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  1. No *G benefits if miles not accrued to *G card
  2. New to TK: Overall Good, But What's Up w/ Africa Routes?
  3. Does B777 have power outlets?
  4. Guaranteed seat awards for travel inside Oceania
  5. Pay to upgrade my Mother?
  6. Which award region does Guam belong to on TK?
  7. shop&miles store
  8. Where will TK be taking you for Christmas this year?
  9. Ouagadouga Airport
  10. New THY Call Centre in India
  11. How do code share partner flights get credited?
  12. Star Alliance Lounge Access
  13. Luggage Missing/Stolen at IAD
  14. Question about which check in desk to use at IST
  15. Where is sales office in Ataturk airport?
  16. Is this fare eligible for points?
  17. Is TK married segment control out of control?
  18. LAX-IST comfort class meal menu
  19. TK pulled award space from US?
  20. BKK-SGN award seats?
  21. Elite Plus Members can give Elite membership as a gift?
  22. Cannot upgrade A class Economy+ on TK using UA miles for star alliance upgrade?
  23. W Class Turkish.
  24. JFK-IST-JFK loads
  25. Miles & Smiles Question Marks
  26. Miles and Smiles on non-TA flights
  27. Turkish Airlines lounge EDI
  28. TK A330 aircraft codes
  29. What is TK's current stand on flying over Ukraine?
  30. When is business class not business class?
  31. Trying to book a SQ or Thai Award Flight
  32. Getting tk to cancel wrongfully credited miles,any chance???
  33. Mis-connect in IST due to UA delay, TK forces me to buy new ticket
  34. Star Alliance award routing rules
  35. Any Way to Purchase Higher Fare Class Online?
  36. Entering US passport # for ticket purchase
  37. IST Layover
  38. Lounge Access at JFK -- need advice for a flight delay.
  39. LAX-IST 30+ hour delay, going on now
  40. Changing Dates on Semi-Flexible Ticket?
  41. Switching from SQ KF to TK?
  42. How can I use my miles efficiently ?
  43. Comparing TK Miles and Smiles to US Programs
  44. Award Inventory
  45. Retroclaiming miles from LH flights
  46. Child free luggages
  47. Are Turkish rez agents always incompetent?
  48. TK->SQ baggage interlining?
  49. Redemption cost: YVR to HNL or OGG
  50. BOS to IST or Onward to HEL Best Book TK Web Site or Agency for Business Cls Discount
  51. Booking class from the website
  52. Business Class upgrade - Which fare class, what is my accrual?
  53. Question : No Show Points Award?
  54. Help! How likely is TK to change timing of SFO flight
  55. Changing nonrefundable ticket to refundable to cancel for refund
  56. 50% of companion C Ticket for Elite/Elite +
  57. Beware of TKs gate change policy
  58. Cancelling award ticket + Tel Aviv office now closed
  59. TK Awards
  60. What's A TK Flight doing at BDL?
  61. How to use 51 000 miles?
  62. Bookingclass J on TK
  63. Is TK ok to fly to CPT ?
  64. Customer service cancelled my flight by mistake - what to do?
  65. Booking m&s award on UA
  66. FRA - IST advice, TK A321 or A330 aircraft in J?
  67. Options for 9 hour layover with airport change IST-->SAW
  68. New TK apps
  69. IST-SFO in Business next May, which seats?
  70. IST-FRU - Which business class?
  71. Miles and Smiles new account
  72. London Gatwick flights
  73. Cheap C Tickets gone?:(
  74. is comfort gone from PVG-IST for sure? seems bookable
  75. SIN-IST-AMS Eco Booking & 3x Eco->Biz upgrade experience
  76. IST-BUD in C. Huge disappointment
  77. Inflight Entertainment
  78. TK Website need help
  79. EZE to GRU upgrade to comfort
  80. Damaged Luggage, no response from TK
  81. DEL-IST-BOS in business. What to expect?
  82. Access TK lounge in IST, without physical card
  83. I have an optional trip to Ankara en route middle east...
  84. EZE/GRU-IST-PVG question
  85. I hate TK...because I gained 10 lbs from eating in the lounge and the flights
  86. status miles when flying Turkish
  87. Add to existing ticket or have a separate PNR?
  88. *A Award Ticket with TK Miles
  89. Likelihood of Cancelation
  90. TK in Business Class: BKK-IST or KIX-IST ?
  91. IST>BUD: eleven queues, twelve hours, a day of my vacation
  92. VIP Service /Meet & Greet at Cai Airport
  93. Missed connection at IST
  94. Booking mistake Cai-ist-Kul what to do?
  95. How do TK upgrades using miles work?
  96. TK : FCO - IST - SFO or LAX
  97. No replacement TK *G card
  98. London Heathrow TK moved to Terminal 2
  99. cph-ist In c ist-Beirut in y
  100. New seats for narrow-body aircraft
  101. Change and cancellation fees for all different booking classes
  102. IST-DXB in Business
  103. 'Misplaced' Luggage, terrible attitude.
  104. How to buy Q class tickets online?
  105. Turkish Airlines pilotís announcement turns into marriage proposal at 38,000 feet
  106. TK1793: Question for the real TK experts
  107. Turkish Airlines improves fasttrack access rules in Istanbul
  108. TK3 IST-JFK in J - what to expect?
  109. TK Customer Care-any contact that actually respond?
  110. Luggage 30kg in one bag or two?
  111. Mileage credit - invol db - reroute NH to JL
  112. Travelling with lap infant but will be join at first stopover
  113. TK40/TK41 IST-JNB-CPT - recent experience?
  114. EGB transiting through Attaturk to a domestic
  115. forgot or lost MILES & SMILES TK# (NO WORRIES)
  116. Issues with Seat Selection and APIS?
  117. Award zone
  118. Turkish Airlines
  119. Booking specific fare class for open-jaw ticket on TK?
  120. One hour connection time at SAW
  121. IST Departure Lounge Access Question
  122. TK6: ORD-IST Aircraft
  123. Trying to book our daughter?
  124. JFK -> IST
  125. IST Paid Lounge or Upgrading to Business
  126. IST Airport Question
  127. How Do You Make a Seat Selection on Star Alliance Ticket??
  128. Monday Flt Sharm el Sheik to Istanbul????
  129. $3 Voucher
  130. transfer M&S miles to United
  131. M&S Mileage Accrual on UA
  132. Tk61 delayed tonight
  133. Crazy Open Jaw Prices
  134. How to book Star Alliance flights with TK Miles
  135. Documents for international travel (15 Yeras old traveling alone)
  136. CPH-IST-BKK NOV30/DEC1 Question
  137. TK Interline
  138. Turkish Airlines Customer Services Rant
  139. Standby for earlier flight
  140. How to use 94k points. LAX > IST > Antalya
  141. Any chance of getting a refund on this ticket?
  142. TK/TG Checked through luggage
  143. What to do with these Turkish Airlines Points?
  144. Turkish no longer with Star Alliance?
  145. Horrible experience with Customer Service
  146. TK Aircraft Question: 34J?
  147. Miles for canceled flight?
  148. New TK nonstop SFO-IST starting next year
  149. at some routes there will be Products changes at TK
  150. I'm in the IST Turkish Airlines lounge now...
  151. New TK Destinations for 2015
  152. Comfort Class - A fare - Advance Purchase Period?
  153. Blocked from purchasing status miles for upgrade!
  154. Goodbye TK
  155. 1hr 10 min layover in IST before JRO - help
  156. 2 different connection experiences NCE-IST-XXX
  157. Elite status *G does not appear on bpass
  158. TK prefix in Frequent Flyer number
  159. Advice - Elite on a UA flight for less $ or TK for more?
  160. Ways of Maximising Status and Bonus Miles on Discount THY Economy Tickets
  161. Children catering
  162. Istanbul Aquarium: Buy tickets with Miles OR Earn 4 TK miles per 1 Turkish Lira spent
  163. 20 TK Miles and Smiles miles from Turkish Pepsi cans and PET bottle caps
  164. Help me reach E status, 850 miles short...
  165. TK just matched my DL gold
  166. Galaxy Note Makes You Fly! 5,000 bonus miles on purchase
  167. TK standby policy makes no sense !
  168. Chances of Y-J upgrade
  169. using Bonus Miles - how?
  170. Turkish Airlines - 'NatGeo' documentary to be filmed
  171. More blunders with Turkish Airlines today....
  172. Paid TK upgrade at check in ?
  173. TK Lounge Access Upon Arriving *A Gold?
  174. LH booking
  175. Flying TLV-IST-JFK on september..Few qustions
  176. Slightly OT: Meet the Turkish Airlines Hotel
  177. Overdrafting E+
  178. Would you pay $100 to upgrade 1h45m TGD-IST flight?
  179. star silver lounge in IST?
  180. IST-AMS: What Time to Arrive at Airport
  181. TK Call Center in Turkey
  182. Carry on bag limits
  183. CA cancellation and lost my TK connection
  184. Cabin Baggage (IST-TLV)
  185. Purchasing 2000 status miles in order to enable family account
  186. when will TK allow us to add our own names for upgrades
  187. Does THY have regional offices with shorter hold times?
  188. Does anyone know how to get a hold of TK customer service?
  189. UA mileage plus changes for 2015 to affect mileage accrual for UA on M&S?
  190. Miles &Smiles - a nightmare for English speakers
  191. Question regarding YUL-IST onboard service
  192. When can we expect to see a new Business Class?
  193. Experiences with IST - NBO (Nairobi)?
  194. Getting an emailed itinerary.
  195. New Izmir Lounge (ADB)
  196. BCN - checking in early
  197. How many hours at maximum allowed to connect in IST?
  198. how is flight class decided
  199. Seeing e-ticket details on for united award flight?
  200. TK China Home Return Permit Acceptance
  201. IST-JFK R/T v O/W
  202. Houston To Tel Aviv
  203. MSC Rule with Stopover
  204. TK Award availability to North America cut off?
  205. Praise the tk goods!!!
  206. Directions to Prime class lounge in transit
  207. TK Mobile App
  208. ways around the long long security lines
  209. TK now operates at the new Sao Paulo(GRU) T3 terminal
  210. Help! Step-by-Step: How to book a Star Alliance award ticket with Miles & Smiles
  211. Turkish Airlines official killed in Mogadishu
  212. THY Now Offering Paid Discounted Airport Upgrades
  213. BOM to IST operated by 9W - UA miles?
  214. Account & card don't reflect new status expiration, what to do?
  215. Status run to KUL...where else to travel?
  216. Flight Status- Wednesday
  217. Do some of TK's A320 have a real J class seat?
  218. Flying to US westcoast in Comfort -
  219. Name on award ticket
  220. Upgrade after checkin?
  221. Basketballs in the Tram Promotion - No USA?
  222. *A redemptions
  223. Upgrades: do you still earn on the base fare?
  224. through checking from lgw on separate tix
  225. When can I see the booking class for bookings at
  226. Would this be enough to re-qualify Elite?
  227. Is it possible to credit miles earned before joining M&S?
  228. Elite Plus Upgrade Waiting List Priority?
  229. Renewal of Gold/Elite status in 1st year: 7 miles short, now what?
  230. Bought 20k miles yesterday, is it possible to cancel within 24hr?
  231. TK Booking class F
  232. Where to fly award to pay as little tax as possible?
  233. 50% Bonus When Buying TK Miles
  234. Cash Upgrade from Comfort to C class
  235. Bonus miles posted on TK account
  236. Turkish Airlines leaves Star Alliance Terminal in Munich
  237. LAX-IST Comfort Class loads?
  238. Upgrading ticket not purchased directly from TK
  239. TK awards unusual availability
  240. Comfort class discontinued after ticketing; what are my options?
  241. TK 77W Premium Econ last row
  242. How good are TK in getting connecting passengers over fast?
  243. Stopovers?
  244. Special Meals in TK Comfort Class?
  245. Virgin Premium or TK Business A332
  246. Sky Illusion sleeping sets
  247. TK flight to Gothenburg diverted to Copenhagen
  248. Lounge Istanbul-Moscow
  249. Renewed Elite in first year, what about the second year?
  250. How does the software that controls the available fares in a particular flight works