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  1. Delta/Virgin Announcement Monday in New York City
  2. UG w/miles question
  3. Credit question
  4. Delta Pilot gives up seat for me!
  5. What's The Deal With KLM V Class - No Miles?
  6. Possible to use SkyMiles to return from Asia via Europe?
  7. AVOD "pounder" etiquette.
  8. SDC AS to AS as DL Platinum
  9. Medallion Vouchers
  10. Should I get a 1 day sky club pass?
  11. Free Booze in EC to Caribbean/LA
  12. SFO to ATL in First vs. Business
  13. additional passengers on same PNR with Amex Companion certificate?
  14. Delta to Havana?
  15. DOT proposes to award two Brazil slot to DL, one each to US, AA
  16. Wife and I share leg of flights to diff locs-I'm Gold Medall. can she sit w/me in EC?
  17. SDC and domestic flights with int'l flight numbers
  18. Mixed Cabin Itinerary on Delta w/Alaska miles - eligible for upgrade?
  19. Showers in LAX SC
  20. DL schedule change rebooking on crack
  21. Post-complaint SkyMiles offer that never posts
  22. Booked a ticket and the flights were changed beyond my control
  23. What time is sunrise on MSP-CDG flight?
  24. Pay with Miles vs Award Ticket
  25. NYT: JFK Worldport (Terminal 3) "Doomed"
  26. Why does DL advertise ORF as Virginia Beach/Norfolk/Williamsburg?
  27. WOW! I mean WAW!
  28. Changing an award ticket
  29. Million Miler Qualification
  30. You BNA fliers are lucky
  31. 767 SLC to HNL in first
  32. Help: Award Booking! DL cannot confirm ExpertFlyer availability
  33. I think we've set a new record
  34. Question about Expertflyer fare buckets vs
  35. SkyClub access after J international flight with connecting flight next day
  36. Behind the Scenes
  37. SkyMiles for Involuntary Reroute from Another Airline to Delta
  38. How does delta flight purchase details show up in your credit card statement?
  39. Delta Business AMEX Platinum card with 55.000 miles
  40. Help Understanding what happened with faulty UG list
  41. Can I check in 3 bags to China?
  42. Donate SkyMiles ticket?
  43. Q Class:Rebooking to P or UG'ing to Econ Select?
  44. should delta start awarding status by spending level now?
  45. Gifting Silver and additional miles
  46. Delayed Flights To/From ATL
  47. 717 and 737-900ER seat maps now available
  48. DEL-ATL award options
  49. Can I get on an earlier flight--same day--for cheaper than $500?
  50. Gawker/Defamer: Celebs flying DL into LAX have it tough.
  51. Upgrade Chances Between ATL & MCI?
  52. Delta / KLM issues - KLM not seeing status at all
  53. Funky IRROPs and re-booking from Y to F
  54. Flying DL Internationally w/dual nationality and visa impacts
  55. SkyTeam partner (KE) treatment of DL DM
  56. 6/18/13 DTW On TSA Lockdown
  57. Earned Silver Medallions vs. Gifted Silver
  58. Has service to ANU been suspended after 3/29/14?
  59. Award Travel Northern Asia Question
  60. AZ said DL had entered double segments on our award tickets
  61. United takes page from Delta's playbook, will introduce PQDs
  62. Delta 0006 Flight passengers to play ping pong with Serena Williams this morning
  63. DL 133 diverted june 18?
  64. Delta Skymiles Down!?
  65. Award Availability ... DL ties with US for worst availability
  66. Awards Within South Pacific
  67. Okay, I get gate lice. But who are these people?
  68. Richard Anderson gives up seat for customer
  69. Dinosaur 757's
  70. JFK to CBR (Australia) routing question
  71. Need help booking award tickets to Rome
  72. Have "Low" Awards Increased?
  73. Your upgrade is now confirmed: strategy to get upgraded more.
  74. flight delayed - compensation offers
  75. Email from Delta Customer Care: Is this real?
  76. NEED FLIGHT/AIRLINE/FARE CODE ADVICE: 5 Months in Italy, Flex Return, in Business
  77. DL SkyMiles enhancements "theme song"
  78. Short connection through LGA
  79. 6+ hrs layover in SEA...can I do anything?
  80. Missed call from Medallion line
  81. Upcoming Trip Logistical Question- Atlanta Terminal F
  82. Will Delta use a 747 on dtw-pvg
  83. 747-400 Seat Question 36K
  84. great Z fares ex-MUC
  85. New Policy for Mechanical Delays?
  86. Recurring Trips from SEA-LAX. Need advise!!!
  87. Non refundable ticket questions: refund taxes? change name? Change destination?
  88. DL 2431 SEA-LAS nonstop??
  89. Question on flight- Alaska & American/Delta Credit???
  90. Fees on refundable fares?
  91. Phoneix September Scheduale (can't return from east coast after 4:30pm)
  92. Will hit PM on Tuesday: Which gift?
  93. I want to Qualify for Silver Medallion Status this Fall
  94. SFO - LAX : DL CR9 vs AA,UA,VX (First/Business)
  95. How to Rack Delta SkyMiles Fast?
  96. Luggage question:Int'l Travel. Domestic leg got upgrade
  97. Baggage to Asia (Taiwan)
  98. Itinerary changes with First Class (P) fare.
  99. Do Baggage Handlers need a pay raise?
  100. pricing/routing mysteries
  101. BKK-NRT-LAX question
  102. ATL-SIN on DL partners in low level business
  103. VDB a week before flight?
  104. JFK lounge access on arrival - Transcon in BE
  105. Booking Revenue Tickets for UM's to Europe - something to learn DL (from competition)
  106. SkyClub at GRU Sao Paulo?
  107. 50k skymile+50 statement credit after 1000 dollars spend in 3 month, worth it?
  108. Advice re: flight change due to subpoena
  109. Award ticket taxes and fees
  110. mqds and gift cards
  111. Question re award travel on AF
  112. Delta X upgrade
  113. Why does everyone think Delta EC is better than AF Premium Econ?
  114. KLM/AF/DL Europe Flights
  115. Why no DL eBoarding at CDG?
  116. Just a quick heads up...
  117. Award Ticket "Sale" to Latin America and the Caribbean
  118. Dubai and Middle East during Ramandan
  119. Are Delta management getting just a bit too snoopy?
  120. A good news tale from CDG?
  121. Getting married; name change; fees?
  122. AMEX Miles posted really fast for me
  123. Probably will be some hangover delays today
  124. Delta Reserve MQM's Not Posting
  125. Search for seats in fair class on route, any time on a particular day?
  126. Taste the rainbow -- of weather delays.
  127. Are DL Non Revs Allowed To Use SkyClub Day Passes?
  128. MX Cancellation in DSM, Hotel options?
  129. Getting miles for an award ticket?
  130. Cancelling round-trip after outbound journey? (also: companion cert)
  131. 74S seat selection
  132. Delta SkyClub Proposal
  133. Medallion bag weight limit
  134. 737-800 F seat
  135. Issue redeeming travel credit voucher
  136. Grand opening of the Atlanta Terminal F SkyClub Sky Deck
  137. Missing DL Skymiles from Hertz promotion - help!
  138. Delta 767-400 BusinessElite Bulk Head
  139. any data points trying precheck without precheck on boarding pass?
  140. Another Sky Club "enhancement" !
  141. Question for Million Millers at Delta
  142. Get 250 Miles For Your Valued Feedback
  143. BDL to ATL F meal service?
  144. May I have bottles of wine in checked luggage?
  145. Just A Little Fun - Finish this line......Low fares are just the beginning of (blank)
  146. how to add partner airlines to Delta account
  147. Does the DL upgrade process run daily at 5pm?
  148. Can I hand over my suit garment bag to FA?
  149. delta plat $150 fee posted but wheres the compan cert?
  150. PeopleScout & Delta
  151. Sky Club Alternative at SNA and BUF
  152. CZ or MU J Class ?
  153. NYC Flood Watch - Impact at JFK?
  154. Award travel to SYD and AKL
  155. MQM earn no longer displayed before Y purchase?
  156. No preflight beverage choice?
  157. I skipped the SkyClub and spent $$$ at another establishment
  158. Happy moment, just want to share. Orphan Account
  159. Delayed Baggage at BCN
  160. Beware of Name changes
  161. Really Delta - what's wrong with the A319 & A320 seats?
  162. Best EC seat on 747?
  163. How to handle minimal connect times
  164. Award pricing help
  165. new to skymiles from SPG plat, booking first trip
  166. Companion Certificate Question
  167. ATL PreCheck lane: what time does it close?
  168. Million Miler _Dogs_
  169. Difference between T and V fare?
  170. US to Egypt in BE/J- DL or someone else?
  171. Delta Delta Delta, can't you see? Sometimes it's really a 763...
  172. Help please...
  173. Refund of Economy Comfort if F Upgrade Day of Departure
  174. Help with a Canadian/US open jaw award
  175. ATL Concourse D closed 6/11
  176. Explosion at ATL/Conc D evacuated
  177. Watching your own movies on IFE
  178. Dear person that closed RIC this morning...
  179. Has Delta matched Southwest sale?
  180. Mileage Credit Missing - Assistance Please!!!
  181. Award Ticketing SM Help needed!
  182. Same Day Standby Priority and Paid F/J
  183. Response time for Customer Care complaint
  184. SkyMiles Credit on China Southern
  185. DeltaAssist told me online luggage allowance was wrong
  186. Delta Y Fare Question
  187. Can I get companion pass expiration date extended?
  188. ATL to SNA vs. LAX (upgrade odds)
  189. Question about routing using partners
  190. PM same-day confirmed, different routing, checking fare classes?
  191. AMS Connection Question
  192. Row 35 on 757(E)
  193. NYC to europe question
  194. DL agents and supervisors at NRT don't know how to use TIMATIC (72 hour China TWOV)
  195. Medallion Choice Benefits - totally forgotten
  196. B/E checkin time for ZRH?
  197. Amex Companion Voucher Redemption Issues
  198. Check-in at FCO
  199. Delta Lounge in Singapore- ? Regading Access
  200. FA AMEX commission / Delta kickback from AMEX
  201. More Fall Changes: New 4x Daily RDU-PHL, 1x Weekly LAX-JAC, 332 on SEA-PVG
  202. ATL to BOS to LHR?
  203. July 5th travelers...upgrades or not??
  204. certain change fees seems counterproductive for Delta
  205. Msp hub captive frustration never ends
  206. Checking in again on weird Skymiles Award routing?
  207. No Precheck for a PM
  208. Last posts in closed fora
  209. France Travel Advisory - changes to award ticket?
  210. Help Award trip to SYD return HKG
  211. Can anyone help me with this multicity fare?
  212. DTW to PEK
  213. Booking trip with SkyMiles inside 72 hours...
  214. Amex Companion Cert - Does main cardholder have to fly
  215. KE J Award Seats Availability?- None?
  216. Help needed - using SkyMiles to upgrade to SYD
  217. DL182/183 transit in SEA
  218. DM on B Fare- no upgrade 75% of the time?
  219. Has Delta become the new Etihad?
  220. How long do I have to book this Award ticket?
  221. Widebodies out of SLC to ATL
  222. Medallion Calendar
  223. Penalty for holding award tickets?
  224. Air Controllers strike CDG June 11,12,13
  225. Lounge access without a physical Gold Medallion Card
  226. Combine miles with paid ticket, is it possible?
  227. Delta SJC Gates
  228. Sea-pvg 763??
  229. Was there a luggage-handling issue at SEA this pm?
  230. Question About Delta Checkpoint at MCO
  231. Upgrading on China Southern Airlines
  232. Alaska prices out low FC Delta Awards, but not Delta??
  233. Delta / KLM Issues
  234. Medallion levels keep expanding
  235. ATL Sprint Challenge
  236. ATL Skyclub showers
  237. Able to Choose EC Seats for free?
  238. Strikes across France.. Traveler Beware..
  239. Upgrade 2 companions if F is totally empty?
  240. Equipment/Seat Change: Why wasn't I notified?
  241. hawaiian airlines and Sky Priority
  242. "Award Travel Unavailable"
  243. Renewed my faith in DL (and humanity, for that matter)
  244. PM same-day standby, routing rules?
  245. Does anyone know why Delta 251 AMS-DTW was cancelled today?
  246. Skymiles itinerary change
  247. Should these taxes/fees be refunded?
  248. Diverted - DL1536 DTW to BWI on June 6, 2013
  249. Public Transportation Strike in Venice - what to do?
  250. The "REAL" SM Enhancements