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  1. Help with flight change
  2. If there are seats available, then why am I waitlisted for the "mileage upgrade"?
  3. Customer Care Phone Line Turned Off 8 Oct 2014
  4. United narrows Q3 PRASM Guidance - analyst expects them to lead Q4 PRASM growth
  5. Delta confirmed increasing MQD thresholds, surely UA to follow (?)
  6. Accumulate miles in different account on a round trip
  7. Price increase for United Wifi (737)
  8. Mileage Plus Award on Turkish Airlines
  9. Is transferring miles to United possible?
  10. Premier Access Pushed Me Back A Boarding Group?
  11. Upgrading shorter leg of TPAC flight only
  12. Website Bug?
  13. How to determine the fare class for mileage earning on codeshare before purchasing?
  14. ACKKKKKK!!!!! supervisor doesn't document the file, I am on the phone for 2+ hrs!
  15. United improvements at LGA
  16. Upgrade to Business on Lufthansa
  17. Crediting UA for NH codeshare operated by GA
  18. UA matched my LH status, but my acct doesn't show it after almost two hours.
  19. UA 777 On IAD-IAH, Questions
  20. OO (SkyWest / UA Express) to install Gogo WiFi on E175/CR7 aircraft flying for UAX
  21. Delaying departure by one day
  22. Full fare upgrade?
  23. Lifetime *G for UA traveler - is there any other way to buy or acquire this benefit?
  24. LAX-ORD Going to A320 only?
  25. how to book one way united international flight and get a free connection flight?
  26. Change/merge reservations with overlapping itineraries?
  27. Question - Booking LH flight on UA website
  28. Is it possible to purchase a BR Royal Laurel ticket on 016 stock?
  29. When Does Status Earned in 2014 Expire?
  30. Has UA ever had a "no upgrade, no change" fare structure?
  31. Is It Best To Have Minimum Status on UA and all other airlines?
  32. UA change/cancel policy (related to SJD Hurricane situation)
  33. Is United Express Piloting a No-Gate Checked Baggage Policy?
  34. Star Alliance benefits without gold program in record?
  35. Lounge Options: TPE DPS
  36. Infant boarding passes from OLCI
  37. UA weather CS mess @IAH 6 Oct 2014
  38. Crazy re-booking due to potential misconnect
  39. United cancelled my ticket, claimed I was a no-show on 1st leg
  40. End of year PQM posting
  41. FA's Luggage stayed on the floor from takeoff to landing
  42. New Aromatherapy scent added to hot towels in FC/BC?
  43. EWR-FRA United Arrivals Lounge?
  44. Plane swap to change which route gets delayed?
  45. Seniors, please help a noob. Miles to Hawaii
  46. <700 mile economy award trick to save 2.5k miles each way
  47. United changed final destination and left me stranded with no options
  48. How many miles for an INTL upgrade?
  49. int'l award booking with return flight over a year out possible?
  50. Award ticket changed, but no tax refund
  51. United Club membership after closing Chase Club Card?
  52. DEN-CLT travelers please speak up!
  53. Does United has time requirement for baggage claim pickup?
  54. How to find what the four-character saver award booking codes mean?
  55. Weather Cancellations/Typhoon Vongfong
  56. LX C vs sCO BF vs LH C (old 744) vs LH C (new 747-8)
  57. wrong gate approached on landing at SEA
  58. united.com getting spied on?
  59. Which airlines to credit miles to -flight to India after March 1st, 2015
  60. Ua 2181 iah-iah
  61. CDC boards incoming BRU-EWR flight 4 Oct 2014 [Ebola considered unlikely]
  62. Global F: worth a GPU
  63. ORD to CDG Is this flight always a 767 or does it switch to 777?
  64. Difference between 737-8 and 9
  65. 15 min INTL connection in IAH and Bag Still Made It!
  66. Giving up an UG--twice, as a courtesy to other FC pax
  67. DEN-FRA Gurus. Best Options for Y
  68. UA decreasing flights from ORD-PDX
  69. Seat assignment after upgrade
  70. Changing a flight from 4 passenger to 1?
  71. upgrading with miles and points on partner airlines?
  72. Bonus miles SFO-HND promo (10/3)
  73. E+ seats after CPU's clear
  74. What's the latest time to change a flight
  75. GM charged Silver award fee - glitch?
  76. Ebola passenger on United??
  77. United's Twitter response time
  78. Inbound is late for 5.5hour - outbound is still showing ontime
  79. Liquor cuts, October 2014
  80. The Quality of the Hummus as Found in the UA Snackboxes Late 2014-?
  81. Advice to new 1K for booking BF SFO-HNL
  82. Am I getting UA MilegePlus miles when flying on Air France?
  83. Overnight layover on award ticket w/ infant
  84. RUMOR: United partnering with Travelers Century Club
  85. United Airlines First Class Perks - Questions. Please help!
  86. U.S. Ebola patient flew on United Airlines to Dallas
  87. Award Routing Help
  88. United GlobalFirst Suites-equipped aircraft domestic routings?
  89. United not opening up Economy seats on CUN-SFO route in April 2015 yet?
  90. Plane Pull Contest-UA SFO Family Day, October 12, 2014
  91. UA Branded Flight on Another Carrier
  92. What does this mean? (at the end of the confirmation email)
  93. "Passenger of Size" (PoS) - What's the policy, experiences, issues, ...[Consolidated]
  94. A few questions about changing a flight
  95. Long itineraries over calendar year
  96. First class saver that wasnt
  97. Interesting view on UA's business
  98. New United CIO Comes from Canada's Most-Complained-About Telecom
  99. BusinessFirst not available?
  100. Saver Award on GermanWings
  101. F Award advice NRT - SFO
  102. Roundtrip award- Can OW be Business?
  103. First time flying Copa - MP and upgrade questions.
  104. DL booted, wants UA gates at Dallas Love
  105. Title before name not allowing Gold account to take?
  106. Questions About BOG-IAH Travel (Check-in Time, Airport Tax Payment, etc.) on UA
  107. LH FRA 1st Class Terminal Access using a MP Award
  108. Award options after an airport goes out of business
  109. How might Southwest's New Intl terminal at HOU affect UA at IAH?
  110. Pilot Strike??????
  111. Cashew Size Improvement?
  112. Guest made to leave UA club when I left
  113. Issues with China to New Zealand Awards for 2
  114. New FFP: should CPU and instruments eliminated entirely?
  115. any way to know if a flight took any vdb?
  116. PQD and other 2015 changes on number of elites
  117. Options to Change Outbound Flight One Day After
  118. Buy 2 seats for 1 passenger tpac (armrest ?)
  119. IAD Outsourcing of Ground Staff Delaying Flights
  120. Two GVA-IAD flights today
  121. Ground Delay @ EWR due to traffic - pulled off plane at BOS?
  122. UA Premier Gold/E+ on Award Ticket?
  123. E+ free for all
  124. Where to I collect my checked bags? USA inbound UA int'l flight with an onward conx?
  125. Accuracy of inbound flight on UA.com flight status?
  126. Fewer flights on Saturdays starting November
  127. Miles for "United Operated by Air Canada Rouge"
  128. How long before refunds on upgrade copayments?
  129. UA flight number ranges with codeshares (by operating carrier)
  130. Just got my first tier (Silver); fuzzy on retaining it
  131. Not informed of my schedule change
  132. ORD question (international flight CDG>ORD)
  133. Help with NYC-ADD for PQM
  134. SDC options or Purchase early flights
  135. Thinking about switching from SAS Eurobonus to United MileagePlus
  136. United's New Ad... Now United too has your back!!
  137. Fire at Chicago ATC Sep 26 2014 and Impact to UA's Operations
  138. 70 PQM short for Gold - what to do?
  139. WiFi installation converts A-319 into A-320!
  140. Facing the big alliance decision...*A vs OW
  141. Why so long to get mileage credited Air New Zealand? (non crediting fare!)
  142. What's the highest PQD you've seen with no status?
  143. confussion with award change
  144. Travel Waiver - US State Dep't Turkey
  145. SFO-TPE, NRT-LAX what's the likelihood of better upgrade offer?
  146. "Legal" bookings to Asia/Oz
  147. Has anyone had issues getting miles credited flying Air India?
  148. Ghastly experience (positive sarcasm)
  149. Official UA/FFG San Diego Mini-DO 2014 Oct 25 [CANCELLED]
  150. passenger loads SFO-OGG ?
  151. Segment run (with duplicate segments) posting error -- UA error!
  152. Silver v Gold v Platinum in reality
  153. Booking SAA award flight using UA miles
  154. RPUs on a Trip with Multiple Segments: Fact-Checking a Phone Agent
  155. Award Tix redemption for first time
  156. Having Problems trying to book Award Ticket, help please
  157. Open Jaws question from Hawaii
  158. Everything You Wanted to Know About Where to Sit on a United 787-9
  159. LAX-LIM in C. UA or Copa?
  160. Cancelling one intermediate segment on international UA flight
  161. CPU: EWR-LAX A320 or JFK-LAX 757PS?
  162. Why I'm Clearly Not Cut Out For Revenue Mgmt
  163. Using $$ to upgrade an award ticket
  164. Need Help With A Complicated Booking
  165. Heads Up: Dinner with Captain Denny, 28 September, San Francisco
  166. Winter (Q1 2015) schedule cuts coming
  167. ORD-RIC downguages from CR7 to E145. Other cities also?
  168. Award availability for Premier Gold
  169. Upgrading on an LH code share flight
  170. Baggage question need experts help
  171. ORD-HNL Upgrade Chances?
  172. Upgrading a friend's ticket
  173. Question regarding United's Policy for carrying Smelly fruit (Durian) in the luggage
  174. Saver award availability in AC
  175. Arrival lounge in EZE?
  176. Looking for reward business flights from Asia to SFO/LAX over Christmas time
  177. Best use of 70k miles UA
  178. Can I book 1 ticket in first and one in Y on same reservation?
  179. Interesting inventory management
  180. Converting 2 one ways to round trip with stopover? fees to do this?
  181. Buy Ticket and Upgrade tutorial UA
  182. HNL-EWR need some guesses
  183. Is There a Workaround For The Award Search Calendar View Bug?
  184. Can you still upgrade later when there's no award availability?
  185. Possible to Split PNR After Travel Has Commenced?
  186. Boarding cut off times - could you clarify this please?
  187. Change In Policy re: Splitting Segments on One-Stop Flights?
  188. Upgrade that wasn't that much fun
  189. LAX-CUN Redeye - FC Service?
  190. Cash and miles on a RT ticket?
  191. PQD and 2015 Miles Earning Calculation on Star Alliance "Around the World Fare"
  192. Recent experiences with SSSS and UA?
  193. UA to end JFK-IAD Service, Effective 25 October 2014
  194. "That flight does not exist" - Agents Not Able/Willing to Rebook on Other Airlines
  195. fee for cancelling and re-crediting miles question
  196. What's The Deal on Mileage Posting Delays?
  197. Club lounge agents helpful with same day changes?
  198. SDC Snafu
  199. Waiting List for Aisle Seat?
  200. Status of UA/FA unified contract discusions? [Consolidated]
  201. Cannot book Multiple segments (10) tix online
  202. Fare Increase implemented today [19 SEP 2014]?
  203. BOM - EWR - SFO GPU/RPU exchange if doesn't clear?
  204. New change address verification for MP (just non-domestic changes)
  205. Newsmax as default channel on DTV
  206. UA made a change, LH still shows the segment in PNR
  207. Why Do You Lose Your Thai Airways Seat Assignments When United Re-Issues Tickets?
  208. Thanks everyone, booked my first award flight
  209. UA1006 BOG-IAH is now BOG-PTY-IAH. Why?
  210. Consolidated connection time/logistics at BRU
  211. Upgrades at PVG
  212. Award Flight, Schedule Change, MCT Violated, No Seats Left, Options?
  213. Free E+ Upgrade Because of Website Error?
  214. New Baggage Rules Published 9-18
  215. All classes shows zero availability = potential canceled flight??
  216. ORD - CLT Fleet Changes
  217. Favorite UA Aircraft for Intercontinental Travel?
  218. Name transposed on Star alliance international award
  219. LHR-based 1K leaving UA--but where to?
  220. Strange Reservation in Online Profile
  221. Can anyone give a primer on Booking Classes? I am new to flying
  222. PIT-FRA-EZE-PIT Ticketing Question
  223. United.com charging elites for E+??
  224. Air India not available in United fare rules
  225. Overstaffed United Airlines hopes 2,100 flight attendants accept $100,000 to quit
  226. [CONFIRMED] GPU's expiring on Jan, 31 2015 will be extended (max 2 GPU'S)
  227. Be careful when SDCing on which day is offered
  228. Lie Flat flights BOS-West Coast (LAX/SFO)
  229. Companion Baggage Benefits on Mistakenly Split Rez (w/ ANA Codeshare)
  230. How often do your RPUs clear?
  231. UA Global First ranked 5* for food! (site error-- actual 2*)
  232. Trans Tasman J class award availability on AirNZ
  233. Postpone misconnected leg for more than 24 hrs?
  234. Goodbye Q-400s, Hello More EMB-175s
  235. Overnight connection (int.) in EWR: Will UA accept my luggage?
  236. Fare mapping to Copa (H=V?; Q=?)
  237. Does existing status stick to booked reservations, if status actually falls meantime?
  238. Airfare already purchased - now dropped $400
  239. Star Alliance Upgrade Awards-Cancellation of Partner Flights
  240. What can I do...Downgrade few Days Before Int'l Travel (due to aircraft change)
  241. Does United Express have WiFi?
  242. Are the old Premier Exec 1k Air Currency still good?
  243. Missing Miles, UA Cust Service claims no records when I was on the plane
  244. United hold of award ticket gone
  245. Stranded in Cabo After Hurricane Odile - What to do?
  246. GUM-CNS-AKL (UA-NZ)-help needed-urgent
  247. P fare ticket YYZ to IAH; Can I access maple leaf lounge?
  248. Three Class 772 HNL-SFO
  249. UA & OTG Announce Plans to Re-Imagine the Airport Experience at EWR [UPDATED DETAILS]
  250. Who took my upgrade?