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  1. Available seats by fare class vs. seat map display
  2. Expedia calls to rebook flight!
  3. Qualifying for UA status from June to June?
  4. last minute award tikcet change possible?
  5. China Eastern First vs. UA Global First
  6. A Modest Theory of Why Upgrades Became More Difficult to Obtain After the Merger
  7. Flying Singapore Airlines - KrisFlyer or United?
  8. United alters father's booking.
  9. Urgent: need advice re United allowing a confirmed reservation to cancel
  10. Agent can't book online partner award inventory?
  11. Is there any way to search for UA award travel from a specific airport/date?
  12. UA celebrates their 25 years at Newark Airport Terminal C
  13. United Bumped me and left me stranded in PHX
  14. Found iPhone5 on 5/11 UA1472 BOS-SFO
  15. Credit Miles to UA and Then Another?
  16. Connection in Panama
  17. What is an "international surcharge"?
  18. NYC <-> SFO biz award
  19. Multiple awards needed for this ITN?
  20. Seat assigned, but not visible online
  21. Earliest United Domestic Flight (Non Red Eye)
  22. UA 767-300 (V2) Bulkhead vs. Exit rows?
  23. United Same Day Return - Change/Fee
  24. How (can I) book LH flight booked on United's Website in C?
  25. 18 inch lcd monitor in box as carry on
  26. change fee to change a Y Saver award to an F Saver (same flights)?
  27. Beat the system....?
  28. refund/cancel before ticketing
  29. " Club" How is the Annual Fee Period Calculated?
  30. 20 liters of cider as checked baggage
  31. Is United Gold useful if you already have *Gold?
  32. Broken seat storage in GlobalFirst -- worth complaining?
  33. Can't get to Price Properly
  34. (How to book) United award travel on different airline?
  35. MX-IRROPS Questions: Did I do the right thing and unique double-dip questions
  36. Strange/Odd UA Flight Paths (Due to Weather, etc.)
  37. Changing an Already Upgraded Flight
  38. Leaving Costa Rica for USA why no boarding pass
  39. UA 1885 11 MAY 2013 -- what type of flight is this?
  40. Earn PQMs on a Flight Purchased for Someone Else?
  41. Is There an IAD United Arrivals (or any Lounge with Showers) lounge?
  42. Advice (Concerns About SFO-YVR Flight Delays and Missing Cruise Ship Departure)
  43. Protecting no-status son's E+ seat
  44. Ethiopian takes 24h to confirm?
  45. Cancellation Fee on United?
  46. Anyway to find out which a/c serving my flight?
  47. Mileage Plus Spring Merchandise Catalog
  48. Return of the ORD-SJU (San Juan) non Stop - Begins November 2013
  49. How can I book a flight from US to Taiwan to Ireland back to US?
  50. Midair Alerts Send UAX ExpressJet Plane Back to Airport Twice, Another Hits Bird
  51. CC/Award CPU & Upgrade Standby List: Works for Partner, not United Issued Tickets?
  52. First Post and a newbie for Mileage Plus
  53. From Y to F with one GPU
  54. I just got skipped on the upgrade list
  55. What is current UA policy for C TATL if LH causes missed UA flight?
  56. Loads On UA 920 -- Saturday 5/11?
  57. UA - fare code KLX73DM2
  58. Standard Award Entitled to E+?
  59. Booked LH award, but...
  60. Consolidated known display glitches
  61. Flight cancelled, took train for last segment.
  62. Update on our Airbus Reconfigurations (Seats, Entertainment, Channel 9, etc.)
  63. HKG-SIN mr question
  64. Premium Economy (Economy Plus) on AE Award
  65. Gate checking bag with onward international connection
  66. 2 questions RE: daypasses and reward refunds
  67. Survey: United beats most rivals in miles redemption
  68. Delta: It's not a race to the bottom [WWUAD? (What will UA do?)]
  69. Article: Are passengers abandoning United Airlines?
  70. Aeromar (VW) Flights now available for MileagePlus award redemption on
  71. Strange upgrade message on itinerary
  72. Help on two itinerary, how to check in luggage
  73. Is There Any Way to Avoid/Reduce the Domestic Upgrade Award Co-Pay?
  74. Is DPS-BKK-CDG-IST legal using UA points?
  75. how long for UA to recognize change to Mileage plus explorer?
  76. Best Use of $100 x2 UA Vouchers?
  77. Separate Bathrooms for E+ - is this new???
  78. GPU Strategy to Europe
  79. How to get receipt showing original fare class?
  80. Unused award ticket. Re-depositing only a portion of the miles.
  81. What am I doing Wrong? - Splitting Direct flight into two segments
  82. United Ghost Flights: what's your emptiest (2013 thread)?
  83. 1K Voice Reaching Senior People - Experiences?
  84. 757-300 foot rests in domestic F?
  85. Thank you, UA forum!
  86. Is SHARES skipping over the Waitlist?
  87. United canceled my award reservation?!?
  88. Is GlobalFirst worth a reposition (over BusinessFirst)?
  89. $2200 buy-up offers to Global first on a TPAC flight: glitch or a decent deal?
  90. Using UA miles to upgrade US flight
  91. United Reports April 2013 Operational Performance
  92. Can book with my miles but not with son's?
  93. Not Displaying PQM's
  94. What Type of Aircraft Does UA Use for HNL-NRT Flights?
  95. Why does UA issue online boarding passes for inbound USA flights?
  96. Getting notified about double-mile promotions on United
  97. Through Check-in (Interline Between UA and SQ on Separate PNRs)?
  98. Do I need to checkin earlier if my GPU is not clear?
  99. Y->J upgrade waitlist policy on three class flights: 0 J seats, > 0 F seats
  100. Booked Flight Wrong Day Months Ago
  101. UA and kicking passengers off their planes (James Fallows Article in The Atlantic)
  102. Why can't they keep ETC info online?
  103. Mechanical Delay - Wait or Change flights?
  104. Does Singapore Airline release HKG-LAX Y award seats to United?
  105. Started year going for Silver, now thinking of switching to TK Elite
  106. Receiving PIN codes for travel certificates over the phone?
  107. upgrade question LAX-MEL
  108. Award Booking Question - Brussels
  109. 12TCVA voucher refund
  110. Wife bumped from flight before arrival at airport
  111. Ovens to be added to Coach on PMUA Aircraft & New Choice Menu items coming
  112. United changed its award inventory to avoid US airway final inflation.
  113. Meal voucher vs. compensation
  114. FCO Check-In Question
  115. Is only half of our two-passenger itinerary checked in?
  116. Reward One 11ER81 - What happens if you cancel or change?
  117. Need Help Getting to Cannes on UA
  118. United 744 Business or EVA Air new 77W Business?
  119. Suggestions for upcoming SFO-IST in award C
  120. Is refund working today, May 5, 2013?
  121. Best way to find Z(P) fare SFO>Italy in September?
  122. Can you request ORC for a VDB onto another * carrier (or UA for that matter)?
  123. Can E-cert be used for copay for Y-C upgrades?
  124. How many miles does in take to upgrade from (international) economy to business
  125. Getting to Gold - miles vs. comfort
  126. Everything You Want to Know About Where to Sit on a 757 (International)
  127. UA Y Reward trip to FRA
  128. Collecting mile donations for Cancer Patient's travel for treatment
  129. Almost all first class award redemption are gone in
  130. $200.00 Domestic Change fee
  131. IND to LHR on award ticket: UA or Air Canada?
  132. UA14..R inventory goes to zero instantly?
  133. Help booking award tickets home from Vietnam
  134. Flight tomorrow, do I have any chance of upgrade to First class?
  135. Is it worth paying the $50 close-in booking change fee to change UA F to LH F?
  136. How to force UA search engine to display flights
  137. Which is better, LAX-JFK or LAX-EWR in UA Economy?
  138. Best strategy to get Business Class Saver Award 3 weeks before flight to HKG?
  139. UA 869 Capt MIZRAHI's Last Flight
  140. Only see upgrade option with miles. What's $ cost to upgrade my parents' trip?
  141. Forcing Open R Space?
  142. Quick question for EWR checkin
  143. Anyone experienced the United Behind-The-Scene Airport Tour?
  144. UA
  145. Late arriving crew for a flight the next day?
  146. Help with Award booking - KTM back to FLL
  147. (Re-)Introducing Subscriptions for United Club, Economy Plus and More
  148. Pilot - Ask a FT'er
  149. Gate Agent Claims Z class fare is not Confirmed Business; Mistake or Not?
  150. United IT: does it do what it wants?
  151. A new TPAC service?
  152. special on US flight - cheaper than US
  153. When a one-way trip is considered one or two segments (for upgrade purposes)
  154. Inconsistent baggage allowance on NZ Award ticket with multiple flight segments
  155. would I allowed to book a CMB-SIN-IST-IAH ticket on UA?
  156. Flight delayed because inbound is on schedule?
  157. Criteria For Refund Due To Delay
  158. ADVICE NEEDED: LH not honoring UA MP mileage award
  159. Flight cancelled - no notice
  160. UA and US Elite: Getting Best Seats on US and UA Flights on Same Itin
  161. 21C EWR to ARN. How bad will it be?
  162. Behind the Scenes at Unitedís Test Kitchen
  163. Will miss a fly segment
  164. Any way to tell if Explorer Card is properly tied to MP account?
  165. Consolidated UA changes you will / will not like - Frequent Flyer's edition
  166. Shooting at IAH - UAL Terminal B
  167. Bag fee on J award connecting to partner
  168. Changing LH issued F ticket
  169. SFO baggage office telephone number?
  170. Do I need points in account to see award availability?
  171. United Airlines Double Charged Me! Help?
  172. JC Penny we made a mistake commercial
  173. New Feature on Seat Availability When Requesting Upgrade?
  174. Multi City Question
  175. equipment swap guessing game?
  176. International check-in at airside of SEA
  177. News: UA4226 Clipped by SAS Plane at EWR [1 May 2013]
  178. can BF armrest be lowered on EWR-PVG?
  179. SFO-ICN in C: UA vs OZ vs SQ?
  180. (Relative) newbie seeks honeymoon help.
  181. Honeymoon Travel ~ Need help on flight plan
  182. 10th Anniversary (Personalized Message on United's Website)
  183. How do I receive a Refund Travel Certificate?
  184. Toll-free number for United Air in Italy?
  185. pre-departure reconciliation of the manifest...questionable outcome...thoughts?
  186. Spirit's profits Soar, a sign of things to come with UA
  187. If Silver Elite with the Mileage Explorer Card, extra free bag?
  188. ecoplus seat extra fee moving down?!
  189. Seating question
  190. Help booking rewards flight to Ireland
  191. What is UA's Policy for an Unacompanied Minor/Teen Travelling Internationally?
  192. does my roundtrip award ends once i reach the point of departure?
  193. EWR vs. IAD - better UA hub for mileage run
  194. If I book EWR-TLV R class with cash + miles + copay, how many RDMs/PQMs will I get?
  195. "Reserved seat" on seat map?
  196. I Know It's Petty but IFE Receipt?
  197. Change of destination on award in stopover position possible?
  198. New 1K Member - Question re: Illegal Connection & Benefits
  199. About to book MIL-FRA-JFK on miles. Did I miss anything?
  200. Is it reasonable request a refund if mileage credit is denied?
  201. Help suggest IAD => LON on points
  202. The Westin Heavenly In-Flight Bedding was on United and now is on Delta
  203. New to Business Travel every week - ways to get more UA miles/points?
  204. Can you easily change award tickets during the 24 hour post-booking grace period?
  205. Second bag fee to Asia $100 as of 6/1/13?
  206. Travel Advisory - DEN - May 1st
  207. Crediting flights on the same ticket to different FFPs (Post-Travel)
  208. What to do with 37000 Continental OnePass Miles
  209. Blue Angel cancel to coming to SF, will UA Family Day still hosting as usual?
  210. routing for hnl to nrt questions
  211. Seems some GF saver award seats are available only to GS
  212. Bulkhead in 777 on SIN-NRT route (UA6/UA7)
  213. Can 1K standby -24 hr flight for free?
  214. Squeezing every last united mile out of Chase
  215. Upgrade on International flight
  216. United is refusing to award bonus PQM/RDM for cash buy-ups
  217. LH routes with a 747 with separate bed
  218. U on new mobile app
  219. A look at SFO T3 Progress - "As nice or nicer than T2"
  220. Newark to Warsaw Reward Travel question
  221. United to Add New Embraer E-175 (76-Seat) Aircraft to United Express Fleet
  222. New PS service - IFL access?
  223. Need help with Thailand ticket. Paid vs award
  224. Change in Paid Ticket --Any Refund on Taxes?
  225. any reviews of UA6 SIN-IAH
  226. United Miles for car rentals
  227. Did United check-in staff lie about window seat?
  228. Need help with mixed award and economy+miles tickets
  229. "You Deserve Instant Elite Status" eMails from American Airlines
  230. How Does United Define "Direct" Flights?
  231. Send or Fax Boarding Passes for Credit? Are You Kidding Me???
  232. United Connection to Lebanon, NH (LEB) on Cape Air
  233. Standard Award Question
  234. United Promotions
  235. Who thinks the music selection on United is horrible?
  236. A Proposal to Make UA Credit Cards Attractive to Elites
  237. Did the change fee for non-refundable tickets just go up from $150 to $200?
  238. UA or AA out of Shanghai?
  239. How accurate on the online flight seating availability charts?
  240. What happened to IAH-SAV?
  241. Upgrading CHI to JNB when being reimbursed for Coach
  242. My bacehlor party - DCA to LAS
  243. Seeking advice as to booking via miles or $$$.
  244. Legacy UAL Crew Stopped a Defection to Delta
  245. New, More Restrictive Award Routing Rules (??)
  246. UA Elites in US Hubs - What to do??? Who wants our business???
  247. Award fee increase after check-in?
  248. Question on A/C to Hawaii
  249. award availability with MP explorer
  250. Basic Question - Cancelling a MP Award Ticket, Refunding Award Miles, Fees, etc.

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