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  1. Crowd level today (12/26) at MSP?
  2. Minimum Connection Transfer Time at Brussels (BRU): The Definitive Thread
  3. No assigned seats - advice needed!
  4. Delta EC benefit from JFK - BCN?
  5. Anyone going to the Sky Club in DCA before 12/31?
  6. ITA broken for DL?
  7. AS elite flying LAX - DCA - best chance for upgrade?
  8. mixing paid and award tickets-free EC?
  9. Wait for Travel Advisory?UVF
  10. 2 seperate tickets question (Bags and BPs)
  11. China Airlines website--DL-booked flight
  12. Roll over equation
  13. Where to find evidence flight was cancelled
  14. Broken arm, changing flight?
  15. lounge access question
  16. Ripped pants from loose screw.
  17. End of Year MQM Boost on Delta Amex Platinum
  18. Thank you, Medallion status...and goodbye :(
  19. Happy Holidays to the FlyerTalk Delta Community!
  20. Free Wifi 23-30 December
  21. JFK Terminal 4 Regional Jet Gates
  22. Upgraded on international flight
  23. Class on Website
  24. 2014 Skymiles/Airline Strategy - Should I Purchase Silver / Go For Gold?
  25. Changing/Disappearing Flight No. in EF Day Of
  26. 5 MQS away from what
  27. Question on becoming a million miler.
  28. DL To Test Positive Claim Check Matching At LAS
  29. Delta Credit Card (Not AMEX)
  30. Flying BusinessElite DL 200 ATL-JNB on Dec 26! Tips, suggestions?
  31. Award Ticket to Europe - Why Only Flights on Alitalia?
  32. Mediallion companion luggage allowance on internally overlapping reservations?
  33. Delta gold or plat vs MM lifetime silver or lifetime spg plat
  34. Domestic portion of DL588 not upgradeable
  35. Boarding music on Delta flights
  36. Change in flight schedule
  37. Delta adds SLC to Vernal and Moab
  38. Upgrades/travelling on Superbowl Sunday
  39. what happened to all the late flights from SLC to west coast?
  40. Delta Economy Comfort 767-400
  41. SkyClub Day Care
  42. Sleeping Sheep & WiFi Commericals
  43. RU/ OU Removed After 5-Day Window?
  44. 8xxx flight numbers list
  45. Miles tracker question
  46. Warsaw or Montreal Convention?
  47. DL DM flyers with lifetime SkyClub membership
  48. Delta and the new B717 a/c
  49. anybody else having a problems with DL flights crediting (in case of 074 tickets)
  50. DL2283 Slips Off Taxiway at DTW
  51. Upgrades when itinerary changes
  52. HND: How long from arrival to the curbside?
  53. Bloomberg Article Speculates DL Might Want to Purchase AS
  54. Clarifying Question
  55. Shenanigans
  56. Why does DL not start service LAS-RNO? Only WN for $160 (before taxes)?
  57. To the DL employees working on Christmas: Thank you!
  58. Does EC price ever go down?
  59. Heaviest Load Factors AMS-DL US Hubs?
  60. Question on using miles to upgrade on DL
  61. Sell me on going beyond Delta Gold status
  62. Reserve card for DM -- worth it for the MQMs?
  63. Info on this month's in-flight entertainment?
  64. What happens if you "miss" a connection in NRT?
  65. SC Access on Transcon Arrival
  67. Delta ripping off kettles in ways I find deplorable.
  68. Delta Please Fix It Thread
  69. PEK-NRT-MSP - short connection in NRT
  70. Is Delta Diamond worth it?
  71. SkyPriority Designated Carousel in MNL
  72. Excellent DL Crew
  73. Medical Diversion Question
  74. Question about medical diversions
  75., booking suggestions
  76. pay no attention to the FA behind the curtain
  77. Is my companion still on the upgrade list?
  78. Lifetime Status on Segments?
  79. Cancel AMEX Platinum Delta Card
  80. Delta Amex Bonus MQM Question
  81. Next Seattle route additions for Delta?
  82. Platinum Delta SkyMiles Amex seems redundant for Diamond Medallions, am I right?
  83. Question about connection at JFK
  84. Choice benefits recommendation
  85. Diamond to Gold
  86. DL.dumb Chronicles: Codeshare Edition
  87. Beverage service LAS-LAX?
  88. Online Skymiles Statements?
  89. Upgrading to BE w/ T fare?
  90. Bumped Because Too Many Christmas Presents in Checked Luggage
  91. URGENT: missing carry-on
  92. DL 1950 SEA-MSP oversold today
  93. Have one on us in a Detroit Chistmas tree
  94. MQD Question
  95. terminal dump in GNV
  96. Mileage Accumulation when one leg is not on a partner (ST/OW combined ticket)
  97. Why Delta/SkyMiles?
  98. Alaska adds to SLC again..... BOI, LAS, SFO
  99. Accommodations for business class pax at BRU?
  100. Sky Miles, a broken program
  101. Delta app - segment info?
  102. Sky Priority - Where is the Love
  103. Shortest Upgrade List You've Ever Experienced?
  104. 800 MQMs short: advice?
  105. PLEASE double the price of GOGO
  106. Split PNR, cancel one leg? Other creative options?
  107. 15K Skymiles to keep Amex Skymiles Platinum
  108. Enjoying the winter weather at SLC
  109. Worth 20k miles for 2k mqms?
  110. Birthday gift-Tumi T-Tech Cargo Extended - over the DL size limit. Exchange?
  111. 1 record locator for 2 on award ticket
  112. FRA - MSP Summer 2014
  113. Does Delta Upgrade Silvers on Award Tickets if open FC seats remain?
  114. Met My first Fellow Flyertalk flyer from SAN-LAX
  115. Which configuration of the 757 from JFK to SJO?
  116. It's a "checked baggage" question...
  117. BE = hideous
  118. Do EC Seats on the JFK-SJU route receive free drinks?
  119. 13 seats - Huh?
  120. EZE and LIM Going All Flat Bed Biz Seats next Month
  121. What does "no voice calls" really mean?
  122. SLC Closed 12/19/2013
  123. Need Favor.. Anyone going to/from/through CDG before 12/31?
  124. Delta Old School Paper Gift Certificate
  125. Website advertising low?
  126. Delta begins selling Love Field flights for October
  127. Delta Status struggling to Gold
  128. When do elite-only seats become available to all?
  129. MQDs for Seat Purchases and New Medallion Status Tracker
  130. Buh Bye Skypesos!
  131. How do I find the number of MQMs to be earned prior to taking a trip?
  132. A 30,000 SkyMiles insult
  133. Booked SM award on Alitalia and AF
  134. DL823 Tail number 17DEC2013?
  135. MQMs on Aeromexico Connect?
  136. Delta/Virgin Atlantic
  137. Delay / bug in mileage posting today
  138. Do Delta Lounges ever have hot food?
  139. Cancel Reservation to Transfer to other Passenger?
  140. back to back reservations, can i link them.
  141. Bump possibility
  142. Rebooking/reissue after check-in and op-up possible?
  143. AMS - GVA tight connection
  144. Delta prize plane - win GoGo wifi 60 mins
  145. Why is it so hard for DL to post credit for a final segment.
  146. Where to Collect Checked Bags in ATL from Costa Rico?
  147. GM/skyteam elite plus - lounge access?
  148. Question on award ticket changes for DM
  149. No Voice Calls on Delta flights
  150. Delta codeshare w/KLM, tried all tricks, no seats
  151. Upgrades
  152. Gate question
  153. How to check upgrade inventory?
  154. Delta Pricing Manipulation DURING transaction
  155. Delta In-Flight Services - GoGo WiFi
  156. "Basic Info" vs "Secure Flight Passenger Data"
  157. Delta am ex reserve question
  158. Smoke in cockpit ATL-STR
  159. Alaska Board Rooms no longer listed on Skyclub Location Guide
  160. HKG to MSP - reasonable way to get more miles?
  161. Do Amex Gift Card purchases count on Delta Amex card?
  162. Cancel and Pay Redeposit Fee
  163. Official: DL announce SEA-JNU/SJC & adds third daily SEA-ANC
  164. DL creates a bad PNR
  165. Upgrade with Miles from (V) Ticket?
  166. PM/STE+ seat options on AF
  167. overhead room on crj 900
  168. Does anyone ever miss flying on Song?
  169. Customer Care Response: What is Reasonable Wait Time?
  170. SWU waitlist is now "airport upgrade Standby list".
  171. Charts and transcripts from Investor's Day 12/11/2013
  172. No Sugar Gliders in Sky Clubs?
  173. HND and ST
  174. Looking for DL EoY MR from NYC: 4,250 to Platinum
  175. Connecting reservations
  176. Booking AF/KL Code Share Partners with new MQD
  177. DL 385 slides off runway at MSN
  178. Rollover MQMs or purchase MQMs to PM
  179. A rare but welcome SWU success story
  180. 2013 Choice Benefits (not a typo, yes 2013)
  181. New Global Upgrades - How many segments?
  182. Never revived a welcome to Platinum Medallian email
  183. Another Delta reserve AMEX question
  184. AMEX Delta Reserve
  185. almost to Silver, need help/advice
  186. Unexpected upgrade...?
  187. DL156 MX delay, chaotic transit at NRT
  188. HKG departure lounge change
  189. MEX Aeromexico lounge access (T2 international) + tips for kids
  190. promo: 30 RDM per dollar for
  191. Delta adding flights between NYC and Syracuse
  192. Virgin Australia & DL metal award level pricing
  193. The Economist subscription android app
  194. talk about stupid
  195. What to do, what to do...
  196. Leaving ATL before International Connection
  197. VS to charge for advance seat assignment in Y
  198. Question about SWU, GMU, RMU selection for DM
  199. Sources for flight info after 12am CST?
  200. Miles Not Posting on Y Fares that Receive Instant Elite Upgrade
  201. Earning miles and luggage
  202. When using virgin Atlantic miles to book delta do you call delta or virgin
  203. Stopover in the usa Award ticket
  204. Is PM worth $1495 versus GM?
  205. Is 90 minutes enough MCT at JFK for International - Domestic
  206. DL or VS out of Dubai in J
  207. EMail from WN - "WiFi will now remain on & accessible during taxi, takeoff & landing"
  208. Any recent improvements in F special meals?
  209. Any luck using DL SkyClubs with AMEX when flying AS?
  210. YXE to Vietnam and Cambodia with Skymiles
  211. DL Starting SEA-SJC in Sept 2014
  212. Use delta skymiles on flying blue to get oneway award for half of roundtrip
  213. Delta Amex skymiles take how long to appear in my Skymiles account?
  214. Do Delta Boeing 747-400s have PTVs in Y?
  215. Is Delta Cutting Back On Aircraft Maintenence
  216. Missing Miles - Credited to wrong program
  217. Flexibility on alt flights (routing, fare class) due to 4-hour schedule change
  218. dilemma. need to meet minimum spend TODAY
  219. Amex Plat $200 airline credit - whole thing left - what to buy?
  220. Improvements to BE, thanks DL
  221. Why so many ex-TLV cancellations?
  222. Delta giveth Platinum, Delta taketh away...
  223. Complaining Your Way Into An International Upgrade
  224. Getting around Delta MQD requirements.
  225. What date will AS and DL announce that their partnership will end?
  226. Exactly WHEN do you gain (new) Medallion level status?
  227. Advisable to SDS on later flight with luggage?
  228. SWU Success on AF - should I be worried?
  229. A little ITA Matrix stopover planning advise please?
  230. Upgrading with miles JFK-AMS
  231. Delta expanding Albany service
  232. Slow to post miles?
  233. 2013 mba silver medallion bonus
  234. PM 2014 Choice Benefit Decision
  235. PreCheck on Alaska
  236. Why do flights to DCA leave from T-gates at ATL??
  237. DL1342 COS-ATL diverted to DEN for MX
  238. Upgrade as Gold
  239. Do e-cert's count toward MQD's?
  240. Buy a Brick at the Delta Flight Museum!
  241. DL to Start SEA-JNU
  242. Upgrraded to Delta Reserve from Plat and received 10K Bonus
  243. Seat assignment at gate + priority seating
  244. Exceptional dinner in F, ATL to SMF
  245. Whats the deal with TPAC OP lately?
  246. Skyclub guest access with AMEX Reserve
  247. Criteria for volunteering rewards
  248. Do Delta international flights have wifi?
  249. Credit cards that offer delta skymiles
  250. Security of gate-checked carryons