PDX/SFO
  177. Double RDM for flying SEA-LAX/SFO/PDX/ANC
  178. Mystery Bonus PQMs?
  179. UA domestic 767 IAH-EWR
  180. Cannot check-in for United flights leaving US - any ideas?
  181. fox news on in United club iah C
  182. club -- anyone else not receiving $5 credits for flight bookings?
  183. Linking reservations: what does this mean?
  184. 100+ on UG list
  185. More new renderings
  186. Do you think I'll receive UA miles for US flight in April 2014?
  187. says no flight available and then list one
  188. MileagePlus (Award Travel) within Canada
  189. On Time Performance
  190. VDB Coupons: Single use or multiple?
  191. Cyber Monday "sale"
  192. Multiple Destination Ticket cheaper then One Way?
  193. What does "SCHEDULE CHANGE" mean?
  194. UA Switched my plane - anything I can do?
  195. United Domestic BusinessFirst Seat Routes?
  196. Time to Post Bonus Miles for Explorer Card
  197. Mixed cabin roundtrip or 2 one ways award travel?
  198. MP on EI codeshare, but 1st segment UA metal
  199. Tonight's UA770 SFO-BOS upgauged to an intl 767-300
  200. CPUs for non-elites using my award miles?
  201. What if you had to manually request CPUs?
  202. LH online checkin changing my UA segment- HELP
  203. NFL at NRT United Club?
  204. Lounge Access at both Toronto/Pearson and NRT?
  205. UA android app annoyance with non-USA addresses
  206. which mileage balance is correct?
  207. Can't price a stopover on award ticket?
  208. Island Hopper Award Travel
  209. How many gates does UA use?
  210. Who's right, award ticket amount?
  211. Award Pricing Question
  212. Standard Award BizFirst International Booking into Domestic Economy?
  213. Ua 951 bru - iad
  214. $105 for paid BIZ tix downgrade from first class from SFO to IAD??
  215. Direct ewr to icn
  216. Ewr-pbi erj-170
  217. ticketed for unnecessary MR -- would you go to airport for possible VDB?
  218. Sheena leads to incontinence? (Or, I don't think that word means...)
  219. Is this worth it? (Credit card vs MR flight vs tax pymnt surcharge)
  220. Upgrading to Business to MNL?
  221. $71 fares from ZFV-LAS - How does UA make money?
  222. New Math = Reservation value
  223. Why does SFO-PEK aircraft overnight?
  224. Has BOS lost focus from UA?
  225. what is UA's history in NYC
  226. Is it better to clock mileage on krisflyer or milleage plus for SQ flight?
  227. 9 hours on 737 with no entertainment, little food
  228. Early "CPU Requested"
  229. Is last-seat standard award inventory for elites for mainline flights only?
  230. Is there a way to print milleage plus membership card?
  231. feedback card
  232. flyer friendly announcement
  233. United denied boarding with confirmed purchased tickets
  234. Award Booking with 24 stopover if no award conx available
  235. Scolded for taking a picture of the MAP?!
  236. Best SFO United Club?
  237. Catch UA Insider on ABC7 Chicago
  238. canīt get credit for my United miles
  239. Why does Seattle to Bucharest price to 30k, whereas Seattle-London-Bucharest is 42.5k
  240. Will UA sell Upgrades at the Gate on International Flight
  241. The BusinessFirst amenity kit floss has been enhanced
  242. Award Ticket LGW-IST?
  243. When to check in for 23-hour MR?
  244. What's the deal with the White United Bus at the Meijer in Rolling Meadows IL?
  245. Melbourne Bound...1st to offer assistance can come with me...
  246. IAH:UA First Class Lounge?
  247. United Extended Halt question
  248. How can we persuade Frank Lorenzo to run the new UA?
  249. UA 357 IAH-FLL Nov 26 - at least three attempts to complete trip.
  250. QF business vs United business