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  1. what happens to SWU's?
  2. Upgrading from Prem Econ to BE on AF
  3. two excellent days of flying
  4. Football player appearances at NY area Sky Clubs this week
  5. Seat Shenanigans Before Check-in and No Phone Support?
  6. Rebooked on AC after delayed DL flight: what happens to MQMs & MQDs?
  7. WX question again
  8. Compimentary Economy Confort on KLM
  9. Ease of upgrade for GM MSP->ANC
  10. Does anyone know what happened to the LAX-SYD-LAX flights?
  11. Did I missunderstand the Amex SkyMiles new account bonus policy?
  12. Waffles in the skyclub
  13. New Flyer in DC
  14. SkyPriority does not equal TSA Precheck in MSP
  15. Ordering special meal when given UG??
  16. Delta Amex Business Platinum offers
  17. Any Diamonds Having A Tough Time Getting Upgrades This Year?
  18. Detroit - Anchorage Non-Stop - ???
  19. ATL-Discount Parking-International Flights
  20. 6B/C on Boeing 777-200LR?
  21. Did Delta just break?
  22. SAN - MSP - CDG - FCO Question
  23. complimentarily switched from connection to nonstop
  24. Paying for food at JFK Sky Club? Are you kidding me?
  25. Where to camp out ATL? Which lounge (day pass)? Minute Suites?
  26. I need somewhere to go
  27. AE Delta Reserve Card
  28. Is Delta allowed to do this ?
  29. Is DL Planning on Flying Empty Planes Across the Atlantic This Summer?
  30. BE Rioja - Ghost product
  31. Delta adds seasonal LGA-BZN for Summer 2014
  32. ATL-DFW Tomorrow - 9 am
  33. International PM flying M. Finally gets the message that Delta does not want my Biz
  34. Fare difference during inclement weather
  35. Testing New Delta Sky Club Amenities
  36. Delta Lufthansa baggage agreement?
  37. Drunk Delta employee attacks co-workers at SDF
  38. OP-UP on AF -> Is it even possible?
  39. MQDs using Ultimate Rewards or "Bulk Tickets"
  40. Pre-3/1 Medallion Upgrade Situation (Wonky)
  41. Miserable MSP-BNA flight this morning.
  42. Comp Upgrade clear before SWU waitlist at D-5?
  43. Cheap J to LHR + SWU plentiful
  44. Lost I Pad
  45. Need advice on Travel to/in/from China
  46. How can Delta know a flight will be cancelled
  47. Transcon Upgrade Priority starting March 1?
  48. Why are flights ex-certain European cities 1/2 the cost of ex-US?
  49. Question Re: Same-Day Change on Biz Elite Award Ticket?
  50. This week's weather waiver!
  51. Does Delta keep a file on complainers?
  52. 2014 Compensation Thread
  53. Flight attendant asked me to complain about a broken seat!
  54. Need advice on vacation destination - Asia
  55. Biz for Y price when searching on Kayak
  56. diamond status still not showing
  57. Comine two itinierarys for baggage reasons?
  58. FAA Issues Airworthiness Directive for 767s
  59. Priority Boarding for Purchase
  60. Is LGA going into meltdown this evening?
  61. For the Delta complainers
  62. JFK-AMS Route History
  63. Where to find MQD for future trips on
  64. Upgrade when booked via FlyingBlue
  65. Creative ideas surrounding possible SWU use
  66. Sporting equipment luggage charges
  67. Delta carry-on
  68. Fare alerts for DL discounted Intl J?
  69. Upgrades Clearing After Zone 2 Boarding?!?!
  70. new delta safety video
  71. Award Travel on Multiple Accounts
  72. Award Ticket Pricing Questions
  73. Status updated to Gold, can't select EC seats
  74. Full MQMs/MQDs for Citi ThankYou Rewards tix?
  75. Interesting. AA vs. DL award availability to EU
  76. London Flight Pricing ( vs Delta Vacations)
  77. 1c-1g (bulkhead) in A330-200
  78. MQDs combine from multiple Amex Plat cards
  79. Flying on re-fitted A330 is a night/day experience from older ones
  80. ATL - PSP DL Non-Stop
  81. Is row 1 deemed an exit row?
  82. Delta Vs. Southwest (What's wrong with Delta?)
  83. Help Needed: Business Trip conflicting with Personal Trip
  84. Delta Flight Tail Number
  85. When do Upgrades Clear
  86. Delta JFK-LAX Meal Service
  87. IAH-LGA elite ratio/upgrade scene
  88. How to book AR flight on DL-ticket stock?
  89. Drinky Coupons
  90. SWU Coding Question/Clarification
  91. Upgrade with Miles, Points to Alaska
  92. From 1st to row 30; change of!
  93. Booking flights with 2015 segments?
  94. When are miles withdrawn for upgrades?
  95. Book on, A fare, known traveler, credit to VS - still get Tsa Pre?
  96. Delays at NRT today
  97. Delta named Air Transport World's 2014 Airline of the Year
  98. Could DL be moving gates/terminal at DCA?
  99. Help with ATL-BOM via AMS/CDG itinerary
  100. Got a DL receipt for other people
  101. ORD Domestic to Int'l Connection Time
  102. Canceled flight question
  103. Can only serve one adult beverage at a time in coach?
  104. Any reason to buy M-fare now, 60+ days out?
  105. Question about ATL airport: Buy SIM card (AIRSIDE)?
  106. Baggage question for low status
  107. Delta vs. Etihad, Air Berlin (and Air Serbia)
  108. Can Delta agents see VS inventory?
  109. Accuracy of flightstats flight availability
  110. 3 Empty Seats in F, on a DL Amex Companion Cert
  111. New here LAX to SCL HELP!!
  112. Codeshare Fun
  113. Mold on a Delta CRJ
  114. What are my options when Delta changes Flight Schedule?
  115. Delta goes above and beyond in bad NYC weather!
  116. Harry Connick Jr Flies Delta and mentions Deltalina on American Idol
  117. Earning MQD on Virgin Atlantic Itinerary
  118. SM ticket question
  119. Same Day Confirmed - Basic Question
  120. Any quick way to get 550 Sky Miles?
  121. Mileage Qualification Dollars
  122. Best option SAN-PVG
  123. Multi-airline, multi class itinerary
  124. SkyMiles AMEX issues
  125. My semi-regular domestic award search results
  126. UP Fare Purchase ?
  127. H: $100 with DL W: Somewhere to use it
  128. Can someone explain to me why ASCs shouldn't get MQDs
  129. LAS business elite???
  130. Best Weather busting techniques
  131. Temp changes at TUL
  132. Getting Flying Blue Classic awards through skymiles
  133. How much profit is too much?
  134. Notes on KE segments on DL tickets with IROPs
  135. Question about MQM's when ugraded
  136. Thank you card on intraAsia flight [happy thread]
  137. Award Price
  138. MQM Earning Glitch on certain domestic/international business class itineraries
  139. Hawaii upgrades
  140. Sky Clubs rebrand: Sky Gates
  141. DL 56 777
  142. Award Availability Changes Randomly
  143. Why DL, With Huge Profits, Won't Pay Taxes for Years
  144. Should I Have Gotten a 2013 PM Packet?
  145. Can you change the name of a passenger?
  146. "stopover" on awards
  147. Delta Aircraft Type Surcharges- Refund for EQP1?
  148. Are flights landing in JFK today
  149. Interesting EC marketing
  150. Cancellation Fees Enforced Regardless of Political Unrest
  151. MSP-ICN Delta 744
  152. Width of Doorway on CRJ 100/200
  153. IFE on CDG-SLC
  154. Promotion: Free Gold Medallion Status, Sky Club Membership and 50,000 Miles
  155. Ancillary Revenues (Including Economy Comfort and First Class Upsell) up 40% in 2013
  156. Lose signup bonus after canceling DL reserve?
  157. Is it just me or has the snack mix in SkyClubs recently become EXTRA spicy?
  158. SFO-JFK/ATL/Hawaii Upgrade Chances
  159. Delta Mistake cost me money
  160. companion certificates
  161. Use GM card to access priority screening with ticket on another airline?
  162. Upgrading to F as a GM on X class tickets
  163. Ticket receipt reported as APRT - Should I be concern?
  164. DL Travel vouchers don't count towards MQDs
  165. BKK State of Emergency
  166. BE in A330 vs 767
  167. Delta has good 2013 with $2.7B profit
  168. Small Markets underserved by Delta
  169. loading award inventory 1.5 days late?
  170. Cold feet over UA->DL match: where are low Y awards?
  171. one way partner award?
  172. confused by upgrade logic related to weather rebooking
  173. Downgraded from EC by a GA at DTW
  174. PM $200 Benefit Doesn't Count for MQDs
  175. DL 159 DTW-ICN 22 hours delayed.
  176. SEA-ATL first class fares
  177. Delta757 first from Sea to Atl
  178. Linking PNRs for Companion UG...Is this Possible?
  179. The Best Delayed Flight Experience Ever
  180. Price for business class SFO-JFK
  181. East Coast Winter Weather "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" Waiver Posted
  182. SkyClub Toilet Chatter
  183. MSP Ground Crew Polar Vortex Shirts
  184. Roundtrip inside of a Roundtrip
  185. Outstanding Staff & Crews This Week! :)
  186. Business Gold AMEX upgrade to Platinum Business AMEX
  187. Anyone Else Having Issues with iPhone Check-In
  188. Shower facilites at LHR T4?
  189. Possible to book Delta flight using KE and DL skymiles?
  190. No dinner in first class even though details said there would
  191. It's here again Super Bowl extra flight section
  192. Issues receiving MQM's from $25K spend
  193. Placed on UA flight, still earn DL SkyMiles?
  194. Does DL ever delay the last flight of the night?
  195. Healthiest place to eat in ATL?
  196. Delta Domestic Fare Classes
  197. will cost $675 in MQMs to stay silver. Worth it?
  198. Say it ain't so... Biscoffs unhealthy?
  199. DL 295 ATL-NRT January 20
  200. Help! My friend is stuck in Chile on a buddy pass and needs to return to the U.S.
  201. Random SkyClub Rant: Why mix popcorn with pretzels?
  202. How is Virgin PE
  203. What happens when you miss a DL flight?
  204. Self employeed using the DL Platinum Business CC vs. the DL Platinum Personal CC?
  205. Just going to say it, I hate AF
  206. 737 first row economy
  207. Issue With Aeromexico Award Space?
  208. FC in CRJ-900 vs. CRJ-700
  209. PIT/MSP/NRT - 48 min layover or 4 hr 10 min?
  210. Restrooms no longer separated by cabin?
  211. FOR LOWLY SILVERS ONLY - post upgrade successes here - no GM/PM/DM/KM brags please
  212. SDS(Same Day Standby) is eligible(possible) connecting airport?
  213. 3 complimentary checked bags for domestic F?
  214. Retroactive application of Gold benefits?
  215. Redeem on Partner's code sharing flight
  216. MCT at DTW: DL Connection to Mainline
  217. 20,000 sm < $10
  218. How do DL tickets appear on VISA/MC statement?
  219. US-Asia Awards via Europe
  220. Trying to find out why a flight was delayed
  221. Try to understand fares of Delta
  222. Stolen DM Luggage Tags
  223. Shortest Segment Featuring "Business Elite" with Traffic Rights
  224. Can someone with Expertflyer check a flight for me?
  225. award ticket mixed Skyteam airlines extra miles required situation
  226. using miles to upgrade a revenue ticket
  227. Use System Wide Upgrade now before changes?
  228. So Delta is Now ok with Throwaway Tickets?
  229. Using Delta SkyMiles to fly a partner airline: "backdoor" method
  230. Delta: FCM Fully Implemented - Upgrades 40% Down - You're devalued
  231. Need help with award booking
  232. Upgrade chance?
  233. Last ditch effort: Award ticket to ICN
  234. Phantom VS UC Award Space Still on
  235. Mileage Changes? Calulcated distance
  236. 747 Boarding question
  237. Delta - TSA Precheck question
  238. Award ticket bookings.
  239. Delta Staff Success Stories!
  240. DL 757 - 5600 series seat advice
  241. Skymiles domestic ticket is meximum 6 segments permit?
  242. SkyMiles Amex Companion Certificate
  243. Too many segments to check in online?
  244. DL Reservations & Customer Care voted 'best of the best'
  245. DL terminal 2 ticket counter renovation at FLL?
  246. Delta changes my itinerary now lost lounge access.
  247. No quiet zone in DTW SkyClub?
  248. Add delta partner miles to your delta account
  249. Downgraded - What Compensation to Expect?
  250. Frequent Flyer Who Doubted Delta's Math Loses Challenge