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  1. Is Delta in complete meltdown today?
  2. Allowed ticket?
  3. What is the Extent of Changes Allowed to a SM Reservation After Flying Outbound
  4. is this considered 2 one-ways?
  5. How to Reach Delta
  6. No flights available or only very pricey ones?
  7. Why wasn't I notified?
  8. Pay With Miles Eligible
  9. Companion Travel Questions
  10. Medallion Rollover Miles didn't rollover, didn't post to account
  11. Meal vouchers for IROPs going away?
  12. Cigars at LHR T-4 Duty Free?
  13. Is AMEX spend tracked real tome?
  14. Delta Sky Club
  15. SkyMiles credit for Delta/Air France codeshare?
  16. MQD mess. How to fix this?
  17. Can DL Gold use SWUs?
  18. Fort Lauderdale Sky CLub
  19. DL PM flying on Aeroflot question
  20. Flight cancelled - no online rebooking options
  21. Midwest WX mess and CES
  22. DM and GM on same PNR, who gets upgrade?
  23. Wide YR Variation on Similar Routes
  24. How late can you cancel?
  25. SkyTeam Lounge Access for SkyClub Members
  26. DELTA SKY CLUBS - List of hours FOR BOOZE?
  27. diamond status not showing
  28. Upgrade list question
  29. 5 January 2014 - DL Connection 4100 (YYZ-JFK) Skids Off Taxiway Upon Arrival.
  30. Delta Director of Customer Retention ??
  31. Delta Phone Lines
  32. Delta SLC lounge access question
  33. DTW to Barcelona in June
  34. DL2903 JFK-SAT in CRJ900?
  35. Whats up with Superbowl Weekend airfares?
  36. How long for AF flight to post on DL?
  37. Delta skymiles amex ~ can i convert from Jetblue amex?
  38. Reserve Card Needed for SC Access
  39. Y fares on JNB - ATL: How often/when does DL release OP inventory?
  40. Suntrust SM Debit Card Came Today!!!!
  41. IRROP on AS/DL Codeshare and metal
  42. What to do near DTW?
  43. Secure flight info, prefix appended to first name, normal?
  44. Linking PNRs (one passenger)?
  45. Award flight cxld due to weather
  46. Need help on a stopover
  47. Why was DL3 LHR-JFK just cancelled?
  48. Beginner
  49. SkyMiles post, then call to re-add, then they disappear again!
  50. What Comp for D95 retirement being pushed back?
  51. Email from DL today : Enjoy New Nonstop Service From Portland To Tokyo
  52. AMEX ticket for companion
  53. Are DL MIlion Miler's exempt form Qualifying Dollars?
  54. Possible to transfer Delta SkyMiles to Hertz?
  55. Adding a passenger on existing itinerary
  56. Suggestions for 7-hour layover in SEA?
  57. JFk Closed til 8:30am - Flight on Time at 9am?
  58. DL Sky Deck at JFK named BEST TRAVEL NEWCOMER by Jaunted
  59. Need to burn $6K DL credit: Suggested fares?
  60. Is there, or is there not a new Boarding Policy in 2014?
  61. DL Flight Not Displaying with AS MP Number
  62. schedule change
  63. SDS on domestic legs of international itinerary, before internat component flown?
  64. Just Upgraded to Amex Reserve, SC Access now?
  65. What to expect on upcoming BE TransPac flights
  66. Kudos, Delta! Is this new?
  67. Newly minted DL PM, but.....
  68. RNO-PRG Award. Zero Availability FEB/MAR/APR
  69. Any better deals when signing up for SkyClub
  70. Upgraded on transcon award ticket > 24h in advance!
  71. Miles on Saudia?
  72. List of abbreviations?
  73. How short of next tier or how many rollover miles?
  74. Sky Club Payment Plan- Not Eligible
  75. Change fee for award and paid ticket
  76. Issue with year-end flight activity and MQMs posting
  77. MR question - what happens if delayed
  78. MQDs on One Ticket with Two Fare Bases
  79. Denied Lounge Access at NRT CI
  80. Problem booking VS award with Skymiles
  81. Does closing Amex Delta card affect the Delta account?
  82. 2014 Upgrade Success Thread
  83. new boarding policy effective 1/1/14
  84. SDS rules WRT: routing, 2-leg to direct?
  85. Delta Air Lines plane evacuated due to engine fire
  86. multiple e-boarding passes for multiple passengers
  87. New issue calling into Delta
  88. No upgrade at window - related to int'l aircraft?
  89. Which flight for LAX to SYD?
  90. Richard Anderson had my back!
  91. How do AF OpUps work with DL elite?
  92. Delta - Korean Interline Luggage on Split Ticket
  93. what to do
  94. Should I even bother?
  95. FO IDB
  96. app on iPad vs iPhone re ug list
  97. Mainline to XNA
  98. SDC rules for leg with mixed service classes?
  99. SSSS--will this happen again?
  100. MSP-LHR in J via award ticket
  101. I'm 125,000 MQM and $12,500 MQD from Diamond
  102. SC access flying AS
  103. DL Pilots in Sky Clubs
  104. How long for used AmEx companion certs to be removed from "My Wallet?"
  105. MSP FIS to get Automated Passport Kiosks
  106. IAD-MSP
  107. Schedule Change Question
  108. Effective Date of Amex MQM Gift?
  109. RIC-DFW - What to do??
  110. Still need to have my SM added and removed to reservation?
  111. International 767 fleet now flying full flat-bed seats in BusinessElite
  112. Renewing Skyclub membership
  113. EC seats that are always blocked, why?
  114. Will MQD settle the HVC argument ?
  115. Why did I get upgraded international on a U ticket?
  116. PWM and First Class Ticket
  117. Blankets in Y - redeye?
  118. Pricing Glitch Effect on Rental Cars?
  119. Made FO Today: Seeing 2014 Status: DEC 31 2013 FEB 28 2014?
  120. (Why) Is NRT-TPE a Longer Flight than TPE-NRT?
  121. Most incompetent Delta supervisor ever!
  122. Delta incorrectly refunds me, what should I expect?
  123. MQM reaping on TATL runs (V vs I class)
  124. JWD certs
  125. Delta Interline with Westjet
  126. Economy Comfort for 3 companions possible?
  127. What Makes a 5%-er or a 1%-er?
  128. Portland (PDX) to JFK 757 service
  129. A favor if anyone will be transiting through Paris CDG
  130. How to burn $6K Delta credit for non-elite
  131. Has ATL-DUB 177/178 gone away?
  132. $25k Amex spend MQD waiver + additional card holder
  133. PDX-JFK now upgauged to a 75E with lie-flats?
  134. DM on oversold CDG-SEA w/ waitlisted SWU
  135. Delta GDS issues?
  136. Question about not using last leg of itin?
  137. Still No Seating Benefits for Delta Medallions on VS?
  138. Compare SEA vs PDX
  139. Delta fumbles -- and recovers!
  140. Delta schedule change rule on international award tickets
  141. no credentials or welcome package
  142. Advice for student re-routed to CDG for London, pls
  143. Dropping DL AMEX Reserve to Platinum - get boost MQMs on past spend??
  144. Choice benefits - selections cumulative?
  145. help...Skymiles award
  146. Good Summer TATL J Award Availability ex-BOS
  147. USB ports at all Economy international seats?
  148. Baby carrots return to SCs
  149. Can I check in the ATL international terminal for a domestic flight?
  150. Card spend display on
  151. Where would you want an infant to sit in business (other than outside on the wing)?
  152. YR fees earn MQDs
  153. Sky team elite plus membership card/
  154. Medallion upgrade on through flights
  155. UG Not Clearing
  156. A330-200 msp-nrt
  157. ORD MQD
  158. Delta's last DC-9 flight on Jan 6th
  159. International BE upgrades
  160. Platinum Welcome Package Credentials
  161. MQDs/Pay w Miles/Free lounge access/Live TV/Many other questions...
  162. Rant: Really now - enrolling my kid in Skymiles
  163. Best BE seats A330-300 new config?
  164. MQD Question.
  165. Today's Asia Flight Pattern
  166. Best seats for Couple on Airbus A330-300 BE?
  167. Buying Business Class for Europe in May
  168. Quickest to re-qualify for DM in 2014
  169. electronics in checked luggage: SVO, RDU
  170. ISO help w/ DL mileage run wknd of 2/28-3/2
  171. GPT to EBB using miles
  172. Flight from.....
  173. JFK-TLV almost no award inventory in early 2014
  174. 747-400 (74S) - Are bulkhead seats (row 35) any good?
  175. Help me understand sds
  176. Will Sky Priority show up on a code-share flight?
  177. Seat Assignment Question
  178. Flight attendants wearing pins with a "Flight attendants wearing pins with a "D"
  179. MQM Ending the Year - No Longer Double Diamond DYKWIA
  180. Interlining baggage to India (USA-BOM-HYD)
  181. Linking PNR (I think...?) Question...???
  182. Any success w/ U/G on amex companion cert?
  183. Flying in China
  184. Gate agent won't allow FC PDB
  185. Onboard drink selection changing ?
  186. About to run from skypesos
  187. AMEX Reserve Threshold
  188. DL/AMEX Q
  189. Comparative Credit and Lounge Card questions
  190. Miles very slow to post - system issues
  191. Free checked bag as additional cardholder of Amex Skymiles Gold card?
  192. Happy Holiday's Free GoGo Codes
  193. When do Amex bonus MQM's post?
  194. Incomplete Text Notifications
  195. Fares to MXP(Milan)
  196. How to tack on a free one way to NYC-BUE award?
  197. Which business seat TATL?
  198. DL BE award, EF, and KE
  199. "Delta isn't responsible for its delays"
  200. DL EC seat assignments
  201. Mistake fare -- can I cancel 1 of 4 in party?
  202. Use of SkyClub at destination?
  203. Delta Charged Card Thrice, But No Ticket/Confirmation!
  204. Will delta honor a pricing glitch?
  205. Crowd level today (12/26) at MSP?
  206. Minimum Connection Transfer Time at Brussels (BRU): The Definitive Thread
  207. No assigned seats - advice needed!
  208. Delta EC benefit from JFK - BCN?
  209. Anyone going to the Sky Club in DCA before 12/31?
  210. ITA broken for DL?
  211. AS elite flying LAX - DCA - best chance for upgrade?
  212. mixing paid and award tickets-free EC?
  213. Wait for Travel Advisory?UVF
  214. 2 seperate tickets question (Bags and BPs)
  215. China Airlines website--DL-booked flight
  216. Roll over equation
  217. Where to find evidence flight was cancelled
  218. Broken arm, changing flight?
  219. lounge access question
  220. Ripped pants from loose screw.
  221. End of Year MQM Boost on Delta Amex Platinum
  222. Thank you, Medallion status...and goodbye :(
  223. Happy Holidays to the FlyerTalk Delta Community!
  224. Free Wifi 23-30 December
  225. JFK Terminal 4 Regional Jet Gates
  226. Upgraded on international flight
  227. Class on Website
  228. 2014 Skymiles/Airline Strategy - Should I Purchase Silver / Go For Gold?
  229. Changing/Disappearing Flight No. in EF Day Of
  230. 5 MQS away from what
  231. Question on becoming a million miler.
  232. DL To Test Positive Claim Check Matching At LAS
  233. Delta Credit Card (Not AMEX)
  234. Flying BusinessElite DL 200 ATL-JNB on Dec 26! Tips, suggestions?
  235. Award Ticket to Europe - Why Only Flights on Alitalia?
  236. Mediallion companion luggage allowance on internally overlapping reservations?
  237. Delta gold or plat vs MM lifetime silver or lifetime spg plat
  238. Domestic portion of DL588 not upgradeable
  239. Boarding music on Delta flights
  240. Change in flight schedule
  241. Delta adds SLC to Vernal and Moab
  242. Upgrades/travelling on Superbowl Sunday
  243. what happened to all the late flights from SLC to west coast?
  244. Delta Economy Comfort 767-400
  245. SkyClub Day Care
  246. Sleeping Sheep & WiFi Commericals
  247. RU/ OU Removed After 5-Day Window?
  248. 8xxx flight numbers list
  249. Miles tracker question
  250. Warsaw or Montreal Convention?