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  1. UAL fined $350k for untimely refunds
  2. Pilots Reach Integrated Seniority List (ISL)
  3. deadline to cancel/redeposit award ticket...?
  4. Most elite light flight I've been on in a long time
  5. Will UA's superior domestic award availability last?
  6. Can i increase my layover from 1 and hal hour to 25 and half hours in FRA?
  7. Japanese Domestic awards online
  8. Saturday SFO>FRA Weird Upgrade Message Advice
  9. Madrid upgrade
  10. Unable to use credit card online?
  11. United International Upgrades: Ways to avoid copay?
  12. Currency issue at
  13. SFO / London - Does UA have power in seats in coach?
  14. Buy miles and receive up to 60% bonus PROMO
  15. FAA Air-worthiness papers expired?
  16. UA MR to DXB, DEL, or BOM. Recommendations?
  17. 737-900 On Short Haul - Test?
  18. New automated announcements in ORD United Club
  19. Revolving UA staff?
  20. Booking award travel for family: Use my miles or give them miles?
  21. Business First to Hawaii
  22. international award ticket change question
  23. Does any web resource provide UA specific fare alerts?
  24. Award ticket problem - how long are the tickets valid?
  25. 1 booked in First, 15 on upgrade standby list
  26. HKG-SGN: New Departure/Arrival Times
  27. TPAC F/C redemption options with *A partners
  28. Booked in Econ and unlikely upgrade to BF, saw GF award available, strategy?
  29. Help me book award travel...
  30. Access to UC for minor traveling alone?
  31. Refund for Paid Upgrade?
  32. United Missed flight rule - Restricted Ticket
  33. United Raises Fares?
  34. 1K booking XN saver economy reward ticket, any probability to upgrade?
  35. Any benefits to being LAS based with United? I can't think of any
  36. 1K booking Y+ for 6 Pax on 1 PNR but want CPU
  37. My Incorrect Award Ticket Taxes Saga
  38. Alleged "Upgrade not wanted"
  39. Bump from United to another Star Alliance Flight?
  40. Help with switching an award flight
  41. Is GS entitled to a free snackbox?
  42. United fined for failing to issue prompt refunds
  43. 1978 RCC (and other VIP club) stats
  44. Aug/Sep '13: US Awards Limited/Not Apperaing on; Blocking? Tech Glitch? Other?
  45. Any consolidated source for Thanksgiving/Christmas 2013 Int'l service reductions?
  46. NRT-HKG service discontinued after 26 Oct 2013.
  47. Advice For UA Award Trip IAH-MAD-ATH-CDG-IAH
  48. purchasing premier access
  49. United Club changes (drinks and Wifi) - Sept/Oct. 2013
  50. UA will start SFO-IND service beginning 1/7/2014
  51. Frontier Ascent Status Match?
  52. Crossing both oceans on a US ↔ Asia award
  53. UA award miles/flight discounts?
  54. Any Perks for Club members at the United Club at Soldier Field?
  55. Log me on twice today--a problem for anyone else?
  56. Innacurate Results Generated by "My Dates Are Flexible"
  57. Baggage rules for FRA stopover
  58. LAX-NRT-BKK E+ strategy?
  59. Follow the tail help - Lost item on expressjet (United Express)
  60. Current policy for medical cancellation and experience
  61. What dining program to use to save miles from expiring?
  62. MP credit with name in wrong field?
  63. United 1K not Star Gold on USAirways anymore?
  64. Waitlist w/o a travel agent?
  65. Return Award booking for SYD -> SFO
  66. Changing destination once award travel has began
  67. MP Merchandise Awards Program
  68. DMN Analysis of Problems with UA Merger
  69. Downgrade process for plane change - A320 > A319
  70. Paid for bulkhead- now 737 version changed-experiences?
  71. UA Silver vs. *Gold (non UA) on UA Flights
  72. Concerns about my UA BOS-IAD-DAY flights on 30 Aug
  73. United Airlines to offer non-stop Chengdu (CTU)-SFO service (11 June 2014)
  74. Question about United luggage rules
  75. Chrome Extension for UA Expert Mode
  76. Match Your Spouse Promotion
  77. When can we pre check with gate passes?
  78. What's the cause of delay UA889 8/28/13
  79. United Fliers Community Gift
  80. Fog in SFO and ACV
  81. Schedule Change rule for Award tickets
  82. Jeff puts his money where his mouth is, buys $250K of UAL at $27.66
  83. New Transpac Flight from SFO!
  84. Luggage on multiple partners with long layover
  85. UA Award on LH in J Confirmed, Ticketed... now on Waitlist?
  86. Why doesn't the initial reservation email list the actual flights?
  87. IE lounge access at LHR (SFO-LHR-ORK)
  88. Carry-On Bag CRJ700 IAD-ORD: gate checked or tagged to final destination
  89. I got PN upgrade for 2 on V fare! Can someone explain?
  90. Best Upgrade Chance Help?
  91. Problem with almost-simultaneous reservations?
  92. "Misleading" seat charts on united's website
  93. [False Alarm] AA Imposing YQ on Int'l award tix...UA please don't follow the pack
  94. Tight FRA connection LH/UA. What are options if misconnect?
  95. Award search question - one-way flights don't show up on multiple destination search
  96. Weather cancellations and rebookings with a twist
  97. Can one person make a difference? Maybe. Does United listen? Yes!
  98. 21 miles/$ + 20% off coupon code (UA online shopping portal)
  99. UA Change to 777's to/from Australia
  100. Obtaining UA status flying mostly SQ
  101. Excess of R, 2 open seats?
  102. Making Exceptions for Status Requalification
  103. JN>F?
  104. Award Travel 2014 Perhaps 2015
  105. GA closes flight early
  106. "United is Working to Earn Your Business" Corporate Travelers
  107. Questions About Aircraft and Premium Cabin Seating Options for IAH-GRU on UA
  108. chances of getting off waitlist from sin-nrt for upgrade
  109. Equipment Change to EWR-LAS Route
  110. Two stops cheaper than one stop
  111. Missing Fare Class Info on
  112. United Miles MEL-HNL
  113. While United Removes Information about Frequent Flyers for Flight Attendents ...
  114. Transcon Wars
  115. Book first class award travel
  116. Why is EI excluded from my award search?
  117. EWR-BHX non-stop discontinued?
  118. Chance of getting E+ on ORD to LHR?
  119. No more last-minute opening of saver award availability (X/XN)?
  120. Expert mode broken? 7:45 pacific time 26-Aug-2013
  121. ORD-YHZ not showing 26-Nov-2013
  122. Linking United Explorer Card To United Account
  123. United (or Skywest airllines dba as United Express) cancelled the 3rd leg of Flight.
  124. MileagePlus miles on TAM/AA codeshare?
  125. Award Ticket Cancellation - Questions
  126. Normal purchase+miles purchase situation
  127. Optimizing upgrade chances, DEN <-> Seoul
  128. Does UA FAs ever really enforce F Lav use?
  129. Question on checking bags on an international route from BPT
  130. Awards tickets voided by UA after death? Possibility?
  131. Cannot get receipt from website...anyone else?
  132. USA Cycling offers up to 13% off United?
  133. Think you can "fix" MileagePlus?
  134. Award Travel and Economy Plus
  135. Advice to start obtain and maximize MP account
  136. US Airways Club for $225; i.e., United Club for $225
  137. UA now enforcing purchase rules for free bags with credit cards
  138. Making elite on purely personal travel.
  139. Question about booking star alliance flights via United Explorer
  140. ANA domestic F space with UA/MileagePlus miles?
  141. The IAH RJ farm/Term B rathole: Jeff/Aaron heads up
  142. Why does everybody hate on the UA BF product?
  143. MIA-busn-PEK-busn-HKG-econ-MIA opinions
  144. somewhat urgent wait list question
  145. A waitlist question
  146. Hotel in EWR
  147. What Day Does United Release More Award Seats and New Fare?
  148. Lifetime 1K (platinum CO)
  149. Was flying international F on UA ever on par with foreign carriers?
  150. Who is Trans American Airlines?
  151. Any way to specify different fare buckets for outbound and return?
  152. Rocketmiles 3k bonus for United Miles
  153. PQM on United codeshare Hawaiian flights
  154. Does this logo look familiar?
  155. UA experience - What is the truth?
  156. Mobile app? "Economy full" include E+?
  157. Best way to book 2 awards tickets from 2 MileagePlus accounts?
  158. Incomplete check-in vs. Upgrade
  159. Great Global Services article in the WSJ 23-Aug-2013
  160. Advice for BKK Trip Upgrade
  161. United award availability error/user error
  162. Can UA issue a single award ticket with a segment in saver First and one in Economy?
  163. Is this a legal award routing and can some segments be in F and some in Y? [merged]
  164. Award itinerary LAX-WAW (stopover) WAW-TLV-LAX
  165. 787 Dreamliner
  166. United website showing incorrect Travel Time
  167. equipment swap confusion
  168. sin - gum - ROR - sin
  169. Presidential Plus Card (Eqm Earning) Convert to current Chase Club Card
  170. Up to Double Miles on NRT-SEA roundtrips through 30-Nov-2013 [TB9M55]
  171. Changing flight times on award ticket (UA miles booked with SQ TG)
  172. [RUMOR] New Beverage offerings at United Clubs (Coming September 2013)
  173. award calendar errors?
  174. Voucher in lieu of reimbursement?
  175. KVS Tool Problems
  176. Discount on a new Mercedes-Benz for Premier members
  177. Combining multiple held itineraries onto one ticket?
  178. Alaska MVP Gold ---> United Status?
  179. Will I get J-class miles bonus when purchasing Chase United Club 2-for-1 business?
  180. Equipment change to RJ from A-319 enough to warrant a flight change?
  181. Using Miles to Upgrade on United
  182. booking distance shown
  183. CO/UA Cards, cancelling one, risk losing miles?
  184. Can UA 1k change date on a Award tix when booked on Star carriers?
  185. Silver benefits for ticket booked through Chase Ultimate Rewards?
  186. HKG-SIN Oct 3 - No UA Flight
  187. advice for complaints on a codeshare
  188. Is the LAX International First Class Lounge "endangered?"
  189. IAH-ORD in C: 767 with snack or narrowbody with lunch
  190. United Airlines is the easiest airline to redeem frequent flyer miles
  191. International upgrades with infant.
  192. Can UA Agents Issue Tickets With POS Outside the US?
  193. Survey about change in travel activity with United
  194. Advice on a small TATL dilemna.
  195. award LH itinerary for unaccompanied minor
  196. Mobile boarding pass at LHR (T4)?
  197. United Mileageplus question (Which Credit card)
  198. I bought UA tickets for four others. Can I cancel them even if they want to fly?
  199. Upgrade with US miles and then change FF number?
  200. Address to apply for compensation (mechanical delay)?
  201. MileagePlus would like to know more about your travel choices
  202. What would you do? ($20 for 500 MP poiints)
  203. Miles clawback after closing Chase MPE?
  204. What's in the snack basket?
  205. Best time to arrive and depart LHR
  206. Chart showing FF miles needed to upgrade
  207. Can you go ICN to TLV via US on all United metal UA awards tix? [merged]
  208. Reward ticket suggestion between AU and JP
  209. LH cancels UA E+ seats at check in
  210. When is it going to be something we like??
  211. quirks in united points
  213. UA Irrop reRouting Options severly Limited on DL
  214. DOJ Antitrust Reviews and AA-US Suit: Will the DOJ Look at United-Continental Next?
  215. Change Fee/Fare Confusion?
  216. Cheap European cities to fly into over the winter?
  217. Tips to book trip consisting of rewards and paid tickets?
  218. Why Would United Take Themselves Out of The Equation?
  219. Online Check-in with UA or LH?
  220. US-operated UA reward tix July 2014 - big question
  221. Best route from IAH to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk?
  222. Paying for a United Flight vs Using Southwest Miles
  223. NYC to Phuket, united vs lufthansa
  224. Which itinerary to HNL would you choose?
  225. How would a fare break affect international milage upgrades?
  226. Hawaiian Airlines flight mixed with UA award flights
  227. why UA is the only US carrier flyer to China out of NYC
  228. How to get residual value from non-refundable flight
  229. UA to NRT-need advice on which 777 has better premium seats
  230. was my ticket reissued correctly?
  231. UA's business class seat quality on either 767-400ER or 757-200?
  232. Use credit from 2 canceled trips for 1 new ticket
  233. Are surcharges payable while booking award travel?
  234. Sansa flights SJO-LIR unable to book with miles
  235. UA4860
  236. UA 767 Gear Collapse at IAH Gate
  237. Thanksgiving Business Sale
  238. Better to have longer connection in LAX or IAH?
  239. What good are airline miles for kids?
  240. booking different, conflicting flights on the same day
  241. To OLCI or not, if first segment feared to be canceled?
  242. United Credit/Ticket Question
  243. Sea-sfo 777 08/16/13
  244. 24 hr cancellation policy in conjunction with check in time: Cancel after check-in?
  245. Using fare rules to maximize number of miles
  246. Question about UA Saver Award
  247. does UA ever release R space much in advance for 319s?
  248. Uax den-san!?!?
  249. PN open but no upgrade?
  250. Delta Increasing their International Saver-equivalent C award SkyMiles - Will UA?