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  1. Cheap weekend getaways?
  2. Cannot combine GlobalFirst and Economy on the same award?
  3. Strange upgrade?
  4. Issues with booking specific classes
  5. Can i swap united miles to hotel points?
  6. upgrade or new ticket
  7. No IFE internationally both ways
  8. 1k phone in Singapore
  9. change fee for one leg of connecting flights
  10. IAD to AMS on UA. Questions about swapping itineraries.
  11. Getting blocked seats by calling in
  12. Has anyone ever actually seen IN>I?
  13. Is it appropriate for United to call after midnight?
  14. DIRECTV survey
  15. Consolidated "In Seat Power Issues/Experiences/Questions"
  16. The Core of UA's Problems: No Innovation, No Creativity
  17. Aug. 8-9 NY-area storms - Waiver granted for 9 Aug. 2013 travel
  18. Award Ticket Help ex-EYW; UA Flight Operated by Silver Airways
  19. Need help with delayed baggage on codeshare
  20. Changing Flights at Check-In (1K)
  21. Q: Can't change domestic connecting flight of int flight due to confirmed upgrade?
  22. Why would loyalty program have a non-revenue requirement at all?
  23. B fare without GPU and W fare with GPU, which one has priority to upgrade?
  24. Can united take away ECerts?
  25. How do you ID which Aircraft Version?
  26. Is this a good use of my miles?
  27. IAH-MDC (thru SIN) on Singapore Air with United Air Miles. Possible?
  28. UAL's July 2013 traffic report.
  29. Contacting United EZCare?
  30. Which routing has better chance of clearing int'l upgrade waitlist? Way to tell?
  31. Getting a new FF# but keeping status from old FF#?
  32. Class Availability - Not shown on UA web site but shown on Expertflyer
  33. Flat bed to HNL or direct to OGG?
  34. BOS-NRT-DPS routing help
  35. Bottom of BF upgrade list, Top of GF upgrade list
  36. Why does my ps redeye show a 320 seatmap?
  37. Meeting somebody at Toronto-Pearson-arriving on different UA flts
  38. Cancelled United Express flights
  39. One Award PNR - miles supplied by (2) accounts?
  40. Baggage YYZ-IAD-RUH on UA and SV
  41. LHR T4 lounge options?
  42. United airlines different day standby
  43. Experience with United's Trip Insurance (Allianz)
  44. RUMOR: UA re-configuring CR7's to add 4 seats
  45. Domestic first class in 757-300 vs. 757-200
  46. Downgraded? What happened to my (companion) upgrade today?
  47. Advice needed on changing return leg
  48. UA at SFO: use intl checkin for a domestic flight?
  49. How is this fair? Already spent $6k on flights and still not to silver
  50. Website issues booking award flight
  51. Changing Revenue Flight: Strategy Needed
  52. Domestic Wide-Body Swap-Ins (Master Thread)
  53. United Club WiFi almost useless
  54. Will the new premier qualifying requirements spawn Dollar Runs?
  55. Free Tito's Vodka in SNA, SFO, LAX Clubs
  56. Bag check conundrum: 5 flights/4 airlines/3 continents
  57. Booked ORD > PDX Round Trip, Need to add PDX > SFO > PEK
  58. E+ on 787 vs 777: Same seat?
  59. easiest/toughest avl. R space mainland US - NRT- BKK/SIN?
  60. How often are United credit card miles deposited?
  61. Fire at UA ticket counter at MCO (Orlando) Sun 8/4/13
  62. Jet Blue going head to head agaisnt United PS service?
  63. How often you get delays/cancellation with UA
  64. earning miles on jet airways
  65. PHL to BKK: UA MP Upgrade, RCC, and Other Questions!
  66. What are UA folks think about DL service between LAX and SFO
  67. Premier Gold qualification based abroad
  68. United Partner Award Change Question
  69. A little confused - How many miles can be transferred to an account yearly?
  70. Lithium Ion batteries in baggage on UA?
  71. Consolidated United Operational Upgrade (OP-UPs) Experinces for 2013 and 2014
  72. Jet Airways (9W) flight dropped from ticketed UA award reservation - what to do?
  73. FA's Locking LAVs Near Jumpseats So They Can Eat?
  74. Need to show credit card with ticket purchased for another traveler?
  75. Cabin Class Confusion - Inevitable w/ merger of 2 bureaucracies, -Or mismanagement?
  76. Adding Partner Flights To Current Reservations
  77. How Does Air China's IAH-PEK Compare to United's IAH-NRT for Onward Transit to Asia?
  78. United's Website Errors caused me $17,000 in pending transactions...
  79. Can use PremierAccess lane when flying another carrier?
  80. Why would the UA GAs do this ?
  81. Award waitlisting strategy for multi-passenger reservation
  82. Can public access United's flights statistics?
  83. Choose from California's three biggest cities
  84. History of UA's Royal Pacific Service?
  85. TATL E+ Space Optimization
  86. Angry UA Passengers tweet @unitedairlanes, a parody airline account...
  87. Award trip to Asia, pls help...
  88. Changes coming to MileagePlus Shopping?
  89. Taking the United Airline Bus
  90. Transferring from UA to SQ??
  91. Computer Problems @ ORD
  92. Waitlist B-->R with 1k miles or wait for R>0 to use GM miles?
  93. Buy Upgrade from Y to Y+ on USDM Award
  94. UA to TG Transfer at ICN?
  95. Help Explain Big change in UA Availability overnight?
  96. target marketing based on location?
  97. Refund Advice
  98. UA has my middle initial attached to my first name [Consolidated]
  99. Delta Shuttle: LAX-SFO hourly. How does UA respond?
  100. Availability: upgrade standby list vs flight search
  101. ORD-PTY: United vs Copa?
  102. The "Power" of 1K/GS From Frontline Employees' Perspective?
  103. Benefits from one airline, miles on the other
  104. Refreshed Choice Menu – ‘Bistro on Board’ Starting 1-Aug-2013
  105. 3 Different Award Availability Results
  106. Advice on SDC
  107. Smisek on CBS This Morning 8am PT
  108. price change ofter buying tickets
  109. United Still Can't Convince the World That Its Merger Worked
  110. Why does prevent certain routings?
  111. Better to Connect in LAS or BUR for DEN-SFO?
  112. My flight tomorrow doesn't show an aircraft in the status, should I be worried?
  113. Is there any way of finding out what exact plane is scheduled for my flight?
  114. Complimentary upgrade on United for US Airways Silver?
  115. The Multiple Destination Option Hates Me
  116. Restroom Size in UA's Boeing 747?
  117. Traveling with Family/Friends
  118. PMUA 777 at IAH?
  119. Unitedís lack of gates for red-eyes to Austin (AUS)
  120. UA Flight Change Possibilities
  121. How to tell fare bucket after UG?
  122. Coach fare same as first on ow sea-ord in August.
  123. SIN-NRT-IAD upgrade strategy question
  124. If you believed everything you read on this forum...
  125. UA flights changed drastically. Miles lost into thin air
  126. Two reservations on same day possible?
  127. What happen if I miss my award ticket connection?
  128. US to Europe, Asia, and maybe Dubai?
  129. One char error in last name
  130. Earliest pull-back from gate ever?
  131. Is the "Friendly Skies" slogan (officially) back?
  132. 8 Pilots in First Class on my United Flight
  133. First Class Service (YEG to LAS via DEN. What can I expect for meal service?)
  134. Star and Sad Face Drawn on Bag Tag - Why?
  135. How to get UA upgrade voucher for International flight?
  136. 1:30 hour for CA connecting to UA at PEK for an international outbound
  137. Book Award Travel from Same MP Account or Split?
  138. Checked Bags (in a cardboard box)-- Question
  139. Upgrade Award Waitlist
  140. How Unitedís Loyalty Program Lets the Mileage Rich Get Richer
  141. Transcontinental flat-bed flights on UA - How do I find them?
  142. Upgrade Shenanigans - To Report or Not Report
  143. Award availability issue with LH
  144. Late luggage when transitting
  145. Consumer Reports blasts UA
  146. UA causes overseas misconnect - WWYD?
  147. Questions for my upcoming IAD <=> LHR flight
  148. El Calafate, AR (FTE) does not exist in UA's systems?
  149. Seeking Advice/Information on Inexpensive UA Routes Between NYC and California
  150. Smart upgrades on Austrian and MP miles?
  151. How is LAX on handling damaged luggage?
  152. Question about changing an award reservation online
  153. Why DIDN'T I have to pay a change fee?
  154. [NOW RESOLVED] IAH Terminal C checkin Temporarily closed (28 July 2013)
  155. How do you get the sundaes?
  156. United employee accused of stealing luggage during Asiana crash diversions
  157. Booked under Lufthansa, have MP and Amex points. Help?
  158. NEWBIE Needs Help ... SFO-LAX Regular Commute
  159. Anyone near or in F 1652 on 7/20?
  160. Advice? I was at gate on time, but UA says I was not and denied boarding.
  161. A parable: Here is an upgrade for your inconvenience! Just kidding.
  162. Booking the Island Hopper on a Revenue Ticket?
  163. Earn UA EQM's on EI intra-Europe?
  164. Will UA reissue award tickets when nothing has changed to the itinerary?
  165. Infant tickets via United vs. Lufthansa, potentially miles earning?
  166. Asiana cancelled Award F segment
  167. EWR - IAH prices
  168. Help:UA reservations changing rules on my reservation
  169. UA Business award in SQ 2-cabin = Y or C?
  170. UA Travel Discount Coupon for UA-Only Flights?
  171. Booking Y-Up Ticket on UA?
  172. Award travel to S. Africa for Winter holidays
  173. FAT to BAH Newbie Questions
  174. What time is award inventory added?
  175. Weekend fun - 6 meals in SFO-LAX flight
  176. mileplus shopping promises 9x miles but
  177. Best chance to be bumped during Xmas travel?
  178. Why 2-2-2 instead of 1-2-1 in 767-300 (2 class planes)/787/777 Business Class
  179. United Award Seats LAX - IST Direct?
  180. GF with High Non Rev Makeup vs. Not
  181. Fail
  182. A UAL CSR's Appreciation/Station Closings
  183. K fare clarification
  184. Sydney-Manila Award Ticket Search
  185. Which is better: UA vs ANA vs Singapore TransPac in Y
  186. Redeposit Miles for Return on a RT Award Ticket
  187. Tips on booking F award for TPAC
  188. UA to LH at LAX?
  189. "Turn "Congratulations" into an Adventure" email
  190. Better upgrade chance?
  191. flying Lufthansa on United Miles...can we check in at GS desk at ORD?
  192. 1k bonus miles through Waldorf
  193. Which frequent flyer program is best?
  194. Reports of UA System Issues Impacting Travelers [26/27 July 2013]
  195. UA - Flydubai ($2100 ticket will now be net 2500) like an unhappy marriage
  196. Where are all the mainline planes?
  197. 13 Aug 2013 - UA Opens New SAN United Club and Consolidates Operations to Terminal 2
  198. Possible to Pay For Someone Else's Baggage Fees via UA's Online Check-In Process?
  199. United To Open SFO 737 Base
  200. Question about miles+$ upgrade
  201. IAD-GIG Seating Strangeness
  202. Higher mileage now required for US-Australia awards through Europe?
  203. Is 70000 miles a good award price? [ORD-SJO / SJO-PTY / PTY-ORD]
  204. Flying United to HKG, what to expect?
  205. CRASH in the IAD United Club
  206. Adding Flights to PNR
  207. Baggage pickup (in EWR) after (TLV) flight (to ORD)?
  208. Free economy plus upgrade (non-status passenger)
  209. UX Q400 Emergency Landing at EWR 25 JUL 2013
  210. United News & Deals
  211. How can I tell which flights on United from Newark to LAX have the lie flat seats?
  212. PEK-USA (and vv) GPU clearing probability
  213. Help! Suggestions on how to spend 21k miles for UK resident...
  214. UAL $521 M 2nd-Quarter 2013 Profit Ex Special Charges; $469M Profit Incl Spec charges
  215. Searching by class of service online
  216. 300K miles for European Honeymoon
  217. Seat assignments on US-MP award ticket
  218. P fare ticketed in Jan. Different answers on chg. fee
  219. Is SQ blocking coach awards too these days?
  220. First MR!
  221. Check DOB on profile if preference is DD/MM/YYY instead of MM/DD/YYYY
  222. Confused about kiosk bag check-in at LBB
  223. Booking child for only first leg of the flight
  224. Fare class upgrade business to HNL
  225. Flying EWR to CDG. First time flying internationally and had a few questions.
  226. IN class vs R class - priority or inventory difference?
  227. New Headphones in F...gross!
  228. EWR to BOS via Albany due to labor dispute
  229. Question about earning UA PQMs on LH & LX
  230. United quits sleeping around, goes exclusive with RocketMiles
  231. Int'l 767-400 or PS 757 for transcon?
  232. Bag check and security for domestic F at EWR
  233. Best annual deal to buy United miles?
  234. Switching connection to train
  235. Official FFG/UA Mini-DO SFO 10/12/2013 [Registration Closed]
  236. Alternate Airline out of SFO
  237. Downgraded by US Air. United refuses to Reupgrade me
  238. Advice on Maxing mileage for frequent SQ longhaul in J
  239. New Lounge Access Policy?
  240. When do more flights to YVR get added to schedule?
  241. CLE agents are usually so good!
  242. UK resident ticket purchase problem
  243. Dummy Booking - What is it and how do I do one?
  244. Ua895, ord-hkg-sin
  245. Miles & Money?
  246. Booked Asiana Flights Not Showing on
  247. Most economical way of purchasing UA miles for those outside USA
  248. KWI/BAH reduced to 4x weekly
  249. How many consecutive flights on same tail number?
  250. Thinking of going to media with this story