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  1. Checked Baggage with 2 Reservations on Delta
  2. Luggage rules: KE segment on DL BE
  3. Anyoetting Real Duds on the Diamond Line Lately?
  4. Will miss my flight - anysuggestions
  5. Credit miles to another FFP; Still retain DL Medallion benefits
  6. Upgrades AB 300 BOS AMS
  7. Parking at JFK
  8. Suggestions to Delta re Philippine Typhoon Disaster
  9. DL AX Reserve Bonus MQM EOY Timing
  10. Technical issue with Complimentary Upgrade request
  11. List of US routes with lay-down?
  12. Re-depositing Miles Question
  13. Rejecting Diamond and asking for >50k roll-over?
  14. Another Devaluation: Reducing 757's to Only 20 seats in First Class
  15. gives impossible itineraries?
  16. Contractor selected for SLC terminal replacement
  17. The Official 757-200 Interior Mod Tracking Thread
  18. Delta Companion Pass: Return Trip
  19. Platinum vs. Gold
  20. 76L BE Config
  21. Segment Run Help
  22. New at using SWU for upgrade
  23. SkyMiles Award Availability Calendar
  24. Choice Benefits-What does this mean?
  25. Delta Scam - Platinum "System Wide" Upgrade
  26. Fare Codes
  27. Orbitz Fares
  28. Future Year indication
  29. Complimentary Status Promo
  30. no MQMs for Alaska YVR-SEA flights?
  31. 2012 offer of 14 mos. SC membership for 12 month price
  32. LAX-NRT-BKK 3 days in tokyo
  33. Status matches?
  34. Flight leaves Dec 31 but lands Jan 1...
  35. Skyclub access for additional reserve cardholders
  36. Chisholm Call Center To Expand
  37. FLIGHT: DL 1162 AIRCRAFT: 76W SeatMap?
  38. transferring in the US, do I still need to take bags thru customs?
  39. Delta Skymiles $50 Statement Credit-Question
  40. Using SM to Beijing and Tokyo
  41. Rollover MQM's after DM?
  43. Delta Club Room Meet Up Thread?
  44. Question on standby policy with red-eye flights
  45. AMEX Membership Rewards Transfer Bonuses
  46. AF Award Availability
  47. How to get enough miles to upgrade 3 tickets to Tokyo?
  48. what is the cheapest DL ticket
  49. Best time to Achieve Status on DL
  50. Stopover in CDG?
  51. The future of MQD
  52. Hawaii sell FC at gate before or after SWU
  53. Million Miler Benefits
  54. Can I earn MQMs from four DL AMEX cards?
  55. What's the value of PM status?
  56. Not my decision, but need to leave DL, seek help in selecting new airline
  57. ATL-LOS/-/ABV Connection Help
  58. Platinum by end of year?
  59. Delta's #BELOW10KFEET Giveaway
  60. Upgrade with Miles at purchase
  61. Available Saver Awards Disappear When Checking 2 Passengers
  62. Advice for US Chairman changing base to DTW?
  63. SWU use by non-medallion???
  64. Medallion expiration date
  65. 295,000 miles for RT ATL-BKK, are you kidding?
  66. Question about MSP TSA CP#4
  67. Best Use of SWU / Miles for Upcoming Trip
  68. How to change pin in log in?
  69. ATL LHR on DL; LHR MUC on British Airways
  70. Changing seats after printing boarding pass
  71. 757 (75S) w/ Flatbed Seating for my flight this week?????
  72. Retrieve account history past 3 years?
  73. Another AMEX Platinum to Reserve Upgrade Thread
  74. More Delta Survey Emails About Service - SkyBucks Influencing This?
  75. Check flight if you are going to BHM in AM 11-4-13
  76. No Virgin Atlantic Business Awards?
  77. Delta Elite *and* Alaska Air Elite upgrade optimization question
  78. Help Navigate Delta American Express MQMs miles Offer
  79. Question: IROPS during a MR/SR
  80. I'm not a DYKWiA but. . .
  81. Interesting seat switch
  82. Upgrades processed after T-24 but before the gate?
  83. Will Delta cancel a flight due to lack of ticket sales?
  84. Involuntary downgrade DTW-NRT flight
  85. More SEA: New SEA-SAN/PDX
  86. Trouble logging into
  87. DTW-NGO-MNL with same flight number- will I get miles for only DTW-MNL?
  88. Delta IT and PreCheck Ineligible?
  89. AMEX Charge Card vs AMEX Delta Advice Needed
  90. When to complain?
  91. Mileage Transfer Max (300K) - apply to AMEX MR -> Delta?
  92. Best alert for Delta fares?
  93. FO goes 0 for 4 on a Saturday MR (rant)
  94. How many MQM's and RDM's would this one-way earn?
  95. Delta Service Today @ MSP +1
  96. What's fair? Or policy? Missed flight
  97. JFK "Jitney" Bus - New Route?
  98. Upgrade/Standby Cleared at T-2:00+
  99. Foghorn in the MCO SC
  100. Delta Amex Platinum - was this an error (in my favor, but still)?
  101. Interesting episode last week
  102. SDC or mileage run?
  103. EC or Emergency Exit Row Aisle?
  104. Official: DL First US Airline to Allow Electronics Gate to Gate
  105. Onboard Service Survey
  106. Government fares and Air France upgrades
  107. Tokyo to Detroit
  108. eBoarding pass and international flights
  109. F Service questions
  110. Winter business fare sale
  111. Does Saver Award ever Re-Appear quickly?
  112. MQMs with a foreign address
  113. AMEX upgrade/downgrade timeline
  114. How many guests do DM get to the club?
  115. United raises award cost can Delta be far behind
  116. Upgrade Thanksgiving Sunday
  117. lounge access JNB airport
  118. Snack Basket, Lorna Dunes?
  119. Apparently Medallion Upgrade at Time of Booking on Y Fare Doesn't Mean What I Thought
  120. Delta Reserve Amex Question / Reward Availability
  121. Switching from Delta Medallion to Flying Blue- worth it?
  122. Head's up PHX Spotter!!! DL 737-900ER is coming to PHX
  123. Busy body, angry passenger.
  124. Delta flight turns unforgettable when passengers learn of fallen soldier
  125. can't make this up - Shenanigans Pub across from the Delta crew hotel
  126. Upgrade chances for PM on redeye SEA-JFK
  127. Time it takes to update record on Alaska
  128. Advice Needed: Purchase Bonus Miles on Reward Ticket?
  129. Using miles for international vs. domestic flights
  130. DL and electronic devices
  131. New DM here. ATL-BOS upgrade odds as Diamond?
  132. new connection carrier?
  133. Delta Submits Plan to Allow Electronic Devices to Stay On Below 10,000 feet
  134. BusinessElite Award, Confirmed in Y For Domestic Leg Upgrades
  135. linking companion award travel?
  136. Is it computer failure or new policy?
  137. Platinum with no upgrades
  138. switching to delta
  139. Delta Skyclubs in Atlanta
  140. #7 on list using SWU?
  141. Lots of questions about Choice Benefits as Plat and then as Diamond
  142. Bassinets in DL BizElite?
  143. Buying Miles Bonuses...or not
  144. What would you do ...
  145. Can you change one leg of an award ticket?
  146. Yet another thread about going for Plat
  147. Delta flight from nrt to sfo lands in cold bay alaska
  148. bag allowance question
  149. Medallion Feasibility Advice
  150. We like Global Entry. Or how to make a 33 minute Intl-Dom connection.
  151. Routing to MFM
  152. To the "gentleman" on DL129 ATLSEA tonite
  153. Am I crazy to do this?
  154. BusinessElite on a MD-88 / Skymiles Award
  155. Platinum welcome packet timeline
  156. Significant delay on STL-BOS flight
  157. Delta 767-300ER (76L) Window Seat
  158. FBI: Off-Duty Pilot Groped Girl, 14, On Delta Flight
  159. 767 - Row 16 vs Row 21
  160. Delta Platinum AMEX Bonus Timeline?
  161. JFK-SEA...pricing out at $1400????
  162. DL <--> VS: Infant ticket run-around
  163. Can a teddy bear be an "infant in arms?"
  164. paying with Amex reward points
  165. One way vs two way
  166. Why can't Delta see another Sky Team flight?
  167. 757s
  168. BOS-JFK-CDG connection
  169. Book a hotel using skymiles
  170. where can I find out what the minimum requirements of Skyteam are?
  171. Persistent Lavatory Problem on Express Jet CRJ's?
  172. Why I'm Leaving Flyer-Talk's Delta Board
  173. how do you deal with poor FA service?
  174. How many RDMs would you redeem to go from PM to DM
  175. What would you serve in the F snack basket?
  176. Small fire at DL old terminal 3 JFK
  177. 767-300 Seat Confusion
  178. Dl sea-jfk-sea
  179. Breast-feeding at BOS SkyClub
  180. Upgrading with miles
  181. Check out this award ticket
  182. Is this legit?
  183. Nested tix question
  184. Upgrade on 1st Leg, But not 2nd Leg, Direct Flight?
  185. Does PVD have curbside?
  186. Plat/Diam - how often complimentary int'l BE upgrades?
  187. Implementation of MQM Rollover Policy going Forward
  188. MQDs make gifted MQM via Amex Reserve worth less?
  189. Dublin - Atlanta customs pre-clearance
  190. Confused - Gifted Gold till 2/15 - MQM and Reserve Card MQM
  191. Wrong seat avail shown on single class jets
  192. CR-100 downgrade from paid EC CR-900
  193. Award Tix Question/Issue
  194. Mileage Upgrade Awards 'Select Fares'
  195. Schedule change
  196. DL Issues Travel Advisory for AMS
  197. Buying AF Premium Economy Seat to earn 50% Bonus
  198. Delta New 737-900ER Interior
  199. DL 5501 front landing gear collapses at pushback
  200. possible upgrade irregularity --> flight look up request
  201. Best time for an upgrade?
  202. flight 1711, SEA - ATL Delayed 12 hours!
  203. DL1149/Sunday 08DEC LAXHNL operated by B744
  204. Longest Delayed DL Flt? 1911 SEA-ATL delayed 12.5 hrs and counting
  205. Mobile BP problems?
  206. Help - Booked International Award Ticket without full Middle Name
  207. Best upgrade route for TPA<>PDX
  209. Incorrect Aircraft Types on and Fly Delta App
  210. MyDelta not working?
  211. Question on Low Award availability
  212. 2 Delta questions
  213. "Irop Reissue Service Err Reissu2"
  214. Advance 2014 to 2013
  215. Hawaii vacation - how to get the most out of DL
  216. Info on FLUX/privium?
  217. AZ award flight rescheduled, cutting connection time at LAX
  218. JFK-NRT BE quickie
  219. StrapAHandle to manage box with 11 books
  220. Fee for SDC for PM and SM on same PNR?
  221. Not so sharp NYPD detective forgets his gun on the plane
  222. Air France Miles Not Posted to Skymile Account
  223. Status challenge - what's the incentive?
  224. Why is HI excluded from complimentary upgrades?
  225. Weird issue trying to use voucher on website.
  226. Flight attendant, or hall monitor?
  227. DL App Aircraft Error. Now flying 777-300ER
  228. SkyMiles Award Ticket Change Fee - am I being to pissy?
  229. RDU-GRU(Brazil) help...
  230. Will $12,500 MQDs have an impact on Diamond Medallion?
  231. Random TCV and miles
  232. 90 day Silver Medallion status
  233. Was my KLM EC quoted at the GM price?
  234. Alaska doe not display DL codeshares at SEA
  235. accounts updating same day, not 24 hours
  236. Sitting in the SkyClub at LAX right now and....
  237. Strategy to find award travel around Thanksgiving?
  238. Friend wants to transfer points to me
  239. same day standby cost on delta? both us airways and AA charge $75, does delta too?
  240. Talk/Chat with DL rep from the air?
  241. AA/DL merger imminent? (Just Kidding)
  242. LAX-JFK 9:30pm flight in J, what to expect for Dinner
  243. October is an expensive month to fly DL!!
  244. Holy doodle, I'm getting full EC261 compensation!
  245. companion ticket to connecting city
  246. Mainline flights skipping Sky Priority boarding
  247. DL options in West Texas
  248. Brussels or Amsterdam Airport - Which is easier?
  249. Dear Delta FA I know I was shenaniganed by you
  250. Thoughts DL or CX MNL>JFK