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  1. Getting an emailed itinerary.
  2. New Izmir Lounge (ADB)
  3. BCN - checking in early
  4. How many hours at maximum allowed to connect in IST?
  5. how is flight class decided
  6. Seeing e-ticket details on for united award flight?
  7. TK China Home Return Permit Acceptance
  8. IST-JFK R/T v O/W
  9. Houston To Tel Aviv
  10. MSC Rule with Stopover
  11. TK Award availability to North America cut off?
  12. Praise the tk goods!!!
  13. Directions to Prime class lounge in transit
  14. TK Mobile App
  15. ways around the long long security lines
  16. TK now operates at the new Sao Paulo(GRU) T3 terminal
  17. Help! Step-by-Step: How to book a Star Alliance award ticket with Miles & Smiles
  18. Turkish Airlines official killed in Mogadishu
  19. THY Now Offering Paid Discounted Airport Upgrades
  20. BOM to IST operated by 9W - UA miles?
  21. Account & card don't reflect new status expiration, what to do?
  22. Status run to KUL...where else to travel?
  23. Flight Status- Wednesday
  24. Do some of TK's A320 have a real J class seat?
  25. Flying to US westcoast in Comfort -
  26. Name on award ticket
  27. Upgrade after checkin?
  28. Basketballs in the Tram Promotion - No USA?
  29. *A redemptions
  30. Upgrades: do you still earn on the base fare?
  31. through checking from lgw on separate tix
  32. When can I see the booking class for bookings at
  33. Would this be enough to re-qualify Elite?
  34. Is it possible to credit miles earned before joining M&S?
  35. Elite Plus Upgrade Waiting List Priority?
  36. Renewal of Gold/Elite status in 1st year: 7 miles short, now what?
  37. Bought 20k miles yesterday, is it possible to cancel within 24hr?
  38. TK Booking class F
  39. Where to fly award to pay as little tax as possible?
  40. 50% Bonus When Buying TK Miles
  41. Cash Upgrade from Comfort to C class
  42. Bonus miles posted on TK account
  43. Turkish Airlines leaves Star Alliance Terminal in Munich
  44. LAX-IST Comfort Class loads?
  45. Upgrading ticket not purchased directly from TK
  46. TK awards unusual availability
  47. Comfort class discontinued after ticketing; what are my options?
  48. TK 77W Premium Econ last row
  49. How good are TK in getting connecting passengers over fast?
  50. Stopovers?
  51. Special Meals in TK Comfort Class?
  52. Virgin Premium or TK Business A332
  53. Sky Illusion sleeping sets
  54. TK flight to Gothenburg diverted to Copenhagen
  55. Lounge Istanbul-Moscow
  56. Renewed Elite in first year, what about the second year?
  57. How does the software that controls the available fares in a particular flight works
  58. TK Codeshare with Air Astana - Miles?
  59. US-booked TK Flight (name error)
  60. Wrong Flight Seat Availability for TK flight on WHY ?
  61. Mixing comfort class and business
  62. TK lounge @ LGW
  63. Is it possible to purchas the $799 BOS/IST fare?
  64. TK Award Companion
  65. Want to extend layover in IST
  66. Standby and Lounge Fees
  67. Cash upgrades to business?
  68. Trying to look up TK codeshare...
  69. Rocketmiles
  70. How is TK E+ displayed on bp?
  71. How can I know if I'm in the Computer as Gold?
  72. YQ for intra-N. America or intra-Far East award ticket?
  73. Miles&Smiles Card pickup at IST [Master Thread]
  74. Cash upgrade to Comfort class (IAH-IST) confirmed
  75. Transiting IST w/Liquids
  76. Most significant carrier calculation on Turkish
  77. Canceled TK flight , how to deal with TK succesfully ?
  78. Sunday or Monday Reward Availability to NA (2015)
  79. Any word on special events for BOS inaugural?
  80. Adding air miles to M & S website
  81. Interlining TK/MS on 2 PNR's
  82. How can I change seats online?
  83. How long to deliver M&S abroad
  84. Biz Class legroom
  85. Changing my IST-GVA J class ticket to IST-VIE at the airport, possible?
  86. Is TK flexible in allowing standby to earlier flight?
  87. Booking flights on TK
  88. Breaking Connx Flight/Short Checking Luggage
  89. Eco Member Cards
  90. New Izmir lounge
  91. 25% discount on award tickets
  92. Monthly 50 % milage promotions.
  93. First impressions.
  94. Elite renewal question
  95. Global Entry / Known Traveler on Turkish Airlines
  96. TK on refundable tickets
  97. Complaint response time ?
  98. Advise for flying on LH
  99. Post your recent Operational Upgrade as Miles&Smiles Elite Plus/Elite/Classic Plus
  100. Why isn't it possible to book with TK from Europe to Europe?
  101. online multi-city reservations
  102. Economy Armrests on a330-300
  103. Kudos to M&S - mileage credit
  104. Upgrading booking class within same class of travel
  105. Just-announced schedule change for TK7 (IST-IAD)
  106. is the M&S Gold 50 eur worth for a dependent person?
  107. M&S Accrual on TK Code-Share on AC Metal Tango-Domestic
  108. Comfort class fare rules / cancellation?
  109. Reward ticket and purchased ticket on same trip?
  110. Not completing itinerary - problem with mileage accrual?
  111. Turkish Airlines allegedly ships arms to Nigeria
  112. TK008 -- IAD to IST -- Late Evening Meal Service
  113. TK018 Meal Service
  114. Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800
  115. Buying Miles&Smiles
  116. Credit card at check-in
  117. Bassinet Seating Query
  118. Turkish Airlines recorded 1 billion 240 million TRY operating profit in 2013
  119. JFK Flights to "SAW"?
  120. Question about "consolidators"
  121. Turkish Code Share Partners
  122. Upgrade disappeared?!
  123. Fog in IST - may it impact my flight?
  124. Do I need to reconfirm the reservation?
  125. Problems flying without the E+ card?
  126. Turkish Airline Cancelled my Tickets without permission and ripped me off $1221
  127. Upgrading using UA miles
  128. Doubling status miles when flying business on award ticket/upgrade?
  129. Turkish Airlines security measures US/UK-bound @IST
  130. How to book mixed Y & A (comfort) tickets?
  131. Anyone here benefiting from the CPT-JNB-IST-ZRH error fare wanna meet up?
  132. New Turkish Airlines IST - BRS route
  133. Making reservation online while in Iran
  134. Upgrade with which miles?
  135. Classic plus , Bonus miles what for???
  136. Bonus Miles on TK
  137. Significant updates to the M&S programme starting 1 June, good or bad?
  138. *G recognition on award tickets
  139. Free TK miles -- Update Your Information and earn up to 1,000 Bonus Miles
  140. 1,000 Free miles when updating your Turkish Airlines Miles& Smiles profile
  141. No security check during transfer at IST
  142. Turkish Business Award Availability/Release
  143. Rescheduled Flight w/Extended Duration -- Possible Layover
  144. Cancelling semi-flexible J ticket?
  145. Complaint about Flight Cancellation
  146. Who is TK leasing A380s from?
  147. Add-on fares from SFO
  148. Does M&S or anywhere else credit TK booking class N?
  149. New Business Class Valentines promotion (ex JFK, IAD, ORD)
  150. Stopover on M&S Award ticket
  151. US award ticket in J... TK says it "can't assign seats, or even see ticket details"
  152. Arrived at airport to discover confirmed booking cancelled without notification
  153. TUN-IST-LAX
  154. Adding child to award ticket
  155. Tk and a mileage run?
  156. Can Flying with ua n class get the miles for tk miles&smiles
  157. What's it like to fly TK on long haul?
  158. Move to London Heathrow Terminal 2 DELAYED
  159. How early can I check in bags for TK flight at KUL (dept time 23.30)?
  160. Expiration date of miles after cancelling an award
  161. Turkish Airlines - Positive Experiences in the air and on the ground
  162. Waitlist for an award ?
  163. Is award flight redemption worth it on TK?
  164. Corporate Club Question
  165. IST-ICN TK90 Equipment Change
  166. Damage to luggage on TK - claim rejected
  167. Bookingclass U on Lot crediting to TK?
  168. TK in J ICN Lounge
  169. Business Class Seat
  170. Transfer miles to Miles&Smiles
  171. Sun Express Business Class?
  172. Carriers with little or no fuel surcharges for M&S award travel tickets
  173. Non-Existant J Reward Ticket IST-YUL
  174. No info on Xtra baggage on TK site for *G
  175. Drunk Turkish Airlines Pilot @Istanbul-Luxembourg
  176. Is TK a good alternative to UA for mileage accumulation
  177. TK elite miles to upgrade UA award ticket
  178. computer glitch or changes to mileage accrual?
  179. Flying from TLV to IAD via IST, with overnight...bags checked through?
  180. TK Elite Plus upgrades and calculation of miles
  181. JFK cancellations due to winter storm Janus?
  182. Domestic flights on TK
  183. a very welcome change to Istanbul's premium immigration counter
  184. TK Gold(Elite)
  185. Kul to ist
  186. Redeeming an SQ J (Longhaul) Award
  187. Comfort Class: Huge product downgrade reported
  188. Claming missing miles on *A flights - really??
  189. TK: IST-JNB-CPT ticket, get out at JNB
  190. Upgrade on a Star Alliance Partner
  191. Award ticket cancelation?Do i get refund?
  192. Upgrade Chances on Turkish w/Gold
  193. TK15 from Turkey to SP makes emergency landing after bomb suspect
  194. Lost Bag TK told me tough
  195. IKA lounge
  196. Mileage Calculation Question
  197. Cheapest TK long-houl business?
  198. First experience on Turkish
  199. TK flights to ECN (northern Cyprus
  200. FAQ 7: TK status match (2014)
  201. J class - business class? or comfort class?
  202. Jet Airways to lease three A330-200s to Turkish Airlines
  203. Lounge entry on Anadolu Jet
  204. 50% More Miles Promo: IAH-xxx (prices/cpm for 73 destinations from Houston)
  205. Promotion [thru Jan 31]: earn 50% more miles, awards 25% off
  206. Infant e-ticketed but not on PNR?
  207. Valentine's promotion is back (2014)
  208. Any way to pay with Diners Club?
  209. Best Star Alliance Member for TK Award Redemptions?
  210. Broken Business Class Seat, and Complaint Letter & Response
  211. New Low: TK cancels flight and their HK hotline hangs up on me
  212. earning TK miles on United operated byAir Canada - K Class
  213. Miles Redemption Value on Business class
  214. Where are all the P fares?
  215. Question on an early departure out of IST
  216. TK Booking Price?
  217. United Express accrual on Miles and Smiles?
  218. No Additional X-ray Screening at IST for US-bound flights
  219. 2014 FlyerTalk Awards: Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles benefits nominations
  220. Hilton HHonors ends fixed miles earning, including TK
  221. Is anyone else having trouble viewing existing reservations on web site
  222. Seat 5A pn 330-200
  223. Spending M&S Miles w other carrier than TK: Which carrier has lowest fees/taxes?
  224. Miles&Smiles redemption : need help checking availability for....
  225. Turkish Airlines has been named the CAPA Airline of the Year
  226. Transferring miles to another card
  227. Booking Class "W"
  228. LH Group and TK to end codeshare agreement
  229. TK 7 on Friday, November 22 - diverted?
  230. Should I go for ElitePlus?
  231. Suites in IST Lounge?
  232. Middle Name - Ticket vs. Passport
  233. Business fare to SE Asia on TK with miles
  234. TLV to IST and the lounge
  235. TK IST Lounge will double its size from January 2014
  236. 25% promotional award-tickets only point to point?
  237. Elite mileage bonus (if any) in economy class
  238. Tk randomly canceling empty flights??
  239. How soon can you check in before flight departure?
  240. Salt and Pepper
  241. In praise of the refunds/cancellation department
  242. Getting an upgrade to Comfort Class
  243. Earning miles on TK
  244. Transit visa question (Turkish Airlines regulations )
  245. Canceling within 24 hours?
  246. Candlelight dinner high above the clouds : new Do&Co concept
  247. Suggestions?
  248. For M&S members, miles on Star Alliance flight operated by TK?
  249. Seat Map/Equipment Confusion
  250. Confusion with fare class and offers